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Daily Bee
Oloudyj Warmer
VOL. UI XO. iw.
Bulgarians and Servians Arranging
to Storm Turkish Stronghold
at Once.
Neither Will Foreign Attaches Be
Allowed to Be Present.
Or -
Peace Plenipotentiaries Are
dered to Return Home.
Itl ll. f I In: I
AVI 11 I'a I.
.i li:iNnlnrH of I'lmcri1
i' t tin rue of Munition
1'i'fWMit llvu-llileil .
Hon III I Irx. i
SOK1A. llulgarla. .Ian. :d. -It le bellcwd !
t;.ai tin' Hulgarlan and Hen lair tio. ps '
Iii'sIi-k'hk ilie fortrotts of Adrlanople pr .
!io. to tuke the place by storm, remit 1 1- I
ies ,.f tin- sacrifice of life suvh n at - 1
lack would enfall. " j
Il'ilgil1ali army hcadyltirteis iOda a. - !
iioujitt-.t that no fon-lfiii illltary atta-'lv -nr
newspaper enrresjlHUideiits would l i
allowed follow til" I'olthoomlug on
1: ulloiiH. and ihl is taken as an Indica
tion tha: "itch an atlack W contemplated
Adiiainide in well supplied with piov!- ;
sior.t j ml .ir.ttiiunltlon. accoidlns to '
-..! Hera who dcsei ted .totlav.
Ttii-Uisli ;ikii)n Iteculliil.
I.OXDOX, Jan. 31. -The Tuiklsli govern-
a. "
irTeiit today sent oideis to tho Ottomni
p..,.,. nl,.r,i,,ot"ntlarle to leave I.01..I01,
at once lor the Tin klsh yapltal. according
to 11 dispatch from Constantinople.
Thn ........ .1...! - . .1. .......1..
' " iifiiiiniu Riieimiu ui witting
oi?lfJion throughoilt Kuiopo in favor of
pcato in the Hallcans Is exercising a pro-
fountr intiuenee on the peace delegates ill
l-oiidon. The ICuropeati. ambai-sadoi b one."
ncie will soon make themselves tho j rnlted atnles District Attorney Wise
mouthpiece of this widespread sentlniQii; vigorously opposed the application for
in .irder to convince some of the more ball, aiguing that even temporary liberty
oii.vleldln- spirits anion? the i5pre3enta- 1 to Castro would fccTcat tile purpose of Ui
tlfs of the al'.lcs. 1 department In the steps It has alread
Ktu-opean diplomats tnkr'the view th?t j taken. The court, however, sustained the
Tin Key, especially after the revolutionary I application and fixed next Friday fo
titovi ment which brought into power men I hearing arguments. '
r i.iisitjereti irreconcilable on the iuesllon J Followed by a curious crowd Custru
of ptjace. could not offer more than was j went Immediately to a hotel where n
contained in yesterday's reply to tho i,nd euguged a suite, lie was all smiles
Powmk. Tbji they think justifies resunip- I umi heamlng witli liapplncss as he lo
tion f negotiations between the allies vited photogiaphers to surround him as
""'J, 'I ,t,oman ,n,',,re- ! he posed for his picture. In a statement
Ihe Turks witli their usual shrewdness. ' i-,. utl.i l.ttt.ill,' ,,l .....I.-...I 111,. l'nu1ilt, .rt.ln
instead -or simply asking for the holy
sin lues and a few more monuments of
historic or religious charcator In the city
Pf Adrinjip;ilv.... suggested dividing tho
..1 .. .. ..' . ii.-.
hivp loom tne lion's sliaro. although
they leave to MP'sadu tho railway sla-
tlon on tl;o line communlcatliiL- him. !
Tills concession, however, w not io- i
garded as their final word 011 the sub- 1
Ject. Tho wtiy to an accommodation be- i
tween tho parties may .still be left open. '
It ia thought that the men now ruling j
ot Constantinople wish to have at leust !
tno appearance of not ceding as much as i
their predecessois. j
t.!..iiuii. 1.. f.. ,x- -
.,i-.iim.. mkii. oi. ureat petslmlsm
garding tlio Halknn situation is dlnnia v..i !
10 Ha
in official circles hero owlnc in iiiiirrii. I
imconipromlsing attitude, norma nv
conjunction with the other u !
doing its best to persuade Rulgarla and !
'r. .i . .
a .unt- in iuiompi 10 roacii a compro
mise, but the resumption of hostilities on
Monday next Is regarded as highly proh
ibit. 1 no situation causes considerable con-
cern to the tJonnan government, which :
fears that If the war should bo resumed
Bulgaria may push matters beyond Its
own Interests.
Turlioj- lli-enlln Soldiers.
CONSTANTINUI'IR, Jan. ni.-All the
officers and men of tho Turkish army
on furlough have been ordered to rejoin
their leglments within twenty-four hoifrs.
The military governor of the capltnl has
Issued an i-mphatlc denial of tho reports
of dissensions among tho Turkish troops
on tho TchdtulJ.if lines. '
(ireekK May (,'onf Incnti- (,'onl.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 31. Tho Greek
government has notified the United
States that coal shipped by way of tho
Dardanelles to Clack sea ports will bo
eubject to seizure unless It lsN;ertlfIe'J
for local consumption at neutral porta.
TOPEICA. Kan.. Jan. 31 With a pro
vision extending Its opeiatlon to district
and suprome court Judges, tho Kansas
house of ropresentatlvcw today passed 11
constitutional amendment for the recall
or public officers. Tha house had re
jected the measure laht night, but It was
reconsidered today. Tho measures (iro-
ides that a petition of 25 per cent of I
me voters can lorce a recajj.-election on '
111 uiui-ern in me state as well ikjiius piaceu at jo,w yend Ti,lw, respes
as district and supreme court Judges. ' tlvoly.
......... . . ,. ' 1,1 M16 message received by Howell .'t
ROCKEFELLER LEAVES .was etated that Jones made a signs 1
1 QflllTUPRM PAPICIO DfitDn statement and It is Infered that his
' "-" uvnnu
NKW YOKK. Jan. 31. As another step
preliminary to carrying out tho recent
dissolution decreo In thq Southern Pacific
Union Pacific case, William Rockefeller
resigned today as a director of the South- 1
vn Pacific. Tho vacancy was not filled, I
The Weather
Vemiirrnt ore
Onilllllt Yete-'-
5 a. in...
Veg. j
a. m..
7 a. in..
1 i
r a. in.
9 a. 111.
10 a m :
11 a", in'.!'.'.".".'.;! "Za
n i
1 P. in....
! p. 111....
?t P. in.,..
P. 111....
5 p. in....
u p. m
n. in
4' -. in....
Fire Wipes Out Entire Family at!
Richland, la. I
r of tlmirr, llin Wlfr,
Son nnil Ills Mother
Are I'n ii nil In thi Itulnx
of Fnrm Home.
Rli'HIiANO. !b.. Jan. 31 -Major Harris.
in ifo ami two children r.n.5 his mother
were hunted to death ut 1 u'clucU this
niotiiliiK when tlulr fiamo house, three
or Richland, '.van destroyed
The dead.
ARNUTT HARRIS, 10 years.
TTRV1S HARRIS. 7 venrs.
I MltSi. KAN NIK HARRIS. M years.
The fire was discovered by Wesley
1 Jlowl, u neighbor, who summoned oilier
"own Ik dour, soon the house was u
heap of rjlii. r-onfH'iili.K the (.hum-it
bodlCi of the enlivi lh'i! household -husband
ami wife, two little hoMs anil
tin agul g'Siidiinitiier.
The 'jlig': of the fli" I- nut known.
Castro is Released
For Few Days Under
Habeas Corpus Writ
; j tight In Hit senate It still ptovldes for
! NKW VuUK. Jan. 31. I'lprluno Castro, t one term of ni. years for the chief e.
former president of Wnezi'ela, walked the '.ecutlve and iiiuUes IilellBtble to rr-el.v-
streets of X'jw Yoik thi.- afternoon, ' tlnu any pi rsons who In trie past had held
temporarl' a free man. under wilt or i u,n office , eletloli or by suocisslim.
JhabeflB corpiih IsmriI h Judge Holt In 1 The closest voted of the tln , came m
the federal court. Argument on the ques- Senator Owens" amentlment for a popular
, Hon of making' t ho writ permanent will xoto on ,,res,irt Uoe p,0Sdcnt, dc
bn heard Friday next. i lea ted thlity-flvo lo thirty-two. and Sen
A hiirelv comuanv foriilshetl the i5" i ....... ... ... . .
i ball. Tho case whs brought boloro Judge
Moll as ,c ieult of the refusal of
Oepart.uent of Commerce and l.iboj- to
, admit the general to this country. 1 Hs
I.... ..... lulr.. I....1 ..I.
, ready been held at Kills Island for seveial
weeks "In n. muiiucr sufficiently outrnK-
, eoiis to satisfy the
vliullcttvcncsa of any t
authorities for oxcluding him. He Is 1
speak Wednesday ril&ht at 11 'dinner of
the Northwestern society,, at which John
' Hays Hammond Is to
Cltstro lo lilaKe lit lit 11 call.
fN J? T 1 1 1 nT
hf?.TA K.O h hfifl . StOVA
v r ;
Burned, Watchman
Nearly Smothered
CHICAGO. .Ian. III. For four hours
earl' today, Michael Koser, 63 years old.
lay bound and gagged on the floor In u
norm siuo ucparuticnt store, wnclo lie
I had been left by safe blowois, and !
watcned smoke cuiiiug up irom smoulder-
'"' blankets used, by tho thieves
lug blankets used.
ftnnitnn n u. 1 H .... 1 1 ....
er'"l that ho might be burned to
dL'atu without being able to glvo an alarm
Koser made a superhuman effort to freo
himself when he saw the blankets start
to blaze and succeeded. He was success
ful In loosing a tic which held his arms
and the removal of he gag from his
mouth and tho ropca'about his legs was
a matter of a few moments. He tele
phoned an alarm, first to t!ij fire de
partment and then to the police. When
tho former arrived the interior of dic
bulldlng, which was of two stories, (vaa
In flames and the structure and con
tents weer destroyed with a loss of f 75,(0 1.
The safe blowers, tour in number, btoko
Into thestore shortly after midnight ind.
according, to Hosier, were only a lew
minutes blowing open tha safe and es
caplng with J1.200. Closer was employed
In the store as a night watchman.
Nolen and Jones Are
Arrested in Memphis
United States Attorney HowclJ received
a message yesterday afternoon from
Memphis, Tenrt.. that the arrest of Ernest
Nolen and James M. Jonos had bee.i
mado there. Attorney Howell has filed
a complatrit.'trfarglng tho two men with
trying forcibly to deliver Dlggs Nolen
from tho custody of IJnlted States offlcors
us he was awaiting trial here.
United jStutes .Attorney Todd of Jlem-
phis was'wlred yesterday and he accord-
Ing had warrants Issued for the arrest 1
f the men. Their preliminary hearing
'"a oeen 01 ror Kobruunv. and th
menn.i lie Mnf..H . .u..' ..-
means lie confessed
help Dlggs Nolen to his liberty.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 3f.-AdvertUe- i
jlutnts of correspondence schools to the
faffed that thousands of appointments
would be made to positions In tho parcel
;post Bystom have resulted In the Civil
! Service commission being' flooded with
otters of Inquiry' from all parts of the
"No such Increase Is contenulnti
l I said the commission In a statement todav. !
-1 .1. -uiiiiciioii wun ipasireu Dy tlie houte. A retolutlon pro-
the administration of the law will bviding for a state constitutional oonven-
pir.oimeo u mo regular employes In Ine I
-1 J postal service and If any additional cm-
j i plnye are required they will be appoints
; to positions in the regular ssfvloe. It In
: ! pot contemplated that any examination-
j.wlll be held especially for the parcel
i'post system.
Senate Defeats Every Effort
Alter Works' Six-Year Term
j Opponents of Constitutional Change!
,....: o n. 1
' "lu"ul,lb uuulb1'
! Turned Down by Thirty-Five
-Thirty-Two Ballots.
Wllllmiin Sn No Fool Nnllnn Cum'
Wn Afraid ol n 'l)eoot Till
ru-r II Mini (iot
WASIUSGTu.V. Jim. SI .The senate
, defe'itcd twins every attuui'i to unit ml
:th? Works hIiikIo iiicaltlent'U
'term resolution. When a recess
taken tonight It appealed -ri-talii that i.
finnl voti- on the proposed innstlHitloinil
j amendment would bo leached tomortvw,
I ami Us opponents were mustering nil
possible t re-null) 1 ilMvut It.
A the mi'fi'iip emerged from the da t
u'.ir i .t.nii:i tiuirniiun'iii to icukuicii io
fcls yonrs jnp loln) (1f tl(, president who
j m'ghl be ln ofn,'.0 wlu,n tho wust,tutmml
j ltmcni,K.nt f,,,. Wlls nit,f,M,. Tlll(, WHB
1 .(..f-,,,..! ,1,1,,,. vK- 1,, n.iri.-
I . ... ... .........
I'i'FM'itl 'oiiiiniiy Not K'Ci(i-I.
I'roppsals foi two four-year terms and
1 one four-.vear term, suggestions to mod-
' ify the resolution -so it would not affect
j T11 ft. Wilson or Itoosevelt, ami ameinl
I incuts to make It apply only to presidents
.elected after Its ratlflcat'ou, wure all tle
I f on ted by large majorities,
i Progressives and republicans Who tle
; rlnred themselves friendly to Colonel
J Roosevelt again led a fight against the
1 entlro resolution. The progressives do-
clarcd It was against American govern-
j mental principles to limit the right of tho
1 people to choose a president.
j Senator Crawford Insisted It was aimed (
I at Colonel Hoosevelt.
' ol I111 Id of Despot
"Wo are asking the American people to I
i foreclose themselves of the' right to call !
I Into tho. service the 'man of the hour duiv
I Ing a crisis upon which the very destiny)
of the repubUc may be hanging," declared 1
1 R.iin imf 1 frii ifr1',l lint's, m n fni nt
,. - -r :- -"
"No, we are not afraid of a despot
1 tortctl Henator Williams, "neither was any
'other fool nation that ever existed until
' atfer they had got him."
Tho debate centered about theidcclara- 0,1 v,ummiuce.
tlon by Senator Williams that unless such -amendments
were adopted as to make REV. OLYMPIA BROWN SPEAKS
Roosevelt. Tafl and Wilson eligible for
another term the friends of Hoosovolt and Rleiiuro Will tilvc- Women Illuhl o
others might oppose ratification of tho)
constitutional amendment by tho states,
"Whatever might bo the- motive's of
iiioso woo oppose tne nmuuumciu, oen
ator Williams said, "they would be able
to say to tho people:
' 'They arc after one man's scalp; ho
received more than 2,000,00(1 votes ot tho
American people ami now they aro trying
to make him Ineligible.' "
Morrison Is Sent to
Look After Steel
and Iron Strike
WASHINGTON. Jan. 3t.-Samuel Gomp
ers, president of tho American Federation
of Tjibor. after a 'conference hole today
with the representatives of the steel and
Iron strikers at the Rankin and IJiatl
dock, Pa., plants of the. A'merlcan Steel
and Wire Co., sent Franlr Morrison, sec
rotary of the federation, to take charge
of the situation at once.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 31.-A "relgti of
terror" at tho Ore Mine Woikers' strike
at Mlnovllle, N. Y Is charged in a re
port to the American Federation of Iibor
by Joseph N. Camion, a union organizer.
".Mounted and foot police, bosses and
foremen," ho declared, "aio breaking
Into thoNhomesJ of tho strikers and com
pelling thorn to go 'to work nt tho point
of guns. Some who rofuso are thrown
into Jail."
Tho federation has not yet decided
what steps It will take.
KASA8 CITV. Jan. 31. Letters urging
kiiv unai-i uuuii me uauie 01 ine
country to thnt tho supply of beef will
meet the demands of un Increasing num.
1 ber of consumers were sent from
here 1
today by It. P, Woodbury, sicretary of
tho National lAvo Stock exchange, to the
governors of all states In which legis
latures are In session.
Legislation Is asked for forbidding the
. slaughter or sale for slaughter of heifer
1 calves or cows under three years of ago,
1 except those unfit for breeding purposes.
Sir. Wodbury also urged leading live
HOISK, Idaho, Jan. 31,-The Idaho sun
ate passed a resolution today rutlfylng
the proposed amendment to the federal
constitution providing for the election of
United States senators by direct vote of
the neoDle. Tho resolution has linen
tlon was passed In the house.
CARSON CITY. Nev., Jan. Jl.-The Ne-
vada assombl. declares In favor of ec.
Hon of UnlteJ States senators by dlr.ct,
vote of tho people by ratification of the
proposed amendment to the contltutluri
Ttlere waB I10 duseiitiiifc vole
Canada: "Wasn't it
From tho Montreal Dally 8tar.
Delegation of Four Hundred Calls
! tt n ...
Voir for It-iri-rtiiiil ve in
-Mr, Clnrn
A I no Tnlks.
WASHINGTON, Jaii. .11. Four hundred
women from every section ot tho 1111)011.
led by Mrs. Clara . Colby. Portland.
Oie., appeared today before the house
committee on presidential and congres
sional elections to appeal for the passage
of tho French bill to gtvo women the right
to vote for lepresentatives In congress
Heading tho petitioners was Uev. Olyim
pia Urown of ltaclne, Wis., president ol
tint Federated Women's lttiulity league
of tho United States, and with them were
a dozen members of congress, Including
representatives from eacu of tho nine suf
frage states.
Tlie hearing was held In the largest ot
the house committee rooms, which was ut
most filled to Its capacity beforo the
stenographers In tho building began to
desert their offices and joined In the dem
onstration. Women of all uges, some with
waving plumes, silks, satins and furs,
stood throughout the heating; a few had
chairs and otherg. camped on the floor,
surrounded by their wraps, hats and
Mrs. Colby pleaded for a constitutional
amendment prohibiting states from dis
franchising citizens on account of sex.
Declaring that "the constitution says tho
representatives shall be composed of tin
people of tho several states," sho asked,
"Aro women people?" Sho added ttiat
American women would continue their
earnest and dignified efforts to gsln po
litical freedom as long as might j: ucces
miry to gain their purpose.
Representative Mondoll of Wyoming,
Hayden of Arizona, Hakor .pf California.
Lafferty of Oregon and ,fthera told the
committee of the. success of equal suf
frage in their states.
Reprosuntatlvo Trimble of Georgia ques
tinned the right of tho federal government
to establish franchise rights In the states
tt"d drew i vigorous roply fiom Mrs
iieiva i-ocKWooj. who uecian-ti mat 11
was not a speculative question, but an
ostahllslitVl fact that there was precedent
for a federal amendment to the constitu
tion grunting tho suffrage to women.
I " - -
WumIiIiirIoii Women Urvole l)n- to
Sett till? on CoNtiiiue.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 31. There was a
slight lull In Auffraglsm today, too- Iho
illltant members put aside their shields
iuud bucklers and took up the bodkin und
the needle to prepare for the parade
Murch 3. Suffragist headquarters echoed
with suoh cries as "Isn't It a dream!"
and "What u perfectly b-e-e-a-u-u-Uful
offoct." No males, not even the mall
earrler, was admitted during tho sewing
The women wore1 preparing the official
gowns to bo worn when they march down
Pennsylvania avenue In tho pettlcoutod
parade. "The coatumo Is to bo vary dim
ple," said one of the members thought
fully, biting a thimble and thrusting en
Idle needle through her apron as she
blocked the doorwuy.
"The dn-HH was designed In New York
7 lUwitliiuuil on Two.)
i'aking the Top Layer Off
for this that I was asked to pay so
Theational "Capitaf
I'rlilnj-, .lnliiiiiry ill, ltlj:i.
Convened at noon.
Drbato on Works single six-year presi
dential term resolution was resumed.
The House.'
Convened at U a. m.
The free list was subject of ways .'11111
means committee's tariff revision hearing.
Appeal was made by women to eou
grcsilonul elections commlttm for pabsaga
of bill to glvo women right to vote for
representatives In congress.
Tramp Steamers Are
Controlled by Trust,
Says Humphreys
WASHINGTON. Jan. .11. -High rat oS" for
transoceanic freight aro caused by supply
and demand rather than by "conference
agreements among steamship lines," W
G, Slckel of the Hamburg-Amerloiii
Steam-hip company today told the houso
shipping trust committee.
"Tho doubling lu freight rales In the
last two or threo years," ho said, "Is the
result of a vast Increase In shipping,
which now exceeds the ahiount of tun
nuge available to carry It. We are forcel
to maintain reasonable rates by tho reur
yf competition from regular lines outside
of tho confereneo or from tramps. Wo
naturally try to get as much oilt of thi
business us possible, up to tho danger
point of killing tin; liiisluovs or driving
the business to tlie tramp .ships."
"Tlieso tramp steamers Unit you my
control rates are practically all owned by
the conference lines," said Representative
"I don't admit that."
"Hut 1 iniiko tho statement," said Mr.
Humphrey. "A majority of these tramps
are owned or conti oiled by tho confer
eneo lines. Tho conference lines uso
them to handle their surplus freight."
Mail Carrier Walks
195,000 Miles
CHICAGO, Jan. 31.I.awrenCe I.eUrjn,
Chicago's oldest letter carrier. wrft fig
ured that in his forty-four years of serv.
Ico he has wulked 195,000 miles, gave up
his duties after the olose of hli day's
Work yesterday to become a farmer. In
addition I.eRron gave four yeura more Jf
his life to Uncle Sam, having served ai
a personal scout for General Grant in tho
civil war. JxiUron was tho first carrier
to be appointed to deliver mall on horsi".
back In Chicago, He was assigned to the
couth side when the district was sparsely
sottled. Theio were only forty-five onr.
rlers In Chicago when ho began work.
and all of them, he says, were chums.
For the last thirty years he has deliv
ered mall to the merchants of South
Water street, and yesterday they pre
sented him with a gold watch. He will
remove to Kansas, where ho owns a farm.
He was born In Kast India nearly seventy
years ago.
Mi-irrloim l)lrap Aiiiniitr Mieep.
amSBLBY. Colo.. Jan. 30.-It Is rennrld
that farmers In northern Colorado have
lust from 1 to 3 per cent of their sheen
through the ravages of a mysterious dis
ease which appeared lu the section of the
country coon after the feeding season.
It Is stated that the disease Is not being
rhecked and inurh fear Is expressed for
the safety of stock.
heavily not long ago I"
horris;to be tree lance
Nebraska SenatorEleot Will Not Be
Bound by Caucus,
ConslilrrM Himself Frrr to Hutrr
Any Coiiihlnnttoii lie Hera Fit
that Will Allnlu llmls
I ! MerU...
(From 11 Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Jan. .H.-(Spodnl Tele
gram.) Opposing scoiet caucuses .iitid de
claring his Intention to follow In the
senate the course ho hasSnursucd In the
house, Senator-elect. Nonis today mado a
statement partially outlining his plans
when ho enters tho upper branch.
"During my term Hi tho senate," said
Mr. Nortls. "I Intend to support on tho
floor of the senate any mcaaiiro which I
consider light. I f I bellovo In any of
the policies advnnccd by President Wil
son, I wi.l support them In every possible.
w;ay. ' I will do tho same with' regard to
legislation proposed by anyone else. I
am not going to tho senate hampered by
party considerations.
"I do not believe In secret cuueus legis
lation and will not enter anj: caucus
which jiroposcs to commit my yot'e one
way pr the other. I have not entered
a party caucus for several years and
will follow the same course In tho senate
as I huvu done In that respect In the
house. Whllo I am not adverse to par
ticipation In conference regarding legisla
tion, partisan or bi-partisan, when theio
conferences attempt to make agreements
binding votes, they go beyond the
sanction which I recognize ns legitimate
and I will not be a party to any such
agreement. 1
Crude Oil Advances
Another Seven Cents
PITTSnUIlGH, Pa., Jan. 31.-The ropH
advance In tho price of the principal
grades of crude oil wus continued totla
when at the opening of the market ap.
other 7 rents was tacked to the initio,
making Pennsylvania crude, tlie basis if
oil values, $3.40. Other prices announced
Mercer lllaok, $1,93; New Castle, $t,JJ;
Corning, $l.3, and Cabell, $:. Somerset
and llugland were unchanged. ,
Reports from tho principal pipe Hue
companies show that during this month
tho runs from wells located In tlie eastern
fields. Including Ohio and Indiana, haw
averaged a Ilttlo more than 115,000 barrel
a day, whllo dining the same period ship
ments have averaged a Ilttlo more than
118,000 barrels a dHy, an excess of con
sumption over production of about lOO.OOi
barrels during January. So prosperous
have some of tun oil companies bocomu
that one Pittsburgh company declared a
100 per cent dividend.
'Jn llrlott nt .Nloux City,
SIOUX CITY. Ia.. Jan. 31.-Thls section
Is In the grip of a cold wave today, tem
perature dropping from 31 above yes
terday to 10 below today, '
MAM IO Mlinnrnrni
mnin 10 munuencu
DAVUNPOnT. ' la , Jan. 31.-Krnet
Daldorf, a storekeeper, was held up In
his place of business last night and mur
dered. The man was masked.
Frontier Member Docs Not Insist ok
House Members Going on
Record on Bill.
No Objections Heard from Any Side
to This Action.
Five Measures Looked For Do Not
Make Appearance.
Memlirrn Who nit,rt Action In Fnvor
ItiH Hill Would He Itrt'onwltlcrrrt
I'm' It Off Dnltl Mranare
Comrn l i for I'nswairtt.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. Jan. 3l.-(Hpeclal.)-nepre.
sontatlvo Pearson of Frontier has con
cluded he does not desire to kill off all
liquor legislation this enrty lu tho game,
especially with several more blllm almost
ready tor Introduction from Omaha, so
ho nFkcd today that his resolution con
tinue to sleep on the table In the house,
and there It sleeps.
He Introduced u resolution several dny
ago asking that all bills making any
reference to tho liquor lawn bo indefi
nitely postponed. The house put the mat
teti over until today for debate and con
sideration, but tha timely motion br
Pearson saved anyone going on record,
and the liquor amendment bills wlH.s-s'
their regular course. 1
Oinnlin. 1IIIU Not Ilrrc' 1!.
Thoso five Omaha, bills icj-li It has
hern reported vrprf aiTt to jXncoln to b
Introduced ny. 10 legislature to repeal
the 8 o'clock 'bslng law, the flackctt law,
the AJtj 'i. law and others had not made
hf apprnrance In tho house this after
noon, and thoso member of the delega
tion who wero hero profess to know noth
ing about tho bills. Simon, who It wua
reportod was to Introduce tho measure,
snld hn would not do so, had not re
ceived tlie bills nnd did not expect to re
ceive thimi. It was his opinion that the
delegation would try to repeal tho Al
bert law because iiome good people) of
Omaha favored lis fepcul.
Nit I'lHlit on Hxrmptloiia.
There was no fight on tho Knudson ex
cmptlon bill today, ns predicted by PI
innn of Douglas, who said lust night he
proposed to move to reconsider tho action
of the house, in voting In tho cmmlttoo
of tho whole to recommend the bill fqr
passage, nut Simon didn't. Ho did noth
ing iiboiit It. 116 said he would nhow thq
people how ho stood on the measure when
It camo up for passage.
NniuiilerK Hrnntnr Hcckn InventlKn
tlou of ltenrnr- Institution.
(From a' Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Jan. 3L-(Special.) -Five
bills were mado Into lawn In tho sen
ate today and adjournment was taken
until 2 o'clock Mpndny afternoon.
A communication from the legislative
refcrenco bureau was read asking that
that Institution be furnished twcnty-flvi
copies of all bills Introduced, in ordor
that they might exchange with other leff
Islatures In session. Their rcqucet was
Placek of Saunders believes In tha In
vestigation gamo and sent up a resolu
tion calling attention to the deficit In the
treasury of tho oys' Industrial sohool at
.Kearney and asked that a committee of
throe bo appointed to make an Investiga
tion Into the affairs of that institution.
Undpr the rules tho resolution went ovor
for a day.
Congressmen Lobeck and Magutre noti
fied the senate that they had received tna
resolution passed by that body atkln?
that the government at once acquire own
ership to all telcimone and telegraph
lines and that the eame would receive
consideration. Like Senator Hitchcock,
they did not state whether tho resolution
met with their approval.
Vcw IIIIIh Pnasorf.
Senato file 110, by Hoagland of Lincoln,
requiring Irrigation companies to report
to the state engineer a list of all lands
to be watered Instead of to the superin
tendents of water divisions was passed.
Senate file IOC, by Kemp of -Nance, ww
pnssed unanimously by all senators pres
ent. This bill makes It a felony to carry
opiates or flrearma or any intoxicants' or
explosives Into tho state penitentiary un
der penalty of flno or Imprisonment or
Senate file 88, Introduced by tho codifi
cation committer, was passed and pro
scribes a term ot Imprisonment for not
less than twenty years for the crime of
No. 61, by Graco of Ilurlan, requires ah
railroads, canal and Irrigation companies
to construct and maintain proper cross
ings over their roads, canals nnd bridges
uiitl empowers tho road overseers of dis
tricts with authority to require the same
to bo done. The bill was passed unani
mously. VKor AiM-urnlo A ill i-rtisliiu'.
In committee of the whole, with Utasty
of Jeffers'on In the chair, No. 119, by
The Best
with The
Sunday Bee "