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Moorcrofl, Wyo., is Now the Center
of Interest.
werz It
I n.iuuti AVork linn IIi'imi Dune to
liimlncr thi- Operators Hint
There U Oil In lircat
i( llli lit 1 1 1 r-s.
Wednesday, Dec. 11, 1912.
Get Into the Game
iHhrum: Ut. and Mrs. W. .1. Leary. Mr.
ami Mr. II. .tnhti!oii, Mr. anil .Mrs. H.
i Voir
Four More Churches Have Beautiful
Things on Display.
I.Mi-Kf Tntiles Vfrll I. mini and House
Ivm IIhto n Mplrmllil frlrctlini
from Which ti Hake
Their Choice.
UHHK U a vitj literary womnn. who is not really kcon about etn- ...l. .. .. . .
"'ulul""s. iio i requesirti to give Home nrtirie or fiiiicv work, i
unliable for a Chrlstnins gift, for one of tliu churcli falrH to lo
held in the rotunda of the Deo building next week.
Mr M on-mtt I'll field of Wyoming JIlc OI U,R ,,rflI "0iicrs to arrive nt the churcli fairs, which onenetl
t omisc m . penny tn- center .f in Mas 'his morning In the line rotunda, was the literary woman. "You are buy.
I an.i.t the attention nf eajrffatisis. i ng a lot or ChrlBtmnn glfta this morning," remarked one of her friends
'nrzzi'r aro ,,o, nM 1?r,st,na8 K,f,H'" ft,,,,,mt'd ,h par,y mor",
.t . th past few weeks, according to u'lth n mcrrj twinkle In her eye. "You tree 1 have to donate something
A Arnold, a Htinlng and irrigation en-' ior our eiiurclt fair next week, nntl my timo Is so taken tin nttrmllnir ! v.un t.n.hnru., .i.i .,,,
c. wh., is just in rrom tiio district. literary and muwlcnl clubn. that I don't have time to make anything for!(ntii Park ' Congregational churches
A,",,M " n"V1' lh ru'h ; the fair." will ocvupy the space Wednesday and
The third ilav lit the Pair of th
churches, whlrh is being held In thr ro
tunda of the Hee building, opnd with
the tables In the possession of four more
The Methodist ttplscopal' church,
Mooicrofl Melds will start tht !
t i t
' tiUr tut next "HTttiK he looks for n ri..,i yr
m. ,1. rru. f..towMl.i that win h,. i Creighton Dcnta Hop. ,
.-.tttrnkd w,th ureal success. The new! rh"'p w,l ""' t Crolgbtoti Den- I
t ! thai ' beln? nnl i alcng Donkev . ,u' "-fllcKe ho at Chambers dancing aca- ;
i etk and North P rk. both tributaries i detny Tuesday evening w here given a rar
.f the Hi l.e Fiiurciw river and wltlrin j treat hy the committee In charge, who J
I u- t'j tm mile or the t wn Already had .lhmmnocd that something wa In 1
Kilf a tloirn Wells have he n iut down more. Iile In the evening the flour waa (Card Club Meets.
nnd In each oil ha been found. T,htiy 1 t, en red and a number of lancy dance
.1 c an limping prop isitlutis, the gush-j vyem interpreted by Miss .Mildred Mouse
t-n haMng not been etruck. imlllf Ij-,iuI rof. U'illlcim Chainber. Mha llnuiie
tause the (lulling Im not bee, carried tolflm,i iM linrcurolle and the -How and
H suffl1 lent depth. Anow" dance. Mlsn lloiine and l'rof.
In tho imt.key rtsk field oil Itenn chumlwra datiied the single and triple
flru ,li at a depth of ftiw to m tKA. lio-,,.,,. i0.ii.,. win, ,h, r ,i,r
Mr. M. N. Murphy. Men. S.-Morgan
.Mtn. ! Metx and Mrn. W. H. Itree. .Mr.
V. A. r'aie and MlfH Catherine Care and
Mir. It. .1 King gave the proKram of th)
Member of the 1U12 Oard oiub were en
tertained bv Mr.i. .;. Xovtlh nt her home
Tiieetlnv nfteiiinun. HlRteon wer prewit
and :rl7ea were awa tiled to JlMxlantM
Henry Itunipert, C. linen, J. Novak, J.
Van Nov and I.. J.' i'lttttl.
and Boost Nebraska
Preaidunt Uyioti Uastlng of tlw Iteal
Katnte exchange appointed UiorKe (1
Wallace thnlrnmn. II. A. Scott. A. I
Crclgh, F. W. Shotwell and Frank Islle
rnemberji of a cnmmltee to ndvertlne
Omaha and Nebraska ana work with tio
legislative committee of the exchange In
securing from the next legislature an ap
propriation for state advertising
.Wter an enthusiastic tall; on Nebraska
an agricultural and manufacturing
state, comparing It with the best and
piscine It ahead of many states which
ate recognized because of publicity as
leaders In tho.i lines. George G. Wallace
recommended a stao publicity bureau
and 1 iw to protect the fruit of Nebraska
With proper legislation.
George I. MrNmt of the Katy tallroad.
who lives in Kansas City, told or his ob
tervatlom of Nebraska's agricultural te
sourees from car windows and deemed
H. K. Dalley
pace Wednesday and
A (otiNtHiit supply of pretty thing are
given by the women of the different
churches for the sale, and the tables are
again luden with the dainty handicraft of
the women.
The women of the Fiist M.thr..iisi ' lhom 1,,R he,t ,n ,,ie llnln
ehurth bavn probably the largest exhibit ! tt vll'"r -"cattle, also was Imbued
of the four churches. .Mrs. A. T. Austin i wl,h the ",,lrlt of ,,ride n'"R a'1
Is chairman of the committee and Is as. -bru..;a, and George Payne, who deals
alsted by Mrs. U. W. Wlckereham. Mrs. i York ,,a,p luua- concluded the
Nch Olson. .Mrs. Charles (iosi .Mrs II ( ndclresnr? of home admiration by placing
Hippie. .Mrs W. t. Selby npd Mrs. H. i Neuraf P0rty above them all.
W. Hreikenrtdgf rne bulnes of the session consisted
The wom..n of ti,. -..Mir.i it.,. ,.,. of t1"" aniutHl report of Treasurer Slater
it ts of a superior auailt. carrying a ! ,tK,itlj. ,
ncn in
going ii
large ici rem ot it.uiti ana ncn " j (ii i-eai-old
in in iri ny-pi ofiiicie.
untf '.'... ,1... I,...' .....1 .....i t... t,,..
greater depth, say. r to lv. fei-t. Mr. ,ml, nt wlt',7 .;,;,
rnol 1 Is of he opln on that oil in suf- r .Telghton
iclcnt quantity wouk be struck M. that ,
tho gns pressure woild foice It over tho i , . , ....
top of the ground. from obM-tvallons h lh, , M"' 1'1'r Innovation
..... , . ...... . tlulrodui'ed at this dance was the uork ot
that he has mini and woik that he has ' . ... ,,
.lone in other fields. Mr. Arnold Is of the i" c,,im,n,K""11 v.n.pos,M of James O Nell.
..Pinion that the big oil domn. the source U: ' 'n ? Joh"1'0"', U; , Wfll""r ,Sor,m;
of tho aupply will bn to. not xery far ! "' 'c0,' '' 1 rru- H; l,H,vurJ
from Moorcroft. which ftom nrosiuetlntr ' U (-op" IS; ,,ur,U!,t ' ""ck- 'u T,,n"t
already done, appws t.. be pietty well , wr":
li'ffT !!!;S:!Aom:;or Visitors. .viPAHIMll'I I'OMtCK
' yteKBtlorml church have tho space around i
und i resolution inviting Myron West of
Clilrago to talk to the exchange on city
' tne rniiniiiiii ,m m. ri si u... , ,.....,
Mrs. VlH '" cl"r- uf lle sale. 1 assisted ! vUnMnK
CI'H-le-. Klmittcr hnve t.L i ,.i. t. Mr J Marrow. Mrs. K. K. Hrew-
nn ut I,,,,,,,, ,....,i,... ,x i . . 'iter. Mts (). Geuiimer. Mis. VV
3 until l. o'clock at 27(t .tones st.eet for 8,1,1 1"'- S""' K "'K'wee. Mrs. 1. Kettell I PLEASANT SOCIAL EVENING
.Mrs. Krunk t. Hubrl of Minneapolis and i W '' ""Khe. Mts .1. Syme audi
Mis l-.'miinurl Iflnsller of ('hlcDr., pi la. Tliomas Fry. Halnty hags of all' The Misses Huldaand liene Uusch en-
'aJA-KARD club enjoys a
Millers Married 1
Half a Century
With thllt-flve relatlven Mr and Mrs ;
Tl. . t , . 11 . .1 .. . ,nnd. '
at th.'r home. 3324 Iirimore street yes
terdsy In celebration of their fiftieth wed
ding anniversary.
The celebration lasted through tat
nluht. when a reception for nil the rela
tives and the friends of the long mairled
couple will be held at the home, letters
and telegrams of congratulation are being
received by them from friends in various
parts of the I'nlted States, white tlv
nearer relatives have come long dlstanees
to be In attendance nt the annlversarv
Suffragists Meet
to Listen to Talk i
All members or the Political Keonomy
league, Kqunl Itlchts Franchise society.
Women's Suffrage league nte requested
to be at the council chamber of the city
hall Friday evening a S o'clock. Men
and women who are Inclined toward
equal suffrage are Invited. The occasion
Is Intended to be along the order of a
mass meeting, when Mrs. Frank Harri
son of Lincoln will be the speaker.
to the north side of the great oil fields ..U"I"'H , ,
,,,,.,. t 'I-iIihi C loin,
f Wyoming. , Agnea Friend,
licit or tirrnt 1,1-nutli. i Veronica Sexton.
t. t.i,.4..i.. ,.r i.w...n. .11 i Ma Curnav.
. nit vii.iinj vi .. .... ii i hi n ail ,i,, III
the way across to Cosier, Mr. Arnold ,t," iBium'
looks upon i the ill bidt of tins state. Mar uimil.
It Is more than 'JO miles long und from Iicutneo (J'Kell.
10 to 100 iiiIIim wlil... All thi'oiich tlilx l?.intld ITJnslter.
section there are Indications of oil, while
around Casper and Wnllmuu, the field i
Juts been proven.
ituth .McSn.ircn.
K. Donnbue.
AgiidR Duffy ,
Minnie IJworak,
Veronica Duff.
) I I'll!' I.UUgltlll,
Elks Entertain. '
The ladles social committee of Omaha
T.ImIcc. No !4I llt.nni...l.i.l 1 , .
-----r... . .. 1,11, , i, i, nil,,' i
der of Klks announce a ihinclng and card
! party to ho held in tho bids and Huh
rooms, Thuradjy evening. December II.
1' will ho offered to the card play
iers und tho p.ntv will he Informal
-Members of Omaha lodge nml visiting !
Ulks and their ladlea are InvlL'd to at- i
Mrs. Sarah . Ulalr, widow of the late
Robert Blatr died yesterday at S
i kinds and handwork of the members of ' tertnlned the A-Iiard club .Monday even-I o'clock at tht lesldence of her son-in-law.
the Aid society are for sale, and It Is a I lug "t the club rooms Piizes wefe , W. A. Smith, 144 South Thirty-ninth
uplended opportunity not only to assist ' awarded to Mis. W. J. Leary and Miss
the women, but to buy attractive Chrlt-! Vera Stafford. Messrs. W. J. Krlig and
street, in her eighty-eighth year. Mrs.
Hlalr has lived In Omaha for many years
mas KlftH at very reasonable prices.
The women from the German Kvnnirl. I was the guest of the club. .Members are:
leal societies linvo the table at the right Mlsf-es Margaret Stickler, Vera Stnffoord,
side of the rotunda und Mrs. G. Marks. An" Hock. Wllhelmlna Ainihurst. Irene
who Is In charge of these sates. Is assisted I Uusch. Ilulda Armburst, Hulda HupcJi,
by Mrs. P. Ostertag. Mrs. J. Vocgell, Miss E,1tb Petersen. Katherlne Krug; Messrs.
Helen Martin and Miss Clara Ostertag. Hnrrv Petersen. Kmll Gall. John Volz,
The Zlon I.uthetnn churcli Is among the pry '. Hairy MchioUer. Ft its Arm-
John Vol Mr. Fucljer of Gordon. Neb., and was well and most favorably known
by all the pioneers of the city. She la
survived by her daughter, Mrs. Bessie
D. Smith, and also by one grandson. Fred
Klrby Smith.
Funeral will be held from the resi
dence. 14t South Thirty-ninth street.
Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Friends
Puii, Inn McKtraviuk, Violet Manning.
J-ninem ..iciu'.tvlek, C. Lang,
lllto Carpenter, Flanlgun.
Ituth Koran, Mabel once.
Aiii. i. t, ..,.f. i..i.i i. n ii.i niiiuioy. rranciH spear.
, " irh" , , ""''OhbsIc lltadley. Winifred Donuhue.
been thoroughly proven, enough work Mj , uo M-oufe. jiarm Aiiuciauti.
has been done and enough wells drilled i Victoria Pustule. Huillii Wlltoil,
to convince tho operators that It h 1 Theresu Flanagiin, Manila Horrlgan.
rich h. that of Sand .,d Salt creok. J ?.Vor",her. cISlreDwM
farther south nnd b' nunc ac Bhlcld!., , Ulancho Humphrey,
.esslblc to market. Oil from the Moor- Unison, llncid Johnson.
croft field will not ha to be piped In H"11" uuuvteau, Loulsu Hutch.
I,a....l.. III . .....v., ,,W,C ,n UII71lllllS
..I. ':" al S:OT l",J,, n;'lc during these two days and Mrs. G.
C I.J,. itC"",,AUr0 ,l,c,u,lw' Alexander , W. Snyder Is assisted by Mrs. O. Bhbe
Heed, Hayes Gsanter. 1. M. flooldlnir. ..... , .
H it icni..r w . , . r wiubs. .,ii-. niKinttii ami .Mrs.
' H ull nil J i ,, "n,'h J",," ' I William Hush. The sales open at 9 o'clock
,niu.t and J a. UID. in(, ,lot l.()He , () m To t))e
I matron of a large houtehold It may
Kensington for Bride. i lighten her work for the holidays to buy
I Miss nntl, tjuiuii "gave a kenslngton i "min of ,,IR homc-uuiile mince meat and
Tuesday afternoon for Miss Helen Hart? otl,cr "goodies" for the Christmas sea-
wno will be u Jnnuarj bride. Those pies- r""' .'"c" Bro for tiil at this Fair of
churches which will have Its Christmas i bur,t- A- ilurkey, W. J. Krug, C. jure Invited to the funeral
ixc ted four to fifteen miles to a llur
bngtou station, while that of the Sand
Hlld Salt creek hah to be piped twtlltt-'
five lo forty miles to the Noithwestern.
in tlie Moorcroft iletd, the manager of
tho Natrona Pipe Line company of Cimper
lias two drilling rigs on the gruioid and
will begin work, continuing during the
winter Drilling will be commenced on
two wells, about four tulles apart.
So far one of the heavlust Investors In
the Moorcroft Held is the prliice of Mo-
H .Nichols.
Flosey Jones.
Agnes Soliars,
I.ldft Whorrj.
I. Kulrd,
itot.o Welsh,
John Uclchant.
I'"tank i.'li.
Lester Caldwell,
F. K. .Mills.
ferry Murphy,
n' o mm .uwiuc iiiiu. iiv nus aneauy Mnlfi.
upent $110,W Htid is piepured to Inoieuse j cieoige iliishniuii,
this tu TOO.Kti. He has two wells that are James O'Neill,
lumping proMsitloti4 and Is constructing !J,ur.H'1' J,0hnsiiii,
tankage In the field, where he will stole "'hk "'urine!'
lite produrt until he can complete u pipe John Kelly, '
line Into Moorcroft. which will be early It. if. cnrnov.
next spring. . . H. H. Kohcrls,
One adviiut-igc th.ii the Moorcroft field I uoync.''''''
ban over those of Hand und Halt creeks I y MeMong'.iIe.
Is thAl In the vlnlntty there Is a large' tl. . Vodlcker,
area of land, aggregating mnhy thous. 'V J-
. . . .... I.'. K Iftvlor
ands of acres that his not lorn filed upon,
s i fur, owing to the fact that the mut
ter has been given Utile publicity, few
filings have been made by people from
K. K. Tftylur.
M. J. Met! rune.
J. A, tlogrrty.
F. J. Kuhltschuk.
Kthul Allen.
Kvelyn Winkles,
.artlo Bnookums,
Mary Kellaml
l.aura MuHuyck,
S-.tiic.p. Ctoulii,
Ituth Stiici.
Nellie Ijtnetj.
tur.V flritelii't
Gertrude Mayhani,
Petoy Urelbus,
John Holland,
Churle Hi null,
lien Hnllcr,
,uy Murphy.
T. Wheiry.
A. J. Muilrll, .
T. J. llicbe.
Illcliu itlls.i,
Clint Hamilton.
Hail) negley.
Alexander Jamison,
Claude Patker,
.Hay Manning.
( Kelte.
V. A. Taylor.
cnt weret:
Helon Hum,
OJIvo Ferguson,,
. . i.i;i ivt.IV
i fi Win trln ndcr.
5ladyn Lohcck.
I Hortl tide Allller.
i Irene Shrphard,
I Mesdanies
iO. 1. Hart.
W'. Wagner.
.l. I, Ootids,
Iltuilah llefslre
of Clllcngo,
Helen Chesney,
Anne floberts.m,
I.oulsn Heltfeld,
Mario Ilcivers, '
Daisy Fry.
1 O. Swnrtzlander,
I,. I). Harris.
John T. Dillon.
the Churches. An electric washlnir ma- I
cninc was also on snle
J. Dausky,
1 tieorge curroii.
! Ittgliinttl lituker.
' Cyrln Deudinger.
I AW HnWRRR RFMMFW T7 '"u.. n?ihoii
nvivwiiv w wii iv ha ? ;
Gior.'.o A. UaldiTSont'haiicx Anders.
i.. i), unnpp.
.lolm Astor.
Ftauk MiiMulllii.
Oeorgo Arnold.
Sam Uirsou.
Harry Wolf.
At the so.slon of the Creighton law
school yesterday John A. Uennewits,
who linn been one of the professors
there, but lias severed his oouuectlon to
Income a member uf tho Colon paulflr's
legal family, was given a very pleasant
mrprise Fuon the close of recitation
protestors and students put lured In the
big court loom, where Dean Martin
spoke feelingly of the, loss, the school
would sustain by Mr. lbniiewitz sever
ing bis connection with the faculty. He
K. (IJllugher
! Norninu Diakc.
I.. A. Gates,
Wuller Scott.
Bridge Supper.
Hr. and Mrs. II. M. McCbinahan and
Miss Katherlne McClanuhiin will' enter
tain at n bridge supper this evening. The
guest list Includes:
Mr. and Mre. Myes standlsh.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Thom. '
nun .Mrs. iinirv Kelly.
Mt. und Alls. .Mm. Mln Harding, y
S i. ami Mis. Wilson Austin. '
Mr. und Mis. Frank Wllhelm.
Mr. anil Mis. Uenrgo W. Johnson.
- Mr. nntl Mrs.. Hiyant Rogers.
JJ". ami Mti.. Denlse Hnrknlow.
Mlstes Mlases
Hilda Hwiiiriiei. Di..,n,.
Caiolyn Harkalow. Dorothy Steveiu..
iMthrrlnc Moorhead. Mildred Smith
Mesrs,- Messis.
.lamea . Mnrrls.. jr. Ueutennnt
.-"I V? M"Kn, Havmond Hiuith.
.ilr,'.,1 .U hiirtun. Hen.tnmlii Wood,
retik INtmer. Dr. William N.
Robert Hmns. Anderson,
tieorge Diincnii,
While the railroad men are not looklnc? !
for winter, they are getting It all through I
the northwest. Tuesday night there was
from one to five Inches of new show all .
over western Ncbiaska and eastern j
Wyoming, driven along before n brisk
northwest wind. t I
Su far as Nebraska was concerned, !
Sidney was tho, -coldest 'sjjot on tho rail-!
road, map, th'e mercury' leaching xero i
during the night Farther north and up !
in the Hlnck 1 1 1 1 Ik country the tempera
ture wits fitini 10 to 23 derees above r.ero.
In nd Out of thr. r-e wjvPi
Miss Kiltheiine Mootheud Is e))ected I
home from Chicago the first of next
-Mr. Mark J. Com! letuined vesterdnv
at Kxcelsloi
At Fort Crook.
Frlduv evenlni: the of fleers , lliul ladles
of J'ort Crook will give the second hop 1 f,'01' ten days' stay
In tho series uf winter dances to be given wrings. Mo.
ut tho post heiuliiuartois. The hop com- " iutnern .MM.ianahlin leaves next
milieu for tho winter Includes Captain ' visit nor cousin, .Mis. Swope. In
lrfiulH Nuttmon. Captain Krmlerlcl; Van ! independence. ,Mo
... . ...... . . ) -vnurt i.-itn4.i.
Duvne. IJeutonunt Reginald Kclley. I.ltui- i-urat)Cth Hooker leaves next
tenant Walter Scott Fulton and Ueuteti. i "vrii fur Atlantic. Ia to spend the hull
ant ilrown. Several dinner parties are 1 with iter sisters.
referred to tin- splendid work lift had per- planned for Friday evening for the i:uent Major Curl F. Ilnrliimnii and Captain
formed, both for tbo school and In hi n-oin Onmlui .ind Fort Omaha. Among i Holland Rulmttom of Fort Oinalm m-c
nrlvale practice, ut the close, present- inosc entnrliilnliiK nte Cliaptuln and Mrs. "lu'Udliig ten duys at Fort Leavenworth.
Ing resolutions commending Mr. Ilenno- . John Chuiiovvcth, who will have Miss J,,SH I'runccs Harris of De Moines Is
Safety Garter Purse
Just out All
men delighted
No moro loss of
money nnd valu-
nbles from stock
ings. The rraataat
protection ajalcot
prurse snatcliers and
robbers ever devised.
Secret, convenient &
secure. Made in var
iety of sort, flexible
leathers, Leather lin
ed. Has two cennpart-
mcntn. Place rot
bills, cuius. Jew
els, chuiiiols &
latchkeg. SIlK
elastic garter,
with adjustable!
fancy buckle. A beautiful purse in
oviery way.Price SI postpaid, Order
Box 497, Omaha., Kebr.
ill FUr"
That's Right,
Our number is Douglas
919 "Nlne-onc-nlne."
then you'll bo aure to
have the right plnce to
send your family wash, as
well an the men folk's
Btalrle and collars, for
clean work and careful
buys any Gorman Silvci
Mosh F3ag in tlio hon;.
Tliis includes:
which sold up as high
as $15. No shop worn
goods. All brass Mi ot't".
Yes, there is a rea
son. "We are closing out
t hose department
Xmns is a good time to
dispose of them.
When RYAN says
sale it is bona fide.
Jewelry Co.
15th and Douglas
x a ur. i oaa s raienieu i bbiii
arc making good. People have commenced
to realize that some of tho old methods are
"fogle." Many have become dissatisfied with,
half teeth In their bridge work and have In
vestigated and found half teeth to be unsan
itary, uncomfortable and unhealthy.
The greatest blessing from the dental pro
fession is to savo and replace bad teeth with
full teeth, giving comfort and appearance ot
nature's original teeth.
Talk to DR. TODD About
Sanitary Dental Work.
Office 403 Brandeis Building-.
Leather Goods
Make Ideal
Christmas Gifts
Traveling Bags and Suit
Cases, Traveling Bags
fitted with toilet arti
cles, Manicure sets,
Tourists' Medicine
Cases, Drinking Cups
and Flasks, Ladies
hand bags, Men's card,
cases, Photograph trav
eling frames, Jewel and
Stick Pin Oases, Collar
bags and Toilet Rolls
fitted in Ivory and
Freling & Steinle
Good Leather Goods
Phone Douglas 273.
This Coupon and
rood for the next
number ot ALL tho
following: magazines;
Sunset XOacasln.
McCluxe'a Mag-ailn.
Tie X41es' Weria.
Vattoul Xrria-atton Jeomal
Address, Mnguslne Coupon Dept.,
Twentieth Century Fanner,
Omaha, Neb.
witi, which were unanimously adopted,
Mr Ucnewits responded, but It was
several minutes before he could gather
bis thoughts sufficiently, so completely
was he overcome by the mnik of appre
ciation bestowed.
Mary lilngwalt nnd Miss Dorothy Itlng-1 '"' atHrgarei mown and M
wait as their week-end uuests: l.leuen- w1" Iwlv, S'duy for St. Louis to i
ont and SI in. AValtef Scott Fulton and I vl,lt 1,rr ' -Mrs. Hubert N'orrls
Lleuteuiint und Mi's. Clarence Farnham.
l.l.iitonaiit Ituymond Smith, who has,
Th Persistent and Judicious Cse of
been ervlng as nt.lo on the personal staff i w1 a''T N,lvflr',"r
of Ida father. Ilrlgadler Oenural Pied A.
Smith. Ihii been onliMwl to rejoin his
legiment. the Fourth Infuntrv. tit Fort '
Crook. December IS. He will tie sin
cceded as aide by Lieutenant Hruee M.i-
grudei' of the lli;hteeuth Infantry sta
Hound at Koit Mackenzie. 1'esi Sucees.
Happy, Laughing
Child Shortly
If Cross, Feverish, Bilious and; Amateur Musical Club.
oKMv Let "Svnip Of Figs" i ''"be Ht meeting of the Amateur Mu
Glenn Its Liill( Wimin ,loul club was held Tuasitavtnnoon at
tUlll ilb Ulllll, UilSie- , the home of Mis. Hsrrv Whltmie and
it.... i it i I
Vwiuyycw iiuwl'I.
No matter whut ulls your child, n aen-
lf though laxative phyeto khuuM ( ,,c; slrN ""krge Mclntv- ,r
navi Ik the ft i at treatment flven. . tltllHUi Hluhcrk. Sirs Hpiry Whitisi-
f yo r child Isn't feeling well; ust- llr- T- J- Mahoney, Mrs Willi im Hast
ing tiicelv. eating regularly and acting Ur' S,r ''rnnk Van llnssilaer. Mrs
l sturdily it is a sure sign that If little Joh" T HUwart. Jd.. .Mrs. S. s CnUiwell
'oma :i liver and ai) (., t r txjtvtU ! ur- ' 1 ivennciv, .Miss l.uginle
Whltmore. Mls (lieleliuii M.-Conreli and
Mes Alice KiHinatd.'
a nusi'ellan. ous program wuf Klven bv
the number ut th club. Tlds Is thn
soventh sH..n for the club ami tlie rietiti
Wellcslev Quests.
are filled with f.uil. cHtfctlSitl want,,
matter and need a M4itl.
eleanelng at one.
When cns. Irritable, foVHrlsh, stom
ach hour breath bad or yu little una j in honor of Miss ttiluiheth outrun of
nan sioiiia.-o-ucne. .itarmuvii. Kee thit. ' Wieaita. Kan., and Miss Constance Pear.
l of cold tuiieue coated: jiIvb a twi- !w of Newark. N. J., the guests of M'si
fMjonful of Syrup of Kis and In a few .Corlnne Kearle aiul Miss Nell Curpenter
lidurs ati the . Vogg d u. wx. undlse- 1 all .if Ihmh atleiidtHl Vlle:ev college
ted food ud wttr bile will gentlr movi HU Henrietta liack eiitertulned nt
tit and ;ut of Its little Iwwela wttttaut hiuclmMi ttxlsy at her horn. Pink mres
'ajca sr. s ing or wee.kne. ami u mere uU in dworutlou and eovers uer
wd sureij bav o, wall. wy ami suill- ,.ttleie for Ifcehe guests.
ng cnuu acaia ktwrii). , .TM)t OVonliic Misses lluzei ruri
With Syrup of IVs f are not diug. !
sxg your chlidion. being camMu on
lirely of luscious rigs, senna and aroma-'
tics It cannot bo harmful. bv4.its they
dearly lovu tts dtlic'oue fig taste.
Mothers should always keep Syrup
of Vlgs handy. - ir. Is (so unly stomach.
Itvtr and bowoJ slaatiMir and regulator
needed a Htla given today will suvo
h a-ek. child ternorryp-.
Pull directions for' cbJIUrmi u
and for grown-ups plalnh luintej ui) fy
Ask your druggitts for Hu- fu name, I
' syrup of Pig ami Kiuir of senna". Prairie. Park Needlecraft Club.
prepared by tbo California Klg Svrup to The Prairie Park Needlecraft club held
TbU is tho deb' lous issuing gmume ola Its krr.Miigt n at tht iub bQuae Tuesday
reliable refuse auyiunsg else offerrJ arie."oon w'i-h th' )itaif were Mr
Advprtlstint. lj k McConds Sirs 1L A IAgnccker
Howard will enterlaln at an Informal pic
nic supper at their home for the sum I
guesls. The evening wlil be spent danolng j
and fourteen guests will be pirscnt. j
Linen Shower.
Mrs. T Pearlman etitettalntd at a Hnep
sitower for M1m Dorothy Donovlts. who. '
vvtsfeWtlie,- to lieu Mlbler lakes, nlqce
osHbr tl. I'rliee were won by Mis. j
Lovll!. Mi J. D. Kendis. Mrs . Milder ,
AtHrtll fifty cutstf were pienl. I
sssssssssP sflHSsssssssssai
bssssssssssssbsIHa? aSBSSSSSSSSSSBSSBSsi
WSl P HI skkm
Ti c ar f- e c f fc-a- ta t 4U
liua lecon o a fixture lufudo if tnuny
large stores during tbo CJ-rly tni.ix
eeason Dining Hie last two week
the face of William II llusycll has
been ever present in the nelgnbor
hood of one of Omaha's big atorrs,
although he bat tried and sur-eeded
In making himself a good deal morn
Inconspicuous to (lie paaserby than
the traditional Santa Claus. The
teason for Mr HiihscII'h modest luuu
nerp is perhaps better understood,
when It Ih known, that he is one of
the veteiMii detective of this imin
try. and has been ihIIckI t' Omaha
by the I 'luhHig Kei-ret Servi.-e fa
to guard thn gift-leaded vvtn.lowH
of tlie Prfd liroleikMrd Jewelry I'.i
Mr. Ilusseli lias a wide tvperiemo I'
this special kind of werk. and ono f
hi dearest reiiliusi enres traces ha. k
to the tli'.e daring the World's Pair u
St Louis when he was delegated
t'iget'ler, w h a large forco of dr.
t.ives ro keep au rye upon fie
laiot-J wela of Que'n Mttcr'a
Schemes at Kilpatrick's
TO CATCH THE UNWARY. Never a SPECIAL advertised BUT WHAT IS A SPEOIAL-that's what has begotten
and developed the faith and CONFIDENCE of the PEOPLE IN THIS STORE. Takes longer to attract the crowds,
than brass band methods and fake schemes but when they have came, as EUGENE FIELD would say, WHY THEN
THEY HAVE COME. All this by way of a leader to tell you about
A Crepe Sale for Thursday
Fancy and Plain fc?ilk Crepes, 'J3 inches wide, for
Party Dresses, lieeoption Dresses, Wedding Gowns,
etc., nnd right here lot's give you a little advance information-Crepes
are to be especially desirable in the
spring of 1913 (this eoniesMirect from Paris) -and
there's perhaps 25 styles suitable for Scarves, Auto
or otherwise. Now there are Crepes WORTH 75c, 85e
and $1.01). Note tne word worth, please. Thursday
starting at 8 A. 1., 39c yard.
Thursday, Fridav and Saturday, just .J davs more
of the 92.00 price for MAKING of Skirts to YOUR
MEASURE. Our own expert fitter takes your measure
and gives tjie final touches to the finished garment
and you can't have it UNLESS IT IS A PERFECT
FIT- that's all there is about it. Some different from
the fakir's, with whom it's anything to make a sale
and get YOUR MONEY. Lots of Dress Goods from
which to make the Skirts, too, at reduced prices.
, We are having excellent business at the Book and
Stationery Section. We made an offer on a Clean Up
of Stationery, etc., and the sale will shirt Thursday.
Everyman's Library of more than 500 titles, offers a
splendid lot of hooks from which to select for a young
man or woman, and the price 35c can't be considered
extravagant. We have a lot of Library Sets much he
low publishers' prices. Also some choice imported
Sets made from India Paperall priced lower than
usual. Cards and Calendars, ad lib. and ad infinitum
the big value package for a quarter, fills one important
Christmas want, as it gives for 25c an assortment of
tags, cards and stickers which are mighty useful these
Thos. Kilpatrick & Co.