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Women's Suits
T'ic tunc liHfi come fur our mutual j
Hii-up of suits, Mml In nnnoiincliiK till ;
t -cmendous stilt clparunco t want tu
emphuslre the x fact that. every gnr,tnetlt
u new and represent no of tlie smart-j
ft models of this season's styles "lid that j
l ot a gnrmcnt I irrrni. The purio
Of tlita Ml i to Hlwotnteljv elM nut
mery suit In out' Moreno-matter lttW
tsrut ihe loss nmy be. '
All Our suit that former! Mild for
vid up to W5.W, choice Katurday-.JT.Sn
Your unrettrleted ohotce of any suit In
o" atorjio matter whcthtr the former
)iitr nus IX, VW.U) or more. Uu il
Vatuiddy. at tliM.
In connection with Kreut sultsule w
nil offer nil ottf plush coats ut a great
ii rlflcul. Up ti) $JS yulucs on solo Sat
inlay at 110 and IlltO.
t-'ur more details - aUvurtlMiiiuiit on
WO Douglas Street.
Makes Statement of Irrigation
Questions Now Uppermost.
I'eir ! Tit piii rp TnkliiK ViUhii-tno-p
of S ti t 1 V,nllnlilp front
llepr itlr ltnhlllipd lij
Mip (in, prniiipiil.
r iKroin a Waff Correslwjlident t
I.INCOIN. Neb. .Ibii. lT.-iHpeclu'.t-Htttte
liitftnlcer 1'rlpp has Just completed
Itls biennial remrt. ami In the report t.
go Into Ihe wolk under hi Jurisdiction
A very thoroughly and ma ken many recotti-
mtTlJlwll(lB tO Hit' lHllHllllf
DltK-uwdng Irrlftallon In Nebraska d't.--
(rig the Isst two year, he sas:
Does Drink Habit Make
1 Money or Friends?
Take On aood Look Into the PAat
ana at XI' You Can nemember a
Single Dollar or Useful X'rlind
Gained Xhroagh Drinking. ,
On tlio contrary, try to remember
the many dollars lost and useless,
I, armful friends sained In baf
roonis, MirdiiKJi your UrlnkhiK life. -
Slop drinking ;md hco Itow tllf
fcrcnt tnc(rosiilt of; a fow years of
sober life will bo foinpnred wttli
tho Bariio nur)iber of years spent
drinking. i
If you cannot Btdp nt ohco' nnjl
never toko nnbtlier'drlhk you need
the Ncnl Treatment, Which Ib. n
harmless, 'Ve&otablo remedy that
will romoVo till eravltig nil t neees
Blty for drink In three days, with-
out the uBe aT painful, lngorouB
hypodermic Injcctfong.
Do Dot post-Aine taking treatment,
for you -will not llvo long enough to
boast bow badly you "whipped tho
drink habit.' bat ion will llvo to
realist liowi Badly tho drink (titbit
has whipped you.
Call at thf Omalut Ncul Institute,
H02 Hduth 10th St, ami litvestlgntti
the. Neat Drink and Drug' -Unlit
Treatment! or, wrjte or phono Doug-.
laa Tf5.
Rich Hair
Long, thick, heavy hair. Want this kind?
Auer"s Hair Vigor promotes growth.
Does not color the hair.
J. C A,T Co..
t,ffwll, MfcM.
Ask -Your Doctor.
MuHiik tho lit blrnnlutn we have been
favored with a cood supply tif wntr foi
IrrlKutlim iiuriKtfnK on tht North I'lattf
rlvr. tit tint early part of tho Bittsou of
it'll u -shortRBP whh felt for a xhort tltn'-.
dUt pattly lo the liitettaH of tllr KpruiK
rdns mill ,thf cool weatlirr In the niomi
t it In p. Ititldlnu buck the meltltiK of lrx
srtow. This KhoitHKe oortiired durlltK Ihit
latter pait of Mhv and the curly part 'if
JutlV The Pathfinder riorvolr wat lio
ln' filled at thlH time bv the I ttlt-d
Htatei reclamation service and the hurt
bkc was iwrtly due to the fact that the
needs of the canals on the North Platte
! river weie under -estimated. The local
I representative of the reclamation servl"-,.
illtlc. cvrythliiK in their pouer to mrreot
. this vitnUltlun ut once and It lustetl for
loilly a'slorT time. More than that, the
VWiliel- whliih was stored in the Path
. finder reservoir In excess of the needs
of the pivernnient ptoject was tuni'-d
dowii i.the river durltitt the months ot
, July. August anil September, thus glv
lltiK the canals In Nebraska an ntnple siip
I Illy '6f witter IhroUKlmut the months of
(July. August and part of Heptcmbor,
1w hen the natural flow of the river would
have nfrhlslled less than one-hulf th
amoifnt (r wntcr needed,
llneh Snow nml Until.
I The (Mfnrotl or 1II on the North Plalle
river WMM mole favorable to ItrlRutloti.
'Tor tile reason tlut lite snowfall In she
moimttilnH durliig the winter of lull and
i 191? was it (frtiat deal above the normal,
laud thai the ritliifiil! during the Irilgalion
I season wns rflso nliove iioiIiihI.
I The Pathfinder reservoir was filled
liliirint: the c'at-ly spring to very nearly lt.
CrtjMt'ily and the outlet gates were Inter
'opi'llifl Up and dtillng the entlie Irrigu
j tlon J)tison the river ran bunk full, by
Ifar exceeding the use of all Irrigation
ditches along the North Platto and J'lalto
ilk-frs. Including the North' Platto recla
inatlon ' project, ana witter .running
I through the river the entire If figtlt of tho,
The flow of the river at Ilrldgeport did
not drop below O.COj nubia feet per sec
ond from July 1 to November 1, whllo
1.609 cubic feet pt-r second, passing llrldge
jort would have amply supplied the needs
jtt all tho (Jirlgatom vast of that point
during tliu lust season. The government
reclamation service, charged nothing
whatever for the use of all this storago
water. The above, conditions demonstrate
clearly the fact that tho Pathfinder
reservoir to supplement t!io natural flow
Of l(ie river all of I ho IrrJgablo lands In
this valley can be furnished with water
nml it shottitge will bo unknown.,
liny Mlnruue llllils.
The present -nduiliilstrutlon has ut nil
times been highly In favor und encour
aged the buying of storage rights In the
Pnthflndrr reservoir by Irrigation ditches
along tile North Platte river for supple
mental npuruprlutlon. Tho United
tilntus government has passed n law pcr
. mlttlng. this and the Secretary of tho In
terior t?tY time limit of January 1
b with h time all application foi i -I'urt
has., of storage rights In tin- l'ati
flndr reservoir should be on file with
the Department of the Interior l,
arouse more enthtistasut during the it
summer In the purchase 0f stotsge r
tights tin. North Platte chamber of t i
merre ran a siieelal train from Nom,
Platte over tho Union Pacific to On .g
lllteh t'oiitpniilen Ml on .
Notwllbslamlltig those facls. however
the (leh companies have been slow t't
take advantage of thin opportunity ami
only a few made application for the pur
chase of water at this lime, but it is to
he hoped that alt extension Uf time will
be granteil by the rvclumatlori service in
whlcll the ditch companies m.iv mk
such applications.
In the last few yarM tlip North Platte
valley- iiaa forged nhiitd very rapidly In
Intensified farming. The second largeit
beet attgar factory In the Unite,! .states
has been built at Scott's Illuf f. . Thous
ands or tons of sugar beols or ralse.l
annimllv in this valley ami dellvere.i to
this factory.
Price's ItpCiiiiiiiirnilntloiiN .
lie makes tho following recommenda
tions: .i!,lm,,'r "nlt farmn recommended m.
.'JrrpM """Jct to 'Irrlgtillon In North
Platte valley and only 3s0,OK acres at - nriKBIHl ill yji;,
Itecommends further development tf
present ditches before building any new
ruleless USB of water for trricatlon im
caused r large amount of seepage.
iiei-uuimeuus limiting amount or ap
propriation to two and one-hair acre feet
in ine aggregate utirltig any one seasot,
Itecnmmenils tho building of reservoirs
No dania should be built without having
hail the plans of the same approved
Ideal way or hniidllnz an Irrlunlinn
canal Is under the Irrigation district ss-tem.
Irrigation bonds should be npprovrd and
leglstered Itr state auditor's orflce aj.d
stab- treasurer should be authorized
to purchase til esame wtlh school funds
the same as municipal bonds.
Wyoming nlid Colorado tiro fast using
all the water In streams which bend In
these states and am shuttliii: Nidit-nskn
Power (lCVelotlmelltM. thrni. lrlli-i. nm.i
.Ma.iy smnll developments huc been
A stirvoy of the Important streams
which would show the amount of powi '
that could bo ilevclupeil and the various
locations of power plants should be niiide
A law prohibiting nonresident fori ten
corporation front procuring, purchasing or
noiuing nn interest in a water right In
this slate.
.Sillier, Islon of llomls.
Under supervision of this office: County
commissioners to have chaige of rouiW
In counties; do away wtlh township road
Appointment of county highway engi
neer by county commissioners subject to
approval of state engineer.
Statu engineer's office to be simply ad
visory. Statu engineer has prepared a standard
set of plana of brldgcH to meet the ic
qtilretncntH of all counties.
Standard sets of bridge plans prepared
by stiito engineer should be adopted by
ail counties.
Stato aid bridges, so designed to be as
nearly permanent ns possible. This law
luiB done much to stimulate tho Interest
of counties In building permanent bridges
anil has lieen u good example.
Stato engineer's office should make
proper surveys and estimates tin nil pto
posed drnlnago districts und furnish nil
plans frco of cost for this work
(Continued from Papo One.)
, John, a. swanson. , niAXGE OF OWNKHSHJ V i wm l. holzman,
l'reflidont. , Treasurer.
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11H lll iv
ICIotfangNaiufacfyres-Stores mPrmcipal Cities
1015 Kantntn Street. O. O. WlMiH, Mnnagcr.
In politics slticq his early youth, having
bcon elected deputy n 18tf7.
President Polncaro has been 11 minister
In many Krettch cublnuts, having served
us minister of agriculture, minister of
public Instruction, minister of finance nnd
as premier.
lie. (raft vice president of tho Chamber
oi Deputies for four years. lie became
premier und minister ot foreign affairs
on January 14 last year.'
M J'olncare Is 11 lawyer by profession.
lie 1m also a prolific author und Is u
member ot tho French ncademy, whlc.i
gives him rank as an "Irumortul."
Ho made a great personal sacrlflco
when ho became premier, for he guvo up
1111 extremely lucrative, pructlro ut tltn
bar. Ills eloquence Is ti proverb In l'Vuucu
and even his atrotigest political opponents
express confidence In the honesty of nls
President Polncure's father was 1
prominent public official nnd one of hit
brother's also occupies a high post In tho
government service.
Mine. Polncaro was Slle. Henrietta He
nuccl, on Italian. She and her husband
have, occupied for many years an apart
ment on tha Avenue deg Chumps Klysos,
and they will not luivo far to go wliait
they leave for tho presidential residence.
the Palace, of the Ulysee, on February IS
Persistent Advertising Is thu Road to
Pig Itcturns.
Illoek llumed In IMiuoiitun.
W1NNIPKC1. Man.. Jan. lT.-KIro tolav
destroyed a flve-stori' brick block In HU
mouioti. Aiuertu, with a loss of tuo.uon.
Six Italian laborers were killed when 11
wall of the building crushed u small
rooming bo u so where they wero sleeping.
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Cornhusker Alumni Go on Record
for Removal of Uni Campus.
ArriiiiKciupiitM llelnn .tlnile for Hef
ereuiliiiii Poll of All -Members
of Association l.lvluu: Out
In Coiiiiiionwpiiltli.
ri'rrm w i r?m
Consider the
Advantages of
Window Lights
t You merchants and storekeep-
ers, who take particular prjde in the
attractiveness nf vnnr shnw winrltTTc
ought to investigate the many decided advantages
oi concealed iiiectnc Lrights.
A brilliantly lighted window is not always well lighted. On the con-
irary, too inik'li illumination i s often as bad as too little. Tho unnatural
rrl ft t tltl niilunn 1 1 I . -
foi.wu ouaaiuuaa jnuvciitH ripcciuiors lroiii seeing your goods on disnlav in
iiioir true values. Also, your lighting fixtures may not bo in tho best position
to concentrate tho illuminntinn nt tlio
, , ..w. nt i iiuuiUUltO jJUlIll,
Like An Attractive Stage Setting
a window illuminated by Concealed Electric Lights is as pleasant to look upon as a
well-arrangod stngo setting. For, tho effect produced ik really identionl-iio lights
are visible, yet the adequate, generous illumination attracts and holds the interest
of every observer. Ut us explain how you can use Concealed Kloctrie Lights to
advantage. . , '
Omaha Electric Light & Power Co.
The Omaha Alumni nssnclation of the
University of Nebraska, Thursduy night
adopted n revolution endorsing tho recom
mendation of rogcntH of tho university for
removal of tho several colleges of the
school from tho present campus lit Lin
coln to tho stato farm, nt tho annual
meeting of tho local organization, held in
tho University club qunrters.
Considerable discussion of the resolu
tion took place before Its adoption, nnd
only two men both Omaha members of
the executive committee of the Nebraska
Stato Alumni association, which recently
went on record ngalust rcniovid wcro
heard to protest agulnst tho proposed en
dorsement ot tho well considered net of
tho regents and tho chancellor. Many
Oninha alumni spoke on the subject, and
nil, with the two exceptions. Dean Ringer
nnd 11. I'. licavltt, spoko Houndly nnd en
thusiastically for tho removal.
Officers Also Chosen.
Officers for tho ensuing ,year were
elected, and a motion tu have tho offi
cers nnd lioard of directors decide upon
a plan for getting n vote ot .ull tho
iilttmnl of tho university living In tills
htate, on tho reniovak question, .'was
passed. The officers selected wero: I'Yunk
Woodland, who was given a second term
as president; Itobert Mtinloy, vlco presi
dent. Clyde U Klllott, secretary; Hob.
ert Swltzler. treasurer; Dr. W. P. Wherry,
Dr. John M. Holts, William C. llamsoy.
f;. Koster and Alvtn Johnson, directors.
Uncolu papers wero represented by re
liorters. Om of those Journalists spoke
for ti few mluutcH In an effort to ox
plain why tho Lincoln press hud pub
lished untruthful tales ubout the
Ontnba iiluinnl nnd their efforts. He de
clared thnt the press of tho capital city
probably felt chagrined beeuilso It had
been scooped on tho recommendation ot
the regents for removal of the statu uni
versity campus
Text of ltPHiilutl
The resolution favoring removal of the
campus Is;
Whereas, Tho Hoard of Regents of the
University of, Nebraska have, after a
careful consideration and u peraunal In
Ncstlgutioti, unanimously roeommend
and urged the removal of tlio university
from Its present location to tho stute
farm, und
Whereas, This recommendation has
been concurred in and supported by tho
chancellor and the heud tlouu ot the Uni
versity of Nebraska; und
Whereas, The special committee ap
pointed by the legislature uf 1'Jll to con
sider the question of removul, reported
lit favor of removal: now therefore be It
Hcsolvcd, 11 y the Omului Alumni associ
ation of the University of Nebraska that
wn have the utmost confidence In tho
foresight, (ltsluteresteduess and good
judgment ot tho board of regains, and
we hareby pledgo them our uctlvo co
operation und support In tho endeavor
to secure such removal at this lime
WASHINGTON. Jan. IT. The Kouyw
bill proposing to eliminate the segregated
district of Washington by Injunction
passed the senate today It Is model-d
upon an Iowa law The enjoined property
might be publicly sold unless the owni '
iu. iH.i.d and It would not aaln be us I
l.r mlawful purposes.
mining and cattle men, including Alberto, a millionaire of Chihuahua.
Hf. PASO. Tex.. .Tni IT Tim il..lni.
southbound passenger train of Wednes-J
tiny ana two troop trains hnve been
trapped by the rebels burning bridges on
the Mexican Central rnllwiiv t!nnr
Juarez, It was learned definitely today.
Among tlio marooned passengers t aro
ninny prominent American nnd Mexican
Two Killed in Auto
Accident at St. Louis
ST. LOUIS, Jan, 17.-Kusscll V, Davie
of Cleveland, assistant secretary to Mrs.
Heleno Hrltton, owner of tho St. Louis
National League, base ball club, and "Wil
liam H. Wulters of 'St. Louis, president of
a novelty company, wero killed In un au
tomobile accident hero today.
The automobile In which ,thcy wcro
riding struck a water plug at Grnnd and
Cottage avenues. The Impact -turned 'thu
cur nroundr threw the two'Tnmi-out'urtd
tore tho cup off (ho water plug, flo'odfng
thd street and Inundating Davis' body us
It lay near the curb. ri
.Davis died a few minutes, ajter be .bo.1
been taken out ot tho water by a policcf
man. Walters was hurled In the-nlnand
was dead when picked up.
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