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Lots in ;
"Kountze Place
Vy only have 10 late left out of 43
that 6 put on sale .a short time ago,
between' Sherman Ave 19th, Pinkney and
Tratt 9ts., just east of Kountze Park.
Tou will never again be able to buy lots
in KounUe Flace at as low prices as you
can buy them now. We. only have one
40-ft. lot left on Pratt St.. $G5i); one on
Evans St.; $S50; one for I960 and two for
J1.060 each. Two fronting Kountie Park
at $300 each' and one corner at $1,000 and
one corner at; $1,100. Terms are cash
and balance X 2 and 3 years. There are
no lots offered on the North Bide today
that are so well located as these lots are,'
at such' low prices. Evans, Pratt, 18th
" and 19th Sts. will all be paved In a very
'short. time. ' .
1614 Harney St.
5-Room '
Cottage South Side
$275 down, balance aboct the same as rent
House 2208 S. 14th 6u just south of
. Dorcas; has city waten. sewer, Kac, bath,
electric light and full basement, where
two or more rooms, could be finished;
also two rooms can be finished hi attic.
Close to churches, schools, stores and
car Hne.
HASTPS'GS & HETDEN, 1M4 Harney St.
Trackage Lot
'' Size 66x132, location southeast comer of
I4th and Jackson Sts. Offered for sale
vr will erect building to ' suit tenant
rlease for term of years, or will give
ground lease for term of years.
Apply to :
Skinner Mfg. Co.
PARTIES desirinx to locate in Florida
can save money anil secure better land
by making their wants known to me.
I have lived in Florida' eighteen years
and know conditions. O. J. Jewell, 916
Hogran street. Jacksonville. Fia.
THE easiest way to find a buyer for
your farm is to Insert a small want ad
in the Des Moines Capital. Largest cir
culation in tha state ol Iowa, 43,000 dally.
The Capital is read by and believed In by
the standpatters of Iowa, who simply re
fuse to permit any other paper la their
homes. Rates, 1 cent a word a day: $1-2$
per line per month; count six ordinary
words to the line. Address Des Moines
Capital. Des Moines. la.
- Minnesota.
THE rush Is on for Clay county. We
have over 20.000 aores of fine level
prairie land improved and unimproved;
heavy black, soil: clay subsoil; $it to M0
per acre; easy terms. Send tor list ana
map. leellanii Realty Company, 633 Pal
ace uiaar., Minneapolis, A3 inn.
Showing Conditions are on the Side
of the Buyers of Wheat.
Leaders iu Oats Express the Belief
tkat the Export Demand Will
Sonn Re Lighter than
the Movement.
Write' for our Minnesota booklet "C;
special rates.
103 Banker Life Bid.,
Lincoln, Neb.
. .
TIMBER; ft mile from Mississippi River
in Mississippi. Heavy timber; oak, ex
press, couonwooa, etc. iu per acre, will
accept 5, oown and time on balance,
JOHN MORRIS. Brown City, Mich
to dose an estate, within the next
thirty days, we are offering two Douglas
county farms, one of 100 acres and one of
100 acres, away below their actual value
and below what adjoining land is held at
They are both highly Improved, well lo
cated and are special bargains at the
price asked. It you are looking for a
farm either for a home or as an in
vestment it will pay you to Investigate
483 Brandeis Bldg. Omaha, Neb.
Neb., on main line B. & M. R. R. W. L.
Gibbs, Qulncy, 111.
Omaha. Neb.
Corner Lots
40th and Charles, 80x130, permanent side
walk In; both streets paved and paid for;
improvements alone costing over 600... A
big bargain at $1,250. .
; O'Neil's R E. & Ins, Agency
1505 Irham Street.
P.. S. To sell property list it .with .us.
i23' Chicago St.v 6-roc-m cottage,' three
bed rooms, parlor, dining room, kitchen
. and, bath, lot 33x132, house has modern
plumbing and gas. 'Win be vacant within
a month.; Price $2,200. $309 cash, balance
110-311 Brandeis Theater. D. 685.
YOU v' r :
FROM $500
'" to $800
I By buying the 8-room house at the S.
"W. corner 19th-and Spencer Sts., at $3,600.
The biggest bargain we have ever offered
In Kountze Place. A well arranged and
well located home; has reception hall,
parlor with fireplace, large dining room,
kitchen and one bedroom on the first
floor. The lot alone Is worth from $2,000
to $2,500; paved street on both. sides; the lot
is 60x124 ft, besides 22 ft more parking
along the east side; house has city water,
sewer, gas, bath and furnace heat;' by
going to a little expense of fixing up the
floors on the first floor and doing some
painting and papering, etc., the house
will easily be worth $4,600. See it at once.
The exterior has just-been painted. ,
j ' v , -t A.
HASTINGS at HETDEN. 1614 Harney St.
1 ! : ; 1
37--North of Farnara
. 8-r., lisual rooms, extra bedroom, first
floor:'. 4-r. upstairs... each with closet:
bath upstairs; HOT WATER HEAT, full
basement, laundry;- corner; lot, pavea at.
. 0 'KeefeEeal Estate Co.,
1016 Omaha Nat. 3ank Doug. 2153.1
Evenings H. 2842 or H. 5134.
mailed-free en application. Charles E.
Williamson Co., Real Estate, Insurance,
Rentals, Care of Property, Omaha. ,
Farms Farms Farms
Driving distance of Omaha; bargains.
Let us show you the goods. All sues,
au prices, ai terms.
Rooms 1213-1214 City National Bank Bldg.
BRASKA. 640 acres, 4 miles north of Greeley; 6
room house, barn, 38x40; well and wind
mill, corn crib and other outbuildings; all
fenced and cross fenced; 60 acres in al
falfa; 400 acres broken altogether; $70 an
483 Brandeis Bldg.,Omsha, Neb.
, hoath Dakota.
FOR SALE 160 acres good farm land:
40 acres broke, balance all tillable: I
miles from Dallas and 6 miles front
Colome. Price, $W per acre, payable.
$1,500 cash. fc.WO March 1. 1913;
March 1. 1917. Address Box 186, Dallas,
S. D. 1 .
70,000 acres Carey land open to entry
on Valier-Montana project. Canal sys
tem completed. Payments extend over
fifteen years. Section famous for grain,
forage' and vegetables. Write. Clinton,
Hurtt . & Co, Box 10, Valler. Mont.
Do you want a farm In the Judith
"Basin whCDe-wtntei wheat yields forty
bushels per; acre? Excellent: openings ror
all Uses of business in new towns.:. For
particulars write J. 9. Endslow, - asst.
secy., Judith Baain Development League,
Hobson, Mont "
NO agricultural section evidences more
progress and prosperity than eastern Cus
ter county. Our soil is of the rich loam
that produces, wonderful yields. I have
lands to selltfrora $10 to. $28 per acre. J.
It, joaraiow,- saner, muunuia.
OMAHA, Aug. 30. 1911
It is a popular thing usually among the
traders to begin talking bearish simply
because the market has worked up 3 or 4c
from the previous low point. They argue
that the short interest has been largely
forced to cover. For this reason alone
they think the market a sale on hard
spots. Another element in the trade Is
the slow movement of the spring wheat,
and the certainty that the mills in the
northwest will absorb most of the early
movement, and the absence of hedging
sales or active selling pressure In the
market from many quarters. Messages
report heavy rains In North Dakota last
night. The showery conditions elsewhere
are on the side of the buyers. On a little
natural reaction traders believe the sup
port will be sufficient for further ad
vance. Cash wheat unchanged.
Some of the local shorts in corn as well
as in wheat were forced to cover on ttie
advance yesterdav. Around the lop prices
there was considerable profit-taking by
the local longs. Receivers are expecting
somewhat larger movements from re
serves, but shippers and cash handlers
generally say that all the corn will be
wanted. All futures are at a remarkable
discount under cash oorn prices. This Is
the one feature which the short seller
cannot get away from. There is a grow
ing feeling of friendliness to the buying
side of December corn on the theory tliat
the old and new deliveries are too far
apart. There Is some buying on the be
lief that the late portion of the crop will
not escape frost injury. Cash corn un
changed to Ho lower.
There was a good selling of oats by
holders and local bears around the top
prices yesterday. Traders expressed the
belief that the export demand will soon
be lighter; then the movement to the
market may Increase with fine weather.
Cash oats unchanged.
There will be no session of the Omaha
market Monday, September 2, Labor day.
Clearances of wheat and flour were 390,
000 bu.; corn, 2,000 bu.; oats, 17,000 bu.
At Liverpool wheat was M'd higher;
corn, W lower.
Primary wheat receipts were 1,627,000
nusnets ana snipments suz.uw ousneis,
against receipts of 903,000 bushels and
shipments of 385,000 bushels last year.
Primary corn receipts were 814,000 bush
els and shipments 442,000 bushels, against
receipts of j68,000 bushels and shipments
of 587,000 bushels last year.
Primary oats receipts were 1,436,000
bushels and shipments, 773,000 bushels,
against receipts of 537.000 bushels and
shipments of 202,000 bushels last year.
The following cash prices for grain
were received: Wheat No. 2, hard win
ter, 10 cars, 8Mc; 1 car, 8914c; 1 car, 89c.
No. 3 hard winter, 1 car, 88 Wc; S cars, 88c;
3 cars, 88c; 1 car, 87c. No. 4 hard winter,
2 cars, 87c. No. 3, spring, 1 car. 87Hc
1 car, SOfcc. Rejected mixed, 1 car, 81c.
No grade hard winter, 1 car, 86c; 1 car,
84Hc Oats No. 3, white, 3 cars, 32V4c; S
cars, 32c. No. 4, white, 1 car, 82c; I cars,
31c; 6 cars, SIHc; 7 cars, 81Vc; 1 car, 31c.
No. grade, 1 car, 68c; 1 car, 66V4o. Corn
-No. 3, white, 1 cap, 7c. No. 3, white,
1 car, 75V4a No. 4 white, 1 car, 75o. 1 car,
74'c. No. 4. colored, 1 car, 74c. No. 2
yellow, 1 car, 74c; No. 3 yellow, 2 cars,
74$io; 1 car, 74ttc; No. 4 yellow, 1 car, 74c;
1 car, 73c; No. 2 mixed, 1 car, 74V4c; No. 3
mixed, 1 car, 74Vc; 1 car, 74c; No. 3
mixed, 1 car, 74Hc; 1 car. 74c; 1 car, 74c.
No, 4 mixed, 1 car, 74c; 1 car, !3c;, I car,
Omaha, Cash Prtoes.
WHEAT No. 2 hard, 88i90V; No. 3
bard, 8ti(gS9c; No. 4 hard, 82H88V.
CORN-No. 2 white. 76c: No, 3 white,
75,i75V4c; No. 4 white, 74g75c; No. 2,
yellow, 74c; no. 3 yellow, jtffiw:
No. 4 yellow, 73074c; No. 2, 7474(4e;
No. 3, 7474ttic; No. 4, 734'Ac; no
grade. 66'iti8c.
OATS No. 2 white. 323Sc; standard,
32tt32c; , No. white, 323JV4c; No. 4
white. JWSlttc; No. S yellow, Jl3lc.
BARLEY Malting, 05c; No. 1 feed,
RYE No. 2, 02c; No. 3, 5760c
Sic; No. 4 white. 81iSi4e; No. 4 yellew.
SOVttf$lVc. Oats. No. 2 white. XU8&c: No.
i white. 3Mtfi34Hc; No. 4 white. Si'ViS1
S3c; standard, SlHlfKe.
Kye, No. 2, 70c. itarley, CQTlc Saed,
timothy, $S.75(ijs4.75; clover. I11.00t$16.00.
UUTTEK-Steady; creanmries, 'Si'io;
dairies, :ilitt23c.
EGGS Steady; receipts, S.SH3 rases; et
mark, eases included, 170; ordinary
firsts. 18c; firsts, 20e.
CHEESE Steady: daisies. 13i;'.ee;
twins. Htiii,c; young Americas. ISsj
15'io; long horns. Uig'15'c.
I "OTATOES Steady ; reeelpU. ears;
Wisconsin, IMtioo; Minnesota. toifMr.
POl'LTRY-Allvo. strong; -.urkeys, l.V,
chickens, 14-..c; springs, ISc,
VEAL Steady at 9$ 13c.
Receipts of Cattle are Light, Even
for a Friday.
Maht Receipt of Sheep and 1mh,
With Iamb Especially In Small j
Sapply Trade Very Slow j
and Feeling Wrak,
SOUTH OMAHA. Aug. 30, 1912-
" : ' GOOD BUY. $6,500.
Eight-room, strictly modern and up-t-date
house; large south-front lot; paved,
street; close to St-John s church." -
4S3 3randeis Bldg. Omaha, Neb.
And will ieil my 6-room cottage, 3323
Franklin St. at a. price thut will make a
t per. cent Investment.. Call and ..I'll
prove It. f. I, W.-Smith. .'
C-room and bath; finest residence dis
trict; $i00 cash balance $30 monthly; to
tal price, $-l,8d; cuk finish; pnved sftren;
near school ami church. Phone Web. 3511.
CATHEDRAL district, modern 1-roo:u
house, east front, shades, storm sash,
paved street, Farnam car half ' block.
Phone Harney 2459.
;: Seven-room house at 4020 Brown) St., lot
cuxiw 11 laxen at once, ti.uuu. uau at
place or phone Webster 3560.
FOR 6ALE-2377 . Evans
.1. ,j , i
FOUR tine lots in Morningsicse addition,
reasonable. Webster 4076. ' 1
15.332 acres
3.0O9 under cultivation,
' 10,000 acres tillable,
. $50,000 Improvements,
fifteen flowing welU,
: One large reservoir,
$20.00 an acre. No trading..
l , Cuero, Texa
.bhlp live took to' South Omaha. Save
Mileage ana shrinkage. ' 'xour consign
oienta receive prompt aad careful atieu--.leu.
...... j
Live Stock Commission Merchants.
BYERS BROS, ft CO. Strong, reliable.
Clay, Roblson & Co., 200 Exchange Bldg.
CLIP'J'Oft Com. Co., U2 Exchange BlUg.
Mai tin: Bros, -fc Co., Kxcuanxe Bidg.
Snyder-Malone-Cofiiruin Co.. Jt i.x. ma.
LAVER'XY BROS.. 1M Uxciiunge idg.
To AH Whom It May Concern:
Notice is bere&y given tuat the Board
ot UUeet!r oi the Jvimbail Irrigation
Uliitrict km declared its Intention to sell
aiid will tell tuUiy tl'ousaau Uoiiars Xjj..
par vaiue, or any tnmlJer amount,
ot its bonds hetofoi lssucu, uateu Jmy
1, 1911, at the otflce ot said board on the
lornu ol r'nt and .lie.-tiiut h tree is in
Kimball, Kimbiij. cuuuiy, state of Ne
braska, ou Wed&esuay, the ui iay or
September, A. U. 1912. at tin, hour . or
inei o'clock noon.
teaied proposaib will be received by tne
at -a - 1 uoaru at tueir mtuw uitice lor tn. nur.
modern, nak finish, sleepiitfporch! icuase of sala amount of bonds or any
Owner. XVeTster 7si. '.- . ' ! W?.f-.S!5.,V ! W
tNsuivu iwwivi . wm..h time tne sai
i,oaid will ui-cii tne proiioals unu awaru
ti.u purcaa u of 1. e uoudi to t. hisst
reptnslUle bidder or uiddeis. the board
cowexeiv receiving tii iltUl tu reject
tiiv or ail bids.
Uated AUtust 12. 1912.
By onter of tue Boaid of Directors.
XfllCT. (tai i-y I. S. WALKER, President
. Atieut: Frel R. Morgan. Secretary. :
. TO BIIY, milAj ti KE.NTT. yiKST'.SKM
-- '.... 'REAL KSTATE f -'" v.
: ' Ala bantu.
fn r Phi timi tn .'.
-aiiuu. .ear orauQ ay, satsuma, Cal
vert and Mobile on railroad. WHX PAS
BROKERS, $i0 to $30 pec acre?. Uuv di
rect, save middle man's profit " Address
V 142. bee. .:
L'aliforn la. -
GRIDLEY Irrigated .lony land at $75
to $15 per acre; gotx.j land, plenty of
water; tntckly settled 'fistrict, witli good
schools, adjoining towjn of 2,000. Easy
terms. Write for illustrated booklet
Homeseekers' Irrigated Land Co., Grid
ley, California. ,
' Traverse by the . .
RAlL-fOAu. y.
Lands adaDted to ;tha vlitmt r nt
crop. Ail tne raonej crops of the south
plentifully produced. 1 For literature Seat
ing with this coraii g country, its soil,
cnmate, church -and school advaiit&ec.
write 1
General Pas) enger Agent.
- ... ATLAS TA.GA.
Overcoats. Depot Quartermaster's of
fice, Twer.ty-second and Hickory streets,
Omaha, Nebraska, August 29, 1912,
Proposals on blanks to be furnished by
this ofllce, will De received and opened
daily, between the hours of 9 a. m., and
4 4. m., from September 1, 1912 to April
30, .1013, for the sale of 4,000 genuine buffalo-skin
overcoats, more or less, to the
public at large. Proposal blanks and clr.
eular ot instructions to bidders, will be
furnished on application to Lieutenant
Colonel JOHN E. BAXTER, depot quar
termaster, i A-29.30,21
Milwaukee Grain Market.
Minneapolis .
Kansas City.
St. Louis
Winnipeg ....
Carlo Rerrlpta.
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Quotations of the Day on Various
NEW YORK, Aug. 30.-FUlURStedy ;
spiing patent, $o.Hb5.16; winter stralihtJ,
H..".M4.tW; winter patents. n.itifa.A:
spring clears. $4.5034. 8j; winter extias,
No. 1, $4.10i'if4.2: winter extras Xo. 2, $l.vO
4.10; Kansas straights. $4.254.40.
WHEAT Spot maiket easy; No. 2 red,
$1.06-. c. I. f. track, and $U7. f. o. b. aflont.
do ed HSo net lo-er; September, Jl.ftSH,
December, $1.02i; May, tlb6.
CORN Spot market easy; export. 61o,
t o. b. afloat, December and ilarcii.
OATS-Spot market unsettled; new
standatd white, 40l4c; No. X No. 4,
3V?, all track; natural white, PVtl'llc;
uew white clipped, 4244c.
HAY Firm; pttme, $1.4.1; No. 1, $1.85;
No. 2, Jl.iO(i)l.&"; No. 3, jr$I.0&.
HIDES Strong ; Central America, 2J1iP;
Bogota. ?4H9i2oc.
LEATHER Steady; hemlock firsts; 36
27c; seconds. 4rmc; thiids, lijeUc; r.
Jects, 10c.
PROVISIONS-Pork, mess, $30.00r.00;
family. $20.W21.00; short clears, l.To0
12.00. Beef, firm; mess, $16.001 M; fam
ily, $18.fS:i9.(; beef hams. $28.(KXiTi:,,1.0J.
Cut meats, qirtel; piekied bellies, 10 to 14
pound!, $!2.(kU 14.08; pickled hams, 3l3.CHi
14.00. Lard, firm: middle west. $11. r5
11.45; tellned, firm; continent. $11.80;
South America, $12.20; compound, S.;'jO
TALLOW Firm i prime city, hhds., Vke;
country, 66e; pecll, 7o.
POULTRY Dressed, dull; fresh killed
western chickens, ltlg23c; fowls, MViUJlIc;
turkeys, lti17c.
BUTTER Firm ; receipts. 8,687 tubs;
creamery, extra, 27141f27Hc; firsts, 2ff28c.
CHEESE-Steady; receipts, 1,443 boxes;
state, whole milk, white, specials, 16
lto; same, colored, HVic; skims. 413c
EOGS-Firm; receipts, 13,062 eases;
refrigerator firsts. season's storage
charges paid, 22V4I&23HC; seconds, 20a2ic:
third, lK19c; western fresh gathered
whites, 24ff37e.
POULTRY-Allve. firm; western broil,
ere, 17(aU0c; fowls, l&g'.vjc; turkeys, 14c;
dressed, steady; fresh killed western
chickens, 14(8230; fowls, 13Jftc; turkeys,
16917c. .
.. 506
.. 82
.. 82
.. 272
.. 254
.. 31
Features of the Trading; and Closing
Prices on Board of Trade.
CHICAGO, Aug. S0.-Prospects of an
increase in the visible supply bore down
today on the price of wheat. There was
a heavy tone at the close, with the mar
ket c under last night. 1
Wheat did not take the down grade
in earnest until some larger shorts and
many of the smaller ones had stampeded
for cover as a result of timidity con
cerning possible frost damage In Canada
and owing - to threshing delay due to
rain In the Dakotas and Minnesota.
Signs that world shipments would be
very large, more than 2,000,000 bushels
In excess of last week, made the close
at the lowest level virtually of the day.
iDecember ranged from IMo to 95c,
with last sales at 94!4c, a loss ot
c net. 1 1 J
Frost expected tonight in the north
west carried corn up sharply, but values
reacted when country sales showed a
decided Increase. December closed steady
a shade net higher at 5D65Hc. Cash
grades were easy. No. 2 yellow was
quoted at 81&81c.
Scarcity of ocean freight room had a
weakening effect on oats. September
closed 3c under last night at 32Mc.
Despite liquidating sales of January
pork provisions averaged higher. Pork
ranged from 1012V4e off to 10c gain
but other products showed 2,44p7l4c in
crease In cost.
The leading futures closes as follows:
Article! Open.j High. j Low, Close. Yes'y.
uec.. ii 'f4 1
Oats. ! 1
Pept. 32
Dec. W
row. 1
95 I
74 74 1
98141 W
Itihs. I
17 75
17 84
1 40
11 2V4-
11 06
11 72 14-
11 13
10 90
10 80
17 80
17 m
19 40
it m
11 071
11 15
10 )
10 Mi
81S4i32i!fD1AItU.'.i u
1 1
17 65
17 82,
19 25
17 67K.I17 974-
17 SO
10 95
11 02
11 02V4
11 15
10 87
U 024 10 95 I
n 07V4t 11 W6
10 30 10 22'4
f 10 25
17 85
19 40
11 15
10 90
10 85
10 87V4
11 WA
U 074
10 30
17 924.
17 95
19 3J
U 10
10 824
10 92-A
Cah quotation were as follows:
FLOUR Active: winter nntent ti s-'jra
4.70; straights. $4.004.60: SDrlne nntentu
$4.JR5.7; stialghts, $4.CO4.25; bakers
$3.H(Va4.00. .
RYE No. 2, 70c.
' BARLEY Feed or mixing. 4"S2c: fair
to choice malt nir, 62!$66c.
REKD.-Timotriy. $3,754.75. Clover,
$13,000)16.00. '
PROVtMONS Pork, mess, 17.7517.87Hr
Lard (In tierces), $11.06U.07&. Short ribs
(loose), $U.00U.02!4.
Total clearances of wheat and flnur
were equal to 3DO.00O bu. Exoorta for th
week, as shown by Bradstreet's, were
equal to 3,545,0M bu. Primary receipts
were 1.627.006 bu.. com Dared with Mflii
bu. the corresponding day a year ago.
natimateo receipts ror tomorrow:
Wheat, 188 cars; corn, 256- cars: oats 427
cars; hogs, 9,000 head.
Chicago Cash Prices Wheat. No. 2 red
U.OW401.O7U; NO- 3 red, 96ciSf$1.0; No. 2
hard, 96ewe; -No. 1 hard. 944i4c; No.
1 northern. 9S&99c: No. 2 northern. 9:i'm 1 1 nmhem fwse-sai tin- w iuink,
97e; No. 2 hard winter, 94&95c; September, ou:; N0. .1 ni-rtliern. WA-, No. 2 spring,
Sc; I.ecember. 3Tic.
CORN No. i ye. low, 83c; No. 3 white,
83c; No. 3, 824c; September, Decem
ber, 55c.
'. OATs-Standaid, 3c.
" BAitLEY Malting, WaTus, ... . v
Dfflwc; .-vo. 3 spring, vrnvZc; No. 4
spring, 87Mc;. velvet chaff, 8fl97c;
durum. DWflfie-. Corn, No. 2. M&KVhic: So
1 white, 82W-ie; Nt. 2 yellow. 814
81c; No. 3. 804ffe; Xo. 3 white.
8354c; No. 3 yellow, 8181fcc; No. 4, W
it, Louis General Market.
higher; track No. 2 red, 11.041.07; No. 2
hard. 93Vk87c,
CORN Firm; track No. 3, 80Vc; No. t
white, 83c.
OATS-Lower; track No. 2, 3132c; No.
2 white, 3536c.
Closing prices of futures:
WHEAT Ixiwer; September, 94c; De
cember, 91c.
CORN Weak; SepteiiiOer, 74Vio; Decem
ber, 525i1iC
OATS Weak; September, 81 9c; Decem
ber, 3254c
RYE-Unchanged. 72c.
FLOUR Stronger: red winter patents.
S4.R6llfi.15; extra fancy and straight. $4.23
4.75; hard winter clears, $3.65fr8.8S.
SEED-Timothy. $10.00.
BRAN Firm; sacked east track, $1.00
, HAY Weaker; timothy, $12.00(&19.0;
prairie, $10.0014.00.
PROVISIONS-Pork, unchanged; job
bing, $16.50. Lard, unchanged; prime
steam, $10.60010.76. Dry salt meats, un
changed; boxed extra shorts. $11.00; clear
ribs, $11.00: short clears. $11.25. Bacon, un
changed; boxed extra short, $12.00; clear
ribs, $12.00; short closrs, $13.26,
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls 10.000 14.000
Wheat, bu 254,000 1R1.0OO
Com, bu 43,000 420,000
Oats, bu 122,000 8.000
Kansas City General Market.
Cash, unchanged; No. I hard. SOHftlWo;
No. 3. 88lt892c: No. 2 red, 97c$1.03; No.
8, 8OHc$1.00.
CORN Steady; No. z mixea, isp-ic;
No. 3, 7778c; No 2 white, 78c; No. 8, 77c.
OATS Uncnangea to W nigner; no.
3 white. 8493554c; No. 2 mixed, S3yBS4c.
Closing prices of futures:
VVHFAT-September, f9v; December,
8Uic; May, 92!93c.
CORN September, 71T4e; December, 31
61Ac: Mar. 50'Ac.
HAY-Unchanged; choice timothy, $1330
614.00; choice prairie, 10.6011.00.
Receipts. Shipments.
Wheat,, bu OT.0W m.ow
Corn, bu i,w w,ww
Oats, bu- 23,000 1,000
Minneapolis Grain Market.
MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 30.-WHEAT-September,
91c; December, 92V; May,
868)97c; cash, No. 1 hard, 97c; No. 2
northern, 88fl84e; No. 3. Sflfafli-Ac.
CORN No. 8 yellow, 7778!4o.
OATS No. 8 white, 3131V4e.
RYE No. 2, 6363ViC
BRAN In 100-pound sacks, $19,0019.50.
FLOUR-Leadlng local patents, U-W
4.95; other patents, $4.50-86; llrst clears,
$3.503.80; second clears, $2.6032.90.
BARLEY 3161c.
Peoria Market,
PEORIA. 111., Aug. 30.-CORN-Un-changed
to 1c lower; No. 2 and No. 3
yellow, 79c; No. 4 yellow, 7754; No. 3
mixed, 19c.
OATS lc lower; No. 2 white, 82c; stand
ard, 33tt; No. 3 white. 8232c; No. 2
white, llc; sample, $0c.
Liverpool Grain Market.
LIVERPOOL, Aug. 30.-WHEAT-gpot
steady; No. 1 Manitoba, 8s M; No, 2
Manitoba, 8s, 4'd; No. 3, Manitoba, 8s
3V4d. Futures, firm; October, 7s 8!4d; De
cember, Is.
New York Money Market.
call, firmer; 2V434 per cent; ruling rate,
814 Per cent; closing bid, 3 per cent; of
fered at 8 per cent. Time loons strong;
sixty days, S84 per cent; ninety days,
4$44 per cent; six months, 4a6 per
$4.8425 for sixty-day bills and at $4.8710
for demand; commercial bills, $4.8354.
SILVER Bar, 62c; Mexican dollars,
BONDS Government Steady; railroad,
Closing quotations on bonds today were
ss follows:
V. 8. rf, 2t, r...10l K. C. 80. r. ... fV
coupon 191 L. 8. deb. 4f 1W1.. H
V. 8. St, Kt 102 I- N. uni. 4...
to coupon ,.!0i M. K. AT. lat fc. Ml
V. 8. 4t, rt Ui o sn. 4'n S
id coupon in'i'Mo. pacific 4s ti
Pantms Is. coupon. 161V i eonr. 6 M
Alllt-Chal. lat t. M N R R of M 414. 0
Amer. Ai (s 1HN. T. C. $. ")4
A. T. ft T. c. 4 113V lo db. 4 t:
Am. Tobacco 6a.. .121 N, X. X, H. H.
Armour 41 Co. W'i e. IHi 90 '4
Atchtaos gen. 4a.... MN. & W. 1st t. 4a. M94
do tv. 4s IrJO IDS ao cv. H -..117
do cv. Ss 19S"5No. Pacific 4a VIM
A. C. U lt 4a W do a. M
Dal. at Obio U t O. 8. L. rfdt. 4a. . . 92
do I'ia H Pain. c. l,t H1I . U
Brook. Tr. ct. 4... l do eon, 4a 102.4
On. df Oi. 5 1M Reading en. tl.... H.
Cm. Leathar 6a ... 9- U A B. F. tg. 4a 7U,
Chaa. Ohio 4'Aa.. M' do ses. la 14
do coot. 4fea 83 St. U s W. e. 4a..
Chicago & A. ' 4H8. A. L. adj. S.. 7
C B. tt Q 1. 4a... aSo. Pao. col. 4a...
do tea. 4t or. 4a am
C M ft 8 P e 4la lli do lat raf. 4i 13 "A
C. H. I. ft P. c. aS,Fo. Railway 6a lat'.i
do rfg. 4 do sen. 4a 7114
C ft 8. v ft a. 4V4s MVaVnlon ruclflo 4a.... M4
D. ft H. e. 4a 7tt do c. 4a 101
D. ft R. O. ref. 6a S M lat ft rf 4a.
Dlatlllrra' 6a, 75 II. H. Rubtwr . . .104'-,
Brie p. I, 4a M U. B, Steel it ar...)ss
do ses. 4a 77lVa.-"ar. Chen) 4i. a4
40 ct. 4a. aar. B 7(1 Wabaah lit 4, t,
III Ol. lat raf. 4a n "woatarn Ml. 4a ... I44
Inter. Mot. 41a.... UltVait. Kiee. c. da., Uy,
lntar. M. M. 4,a.. "4Wla. t antral 4a M
Japas 4 i
Bid. Offrad.
Hwluts wre:
Official .Moi.duy
OrfioiRl Tuesi'ny ....
Officii". Wednesday
Ot Ileal Thursday ..
Estimate Friday ...
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
.. J.91 ?.2J7 3l.7S3
.. 5.24 T.Sttf 53.64'.
.. 3.K7 1,Ut 13.570
.. 2,01 7,fM S.H3
.. 3 4.747. 2.3oi
Five tiavs this week.. 21.03! 2S,i8 I,4HS
Same das !a-t week.. 20,244 39.SJ2 S5.661
Same 2 werks UKO 31,13s 3i,Jt 4X.5U
Same 3 weeks ago 1.7M 84,$8 41.1U
Same 4 weeks auo 11.257 33.7W VSGH
Same days last year... 30,634 ,7i
Tho following table shows the recelptt
of cattle, bogs and sheep at tvauth Omaha
for the year to data as compared with
last year; 1912. 1911. Inc. Dec.
Cattle (KJ31 6SS.131 143,)
Hogs 2 3.'9.$.l 1.707,3?$ 42,4i
Sheep ...... 1,S39,3j6 1,207,711 131,646 .......
The following table shows the range of
prices for hogs at South Omaha for the
last few daya with comparison;
Date, j !)12. J9ll. 1910.ll9flP.lJ08.19i. jl906.
Aug. 24.
Aug. 25.
Aug. 2.j
Aug. 37.
Aug. 27.
Aug. 2S.
Aug. 2X.
Aug. 30.
Aug. 21. 1 3 3 7 27 I $ m W i a
Aug. V., 8 : 7 Km X oil 16 S2i 6 Ml 6 SI
Aug, 23.1 t ! 7 141 t tk'l T V I 151 I S
7 06 64 T 61 32 6 7I I M
7 10 8 70 7 7l 34 f 5 S3
3 26 I 7 12 ;( 7 GO! G 3S 5 77
SvVaj I I flsl T 63 6 4l 771 5 Si
t aiS 7 S3! I 7 I 4j t 751 S 89
I 7 1ft! S 91 I 4J ft 6t 5 70
8 SS 7 15) 8 l I I 4T 6 t,' 6 0
! 7 ll ll 7 73! I ft 71 06
at r w a 10
n ..m su m
a... '.... no a
. . Mil
so a 3t
... a so
H I :o
i t a sa
... a so
m a ao
it 111
!0 tO
. . a s
;.is r.-o a sr-b
m jaa t k
;m to a n
.X ... M
in- wo a 15
51 ... I SS
S 6
M ,.
II.. .
... 1M
... 54a
.. a a
.. a 4
.. a 4t
wi a 46
43 a 6
.. a 4.
.. S 60
.. a 60
25 240 I 6(1
lf7 . . 8 60
IIS KO 8 60
50 ... 8 60
176 ... 8 60
514 44 a 66
8 69
8 66
a ii
8 10
8 10
Receipts and disposition of live stock
at the Union Stock yards, South Omaha,
for the twenty-four hours ending at 3 p.
m. yesterday;
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep,
C. M. & St. P. Ry
Mo. Pac. Ry
I'nlon Pacific R. R u 4 1
C. A N. W. Ry., east 4
C. N. W. Ry., west g 22
C, St. P., M. & O. Ry U
C. B. ft Q. Ry., west 13 10
C, R. I. 4 P., east , . 4
Chicago Great Western 1
Total receipts ...33 87 11
Cattle. Hogs Sheep.
Norrls A Company...... 240 638 33
Swift A Company ldfi l.Ofl ai
Cudahy Packing Co.... H 1,224 Wt
Armour ft Company,... 64 937 1,287
Schwarts Co 238
Benton Vansant Lush 1
Hill Son 84
P. B. Lewis 42
Huston & Company M
J. B. Root & Co 80
J. H. Bulla 40
McCreary & Kellogg.... 7
Werthelmer Degen... 87
H. F. Hamilton 24
Mo. & Kan.-Calf Co.... 29
Other buyers 183 2,031
...1,816 3,818 4,490
even for a PYlday, only thirty-three cars
being reported in, which was not enough
to really make a market- For the week
receipts foot up 81.000 htad, being slightly
larger than last week and about the same
as two weeks ago. As compared with a
year ago there was a falling off of al
most 10,000 head.
Aiivifj wdii umjr (V irit 1.1.1 mai
of beef steers in the yards this morning,
,1 ... n II. IU InnitIM ffni
cattle of that kind the feeling wss strong
as compared with yesterday. Prices at
tne ciose 01 me wee on uesuut
are fully steady, but short-fed and half
fatted steers and common to medium
kinds of western steers are quite a Httle
lower tnan last wee.
There wers onlv a few scattering lots
of cows and heifers In sight and they
changed hands very rapidly at good, firm
prices. The advance In the rnarnet
Wednesday and Thursday just a"
,ir,. nut ha rio.'iina nt Monday and
nij,.U li . . 1 " w - -
Tuesday, so that prices today are yer
little ir any aitiereni irom
were at the close of last week.
m nntu fotti arartterlnr loads
I licit- uric wii" . ; -
of stock cattle and feeders, but the de
mand was very Hgnt, ana tney w..;
or less, neglected. As a result the feeling
was very, weak, In addition to the trade
being very slow. Owing to large receipts
and a lack of good buying support n u..
part of the country, prices
it the week are 2o0o lower than last
with a sood many cattle still In the
hand, of speculstor., A.
oTth" medmm to" fair kinds.1 while strictly
heifers, $6.0007.26; g-Jod
a0b' common to fair stockers
tiKfiiffii 2S- stock cows and heifers, H.iV
calves. $4.50.i; bulls, stag,
"oioutforfs'on range cattle: Good to
ehlca beef steers, $7.BC!: 'r to
good beef steers, $.2fr7 ); common U
fair beef steers. $5.OOi0.2.
At. IT
. as 1 M
. a a 30
.92 4 00
, 880 4 10
. 744 4 25
.743 4 80
At. Pr.
.. 880 4 8t
. . na 4 at.
. . 820 8 0
.. am 1 10
,.11M i it
.. 88 1 at
. 111
70 4 21 1
660 4 88 I
toa too n
614 6 10 2
. ,J17 4 & 1 1630 I
i'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.. ..1217 4W
I If
8 to
700 i 6
885 t 71
. 4)0 28
. 210 t 76
. 440 I 00
, 118 I 00
, 270 8 60
,120 a 7
. 180 7 tfl
Stl 7 CO
170 8 00
2lt I 28
166 8 56
ITS 8 26
120 I 60
190 I 80
ISO 8 60
126 I 60
, 461 4 00
,.io t ao
.. 774 1 88
.. 670 i 40
,. 762 t 4R
. , 855 t 60
692 I 00
(87 8 80
:m t at
720 t 86
460 S 86
;s t u
m a
1130 7 a
,1260. 6 W
'H't.-t lk vfl V K H HA SKA.
14 cow, ..W 5 2.-. 6 heifers... 991 160
. an F, ir
0"r''r'" w. M. DUon-Neb.
14 steers..., M8
Kmma uuur
4 steers... 6 60
HOGS-Thera was another good, atlvo
market in the hog division and prices
were generally steady to strong and In a
few Instances possibly a nickel higher
for good hogs showing the best quality.
Both packers and shippers were out early
Picking up the best hogs first, other
(trades not selling q'K readily, bhlp-
ing the few last days back. Pactters pur-
t chased the nig ik 01 mc ii.i..,.
all times trad wan lively and a good
;earanre made at n comparatively
feriy hour. Best hogs on sale brought
id do, t'.m hlRtiest price for tiiti day and
"ist a nickel ikw the top yesterday.
H ( "ipls were nu better as to quality than
what .'.rrU'e-1. hre during the fore rart
(,' the tveitk. Tiiere were about seventy
one !iau. or 4,147 head received at the
yafils, being slightly, more than a week
11 go.
44. .
81 214 240 8 84
S1IKKP AND LAMBS Fresh receipts
of ilieep and Ismbs footed up no more
tlian eleven cars, or ubout head, he
liig 3,900 short of last Kriilay and f.00
lees than on the corresponding lny Inst
year. Two cms ot heavy Montana
wethers were halil over from yesterday's
market. Kwes and wethers comprised
the whole supply, everything being con
signed from Montana. Contrary to what
might have been expected with so few
offering here, trauV was apparently
slow. It took some little time 'before any
trading was done, buvers and sellers ap
pearing unable to sirree rs to values.
However when trade bestan practicably
every th'nii: wss sold ut prices fteady O
strong vlth yeteMav. Tive two ho'd
ever lonls ot Montai.a wethers brougut
$4. t. Vive cars if Montein ewes snd a'
83. SO, wlille another four-c ir string out of
the ramt shipment biooglit 53.95.
Tho end of the week leaves lambs In
pretty much the same , notches as a
week ago. prices being about steady. At
the beKlnnlng of tho week lambs showed
some decline, but later on the loss was
regained. Owing to a Isrse percentage
of the liberal re;elts conmlstlng of fat
stuff the packers have been pretty well
supplied. While the number ot really
choice lambs has not been very Iflrgc,
the good kindt Just suitable for kitllnr,
and a little too fat for feeder buyers
have been numerous. Kat sheen were
better represented ou Ida market than
last week as a very fair supply of good
ewes .and wethers wars on sale. Choice
handywelght ewes and wsthers Rhow a'l
advance of iMfa over last week a close.
while the heavier grades have improved
about leffUc. Kt yearling are quoted
very 1111 ir any better,
Trade In feeders this week has been
of fairly large proportion, but not ax
large as one might Judge from the slxe
Of the total receipts. On account of
good grass on the ranges a large num
ber or both sheep and lambs have been
Com In If a little henvv and tnn fat fnr
feeding pnrposes. 8aW at the close of
me wees sre generally about steady,
though lambs and ewes may be a little
Quotation. nn sheep and lambs: Good
to cnoice tamos, ss.wyjpj.TS; fair to good
lambs, $l.2.yft,:0; feeder lambs. 5.utKfse.4i;
light yearlings, $.,Hi5.W; hevy year
llnga, $4.r4KH4.IL; feedtr yearlings, $4.50$
5.2t; good to choice wethers. 14.O0S4 2u:
fair to good wethers, $3.4,r,4.00; feeder
wemers, s;i.oii(W4.w; good to cholc ewes
3.60ro4.00; feeder swea, 1.0fijfJ.5O.
No. . Av. , Pr.
87N Montana wethers 116 W
418 Montana wethers ,. 115 4 W
32 native wethers 7i 6 00
Almost Complete Idleness Result of
Approaching Triple Holiday,
. t
Another Heavy Gold Shlppmemt:! te
(anniln Adda to Steady Oatftovi
of Cash from New York .',',3
la Week.
Demand for C4tle ral1 Hors and
Sbeep. Stead7.
CHICAGO, Aug, 30,-CATTLE-Recalpts,
1,500 head; market dull; weak; calves, 25c
higher; beeves, KiTli'S'lftW; Tes steers,
$4di)C(iC.J; western steers, $00i9.:j; stock
ers and fenders, 4.S47.: cows and
heifers, $3.0o$.00; calve, $a.ft0litt.K0.
llOUS-Re,'vlptH, 15,000 head; market for
jvrsi, Bimur. uiupra wasii u m lower;
ugnt, i.2&iB8.ic; m
$7.OHS.75: rough
8.28; bulk of sales. $8.1G8.20.
SIIKKP AND l.AM IS H Receipts. 10.000
head; market steady to 10c higher: native.
3.4Olif4.0; western, $3.504t4.; yearlings,
-. ooniii. w: mmos, native, tt.fDTO7.3; west
ern, $t.iw.x-
nixed, Vt.lOaS.: heavy,
7,WCfi l.r; pigs, $.3w
New York M'HJuaj Stoeks.
NRW TORK. Aug. 30.-C!oslng iKffa-j
tion on mining stcks were: j
Com Tonntl atork.. 8 Mesiean 2M j
Con. fat. ft Vs.... 67 Ontario 16rt
.160 ophlr as
. 10 'standard 100 j
. I Tallow JMkat 40 j
Iron Silver ....
Loadvllle Cos.
Llttla Chief ....
. m
21 2
I It 14
s it tn
: 11..
.;.. ...200
71 l
74 247
... .544
. . . .320
I ...
Sh. Pr. N.' At. 9h. Pr.
4 I 40 70 240 80 I 8(
... I 14 4..,....22a 10 f JS
... I 18 '.. 54.1 ... I Ji
80 I KV, 77 !t2 40 I 86
... 8 26 li.......IJ4 128 I 35
... 125 80 117 lit S 85
... a 26 ' aa 2 4 a ts
24 a :5 ta... ...ft m a js
60 I :i S3 ."It 2:0 a 1;
uo. a n v. : 10 a 40
mi a is io 2;i ... a 40
v.o 1 25 4 u: ao a 40
10 8 S 72.... ...26 s t H
... I 15 j.......240 p 40
... I ta aa 245 40 1 40
10 1 nvt sa na ao a
... 8 27 a 133 120 a 40
80 8 80 79 168 ... 8 40
120 110 8$ lit tv $48
Kansas City Live Stoek Market.
Receipts,- 1,000 head, including 600 head
southerns; market steady; southerns
strong to 10c higher; dressed and export
steers, $S.60r 10.60; fair ta good. 88.aoii.rjO;
western steers, $5.dOStO.OO; stackers and
feeders, J4.WW.C0; southern steers, $4.60n
6.00; southern cows, $3.2536.00; native
cows, $3.2Mii.S; native heifers, $5.0O(f.M;
bulls, $4.(sitv.2A; calves, to.Ooe'A.ftO. .
HOQS-Recolpts, 1,400 head;- rnsrkiit
steiidy to 60 higher; bulk of sales, IS.fiO
8.75; heavy, $8.60fg.?d; packers and butch
ers, $..Of8.82H; lights, $1808.7S; pigs,
SHEEP AND IAMBrV-Reeelnts. 1,300
head; market steady; lambs, lfl.00iiM.75;
yearlings, $4.ft03.3li; wethers, $4.004.4O;
ewes, $3.ftOS.80; Blockers and feeder. $2.23
H.00. . 1
St. flails Lite Stoek Market.
ceipts, 2,300 head, Including 1,500 head
Texans; market steady; native shipping
and export steers, $S.; dressed
and butcher steers. $6.00tJ8.60: stockers
and feeders, $4.6007.28; ?ows and heifers.
ii.9mb.ib: canners, I2.W4.2B: buns. H.WS
5. 00; calves. $6.0010.00: Texas and Indian
steers, l4.wisiw.oo; cows and netfers. $3.00
47.50. , . -
liOQS-Recelpts, 2.M0 head; market
steady; pigs and lights, $6.509.00; mixed
and butchers, $S.$0f(iA9ii. .
BnGKr AND LAMBS Receipt", 600
head; market steady; muttons, $3.7D4,26;
lambs, culls and bucks. $1.50
$.26; stackers, 2.0sm
St. Joseph 1.1 ra Stock Market.
ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Aug. SU-CATTL&-recelpts,
WW head; market , weak; steers,
$G.0u10.25; cows and heifers, $3.00J4I.W;
calves, $4.kVa8.7l.
HOOS-Recelpts. 2.000 head; market 5
higher; top, $X.X0; bulk of sales, $8.rA 8.7J.
head; market slew; lamb. M.OO&t.TS.
Stock in Sight.
Reeclpts of live stock In the five prin
cipal western markets yesterday;
, cattle. H ns. Sheen.
South Omaha 1,0ft 4.700 2,300
St. Joseph 500 2,600 8,500
Ksnsas city l.nro 1.4W 1,300
St Louis 2,300 2.900 600
Chicago 1,600 15,000 10,000
Totals 8.309 28,800 17,780
Coffee Market.
NEW TORK. Aug.. -OOFFKEFtt-tures
market owni steady at an ad
vance of 9 to 14 points on high European
markets. The close was steHdy to firm
and from '2 to 15 Viotnt ne. hlghe-r.
Sales. 110.750 bs. September-, October,
November and December. 13o0e; January
and February, 1303c: April, 13.09c; May,
13. Wc: Jims'. 13.08c; July, W.0BC.
Spot coffee .steady; Rio, 7s,'
Santos. 4s. 15r;c. Mild, coffee, quiet;
Cordova, lC174c nominal.
Havre wns 1 to IH rranc ntgner. Mam
burg, to I'i pfennig hlqrher. Rio, 12
ITU , paiiiuh, ir. w,v .n , ,
50 reis hlsrher, st 7$JH). Brajslllnn port
receipts, 62.000 bags, .against 72,wo nats
last year. Jnndlshy receipts. Mono baats.
casinst 62.9IX) bags last year. Showers
or rains were reported In Sao Paulo. To-
dnv's fliintos cable reported 4, rin
chnntred; SrtO Psulo receipts, 42,000 bags,
against 35,6'0 bags Vsst year.
Poreltraa Stoek Market.
LONDON. Aug. 30.-Money was In good
demand for month-end , requirements to
day. Discount rates Were steady. The
stock market wss fairly active with a
firm undertone. Amerlcnn securities were
quiet. Prices moved IrreRuTnrtv Within
narrow limits. Canadian Pacific and
Loufsvlll A Nashville eased off In the
late trading, but the rest of he list
closed steady.
PARIS. Aug. 30. The bourse wss cheer
ful and firm today.
PKRL1N. Aug. 30. The bourse opened
strong todav. Later realising depressed
prices and the closing was weak.
Condition of Treasory.
WASHINGTON, Aug. . At the be
ginning of business today the condition
of. the Tnfted States treasury was:
Working balance in treasury offices,
$88,8!O,017; In bank and Philippine treas
ury, $3390,740; total of general fund,
$154,223,132. Recetpts a year ago. 12,392,
46; disbursements, $7,479.42(1 Deficit t
date this fiscal year. $4,822,6, ats against
a deficit of $2,762,336, at this time last
year. .
These figures exclude Panama canal
and public debt transactions. -
Omaha Hay Market.
OMAHA, Aug. 2.-KAT-New, No. 1,
fll.006il0.i0; Kb. J, $9.00'JO.50': No. 3. 8.0o
S; So. 1 upland, 10.0Sfll.50; No. 2,
i8.00tt9.oft-, No. 2, $7 OftfiS.OO; No. 1 lowland.
$.O0ftO.E0; No. 2, $S.t'0a.00: No. 3, $7.00
8.00; alfalfa. No. 1, $1Z.603J1S.M; No. I
$1.0013.00: no. 3, $10.0(& 11.00. Straw:
Wheat, ,$00f6.60j oats and rye, $6.00i6.ea
NEW TORK. Aug. 00. -The stock mar
ket loilay rcfiecttd in Its almost recdrd
bteakiii,; Idleness the effect of the com
ing triple holiday, but the -tone' was
mainly steady. Adverse factors partly
were nullified by some, additional atail
road returns for July, notably thoso of
the Ilarriman lines. Union Pacific mak
ing a net gain of $347,000. while Southern
1'Hcltic -Increased by almost .'So.fw, "
.Wither advance In certain by-product"
of the copper and smelting com
panies was accepted as further proof
of excellent conditions obtaining In those
i.tanuiK storks moved narrowly when
at all. but Canadian Pacific and Louis
ville . Nashville were heavy, the former
on the spread of opposition to its sMck
Issue and the latter presumably at dis
appointment of its shareholders over tine
$12.000,OM cnpltal Increase. Tob&co
shares continued to decline, with he&vl
l m lcs important specialties.
Another heavy gold shipment to C&n
aua, limiting a total of $600,000 for.Hhe
week, adds to the steady outflow of cash
li?J2 rorilpr. which approxlmsrtes
ts.rn.rn since a:,t FTMay and Mch
luiiU uatreniely probable another -ie-t-rtase
In actual reserves. .... il
I'onrts were Irregular, with some pets
sure in important issues. Total sales
P!!r VRll"v 1':ws.- L'nlted States 2s
Mmaitci'd H per cent on call for the week
Number of i-aits aw leacing Quotations
on stocks were a.-i loilows:
salaa. Htath. bow. Clone.
Amalgamated CVipptr .
Amerlcnn AiMruKurat
Amarlcan Boot Sugar.
Amarlraii lan
Aaiwlran flis fti
American ('. & F.
Arafiii Oo4)ioi Oil.,
Am. Ira Saaurltiaa....
Ain-rlcan Llnd ....
Amtrlrati Ucomo4ira
Amtrlran t. 6 R
Am. S. A R. pfd
Am. sugar Jtefiufnaj. .
Aineraa T. T
ABiariran Tobacco . , .
Ananmdi. Mining Co.
Atciilaoo pfd -
Atlantic Coast Una.,.
fUWmar. Clo.,.,.
intHilrknn tl
grooklya Haolil Tr...
Canadian I'aclflo
tHntrtl Uthr
(aaapaaka Ohio...
tlileage O. W. ;.;
Chfraco, M. Bt. r.
Chicago A tt. W......
Colanda Y. o I
lnnltdated Ota
(nn Product a ........
rMaarart Hudaos...
Hcnvar o Rla Grande.
D. A R. 0 pfil
rxnttllera1 8aaurltlaa .
Brla ,
Krla lat pfd
Brla fd pfd.....
liaatrsl K4ctri ......
Ont Northers pfd....
.;'00 87 84 4 f
im iia , 614 aa
Moo 75W 74ta :nii
l.ioo k aa4. fjai
i,oo m xs lis
, iu am , au,'';ii,
t i4--vi4Vt
-' '-... ' s
80S 441 . 46i 't&
8.100 u . ae ."'ta'Sg
..'' KaJt
toe iiih its tas
tOO 144 144
1.700 264 Ml aa
1.500 4fti 4S . 4414
1.20O 108 IMS 108
100 101 WHi 101
: 17 rt7H t7
X) 42 40V4 1 4"
100 an ' ti ' 11
4.TW 275
i,o as aa ia
to aa4 ai aa
ano '16'4 isvi it
100 uk 108 104
1.100 u 12 s
l.tOO' Jffll- 146 141
o ta 11
too u i7 ma
..... ..... ..... ai
..... a
...i..... 14
2,900 a: , aa ju
tOO 14 844 ' t4
too 1112 iaa bi
l.aoa i 138 iaa
Oraat Northam Ora etfa.. t.too 47 48
.. luo 111
llllnola Cantral
IstarkoKiugh Met, ......
Intar. Hat. ufd
Iatarnatlanal Harniitar ,.
lnter-Marlna pld .,
International Paper .....
International Pump t
Kaaaae City Seut&ara. ...
tjarlade Oaa
Uhirh Valley
Ioulnllla Naahyllra..
M.i St. 1 4k i. . M .
MlaaoHTl, K. ft T
Mlatnorl laMfta
National Mm-utt
National bead ..........
Na York Centra!. .1
f. 0. a W
Nnrfalk Waaler
North American
Northern Papilla
PacKle Malt .y
Pennajrlvanls ,
People'a Oaa
P.. C. C. Bt. (.,...
Pltlaburgh Coat
Praued 8tel Car.... :
Pullman falaro Car...
Republle I. ft
Republic I. ft S. pld.
Ruck liltod Co
Hork Wand C. pfd..
St. L. A R. F. 2d pfd.
Seaboard Air Una .
Ill . Ut
400 aK ir -9w
....: ,1I1
; M toy l: '
v.. 7
100 ltd lOt 103
. i.m ! ia iat
. 4,00 Mi 163 U4
'. um "aa' . ;';4i
. 800 140 . 140 'iSl
, , too , w WH -
.....-. ,.v..11H
,.J00..7 $.,"! .
. ioo na o,,
.' i.oe 12a w !
. ......
, iMd 124 124. K4
. too 110 111. wb-
. m ' J ..24
..V "Soo" . salt aa-i! ita
. ' m in. ..m
. i$,too 171 170 .'110
s ,100 ' 27 . , '" 27
. ...... ..... ..... ,',S0
. ...... ...V. '..'.v-r 2H
. ...... ....'. ..l.-we
, , ..... n
Seaboard A. h, pfd....,, ...... .....
aMeas-fbrffiela . ft I.. ..V.. 'J
southern full ..." 1.10 1H
,, ao' a-,
Southern Railway
go. Hallway pti..
Tenneaaee Copper
Teaaa ft PeelHe..'
Union Paelfla ...
lislns Parlfla. r
United States Realty..,
United mates Rubber.
.1 4J
; 400 u . , aa
M 10.IW0 .172. ,l71Wt
200 tl 1 T
... 82
oo tt at't
(.sited Stat StMl 17.S00 ."T 78:t8
V . BtI pfd 40 .!.
Utah Copper ,w
Va. -Carolina Chemical
Wabaik pfd
Wtitern Maryland ...
Wratern Union
Waattnghou Rletrl
Whell ft I
K. dlv.
700 81
- J7
t -t
Total aale lor the day. ". he...
Boston Block Market." . JJ
BOSTON, Aug M.-Closing quotaJons
on stocks were as follows: ' "' .
,,, 47 MafcsartJ - .;crMl
AMI. Capper 87NaTade Con. ....332
At L ft I Mplaalng Mines ,, 8
Arlaona Cois, t North Bt. p-4
B ft C. C M. tKorth Lk. V..',.... t
47l. ft Arlaoiuv.... 12 Old Doaalnioo ...i.-ta
fjal ft Hecla 85 Otcaot r.Vl.
Canunnlal .......... Qtriiir '
roe Hangs C. C... 61 shannon ....H
STskii. 11 b. m.;,i
niretia Con. Ht-lTamarli ......--...
Orem CaaaneS "5.,
ale Itoyal Copper, 18 t'ten Coo. ,-11
Kerr W CPH a5.
take Coppar B Winona
1A falle Copper.'... "i Wolverine ...,..-.II10l
Miami Copper - 28 ,. ,.
Si i i i in aa " " ' . J
London Stock ttnrket. ..ftj
LOKDOX, Aug. .30. American securities
opened qirfet find unchange teday. Trad
ing wss light and prices moved lriegu
larly during 4he first hour. At noon the .
market was steady with prices - ringing
from U above to 14 beiow . yetefdy'
New York closing. .
When You Own
First Mortgage Bonds
You Own Actual -5
Property '.. :.." ''
Th value of the bond' Se
cured by a tnllllon dollar
property ift actual operation
means a gooJ lnyestment to
you. ... ..
, till Issue Small. '. ' 7
Pays. '1 Interest. ; :
For complete information '
Call or Write 4 ' . j
1126-27 City Nat i Bank .
Omaha, Keb. :
- rf
Ship Yur Stocks
to South Omaha -
For List of Reliable Ccrnmi.isiCt.
Slerrhants Seat Our CUssifiet
List of Jferrititiit. "
..... : - l .
F3 a