Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 26, 1912, EDITORIAL, Page 20, Image 20

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Hand Em'd Corner
' Sheer Linen
White and colored, sheer
Irish linen; also wom
en's and men's all linen
. with hand embroidered
initials and jai
plain sheer I U f
Ntw Fall Styles
Women's Neckwear
Wide spun Bilk knitted
scarfs In all colors, fringed
ends. 2 yards long; also
Robespierre cellars In vel
vet and silk, daintily lace
trimmed, wide ' collar and
cuff sets, and coat cellars
In Venlse, crochet and mao
rame, worth 60c up to $2, at
25c, 80c, 98c.
Special Sale of Women's, Misses and Children's
all and Winter Underwear
In this sale we hare Included
many special lots from an
eastern jobber. The quality of
these undergarments is up to
Brandeis high standard of ex
cellence. The bargains are
""certainly the most remarkable ;
that have been offered in
Omaha this year.
Women's Warm, Fleecy Lined
Ribbed Vests and Panto.
Ecru color, regular and out
sizes, aces and crochet trimmed worth 50o at .' . .... 39l
Women's Fin Ribbed, Warm, Fleecy Lined Union Suits White and ecru,
silk tape and crochet trimmed; worth $1, at a suit . .69
Misses', Children's and Boys' Medium and Heavyweight Fleeced Lined
Union Suit Open front and drop seats; gray and white; all sizes up to
16 years, at each v -50
Women's Fine Ribbed Fleecy Lined Union Suits Regular and extra sizes;
lace, crochet and ribbon trimmed; worth 50c, at a suit. . , . . 39J
Women's White Fleecy lined Vests and Pants Regular and Extra Sizes;
worth 39c, at a garment . '. -25
Hisses and Children's Fleecy Lined, Ribbed Vests and Pants, 1 P
Whit and Cr.T 4 la 14 Ymm irrfrfh 25i at vt
f aaav vuew mmj j m mw mm m v j " vt a avvvp aav
Dr. Denton's Children's Slewing Garments,
with feet, ages 3 to 8
years, each.
Womti'i Pure
Thread Silk Boot
Hosiery Wide
lisle garter tops,
lisle double soles,
high spliced heels
and toes; also
mercerize! silk
r;llsle hosiery, with
; double soles, heels
. and toes, full fash
ioned; worth up
. to 76c a cn
r, at pr..Vl
Women's Cotton
a nd Mercerised
Lisle Thread Hos
ieryWide hem
tops, double soles,
high spliced heels
and toes, plain
and fancy embroi
dered boot pat
terns; worth up
to DUO
at pair. , . ,
Misses', Boys' and
Children's Ribbed
School Hosiery
Cotton and mer
cerised -1 Isle
finish, also fleecy
lined: double
knees, heels
toes; black
tan; worth
up to 25c,
at pair . . ..
Women's Cotton
and - Mercerized
Lisle Finished
Hosiery Wide
hem tops, double
soles, heels and
toes; many are
full fashioned, reg
ular made; all
, sizes will a m
go on sale 1 if
at pair . . ,.J,V'
Special Attractions in Women's High Class Kid Gloves
TFAman'a Ana m- J-l m a. v -t.. I -t n
Women'a One and Two-Clasp Gloves of real' cape
"uvi ivv.. uuwuou uu sua jmea ror street and
evening weartan, gray, brown, white and black
fitted to the hand. Perrin and Va i p
Northrup makes, at pair , . . 51. 1 5
Short Gloves ln one and two-clasp effects gray
7 v ii A . . wu,l0 cape, mocha and
lambskinfitted If desired, s ap
lr -.$1.25
Long Gloves in fine kid and French lambskin, 12
and 16-button lengths P. K. and overseam with
threo-clasD fasteners white, black and
tan. Actually worth up to $3.50;
on bargain square at pair. ...........
Bargain Square Special Short Gloves
, black, tan and gray; two-clasp fas
teners; worth $1 the pair,.- ,
at the pair .....'.
in white,
..69 c
k individuality is expressed in every Brandets Coiffure
wavy switches, 20 inches long, $1.50 values .',.., .75
Wavy Switches, 24 inches long, $4.00 values ... .$1.85
Wary Switches, 8 inches long, Stf -oa,, $12 values, at $9
Natural Wavy Gray
Switohes, 24 inches
long, 2 oz., $5.00 values
at .,....$1.50
Transformations, P 0 m p a
dours, guaranteed natural
wavy hair, encircles entire
head; $ 5 values, $2.08
i S5c Extra Large Size Hair Nets for. , . ;VV.25c
J II nil .i.n. , 'f '
Hair Dressinrr and Manicurinc. RTinrrmnnino'
1- oi
racial and Scalp Treatments; Dyeing and Bleach
ing. Appointments made by 'phone.
' Almost every : woman is
knitting something. Never
before has it been so popular.
Never before has there been
such an immense variety of
pretty, useful ,. and stylish
article's to make.
Free liessons in Crocheting and
Knitting. Miss Strange, direct
from the Flelsher Yarn Mills is
here in the 'yarn department to
teach you this fascinating and .
profitable pastime.' No woman
can afford to miss this oppor
tunity. '
Big Special Sale
Bath Room Fixtures
Three sample lines, all perfect but
the stock is slighty discolored' on ac
count of being unwrapped bo long. It
will clean up and be as bright, clean
and new as ever.- You can replenish
your bath room fixtures at just half
the prices you will pay at any other
.time. r! -,' ,; ' ,
Fan Steel Etectrio Irons guaranteed
against everything for ten fcSO
years, on sale,' at, each. . . . . . .$U
Haviland China Sets, three handsome
patterns, beautifully decorated, 100
pieces sets, on
sale, at.; i...........J
China Dept-West Arcade
Drug Specials
2 So Broglers' talcum, 7c
600 Dr. Graves, tooth
powder 29c
25o Rosaline . .-. ...18c
2 So Peroxide cream, 17c
2 So Satin Skin cream
. for ......... ....18c
f 1 Pompeian MasBaga
for .7c
COe Java Rice powder
for 25c
$1 Violet Louisette face
powder 59c
6O0 "X!rab Apple or
Jockey extract. 02., 25c
60c Pinaud'a Lilac toilet
water. ......... .8c
Ivory soap, cake..3Hc
2 So Dr. Graves' tooth
powder .......... ,12c
1-lb. 20-Mule Team bo
rax .9c
15c Llquosone soap. .5c
25c Sanltol tooth paste
tor ............. lac
10c Shlnola .6c
3 So Castoria 32c
50c Milk's Emulsion.20c
50o SyTup of Figs.. 45c
50c Llsterine 45c
$1 Lydia Pinkham's
Vegetable Comp . .80c,
$1 Bromo Seltzer.. 89c
$1 Duffy's Pure Malt
for ..89c
2-quart hot water bot
tle 4c
2-quart Fountain
Syringe 49c
$2.60 Combination
Syringe $1.89
Experienced saleslady
ln charge ot this de
partment ,
60c Liver Salts ....45o
Seldllts powders, per
box .25c
Stamped Pillow Cases, size 42 x 36. at per pair, 19c on bout quality casing ln newest designs, with sufficient floss to compiets ths embroidery.
Men's and Women's Fall Footwear
ill i
i ! s
Women's Black Velvet Shoes New styles for midwinter, in
16-button tops, extension edge soles, braid tips () AC
all sizes, at, pair. .... . . . .V.,.. .... ...... .'. . ..... $sVi4u
Women's Shoes Popular leathers tan, and black calfskin,
black suede and patent kidbutton or straight lace styles,
high toes, short vamps, Goodyear stitched soles, Cuban heels
lasts, that insure absolute comfort 50 styles
. in all sizes and widths, at, per pair ...... . . . . . ,
Men's Imported English Shoes About 300 pairs of shoes made by the John Marlow
Co. of Northampton, England, in gun metal calf, buck calf, patent and' kidskln
leathers, blucher lace styles. "These fine, English leathers will give the very best of
service. Straight, comrorttDia last in ail sizes and widths,
on Bale at per pair i ..... ............ .
Children's Warm House Slippers, an absolute neces
sity these cool mornings. Made of soft felt 'with
leather or padded wool soles, fur trimmed or
opera style; all sizes, at. AQ f ft nOf,
per- pair
Boys' Shod-Rite Slioe Gun metar calfskin in but
J ton and blucher lace styles well made from tough
Holland oak leather that will give splendid servlc .
perfect fitting lasts ln M rn
sIzpb 1 to 6, at Jer pair. . . ... . . , fy&.DXJ
i-izta less titan- U at, per;pa ...;...... 93.03
Omaha's Popular Priced Clothing Store 1 J PH JIEL-PRED CO.'S
About Your Suit
and Overcoat!
Ton may b as "Touchy" as you Tfist in regards
to th male, fit and looks of your suit sad overooit,
still yon can be satisfied here.
Tee, end st a XiESS FKICE thaa you can bay
same quality clothes elsewhere 1
We had particular folks In mind when we had
these suits and overcoats made.
The fabrics are all wool and the colorings and
style are the newest that fashion dictates.
12M, 15-, 18M - 20-
Aro Remarkable Values
Save $5.00 on a Blue Serge Sult(
Tor a special flyer taturday we place on sale 146 '
strlcUy all wool Sine Merre Snite, 8 or 3 button model,
that are actually worth fifteen Dollars, which we have
prioed for rapid seUlnf at
Better Trouser Values Than Ever
$1.59, $1.90, $2.50, $3, $3.50, S4
The moat complete and .best saloet
ed troneer stock la the city to select
Wo "Job Lota" or "Discarded Pat
terns,"1 but briarht, new goods from
America's beet trooser makers.
Furnishing Specials
Adler's SiU Unod Dress QQ
Military Collar IQ. to Q 00
Flannel Shirts U QOt
at. . . ,
Style Sweaters, all col-
. ... 48c 10 $6.50
We Save You 40 Per
Cent on
Buy Direct
From the
Beautiful Ostrich Hat Bands.
36 inches long, all colors, tJO Afl
regular 14.00 values, at ...VfciUW
, Extra Values in Willow Flumss.
Beautiful, genuine, hand knotted
Willow, 18 inches long, 16
Inches wide; values, J3,45
7.M ' . Wlkow' "Wumas, . ' 80 f C
Inches long, 18 Inches wide w1'
$12.00 Willow Plumes. 23 f QC
Inches long, SO Inches wide '
115.00 Willow Flumes, 25 A A QC
Inches long, 24 Inches wide
We Clean, Curl, Dye and 8tepsir
Flumes. -
403 South 16th St.
, City National Bank Building
No matter how hard he is
on Shoes we recommend
We guarantee them to out
wear two pairs of ordinary
Boys' shoes.
Boys' 1 to 5
Little Gents' 10
to 13 & ......
1410 FARXAM.
Attractive Drug Bargains
Take advantage of these exceptional offerings and replenish your
drug cabinet.
Special Prices on
Borden's Malted Milk
60c else for 4So
$1.00 aiie for ....89o
$3.75 (Hospital size) for ...83.33
$5.00 can (ten pounds) for t.4.
Satordj Caoldy
The 60c Candy for 20c sold
on Saturdays only, always,
fresh, only enough ordered for
each Saturday.
Every Comb at About Half Price Saturday
Your chrflce ot
any 25c Comb
tor Saturday,
only 14.
' yj-w
Your choice of
any 50c Comb
in the store for
, Proprietary Medicines
Eskay'e Food SSc, 45c, eso
$1.00 Wine of Cardul for . ...89o
I)r. Cooper's Medicine.... 45o, 89o
$1.00 Hoetetter-s Bitters ...... 89c
$1.00 Squlbb's Sarsaparllla . ..76o
Ozomulsion .45c, 89o
Kexall Orderlies ....10c, 85c, 60c
Scott's Emulsion 45c, 89c
Vlnol, always 81)0
Hay's Hair Health ...... 45o, 89c
Llsterine ISo, 85o, 45c, 89o
Kexall Kidney Cure .....45c, 89c
$1 Lydia Pinkham's Compound
at 89c
Glycothytt.ollne 25c, 45c, 89c
Roxall 93 Hair Tonic . .60c, 11.00
Fellows' Syrup for ....89c, 81.34
Spruce Pepsin Tablets, 50c, $1.00
$1.00 Guartln's Nerve Syrup 89o
Cot-Price Specials in
Toilet Goods
25c Packers' Tar Soap, cut to 14c
25c FrostiUa, cut to ., 13o
25c Sanltol Tooth Paste, now Ho
60c Mai vina Cream, cut to ...890
Harmony. Rose or Violet Toilet
Waters 75e, , 50c, 85c
25d Bftbcock's Corylopsls 15o
50c Pompeian Massage Cream 89o
Ivory Soap, three cakes for ..llo
Rexall Cold Cream . 50o and 35c
60c Violet Cream, cut to 19c
25c Dr. Gray's Tooth Powder 130
25c Brugler's Talcum So
60c La Jeune Powder , 39c
$1.00 Gray's Glycerine Tonic 89o
Andrew's Tooth Plugs, bad for
toothache .100
mimm a r.icconiiEiL drug co.
.Proprietors of the FoUowtng BesaU Stores: SHERMAN & McCONNKLL
DRUG CO.. lth and Dodge; OWL DRUG CO., 16th and Harney Sts.: LOYAL
PHARMACY, Loyal Hotel; HARVARD PHARMACY, 24th and Farnam. Sts.
Rock Island Lines to
Leave Omaha 8:01 a. m. 15 p. m. 5:00 p. m. 10:47 p. m.
Arrive Lincoln 9:40 a. m. 3:15 p. m. 7:00 p. m. 12:30 a. m..
Tickets and reservations , '
14th and Faraaai Streets
Phoaee: Deeilia 423 Nebraska; A4428 laeepeadeel
Saturday's Barflralns in Ladies' Misses' and Children's Ready-to-
AVear Garments and Furnishings are attracting thousands of women toj
this 6tore. We have prepared mott wonderful bargains for this Satur-I
day that will bring a still greater crowd than ever. We do as we ad-
vertise that's the reason for the wonderful growth of our business.
Children's out
Ing flannel
Bleep ing gar
ments, sizes 2
tff 6, per I
garment, I U
One lot of girls'
coats, sizes 6 to '
14, in caracul
pony cloth and?
mixtures, worth.
26 dozen large
aprons, used as
house dresses.
In gingham; per
cale light and
(ark colors, lim
ited 2 to a cus
tomer;, 'as long
as they OQm
will last 8.3 b
Silk petticoats; jx.50 ladles'
all colors, black , ,. ,
Massllin petti- Mal fine Rrade
doats, ( CQ of union suits,
Safy vliOSI winter weight.
"77; ' sleeveless, shlrtt.
All wool serge 8 1 e e v e s and
skirts, also a lon- sleeves
lot of sample t,er ftp,
skirts, whin- Bu,t yao
cord and cordu-
at f.' . $ 1 1 9 8 One lot of house
dresses, worth
7 spools Coats' m to
machine thread. 2 mostly sam-
black or white, Ples and tnerf:
Nca a to 100 . tore mostly 86
for8?.0.0.18 25e t.8!!!8' 48c
76c children's t5.o children's
heavy wool u"n- all wool sweat-
derwear, shirts ers, age 1 to 3
and drawers years; Satur-
gar- OQ day at , OC.
meat... VU 'only. ... fc Jl
B1.50 Fettiooats
Black petti
coats, in sateen
and heather
bloom, worth
l0.!.1.6.0' 69c
120 ladies
black hose, r
pair 3
20c fleece lined
host," I 91
pair. .... I 8M
20c boys' and
girls' heavy
and fine ribbed
K-6:.:. 10c
Better Cloaks and Suits
For Less Money
Saturday Will Be Another Big $5
Day in Our Busy Cloak and, j
Suit Department. -:
Ladies',' Misses' and'Jiiniors' Cara
cul, Plush, Mixtures, Chinchilla
and zibeline Coats many new
numbers just received,
worth-to $12.50
New Silk Messaline and Taffeta
Dresses, many samples of high
grade dresses, new Serge Dresses,
all go Saturday in one ftfj
lot, worth to $12.50. . . ..u?Ui UU
Just 25 Ladies' Tailored Suits left
in stock that we are going &C ftfj
to close out Saturday for. . v JiUU
Saturday only, large sets of Furs,
Collarette and Muffs to match,
gray, black and brown,
per Bet
A new lot of pretty Novelty Coata,
many swell samples that are now
ln great demand. There are 150
coats ln the lot and they are worth
to $22.50. They will be placed
two lots . . $12.50-$9.98
Saturday only, $25 French Coney
Coats, beautifully lined with guar
anteed satin lining,
black and brown. . .
Ladies' Brown Marmot Fur Coat,
guaranteed in every re- tfQ flfl
H spect, worth $8 5, at. . .
The biggest assortment of Plush
Coats we have ever had will be
shbwn for the first time Saturday.
Every one is of the finest Jet
Black Silk Plush and beautifully
lined with guaranteed satin lining.
Saturday they . go at $12.50,
$14.85, $16.50
Pretty Suits for misses and small
women, also extra large sizes for
stouts. Special Saturday, m-wi QC
$9, $10, $12.50 and $l4i0j
t i A
,f I iff
ffi "i
IS A " v ; it
' -I
t v
... '"Sifil-':
- V
' ' ' ' 4
You Can Save Money By Buying Ladies' Shoes Here
$2.00 Ladies' Shoes in dongola . $3 Ladies' Shoes in gun metal and
V patent leather and bluchers, all
button, solid leather 01 00 the newest Fall mod- (MDC
, at ijMiUD els, specially priced... i...$I.OU
aphal-Pr e d o.
Tu-o Minutes from 16th St.
13th and Farnam Streets,
w . ... -. ..... , ,..,-.
Omaha's Best Exhibit
ol Men's Shoes
Representations from
the leading manufacture
ers of the Country are
here for your selection.
And we sell every pair
at the lowest prices honest
merchandising will permit
Expert fitters with the
ability and willingness to
serve you properly. Prices
range from
$3 Up
g eLSB eJ3.
All First Size 'Flowering
Bulbs Only
For best effects plant named
varieties. .
Tha Nebraska Sead Go.
Phone Doug. 1261.
5 1613 Howard SL
Seail Sealer.
Phones .oa lX9- '
ruuiie! laid, a-aua.
You will find most interesting
reading on the want ad pages.
. Have you read the want ads
yet today?