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Report of the Special Committee is
. Recommitted by Council.
Protestants Allege that City Has
Won a Complete Victory and
that to the Victor Be
- Ions; the Spoils.
Foowing a dramatic recital of the city
council's action in approving the gas con
tract by which the city promised to pay
the gas company $28 per lamp per year
for a term of five years the commission
yesterday recommitted the report of
the special committee appointed to effect
a compromise. A public hearing will be
fcad as soon as representatives of the gas
company return from the east The com
mittee had reported In favor of a com
promise on t-i per lamp.
T. W. Blackburn, W. M. Giller, D. 3.
O'Brien and Harry B. Zlmman protested
against any settlement, saying the city
had won the case in the courts and thj
contract having been entered Into In bad
faith nothing was due the company.
Mr. Blackburn said In his opinion the
pas company 1 could not collect a cent
Mr. Giller declared the only questions
involved bad been settled by the courts,
which had declared the council had no
right to make contracts, as it was pro
hibited by charter. He said the council
rould i not legally : pay a "reasonable
charge" because it had no right to enter
Into the contract
' To the victor belongs the spoils, Gil
ler maintained, and since ths city had
won in every instance the citizens ought
to be the beneficiaries of "the nearly
$200,000. The contract was let without
previously advertising, he said, and ths
price was greater than the city should
; have paid. -v;.
Old Incident Recalled.
D. J. O'Brien and H. B. Zlmman, as
members of the council at the time the
contract was let, recalled that policemen
and plain clothes men had been stationed
at all the doors of the council chamber
and prevented councllrnen from leaving
the room while "the attorney for ths
gas company dictated the contract and
the council was forced to enter Into the
Members of the council who were not
present were forced to attend, policemen
being sent after them. Zlmman asserted
that citizens who were spectators at ths
meeting were compelled by the police to
remain In the room until the contract was
: approved. '. " -; :
O'Brien attempted to leave the room
and was prevented by policemen. -He
"wrestled with a plain clothes roan,' but
Wois forced to resume his seat and partial,
pate In the proceedings. O'Brien advised
the council to pay the gas company. $28
per lamp if they paid anything, because
they were entitled to the amount fixed
In the agreement it It "was a good faith
' Cites Court Record.
Zlmman said it was a matter of court
record that the gas company had even re
sorted to attempted bribery. - "Ths com
pany has shown the city no consideration
and we ought to show it none. They are
not entitled to a cent until they come to
you and say they will reimburse ths city
for charges in excess of ths limitations
named in their franchise." , ,
Commissioner Ryder, chairman of the
oDAcial committee from the council, sug
gested the matter be allowed to rest
until a public meeting could be held and
both sides of ths case presented. This
suggestion was followed and ths commit
tee's report recommitted. ,-
President Freel
of the Stereotypers
. Visiting in Omaha
James Freel, president of the Interna
tlonal Sterotypers , and Eleotrotypers
union, Is in Omaha visiting with ths mem
bers of his craft and calling on the em
ployers with whom his union does busi
ness. He is returning from ths recent
convention of his organization, held at
Pan Francisco. At that convention very
important action was taken, in ths presi
dent's stand on ths sanctity of local con
tracts when underwritten by the, inter
national officers. The Chicago stereo
typers had struck in sympathy with the
pressmen employed on ths newspapers
there. President Freel ordered the men
to return to. work. When they refused
he suspended the charter of thn union.
The Chicago union took an appeal to the
convention, where the action of ths
president was sustained, the stereo
typers going squarely on record as stand'
ing for the observance of contracts.
. Mr. Freel was the guest of Commis
sioner Byder at luncheon at ths Rome
at noon, and last evening was the
guest of honor at ths home of Thomas
Reynolds on Sherman avenue, Mrs.
Freel is traveling with her husband.
Vicious Monk Still -
at Liberty in Park
Commissioner Hummel is still searching
for the monkey which escaped from his
cage at " Riverview park and attacked
and wounded Martin Larsen. Since
Wednesday no trace of the animal has
been found. Shortly, after its ' escape
the monkey was seen in the trees, but
armed employes of the park department
were unable to capture It Citizens have
been warned that It is a dangerous
animal and children, are being kept out
of the park unless accompanied by
grownups. ...
i!ay' Moore had reaction yesterday
following a lively celebration , of the
Fourth of July and sought to dissipate remorse with the aid of a half a
dozen tablets of bichloride ot mercury,
At St Joseph's hospital, where she i
beir g cared for, ths nurses fear that she
will succeed. The woman, who has been
stopping at the National hotel, on Fit'
tcenth. between Douglas and Dodge
streets, has thrice attempted to take her
life within the las'; tew months. ' ,
The twentieth annual meeting of the
United States League of Building and
Loan Associations begins a three-day ses
sion at Atlantic " City, N. J next Tues
day. Three delegates from Nebraska will
attend T, C. Patterson, secretary of the
North Platte association; J. T. Heigren.
aKitatjt. secretary of the Omaha as so
elation, and T. J. Fltzmorris. director of
the Nebraska association of Omaha,
Open till 9 p. m. Saturdays
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Bell Company :Has
No Eights Under the
Automkic Franchise
Ths city commission by resolution rs
fused to rscogniss ths right ot ths Bell
Telephone company to any of the priv
ileges or ths franchise ef the Independent
company, sold at public auction. This
resolution followed a formal notification
nt to ths mayor fcy th Bell company
apprising ths councllmea of . ths pur
ebass, - .'. .! .'
None of the rijhts of ths Independent
company was purclassd by the ' Bell
company, according to ths city legal de
partment, and ths Bell has no right to
operate the property. A copy of ths
resolution was served on the Bell com
pany. ,
This resolution was passed as a matter
of precaution, : said the city attorney,
since the Bell company might later de
clare the city was estoppod unless its
attitude was now declared.
C. E. Fanning notified the commission
that he would hold the city responsible
for the burning of the tar on the Six
teenth street creosoted wood block pave
ment. " :.. -. .
An ordinance directing that prisoners
be employed on the streets was recom
mended for passage. .
J, F. Morlarlty and others objected to
the laying of a spur track of the Mis
souri Pacific from California td Webster
street The council set ths hsartng for
Bid for' painting room 300 in the city
hall was let for $75. This Is Commissioner
WlthneU's office." "
The Persistent and jumcious tTse ot
Newspaper Advertising is the Road to
Business Success.
"In the cool of early morning
Come to the
2Sth and Woolworth Avenues.
V Opens in all departments at 9:45 each Sunday morn
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Visitors welcome. .
-I I . ,! - , . . -I i .-1 I .1 .111 - II!,! I II . , , ,p
Preaching services 11 o'clock Sunday mornings.
Tyler 1300,
Auto., A-aaac
Ws pay express
one way on out
of town ship
ments of $3 ox
July" Damage
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Found at Last
Is what a gentleman from Hew York
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