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    The Omaha Daily
Words Backed By Deeds
Tint's wit) 'Cl,c Uco lin friend
na enemies, nnd why It wlcltls an
Influence for public good.
Generally Fair
VOL. XL1I-N0. 203.
' j
Armv Takes PncBq?n f Wo 1
n. , . . , ,,. I
xaiuuc una mncipai rUDiiC
Buildincrs. i
. I
rresiaent Leads Loyal Troops in I
Part of Fightinc.
Insurgents Let Two Noted Prisoners
Out of Jail,
Utnnt One llnndrpil nnd Fifty Per
son Killed IltirltiK Street I'IkIiI-
tjcnernl Vlltnrnrn, n--ulNl,
In KHIeil,
MEXICO CITY, Feb. 9.-The nrmy re
volted today. The troops took possession
of the national palace and nearly all the
I'llnrlpal public buildings. Gustav Ma-
ut-iu IS 11 prisoner. '
After .-mine street fighting. In which '
nboit IS" persons were killed, tho govern-!
inent succeeded In legalnlng paltlal eon-
trol. President Mndero led tho loyal j
ironps for a part of the time. The Insur-j
gents released Felix Diaz and Hernardo ;
lieyex General Vlllarara, a loyalist, w'ai
killrd in one of the conflicts.
Felix Diaz nnd hU followers gained con
tiol of the city early In the afternoon.
He took po-sesMon of tho palace nrul cap-,
tinert the arsenal by assault. Only a few
scattered companies of the city garrison!
maintained uli appearance of loyalty .i
the administration.
(leneral Bernaido Iteyes, cx-rccretuVy of;
war. wa Sshot through 'the' head and killed
in front of the national palace. The ro-
t of the troops took place curly In the
morning. Disturbances continued nt fro-
ititiit Intervals throughout the day.
Muilero Wire to Kl Pnsii
i.'t. iAn Tov i.-fti, n n0,n.i
was killed and General Vlllarara wounded '
in the attack on the national palace H- I
mvi,. n.,. .,iv .,m,Hi. m l received from President Madcro by
the commander of the federal forces at
Juarez tonight. Tho telegram states that
the mutineers were repulsed with heavy
V , . . , V . I...., Boston, was also added to the list and Its giving the federal and official commander ln,tructed t0 ho,d nls
version of tho revolt of the army ar? j shp , readlne t0 relleve tlle vessel3
being received by federal commander on tlie Atlantlc coast ot Centrai America,
n'ong the northern border of Mexico to It a lnUmated ,n offlcftl flU3rters
tilKlit. tjint tle purp0Se of the naval movement
Piesldent Maddro ideclrtfes tbe (fdverp- j wag to maltkln the status quo In Cen
inent has tha situation well In hand ami jtral America until me Incomtlu; adniJnls
uigcB that order UMkepltat all posts. ' I tra'tlon lias had an opportunity to decide
.MI Is quiet at Juarcx and Chihuahua pon Its attitude toward the Pan-Amerl-(1ty.
, can republic?.
Naval Caucus Fails j Nurses Testify in
Among Democrats Hyde's Third Trial
WASHINGTON. F"eb. 9.-No caucus
pledge will bind tho house democrats this
year when they vote on appropriations
for battleship construction.
"An economy caucus," called for last
night by members opposed to the authori
zation of any battleships In the naval
appropriation bill at thlssesslon, failed
to materialize, as a result of tho absence
of practically
Mho favor an
all democratic members
Increased navy. !
Only seventy-threo members appeared
i ml as 112 were needed for a quorum, tho
meeting adjourned nfter listening to a
ptnslon speech by Representative Sher
wood of Ohio.
Speaker Clarke and Democratic Leader
1'mlerwood were present, although It Is
nn oi en scciet that both opposed the
calllirr of the alliens. Only three mem
bers if the naval commlttcc'attended.
York Stores Burn in
Early Morning Fire
YORK. Neb., Feb. 9. (Special Tele
gram.! This morning aliout i o'clock tiro
was discovered In a stor occupied by
Charles Shreck with a general stock of
electric supplies. This building together
wun a cigar store ana mo hinger Hewing
.nacnine company s store waB a total
loss, uamage was estimated at ,W
On the south a two-story brick structure
occupied by the Baer Furniture company j
wus Hiiuosi completely aesiroyeu
loss on etc-ck Is estimated at $1S,000 a
damme to the building flO.000. Th,e bulJ
Iiigs ami stocks were only partially ln
The Weather
Forecast for Monday:
For Nebraska and South Dakota Gen
oral)." fair.
For Iowa Fair.
. r.irrunr,
j ft "r Bel?.
. vCt 7 a- m M
I A Sr. m I.rt
Temperature nt Onmliu Yesterilnr.
S a. m.
In n ro
ll a m 30
12 m M
1 P.
2 p.
3 p.
5 P.
s p. m.
7 p. m.
Comparative Local Record. .
Official record of temperature and pre
cipitation compared with the correspond
ing period of the last three years:
1913. 1912. 1911. IHO.
Highest yesterday 42 18 Jl H
Lowest yesterday rs 7
Mean temperature 32 12
Precipitation W .00
Temperature und precipitation
tires from the normal:
Normal temperature
Kxcms for the day...................
TVirai rirnii since March 1. .......
IS 16
24 23
,00 .00
' r
Normal precipitation 04 Inch
Deficiency for the day... 04 Inch
Deficiency since March 1 4.57 inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1911. 13.77 inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1910 J4j69 Inches
Lm. a. tvcuuii iucsi rorecuier,
Nolen Must Come
to Omaha to Stand
Trial for Deed!
MKMP1HS. Tetin.. Fob. f. -(Special
Telegram.) Krnest Nolen, formerly oily.
I detective, must be tried nt Omaha
charge of bavins attempted to dell
brother. "Dlggs" Nolen. from the
that city. United States .Commissi
iMnthews. us a result of the hoar
which has continued since Thursday
ruled yesterday that Nolen must bo tried j
1,1 Nebraska. He fixes Nolen's bond at i
It Is understood that Nolen'B friends
arc attempting to mako up the bond
Should this be done In the next few' dais
Nolen will be allowed to go at llbert, on
tho understanding that he .appear In
Omaha for trial.
J. M. Jones, held as an accessory with
Nolen, was released on his own recognlr
anco with the understanding that he re
port to tho United States district attorney
at Omaha every week until the trial of
the case Is taken up there.
Uow Ethel Nolen's love for "Dlggb''
Nolen forced her to attempt to slip saws
U him while he was a prisoner at the
'Savannah Jail was told by the attorneys
of both sides hi their arguments. It's'.-
Ing her life In climbing n ladder to pluv I
her put In the proposed Jail deliver;-. It
was said, the woman lost her mid. '
slipped and fell to a deep pit at the rear j
of the Jail.
Her Injuries were severe, and accoidlng
ovMnonn in il.n trlnl .hi. went (o .
r mriuv in ,i,' ,,... oi.
H nest Nolen's house licreNln November.
where she remained until she went to
H Is said that Kthcl Nolen since has
divorced "Dlggn" Nolen Not a witness
was put on the stand for Nolen's dofetib.
Latin Legations in
Flutter Over Order
to U, S, Warships
WASHINGTON. Feb. 9. -Movements of
States warships to Central Amer-
; lea, which became fully known today, put
i the Central A inert can legations hero In
ja flutter and sent the I.atln-Amerlcan
! ministers hurrying to assure Secretary
' Knox thut all was tranquil In their eoun-
To a" "url(,s Ulp """ a,,8Wer wns
'eturued-that the naval movements were
merely precautionary and In large part
Insplred by Information of activity of
revolutionary juntas In this country. In
( addition to the 'our warships either
' under way or about to be ordered to Cen-
tial America, the gunboat Tncoma at
KANSAS C1TT, Feb. 9.-Attempts by
the defense's attorneys to prove inac
curate the memory of the nurse, Mrs.
Pearl Keller Roy, state's witness In tho
third trial of Dr. B. Clarke Hyde for
the murder of Colonel Thomas II.
Swope were made today.
"Why did you destroy all the medicines
and records of medicines after Colonel
Swope.B death7" Attorney Walsh for the
defenso asked.
"Because they were of no further use.
That was the customary procedure," an
swered tho witness.
Mrs. Anna Bauniann,' who at the tliuo
of the first trlul of Dr. Hyde was .IIfs
Houlehair, then took the stand, Sho tes
tified that she went to tho Swope house
hold as a nurse December 4, 1909, about
two months after tho death of Colonel
Swope, und pund Chrlsman und Mat
garet Swope and Miss" Nora Dixon 111 with
tj phold,
Over repeated objections by the de
fense, Mrs. Baumann was allowed to tell
her story of the events leading-up to and
Including the death of Chrlsman. It was
ttjis testimony In the first trlalWhat tho
supreme court ruled out In remanding
the case for new trial.
Mrs. Baumann testified today that Dr.
i Hyde Instructed the nurses to take six
teen-hour shifts alternately with the
. patients. By doing this, she said, no one
Would hnve complete knowledge of any
1 ono case.
Wilson Not Pleased
With Own Address
PRINCETON. N. J., Feb. 9. President
elect Wilson today completed the first
draft of hlB Inaugural address. He acted
as his own stenographer In producing the
document. He began sketching It In short
linnA on Thursday and resumed the task
today, copying the notes himself on a
little typewriter In his studio. It Is about
1 2,000 words long he said, but be may
Jadd to or abbreviate It.
; add to or abl
"I haven't I
I don't know w
looked up any of the other
addresses," he said, "so
hether this one Is longer or
He Indicated he was not satisfied with
tbe address and might change It some-
! what before giving It to the newspapers
5 ! for udvance distribution.
Gibbons Rejoicing
at New Divorce Act
BALTIMORE, Md., Feb. 9.-Cardlnal
Gibbons today expressed gratification
over the passage of an amendment to
the Nernila dlvorc law.
"The legislation which affeets Reno i
a atep In the right direction, but only a
i step, the cardinal said. "I am b
I Uertr In a law making the obtaining cf
ia divorce Impossible. Although it Is net
ttr to have certain limiting statutes in
f . '
iChrUtian people of the nation should not
Ns BcUafled to allow
matters to rest
where they art now.'
l( ..
'Man Has Good Prop-
for Men Who Arc
Real Hustlers.
Twenty - Five Per Cent of Fees 111
Good Cases.'
Personal Interview with the Great
Chief Operator.
Any Sort of Grnvrth In Hood Knoiiuti
Cnncer to Get n (Jooil
Fro for Treat
ment. "Kasy money may be "earned," by
persons willing to solicit "business" for
"Doctor" William Hornby. 510 North
i wentlctli street, who pretens to cure I
""r surgery or cauterunuon.
So H'oroughly iirofltahle Is the "doctor's"
Uttlo game that he la willing to pay I
K"0'1 rcvH 10 solicitors nnd divide rich I
iTO""r) rewarus mat are urougnt to
him by what he describes ns his "world
famed remedy."
Recently n young man called upon the
"doctor" nt his home and office on North
Twentieth street. He didn't look a bit
sick, but the doctor hnd no way of know
ing thnt the young mad did not have a
cancer, wfirt. wen or other growth con
cealed somewhere about bis person and
the visitor was affably greeted. The
"doctor" Is a clever operator. It must
be admitted, and doubtless could achieve
no Inconsiderable success If he should
devote his talents to some legitimate busi
ness, though ho might have to perform
more nctual work than painting suspicion
looking growths with mysterious looking !
bluck lliiuld. i
Wliiil the "Dtivtor" lloes. !
The young man explained that he was I
not nt deaths toor and had not been
"given up" by any refutable physicians
or surgeons. According to the "doctor's"
literature, he has performed many cures
"after the patients hnve been treated
unsuccessfully by eminent physlelnns and
have been operated upon by them with
tho knife, often tho second time.". The
doctor offeres no proof of this, but then,
people, who have been driven to despera
tion by disease arc not Inclined to bo
Insistent for proofs' when hope of nny
kind Is held out to them.
At nny rate, the visitor did not pro-
pose to be added to tho fictitious horde
of mythical suffers snatchert from li.
fore tjic keen sickle of tho grim reaper.
He cpnfesscd. to the "doctor" thqt he
had seen the "doctor's" ndvertlse'ments
In newspaper, and thought that perhaps
he and the "doctor" might "do business
together," to mutual financial advantage.
Solicitors Are Ilniidy,
He Informed tho "doctor" that he had
been employed ns nn ngent for tho ex
ploiters of a fake "cure-all" In the form
of an electric vibrator until those faklrn
had been exposed by Tho Omaha Bee and
dlven out of business In Omaha. Ho told
the "doctor" he knew the vibrator was
a fako and lacked all the curntlve vir
tues claimed for It.
This seemed to Impress the "doctor."
who made evident his appreciation of .the
value of services, such a young man
might be oble to render him.
"Doctor" Hornby said ho never before
had employed solicitors regularly to get
business for him. but It would be a good
scheme. Bo fore tho Interview was ter
minated the "doctor" urged tho young
man to go out and "get busijiess" and
handed him xeveral pamplets to aid him
In this noble work as a, public bene
factor. Instruction Are Simple.
The "doctor" said in part:
"I charge whatever tho patient can pay.
You don't havo to find out If they have
a scancer. I can cure any kind of a
growth except a cancer that Is too far
gone, and they can't tell whether It Is
cancer or not. For good cases, say from
1100 up, I will pay you 2C per ceht of
what I get out of them. That Is the
kind I am after. I don't care much for
the Uttlo cases, hut when thoy come to
me I taek them, nnd If a man hasn't got
anything I cure him for nothing. On the
little ctustal will give you 10 per cent of
what I egt.
"I don't see why you j:ouldn'tpBt some
business for me. It Is easy when yon
find a pcraon that lias got something
wrong with them, I gave, a man JSO Just
the other day for getting me a good
case. It required no work at all, Just
a few minutes' talking. There are plenty
of peoplo who have cancer or something
like It and have plenty of money and are
able to pay well. I got $1,500 for one
case not long ago."
Dlxpiite Between "Doctor."
The visitor noted In one of the pamh
lets a purported testimonial from Dr.
Myrta A. Wells, physician, surgeon and
osteopath. He asked "Doctor" Hornby
If It was not unusual for a physician and
suregon to arrove of his work, even in
tho rather "left-handed" stylo employed
by Dr, Wells. He said It was, but he
had convinced Dr. Wells of his nbl A
patient had tried to employ him nnd Dr.
Wells at the same time and a dispute
between the two doctors had arisen.
"Doctor" Hornby said he had Insisted
that the patient require either him or
Dr. Welia to "step out." Dr. Wells was
required to withdraw and he effected a
cure, 'he said. Since then "Boctor"
Hornby asserted, Dr. Wells has had
faith In his mervclous power.
Conference Interrupted.
On the following day the young man
called upon Dr. Wells for Information re
garding "Doctor" Hornby, 'AVhlle he was
discussing the cancer "specialist" with
Dr. "Wells. "Doctor" Hornby came in for
a talk with the women physician and
aurgetfn. Dr. AVells bade him wait for
her in her private office while she fin
ished her conversation with Ttfe young"
man. From the private office "Doctor"
Hornby ttepped Into the corridor. The
I young rnun. mm micnici. wnn vv. ieiia
concluded, emerged from her office,
affected not to observe "Doctor"
Hoornby, and made hurriedly for the
tContlnmd an. Pact TwoJ
From t he. Chicago News.
Great Sioux Orator to Address New
York Audience.
lleKlnitliiu Construction am Wmi
iiiiiuker .Memorial to He Mnile
Oecnxlon for Notnble !nthcr
Iiik ot "eel -Men.
(From u Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Fob. 9.-(Speclal Telo
gram.) Arrangements have been icopiT
pleted by the, Indian bureau for tho por
tlclpatton of Indians representing all
tribes In the country In the ceremonlos
Incident to tho beginning of tho construe-
tlon of u memorial Jo tho American In
dlan to bo placed (n New York lmrbor by j
John Wanamukcr, former postmaster
general. Tho cercmonle? are to take
place Februury 22, Washington's birth
day, Indians from South Dakota ani
other northwestern states will form tho
larger part of the representation from iho
descendants of the original Inhabitants
of the North American contlnont. John
Grass, a Sioux from the Standing Rook
reservation, will be the orator for Ihi
Indians. Hollow Horn Bear, a Rosebud
Sioux, whoso portrait Is printed in ona
of the bills put out by tho Treasury de
partment, will also bo a member of tho
delegation. All the representatives of the
red men will be tullbloods.
Ilrpreneiit Different llnniln.
The entire Indian delegation will com
prise thirty members of different bands
and six interpreters will uccompany them
to translate tho speeches. Thoy will be
In charge of Major James McLaughlin,
tho veteran Indian Inspector. The Chlppo
was of Minnesota will be represented by
two delegations, ono each from Whin
Karth and Leech Lake. There will be
eight Sioux from tho Standing Rock, Pino
Hldgo and Rosebud reservations; one or
two from Fort Berthold reservation
In North Dakota, representing the Man
dnns, tiros Ventres and .Arlckurci; ona
or two from the Blackfoet reservation In
Montana and a similar number from to?
Tongue River and Crow reservations in
that state. There will also bo delegations
from the tribes In tho southwest, Includ
ing thoHe In Oklahoma and the Apathe.i
from Arizona and New Mexico.
Tyvlcn! lied Men.
Tho delegations wilt1 be entirely
from among the fullbloods of the vu-
rlous tribes," said Major McLaughlin
today. "Cure was alfo exercised In th7
selection of delegates In order that only
thof-u of commanding presence and typical
featureB of tho red men of eenturlen past
might bo there to represent the North
American, to whom the memorial ' to do
erected." '
Following the cereonles the Indians will
be brought to Washington to remain unt'l
ifter tho Inauguration of Pruidont Wll
PIURRU. 8. D.. Feb. 9, (Special Tele
gram.) Both houses were In tho talking
mood yesterday and the grist ground out
was Kmull. Tho senate killed tho bill to
prohibit false and misleading advertising
after It had been amended to exempt r-al
estate men from Its provisions, and put
over the bill to cut out publication of
Insuranco statements after a fight on tho
part of the friends of tho country news
pupers. As Lieutenant Governor Abel leaves for
the south tomorrow, tho mcmbera it ml
employe presented htm with a gold
headed cane and Hhrlner pin.
The principal senate bill today was by
Flnuorud. which provides for a state civil
service commUsIon and places state em
ployes generally on a classified Hat.
The bouse mixups were on the senate
bill to appropriate 310,000 to send sur
vivors of the battie of Gettysburg to the
anniversary celebration nxt year, which
was psutsed after the fireworks ere
over, with a like action on the senate
bill which Increuses the scope of the
Aberdeen Normal school, putting It in
unlveralty chus.
"That's What They All Say!
G-lover Announces
Will Not Withdraw
Suit Against Will
IjHAD. H. D., Feb. n. That ho him not
nor will not withdraw his suit to
the will of his late mother, Mrs. Mary
Raker OlOvcr Kddy, founder of tho
Christian Science church, was the state
ment of Clcorgo W. (Hover of this city
Ulover declared most emphatically tba
ho had never authorized his attorneys
to abandon the .contest,. .tfiot. ho'"H-a, in
vestigating tbe report from, Boston tn
that effect and that If true, other steps
would tin tnkpii nt onen to Dress tbe suit
! Ho maintained ho will still get a portion
ot tho estate and says he Is prepared t')
fight hnrdor thnn over.
Militia Ready to Ruth to Paint
Creek Strike District.
Six Conninnles of Went Vlriilnln
Niitrounl (iiinril Wnltlntr lov
ernor's Order tn I.enve
for Mines.
CHARLESTON, W. Vu., Feb, 9-Slx
companies of the West Virginia Natlqnal
Guard are being held In their armories
tonight ready nt a moment's nolico t'
depart tq the Paint and Cabin Creek dis
tricts to take charge of tho strlko situa
tion, Governor W. 10. Glasscock, accord
ing to Information from persons close n
tljo executive, probably will take action
bite tonight or early on .Sunday.
According. .tolnformatton received here
luto today, Robert ICstep, a miner, was
kjtled just night during tno rioting at
Mucklov. There was considerable ahoct-
lng this afternoon at Holly Grove. It, is
said that men employed In tho mines wore
fired upon and made attempts to drlvi
strikers away from thut locality.
The military authorities here bellovo toe
strikers are gathering ut some point on
Paint creek for a night attack. Tho
minors occupy strong position in tho
mountain sides nnd aro said to be guar!
Ing all approaches to the camps.
Attorney General
Agrees to, Plan to
Dissolve Merger
WASHINGTON. Feb. 9. Attorney Gen
oral Wlckersham announced tonight that
ho had reached an agreement with the
representatives of tho Union Pacific and
Southern Pacific railroads for tho dis
solution 'of the llarrlmau merger ns
decreed by the supreme court.
The Union Pacific agrees to soli lt
l.JiM.501) shares of Southern Pacific stock
to Its own stockholders and those of the
Southern Pacific In what the govern
ment regards us safe proportion, Tlu
Union Pacific will ncqulro the Centra)
Pacific from tho Southern Pacific giving
it an, extension from Ogden to the Pa
cific coast.
(From a Staff Cortespondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. ' .-(Speclal.)-A. R.
Cruzen, who, with two other men, paid
a flno of I'M) each at Boise, Idaho, in
connection with contempt proceedlngH for
publication In the Boise Capital-News of
ciltlolsm by Colonel Roosevelt of rulings
of the court In not allowing tho progres.
tdve electors to head the ballot In Idaho,
was formerly a Nebraska man and re.
sided at Curtis, Ho was several yeurs
ago a candidate for the ro publican nom
ination for secretary of state and It Is
said was responsible for breaking the
deadlock In tho Nebraska legislature
which resulted in the selection of Senators
Millard and DelUlch.
THE. TAfclfF.
Woman Formerly of Trenton, Neb.,
Arrested in Pueblo.
ClrciiiiiRluiiecs Ileclileilly Suspicions
ii ml Authorities TnUe Vv Cn
IVIien Woiniiit I.enves Under
Assumed Niiine.
I.A JI'NTA, Colo., Feb. I.-(Bpeclal
Telegram.)-Frank 15. Caldwell and Mrs.
Bva Rlanclinrd wern arrested at Pueblo
today on the charge of poisoning Clyde
Hlanchard, husbnnd Of tho woman, De
cember 1, 1912, . .
Thoy were taken to Fowler, Colo.,, tn
bo arraigned, after which they will he
brought to tho county Jail here. The pair
wore living In Pueblo unaer the namo of
Mr. nnd Mrs. Robins of Denver.
Blanchard died tho evening of Decem
ber 1, isfo., When Dr. O. K. Vanderschow
of Fowlor wus called In at 10 o'clock
that day Blanchard was unconscious,
Mrs, Blanohnrd explained that her hus
band had' been unable to sleep the night
before nnd had taken morphine. In the
morning who had called Caldwell, but the
three failed to aroilso Blanchard. The
body wns taken to McCook, Nob., for
burial. Jesse Blanchard, a brother of the
dead man, tho widow, and Caldwell ac
companied the body.
After the funeral, Mrs, Blanchard nnd
Culdwell returned to Fowler nnd lived
with Mrs, Blanchard's mother. A family
row caused Caldwell and Mrs, Blanchard
to niovo to Pueblo.
Blanohard lived In Fowler about three
years before his death. He moved there
from Trenton, Neb. His wife's maiden
namo wbb Kvn Thompson. Caldwell was
h. ball player on tho Fowler club and
worked for tho Blanchurds. He went
thero . last summer. Blanchard waa 3J
years aid and his wlto 28.
Police Graft Inquiry
Given 'New Impetus
NEW YORK, Feb. 9.-Tho most drastic
Investigation of police graft that haa been
attempted since Police Lieutenant Charles
Becker's hired gunmen shot Hermann
RoMonthal to death last July Is snld to
day to be under way as a result of tho
story told to the aldormanlc committee
yesterday by James Purccll, who ran
games of chance In many houses under
police protection for nearly seventeen
years, according to his testimony.
"Purccll's story will be Investigated in
,811 Its nullifications" It waa declured at
police headquarters today, on behalf of
Commissioner Waldo, who had before him
tho four precinct captains still membeis
of the force who were accuaed by Purcull.
Each ot the four denied In sworn state
ments tho truth of Purccll's charges. One
of tho quartet Is Patrick J. Cray, brother-in-law
of Charles F. Murphy. leader of
Tammany hall.-
Purcell did not tell his whole story on
tho stand yesterday, It waa learned from
tho district nttnrney'B office. The re
mainder of It will be reserved for the
extraordinary grand Jury, which will
resume Its work Monday.
Girl Worth $25 to
White Slave Gang
NEW YORK. Feb. 9 Tho existence of
a white slave gang that veils girls for
$$S or $30 each to owners or keepers nf
resorts in Chicago was described to
Judge Maud, In federal court today, by
assistant United States District Attorney
Walker, who moved for heavy sentences
for Frunk Fllasto, a wine merchant, and
Joseph Robuffo of Paterson, N. J con
victed of forcing n young woman to
enter a resort In Pateraon, Sentences
were deferred pending decision on mo
tions for a new tiiul.
According to fedorul counsel, money
order receipts lire In the government's
possession showing that white slavem
here have received $13,0)0 fur girls sent
to Chicago,
Publio Servants Among Lawmakers
Beginning to Speculate on
What Will Be Done.
Many Demands for Appropriations
Will Get Short Notice.
Several Lawyers Among Those Who
Will Be Disappointed.
tiovernor Mnrehend ('otitlnne to
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(From a Stuff Correspondent.)
MNCOI.N. Neb., . Feb. 9. (Special.)
With twenty-three days -of-'the Session
gone and more than 1,300 bills to consider
and a half dozen "Important" Investiga
tions yet to bo made and appropriation
bills to bo Introduced, nnd with the green
grass about a month away, speculation In
rlfo ns td what this legislature will really
do. In so far an tho house Is concorned
It will not rculrevcry much time to dis
cuss bills which are really important In
that they change present Important laws
materially, but tho unimportant measure
will require more tlmo than Ot
hers will bo able to discover ti
At least that Is the way things h
The housfl Is dallying along with I
things and such a matter as changing
tho taxing system ot tho state creates no
more Interest than 'tho appearance on the
floor of n lobbyist. Ono member who
really has tho welfaro ot the state at
henrt and who. If laws are to bo
changed would really tlkn to see them
changed to suit present conditions and In
line with what the people want, Is get
ting anxious over the situation. Tie did
not want his name used and one can
readily understand whyIt would simply
li rntiimltlnir milelitn for hl hlllii. Ha
Laid: "I ronlly bellovo tho house la not
giving enough consideration to Important
t,mii nllrn Anil lilt. mml.Ar mr flnvnllnv
entirely too much tlmo to trivial mat-,
ters. 1 nm fearful thnt Uttlo for the
gool ot the state will bo accomplished.
Ten Million Demnnilril.
There Is now pending in the houae nnd
before the tlhanco committee yet to com
before the house, bills appropriating t
the neighborhood ot $10,000,000. Of courso
this sum Will hot bo appropriated by tho
leglslaturerind the Indications are prac
tically all for a great majority of tha
special bills for money will be defeated.
Thla will Include of course tho SllO.OflO
asked by sbmo persons In Dodge county
with which to buy the Fremont Normal
school for tho state. The excuse for th
proposed purchase Is that this prlvatn
school has to compote with the state
school, competition starting after It had
been established. The atnte having pur
chased the Wayno school adherent nf
the bill Insist It should also buy tho
Fremont school.
T. P. Kennard Is making his hardest
fight for 310,000 alleged to be due him for
commission In collecting from the govern
ment money due the state. Thin claim
has been up before and It waa killed the
last time in 1903. Mr. Kennard haa pub
lished a circular which ho sent to al the
members setting out his sldo of the ques
tion, In his circular he says this will b
his last flgl)t. He has a formidable array
n ftulont helping him.
Tho Panama exposition to bo held Jn
fan Francisco Is anxious for Nebraska li
havo an exhibit there and Its friends her.)
are asking for nn appropriation of
$160,000. Representative of the exposition
who havo been here insist they will re
ceive favorable action at the hands of tho
legislature, but members so far are not
expressing themselves probably a ma
jority of them do not know the bill has
been Introduced. Several of the atate In
stitutions desire more land and havo
asked for large appropriations to buy tt.
Then there is tho usual request for the
lovy for tho state university, and the, nor
mal schools want to get their money the
same way hereafter.
Clnlina tn He Thrown Out.
Tho'clalms committee will throw out a
bunch of claims. The indications now aro
that John O, Yolser will not got a look In
for his $2,400 'asked for services ns a mem
ber of the ptate pardon board, and neither
will Jcfforls and Burbanlc get anything
from tho Btute for looking after the in
terests of tho members of the Douglaa
delegation against whom contests were
filed?" Chairman Fries of thla committee
believes It Is not up to the stato lo pay
these hills. This committee will try to
finish up Its work Tuesday night. Tha
big salary and general appropriation bllla
probably will be Introduced by AVednes
day. "A lot of sentiment exists against tha
primary system of'nomlnntlng candidates,
but no ono Introduced a bill to repeal the
law, though one was Introduced to permit
n iKinpartiaan primnry. that is, to permit
a republican to vote for democratto can
didates or the reverse at the primary.
This bill Is in line with the primary bill
paased some years ago by a democratic
legislature and against which all tho
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