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Head of National Guard Will Be in
Charge of Police at Fair.
Will Inntmurate Sr"(m Which Will
He I.lkrlr o Place Member of
National (iunrd Upon
Their Mettle.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb.. Feb. 8.-(Speclal.)-Ad-jutant
General Hall will Inaugurate a new
system of creating officers of the Na
tional Guard of tho state, which ounht to
Ko a lone way In making1 the guard a
more efficient organization. Ho believes
that simply because a member of tht
guard Is a good fellow Is no reason wl.y
he should be commissioned an officer un
less ho has other qualifications. "An
officer should have some natural ablllt
to command In order to make him a it.h
ruessful officer." said the adjutant cin-
Indian Affairs
Before Legislature
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb.. Feb. . (Special. l
On Wednesday evening, before the point
Judiciary committee of the senate and
house, there will be a hearing on a couple
of measures affecting the Indians of the
Both bills were Introduced by Shum
way of Dixon county. No. 73. rotates to
tho sale of liquor to Indians and No.
"4. covers the marriage of Indians.
A delegation will bo down from the
reservation headed by Frank Deaver, who
will act as Interpreter for tho Indians,
who represent a council selected by thorn
to present the matter to tho legislative
No. 74, Is the bill In which they seem
to be the most interested In and will
legallte marriages by Indians In the fu
ture. Any Indian, which at tho present
time has more than one wife, tho re-
I suit of marriage, according to the In
eral this morning. "Bvery officer m the dlan custom, will If this bill becomes a
guard from now on must pass an exam
ination as to his fitness. ThU examina
tion will not ho rigid or hard to taki?.
but will show whether the officer has
real military caliber."
General Hall has been appointed cnlot
of police at tho next state -fair and will
Inaugurato a system which will be apt to
liven up the boys of the different com
panies and result In more Interest and a
better trvlc!. Kach company will be
notified that they will be given an oppor
tunity to select about three members of
law, be required to contract a legal mar
riago according to the white man's law
with the ono with whom he hns been
living last or at the present time. It
Is understood that this meets with the
approval of tho Indians and It was at
the request of the Indians themselves,
votcod at the meeting, which selected the
delegation, which will appear before the
committee Wednesday evening at the
state house, that Senator Shuinway Was
asked to prepare and Introduce the bill.
The members of the committee aro
Names Heads of Institutions With
out Waiting for Board.
Iloaril of- Control l to Take Charter
of the Inatltntlonn niul to
Name limit Kiirly In
.grant mum :hnrt';,l:?r':,",,',w ,,',
. n y lrM DV 7DVC'7ln iiiiuuiim a tuiiuuuu i iimmi i hcmii- viiiiiimu u ctirr iwn ear
lb I A KfcN bT tTolUt .. . of h.alth exhibits of Ur. Oscar Howling,
Chicago. FebTIstamsiau, .i-ysiko1 State Rail Commission Makes r'n Hf, ,l,p '"'"'T "f
w"l'u"-' rro- nisiaus ii'jsiKO Health to le used In Impressing tho
won his wreMltnc match with Itavtnnmt Silling at LlllCOlU. iM.,,ni.. ., v..t.nin. m. it... vain. f
health conservation, at a meeting of the
SCHUPLER AND ASHLAND LINES Nebraska conservation conservation con-
- - Kress to It-held In Uncoln. February 'jn
Alltmn llurlliiKtoit to sini (i nil n at , and SI. whs grunted.
Cn'lilliil Cl, Itluht Heretofore
ot (iriuili'il Will furry
Kvtillilt Cnrs free.
Caxcati hero tonight In straight fall'. The
first fall was with a doublo bridge In SI
minutes. The second came In 15 minutes
1J seconds with a croen body and wrist
look. Tho bout was very rough and both
men wero severely punished.
the company to act as special' police at j Frank Beaver. Walking Priest. John
Dear, Harry Have and Edward Lincoln.
the fair. The men will be selected on ac
count of their special fitness for ilie
places. They must, among other mili
tary qualification, such as neatness, gen
tlemanly appearance and soberness, oa
endowed naturally with considerable
"hoss sense" in order to enable them to
distinguish when to une force or persua
sion. No man who thinks simply because
ho has a uniform on that It empowcm
him to show great authority will bo given
a chance to come to tho state fair a a.
member of the guanl. Kach man will oa
furnished with transortatIon each wa
given free maintenance and paid Jl per
day for hie time. A cump will bo estab
lished on tho" grounds and strict military
discipline followed In tho handling of th.'
camp. It will be a new Innovation with
the state fair management, but It Is ex
pected to result In a better condition of
policing at the fair.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb.. Feb. S.-(Speclnli-More
evidence Is being brought to
light to prove that a nonpartisan
board a delned by democrats who
claim they aro nonpartisan Is a demo
ciatlo board.
The latest evidence Is the appointment
by Governor Morehcad of heads of vari
ous state Institutions In dlicct vlolatUn
of the constitutional amendment adopted
at tho late election. The men who aro
appointed, unless tho Hoard of Conti al
reappoints them, will servo only until
July 1, for after that dato the state in
stitutions aro under tho management of
tho new Uoard of Control and the gov
ernor ceases to havo any control over
them. - I
The action of the governor In puttln-r (
out heads of state Institutions at ttiH ,
time has given rlso to the talk that ho
Is anxious to build up a democratic iiiu-
chlno out of the state Institutions. Ho ;
hts usurped tho powers of the Hoard of
Control, as given to that board b the
constttut(Or), In tho following.
"The powers possessed by the governor
and the Hoard of Public Lauds ami
HulltlliiKS with reference to the mauage-
They will bo accompanied by Rev. G. A. ,nent and control of the Institutions
Kearney Defents York.
KUA11NKY, Neb.. Feb. 8.-(Speclal.
In a fast game of basket ball last night
tho Kearney Normnl defeated York col-
1 lege. 31 to 14. lloger was the star for the
visitors, while honors were about equal
Iwtween Toole and Winched for the
(Fioni a Staff CorresKiinleiit.)
LINCOLN. Feb. S.-il Special. )-Tho Stat?
rullroaod commission today granted per
mlsftlon to the Hurlltigtoit railroad to stun
main In transit at Lincoln when ship
ments originate In territory north of the
' capital city anil aro destined to ixilnts
nit r,,yir,hr iVI"" ! east and south. This allows the Uinllng-
StkeV oV Dodge. deLtd' 1 Pa'ka ton to -t',', UX W",wl '!,tB "T
of VerdlRH'o. in a wrestling match tt over the Schuyler & Ashland branches.
two straight falls liofort over 300 fans for purivoses of milling or cleaning.
The Cuming County Telephone company
, was granted permission to raise rates of
I M cents per month for extension sets and
1 18 cents for Interconnecting systems on
Its Wlstier exchange.
The Garfield Telephone company was
empowered to Issue $?.O00 In bonds for
the purpose of erecting a new central
building and to extend Its business.
surplus thl- fiscal year Is $7,.Vil,!.y, i 1
against a deficit of S21.672.eri0 Inst j
The figures for receipts and dlsbuist
ments, etc , exclude Panama canal ai.l
public debt transactions.
The first fall went twenty-throe und one.
hnlf minutes and the second In fifty,
seccn minutes. Pavelka came here ex
pecting a snap. George Gloil of Lincoln
challenged the winner.
The Persistent ar.n .H'.r:. clous fse of
Newspaper Advertising Is the rtoad to
Ruslntss tiucceas.
whereas heretofore they have only been
allowed to stop grain In transit when tli
shipments originated In territory west of
Lincoln. '
t'lirr? lleiiltti Htlilttltn.
Application of il K Condra. Hinlrman
or the execntlv. committee of the ivi-
I'eorln MnrUrt.
I'KOIHA. Feb. S.-CHItN-No. 2 Willi".
tV; No a white. We: No. 4 white, 4i,c;
No. 3 ellov. 4SV; No. 4 yellow. ilOl
:c. No. :i mixed, 4s4i4'Ho: No. 4 mixed,
4',.ff4Sl4c, sample. WH6V'.
OATS-No : while. KHtttlc; standard.
Wc: No 3 while. riHT.II'tc. No. 4 white. Xh
t'ouilltlini of the Trrnsnry.
WASIIINUTOV, Feb s -The coudinon
of the 1'iillnl States treasury at the be
ginning of Innings today wits as follows
"VUirklng balance. JV0.T4.i.:'M. In banks .m l
I'lilllpplt.e treasnr. .U ISiO.f.M). total of
gem-nil fund JMS 7.13 101. receipts veatci
day, J2,2!i..;. dlslmrsementM. J2.S13.7HI The
tlavlil Khrrlr.
HttADSHAW. Neb.. Feb. 8 (Special i
Mr. David lCberle, living north of town,
tiled Thursday morning, after several
weeks' Illness. Mr. Kberle was one of thn
early settlers of York county and was
highly esteemed.
iRSo Appefste
"I could not eat anything, had no
strength, no nppetlte. pimples and sores
came nut. I then began to tako Hood's
Snrs iparllln. and my skin cleared up, my
appetite returned, strength came back,
and I was soon enjoying the best cf
health. Three hearty meals find mo
I equal to them every day. I work hard
I and sleep well." Wm. Semple. Christo
pher, III.
It Is by purifying the blood, strength
ening the nerves anil building up tho
system that Hood's Sarsapnrtlla restores
the appetite and makes sleep sound and
refreshing In so many cases
Get It today In the usual liquid form
or In the tablets called sarsatab.
The 2d Week of H
ALLIANCE, Neb., Feb. 8.-(Speclal.)-An
effort is being made on tho part
of the cltlLens of Alliance, to Induce the
newly appointed bishop of Kearney dlo
cess to make Alliance his residence. The
hew James A. Duffy of Cheyenne, Wyo.,
being the newly appointed bishop, a com
mittee consisting of Messrs. Hampton,
Newberry and Guthrie, carryln a peti
tion signed by nearly every business man
in" Alliance, called on Father Duffy and
presented tho advantages of Alliance over
Kearney or any other point in tjie new
djoccss for the location of the Episcopal
The committee was very kindly received
and while they received the promise of
Father Duffy to visit Alliance soon after
his consecration -as bishop, he could not
give any assuranco that a change would
be made until the matter had been sub
mitted to his superiors.
In addition a Slster'a hospital, a largo
academy and other valuable church prop
erty, Alliance has the largest Catholic
church In tho new dloceso and Its loca
tion Is more nccessable to a greater num
ber of tho parishes than Is Kearney and
for these reasqns Catholics of Alliance
as well as those of neighboring towns
aro hopeful that Alliance will be made
the Episcopal See.
A fire alarm at 5:30 this morning called
tho firemen to the city hall, Where a
defectlv flue was the cause of about
1200 damages.
The question of closing the moving pic
ture theaters on Sunday, was presented
to tho city council' and after much dis
cussion It was decided to leave tho mat
ter to a vote of the people at the spring
election on April 7.
Sokol Hall nt Crete llnrned.
CRETTE, Neb., Feb. 8. (Special.) Fire
destroyed the large Sokol hall at Crete
late last evening, and seriously threat
ened five or six houses that were In the
Immediate vicinity of the building. The
building was doomed before the fire com
pany "arrived and nothing could bo done,
except put out the fires that the flying
embers wero causing on the roofs of
the nearby houses. These embers flew
to all parts of town and caused a good
deal of anxiety for some time. The build
ing was built entirely of wood and was
old and dry, so that It burned like
tinder. The Insurance on the building1
was $1,400 and upon the fixtures J300, but
this is said not to cover the loss sus
tained. The officers of the Sokol or
ganization seem to be entirely ignorant
as to the cause ot the fire, but say that
they expect to build a J30,000 building for
their gymnasium and opera house in tne
near future.
Wntermuldcr, a mlsslonery, who works
among the tribes of the Indian" reserva
tion In northestern Nebraska.
Notes from Ohadron
and Dawes County
CHADKON. Neb., Feb. S.-(Speclal.l
Mrs. Isabella Dickinson Smith died at
Crawford at tho residence of her daugh
ter, Mrs. Nelllo Ellswlck, Thursday. She
was born In England in lS.'G. Funeral
services were held at tho resldonce, con
ducted by Rev. A. T. Carpenter, and in
terment was In Greenwood cemetery. In
Chadron, Friday, Rev. U. S. Grant of
the First Methodist Episcopal church con
ducting tho services here. Mrs. Smith
leaves three daughters, Mrs. Jennie Qiunn
of Chadron and Mesdames Georglauu V.
Hlgglns and Nellie Ellswlck of Crawford
and six grandchildren. Deceased had
lived In Chadron from Its beginning In
AugUBt, 18S3, until feeble health last yea-
Induced her to so td her daughter's homj
In Crawford.
Rev. Harold Lascelles, lately from Eng
lnnd, hns been appointed rector of Grace
church, which has been without a rector
for almost a year, when Rev. FrederlcK
Graves left for tho larger parish at Mun
cle, Ind.
'Dr. C. B. F. Grantham has bought tho
brick drug storo and stock of drugs if
L. W. Gorton.
County Commissioner "Walter Gallup re
signed his position this week and leavs
for AVashlhgton after d twenty-five years'
residence here. Francis B, Carley, formor
county clerk and clerk of the district
court, has been appointed to fill the va
cancy. Messrs. Corbln of Johnson county, Rey
nolds of Red Willow and Hostettler of
Buffalo, from tho house of representa
tives, are here today Inspecting the nor
mal school.
FRANKLIN. Neb., Feb. 8.-(Special.)
Al Fleshman of Wilcor has sued the city
of Franklin for $10,000 damages on account
of being arrested hero a couple of weeks
ago, charged with carrying Intoxtcatln?
liquor Into the city. The police Judge dis
charged him on account of lack of Juris
diction. Tho case will come up at the
next term of the district court.
Miss Luella Mason of this place, was
married to George E. Mead ot Ware,
Colo., Wednesday, at the home of the
bride's parents In this city, Rev. G, F.
Fink officiating. The newly wedded couple,
will make their home In Colorado.
The Frarfklin High school basket ball
team defeated the Alma High school team
at the opera house here Tuesday night,
by a score of 24 to IS.
At tho regular meeting of the school
board here Wednesday night, the follow
ing teachers were re-ejnployed: Super
intendent E. M. Hussong, A. E. Steven
son, Miss Lena Morgan and Miss Ger
trudn Brlgga.
The Farmers' Institute will be held hero
Monday and Tuesday of next week, and
several of the'best known Iecturesr from
the extension department of the Btate
university will be here to address
herein named shall, on July 1, 1913, cease
to exist In the governor and the Hoard of
Public Lands and Buildings and shall be
come vested In ft board of commissioners
of state Institutions, and tho said board
Is, on July 1913, and without further
process ot law. authorized and directed '
to nssume and exercise all tho powers '
heretofore vested In and exercised by the ;
governor and Board of Tubllc Lands and i
Buildings with reference to the tilstltu
tlons of the state named herein." !
Regahlless of this section In the constl- i
tutlon, the governor Is appointing demo-
crats as .heads of state Institutions, and
. . , . . . ... , i . . ... .IA i
nt me raie no in kuuik iuwiw viu i. nu
selections to bo made by the non-partisan
board ot control which he will nppolnt.
SEWARD, Neb., Feb. 8. (Special.) A
mass meeting at, tho court house last j
night, called by the Commercial cluo,
adopted the following resolution:
Ttenntved. That It Is the sense of this
meeting that we heartily favor tho pass
age or house rou no. 3 and mat wo com
mend the efforts of Representative Miller
In assisting In Its passage by the house,
and that we urffe Senator Smith to use
his best efforts t bring about Its passage,
by the senate.
Cupid Iltiny nt Fnlrbnry.
FAIRBURY, Neb., Feb. 8.-(8pec!al.)-County
Judge C. C. Boyle Issued marriage
licenses to six couples to wed during the
last week, being an unusual number for
this place. The couples Included Melza
II. Brown and Grace E. Garber, Henry
Jarchow and Marie Warnke, H. F. Sydow
and Dora Huber, Fred Obermeyero and ',
Minnie Marlitn, , Leonard Kenny and i
Jennie Sturm, Agatha Grabowskl :ind
August Hucske.
IliiatnrBn ChniiKen ut Wutmu.
"WAUBA, Neb.,. Feb. 8. (Speclal.)-Otto
Ilult has closed a deal for the Blenklron
lot, east of the Golden Rule store, on
which he will build a brick garage.
W. J. Foreman has leased the Palace
livery barn to A. P. Larson ,and will
move to Kimball, S. D. Tho Commercial
barn, at present occupied by Mr. Larson,
has been leased to Bloomtleld parties, who
will tit It up for a garage and auto
Cedar Illuffa Haa Klectrlc LlichU.
' CEDAR BLUFFS, Neb., Feb. -(Special.)
Cedar Bluffs turned on electric
lights' last night. The bonds wero voted
last summer for a home plant to cost
IC.600. Before work started the FrevJnt
Gas' and Electric Light company made
an offer to supply the town with twenty-four-hour
service at a great deal less
cost and the city board submitted It to a
vote and the Fremont proposition carried
by a large majority. The system as It
now stands Consists of three wires run
to Fremont and crossing the Platte river
on three steel towers near where the
dam of the proposed Kountze brothers
power canal will be. The streets are
lighted with some thirty-five 250 watt
Drainage Work to Benin.
TECUM8EH, Neb., Frb, 8.-(Speclal.)
Contractor O. P. Herrlck of Des Moines,
la., who secured the work of excavation
for the main ditch and laterals In thn
Johnson county drainage plan along tha
Nemaha river and tributary streams, hat
written W. rt. Abbott, president of the
drainage board, that he has sublet the
lateral work to Contractor Marrow .if
Council Bluffs. He says the subcontractor
till begin the erection of a dry ditch ma
chine on the McPherrln place, some two
and one-half miles west of the city, wlth'-n
, few days.
Kearney Superintendent Ur-Hlcctcd
KEARNEY, Neb., Feb. 8.-Speclal.)-Supeiintendent
R. E. Cochran, of the
city schools, was elected to succeed hlm
stlf In that position for the next year at
the salary of $1,800, by tho school board
at their meeting Thursday.
Arrangements have been made to place
a complete system of a domestic science
course In the city schools. It Is planned to
start this course In all grades of the city
schools at the beginning of the next
school year. A special committee wac ap
pointed to Investigate the cost and equip
ment necessary to give the course In a
useful and Instructive way.
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 8. Ad Wolgast,
former lightweight champion, was today
matched to fight Tommy Murphy of Now
York, 'now In Chicago, on February 2i,
taking the place of Joe Mandot of New
Orleans, who was suddenly taken 111
The bout will be scheduled here tnr
twenty rounds.
PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 8.-Ad Wolgast.
who Is. In Portland, denied today he na.l
definitely agreed to fight Tommy Mur
phy In San Francisco February 22. Wol
gast said he had referred the match t
his manager, Tom Jones, who Is In Chi
cago, and expects to make a definite an
nouncement of his plans within a day or
two. Wdlgast said he weighed 134 pounds
and would havo no difficulty making nu
weight oii the 22d.
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of that cold now.
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dJoircouliliilo hi cold." llt.
P C, upl, in Mnr A., Brok!ri, N.V.
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Massive 2-lnch post, chllless Vornle
Martin or white A $15.00 value,
special for this" f7 QC
sale iP .170
Guaranteed 2-lnch poRt Brass Beds
All sizes, all finishes, A dQ OA
$17.50 vnluo Pi7I7U
Massive continuous 2-inch post
Brass Bed. 10 heavy fillers, satin or
bright finish. A $30 (ft 1 C QQ
valuo at 10.0I7
A Groat
6-Foot Ex.
Dining Room Furniture
Solid oak C-ft. Ex
tension Tablo, high
ly polished. A $7.50
T. . . $4.75
Amorlcan o,uar tor
sawed Pedestal Ex
tension Tablo. A
. $9.75
slvely constructed, with laro top and heuvy pedestal
bane, supported on four hand carved claw feet limit
throucnout or men Krone material
and finished In a brilliantly pollahed
golden oak An exceptional value for
this sale, at ..
i in vv ical uuiu
MaBslvo Extension
Table, heavy pedes
tal, richly finished.
An $18.00 valuo,
cial .
Colonial Buffet
American quartered
oak. A high grade
$25.00 value, spo-
priced $14.95
I Beautiful gcnulno
quartered oak
I China Closet, bent
! ends and mirror
top, a $25 valuo.
Priced? j 4J5
Colo nlal design
China Cabinet,
golden or Early
English finish,
very massive
a ?3& $1 7 80
valuo lit
Quartersawed oak
dining chair, full
box seat, strongly
made, n $3.00
It!ue $1.89
.npiiulnu quarter
Hawed oak diner.
Colonial mroll leH,
Kenulnn leather, u
gS.&O val- JQ or
us ut OOiOa
Quarter Sawed Oak Slip-
seat Colonial
Dining Chair
pollshod, o x t r p.
broad back, full
slzo Blip seat, up
holstered in gon
ulno 1 o a t h o r,
Early English,
fumed or golden
finish, only 6 to
a customer,
$4.50 value
Douglas St.