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Entered 'at Omaha poMofflce as second
class matter.
Sunday Uee. one year IJ-M
Saturday Be, one year
Dlb Be without Sunday, one year. 4 00
Dally Hee. and Sunday, one " ew
Kvenlnp and Sunday, per month...... joc
Kvrhlnc. without Sunday. per month. c
Dally line. Including Sunday. ler mo,.ft
Dally Pee. without Sunday, per mo .. Jjo
Address all complaints or irregularities
In delivery to City Circulation Dept.
" nEMITTANCBS. . , ...
Ilemlt by draft. express or poMal order,
payable to The llee I'ublUhlnK Company.
Only 5-eent stamps rrreivetl In payment
of small account. Personal V
cept on Omaha and eastern exchangr. not
accepted. ..
Omaha-The Bee hutldlnE.
South Omnha-l N street.
Council niuffa-U North Main street.
Lincoln:? Little building. .
ChleaKo-lWl Mnro.uette building.
Kansas Clty-Rellance bulldlnK.
New York S W(M Twenty-third.
Bt. I,nuls 402 Frisco nuiioin.
Washington- Fourteenth fit. V
Communications reUt Inc to news ann
editorial matter should bo nddrotsed
Omaha tfe. Editorial Department.
Stale of Nebraska. County of Doufilas
iiwiffht Williams, circulation manaccr
of The Beo PubllshlnK company. being; I
dulV sworn, says that the average dally ,
circulation for the month or www
" ' circulation Manager.
Subtcrlbed In my presence and sworn
,Vtfor. me th.sdav cumber.
Notary Public
Jnhaerlhers learlnB th rlty
lepiporarllr ahonlil kae The
Bee mnlleil in them. Address
will be chnna-ed ei often ns re
quested. Every day la moving day for Tur
key. No Immunity bath for tho Bathtub
Tho way to make Omaha a city
beautiful is to do It.
It may bo cool In Colorado, but
it's balmy In Nebraska.
The street car company promises
to ,do bettor. It'a performance that
We shall havo ft sweot tlmo In
court now; tho Candy trust has been
Mr. Hcarst'n next great triumph
will bo the final expulsion of Turkey
from lSurope.
It Is not surprising that former
Senator Larimer- la. ablo to survivo
the surgeon knlfoj
"Wo are hero to stay," says the
colonel. Where Is he speaking from
tho outside or In?
A patent clastic pull-out plq coun
ter would doubtless command n good
price from our democratic friends.
, it la a, lttlo tough on the average
credulity to ask us to bellovo that
ono of those dynamiters fainted attar
8U1J it should bo remembered that
no plan of workmen's compensation
Is intended to extend Its benefits to
That brother and brothor-ln-law of
Air. Bryan talk as it confident they
had tbo winning card concealed up
their sleeve.
A Chicago preacher declares that
the wprld Is noarlng perfection. Still
it will not pay the church to presumo
too much upon that roseate vlow,
With a democratic congress soon
in extra session to lower the tariff,
of course, we havo only a few months
more of this high-price oppression.
High prices, reports say, have
smitten Japan. That must be why
the American Jingoes havo not bad
the mikado over here whipping us
Ha, ha, another old enemy con
quered. The X-ray IS to put an end
to cancers. It has Just occurred to
a Chicago doctor, who, With the rest
of tho fraternity, had carelessly over
looked the -matter heretofore,
This pulling and hauling already
begun over those prospective ap
polntuients to tho now board that is
to have control of all our stato In
stitutions Is proof positive that there
will be no politics In the new regime
Now if those court house dynami
ters had only deforred their bomb
bursting operations in Omaha and
xnado tho old court houso tho target
of tho explosion Instead of the new
one, no very great complaint would
have been made.
Churches embracing a combined
membprehlp of 23,000,000 are push
ing together the cause of homo mis
alons, which is one of the sanest
movements the churches ever under
took, since borne .missions in the
Bftodern term la nothing but doing
the work that is nearest.
"Thero are more knockers than
boosters in New York," says tbo
Evening Mall; "the sound of the
hanmers of the knockers is lnces
M&t" So New York, our chief met
repoHUn rival, has that to contend
with, tooT Well, come to Omaha,
a.L.u - .... I I V, t A. I St
witvev vrwatuu; uuubu) an ujb uw6.
Tariff Ripping.
Whatever uncertainty the country
may feel over tariff reform, now that
It knows an oxlra session will be
called for that purpose, must bo as
to the measure and more than the
fact of tho revision. And It has the
word of Prosldent-elect Wllscn, him
self, as assurance against radical or
disturbing chanRos. In his speech of
acceptance iHst July, Governor Wil
son, It Is true, said as to tho tariff:
There should be Immediate revision,
and It should bo downward, unhesitat
ingly and steadily downward.
Hu Just before that ho had said:
We do not Ignore the fact that thn
business of a country like ours Is ex
ceedingly senMtlvc to changei In legisla
tion of this kind. It lins hern built up,
however lll-advlscdly. upon tariff celled-
ules written In the way I hove Indicated i
aiu its foundations must not be too
radically or too suddenly disturbed.
Heforo that In dealing with gen
eral conditions ho said In the same
We need no revolution; we need tpo ex
cited change; wo need only a new point
of view and a now method and spirit of
80, taking him at his wbrd, and
even allowing for pressuro from par
tisan leaders fired with a zeal for
change, tho country may look to tho
president-elect for security from tho
consequences o
f hasty and abrupt
tariff ripping, nut, Inovltably, there
will bo somo concern until tho
changes, whatovor they arc, come.
For ages the pawn of conflicting
powers, Macedonia passed under Tur
kish dominion In the fifteenth cen
tury, losing Its distinctive entity.
Slnco then its name has conio into
soparato uso only In description of
tho recurring struggles wagod upon
Its soil. Turkey's cohiploto loss of
this land now, thoroforc, Is most sig
nificant of Kb gradual conquest at
tho hands of tho alllod Balkan states.
Tho disposition 6f Macedonia In the
division of tho spoils of battle bo
comcs a matter of Intonso Interest,
not. however, becauso thero is prob
ability of Its being restored to na
tional distinction.
History describes tho Macedonians
originally as a Grecian trlbo, with a
Crook dialect, but tho population
today consists chiefly o Slavs, com
posed largely of Hulgnrlans and
Sorbs tho former predominating,
with sprinklings of Turks, Greeks
and Albanians. Tho nnxloty of
Grecco and Bulgaria to annex tho
territory has for years constituted
tho so-called Macedonia problem of
eastern ICtiropo and ceased but llttlu
to vex tho powers. It Is but natural,
thoroforo, that Oroeco and Bulgaria
will bo tho chief contenders for this
valuable trophy of war when the
tlmo comes for tho partition.
Tatronizinglfome Industry.
Tho simplest way to build up homo
Industry Is to patronize It. Tho
Made-ln-N'obrasku show to bo Ib In
lino with tho Immodlnto nooda of n
growing metropolis and stato and
should rccolvo tho fullest co-operation
posRlblo. It Is dcslrablo that;
our people In all parta of tho stato
learn all they can In advunco about
tho details of thla oxposltlpn and help
make It a markod success. That, of
courso, will not of Itself build up our
home industries; that will bo homo
patronage on dress parade, but if
properly followed up tho plan should
mark an Impetus to the end sought.
Twenty years ago Tho Boo promo-
tod n homo industry campaign with
oxcollent results, it was first odu
catlonal In Us offocts, which, wo feel
sure, have never boon lost upon our
city and state. Tho time warrants
another moro comprehensive cam
palgn of this sort, ono that will con
tinue permanently by Its own mo
mentum. Our stato Is progressing In
manufacturing as well as In Its agri
cultural supremacy faster than wo
realise, but Just hero Is whoro con
ststont patronage of home industries
Is callod for.
Bath Tub Trust Decision.
Kvldently tho Tnft administration
has achieved a most notable victory
for tho country In tho. Bupromo
court's decision against tho Dath Tub
trust, annulling tho pernicious
"llconso ngreoments," and laying
down tho broad principle that unpa
tented products of patented devices
nro not subject to monopolization. In
this It deals n fatal blow to viola
tions of the anti-trust statutes under
guise of protection of the patent
It Ib of additional interest to nolo
tho assertion of ono of tho govern
ment's special prosecutors to the of
feet that Blnco the bath tub combina
tion was dissolved by tho filing of
this action its prices havo fallon from
26 to 40 per cent and that without
restricting production or trado, for,
hu declares, today nearly all the
manufacturers engaged in this Indus
try aro operatlug their plants over
time. If this ia true, tangible proof
of the direct benefits obtained for
the public by Mr, Taft's consistent
prosecutions of Illegal combinations
prosecutions that have been con
ducted without tho blare of trumpet,
and In the face of persistent misrep
It'a our guess that Mr. Bryan has
iong-ago-given assurancu that no
Nebraska appointments will be made
by the new president that aro not
satisfactory to him. If this guess is
I good, our distinguished democratic
senator from Nebraska might as well
I t.I. t U
-auvu suid urvtiii-u
Qokprf Backward
S NOV. "'20. r&rr
Thirty Years) .u
nri u. mgersoii. nt Floyd s
opera house, told a large audience what
they must do to be. saved. The only bad
feature of th6 lecture won the Intrusion
of rtulpers. who bought up the tickets to
sen in advance.
Tho Omaha Post has located In the
Hlllerkn bulldng on Thirteenth between
Dodge nnd Capitol avenue.
Thomas K. Price picked up n pockctbook
containing certificates of deposit, drafts,
etc., amounting; to over $700, which he
turned to tho police
8enator Saunders and Charles Baunders
went up to Ulalr.
Mrs. p. fit. Clair of Ogden Is In the
city for the purpose of placing her daugh
ter. Miss Maml, In the Academy of thi
Hacred Heart.
Kurtx'H store, 13)6 Fa mam street, is
having a sale "of goods damag'ed by fire
nnd jvatcr.
The first monthly aoclable of the Young
Mcn'n Christian association was cele
brated with a program to which J, Wesley
Wllklns, J. Northrup and tho Misses Arn
old, Johnston, Hva Ixiwo and Clara Pierce
Tucnty Yearn Aim
A fire In the row of three-story brick
business houses on the south nld of Far
nam street, between Thirteenth and Four
teenth, proved to be. one of the most diffi
cult to combat which the flrcmi'ii ever had
t.ickled. Only tho most offlr-ltnt service
of tho firemen prevented destruction of
the entire block Detectives Havage and
Dempsoy saw flames emitting from the
third story windows of 1307 Famam, occu
pied by the drug firm of llullluger &
1 la ley, and they turned In the alarm. The
firemen wero tiero quick. Next door tho
Misfit Clothing company and next to It
the Jonas Jewelry company 'were en
dangered. The alarm was sounded at
12;30 and by 1:30 a. m. the fire was out,
having destroyed only tho. upper stories
of l3o7. The buildings were owned by the
C'relghton estate, of which John A. Mc-
Bhano was tho administrator. '
Kirn entirely destroyed Iho stone yards
of Urexvl & Foil nt Sixth nnd Jones
streets at a loss of about 15,000,
Tho auditorium of the Young Men's
Christian association was filled with
churchmen preparing for tho meetings to
be conducted by Hov, D. Fay Mills. Ilov.
Dr. Duryca rend a letter from Ucv. Mr.
Miils urging all Chrlttluna to make these
meetings thn object of earnest prayer.
Itev. J. H, "Detweller, who had henrd the
cVungellst at Kansai City, praised his
methods and leal. Loaders of the respec
tive union meetings In Omaha under Kcv.
Mr. Mills wero selected from tho various
clergymen and pnutors, '
Ten Years Aso
Mrs. C. 13. Urownlee, whose home nt
1211 Douglas street wns robbed, as well as
severul of her roomers, denied the report
that she saw tio burglar while about I
his work and later eating lunch. Bhe
found a banana peeling on her dining
table next morning and said thnt was all
the evidence she had that he had taken
refreshments there.
Hankers, lawyers, legislators and mer
chants met at the Millard hotel to dis
cuss, tho proposed hulk sales law. The
meeting -was held under tho auspices of
tho Retail Credit Men's association. The
sentiment for such a law was unanimous.
Among thn speakers were: Kuclld Martin.
F, K. Pearco, W. S. Wright. Charles
Ifountze, Arthur C. Smith. H. F. Cady.
C. N. rtoblnson, 8. 13. Rohr. Omaha; J.
Frank llnrr. K. I Hall, Lincoln. Kvory
member of the Douglas county legisla
tive delegation pledged himself to sup
port the proiwsltlon at Lincoln.
Dr, Wu Ting-fang, his Imperial Chinese
majesty's envoy extraordinary and minis
ter plenipotentiary, nrrlved in Omaha
early In the day from the cast en route
to San Francisco to board a steamer for
his native hind. On his arrival at the
ITniori depot he Inquired of lid win Haney,
station master, for Edward Itosownter, an
old friend, and Mr. Haney soon had Mr.
Uosewater on tho telephone talking to
Dr. Wu. Dr. Wu also asked for T.
Lindsay, at whose home he was once en
tertained In Omaha. Dr. Wu gave an ex
tensive Interview to a reporter for Tho
Ileo on his mpreBHlona of the United
State ond Us peoplo, of whom he was
very fond.
It whs learned from Washington that
Colonel John 8. Mosby would be In Omaha
the next week to start on his work of
showing up Irregularities In western land
and fence mutters.
People TalkedMout
Christmas magazines and the Christ
mas huve mad their appearance. Now for
the annual scream: "Do your shopping
The suffragists' parade In New York
haa stiuck tho deathblow to the high
cost of living. They havo demonstrated
thnt a woman can look attractive In a
39-cent hst.
One of tho prospective spectacles of the
coming March will be tho welcome "Tama
Jim" Wilson extends to Dr. WHey whon
the latter arrives nt tho Department jt
Agriculture In .Washington.
Women In a Knnsai county celebrated
their victory at the polls by a big bon
fire of their hats nnd bonnets. The
fathers and husbands of the eclebrators
doubtless look on this as a burning
The attempt to recall the m'r of
Seattle has failed becauso not enough
Hgnatures tothe petition could be se
cured. This same mayor haa already
been elected to his office twice and re-
cnllod once. Ills socoml election rouowen
his nrsl recall.
The ladles of tho Modern Maccabees
now number C0.O0O. The head of the or
der, Frances K. Hums, writes "Ot. Com.
L. O. T. M, M." after her name. Tho
medal value of tho alphabet has been
dUcovcrrd by a new line of patriots
since women cume to the fore.
The esteemed Henry Oassaway Duvls
of West Virginia passed his ninetieth
year I"t on tho sixteenth lfistant. Mr.
Dxvls Is remembered as Judge Parker'a
running mate on tho democratic ticket
In 1WI and the hero of a series of ro
mutlo love stories which failed of reallza.
The poor success of the Kansas uni
versity team on the gridiron this year
Inspires this cruel suggestion for Kansas
consumption: "Tho orld ought tp pay
less attention to trained athletes ar.d
give more glory to the husky younri
farmers who have the Industry and am
bIUo t0 conten1 for Ul8 bcit as cham
I ....
I Won corn hii-sKera.-
Events at Headquarters Noted by the Army and Navy Register.
Arlirlrlnl Limits. (Used being equipped with apparatus for
The surgeon general of the army estl-1 this purpose. Experiments also were
mates that the sum of JSS.000 will be rc- i made with signaling the fire commander
quired to pay the claims for artificial by dropping cards. During the tests a
limbs and apparatus coming duo during j frightful accident was Just averted.
the flsrul VHr Lin 1 1011 Tnr. I Wklln CUpnhri t Uiilminl A. Ar-
ng the last fiscal year orders on manu- '
fncturers were given for ninety-four artl- i
flclal legs, one foot, and five arms, i
Commutation certificates were Issued for
1.567 cases of amputated leg. l.W of am
putated arm, forty of amputated foot,
and 1,777 cases of loss of use of limb.
Under the act of June 17, 1870, and nub
sequent amendments thereto, 23.627 dis
abled soldiers and sailors have been
furnished artificial limbs or apparatus, or
have received commutatatlon In money
since the passage of the act a follows:
juitii iiuiuucr ucnciiieu 10 June lyjx.
23,527; died, 13,851; dropped from rolls,
S92; rejected after ono or more payments,
571; remaining on rolls at end of fiscal
year, 8,513, being a loss of K3 beneficiaries
during tho year.
Sliors l Kit (lie Fret.
The provisions of O. 6. 16. from the
War department, have attracted consid
erable attention throughout tho military
service. Some of the commanding of
ficers have been discussing to what ex
tent, for example, they must personally
fit tho shoes to tho feet of their enlisted
men, ns is one of the obligations com
municated by this new requirement. Tho
order Is regarded as . acUtely scientific
and probably goes Into the subject w 1th
a thoroughness which has characterized
no other official document on this or
any kindred subject In the history of
official publications. On this particular
subject ,tho thoroughness Is due to the ad
mirable work performed by a board of
army officers, which made an exhaus
tive study with many practical experi
ments concerning the style of shoes to
be worn by tho soldier. It was In con
nection with tho requirements of this
order that the surgeon general's office
of the War department gave Instructions
this Week for the purchase of 30,009 cans
of standard foot powder to be used in
connection with adhesive plaster, quan
tities of which are already In stock at
the medical depots, both of which articles
will be supplied by (he depots' on tho
requisition of medical officers.
Aviation Activities,
Tests to ascertain the ability of those
In aeroplanes to observe the fire of field
nrtlllcry against 'masked positions and to
transmit Information as to tho fall of
shots to tho fire commander below have
been concluded at Fott IUey Kan. The
reports so far received at tho War de
partment Indicate that the experiments
were successful, as tho battery was able
to get on tho hidden target on the third
volley. It also was demonstrated that
radio-telegraphy can be used to transmit
Information from 'an aeroplane to, the
fre commandor. ono of tho machines
me Bee's Letter D
Thanks t ConKTtulnUon Appreciated
OMAHA, Nov. t8.-Td the Kdltor of The
lice:'. I want to congratulate The Beo
on the success" of Its crusade thus far to
wards securing "more streets cart, and to
say that I am thankful for having hud a
seat all tho way to Dundee every nigni
since I sent In my first letter: nnd that
makes me bold to suggest again "The
Power of tho Press," und, how we could
enjoy reasonable electric light and gas
rates If ono or all the papers wouia om
start something. That would help Omnhi
moro than "moro cars" and result In tho
necessity for more cars yet.
However. It should bo noted, regarding
Mr. Wattles' letter, that, while most of
what ho said was satisfactory to date,
tho truth only partly told Is, ns usual,
"somo misleading." Tho cars In nil cities
aro badly crowded during certain hours,
hut that condition Is only permitted and
excusable after tho railway company haa
done Its utmost by running as many cars
ns can safely operate on tho tracks, and
oven then the public Is not required "to
grin and bear It," for elevated roads and
subways are built at enormous expense
to relieve the situation, and that is prog
ress and that Is as other cities really
do. Omahn can asplro to this condtt!6n,
but her surfacq tracks will safely carry
lOo per cent more curs before she is
threatened. A. C. A.
Confusion of Htrert Nam. .
OMAHA, Nov, 19. To the lidltor of The
Beo: Tho paper Informs me that on
ordinance Is being drafted by the city
commission by which "Sweetwood avenue
Is to be changed to Twenty-fifth avenue,
nnd the name of Twenty-fifth avenue to
Twenty-fifth street."
This 1 to bo commended and should
mark tho beginning of a fixed purpose
to as quickly as possible get rid of the
absurd ami , confusing method we now
havo of designating our north and Bouth
streets. We should cut out the word
avenue, now misapplied snd number
our streets In regular order from cost to
west to the city limits and thus termi
nate tho endless confusion of the stranger
who comes to visit us. If this cannot be
done we should, at least, designate the
streets now culled avenues by names In
stead of numbers. The present system Is
ridiculous. Why pot change the name of
Slxteepth street to Fifteenth avenUef
To ,Muk Omnhn SInre Hrnutlfnl.
OMAHA. Nov. 19. To the Kdltor of The
Bee: Considerable Is being said and not
a little Is being done, toward making
Omaha more heautlful.
Our down town streets vere never In ss
good condition as (hov a. i- today, and
quite an effort Is made to thoiu so.
I would suggest as a further Improvt
tnivnt In our appearance hit evevy last
bill board within the cl.y ItpilU bq ut
terly done away with thev are nn .eye
soro and should never nave been per
mitted to establish themselves.
Our dally papers afford the best; nnd
therefore the cheapest means of ad
vertising: they reach everybody and of
fend no one.
Hut the crying need of the city today
la u comprehensive system or street
-.prinuiing. v can do nothing toward
......... t - . . u. nj Kit, w n ftAPtnlnU'
du away with a large part of the just
There Is absolutely no use talking abaut
an Omaha beautiful whllo thl dust
nuisance prevails. What strike a stran-jvr
first Is our overwhelming dut supply
tl.rt "cither lie nor sho cun escape H if
they happen to strike town on a day when
t.i .u nice south winds are on tup, ind
It creates the worst sort of an Impres
sion, an exasperating, soul trying lm
Every pavtru ... U la iu via? niouia
nold, Twenty-ninth Infantry, was pllot-
Ing one of the machines, with First Lieu-
tenant Alfred I P. Hands. Sixth field
artillery, as a passenger, at an altitude of
400 feet, the maehlne,,for some unaccount
able reason, suddenly turned and plunged
for 100 feet, when the pilot succeeded In
regaining control and bringing the
machine safely to the ground. Of the
two-typo C Wright weight-carrying aero-
planes used at Kort lliiey one win be
shipped by freight to Fort Leavenworth
for station and the other to tho Winter
quarters of tho aviation school at Au
gusta, Ga. It had been Intended to fly
the machine destined for Fort Leaven
worth to that place from Fort P-lley,
but this project had to be abandoned.
The aviation school will be transferred
from College Park, Md.. to Augusta about
November 18 and Captain Charles DeF.
Chandler, signal corps, commanding the
qnarlermaaler'a Uniform.
The chief of the quartermaster corps
haa under consideration his recommenda
tions, shortly to bo submitted, concern
ing the uniform and Insignia of the
newly organized corps. It Is General
Aleshlre's idea that the insignia of the
former quartermaster's department shall
be retained as the insignia of the en
larged quartermaster's corps, and that It
shall be worn by all officers, whether
those of tho permanent personnel of the
former three supply departments now
comprising the quartermaster's corps or
line officers derailed for duty In the
corps. This is regarded as a sufficient
mark of designation or Identification.
Borne consideration has been, given to, the
adoption of a special uniform for officers
of tho corps, at least for those who will
cornDose Its permanent personnel. Qen-
.roi Aieshlre believes that individual
economy should bo allowed to control the
situation. It Is probable thsTt he will
suggest as the uniform of the quarter
master's corps that worn by officers of
the former quartermaster's department,
but that the permanent officers who were
fnrmerlv of the subsistence and pay de
partments shall bo permitted to wear tho
uniform of their old corps. Tne onicers
who aro detailed from the line will, as
now, wear the uniform of their respective
arms. Alt of them, as has been stateu.
will have uniformity of Insignia. In
other respects, among officers of the
quartermaster corps will be worn seven
different uniforms. This decision will be
received with satisfaction, since It re
duces the 'change In uniform on account
of the qew corps to a minimum indi
vidual expense.
be snrlnkh! during tho open season,
there is no use In Just wetUng down the
few blocks In front ot our prominent re
tail stores-might as well try to sweep
back the ocean with a broom; it's a waste
of time and money-
Sprinkle every street tnuruugniy u
eight times a day or oftencr on one of
our windy days.
Tho expense could go In the genera!
taxes and all share alike, ns all would
be benefited.! You cannot make a dusty
dty beautiful, comfortable, nor healthful.
v L. A. ELLIS.
Kin rut Hver Vet HinnH ICIoW.
OMAHA, Nov. IS.-To tho Kdltor of
Tho Bee: Noting your paper and the
people's comment on the Omaha street
railway subject. prmlt an old traveling
man to express his vlows.
Having traveled through nnd ove-thirty-two
states lj this union and rldder
op the street cars of tho large cities Ir
all that territory many times. I can un
reservedly say to the peoplo of Oman
that thoy should be proud of their publl
utilities and the service they render
especially your street car system service
I can say without fear of contradic
tion by any fair minded Investigator thai
the Omaha street railway system Is the
most offlclent. most careful and with the
least loss of time In serving the public
of any Jlko service In the large cities of
this country.
I am not in tho employ of any street
Railway company, nor do I sell anything
they use or' consume, and only Wish to
be. fair. Though I am only a short time
resident of Omaha. I .frankly say I
am proud of Its street car service.
Thero Is only one thing to critlsjzp In
my Judgment, and that Is In the power of
tho city council to regulate. That I, no
car should bo permitted to pass another
car whllo taking on or letting off pas
sengers. Tho closest call I ever had from acfl
dent to life and limb bas been by this
means, brought very close upon mo right
here In Om'bn.
Let us appreciate what we have and
when It can be bettered, in a fair and
honorable way. we will all willingly Join
and boost for It. GEORCJE W. SMITH.
US North Twenty-second street.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Why should
not war vessels, engines of destruction,
pay as much toll In the Paqama canal
as merchant ships. Instruments of peace
and civilization?
Indianapolis News. While fishing near
rort Arthur, Tex., Mr Perkins hooked a
tarpon that nearly upset the boat. For a
tarpon, you know. Is a good deal hardor
to handle than a sucker.
Washington Post: Tne poor Washing
ton correspondents are the ones to be
pitied, seeing that they've got to turn In
now, pame the cabinet, outllno the poli
cies, and make a few thousand million
St. Louts Republic: A great many per
sons' who are not Inhuman will neverthe
less feel a certain satisfaction In reading
a recent account of a Hpanlsh bull fight
In which the bulf had the best of It and
the man the worst.
I fT1e. hafeM RvAalrfa
" v v viii
j tones Up tht Stomach, dears
head and do. you good.
I w
Quickly Melicvcs
CONST. tori
Caller--In your renort of mv .inyuhlet's
wedding her name "Gratia" was Printed
tji.K ..-. . .... .. .
,-u.itji en. tnni wasn t sucu a ma
mistake. You gave hor away, didn't you?
Hoaxt thoiicht Vnn suid tie -n n i't-
tloment worker.
Joax He Is.
HolX-WhV. h tail.
Joax-Wcll "-Philadelphia Itecord.
Dcoartlnr Guet 1M ulmllv triv'o- vnu a
tip, waiter, but I find I've only cab fare
Walter (benlknlv) Alt. sir. von don't an-
prcclate the beneficial effect of a good
after-dinner walk. Judge's IJbrary.
'What V1.l Bllt.l.n... t.M.1. .11.4
Wantd to measure my finger."
ror a ainmonu ring, en
rur . inimme. no wonuer us women
nre on the warpath theso days." Pitts-
tllarl tins
. . . " . - J - I v . . , , U1 hilt llCkt V
a Thanksgiving day?
t'wic Grouohmore To give thanks for
the close of the Toot ball season. Chicago
M,iour father called me a timber wolf.
What did he meaji by that?"
"Oh, that's Just one of pa's political ex
pressions. Ho used to live out west, you
know, nnd nothing ever pleased him 10
much as to shoot u timber wolf before
breakfast. Of course ho didn't mean any
thing by It." Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"What can I write to Mr Pcnn In an
vrafc. 1 11 insasa v.w v v J! 1
Ho Limm
Style, Comfort and Wear to
the Utmost Degree
Mayer Honorbilt Shoes are acknowl
edged leaders in ladies' fine footwear.
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cnuaren; xerma cushion Shoes,
"Dry-Sox," the wet weather
-1 J r T,-.-i-r
Comfort Shoes.
F. Mayer Boot &
Shoe Co. Milwaukee
swer t hi tquei f t an honest opinion
un his recent articles? The are as heavj
fls Ipftd " .
Ttoeii Just tell hint his article carry
great weight ' -IMltlmoro American.
W D. Nesblt In Chlcagp Pott.
Oh, pumpKln pie!
Athwart thy faco
An hundred fancies may I trabef
I see the glint of summer sun:
And twilight, when tho day Is done:
The sober peace of musing cows
Who In the mendow grosses browse;
Tho radiant glory of tho morn '
Thnt sweeps acrof.i the nodding corn.
A thousand happy fancies start
When thou art nestling near my heart!
Oh, pumpkin pie!
I hear tl)e breete
That whispered In the maple trees
"I see the swaying fields of wheat
And low across the land nt night
1 catch that ballad of delight
The chant the cricket sings In glee,
And summer comes again to me! 1
Oh, pumpkin pie! Thus dot thou cost
Thy Joyous glamour o'er the past!
Oh, pumpkin pie!
Within thy breast
Theso gladsomo summer fancies rest
The golden sunshine and the dew
Havo paid their tribute through an
through: . ,
Tho song the lark trilled in tho air
Within thy form is echoed there:
And all theso things ot Joy to mo
AVero caught and firmly held by thee.
Oh, pumpkin Pie! Thanks, for all thou
I welcome thee unto my midst!
Stylish and
Serviceable for
Men, Women
and Children
Successors to Ballsy ft Mach
The largest and best equipped dental
efftee In Omaha. Experts In charge of
nil work, moderate prices. I'orcelaln
flilinga ' like the tooth. All instru
ct miU sterilized after using.
2d Ploor Paxton BlocY, Omaha, TCeTo.
nW'ff'W-taa ,