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Entered at Omaha postoKlce as second
class matter. .
Sunday Bee one year f
Saturday Be, one year
Daily lleo without ftumlsy. one J ear. 1.09
Dally Bee, and Sunday, one jw...... 6W
KvenlnR and Sunday, per month.. .. joe
JCTenlntr. without Sunday, per month.. c
Dally Bee, including Sunday, per mo.. .
Oally Bee, without Sunday, per mo. . o
Address all complnlnta or Irregularities
n delivery to City Circulation Dept.
Remit by draft, oxprn-s or postal order,
paablo to The Bee Publishing tompnn.
Only :-cent stnmps received In PnVmnt
of small accounts. I'eronal checks, ex
cept on Omaha, and eastern exchange, not
iccepted. .
Omaha The Bee building
Pouth Omaha-ZIl N street
Council Bluffs-14 North Main street.
Mncoln-M Little bulldlns.
Chicago 10U Marquette building.
Knnwia Clty-Uellancn building.
New York M Went Twentythlrd.
Bt Louis Ml Frliico building.
WashlnRton-725 Fourteenth St. "
Communications relating to news and
editorial matter should bo addressed
Omnha Ben, Kdltnrial Department.
Stte of Nebraska. County of Douglas, M!
Dwlrht William, circulation manager
of The Bea Publishing company, being
duly sworn, says that the avorago dally
circulation for the month i of 0btr.
1MJ, was BLfelS. DWIOHT WIL.T..IAM8,
Circulation Manngor.
Subscribed In my presence and worn
tn Wore ma this 1st day of November,
U12. ROBBttT lluNTKIl
Notary Public
Bnhacrtbera leHTlnsT h "lir
temporarily should hare The
Bett mailed o litem. Address
will be chnnitrd often a re
quested. Now for tho democratic plo coun
ter! Don't crowd thoro!
Porhapa anotUor trip back to old
Ohio might provo restful now.
Tho noxt congrcBB without "Undo"
Joo" would hardly worn llko tho real
Why la It thoy do not llko to ho
referred to rt Bchoolma'ama? Give
It up.
The women won, won tho rlnht to
vote at futuro olectlonB in Michigan
and Kansas.
Ah between tho near Bide and the
for stdo, thoro aro good argument
on each side.
It would seem that tho number ot
"repudiated bosses" has been ma
terially Increased.
"Roosevelt Quito Chipper" sayB a
headllno. Must havo Intended
"Hoosovolt Quito a Chopper."
And now tho democratic World
Herald in protesting against political
party fusion. Can you boat It?
Senator Kcnyon ot Iowa Is as
sured of retention in tho upper
branch of congress. Congratulations.
Nebraska seems to bo converted to
tho idea of a ono-torm governor, as
well as to tho idea of a one-term
Aa It turns out, while Governor
Johnson was off saving tho rest of
tho country, California was going for
That atmosphere ot prosperity ex
udlng from tho visiting teachers Is
one ot the most satisfactory features
of the meeting.
South Carolina has re-eloctcd Gov
ornor Bleaso. Those folks down In
South Carolina don't caro what kind
of a governor thoy havo,
Notice that Taft and RooBovelt
aro not so far apart in Douglas
coiiny, and that tho two toguther
have 2,000 moro votes than Wilson
Cabinet making is now nu alluring
occupation, and, while doubtful of
resultB, is still free from tho dnngors
and hatards ot the other building
The political prophets who had it
all figured out that the presidential
election was to be thrown Into tho
house of representatives havo an
other gueso.
It Is certainly exasperating to be
beaten by a slender mnrgin of a few
votes out of many thousands. The
defeated candldato would rather be
beaten to a frazzle than beaten by a
On tho theory of tho lata Mr,
Napoleon Donaparte that the Lord
fights with tbo battalions, he could
not have been at Armageddon fight
ing with those who claimed to be
thero battling for Him.
The nswa dispatches say Colonel
Roosevelt received the returns with
"contontmony" They might evon
have said "grim contentment," since
in the defeat of his old friend,
Roosevelt accomplished all he under
took or expected to accomplish.
The democratic World-Herald
charge tho salvation of tho repub
lican state ticket and the successful
senatorial and congressional candl
dates and tho legislature, up to the
separation of the electoral tickets
that kept Taft republicans from vol
lng ltt the Wilson column.
those who engineered this adjust
ruent of the ballot must be entitled
to son credit,'
No Such Hurry.
Wild talk is already being In
duigou by mouthy bun moosers
about keeping up tho fight to put
tho republican party In tho scrap
heap, and they are said to bo laying
plans for tho future designed to con
tinue and porpetuato tho spilt in the
republican party, which Is the dem
ocratic hopo and solace. In this
the promoters will have stimulating
encouragement from democratic
sources, becauso tho democrats
would llko nothing better.
All we have to say at tho present
moment Is that thoro is no such
hurry for Immediate action. Tho
part of wisdom would be first to take
an Inventory of political stock in
hand bo as to know more approx
imately Just what material remains
outfildo of tho democratic camp, and
In whose "possession it is. This is
particularly truo with reforonco to
Nebraska, where, according to the
returns so far In, tho republicans
have done as well, It not better, this
year as they did In tho presidential
election four years ago.
Nebraska and Illiteracy.
Nebraska has boasted for many
years of having, according to tho con-
bub, tho lowest percentage of Illiter
acy of any state In the union, and for
,thls prestige oven now It has but few
closo competitors. Doubtless many
factors have contributed to this most
deslrablo exhibit, but several suggest
themselves as moro salient.
First, and foremost Is the fact that
tho llttlo rod school house was
practically carried along with thom
by the pioneers who settled this
Btnto, and tho opportunity to obtain
at least tho rudlmonts of an educa
tion has been constantly presented to
ovcry Nebraska boy and girl. With
an Intelligent population appreciat
ing tho value of education, and will
ing and eager that tho growing gen
eration may enjoy tho benefits of
good schooling, It follows that stead
fast Improvement and progress havo
boon witnessed In tho public bcIiooIh
In this stato. Not only are tho
school buildings far hotter than thoy
Wore, and abreast with all modern
roqulromonts, but the standards of
Btudy, and tho character of Instruc
tion, havo been continuously advanc
ing. Tho monoy neoded to maintain
tho Bchools and tho amount has
boon doubled and multiplied Is con
tributed by tho tux payors with good
will and less dissatisfaction than any
other rovonuo for support of tho gov
ernment. Under thoso conditions there Is no
danger of Increasing Illiteracy In Ne
braska. Indeed, with compulsory
school laws, truant officers, and
laws against child labor, It 1b almost
impossible for tho boy or girl to koop
out of school, and It will not bo long
until an Illiterate person hereabouts
will bo regarded ob a raro curiosity.
Going; It Rather Strong.
Local coal dealers, acting entlroly
lndepondont of ono another, yet with
comploto coincidence for, of course,
thoro Is no coal combine aro bctow-
lng up tho prlco of hard coal for
local consumption In Omaha by 50
donco. Fifty contB a month on an
Justification for this boost, tho pub
lio has not boon taken into confi
dence. Flfly cents a month on an
investment of less than $10 is equal
to a monthly Interest charge of b
per cent, or at tho rato of GO por
cent a year, In addition to ordinary
profits. This cortnlnly looks like
going it rather strong. And tho
surprising thing Is, not that tho con
Burners who havo to burn hard coal
complain about it, but that thoy do
not complain louder and moro
Suffragists Making Big Plans
No ono who 1b thoughtful can fall
to bo Improssod by tho persistence
with which American suffragists aro
laying their plans of action. Evon
boforo tho presont national and state
campaigns closed, suffrage loaders
are launching now schemes for coir
tlnulng tho tight. What la particu
larly Btrlklng in this movement is its
militant personnel and Its modern
method. One finds Instead ot
mediocre, mannish freaks at tho
head, aomo of tho most conspicuous
women In tho public eye. Regard'
less of personal preferences, the sya
temattc campaign theso women are
laying out must bo improsslve, as
showing that thoy aro practical, not
listing to tho sldo of sontimcnt en
tirely. At tho outeot It may be noted
that thoy have recognized the Im
portance of filling their war chest.
In one round-up they gathered for
the Now York fight JB.B00, which, ot
course, la merely a nest ogg. Other
etatea bosldo New York may alBO
soon expect to claim their attention.
Hut lu It nil, thoy cannot
lose - Nebraska. New Jersey fur
nishes tho president-elect, but Ne
braska tho man who made him the
man behind tho gun, as It were,
And wo leave It to Champ Clark It it
was not a gun. The Mlssourian
might oven admit that It was a whole
battery ot artillery.
That's a wonderful scheme for
revolutionizing our public school Ays
tern of education put forward by our
United States commissioner ot edu-
i cation In fact, it Is so wonderful
that It may as well bo crossed off
the list In advance as thoroughly
Booking Backward
This Day in Omaha
NOV. 8
Thirty Ycors A
election results aro still In doubt owing
to slow returns, and nothing dsflnlte.
rile city council transacted a lot of
routlno business, and in the Hloux Falls
granite controversy listened to a lengthy
disquisition on geology by Mr. Baker,
which, however, brought the solution no
C. y, Goodman has gone to Cleveland
to attend tho wholesale druggists' con
vention. Announcement Is mads that "Little
Corrlno" and her famous merrymakers
will soon appear at Boyd's In "Tho
JIuglo Hllpper." and Incidentally lets the
cat out of tho bag that Corlnne was
born December 25, 1873.
Tho benefit for Ham Gardner at the
Academy of Music proved a great suc
cess. On behalf of hla old friends. Colonel
K. F. Smythe presented a gold-headed
ebony cono suitably engraved.
Judge P. C. Shannon, former chief
Justice for Dakota, now member of the
Hloux Indian commission, la In Omaha
to see his son-in-law, Preston Wolf of the
Union Pacific headquarters.
A class of elocution has been organized
In the Union Catholic Library association
with twenty-three members to start on.
The suffragist rally at the Boyd turned
out to be a scolding match. Miss Cousins
was particularly wrathful at tho local
newspapers and threatened to send for
hor big brother to take care of Messrs.
Iloiewater, Hitchcock and Miller, Others
who spoke were Miss Susan B. Anthony,
Mrs. Llllle Deveraux Blake, Mrs. Colby,
Miss Matilda lUndman, Miss Lascon, Mrs.
Dlnnmorc, Mrs. Blgelow and Mrs. Nich
Twenty Years Ag'
Early election returns showed Lorenzo
A. Crounso, republican, had carried Ne
braska for governor and that Harrison
and Held electors won over Cleveland's.
Karly returns from the nation Indicated
Cleveland's election to the presidency.
Voting In Omaha wa orderly. Many
women cast their ballots for members
of the school board. Chief Scavoy re
ported to Mayor Bemls at noon that a
First ward election officer had bocomo
Intoxicated and asked for Instructions as
to his disposition. After consulting the
city attorney, tho mayor declared no
other Judgo could ba substituted, but for
tho sober olectlon officers to do their
work and Ignore the 'drunken brother.
E. L. Lomax, general pasaengor agent
of tho Union Pacific, -went to Chicago
oil business. So did former Mayor Cush
lng. John Lalor resigned as private secre
tary to Kd Dickinson, asslstunt goncral
manager of tho Union Pacific, to take
tho position of - chtot clerk to tho super
intendent of the Now York & New Eng
land railway, with headquarters In Bos
ton. Ton Years Ago-
Frank Dewey, acting clerk of Douglas
county, selected A, C. Powers and A. J,
Webb to help him canvass the vote cast
In tho county at tho Tuesday election.
Congressman Dave Mercer expressed
considerable surprise and entered denial
when shown a telegram from Washing
ton to tho effect that It was rumored
there he would contest the election of
O. M. Hitchcock over himself.
BellevUA college beat the second team
of tho University of Nebraska at 'toot
ball, score IS to 0.
Mrs. Mary Bohllver died at her resi
dence, 3114 Bauth Blovonth street, at the
age of 77. Hhe was the- mother of Mrs.
William F. Harte and J. O. Bohllver.
Railroad men admitted they were con
fronted by a serious problem In the
freight car shortage. Tho Immense grain
shipments added to other heavy trofflo
was giving the roods all they could do.
People'Talked About
The merciful weather man tempers tho
wind for the Hldeless bull moose.
The silent vote put more steam Into
Its "punch" than the necessities ot the
case required,
Oyster Bay will remain on tho map
as long as the band plays, but' Sea Girt
la doomed to shrink Into Its bathing suit.
It has now been ascertained that the
cockroach carries typhoid fever germs.
Families should have their cockroaches
tnorougniy aisinreciea nt least once a
Three days beforo the cataclysm the
amalgamated prophet of Butte, Senator
Dixon, exclaimed for publication: "Un.
less our managers are all crazy, noose
velt will win In a landslide." Now for
the podded cell.
Thomas Adolphus Bamber Brown Au
gustus lUchardson Qoscoyno Goodlatte
has been appointed a member of tho
school board of Passaic, N. J. Thero
is danger that New Jersey -will become
unbearably chesty these blooming days.
A London newspaper has had a bust
made ot Qovernor Wilson because he
looks so much tike Joseph Chamberlain,
and the busts ot the two men are to bo
compared wltfc scientific thoroughness
to satisfy English curiosity.
It Is worth noting as a symptom ot
human liberty that a clergyman cam
paigning In Newark. N. J last weak
"made his audience howl" by standing;
on the platform and drinking a glass ot
beer while the band "played a lively air."
There wasn't enough beer to go around.
Jfow York's "Ideal" labor shop, de
signed to help workers out ot a Job, In
three years spent $38,000 ot the founders'
fund of $100,000 In getting this packago
of experience recorded by tho manager:
"Although thero are a large number of
peoplo out of employment, It has been
our experience that many ot them aro
either Incompetent or unreliable."
Hints un War N nine a.
Ixjndon Chronicle.
Utile difficulties of pronunciation will
be worrying most people aa the war goes
on and they want to talk about It. A
few early hints may be useful. Hera
la a list which a Slavonic scholar says
may be relied on:
Bcutari Skoo-ta-rl.
Uskub Oos-kyuu.
Balonlea Sa-Io-nl-oa.
Branjo Bra-neyeh.
Tlrnovo Teer-no-vo. '
I'odgor Uu-l'od-KOtrltia.
Mltrovf It -Mlt-ro-vltia,
Constantinople In nusklan and Bui
garlan Is Tsargrad, which means ' Em.
peror'j town.'
8ervice Affairs Noted by the
Motor Auibnlancrs,
The army medical corps has been
making experiments In the matter ot
motor ambulances. Pour were obtained
during the last year with the commer
cial truck chassis with a view to carry
ing out the policy of providing a stand
ard commtrclat truck on which the am
bulance body might be mounted, it Is
found that the department erred on the
side ot strength and durability and se
cured trucks which were too heavy for
the apparatus contemplated. The ex
perience gained by the department In
this respect, however, has been of value.
The next truck to be secured will be
lighter, and It Is thought the tests will
show more . satisfactory results. Tho
first trucks purchased are of superior
typo, and it Is proposed to turn them
over to the quartermaster corps for use
in ordinary trucking work.
Lift for Hnllsted Men.
The War department recently sub
mitted to the comptroller of the treas
ury the question as to whether or not,
under the provisions of tha last army
appropriation act, enlisted men of the
army on discharge aro entitled to sleep
ing car accommodations from the place
of discharge to the place of enlistment,
or to such other place wtthln the conti
nental limits of the United States as they
might select, tho distance not being
greater than from the place ot discharge
to the place of enlistment. It previously
had been held by the comptroller that
an enlisted man, when retired, may re
ceive transportation in kind to his home
and sleeping-car accommodations. Con
struing the last act on .the subject, the
comptroller holds that the term "trans
portation In kind" Includes sleeping-car
accommodations, and that the same may
bo furnished under such regulations ns
tho secretary of war may prescribe.
Improving Army Shoe.
Considerable attention has bean given
during the Inst few years to the army
shoo. The surgeon general of tho nrmy
In his last annual report states that the
army Is now fully convinced of the
necessity of having tho shoes of tho sol
diers made on a correct last and prop
erly fitted. The lasts and Btyles have
been changed from time to time, and It
Is believed has resulted In a, better shoe
being adopted. The tan and black gar
rison shoes are considered very satis
factory. There Is, however, criticism of
the present marching shoe. Several sur
geons have filed adverse reports with tile
Critical Analysis of General Wood's War Cry.
Indianapolis News.
War belnb hell, as Ueneral Sheman sold,
and as all the world agrees, aro w
never to get away from that condition?
Ueneral Wood says no. What ground has
he for saying so? At tho time lie
was boosting fortifications on tho Paclflo
coast. And he might point to Mexico
and to North Africa, where Italy and
Turkey raised "hell" In this way, and
also to the Balkans, where a similar state
Is achieved. But do these examples make
ugalnst the general trend of development?
Why Is It chlmorlcal to hopo for arbi
tration of causes In dispute getween na
tions as wo now have between Individ
uals? Tho one Is ho more absurd than
tho other. Ought this to bo more Impos
sible than the gradual doing away with
duelling between Individuals? Both ap
peal to the same ancient bnrbarlsm that
tho parties to an Injury must wage1 bat
tle Instead ot having a power neutral
andunvarylng, llko the assertion of so
ciety through laws, to settlo tho wrong.
It has been more than two generations
since we appealed to this ancient rello
ot barbarism between Individuals. Men
had to fight duels tor fancied or real
wrongs. But our clvUlxatlon has .out
grown this. No one now thinks that un
less a man stands up to be shot at his
honor Is stained. That standard Is still
maintained to a degreo In Germany and
France. But that plainly Is a survival
of the military spirit. The spirit that
would have a nation armed to tho teeth
ready for war demands that Individuals
shall show readiness to die on what has
been called "the field of honor." There
Is no more sense In one than In the
Further Cheoks on Human Faotor in Train Accidents.
Philadelphia Bulletin.
Iteprcscntatlves ot the Interstate Com
merce commission are considering the
practical possibilities of an electrical de
vice, which automatically operates to stop
a (rain at a danger signal and obviates
the possible danger ot an engineer's care
lessness. The human factor flgdroa
largely In tho annual record of railroad
disasters, and tho moat efficient block
signal system has Its limitations and Is ot
no avail when the locomotive engineer,
for one reason or other, falls to see the
red light Railroad officials and govern
mental authorities ore convinced by the
repeated warning of train wrecks during
the last year that Uve meahanlcxl safe
guards must go one step further and pro
vide not only a warning, but on actual
check on the fallibility of the engineer.
Still, probably nine out ot ten of tho acci
dents whloh are due to "running1 over"
signals would havo been prevented liad
Minneapolis Journal: Nearly 100,000 lives
were snuffed out In Kurope last week
because Mohammedans wish to reform
Christians and Christians wish to reform
Mohammedans. We ought to allow our
brother to be mistaken.
New Tork World; A noiseless aeroplane
Is promised tor military usea. If the de
mands ot war can alienee gas motors In
flying machine, cannot the demands of
peace effect a similar reform In automo
bile and motorcraft?
Chicago Record-Herald: To the war
news Is now added the Intelligence that
thirty volcanoes are In eruption on the
Itland of Nlnafoon. The new comat
recently sighted can't complain that the
stage U not property et tor it appear
ance, Indianapolis News: Sydney, New South
Wale which 1 always up to soma stunt
that amiui the ret of the world ha
actually sent women to Jail for wearing
hatrlns ot greater lngtn than th law
allows, which t something that with alt
our vaunted courage we'd never dor
to An.
JNew Tork Sua: The Obla woman who
Anny and Navy Register.
surgeon general concerning this shoe.
It Is reported that the toe of the shoe
!s too low and does not properly protect
the toes of the foot; that the width ot
the shoo Is too great for the length, and
that the instep is too low The board
that conoidcred this matter at fort Leav
enworth found that practically the feet
of all adults are deformed from wearing
shoes mode on an Improper laat. Upon
recommondation of the board a command
of 371) men was fitted, with shoes made
on a set of lasts recommended by them.
This command went on a practice march
of 117 miles, occupying nine days. Aa a
result of this test a Held shoe was
adopted which will be made the standard
for the army and will be Issued shortly.
The same last will be used for all shoes,
both garrison and field, black and tan.
Xerr Supply Corps.
The new army supply corps began Its
career under the provisions of the act of
August 24, on November 1. Tho consoli
dation of the quartermaster's, subsistence
and pay departments were prescribed In
general order No. S3 from the War de
partment, amplified by Instructions gov
erning the procedure of supplies, en
gagement of services and pav ot the
army, embodied In a circular Issued by
tho chief of the quartermaster corps this
week. There are some details to be ad
justed concerning the work outside of
Washington, but the off loo organization
was in working order, as prescribe.! by
law on November 1. That organization
consists of five general iivl lions devoted
respectively to administration, flnnnce
and accounting, supplied, construction
.and repair, and transportation. An In
teresting featuro of the no a- Instructions
relates to the payment of officers rnd
enlisted men. Under section 3 of the
act approved August 24, 1312, It Is pro
vided that such duty or duties as aro
now required by law to bo performed by
such officer or officers of the quarter
master corps as the secretary of war may
designate for the purpose. Therefore, thp
quartermaster corps will have charge
tho supply and distribution ot and nc
counting for funds for tho payment of
the army. The chief quartermastpr of a
command, under the direction of his
commander, will be responsible for tho
payment of troops of the command, In
accordance with tho. provisions ot army
regulations 1277, 1910. Troops will be ru'd
as soon aa practicable after the close of
each month unless circumstances pro
vent. The recent death of General Nogl In
Japan showed the survival ot an ancient
custom that demanded suicide on. such
occasions. But even Japan Is far enough
along to sot Us face against It, while
tho world simply looks at it for what It
Is a notion no further civilized than sim
ilar ones that dictate death and torture
among African tribes. If Japan can out
grow, as It Is outgrowing, tho notion of
suicide on special occasions, and If Eng
land and this country can outgrow duel
ling, what will prevent the whole world
from oUtgrowlng tho notion that It Is
necessary to lntorrupt the peaceful course
of development, destroy lives, ruin prop'
erty, devastate the work ot generations
of- toll. Instead of submitting the cause
of It all to a tribunal which shall appor
tion blame and praise between tho two
in dispute and make the awards tuat
reason and not passion, fairness and not
force,-shall find to be Just?
It seems to us that the advocates of
perpetual war find themselves harder
orlven each year. Tho logic of human
development Is against their position. Na
tlons will reach tho stage In time that
Individuals In the most enlightened na
tions have reached that It Is worse than
folly to kill one because two differ on a
subject.- Those that plead for universal
peace may not live to see it. But the
realization grows clearer, and as surely
as human development expands, as It
has done on the whole, so surely the time
will come when tho thought of war will
pass away, and the enormous and crush'
lng waste of Industry that Is lost in pro
paring for It will be conserved to make
prosperity greater and more general.
thoro been some means' ot surely flaslUng
the "rod beforo tho eyes ot the engineer,
It Is concelvablo that the warning sema
phore may at times bo missed, whether
through carelessness or a momentary In
distinctness ot vision. In the gloom of a
fog, the thickness of a storm or In the
rush of the train at a mile a minuto. But
If at tho moment such a warning) signal
were passed, an electrical contact were
automatically made, flashing too danger
sign In the engine cab, the chances' that
It would bo unheeded would bo reduced to
a minimum. Tho automatio danger stop
may bo practicable and possibly at hand,
for Inventive genius knows no obstacles,
but the transmission of the danger signal
from the semaphore to the cab would be
a matter .ot easier achievement and would
serve every purpose In nearly every In
stance where the automatic stop would be
on recovering her sight after four years
of blindness said. "What awful frights
the women are making of themselves
In tho new styles!" experienced the s&mt
sensations that assail the student who
examines a family portrait album of a
score of years ago.
Pittsburgh Dispatch: Axis Pasha, com
mander or tha Turkish army that was
defeated at Kirk Klllsseh. has been sen
tenced to be shot a a penalty. This
encouragement to the others will be
likely to make them careful about getting
Into battle unless they ore dead sure
to win.
Boston Transcript. These are the Joy
of war. If you were a common BOldler
In the Balkan army and hod shed your
blood defeating the Turk wouldn't yon
ba grateful to a committee of diplomat
of the European powers for deciding
whether the victory wfatctt roa risked
your Ufa to help win was to bet allowed
to "oountr After flajatfcar yosr -way tn
the wall of CoostaoUaopla tie -powers
would decide wbetfecr or not. la View or
their piopeil tetercstc tiey txmld af
ford U let iw nCex- tl? fmftal. Tt "be
gins to ts rntHTteTMa -vtgr -mi are told
so oftea that w b x. jora In Which the
mils sad Iwsfliir naxcm taa 3urwus -and
& fighters 3KT Om 3!lk.
Mr. Verl vane These bills are awful. I
don't spend a tenth as much on my
Mrs. Verlvane But, my dear. It's so
easy to make you look attractive. Chi
cago News.
"My dear." said Adanl. as ho and Eve
were discussing tho fall fashions In the
Garden of (Men, "which system of dress
making do you favor?"
Well." replied Kve. thoughtfully "they
all have their merits, but the loose-leaf
system Is good enough for me." Judge.
"She Is a confirmed gossip." said the
woman who always speaks her mind.
I Know it. renllcd tha woman who
Then why do you SDend in much time
visiting her?"
"Because I know when she la talking
to me she Isn't talking about me."
Phllodejphla Ledger.
Her Father What are the vminir man'
business prospects?
daughter I don't know that. na. All I
know Is that he means business. Boston
"There's something aueer about her di
She got it nil right, didn't she? What's
queer about It?"
"She doesn t seem to have another man
picked out to marry." Washington Her
ald. "Women do not always observe the
The man who canrt walk right,
can't think right. The man who
can't think right, can't work right.
Poor shoes are responsible for many failures
good shoes for much success. If Stetson Shoes
fit better, look better, and are really cheaper,
why are they not the shoes for you? They are! .
Let us put a pair of Stetson Shoes on your feet,
and we believe your feet will be "Stetsonized
for life.
The RED DIAMOND is the high sign of Shoe Merit
Sixteenth and Dodge Sts, Omaha
"Stetsons cost more by the pair but less by the year"
The After Hours
jTflT jKll i
MANY concerns lose money every night by not attracting the
attention of the crowds on the streets In the evening. On
the other hand many other concerns prosper because they
employ the after hours salesman Electric Light.
You can readily pick out these stores on the busiest thoroughfares
their show windows pouring a brilliant flood of light upward, outward
and downward thereby adding an attraction to the goods displayed not
obtainable in any other way. Few people can resist a glance at the
beautiful effect most people stop and admire It.
The proprietors of these big shops are well, versed In all modern
methods which make for success In developing trade. Tb,ey know that
the lavish use of electric light pays, and use Ellison Mazda Lamps to ob
tain it at a minimum cost.
Our Lamp Experts will gladly assist your artistic window dressers
In making your store and shop windows as attractive as the best in town.
Omaha Electric Light
(L Power Co.
Washington Crisps
Cut eff otuJUri
tut f living for
ctrtal fnd
11 11 it ff?PH9
Golden Rule among themselves, " ven
tured the candid person.
"No." replied Miss Cayenne. "I am In
clined to think the Golden Rule would
get more attenUon If It were something
you got at a Jewelry store. Washington
Baltimore American.
Free from the heat of the summer days,
4 Free from the winter chill, i
Bright with the sun and the soft blue
And the color pictures still.
The days of the Indian summer come,
Tne choice time or tne year.
When the fret and the stress and the
press are gone.
And the golden quiet's here.
These are tho days of the woodland
In peaceful easo and Joy,
Not fierce delights of tho summer's glow.
Which but the sooner cloy,
But pleased content which the longer
For Its sweet placidity,
When the hours stretch golden lengths
In a restful poesy.
In the brilliant woods are the chestnuts
And the merry bands go out
From the city's dust to the country's
To wander all about.
And gather nuts In a frolic mood,
Irt a glad and gleesome toll,
Then come back In a pleased fatigue.
With October's rich ripe spoil.
"Ftrtt in it