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The one on left, the "Wiltshire', reflects the-best M
thought of foreign and
American style masters, note
the graceful lines and custom
air from collar to cuff. It's a "Sain
peck" modal with all the "tone"
and "individuality" your custom
tailor can work out in a week at
double our price; it will cost you
but $15.00 to $30.00 to own one;
costs you nothing to try them on.
The one on right, the
"Sandhurst" is the new
est conception of a custom-
made Norfolk, also a ''Sam
peck" product, also has high but
toned vest, sells for $18.00, $20.00
and $22.50; ask a reputable tailor
his charges to "duplicate" this suit
bo you can figure "your profit" on
this Sampeck Norfolk.
Our label is gold in your bond
of guarantee.
Cross Gloves $1.50
Imperial Hats ............$3.00
Columbia Shirts $1.50
ra wuko noptre
own siont
m :rd M
Constitutional Amendment League
. Against Shaniland Bill.
Meeting- of Men Interested In Trmm
atera' Strike Expected to Result
In Settlement Favorable
to Worker.
T Vuuau gi,"fi"".i,
free Trade, Free Silver, Free Ships,
Trinity of Darkneu. (
AveorlaH( to Hfirrt'l Description
(New Jersey Oromor Stand
f icelr BUnoed on Ererr
Ihu of Omipntcn.
Chairman Republican National Committee
KEW YORK, Oct J8"rre Trad
Free Silver, Fre Ship, th Democrat!
Trinity vt Darkpe!'; laimd Bw
eentative Humphrey o WaaMngton, In
describing the damoor&Uo faith. '
What a creed for a political party to
appeal with for a vote of osnfideno from
th peoplel
"I am In. favor of anything that will
give ua American Mpa to carry Amerl.
can trad," Mr. Humphrey continued,
"provided it b not don at th expens
of other Amerlcani interests. I am op
posed to buying slap built in other
countrles-to free chips. 1 am opposed to
Bvaiem inai aivew iun.nor amwm
field and Increase the demand for Arteri
can workmen; what American can oppose
these worthy and patriotic object?"
But the AemocraUo r&rty haa opposed
them, and now asks for a lease of power
under which to deetroyi their benefit.
Description of Wllaon. '
Before Wilson was nominated for the
presidency, whllehe was candidate in
the primaries of his party, he was thus
described by William R, Hearst: "He
thinks that th tariff ia an Issue,, but he
is unable to formulate clearly his tariff
program. , He concedes that the trust
ijuestion is a leading one, but he has been
unwllltnf clearly to explain bow he pro
poee to deal with It lie modifies every
statement. Qualifies every utterance, and
stands nicely balanced on every tmue,
ready to retreat or advance aa occasion
requires. Ills democratic pose is assumed
and therefore awkward and unnatural.
As president he would be a i positive
danger to the party and to the country.
lias anything happened, sine Mr.
Hearst drew ,that, aketoh of, "Wilson, to.
cause any change in his description? Does
not every word Mr, Hearst uttered, apply
to the democratic candidate how, as it
did thenT ,. r J'"--' "
; What of the man, who as Mr. Hearst
laid furthers.; "po those:. who ask for
bread. Governor Wilson distributee the
any Wauw w .i ' poUshed pebbles of his oratory.
r wrmn pan . v brilliant : thov may be beautiful
gives investment to foreign capital wm - ' w
It Will Be Awkward for ThoBe Who
Do Not Come Into the Fold.
Republican Headquarters Telephone
is Baay Yesterday as Result of
. . Inquiries as to Places of
'j- Registration.
ahouiit be siven to American capital. I
aim not in favor of trying th delusion
of tree trade either on land or sea. I
am eternally and verla0Un1y opposed
to any scheme-in any shape, In any
form that will not give the Investment
to American capital and the employment
to American labor." j
Were that patriotic, sentiment under
stood and upheld by th pecpl of the
United States-and they are a patriotic
people-there would be no question of
th result of th election oi November
8, no dobt of the re-election of Pres
ident Taft and the continued supremacy
of the republican party. . ' ,
Bald President McKlnley, evidently with
the democratic party In mind: " ,
"To increase production Aer,' diversify
our productive enterprises, enlarge the
est ii fmsmsmsmasmmmsmmsmtmmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmm
Just Say "219"
I'll then how - you' the
classiest English derby in
I town. Number 219 is just
. tne nat ior yonng men un
der 35. Yes the Crt Aft
price is the. Bame . . v V
f a stjlisb4tlerby with less
swag'ger whisper ",602. ' '
More than merely show-j
ing styles T fit heads.
Yon 11 ficd sizes as small
as , 6 4-S and as large as
7 6-8. Don't worry if you
t happen to have a few
I v 1 J TM1
uuxups uu yuur uenu x 11
conform the hat to fit per
fectly! v-; .. .
318 So. 15th St.
but they are not bread; they are but
stone. He formerly, ridiculed ' and re
viled the initiative and referendum, the
recall, direct nominations, and educated
his students to oppose these measures,
but now he says h believes in th
initiative in a way, In th referendum
In part, in the recall on certain occa
sions, and In direct nominations under
certain conditions." 4
Against the dangerous, vacillating rec
ord stands the stanch, constructive, pa
triotic record of achievement made by
President Taft in the 'last three and a
half years. '
, Any who fall to register will not be
eligible to vote at the presidential elec
tion, November 6, unless they go through
the awkward process of securing certlfl
cates on election day
There will be plenty of men at work
today for the several parties to call the
attention of the .voters to the fact that
this Is the last day of registration this
The, telephone at republican county
headquarters was busy yestereday. In
quiries were constantly coming in as to
the location of polling places for certain
precincts. Th Inquiries were the result
of a letter the county committee seat to
over 8,000 unregistered republicans.
" Beginning at . 8 o'clock this morning,
when the polls open, the county com
mittee expects to have a few hundred
men Who Will ariva their neraonal ittnn. I
tlon to getting these voters out to regis
ter. . ,
The bull mooeers have been working
for the last week checking u? a list
Of the registered voters secured from the
county clerk with a view to making a
complete tabulation of those not regis
tered , The bull moos chairman has in.
structad his sixty-seven committeemen to
j do active and personal work,, and to keep
In touch with him at . headquarters dur
ing the day in order that the, most effec
tive work . may be accomplished. ,
(From a Staff Correspondent)
DES MOIXES, Ia. Oct 25.-(Spcial
Telegram.) The Iowa Constltuilonal
Ammendment league today etaited a
campaign to prevent the adoption by the
legislature of the Shankland bill to sub
stitute voting for petitions in securing
consent to sell liquors, and Is advising
all voters to oppose candidate not
pledged against the measure.
The Iowa Antl-$atoon league today
gave endorsement to G W. Clarke, re
publican candidate for governor, and de
clared against W. L. Harding, republican
candidate for lieutenant 'governor. In
the main the democratic candidates for
state offices are opposed.
Diphtheria Increase.
City health authorities today took ex
treme measures to put a stop to the
diphtheria epidemic in the schools of the
city. Irving uphool has been closed and
fumigated and the other school build
ings are being cleaned up. Despite all
efforts new cases continue almost every
day and doctors admit they are help
It was announced here today that Fred
Eargent of Sioux City1 ha been appointed
assistant counsel for the Northwestern
railroad to succeed A. A. McLaughlin,
recently promoted.
Teamster Likely to Win.
A meeting of the Interested in the strike
of teamsters was held late today which
continued Into the night and while no
information came out In definite form It
is believed that the strike will be settled
Very soon. It is also declared that the
union men have won a substantial
Iowa Eastern Star
Elects Officers
CEDAR RAPIDS, la., Oct 25. Sessions
of the Iowa chapter, Order of the East
ern Star, ended here last night with the
election and installation of officers. Mrs.
Alsa Sullivan of Fairfield was named as
worthy grand matron.
The other officers chosen are: Worthy
grand patron, W. H. Kllpack, Council
Bluffs; associate grand matron, : Mrs.
Luella Crooks, Boone; associate . grand
patron, W. F. Berry, Uoulton; grand sec
retary, Mrs. Maria Jackson, Council
Bluffs; grand treasurer, Mrs. Ida Web
ster, Wauooma; grand conductress.. Mrs.
Cecilia Small, Des Moines; - associate
grand conductress, Mrs. Maud Keyer,
Council Bluffs was selected as the next
meeting place.
DES MOINES, la., Oct 25. Members of
the Des Moines police and detective force
searched the city last night for Miss
Elsie Drlscoll and Miss Ruth McBlrney
of Boone. Both girls are under 16 years
The young women are supposed to have
left Boone some time yesterday. The
Drlscoll girl had access to money and
Jewels and is suspected of having ap
propriated both.
Mrs. Grace Drlscoll, mother of Elsie,
made complaint to the local police and
helped In the search of the city. .
BOONE. , la., Oct. 25.-Speclal Tele
gram. S. I Moore, president of the First
National bank, and the Security Savings
bank, president of the Eastern Star Ma
sonic state home board and known as a
Ida GroT Hermit Dead.
IDA GROVT la., Oct 25.-Special.)-
Slevers Sieverson, a hermit 80 years of
age, was found dead In a little hut five
miles northwest of Holsteln, where he has
lived for years. Sieverson lived on 'a
little triangular plot of ground of an
acre and a half formed by the cutting off
of the railroad on an angle. The dead man
had a son In Sioux City and daughter in
Minnesota. The old gentleman was vi
denty sitting on the edge of his bed mend
ing his clothes when he was stricken
with heart failure and fell over back
wards on the bed and died. His life's
history Is a mystery.
Six Thousand-Mile Anto Tear.
IDA GROVE, la.. Oct 2&-Speclal.-Mr.
and Mrs. A. C. Simons and son,
George, returned from the longest auto
mobile trip ever taken by anyone In this
every state between here and the Atlantic
seaboard and then toured New England.
They made a mileage of 5,990 and wore
out six tires, but had no trouble with their
machine They say Iowa roads will com
pare with any, except in New England.
Iowa News Notes.
By a recent order of court th federal
grand jury has been restored to the Cres
ton division and will hold Its first session
in Creston November with Judge Me
Pherson presiding.
Thirty-seven Greeks employed on the
Creston division of th Burlington road
will quit November 1 to go back to aid
In th war against Turkey.
John R. Edwards of Cumberland, la,
is In jail there waiting arraignment on a
a charge of assault with intent to commit
murder. During a family quarrel Wednes
day night Edwards slashed the face and
; (Continued from Page One.)
Dunn, an American newspaper corres-
pondent, and C. S. F. Carlsrlstl. said to
be an agent of Felix Was, arrived here
today under charge of fonr 'Mexican se-
Oret service men, having beeif expelled
from Mexico by operation of "Article
33" which affect so-called foreigners.
Both men said they wer' arrested In
Mexico City without warrants. Dunn
asserts he was taken from home on the
pretext that the inspector general of
potto wished to impart Information to
him. He declares he was placed in jail
without knowledge of his ' family ' and
permission to see his wife was denied;
that she came to the jail and-asked for
him and was told he was not there; that
he heard her vole and hhouted. On
hearing him sh reported his arrest to
th American embassy,
Deepit representation of th mbassy,
he said, at first It was denied h bad
ben apprehended. Although ' his wife
sent food only a small part of It reached
him and he was compelled to bribe the
guards for drinkfhg water at $1 pr cup,
he declared.
Carlsrlstl is said to be an Italian subject
Democrats Will Try
to Carry Illinois
CHICAGO, Oct 2B.-Th real signi
ficance of th visit of Chairman McCombs
of th democratlo national committee to
Chicago became apparent today when it
was announced that many prominent
democratlo speakers would be brought
into Illinois in an effort to carry the
Th first will be Senator O'Gorman of
Nw York, who will speak her thi
evening. He probably will mak at least
en other speech' in the stata
' William Jk Bryan, who will b her to
morrow, will make a one-day tour of the
state. " '
SHENANBOAH. Ia..- Oct 25.-Special.)
An amusing accident happened at th
lectrlo power plant Wednesday tnom
tng. Henry Gallup went Into th fttrnae
room.' to warm. He asked perrmssion
to open th furnace door a few mmtrtes,
and backed up to it as people used to
do at the open ' fire placu. The fire
was about as hot as It Is possible to
make one. In just three .seconds the
seat of his trousers was burned off and
the victim was dancing around madly and
calling for help. . The hoe was turned
on him and the fire extinguished before
h was seriously burned. .
Editor Jordan Not '
Guilty of Misuse of
, United States Mails
, PEORIA. 111., Oct S.-The jury in the
case of Myron Jordan of Rock Island, HI..
Indicted by the federal Jury on the charge
of, sending obscene literature through the
malls, returned a verdict of not guilty
this morning in the federal court
Jordan, who Is employed as a staff edi
torial writer on th Rock Island News
was indicted together with John Looney,
editor and publisher of the paper, follow
ing an attack on Mayor Schriever of that
city, depicting an alleged debauoh of the
mayor while on a visit to Peoria with a
party of frlenda ' - , ' ,
with a pocket knife. Inflicting a severe
; Rev. R. A. Cameron, who for the last
four years has held th Presbyterian pas
torate at Clarlnda, has resigned to ac
cept a call to .the Presbyterian church at
Victor, Mont '
IOWA CITY "Because he was too
homely to liv," as he expressed K In a
note left for his brother, Ciyde Fltx
patrlck. a prominent young farmer of
Kalona shot himself with a thirty-two-
caliber revolver at his brother's house
last night Despondency over a love af
fair was another cause for the shooting,
say his family. He was 26 years of age.
The Persistent and Judicious TTs of
Newspaper Advertising Space is th Best
Road Into the "Big Business" Class.
Early, Painting by ;
Bonheur is Found
SAN FRANCISCO, Cel., Oct 25,-One
of Rosa Bonheur's earliest paintings. has
been located here after having been llated
aa missing for many years. The painting
depicts a peasant driving sheap and cat
tle down a sunken road and bears the
initiala VR- B.'s 38." It has been iden
tified positively by Miss Anna Klumpke
of this city, long a personal friend , of the
painter and Is now the property of J, U
Cahill, a painter ' and decorator, who
fought It twenty-three years ago for .
' The" painting was brought her front
Europe in the Ws by a wealthy eccentric
man named Sanders who had accumulated
a . fortune and gone abroad to spend It
on old masters.
- CRE8TON. Ia., Oct K.-Maor A. WU
Usin, th first man to enlist In the civil
war from Illinois, died her today. Ha
was Si years old. He was wounded at
Shlloh and Resaeca. H was on of th
commissioners to lay out th national
park at ' Chloamauga and at one . tiro
was postmaster of Creston.
llotef n Coney Island Bnraed. '
NEW YORK, Oct. 26. Coney Island was
saved from a serious conflagration today
by the prompt work of the Island firemen
assisted by apparatus from Brooklyn. On
hotel and several bath bouse on the
ocean froa were deetroyd. Th lo Is
estimated at $50,000. , -
Bryan Speaktaa to Mi eh I a.
' DETROIT, Oct 2i-W. J.' Bryan ar-'
rived her today for a on day's tour In
Michigan. Ills schedule called for brief
pches ln leVen towns,' finishing- at
Bay City this afternoon. Ht expected
then to return to Detroit to address a
demooratto bm meting toaha
philanthropist, is critically 111 here of pto- I section. They left here last spring, visited
malne poisoning from eating oysters.
Attorney W. R. Dyer is recovering from
a similar attack. Mr. and Mrs. George
E. Montgomery also are recovering from
ptomaine poisoning.
(Continued from Page One.)
murder In the first degree as charged,"
each juror answered, "I da."
Remanded for Sentence.
Becker was remanded for sentenoe to
the Tombs by Justice Goff until Wednes
day, October 90. Mrs. Becker, : sitting
outside the court room fell in a swoon neck of his brother-in-law, Jess Eblin,
when the verdict was announced. '
Becker did not flinch when he heard
the verdict read. He had ' been called
up and stood at the bar with squared'
Shoulders, head erect Not a muscle
moved In bis face, but he ' swallowed
hard. That was all.
When the last juror had answered, Jus
tice Goff instructed the clerk to take
the defendant's pedigree. Beck answered
the questions in a low, firm voice. A
court officer brought the questions writ
ten on a slip of paper and as the pris
oner read them to himself he replied: -
"Forjty-two years old, American citi
zen, born In Germany; address, 3239 Au
dubon avenue; lieutenant of police; mar
ried, Protestant, mother living, habits
temperate, never convicted before."
When Decker's" vole died away, Mc
Intvre. who had covered his face with
his hands as the verdict was given, rose J
and asked that all further proceedings!
be deferred for one week, "until I can
prepare the proper motions for appeal.
Sentence la Deferred. '
VI will defer sentence," announced Jus
tice Goff, ''until October 30. Remand th
prisoner until that date.''
Justice Goff spoke in the same low
ton of voice, almost a whisper, that had
characterised his utterances during the
Becker gave a glance at the judge and
rested his eyes for a moment on the
jury. Then he turned and, followed by
a jail warden, walked with unfaltering,
rapid step up the aisle of the court
room and disappeared through the door
leading over the Bridge of Sigh to the
The jury had deliberated nearly eight
hours before reaching the verdict al
though the case had been In Its hands
sinoe 2:20 o'clock yesterday afternoon
Actual deliberation, began at 4:07 o'clock,
when th doors of the room swung be
hind the Jurors on their return from
What happened behind those doors,
how the debate ebbed and flowed, who
stood out eight hours against the final
verdict' how many ballots were cast
these were matters whos secrecy eacb
juror was pledged to keep.
After the verdict was given no one
was allowed to leave th room until the
jury had filed out Justice Goff had
given orders that anyone disturbing the
proceedings in the slightest degree
should be brought before him. for. pun
ishment Mr, Becker Faints.
Two hundred persons or more gath
ered at th court room door. With her
ear almost at- the keyhole sat the pris
oner's wife. As the. last juror left the
room ' by another exit the door flew
open and a man rueheu excitedly into
the corridor. Th crowd gav way. He
was half way down the step to the tele
phone booth when a policeman shouted:
"What's the verdlctr
The fleeing man looked over his shoul
der and shouted, "Guilty!".
For a moment there was silence keen,
intense, gripping. It was broken by a
woman's muffled scream and the sound
of a falling body. The prisoner's wife
had fainted. ! -
Just before th verdict waa given Mo
Intyr mad his last plea He asked
th court to grant an earlier request of
the jury to inspect the testimony of the
persons (Who talked to 9am Schepps in
Hot Springs, Ark. The court refused
The committee after an expiration that.
lasted two hours reported tliat in their
opinion Davidson was sane.' He ia how
ever, suffering with hysteria.
Wacth the 'Sunday papers
Having Been Established
A littl less than thr years.
The Belmont Restanrant
baa an established and envied
reputation for serving choice food
to people that know, at prices that
are right ton visit will prove
that this is th best place la th
city to eat
151 Bodg treat
O. V. BaUi Prop.
Open AU aright.
Look for Large El ec trio Sign.
Whr Not Go Direct?
In this day. of high cost it is necessary to elim
. inate all waste. We do that by selling our
Clothing, which is the best made, direct to you
from our own Work-rooms.
Our Unique Position enables us to present great
er values than you can find anywhere else.
"THE CLARENDON" a Suit that is a splen
did example of English Style and American
Tailorcraft $15.00 to $40.00
two Overcoats, one with a Belt and the other
without -. . . $25.00 to $40.00
A remarkable Glove The "Browning" $1.65
Largest and Best Assortment of Shirts, including
extra length sleeves, usually so difficult to
find. .$1.50 to $3.00
Knitted Four-in- Hands, Values $1.50 to $3.50
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Headquarters for Dependable Underwear, in
cluding Superior Union Suits $1.00 to $3.00
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King" Special Derby is superior value and has
more style than any other hat at... $3.00
Imporied Velour Hats to wear with your new
Overcoat.. V ..$5.00
GEO. T. WILSON, Manager. 15th at Douflas
lEk 1. 1
ail k&'Mrjf M MJ jtfj
ill jrr ... g ALzsiir
- f' jr I aa w WM " . 1
fir-, f :
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is the time to use a
little preventive for
a bad cold all winter.
The moderate use of a
little good whiskey at the
proper time will save you much
inconvenience and many doc
tor bills.
All Brands of Good Whis
kies axe to be had at v
at wholesale prices.
Holler's Straight
a seven year oid,
pure article at
,80c Per Quart.
Four quarts ship
ped prepaid.
I Your
' Tyler
tOyrnunTTit t-. ls-as-so
TyA2f-' BTgrs., 15-85-50-750
May Holden; MarlBrandon and Co. of
40. "New TeT's-Ev at-th Cabart"
Big Chorus of American Beauties.
&41s' Sim Ktta BTr Weak Bay.
On DonyU Btra.t, at 18th.
"Effia." tba Mental Marvel; Th Rath-
n..v. .
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& uajnpoeu;
Prices ' lOo, SOo, 30o, 60o
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loo rcciesh
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Leo Filler; Hippo- Pan and Ityitery
cop nciuroa.
Coatlauoos 8 to S; 7 and P. 2C. Sally.
Xatii Today, 2:30 VUCti, 8:30
The Girls From . Missouri
EZTBA Priday Kiffst,
&adlea' Daily Dime Matinee.
. Teni-nt at 8:15
at. Mat. and Hlg-M, last two prJ
formancee, xn acroitmuv .wuuwuj.
. ugjHJCB res ia nwiw.'
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Legitimate "Els; Business'
20 Exceptional Snaps for 10c
Saturday at Beaton's
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a special visit to our busy corner drug store.
1 pt Denatured Alcohol 10
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25c Graves' Tooth Pow
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Lars Faoe Chamois... 1
25c Da Mar's Tooth .-
Powder 10
60c Dr. Charles Face
Powder 10
Large box Charcoal Tablets,
aid to, digestion 10.
Manicure Set File, emery
board and orange stick 10
SBc and 35c Nail
Brashes 10
25c and 35c Tooth .
Brushes . .
25c Beaton's Velvet
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Cups 10
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