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Business and Trades in Mexican Capital
b "
SPOTrlRht, 1913, by Frank O. Carp?ntiT .
i UAH" i 111 voine iaK8 n.
walk with me through the I
business sections of Mexico I
City -..nd s?p how o:r lnolv ,
slater republic bus. foils an!
Bets gain. It li now ! p. i
m. and wo arc on the Avetilca it .Un ,
Francisco, In tho hcait of thp capi'al I
It Is tho busiest hour of the day In
Washington, Berlin. Paris and Iirlon
Here the streets are deserted, the stores
are closed and their show windows arc
covered with blinds of corrugated Iron
The front doors of the chief business
establishments are locked with sreat
bolts, and the town makes one think of
the dead city of NIJnl-Novgorod on the
Volga when tho fair is not on.
What Is the matter? I
Has the revolution airaln broken 'ooiw
nnd have the people fled for their lives' t
Nothing of the kind. These arc the J
business condition at : o'clock every !
week day all the year through Tho '
stores nave been open from 8 until 1
and thoy will open again from 3 until
" They are closed now for breakfast
and the whole rlty, merchants and clerks,
drummers and customers, have gone
homo for their breakfast or mid-day
siesta. The average Mexican tamlly has
enly coffeo and bread upon rising, and !
its first real meal of the day Is now '
serving. The city will tako two hours to
eat and start It on the rood to diges
tion, and will then go back to work.
Take your stand on the corner and
look up tho street. An hour ago It was
hlack with people, and the automobiles
and carriages flow back and forth so
that you could not cross without the risk
of your life. Now there Is not a car nor
horse to be seen and the only men are
the policemen who stand and mope at
the corners.
Transportation In Mexico CItr.
Hut let lis go down to the Plara and
wait till tho street cars brine the crowds
back from their breakfast. The Plaza Is
tho street car center, to which nearly
every electrlo lino comes. They run in
trains, a dozen often being nose to tall
on tho same track and the midday traffic
forming a big part of the receipts of the
road. Our tramway companies get only
one trip out of tho business man every
day; that Is. his fares morning and even
ing. Here thcro are two more fares at
midday, for almost all go home to their
meals. Tho cars wait for the stores to
knock off and run In long processions
when bringing them back.
Tho service Is good and tho average
fare Is equal to 3 cents of our money. Or,
If you go second class, they are cheaper.
All kinds of traffic here Is lower
than ours. Cabs cost 50 cents gold per
hour and you can have an automobile
taxi at 15 cents for the first three-quarters
of a mile and at 5 cents for every
additional quarter thereafter. Walts are
charged for per hour. This Is so,
notwithstanding the cabs are as good as
our own and they go quite as fast.
Mon'N Hats Which Cost 40.
But it Is now 3:30. Tho cars have
emptied tho clerks and customers into
the stores and business is well under
way. Let us cross the Plaza and stroll
through the arcades which run along Its
west side, with stores at the back. Ue
tween tho pillars are booths, where ped
dlers aro selling all sorts of notions. The
stores have goods of many descriptions
behind their old-fashioned glass windows.
Tho most Interesting of all are the hat
stores. They contain headgear of all
sorts, from the most modern mens
shapes of Now York and London to the
gigantic sombreros of plush and Telt
which tho old-time Mexicans wear.
These sombreros are loaded with silver
and gold In the shape of embroidery tnd
most of them have heavy bands of gold
braid round their crowns.
Some anrcr Stun".
But let us go on with our walk. Look
at tho sign over the store In front of
which we are standing. Tou might think
those letters spell "Hats and 8ombreroe. '
They do not. They read "Puerta del Sol,"
or "Gate of the Sun." A little further on
Is a barber shop called "La Perla," or
Tho Pearl," and around the way a to
bacconlst sells cigars and cigarettes un
der the sign of "The White Cat." I know
of a pulque saloon-pulque is the beer of
the peasant, which goes by the title of
'The Sanctuary," and In the street of
the Holy Ghost there Is another called
"The Hang-Out of John the Baptist."
Some Htores have such names as "Vesu
vlur..'1 "The Violets," "The Pearl of the
ncriiVnt " "The White nose." "La Per-
fumlstu." and "The Drinking Place to
Hidalgo." The old-time merchant never
puts bin own name over me store, dui.
like tlm Chinese, chooses Instead some
fancy title which gives no indication ot
who ho Is or what he Is selling
C0T22 JBushs Jot Vferppixig Hkprr
A Gam e - Chi dJren 22k&
riding trousers of buckskin, with solid
silver buttons lining the seams. A fine
pair costs $20, and the short roundabout
Jackets embroidered with Bllver are like
wise as high. I enter a saddle establish
ment next door which has saddles and
bridles with trappings of sliver, and am
told that the haclendado often spends
several hundred dollars on his equestrian
outfit In addition to the cost of bis horse.
This land Is one of the rich and the
poor. The rich have so much that they
squander their money, and the poor are
so desperately so that they do not realize
how poor they are. The most of them
dress In cotton with a blanket whloh
costs not more than a dollar. They have
leather sandals whloh are nothing more '
than two strips of thick cowhide large
enough to cover the sole of the foot and
tied on with strings. Such footgear
costs about 26 cents a pair.
Odd OnilnfM Methods.
The customs Inside the stores are aa
Btrange as the signs. It Is only the de
partment stores and principal shops whloh
have any fixed price, and you aro usually
asked three times what the merchant
thinks you will pay. ThU Is especially so
as to foreigners, whom the clerks aro
sometimes allowed to charge what they
please, In which case thoy may recelvo a
percentage of all over tho regular price.
There Is but little cutting of prices. Our
motto Is quick sales and small profits.
The motto of the Mexican merchant Is
big profits no matter how slow tho sales,
and he keeps his goods on the shelves
until the price Is paid. He buys on long
time and one and two years' credit Is not
uncommon. He sells largely for cash and
he often gives credit. But I am told he
will not pay cash, even If he has Idle
money when buying new stock.
I find that mercantile credits hero are
as good as those of the United States,
although many men charge that the Mex
icans are tricky In dealing. They are
said, however, to meet their bills, and
It Is claimed that 90 per cent ot these
long credit "sales are paid In full. The
English and Germans understand this and
tako advantage of It. whereas the Amer
ican more often demands cash with the
order, thereby losing a sale.
Fine Store In Mexico City.
There are now many American stores In
the Mexican capital, and most of them
have fixed prices marked In plain figures,
but, even so, you can get iome reduction
In these days of hard times. About the
finest establishments are the jewelry
stores. They are filled with gold and sil
ver trinkets from Paris and with, precious
stones of all kinds. I find such places in
almost every block, and along the Ave
nuo Francisco are many which would
be a credit to Boston or New York. Thero
ore al.-o big groceries, dry goods stores
and hardwaro establishments. They sell
Mexlean drawn work, stamped leathers
In the s"hape of pocketbooks and purses,
and Spanish funs, laces and mantillas.
Nearly every tuch shop has a half peck
or so of opals, which It selU by tho piece
are filled with petty merchant, whose
establishments consist of a cupboard and
counter set against one of the pillars.
These peddlers sell all sorts of things,
and they are of all ages and of both
sexes. Here the wife of a shoemaker
stands with her back against the wall
and a half dozen pairs of sharptoed chil
dren's shoes on the flags before her.
Next her Is a blackbearded man ped
dling bridle bits and ornamental Mexi
can spurs, while near him, perhaps, Is a
cane peddler who has carved sticks to
catch' the eye of the tourist.
In all the villages there are little stores
run by Indians and here there are street
peddlers nnd market men who do not
average more than $5 or tlO a day In the
amounts of their sales.
Peddltnsr Goodn nt the Capital.
Mexico City Is full of peddlers and they
accost you on every block. There are
hundreds of men and women selling lot
tery tickets. I meet one such every
time I go outside my hotel. He is a na
tive Mexican, six feet tall and as heavy
aa former President Taft. He has a
bright colored blanket over his shoulders
and on his head a sombrero as big as
an umbrella. He also wears a red uhlrt
and trousers and a brown Jacket, gaily
embroidered. This representative of
Dame Fortune walks up and down Six
teenth of September street all day long
asking every one to buy his lottery
wares. I photographed him today and
he Insisted on having a copy of tho
picture the moment I snapped It. There
are many lottery ticket sellers about the
cathedral and In front of the national
pawnshop and also at the entrance to
the ring where the bull fights are leld.
There are street peddlers selling cloth
ing, some selling straw hats and baskets
and some who are loaded with toys and
traya of candy and sweetmeats. I saw a
man today who had a score of bird
cages lied to his back. He was peddling
canaries and parrots. Near him was a
woman with an open umbrella filled with
picture postcards and farther on walked
a porter loaded with dressed chickens,
which were tied by the legs In a great
bundle, ire offered them to tho passem
by at so much a piece. There ore men
who carry klda over their shoulders and
peddle them from house to house and
boys who go along with great screen
like frames of shoestrings tied to a stick.
There are some men peddling books and
others with mirrors and notions for
women. Thero are some who drive live
turkeys through the streets so that you
can buy your Thanksgiving bird on the
hoof and know It Is fresh.
Tin- rinnie-ChlcUvn Mellem.
Thero are even peddlers selling game
cocks. Think of tho demand that such
a trade must Imply. There Is a game
chicken man now. Wo can see only his
legs, which show out below the great
framework of baskets covering his b.ick
and reaching high over his head. Out of
each basket waves the tall of a cock,
and as he goes by we hear a great
squawking. Each of tho baskets con-
nf a limousine. It is of bright red, trim
med with silver. The embroidery runs
round the crown, and It has eight strands
of silver wire ns a hatband. That hat
which hangs above It Is gray. It Is em
broidered with leather, and at the right
and tho left aro two sombreros of hlack,
laced back and forth with great bands
of silver. There are hats us green as the
wing of that parrot which the peddler
has thrust Into our eyes, and hats of
plush as white as snow, with golden em
broidery woven about them. I take up
ono of thobe sombreros and put on a
blanket to make myself look like a Mex
ican, and am photographed to show how
they look. My hat weighs several pounds
and It Is woith 40.
Other clothing costs almost as much.
I go Into a tailoring establishment fur
ther on up the street and look at somo
will bring twice as much as a turkey
The cocks havo their heads tn&Ide the
baskets that they mny not peck at ono
another. Cock fighting here is a favorite
sport and game chicken peddling is a
regular business.
They Sell liy the Pile.
It Is wonderful how email the soles of
these street peddlers are. In many places
the merchants sit on the street, with
, I. n .,riil nfwirrilns- in niirmtv.
Let us slop and look at some of them. Some of these stones are beautiful, and ,a'ns ,a ame cock una tho bcst of t ,en'
Here is a hat as big around as the tire on especially fine one will bring tlOO and
upward. Others, which may reflect all
the colors of the rainbow, are bunched
together and sold at a few dollars a pint.
There are cigar stores everywhere.
Every ono In Mexico, from the lately
weaned baby to the grayhalred old
grown-up on the edge of the grave,
smokes cigars or cigarettes. This Is so
of male and female. Mexico makes ex
cellent brands of tobacco, and that about
twice as cheap as In the states. Tou
can get a fairly good cigar for a nickel,
nnd one that costs 10 cents here would
be worth 25 cents In the United States.
The cigarettes, which are often put up
In black paper, look deadly, but the to
bacco In them is mild and I am told
they are good.
Amrrlcnn Shop.
As to the men who are doing the bust
ness, Americans own most of the stores
selling curios, hardware and drugs. The
French havo the fine dry goods business,
and the Germans have big establishments
of various kinds. Many of the latter are
hankers and others are wholesalers. The
German merchants as a rule speak Span
ish, and not a few of them have Mexi
can wives. As to the Spaniards, they
hold somewhat the same place that the
Italians do In the United States. They
have the corner groceries, and they also
peddle goods all over the country. Some
of them stay here only a short time, and
then go back to Spain to spend what
they have made.
I, niu! of Small II net it ,
Mexico has many house Industries, and
there are towns that make certain kinds
of wares which are peddled about over
the country or sold In small vhops by
the natives. About every city market yon
will find booths devoted to fancy work,
pottery, shoes or cheap dry goods and
notions. Every town has Its plaza or
public square, and around this are ar
cades upheld by pillars which run along
In front of the stores. These arcade
An Unfailiag Prescription
for Kidneys and Bladder
The following simple prescription has
proven one of tho best remedies known
for weak, deranged kidneys or bladder:
Get eix ounces good pure gin, add to It
one-half ounce Murax Compound, one
half ounce fluid extract Buchu. Take
one to two teaspoonfula of this mixtura
after each meal and at bed time. It is
surprising how quickly this stops back
ache, rheumatic pains In the Joints, dlzzl
ness, pains In the groin, or other fre
quent annoying symptoms that are well
known. For best results, good pure gin
should be used in this prescription also
genuine Murax Compound, which comes
only In sealed wooden tubes. Any sub
kiltu'e will not work so well. Almost any
-oj' t ii -gist has these Ingredients. Any.
c c V! -nix.
, . disease, chronic rheumatism
o,- ire-d diabetes come from neglected
kidneys. Treatment should be given at
first sign of disorder to avoid the seri
ous forma of kidney disease. Advertise-
their goods spread out before them.
About the cathedral are scores who sell
candle, peanuts and fruit. Tho peanuts
are not measured out by the glass or
the pint as with us, but are counted. You
can get about ten for a cent. Another
pile may be four of five candles, and a
third may be four oranges laid up like
a pyramid.
In the great market, where most of tho
Mexicans do tholr meat and vegetable
buying, are llttlo piles of potatoes con
taining a dozen tubers not more than an
Inch In diameter. Such a pile may sell
for a nlokel. Onions and green peppers
are counted, and squash and pumpkins
are cut Into pieces and sold by the slice
I saw women today buying cabbage at
one cent a slice. Think of a cent's worth
of cabbage I But there are many poor
here, and a cent's worth will flavor a
stew. These small plies are for the poor
with whom ten or fifteen cents may buy
a whole morning's marketing.
Vearetaulns and Fruits.
You must not think however that the
market business Is made up of small
trading. It Is one of the finest markote
on the continent, and I doubt whether
better fruits nnd vegetables are any
where sold. The celery and lettuoe are
especially delicious. Nearly every vege
table cartbe bought all the year round,
and the great variety of climates gives
you apples, peaches and pears and also
oranges, bananas, pineapples and lemons.
You can have strawberries for breakfast
from January to December. Tou can
buy & pineapple as big as your head for
a nickel, and fairly good oranges cost
a half cent apiece.
Porters go along with great baskets of
fruit As we stop to look at some pep
pers one who has two bushels of pine
apples on his head slips as he passes
and the great rosy fruit rolls over the
floor. No one laughs, however, and the
natives help him pick up his wares,
Ontalcle the. Market.
Some of the most Interesting peddlers
are outside' the big market. Tha streets
surrounding It are lined with booths in
which Indians are selling wares of all I
kinds, which have been brought In from
the country. Here Is one man who has
pottery, consisting of balls, cups, saucers
and carafes, all made of burnt ol&y. He
also haa plates for the children as big
around ass a copper cent, and our the
size of a thimble. Near htm Is an Indian
who has clay savings banks in the form
of little red pigs with slot holes In their
backs, and next him Is a man peddling
whistles. The whistles are made of black
clay. They have as shrill a noise as
that of any policeman's whistle made of
nickel. You can buy two for a cent,
A little farther on Is a man peddling !
rat traps made of steel hoops, and beside
him are two Indians selling turkeys which
are thrown over their shoulders. I price
the great birds and am told I can have
one for $1.86. We weigh It and It kicks
tho beam at twelve pounds.
But here comes an Indian cargador
with a load of wrapping material tied to
his back. It consists of bundles of dried
corn husks and will be used by the
butchers and other market people to wrap
up small purchases of every description.
Every market man and market woman
keeps a stock of these corn husks on
hand, and the great load which the In
dian carries will be easily sold.
Depend on her general health and freedom from pain. Many a woman took old
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Starting from early omanhood,be suffers from frequently reearriog derangement!
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le without wrinkles and crowfeet about the eyes or the blue circles underneath.
It h invariably the rule that such women suffer little, or not at all. from womanly
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and suffering. Dr.R.V. Pierce, the famous specialist in the diseases of women, found
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the well-known Ur. fierce s favorite rretcnptioa, that has
benefited thousands of women and saved them from misery
tnd suffering at different periods in life.
Mas. IIauzlt E. fmoi, f 44 Bright Street, fhrnla. Out., writes :
I am now a wU woman aiter suffertns; for tare yaws and doetorins
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nt, end tho Uit ooe, of tr putting ros UirMgti a thorough examination,
said I was iufrartnjr from a growth, which. In tlm. would reanlt lo
cancer, and uid I would not live mare than two tn if not oper
ated upon right away. I became hopeletsly discouraged but would not
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they lutv beluod ma '
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an. hour befor. m.tli In watrr.
Dostor. "I bat. a v.rjr ume mm of eiUrrh
ot th hul anil throat. My blood It bid and
mr stomach and ar. iIIkM, I would
Ilk. a cur. ai I lulltr irettlj."
D. K. 1 would adTti. tha (allowing local
treatment. OuLIn 1 ow. antlitptto Tlltna pow.
der, to a ha I f tcaipoonlul add on. pint ot winn
water and Irora th. palm ot th. band inutf th.
water throuxh tb. nottrlli sateral tlm. a day.
Mil a l.r.l taaapoooful ot tb. Vllao. powder to
on ounce ot lard or aMlln. and applr Ihla balm
to tb. nsatrll. aa (ar up a poaatbl. Fur In
ternal treatment uh tb. following. Obtain tho
following at any wall atock.d drug
atore, mix by ahaklng w4H Srnip Saraaparllla
Comp. 4 oat , comp. Iluld balmwort 1 oi., fluid
fit buchu 1 oi. Take on. teeapoonful four time,
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"X Y Z " wrltaai "Uy hair Is berth and
dead looking and ray tcalp It oorertd with dan
druff. Can you help mat"
Antwtr Qet a 4 ot. Jar of plain yellow mlnyol
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auft and fluffy and H will bring back the Intene
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"Mn. 0." wrltea. "I want aomethlng to In
create my weight about li to to pound a My
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Anawer Probably your aaalmllatlie functlont
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bodr to a.Mmllat. the fatty element! In food.
thut giving color, weight, and ttreogth to th
field balm-wort, 1
o. and arrow tatwaparttla, I
"Clara" writes: "I here sal a etmgfe for
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."J 'li? ,?on wJth 'web. Hl I con
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Astwert I can giro you a remedy that I aa
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Whit would you advliet''
Antwer' Take the following and I am aure
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Antwtr: The following haa helped thouaanda
who you do. (Jet t ota. ayrup of hypo
phoephttei comp. tnd 1 oi, of tincture oadomen
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Anewer: Anyone who I too fleahy caa safely
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"Q. It." wrlltt. "rieat adyiae something to
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Antwtr: I think mott of the lllneae It eauaxl
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healthy action. They ar packed In sealed tubea
and arc called three train mlpherb tablets (net
eulphur tablet!) with full direct lona (or taking.
They will also purity th blood and tone op the
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trlopeptlse. Thet two medlolne you will find
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