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    TUB OMAHA SUNDAY B10K: MAHHI 23, 1913.
- ' 1 ' 'L
Cotton Tnpe, 3 yards Coat nnd Skirt I fin
to the piece, I n Hangers, each I UU
each I U Darning Cotton, black
Ironing Wax, Cn only, 3 spools Cn
4 pieces for ., Ol for ....... U
Serpentina Collar Sup- Washington Pins. 400
portersv 6 on Cn to tho paper, 2 Cp
card UU papera for .... U
DRUG and TOILET Specials
Dlt OIIAVK9 in. Crcme Elcaya, Cfl.
Tooth Pow- 1 1 If special at . ...JUU
cirr, 26 slsa. 1UW DabrOok'a Almond OQo
I'oxunnra Powder inl Lotion, EOcnIze.
Ilougp. In fancy QO Imported Olive A tin
box. 60c slxn . UUl oil, pint Jll
Dibrook'n Toilet OCn 1 lb. Absorbent I f0
Water. BOc size fcOU Hospital Cotton I IU
THE HEART OF OMAHA 16th and Harnoy Streets
After Easter Sale of
Begins Monday Morning
NO mutter whether you bought an Enster lint or not,
you will be immensely interested in this after
Easter millinery event, as it offers superior grade
headwear at prices that are true economy promoters.
Understand, tho merchandise In this sale is not "Sale Stuff," but
high class goods of our regular stock that wo havo on hand after
our Easter selling, nolther Is It "left-overs," for .there aro hats,
plumes and trimmings that aro as choice, stylish and exclusive as
any you ever saw. This is a regular event with us, and In conducting
this salo we take tho samo care that wo always do to uphold r.nd
promoto our reputation as Oinaha'B fashionable mllllnory center.
Pretty Ready-to-Wear and
Striking Trimmed HATS
At Prices Deeply Cut
Ail stylish, ready-to-wenr hats, em
bracing all the new shapes, material
and trimmings, that were made to
sell at $3.98 and up to $4.98, offered
m tho niter-Easter
salo, your
choice of a neat,
pleasing assort
ment, at $3.98
$2.98 and
Stunning Trimmed Hats
This lot includes trimmed hats of
those catchy, medium small shapes
that aro being enthusiastically worn
at the present timo. In the big alteivLastor kale tney
are offered to you as follows:
$8.50 Hats
$10.00 Hats
$17.50 Hats
Untrimmed HATS $6.5Q
Hats untrimmed tho so charm
ing, real, imported Milan hats, of
the very finest quality, large and
medium shapes, that are sold gen-
e r a 1 1 y at
$12.50 and up
to $15.00;
your choice,
Monday, a t
$4.98 Untrimmed Hats, $2.45
Here's another wonderful assortment to choose from
nri'dTafc'thQ, samo broad reductions that are characteristic
oft this sale; TJiese hats are stun-
niiigolljng brim
suitor and the
Muri-y Hill, worth
$4.98,' Monday, choice..
$4.98 to $6.98 Hats, $2.45
Untrimmed hats In hemp, In all tho modish
shapes, they havo tho little touches that
place them on tho pinnacle of fashion.
Thoy were mado to sell for $4.98 and up
to $0.98, your choice, Monday, at. .$2.45
Fancy Ostrich Pompoms
and all Ostrich Feathers,
worth $2.50, choice Mon
day at $1.00.
Ostrich Plumes, $5.98
French ostrich plumes, genuine
male stock, full growth, large
drooping heads, rare colors and
up to sic values,
choice at S5.98
Orkin Brothers.
Ostrich Plumes, $1.00
Fancy ostrich plumes, something
new and sold exclusively by us;
they're made to sell at $3.00;
your choice in Ac
May'se $VUU
Your Home Store.
"Billy" Doolittle's Fine Record as
an Engine Driver.
Lifetime Spent on n Ijocomotlre,
Ml lb Only One Serious Acci
dent nml No ninck Marie
Aarnlust lllni.
BIOUX FALLS, 8. D., March 22. In
the employ of railroads since ho was 14
years of age, and forty years in an
engine cab for one line of railroad Is
tho record which has been made by
AVllllam T. Doollttle, a veteran engineer
of Sioux Falls.
'In uddltlon to hold lap the throttle
on a locomotive on tho Chicago, 8L
Paul. Minneapolis & Omaha railroad for
the period of forty years, he also found
time to servo as a member of tho city
council, as mayor of Sioux Falls und
as a member of tho waterworks com
mltslon which Installed the present
municipal waterworks system in Sioux
Hilly" Doollttle. as he Is known to
thousands, was born at Lowdenvllle. O..
uul had barely reached his fourteenth
yea- when he began a three-year's ap
prenticeship In the shops of the rennsyl
vault Central railroad. At 19 he was
running a locomotive for that system.
Many thouionds of miles of rails had
bjiuh under his cab before he was 25,
when he married and came west.
First Trnln Ofer TrnoUs.
In the northwest at that early day
h found a pioneer country with few
railroads nosing their way among small
towns widely scattered among virgin
hllU, valleys and prairie. In his cab on
the front of a Chicago, St. Paul, Minne
apolis fc Omaha train on March 16, 1873.
K- helped lead the way Into a new
vmntry. His first run was between St
.'antes. Minn., and Sioux City. Ia.. and
hW home at that time was In Sioux City
Five years later, when the Omaha built
west from WoUIilngtnn. Minn., he re
vived orders to take out another train.
It was the first paiansrr train to rpn
Into Sioux Falls, at that time an outpost
of clylHzatlpn containing a small num
ber of modest but enthusiastic citizens
There was Joy In the new town on tho
banks of the Big Sioux river the night
that the first passenger train arrived
with "Billy" Doollttle at tho throttle.
Then for a couple of years he returned
to the St. James-Bloux City division, but
finally was persuaded to come back to
the Worthlngton-Sloux Falls run. Since
1SS0 ho has pulled the throttle on locomo
tives that have hauled tens of thou
sands of people In and out of Sioux
Falls, and In his work he has worn out
many a strong steam horse that could
not stand the wear and tear of the years
as well as he.
One Close Call.
During his forty years' experience as
an engineer he had only one serious ac
cident and one near accident, which In
Itself Is n remarkable record. Tho near
accident brought him tho commendation
and thanks of a tralnload of people for
his quick action and steady nerves.
That was on a rainy night when a
bridge- was swept away ten feet In front
of his locomotive on a run through tho
Floyd creek valley, between LcMars and
Sioux City, la.
Itunnlng slowly and leaning out of his
cab window to get what view he could
In the darkness ahead, a lightning flash
suddenly revealed a haystack. The hay
stack was a common enough thing tn
Itself, but not to "Hilly" Doollttle, whon
It appeared only a few feet ahead on his
right-of-way. He snapped on the brakes
and brought his train to a standstill orily
a few feet from the bank of the swollen
and swift running creek, now assuming
all the proportions of a great river
Dismounting from his cab he Investi
gated and found that the railroad bridge
had been carried away by the flood. The
hay stack on the right-of-way was float
ing on the surface of the river and had
momentarily lodged against one of the
bridge piers. Passengers on the train
which was thus miraculously saved from
plunging Into the swollen waters were
loud in their protestations of thanks to
the engineer.
Hut "Billy" was thankful for the good
will of Another, who sent the lightning
flash In time.
The aocldent which came near being
fatal occurred during a blizzard on Feb
ruary U, 190C. three miles west of Worth.-
Monday's SILK Bargains
Several Thousand Yards of the Season's Most Favored Weaves
Offered to You at a Remarkable Saving --These Just as Samples
All silk niOBsalino in ev
ery possible shnde, also
plain blaok, also figured
foulard in neat designs;
values In the lot to 75c;
special salo price Monday at
$1.00 SILK POPLINS at 68c
Rioh now silk poplins,
36 inches wide, in a full
range of tho season's
most desirable shades; a
splendid value ut the rogu
lar prlco $1.00; very special
Monday, yard
$1.25 BLAOK PEAU DE SOIE at 89c
Lustrous, black poau de
soio, full 36 inches wide,
guaranteed to wear, and
a remarkable value at
regular prlco, $1.25; hero
Monday In this sale, very
specially priced, yard
You Don't Feel You're Wearing a
Corset When It's One of the
BECAUSE it's built to fit your own fig
ure. But those who see know you've
an B. & G. because of the trim graco of
your gown. Among the 10,000 women who
buy an B. & G. corset every single day of
the year are women with every kind of fig
ure! tall small slim plump dainty
stately. Thero Is an II. & Q. Corsot for you 6nu
that fits you and suits you exactly. When you
come In, see nil styles of R. & O. Corsets till you
come to the ono planned by tho designer to fit your
particular figure.
R. & G. Corset, Stylo K229 This correct model is just the
kind for tall, full figures, medium bust, extremely long
over hips, laces at both sides and at bottom or iront ciasp wun suit
elastic laces, allowing froedom of body when Bontea.
Beautiful batiste, prettily trimmed, six supporters
attached, sizes 18 to 30
I CIHB Willi B1IK.
It. & O. Style A202 This Corsot
Ib cut on the long lines that mako
the stout figure appear slim, mado
of excellent sateon, heavily boned
with wedge front clasp, rf - OU
4 supporters, salo price P ,
It. & G. titylo C208 For averago
figures, it is especially desirable
because of its splendid comfort;
medium bust, coutil, handsomely
trimmed, Blx supporters, Well
boned and has long graceful hip
lines, sizes 18 to 30,
tomorrow at PSiJv
II. & G. Stylo 11225 An Ideal
model with tho now fashion llnoB.
For average flguroB, made of
strong batiste, well boned
throughout, six supporters at
tached, sizes IB to j.
30, special tomorrow
It. & a. Stylo F2U0 This corset is
Intended for stout figures, heavy
boning, combined with strongest
material, reinforced In front, pro
duces this corset of doublo
strength, made in nil sizes up to
3C, specially priced Cf
for this sale at ipO.UU
Coats, Suits and Dresses
For Spring in a Delightful Variety
WE ARE proud of our splendid assortments of
women's apparel for spring, because tho selec
tion was nover so big; tho patterns, materials
and styles have a sweeping range, while the prices are
such as to completely and happily surprise you, Just
to give you an idoa:
Smart Spring Tailored Suits
At $19 50 and $25
The suits offered at these two moderately low prices
are tho pick of tho eastern markets of medium pricod
suits. Serges, diagonals, Bedford cords and shephord
checked worsteds, beautifully tailored and lined with 0,
silks and guaranteed satins. Especially pricod $19.50
and $25.00.
New Spring Coats
featuring the now three-aunrter length with cutaway front.
The spring coats this eoason are more beautiful than ever beforo.
Many now materials used as well as a groat variety of now colors.
Mado of novelty gray and wnito striped women, cnooK, ratino,
tan, convert and many othor
popular oloths. These coats
and wraps pricod
$15 to $39.50
New Spring Dresses
Streot, Buslnoss nnd Offico
Dresses, of sorgeB, opongo and
Bedford cords, especially priced
for early spring buying from
Afternoon Dtobbob, Party
Gowns of all tho now erepo
silks crepe cloths, In tho most
oxqulslto shadings you" havo
ever soon, now on display for
your Inspection; priced from
$25 to $150
$9.75 to $25
jfmw va .i : : ,iv jt.i i i
Rattling Good EMBROIDERY and LACE Specials
Just the sort that appeal to those who do sewing at home. These as examples of what to expect Monday
8c Embroideries for 5c
CDl?rT ATI Cambric em
iivlAL. broideries, edg
ings and insertions, in a great many
desirable designs from which to
mako solectlbni Widths 3 to 4 Inches
wide. Goo'd grade of cloth; values to 8c;
sale price, yard
25c Embroideries at 15c
Om?fT AT lOambric
Of JCAJLilLJnnd Swiss
embroideries in widths from
5 to 17 inchos; also some corsot
cover embroideries Included; largo
or small designs; nil well worked
on good grade of cloth; values to
25c, yard
20c Wash Laces at 10c
QPFfTAI lwl1 ,acc
Ol EjljtLil edgings and
insertions, many designs and
...UU . i . . . .
wmuiH i rum wmcn 10 maKo selec
tion; linen, torchon, cotton cluny,
shadow laco and bands, Venice,
ot., for trimming drcssos and un
derwear; values to 20c; yard....
Exactly as Illustrated
1 T T EU'E'S a special In tho f urnl-
that is certain to attract no
small amount of attention. It's a
lot of costumeres, as uiuatrateu,
mode of solid oak In
solden finish. The reg
ular prlco was $1.98;
sale price Monday. . . .
51.2S Shoe Box, 7Ec
Shoe boxes or blacking cases, well
built with shoo rest and compart
ment for tho blacking, brushes
and slippers. Regular price $1.25;
very special in
furniture section
Monday, at
PLUMS, "Oreen
Oiiro" or "Er
tho can
(ho can,
2 Cans 25c
BEANS, baked,
in tomato sauce
"-11). cans
2 Cans 15c
Walker's rcgu
lur SOo hIic
2 Cans 25c
canned goods, cans
(deviled), the
r. Qc
SALMON, rod,
1-11). flat I Hp
cans, at. . . hu
or mustard
3 Cans 10c
Demonstration and Saie-CANNbD GOODS-Monday
In the big pure food grocery. Orders promptly filled and delivered. Phono Douglas 137.
NOTE To demonstrate the quality and merit of our
2 Cans 15c
of tho various products will bo opened for sampling
a ItRc
3 Cans 20c
ubc nci
i for Ql
. It 1) I N E 8,
TOES, "Can!,
tol" brand
Cans 25c
lance can.
TIPS, aoo valuo
at. .
Itol" brand, U5c
size can n D.
t 2Uc
sr 20c
toasted, coup o n
In each package,
2 Pkgs. 1bc
WHEAT oatmeal
or pancake flour,
"Capitol" brand,
3 Pkgs, 25c
HOMINY, poarl
or flake, Qn
lb. at 00
3 Lbs. 25c
PEAS, spilt
4 Lbs, 25c
OATS, stool In
cut, lb. at Hi
RICH whole
Japan, special
5 Lbs, 25c
tol Urand m-
Cream. I (J
J I .1.
3 Pkgs. 25c
SAUCE, Lee &
Perrln's, OC
bottloat. .. ZuC
O O V V 15 M, Cfl
2 lb. van Jw
R A I SINS, fancy
seeded, loc qual
ity 3 Pkgs, 25c
fornla, 12ttc
3 Lbs, 25c
St???!!.... 3c
ium sour,
quart. . . .
FLOUR. "O a p I
tor brand saok
48 Lbs. $1,10
FLO U It, "Excel
sior" patent, per
4B Lbs, $1.45
;Orkin Brothers Your Homo Storo
ington, when Doolittle's train, a double
header, was ilowly plowing through huge
snowdrifts nlonc the track. The fange
on the head locomotive broke down and
threw It off the track to the right, while
tho second engine, plunging ahead, rollod
off to the left over u high embankment.
It took an hour and a half for two other
locomotivex and one cur to break through
the three miles from Worthlngton to the
wreck, and all that time Engineer Doo
llttle lay there, caught beneath his loco
motive when It overturned. Thoy thought
him dead when taken out, but, after lying
In bandages for months, lie was well
eijougli to 'go buck on the Job.-'
During the forty years that he lias been
In the employ of the Omaha railroad
company Engineer Doollttle has never
boen "called on the carpet" tn answer for
misconduct or errors of Judgment. His
relations with 0e company always, have
been most pWnunt and rongnlaf. Ills
name today on the lists of officials and
employes of the road runkk first.
Luther Simms Tells Story Implicat
ing His Three Companions.
Discovery of Kxplostrts In Itootu
Let by Illm to Ilolilirrn Fol-Itm-eri
by Trip to Hem
Molnra ivltb Them.
Luther Slmms, one of the four alleged
bandits brought back from Des Moines
Friday, has decided to turn state's evi
dence and has made a complete confes
sion In which ho asserts he was the vic
tim of circumstances due to bad com
pany. SI mini was closeted with Detective
Chief Moloney and Detective Fleming all
morning and at noon had completed his
confession, He said that the other three
miu, Ilichardson, Concord and Chorstlne,
cume to IiIh home and roomed for a few
days prior to March 11. On the night of
March 11 ho said he looked Into a suit
case which was owned by Concord and
discovered In It several dynamite caps,
some fuses, cotton, soap and nitrogly
cerin. He said he did not mention It to
his roomers, but that night they left
about 10 o'clock. Ho raid ho went to bed
juit before the men went out.
At 6 o'olock the next morning he arose,
built a fire and was preparing to go to
work, when Concord came back, gave
him 116 and asked him to bring the
women folks to Des Moines, as he had
good Jobs for himself and Blmms In the
Iowa capital.
Conversation O verlienril,
Simms said he overheard the other
three men talking In Des Moines about
blowing the safe In a butcher shop In
Omaha at Twenty-fourth and Parker
streets. In which about lJ was taken.
He ended his confession by telling of
their arrest In a Des Molnc hotel. Ho
sajs ho Is going to tell all at his trial
and try and save himself for the sake of
his wife and child, who are here.
Detectives Fleming, Sulllvnn and Lahey
returned last night from Des .Moines with
Charles Ilichardson, uther Slmms, o.u
Concord and John Chorstlne, the four
yeggmen who are charged with break
ing and entering.
Next Thursday evening the Noonday
club will hold Its fourth annual banquet
at the Home hotel. The principal speak,
ers will bo KrlU U gandwall of Omaha,
C. J, Uderqucst, mayor of Madrid, la.,
and Dr. Oustave Andreen, president of
Augustana college of Itock Island. A
vocal solo will be rendered by Carl Norr
bom and a selection on the violin by
Illrger Knqulat of this city. Delegations
from several towns In Iowa and Ne
braska are expected to attend and sev
eral representatives of the Nebraska leg
islature will be present.
Man from Nevada
Falls for Old Game
Jason Helnbeln of Abel, Ntv., fell a
vlotlm to the old army game of match.
Ing dollars and reported to the station
that he had been "glpped" out of 1140.
Helnbeln was gazing at the Dewey hotel
ruins and atruck up an acquaintance with
tbre strangers. They became Intimate
and Helnbeln was led to a dire In the
lower part of town and separated from
hh coin by th old game. Later Lester
Frances was arrested and Identified by
Helnbeln as being one or his fleecers.
Frances gave his home as New York
The Persistent and Judicious Use of
Newspaper Advertising la the Road to
Business Bucce..