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Woman Successfully Defends Her
Title to Property.
Judge Decide Ilrr Tide Wood and
thr. llntlillnn Will Not llntc to
lie Torn Umn Over the
When Frederick Krolie, who camo to
Omaha man' yearn, uko from Ueards-
awn, 111., died In ISSt. ho loft the couth
half of the block on the west side of Thir
teenth street, between l'arnam nnd Har
ney street s, to five heirs.
Mrs. Itoslna T. Kchneldcr, daughter of
Mr. Krolie, and one of tho original heirs,
has been compelled to conic Into district
court to defend hor tltlo to one Inch of
her twenty-flvc-foot lot. Judge Ken
nedy decided for her, the defendant. Mrs.
'Schneider's title was fortified by a hilck
wall resting on the Inch of ground In
dispute, which had stood there since. 18S5.
Had tho Judge decided differently It
might have been necessary to have sold
the tiny estate, as tho proceeding was a
partition suit.
Sirs. Schneider was bioiight as si de
fhdant Into a suit In which Loiilr
Upohmo Is prosecuting against Otto A.
ndfhmc and Klva O. Hoohnic to
Straighten up their titles to the lots south
of Mrs. Schneider's property. Tho
Boehmcs are grandchildren of Frederick
The bulldlns, whoso wall was alleged
to overlay one Inch of tho plaintiff's
lot, was erected b'y Mrs. Schneider In
JUST.. It Is directly south of tho lot whero
the Dewey hotel formerly stood. Tho
lower part now Is occupied by tlw Ohio
Thij "Judge, the lawyers nnd the wit
nesses devoted hours of grave considera
tion to the question as to whom belonged
th Inch of ground. Judge Kennedy's de
cision quiets tltlo to It In Mrs. Hchnelder
nnd the brick wall will be allowed to
stand undisturbed.
Scientists Dig Up 'Mother-in-Law1 Joke in Ruins
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Oscar, Elslagcr gave his Illustrated lec
ture orS the welfare and community de
velopment work of tho National , Cash
Ileglstcr company before a largo crowd'
at tho Commercial club at tho Thursday
noon luncheon. Motion pltcurcs and
Btereoptlcon views wero thrown on a
large screen fX the south wall Illustrat
ing tho development of tho cash register
from the tlmo of the first machine. In
vented years ago In Dayton, O., to tho
present machlno made In one of tho
largest factories In tho country. How
Dayton has been Inflcnced by the pro
gress qf the company -was cjearly brought
out and the effects of the welfare work
of the company even on tho boys nnd
Clrls was Interestingly shown. Tho lec
ture was KIslager'8 final appearance In
Omaha. Ho has given lectures twice a,
day at tho Brnndela elnco Monday nnd
at each show tho theater was crowded.
Detectives John Dunn and James Kl
nelly, walking around the cellroom of the
clty.jaU last light spotted a man In one
of bo compartments that answered In
every detail' n ' deapriptidh' carried by
them. Tho man was brought out and ad
mitted that ' ho Is David Pearson, alias
"Walter McCormack, wanted In Dodge
Center, Minn., for forgery.. Pearson was
arrested several day ago by Officer
Mansfield, who charged him with va
grancy and asked that ho be Investi
gated Sheriff aillerhouso ,of Dodge
Center was notified last night nnd he
answered, saying that he would come
here, for tho prisoner tomorrow.
TlfnthrrV Pension mil Hlnned.
SALT LAKH CITY. March 21.-Tho
mothers' pension law nassrd by the last
I'tah legislature became effective today.
Mothers who are compelted to work for
a. living will receive $10 per month to sup
port ono child nnd $5 for every -othr
child. The law's aim Is to permit mothers
to remain homo with their young chll
aen to properly reor them.
Dr.' J iid bo n, president of tho University of Chicago, declares tho
"mother-in-law" Joko was found Inscribed on bricks taken from the slto of
Nineveh. News Item.
Tho scientist dug In the pyramid wall as ho never dug beforo,
Ho laughed aud lie laughed at tho Jokes he found concerning the
Dut ho gave a groan, and a pitiful moan as ho knelt In an anclont street,
And saw at his knees that horrible whoezo on a chicken crossing the street.
Thon over he turned tho pyramid stono to look at tho other sldo,
And a look of surprise camo Into his eyes as some writing ho espied.
Ho laughed and laughed, 'till ho shook his sides, and tears rolled down
his nose,
For ho road, "A chicken crossos tho utrcct to show her silky hose."
From Our Near Neighbors
L. C. Crlstman returned lust Friday
from his trip to Pennsylvania and Wis
consin. H.- M. Tuttlo left Tuesday for Wllltams
vlllc. 111., his old home, whore he expects
to remain somo time.
William ljaggo has been enjoying a
visit this week from his brothor Oeorgo,
who lives on a farm near nioomflcld.
Jack Thrano left Wednesday for Unr
well, Oarfleld county, to superintend tho
construction of a largo now hotel at that
Mrs, Isaac Noyes and sister, Mrs.,
Karly, werif to Omaha Tuesday to see,
Mr. and Mrs. lllland Noyes, who recently
returned front' Canada.
At tho town primary Tuesday evening,
15. L. Llndciucst. Charlie Htenglcln and
Frod Urown were nominated as candi
dates for village trustee.
Bartholomew Fltipatrlck returned last
week from a visit during tho winter at
Columbus, Ov, with his sister, whom he
had not seen for thirty years.
Floyd Urady.whQ has bfpn. living at
the home of his mint, Mrs., William Mc
WhorteK this wlrtter, "ahrt attending
school, left Saturday- foe his homo In
Holt county.
Oeoriro LuethJo of Klkhorn has gone to
Colorado to work for D. a. Hopper on
the latter's farm on tho Castcllo estate
In southern Colorado. Mr. Hopper,
Luethje and William Kemp loft Tuesday.
"Undo Frank" Corliss was horo Tues
day ond accompanied by a nophow, A.
Q. Corliss, who recently camo from Woh
ford, Vt., the original homo of Hhe Cor
liss families, nnd who expects to remain
In Omaha.
Mrs. swanson of Omaha, aunt of Mrs.
John BohQii. was visiting nt tho home of
her niece" -the last week. Sho returned
homo Tuosday and was accompanied by
Mrs. Bcliou and some of the children,
who went In for a visit.
James Walsh of Benson was In Water
loo Wednesday on business connected
with his Interests In Waterloo and vicin
ity Mr. Walsh Is arranging his affairs
so lib can start about the middle of April
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On SaturUuy, March tho 22d, wo open for
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A handsome aluminum match box souvenir
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Leon's $2 Hats
Room formerly occupied by the Tom Kelley Co.
for a trip across the big pond to seo old
scenes and visit new ones In Europe.
Hans P. Larson loaded his car for Min
nesota last- Thursday and It left that
afternoon for Omaha on tls fay north,
liaymond I,arnou went with the car and
tho family remulned over until Wednes
day of this week.
Wceplna; Vntcr.
8. J, Ambler Is visiting relatives In
LIborty, Neb.
Tim senior class of tho high has twenty
members. Graduating exercises are set
for May 23.
Mrs. M. Davis and son, Searle, of Lin
coln, visited In Weeping Water a foW
days this week,
Mrs. A. P. Woodard of University
Place has been visiting Mrs. W. II. Pool
for several daysi
Mrs. Thomas Cuslck of Auburn was n
visitor for a few days with her sister,
Mrs. John Bourke.
J. -M. TecKardon ji-went to Illinois on
business this week, and from there tot In
dlaua, to visit his father,
Mr. William Sperry of Weeping Water
nnd Mrs. Nora Worth vt Palmyra were
married ut Nebraska. City March 18.
Robert ' Baker "camo Trf 'from Pierce'
county ond has rented an eighty-acre
farm south of town and will farm this
Tho 3-year-old child of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Jacob Witt died this week of diphtheria
and. now Mrs. Witt Is Very sick with the
Mrs. M, Card and son, Everett, re
turned homo last evening from a bU
wcekii' visit with Mr, Card's parents In
Logan, la.
The Misses Darl and Lucy Holderbauin
of Pennsylvania, visitors here with
relatives, departed last Monday for Colo
rado, to visit a sister, v
EvanKcllHt D. E. Vanco of Oskaloosa.
la., nnd Ilev. William Lambert of Weep
ing Water have been holding evangelistic
meetings In Manlcy this ween.
Cards are out announcing tho marriage
of Mr, Bobert K. Dravcr to Miss Irma
Peters on Wednesday, April 2. A mis
cellaneous shower wns tendered Miss
Peters at the home qf Miss Hazel Jamo
son last Wednesday.
Ilev. Thomas King, a returned mis
sionary, will preach nt the Congrega
tional cliurcn next Kunday morning ana
evening. Mth. King, who will be with
him. was born and raised In Weeping
Woter. They have spent many years In
Africa. .
i '
llegent W, a. Whltmoro returned from
Lincoln Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Ferry will move Into
the Qllmoro house, which they vacutod.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Derthlck moved Into
the house of William Harrier Wednesday,
Mr and Mrs. Fred Qrowcock returned
to their home at Monroe Sunday, after
I a two weeks visit with valley relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Warner, who sold" their
homo .to Balford Dohorty recently, pur
I chased the former Helmhauoh houso from
'I.. Hoblnson this week, and will movo
as soon as It Is vacated.
High School Inspector Reed nt Lincoln
I Inspected the Valley High school Thurs
i dav and snnke at tho mass meeting In
the operji house In tnn evening.
Mrs W O. Whltmore held a suffrage
. mcetlne at her home Thursday afternoon
' nnd gave a dinner to the ladles and ttlr
husbands at 7 o clock at the Fitzgerald
lit mi.
N'ewton Wesley Gaines will close the
lerture course slven under the manage
ment of the Vulley High school teachers
Thursday evening, giving his popular loo-
ture on "l.ov nnd Marriage.
Mien Oertrude Ingram came out from
Omaha Friday evening to Hncnd the -week
end at home. Mrs. Charles Wlllo came
with her and was the guest of Dr. and
Mrs. J, u. Agee and Mr. and Mrs. O. A
The rcmlar meettne of the Vallev
Woman's club wns held at the home of
sirs. J. C. Aitee Fr day afternoon. Mrs.
X. E Johnson was -leader of the lesson
-tudy. Muslo was furnished by Marcella,
Monahon on tho violin, accompanied by
, Ituth Hubbard on tho piano.
' Mrs. Will Dubois nnd Fern, who lmvn
Ifen here since October, and Mrs. Wilbur
Harris and Herbert of ' Toimennlsh.
-Wash., left Monday evening- for- thnlr
homes. Mrs. It. qrowcock and Georgia
accompanied them and will spend an in
definite time with Mr. and Mrs. Dubois
ut their home In Victor, Idaho.
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Johnson at WeepInK Water, and "Miss
(JharlOUO iinier ui
Mrs W. E. Patterson cnteriainca me
IWomans' club Wednesday nc-
Mrs. H. A. UollinB leu a. vhij
meetlnB on "American Sculptors and
Their Works."
Sprlnnf leld.
Ilev. 8. J. Htowurt of Tlldcn, Is hcrq
for a few days.
rcrimt Christiansen made a business nip
to Alliance Friday.
Mm. A. K. Hrdman, motner oi airs.
Alvln MUUb, dlcfl Bunday.
James Cockertll. who has a larm in
vinririn. Is here vIsltlnK his parents.
W. A. Hoyt of Omaha was here Wed
nesday calling on old acqualntanqcs.
Hov. Warno was called to Elk City to
conduct the fitncral of Mrs. J. C. Knapp.
Tho Will Roberts family nre movlnS
into the liouso laieiy vsraiiw "i
1.. M. Uall, rural mall carrier, had a
runaway which forced him to take a
week's layoff.
Mike Hoteek of the state university Is
spendlnc his Kaster vacation as guest
of William Klcck.
John Munford. who for twenty-five
years has had a shoe shop, here, has sold
out to tfldnoy Hoyt. sr.
Easter programs will be rendered by
the Sunday schools at both the Methodist
and Congregational churches.
Prof. VyWf has been called to Manila,
la., to be superintendent of schools, lie
did not maku application for tho position
Four teachers, Misses Hayes, llniiey.
Bates and Holllday, wero elected to the
same positions they now occupy for the
next year.
Mi, nnd Mrs. Qus Rosenstlhl returned
r.nilv frnm Menu. I Ark., where they
have been spending the winter in tho
A social club, numbering thirty mem
bers, has been organlied by the young;
men of the village, which Is to while
away the hours and for literary improvement-
At a meeting of the cltliens of the vil
lage six names were put In nomination
for village board, of which three will be
elected. Those nominated are Thomas
Nelson, J. C. Mangold. 12. N. Christian
sou. John Nottleman, J. C. Oeib' and
Frank Graham.
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Mrs. D. V. Qulnn visited Tuesday at
Elk City with the Wolcott family.
Mr, nnd Mrs. Haas of Omaha visited
Saturday and Sunday at the Charles
Nownes liome.
Miss Hose Chaso of Omaha visited Sun
day with her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Chnrles Chase.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Hay, ir., who have been
111 at the home of their .sou Henry, are
somowhat Improved.
Mrs. Danlelson, mother nnd daughter,
of Orcenwood, aro visiting this week with
their cousin, Mrs. Van Alst.
William Mclrncy, wife and child, of
Clarksou, Neb., are visiting his sister,
Mrs. Henry Goodhard and family.
Mrs. A. P, Knapp of near Elk City died
Sunday of hemorrhage of the brain. The
funeral was held Tuesday from her home.
Durlul was at Elk City.
Mrs. Henry Goodhard entertained tho
C. C. club Thursday. Mrs. C. A. Nownes
won first prize, while Mrs, George Paasch
took last prize. A nice lunch was served.
mlnent men of Omaha or the vicinity.
After the decision is announced the stand
ing vote of the house will be taken, not
upon tho merits of the contesting sides,
but upon the Issues of the question.
Governor Decree Arbor Day.
PIERRE, S. D March 21. (Special
Telegram.) Governor Byrne has fixed
Tuesday, April 22, the. birthday anni
versary of the father of Arbor day, as
Ihe date for tree planting" in South Da
kota this year.
The Persistent and Judicious Use of
Newspaper Advertising Is the Road to
Business Success.
T. D, Mickey of Grolim was a PaplUlon'
! visitor Monday,
J. R. Wilson mudo a business trip to
, Gretna Tuesday.
I I a. Buckley, who was operated upon
j last week at tho Methodist hospital In
j Omaha, is reported to be doing nicely.
I. Charles Begley of Omaha and Frank
i BeRley of Lincoln were guests of County
Attorney Jo.mes T- Begley Wednesday
and Thursday.
I Mrs. George M. Covell and Judge
Uowurd Kennedy, both of Omaha, will
lerture of woman's suffrage nt the
opera house haturday evening.
The SArpy County Declamatory contest
was held In Uie opera house Thursday
evening, iiign sonooi pupils rrom spring.
. field. Gretna. Bellevue ami Papllllon t ik
ing part.
The Papllllon schools i-losed Ft I dav
mmm ' ror a weeK'a vacation. Misses Hazel
Jm I Htmpel and Fannie AUworth will spend
I IhrJr vacations In Omihn. Miss nlv
Hans Doose visited friends at Waterloo
H.-J. Maoklln was an Hlkhorn visitor
Mlsn' timma Mutcchuck visited Sunday
In Omaha,
Miss Kmma Nolle Is confined to the
house with the grip.
Miss Alma Hanson visited Omaha Sat
uiday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Fate entertained
friends Thursday evening.
Grove Baldwin is home from school
duties for Kaster vacation.
Charles WJtte. who has been til several
weeks. Is much Improved.
Alonzo Harvey was stricken with paral
ysis Thursday while In town.
Mrs. Herman IttinsQn entertained the
Ladles kenslngton Wednesday.
Carl Gotch and brother of Springfield
visited trieuas ntre hatuniay.
Mlts Hilda Meyer of Springfield. Neb.,
vuiicu. tsaturuay ana aunqay ni. in.e noma
Bellevue Societies
to Debate Suffrage
Prof. Schmeldel of the prize committee
announced to tho Bellevue students In
chapel exercises Thursday mornlpg that
a prominent- woman in the state had
given a prize Into the hands of the com
mittee amounting to 110, to be given to
tho team of young women successful In
a debato upon woman's suffrage. The
debate to be held late In the spring, mil
to be governed by the customary rules
for Intercollegiate debates, and to be
participated In oply by young women of
the college. The prize committee has
resolved the debate Into a contest be
tween the young women of the two liter
ary societies, tho Adelphlans and Phllo-
mathcans, and will giv.e one night of
commencement week to the event, which
promises to be one of the most Inter
esting of tho school year.
Announcement was further made that
two members of the faculty had addd
contributions to the prize fund amount
ing to (15, making a total prize at stak
of 155. The money is to bo divided ac
cording ito the decision of the judges, a
unanimous decision wining all the money.
and a vote of two io one splitting It In
tho proportion of one and two-thirds.
Each society elects one to represent
them, and she chooses her assistant.
The first speaker on eaoh team will make
the rebuttal speach for her side, and,
owing to the added responsibility which
sho will beur in the dobate, tho com
mittee has provided that the money shall
bo divided among the members of the
winning side In a ratio of 40 to 60 per
cent N
The night chosen for the debate will bo
Monday. June 9. and a prominent woman.
Interested In the suffrage movement, will
be asked to preside. Judges will be pro- j
Ak (or llluituted booklet.
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Chicago, or Local Agents.
Subway Entrance
At the focal point of the terminal zone, on the
crest of Murray Hill, cooled by Southern breeies rrom
the sea, artificially fed by chilled air, 600 sunlit rooms.
Slnste rooms ...
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