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Stsck-raJconer Co Undtrtaksrs,
Hare koot Print It Now Beacon Prea.
Lighting rixturs. Burgess-Orandsn
B alley the Dentist, City Nat'l. D. 2566.
Diamond oana i a4 and C par
rent. W. C. Flatau, loll Dodge, lied .Tcin
The Nebraska Savings and Loan Ais'n.
offers a safe and profitablo plan to help
you save. 1605 Farnam street.
Investment Company Butlda--The
Union Investment company Is building
a two-story brick apartment house at
K07-9-11 Dewey avenue. It stands on a
lot 30x60 feet. The structuro will cost
Ben Hnr to Meat Mecca Court, No.
IS, Tribo of Hen Uur, will entertain the
supreme chief. Dr. R. II. Gerard of
Crawfoidsville, Ind., at their hall. Nine
teenth and Farnam streets, this, even
ing at 8 o'clock.
. Chinaman Forfeits Bond .less Lee the
Chinaman who was arrested' for vio
lating the rules of tlie. road by 'attempt
ing to cross Sixteenth and Dodge streets
diagonally, forfeited a $10 bond In police
court by falling tp appear,
4 : '
The Persistent and Judicious Use of
Newspaper Advertising Is the Road to
Business Success.
Mrs. Ola Taylor, policewoman from
Los Angeles. Cal., was a visitor In Omaha
yesterday. She Is returning to California
after burying her mother at Knoxvlllc,
la., last week. While in Omaha she
visited with Pollen Chief Omul, Commis
sioner , Ryder and Policewoman Drumnjy.
Mis. Taylor says there arc four police
women In Los Angeles, all of whom are
connected with the. Juvenile department.
Vrs. Taylor works from the office of
Polico Chief Sebastian. It Is her duty
to take chargo of all the "women who are
arrested, search them and to take charge
of all girls. She says the policewomen
are not sent on th streets to make ar
rests, although they aro provided with
slurs, keys to tho patrol boxes and police
whistles. She is of tho opinion that
women can 'do more good by working
with the Juveniles than men.
In speaking of women voting, as all do
In California, she said she is not a suf
fiagette and Is not In favor of women
voting unless they own property or con
duct business enterprises.
Don't Scold an
Irritable Child
If tongue is coated, stomach
sour, breath feverish give
t Syrup of Figs" to
clean the bowels.
Tour child Isn't naturally cross lrrl-'
table and peevish, Mother! Examine the
tongue; if coated, It means the little one's
stomach li disordered, liver Inactive and
Us thirty feet of bowels clogged with
foul, decaying wbste.
.. Every mother readies after giving de
licious "Syrup of Figs" that this is the
Ideal laxative and physio for children.
Nothing else' regulates the little one's
tender stomach, liver and bowels so ef
fectually, besides they dearly love Its
delightful fig taste.
For constipated bowels, sluggish liver,
biliousness or sour, disordered stomach,
feverlshness. diarrhoea, sore throat, bad
breath or to break a cold, give one-half
to a teaspoonful of "Syrup of Figs," and
In a few hours all the clogged up waste.
Hour bile, undigested food and constipated
matter will gently move on and out of
the system without griping or nausea,
and you will surely have a well, happy
and smiling child again shortly.
With Syrup of Figs you are not drug
ging your children, being composed en
tirely of luscious figs, senna and aro.
mattes it cannot be harmful.
Full directions for children of all ages
and for grown-ups plainly printed on the
Ask your druggist for the fullname,
'Syrup of Figs and Elixir pf ; Senna,"
prepared by the California Fig. Syrup Co.
This Is the delicious tasting, genuine' old
reliable. Refuse anything else offered,
A pure, healthful, Cream
of Tartar Baking Powder
When buying an article of food you are
entitled to know exactly what you are buy
ing its quality and ingredients.
If this information is refused don't buy it.
Somo of the low grade baking powders
are advertised, but the ingredients of the
powders are scrupulously concealed.
A housekeeper would not use a baking
powder containing alum if she Jcnew it.
It is well when buying to' examine the
label on the can. Unless it shows the
ingredient cream of tartar, don't buy it.
Dr. Price's baking powder is absolutely
free from alum.
Son of Charles Terrell Has Exciting
Experience in Runaway.
s " " 1
Ilr la Thrown Into Mltlilli' f the
TlioroiiKhfnrr, lint lie No Nounrr
AIIkIiU Thllil He In Oil
Ills Feet Attain.
Dodge street, from Twc ntl eth to Seven
teenth, wan yesterday the. scene of a
thrilling runaway, one which culminated
In an accident thnt fell short of being
fatal only by a deeming miracle.
A horse and ivaKon, belonging to
Charles Torrell, 2638 Capitol avenue, an
expressman, had been left at tho curbing
Just above Twentieth shortly beforo
noon, while the man had gone to fetch
some baggage In a house nearby. In the
wagon was his l-ycar-old son. who had
been making the rounds with his father.
The horse becoming frigluenetl at a
Piece of wrapping paper which was
fllown toward him, started down the steep
Dodge street hill at top spocd. Aa luck
would jnivo It, however. tie horde kept to
tho center of tho street, and the boy,
who had by this time been Miaken to the
step of tho seat, was maintaining his
position with great difficulty. As the
wagon passed Seventeenth street, tho
horse swerved suddenly toward the curb,
causing tho wagon to strike against a
largo truck belonging to the Anterlcnn
Express company, which was hacked to
tho curbing at Hnydon's.
With a splintering of wood, tho boy was
hurled llko a shot from his position to
the center of the car tra'cks, lighting on
his side. Ho had no sooner lilt tho pave
ment, however, beforo he was on his feet
running for the curbstone, where he was
stopped by an onlooker. Aside of a few
scratches on his hands and a rapidly
swelling bump on his forehead, the lad
was seemingly little hurt.
A woman driving by in a limousine
picked up the boy and drove him to the
station, whero his bumps and scratches
were dressed, vl
(j. A. Wiee Leaves
Property in Trust
Hulk of the estate of the late Oustave
A. Wlese, believed to be worth more
than 200,000, will be held In trust until
1925 under the terms of Mr. Wlese's will,
filed for probate In county court. Then
the property shall be divided equally be
tween Mrs. Wlese and Miss Alice Wlese.
daughtr. If Mrs. Wlese mmarrl..
dies before the date fixed for the division
tno entire property shall go to the
The entire estate shall le taken In
trust by the City Trust and Knfo r.
poslt company, which shall at once pay
- - mu.k- i.. icamiur, Klve
J2.O0O each to two sisters. Rose Uartlett
and Emma Yost, and provide a $3,000
residence property for the use of each
of the sisters. All the rest of the estate
then shall be converted into first mort
gage realty loans or other Intercut bear
ing securities. The net income of these
Investments shall be divided equally be
tween the widow and the daughter until
November 25, 1925.
The City Trust and Safe Deposit com
pany Is named as executor of the will.
Personal wearing apparel Is bequeathed
to Mr. Wiese's brother, Dr. Henry Wlese.
Dental Society Has
Election of Officers
The Eastern District Dental society, a
component part of the Nebraska 8tate
Dental society, held Its annual meeting
Tuesday evening, when clinics were held
at the Crelghton Dental college, at
which time a number of new and Inter
esting methods were shown. Dr. W.
Clyde Davis of IJncoln was the guest
and leading clinician and he shgwed his
exceptional skill In IiIh demonstrations.
The evening session was held at the
Iyal hotel and a number of the local
dentists gathered around the festal
Dr. F. K. Whltcomb, having spent a
very successful year as president, was
succeeded by Dr. M. II. Dunham. Dr.
.1. C. Soukup was elected vice president.
Dr n. W. Iteed wan re-elected as secre
larj and treasurer.
Mass Meeting Set
For Tonight on the
Smoke Nuisance
An lniBretli6 procrnm Is being pre
pared for the smoke nulMuucn mass meet
ing to bo held at tho Commercial club
this evening, Several smoke experts
have been Invited to talk and business
men, nrchlteets and engineers will give
their opinions on how to lessen the smoke
e.vll In Omaha.
Commissioner John J. Ryder will present
his ordinance to the meeting for discus,
slon and suggestions. W. II. Taylor, the
new manager of tho Omaha (las com
pany, also will be a speaker and tho man
ager of thn operating department of the
smelter will tell how smoke has been
practlcully eliminated there. Hotel men
and agents fer large buildings will enter
Into thn dlsousslon.
Tho police Imvo been asked to locate
Hazel Uoldsherry, 14-year-oId niece of
Enrl Mason, KM South Twenty-first
street. The little girl, whose parents aro
dead, and who has been living with her
uncle, left the house nt 7 o'clock Tues
day morning without a hat or coat and
she has not returned.
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derful Home Treatment Sent Free to
Every Lady Suffering W5th.Any Kind '
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If you iuffer from palrm In the head,
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will brine you instant and wonderful re
lief. I
If you suffer from Uchlntr, burnlnir,
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Their Attorney Offers Compromise, I
but Republicans Reject It. j
He Will t .'outer lvtth KrlrniU mi to
Ail Unlilllljr or tt nt Inn I n it III
I'lRht Rnlnn( Ills! ,,
rrfnl Oppnnrnt.
Contest against tho Ihmglas county
republican legislative delegation was
dropped yesterday l the attorney
for the democrats. Arthur Mullen, when
the attorneys for both sides appeared
beforo Notary Public Ida M. Walters In
the Slate Rank building.
A. W. Jeffcrl and Hron 0 Rut bank,
attorneys for the republican delegation,
went Into conference with Mr. Mullen
and when they reappeared Mullen an
nounced that the case would be dropped.
At fllst Mulleir tried to gain a point
by offering a compromise. He suggested
that he would drop the case If the re
publicans would drop the case Arthur C.
I'ancoast, the only defeated republican,
was bringing agalnM J. H. Grossman,
the only successful democrat. Purbank
and Jefferls at once told him this was
out of their Jurisdiction, as they were
not the atlorne.v s for Pancoast and thnt
this was a separate and distinct case.
Mullen then dropped his case without
further nttempt to compromise. Wit
nesses wcro not even brought Into the
room, which Is taken as evidence that
there na no Intention of going nhend
with the case under any circumstances.
Mr. Mullen said after he left tho room,
"Pome of the democratic delegation
wanted to go ahead with It and a good
many of them did not, so I Just dropped
tho whole thlnfc."
I'nneoiinl I nilri'lilril,
Arthur C. Pancoast when Informed that
the rase had been dropped and when,
asked what he would now do with his
contest against J. 'll. Grossman, his sue
ressful democratic opponent for the sen.
ate, said, "I don't anticipate much change
In my attitude In this matter. They
have brought this thing upon themselves
by starting' a contest against tho seating
of the successful republicans, and wo
started this contest ngultiNt tho success
ful democrat In retaliation. I see no par
ticular reason why 1 should (Iron this
' ease just because they have not found
enough grounds on which to bring their
ease. However, 1 will not decide def
initely on the matter until 1 advise with
some of my friends and members of the
Met of tho republican delegation, both
senators and representative, were pres
ent at the hour set for the hearing
George Holmes, defeated democratic can
didate for nicinher t?f tho house, was the
only one of the democratic de'catlon that
even appeared at the hour set. Jerr
Howard, another defeated candidate for
thn house, dropped In casually Just aftur
tho case had been dismissed.
City Commissioner McGovcrn of the
department of public Improvements has
denied the Water board a permit to con
nect a six-Inch blow-off plpo with the
sower at Twenty-eighth avenue am)
Spragun strret, a permission which was
grunted 'by the city commission at a
meeting which was not attended by Mi'.
Govern. Jn the letter to the water com
missioner refusing the permit McGovcrn
maintains that the sewer would proba
bly bo destr4'cd If such a connection
was made. The Water board will take
tho case up with tin? city commission
again and If McGovcrn'n action is rati
fied It will bo mjcessary to construct at
heavy expenso a dralnagowny instead
of making connection with the sewer.
answer all letters asking for Information.
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City State
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sending this coupon direct. No free
boxes at drucglnts.
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Drug Co. Advertisement.'
Smallpox Breaks
Out in the Dunsany
Flats; Quarantined
Two eases of sinaltpo were discovered
by Health Commissioner Council In tho
Punsany apartments. Tenth and Pacific
streets, yesterday and the entire' row
of flats were at once quarantined until
the residents could be xncctnated. Thir
ty. fle persons were vaccinated wlill"
policemen patrolled the plts to prevent
anyone from leaving the apartments.
Jordan Combs, a negro, was sent to the
pest house with an advanced ease of
smallpox. Ho Is the engineer at these
flats. Mrs. J. Iviids, white, also has the
disease, ljelng In her own apnitmcnt she
will bt left at the Ounssuiv
It Is believed that a colored man who
visited Combs a few das ago and Is now
enroute to lxs Angeles, left the contag
ion. Health authorities at l.os Angeles
will be notified to watch for and appre
hend htm until It Is known whether lie
Is suffering from smallpox or not.
l)rs. Conuell and 1-aiiRdon vaccinated
the thirty-five resident of the flats yes
terday and the entire building was
thoroughly fumigated. The health nil- I
thorltles will make n united and thor- !
oiigh effort to keep the disease confined
to those who already have become In- I
fected. !
.1. A. Stowiut. general passmger agent
of the Hook Island at Topekn, Kan.. Is
In (own. J
Samuel K Miller, nssixtant genetal
freight agent of the Northwestern. Is
over from Chicago for n couple of d.iys
looking after business In this teirltory.
Me says this Is one of the best freight
years that bus even leen experienced bv
tho Northwestern.
.VehrnsUnns at the HotrU,
J. J. Kavanaugh of Ilroken How and
I). G. Hum of McCook are guests of th
A, J, Hull of Kimball, William Motley
of Avoca, Dell Parker of Gordon. W. H.
Dinners of Gland Island and It. II.
Graham of Lincoln have taken rooms at
the Merchants.
H. Plllleg or Clay Center. I. Prllehard
of North Platte. John Sears of Kort
Crook. It. M. Van Nett of Platte Centoi
mid W. K. Geiranl of Ilentrlce nie stop
ping at the Paxton.
A. J. Aiuiesou of Valentine, ft. H.
Hlllott of Wnlthlll. A. Tracy of Moses
uid o. J. Hrlen of ltock Island are stay
ng at tho .Millard,
The Pacific Coast Tour
Grandest Railroad Journey in the World.
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this comprehensive tour, you should include the Shasta Route, the Portland,
Puget Sound aud Spokane regions.
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the triangular
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