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tttf ov Mr a srT)y bfe: march 2.1, inia.
- Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan and Party at Omaha Depot
'(Contlmisd-from J'rbo One.)
not to bo continued in thin, albeit the
president's statement' vta not Intended
to reflect upon the lat administration.
"Out point of view la different," he ex
plained. "And I find It much easier for
ine to take that point of view."
When tho president mado that decision,
Mr. Bryan Bald ho did that which will
give American capital more acceor to
foreign trado than any former decision.
J know, that It la the attitude of many of
the 'foreign countries that whon a trader
cornea to them he la deemed tho fore
runner of hla countrle'a military power.
The announcement on the Chinese loan
woa an announcement, declared the
speaker, not of that particular countiy,
but of all countries. "Our policy la' vol
contracted or rentrlcted, and needa ovury
Possible .encouragement from the Ameri
can people," ' aald' he. ",Vf must naiat
upon the scrupulous integrity of Ameri
cans abroad, just'aa'We )nstat upon that
of forelgnera here. Moreover, wo should
more strongly Insist 'that the land.ifd
of our clttsvna be held up in foreign
lands. Thny must not disgrace us before
those who cannot know the massia of, the
Crraten LnoKlrteiv
Mr. Uryn muntlonfcd "th changed at
titude of jiu, paper towardUhe new 4
mlnUtratleh,,:b"rnslnR hearty laughter.
He aald that rer ,itfce ih Commoner
had started it had been criticising the
administration' ' He had noticed a
changed attitude' lately". '
He himself had changed, he said .as he
smiled broadly, "I find my position dif
ferent. I am more rlttcent now. I have
been very outspoken heretofore. I' uan't
auy In advance what the administration
la going to do, even If I know; and after
'It dqea'lt there la nothing to say. And
in conclusion, I hope there Is nothing I
have said today that I will have to Mke
Kitchen la limptled.
The Commercial club held a bigger
crowd at the luncheon than It ever did
Socrctnry of Stnto William Jennings Bryan came to Omaha yostcrdnv. cxixrTspz.vteA. fcr Hra. Bryan,
to bo tho guest of the Omnha Com nierciftl club at a noonday luncheon, and Kueat of the University club at
u formal dinner In tho evening. Secretary and Mrs. IJrynnw ere mot tu. tin depot train by a. committee
of mombera of thu Commercial club and the University club, accompanied by their ladles. In the lino
rtfbown In tho photograph, from loft to right, are: C. J. Smyth, Harry S.' Byrne, Mrs. 0. IV Eastman, Mrs.
C. M. Wllhelm, Ocorge H. Kelly, Mrs. W, J. Bryan,' Mr. Bryan, Clement Chase, Mrs. W. P. Barter, C. E.
Yost. '
before. When service' began In the din
lnK room at 11:30 o'clock every seat 'vox
taken, and the lobby and lowar floor
was crowded with personn awaiting their
turn at a necond table. And after that
thoro waa u third table which could re
ceive only partial nervlco becuuso the
kitchen had practically been emptlod.
Kxtra chairs wora provided und at leaat
400 men and women stood In tho vauint
places about the tables. Almost half tho
crowd wna composed of women, wives
and friends of tho members.
Tho club rooms were decorated thro'Jg
out with cut flowers and potted plants,
whllo from the chandelier, the windows
and walls hung, huge American flags.
Flags wero also plocrd conspicuously on
the outside of tho Woodmen of the World
building and a large one waved from the
flagpole 300 feet above the pavement.
Tho speakers' table was surrounded by
prominent Omahans, and a special table
was provided at which sat Mra. 1 try an
and the hostesses. This table was bea Ui
fully decorated -with roses,, and at ach
plate waa a corsage bouquet of violets
for tho women. The spirit of the occa
sion was even carried out In the meal
frpm the first dish, a grapefruit In which
waa stuck n small flag, to tne iasi one,
which was a brick of Ice cream ln-the
colore and shape .of n flag.
Those who wero at tne speauera iaoie
at the Commeiclal club banquet were:
C. C, Allison', J- H. Millard,
H. J I. Ualdrlge, a. momer,
.-h. Famnursi,
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W. V. Baxter
C. C. Uelden,
George Hrandels,
Morris urowri,
It. C. Peters,
Joseph Polcar,
nandall IC. Brown, T. P. Hedmond.
J. C, Root,
C. C. Rosewater,
Victor nosewater,
C. W. Russell,
C. J. Smyth,
John Bteel,
J. A. Sunderland,
Warren Bwltsler,
Cadet Taylor,
H. A. Tukey,
J. U Webster,
J. C. Wharton,
II. 8. Wlteox.
C. M. Wllhelm.
J. W. Woodrough,
II. W. Tales.
C. B. Yost.
J, O. Dahlman,
O. Vlnoent.
C. M. W,llhslm.
O. T. Eastman,
Norrls Drown,
W. J. Ilryan,
11. B. uyrne.
T. C. Dyrne,
A. W. Carpenter,
V. 8. Cowglll.
J. C. Dahlman,
II. S. Daniel,
J. P, Diets.
O, T, Kastman,
T, A. Kry,
J. M. Oulld,
I". U Ilaller,
W. D. Hosford,
Q. II. Kelly.
J, A. C. Kennedy,
J. U Kennedy,
J. U McCague,
C, K. Yost,
W. F. Roxter.
Victor Rosewater,
It. K. MCKetvey.
H II Haldrlge,
Mu Bales,
Betides the members, of the reotPtlon
committee that waited at the Burlington
station for the train, prhap 100 people
gathered at the platforip. and on tne via
duct to get a glimpse of the new secretary
of state, who, although he has been'
recognised aa one of the foremost clt-'
tens of the United States for sixteen,
years, has not until now held an official
position since the days before his flrt
nomination lor jirciiuoiu, otr luimi
years ago, when he was a congressman
from Nebraska.
SI mi vrltlt n dun.
The name of Bryan was on the lips of
every one at the depot platform, and
while the party posed for the pictures
there were more than a few jovial re
marks paased. With their eyca nailed to
the bull'aeye of the camera, none of the
commute noticed a man with a re
peating shotgun passing rapidly behind
somo trucks. It was a fine polished gun,
and the fact that the man passed behind
the trucks, piled high with baggage,
made him appear in the eyes of some
Aumorist a suspicious character. The
humorist yelled:
"Nab the assassin."
The bystanders laughed. The camera
clicked. The man with the dangerous
gun examined its check and plied It on
top of a stuck of baggage, where It be
longed. The party hurried to the auto
mobiles, and was oft for the Commer
cial club,
purchasing from Mrs. Jessie It: Barton
a Cupltol avenue residence, between
Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh streets,
for 9,K).
Many Questions
Go to the Voters
of South Dakota
PIERRE, S. D., March 22. (SpoclaU
Tho last legislative session submitted
more different propositions to the people
for the next general election than has
any other aeaslon alnce tho beginning of
atatehood, and even without any referred
lawa being submitted, the ballot of laws
and amendments to- bo presented to the
people next year -wilt bo a long one. Tho
most Important proposition presented was
senate resolution No, 6, which submits to
the peoplb the matter of a constitutional
convention for a general revision of the
constitution, which will have been lp ex
istence for twehty-flvo. years by tho tlmo
the vote . .taken, and which has ' been
amended in many of Its particulars 'jtlncq
It was formed, and many other amend
ments auggeated by the- last' session.
Tho other, matters presented aro quol
auffrngo: alldwini; ihe creation o( Irriga
tion districts, In the same manner as.
rirnmuge dlatrlcta are now formed; grant
ing the right to call an outside judge to
sit on the .supremo bench In oase mem-'
bcrs of tho court are Interested parties;
creating a etnte board of cont-ol, to have
charge of tho different state Institutions'
authorizing tho legislature to tlx the
percentage of votea required to Invoke
the referendum or recall In municipali
ties; fixing leglalotlve terms r.t four
yeara; allowing county aupsnteiidonts
of schools to serve more than Two tonus;
reducing the Interest on deforred pay
menta for state lands from 6 per cent lo
6 per cent.
Besides these constitutional amend
ments, two Initiated laws wore presented,
tne a new primary act, to tak tho pHco
of the Richards, law, which win framed
by the democrats, and which has for una
of Its features, a provision for the or
ganisation of pew parties: and the, other
the new liquor, law. which allows a
..ioa or no license vote, to stand until
Homo one takes enough Interest" ,ln tho
matter (to ask for another submission, in
stead of the present law requiring u new
atflrmatltvo votcnt each annual election
Btrett i..
City State.
The llascom Park Methodist Episcopal
church Is establishing a precedent for
Its Easter morning service that ought to
have a good influence over the attend
ance. At the close of the sunrise -ere
jnonles, which start at 7:S0 a. m., there
will be a light breakfast for the early
Thy tegular 11.04 site Protone la for
aaie In Omaha by Sherman & MvConnell
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Diuic Co., 121 yarnam St.
J. If. Cook, a 'farmer, has boucht from
the heirs of Count John ,A. Crelghton the
UO-acre farm north of Millard. The ea-
tato aold for W.te6, ' ' '
Sain Werthumer has bought a home
In the Field club district from II. O.
Fredrick, paying I10.SW.
j D. L. Morgan la another home buyer,
Telephone Girls
Heroines in Big
Southern Storm
NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 21. Hero
ines of tho storm at Murfreesboro are
Misses Mabel Hill and Minnie Yearwood,
who, though atlll In their 'teens, stayed
at their posts as night operators at the
telephone exchange. While the storm wa
at Its height and the walls wore falling
nearby and pieces of flying timber's
breaking tho glass In tho building they
occupied, they remained, signalling the
flro companies and arousing citizens,
When It was all over they broke down
and cried.
Sylvia Pankhurst
Wins Out in Her
"Hunger" Strike
LONDON. March r.-Sylvla Pankhumt
the militant suffragette, today won her
liberty from Holloway prison by a "hun
ger strlkp." Further confinement would
have endnngored her life. Miss Pank
hurst, daughter of Mrs. Emmellne Pank
hurst. leader of the militants, waa sen
tenced February 18 to two months' Im
prisonment for engaging in a window
smashing campaign. She went on a
"hunger strike" and th authorities pried
open her mouth with u steel gag and fed
her through a tube.
BEATRICE. Neb.. March 22. JSneclal
Tclegram.)-Dr. ,W. S, Fast of St. Joseph,
.no., wno was recently appointed super
intendent of tho Feeble Minded Institute
here, assumed chargo today. Dr. W.
Thomas, retiring. Dr. Fast will have as
assistants, C. P. Underwood, bookkeeper,
and Louts Werner, steward,
both Beatrice men.
Mrs. 8, H. Faley of Wymore. was to
day named matron of tho Institution.
JohnP, Morgan and
Guggenheim Named
in-Land Frand Trial
CHICAGO, March 22. The names of
J. P. Morgan and the Quggenhelms today
were' brought Into tho trial of Albert C.
Frost and four others for alleged Alaskan
coal frauds, by Albert Fink, an attorney
for the dafenan.
C. D. Hamel, special agent for the gov
ernment, was put on the stand to give
names of persona affiliated with Frost. '
"What was the attitude of the general
land office In regard to taking out coal
claims?" ho was asked.
Tho question was objected to.
"If the defense has any evidence of
conspiracy It cannot be brought out on
cross-examination.' ruled Judge Land'ts.
"I don't want to charge any one with
conspiracy," replied Fink, "In the
absence of proof, 'but there are suspicious
circumstance Indicating this trial In
being managed In tho Interests of Morgun
and the Quggenhelms outfit, with the In
tent of driving Independent mine op
orators' out of the country."
"You will have the assistance of the
court In bringing these witnesses to
testify," asserted the court.
llamel read a long list of persons who
were locators of Alaskan claims, all of
whom are said to have been In some
way associated with Frost.
Miss Florence Capron testified she was
approached by C. W. Mlrrellet), former
traffic manager of the Chicago & Mil
waukee Electric railroad In 1906, and he
Induced her to sign an application for an
Alaskan coal claim without her gaining
any definite understanding of what she
was signing. Mr. Frost was the head of
the railroad.
LA CROSStf, Wis., March 22. James C.
Fullmer, father-in-law of J. Ole Storey,
a millionaire, Portland, Wash., lumber
man, dropped dead late today In an un
dertaker's shop. Into which he had stopped
for a chat. Death was pronounced din
to arterlo schlerosls.
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