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Ninety-Two Busy Years Now Behind Her
( The krtllisnt Illumination of Aa-8er-Ben
U to Mrs. Qustsvs Fedorow, whe
ton week celebrated ker ninety -second
bnthdsy. the greatest achievement of
the lut century. MrC Fedorow, who
was born May U, 1K in 8L Petersburg,
R'-ssls, came to tola country flfty-alx
yean ago with her husnand. a wealthy
and owner, who waa a political refugee
under the relm of Cur Alexander IX
I r. PJnnw 1 - I li . . .
. wnw.Lra nsr mruiaay
,a Wednesday In the deltchtful Rus
sule ana oerman way. Juat In
formal afternoon coffee and eases and
surrounded, by relaUvaa and friends and
a quantity of beautiful flower aent by
those who would tend greeting! and
congrstulsttons. lira. Fedorow. who haa
rent the greater part of her life la St.
Louie, came to Omaha two year ago
to make net home with her daughter.
Mi Ferdinand Smith and Mr, Smith.
She alto has two grandchildren resid
ing her. Urn. Arthur Met and Mr.
Arthur Frankiyn Smith. La it Wednes
day ah enjoyed a motor rid to the
horn of Mr. Mats, when the birthday
celebration wa given.
Th wonderful electrical Baarant nf Ak.
Bar-Ben reminded Mrs. F redo row by
contrast of on of th court parade
giTea ib BL Petersburg over half a cen
tury ago In honor of Czar Alexander.
Th only lighting. poeilbl at thatitim
wa amall lantern. These were held
by mea Blaosd at Interval along th
root and th lantern war lighted Jut
before th approach f th pageant, a
th lights would burn only for, a-abort
On. ; . .
; Like an well born ladle of Russia.
Mr. Fedorow la a great Untwist. She
(peaks and write six language, Oer
'man, English, Preach. Italian. Russian
and Swedish, and the still corresponds In
th astir tongue with relative In Rue-
sia and Sweden. When a 'young girl Mr.
Fedorow waa Interested In music and a
great friend of the famous composer,
One of th moat enjoyable events of
Mrs. Fedorow' life waa crossing th
ocean la a huga sailboat, fifty-Ms year
ago. Fortunately she waa an excellent
railor, for they were on th wster sixty
day. Th fare eat sailboat which waa
quit luxury for thst age, had uan
passengers from flt Petersburg end Mr.
Fedorow sars Se never enjoyed any
thing a much s th ocean voyage.
They landed at New Orleans and came
up th river to St. Louts, which teemed
quit wild and crude after reel ding la
iSt. Petersburg. '
! Mrs. Fedorow remembers Incidents ot
th civil war; of making bandage for
th wounded soldiers Bhe met General
t-e and remember the- reception given
th general while la that city.
Later Mr. Fedorow moved to Chicago
and after' th great fire there returned
to St. Louis to reside. ..
Mrs. J-Vderow hss ten grandchildren
and a large number, of treat grandchil
dren. Although she haa lived nearly
a century, Mrs. Fedorow retains all her
faculties and . her .favorite pastalms Is
motoring with her grandchildren ant:
great grandchildren. . .
Omaha May Hare Thirteen Bepre
tentative at Loniirille Meeting.
addealr Hesslsded that t Was
Tweaty-riv Tear Old, It Free
Meat Call tew Bxtxpetsn -
a ess Kemialss
V Thirteen Omahana may
Thirteen Omahana may go to th an
nual convention g th National Real
Estate Exchanges to b held In Louis
ville, Ky., June Is, and 11. Only
two. 'so far, C. F. Harrtioa and Fred
Crelgh, an certain that they will go.
Questions sent out by Creigh, -the sec
retary 0B4 the Omaha exchange, brought
lack th Information that eleven mero-
wie mv wnitmpuuni isajna; cue inn,
but up to the present Urn hsv not
been able to Mat definitely whether or
not iney will.
Byron Hasting and C. C. Oeorg In an
probability will help sweU th Omaha
.lepreseniauoa. unless wear plan g
wry within th next few days, they
aretto be counted on.
Because of th distance, not much In
terest is being taken by th Omaha realty
men In' th Loulsvills convention. When
the annual convention waa ' bald I
IMnver last ysar, Omaha took away on
st th pennanta for the largest represen
tation. The distance 'waa not so gnat
and Interest la the program ran higher.
The program of th Loulsvills conven
tion I enticing, however. Among th
feature of the entertainment will be an
evening t Fountain Ferry park, which
haa th vetststlon of being one of the
prettiest parks la th United Stat, It
not In th World. This will tak place
th flrel, evening of th convention.
The next afternoon, Thursday, a
steamer excursion on th Ohio river It
planned and on Friday th delegates and
their wive will be taken over th city
of Louisville tat automobiles, th trip
to be followed In th evening by a' huge
banquet '
Saturday ther will be an excursion
through th mammoth cave, on of the
natural wonder of th country.
Ther are also plsnned many Interest
ing things In the way of real sststt
business education. Among th tub.
jects to be discussed by able speakers
art: "Advertising Real Estate," "Li
censing Real estate Broker." Subdrrl
Mont," ""How to Conduct Rental De-
uiicni, c, l , u t , w Aslnws, ine
Multiple Listing Systems" nd "How te
Develop and Hsndls Salesmen."
Addresses of welcome will b made the
erentnf . day by Governor Jam M. Me.
Cleary of Kentucky and Mayor W. O.
Hssd of Louisville. Oeorg W. Grant,
president of the Loulsvills Real Estate
exchange, also will mak a welcome ad
dress to th visitors, to which response
will be made by Bamnel Thorp ot Min
neapolis, president ot the National As
sociation of Real Sstste exchanges-
Th Omaha Real Estate xchange
rather suddenly waa sailed upon hurt
Wednesday noon to celebrate Its twenty
fifth anniversary. Although Incorpora
tion papers were taken out Try th or
ganisation October m, 13. the 'real or
ganisation waa ftctsd exactly a quar
ter of a century ag hut Tuesday.. It
was. this fact of which a newspaper man
reminded the member when they gath
ered for their weekly meeting, and l
was thought unfitting that the occasion
should go by uncelebrated. Th presi
dent Immediately fathered a resales
tores and started R.
An Informal discussion as th list ot
charter members wa read off revealed
th tact that many had died, several had
ten th city and th whereebouta of some
sre unknown by Omahana,
Th original organlsattoa had sixty-two
members, and out of that number thee
ere now only eight men remaining en th
ester. Ot them W. H. Oreea waa vice
resident ot th first exchange- The
i there sre George Wallace. A. P. Tukey,
1 C. Fatterscn, I. V. "holes. F. D
ve Quickest and Survat
Cure For All Sore Feet
Weed. J. W. Robbln and W. T..jQrahaa
Th officer, ol th first exchange yore:
T. S. Clarkson. president; , W. H. Green,
vie president, and P. B. Woodiest, see.
retarv-treesurer. Th rtglnal roll-M-.....
- -i : . s '
Omaha, Real Estate W. T. Graham ..t-r-.
and Trust, pom-D. R. Archer , .
Kny. by' Alvln John W. Paul 1
under. 'pres-W. A.-Bpenoer-ldent
' i D. C. Pattere.
The O. F. Davla W. C. A. Gardner
company, by P. L.A. P. Tukey
Perlne, secretary Morris Moerleon
M. A. Upton Wtmkt Wester-
W. A. McCsBdllsh field
D. V. liholee Btrkhauser r Blu
Oeorgs N. Hick mer , t
Otto Lobeck - Nebraska Settling
Th Mead Invest- and Supply com
ment company, by pany
David Jameson, R. a Berlin
' treasurer Georce i. Paul
J. B. ttvant ' Theodore CM eon :
Creary Crsary Gate CltvLand
company. v W. Jbt,
Taylor, secretary
Hutchinson Weed
Stringer A Penny
Mumaugh KrtcFiett
Lewis a. Reed CO.
L. J. (Donoho
Rrneet Risll aj Co. .
Wall Blaynet
D. U Smeaton
Star Land and Loan
company, by R.
H. Wick, seoretsry
Muir 4k Osylord
m: F. Roys
C, M. Power - -.-
IL a. Clark
G. H. Amee
Groves- Stevens
George P. Beml
Curtis A Sackett
C. L. Jaynee At C
W. O. Shriver
Thomas F. Tuttl '
Alexsnder SmltB
H. t. Robert
T. C. Bruner t
B. R. Ball
W. R. Homan
El M. Stenberf
F. K. fcarllng
H K. atowe
Benson A. Caralch- Ernest O.
ael O. J. Collmsn.
T. C. Clarkson K
t. T. McVlttis, whose -cigar ' stors lri
th Orpbeum at known to everyone I
Omaha, haa leased a place. la the Board!
of Trad bunding, su South l(enth
street. Candy and special -lines will be
carried In stock In the new place and
Cowan will be sold there. . "
Burd K Miller, the arcblttci ia Just
Issued a book containing some bungalow
and nous plan h and hi designers
hav drawn. There . are design for
bungalow boom and tins residence,
ranging In pries frern II, NO to mor than
Th book IS an usually attractrr. Th
engraving war mad by th Baker
Bros, company and A. I. Root did the
Congressman Would Bar Free Use to
Railroad Owned Ships.
Measar Reported (Ost ( f ieasle
Ceaessittee ea Flaasee aad Chaaa
lea Hosae. lager ladaetry
la If I'aeertala Way.
(From a Staff Correspsndent.) .
WASHINGTON, a C, May U. -(Special
Telegram.) The sweeping provision
In th Panama .canal bill prohibiting th
use of th oanat to railroad owned ves
sels, bow before the house tor debate was
supported yesterday . by Representative
Martm ot South Dakota. If such vssssls
were admitted It" waa almost aurs, In Mr.
Martin's opinion, to lead to ths Stirling
of compstltloa 'and Jesssa ths benefits
that would otherwise be conferred upon
America Industrie by th opening ot
Itfi greet waterway.
Mr7 Martin also opposed th admission
free to th canal of ships sngsged In the
coastwise trade. Declaring that the Pa
clfJo '-coast steamship companies ware en
deavoring to secure tree tolls, Mr. Mar
tin said that thsy already bad a monop
oly and that It should not M runner rec
ognised by government sanction ot free
. Th' ooeatwls .states will reap ths
largeat benefits anywsy from the Psn-
l'saiajcanal, because of their large ahlp
HpiQg Interests." said Mr. Msrtln. "It
I their' vessels are to b admitted tree. It
S'ttl-result In Increased taxation, which
must be bom by Interior state In a
meaeur entirely out of proportion to th
benefits accrulnsl to them. , It Is sstl-
rmafedT that R wil sost 9,aoo,oM annually
to maintaia the canal, and to that muat
be added 110. 000,00 for th Interact on
bond. It would not be fair to allow
free use ot ths canal and then tax the
Increased burden on tboss who do hot
nap th benefits."
The season's best in comfortiving creations
INTEREST of the wife whose care is centered
right now in putting her home into a condition that
will make for comfort for all the family. This store offers things beautiful
and cool in our drapery department that should grace every home. Here
are some special bargains for a short time:'
Porch shades for every home Shirt waist and utility boxes
TVe are just entering on the season of the year when
the porch becomes the most popular place. In order to
make it comfortahle and attractive it should be well
shaded. For this purpose there is nothing on the market
that is any better than the German Wood Web Porch .
Shades. These are made of a narrow wood fibre and
laced together with heavy thread. They come in browns
and greens,' also cream colored and mixed cream and
green. These shades are easy to hang. They keep out,
the direct rays of the sun. In sizes and prices as follows: '
4x8, $2.50; 5x8, $3.50; 6x8, $4.00; 7x8, $4.50; 8x8, $5.00;
10-8, $6.50; hanging is 50o extra for each.
, We will send a man to measure your porch and give
you an estimate of what it will cost to equip it with these
shades. ' ,
We have an unusually well selected stock of Shirt
Waist and Utility Boxes both in fancy and plain covers
with Japanese matting and bamboo trimmings. These
boxes come in all sizes, some with, trays and some with
out A few of the special values and sizes are as follows:
Heavy Birch box covered with Japanese matting, 27
inches , $3.00
Same quality of box in 33-inch size $4.50
Better grade of box, 45-inch, finished inside, covered
outside with best matt ing $9.50
Special box, 37-inch, with matting cover, shirt waist
tray, and separate drawer to poll out at bottom $12.50
Special value 48-inch box with matting cover with tray
ht ...$8.00
Beautiful matting covered box 50-inch, trimmed with
Circassian walnut ......... ..J $15.75
Cool summer lace curtains Light weight' overdrapery
We bare number ot exceptionally good value ot Bwisa Cur
tains with colored borders, lace dsins or Insertion tbat are wortb
at least1.00 a pair. We are selllni these at f 1.6U per pair, tied
seta to match tome of them.
1100 raluet n Scrim and Marquisette curtails. Plain Mar
quisette In ecru or white color. Exceptionally good valuea lor
13.00 per pair. ;
$5.00 value In lac cartel ue. Lacet Arabian curtain with
medallion In corner with heary Arabian lace I an exceptionally
good value at fS.OO a pair. -
Marquisette curtain with fillet lac Insertion, a beautiful cur
tain for library or dining room and a big value for fS.OO a pair.
Novelty, net curtains, five or six good pattern to select from.
An exceptionally good value In ecru color for 6.00 a pair. '
We.carry a large line of the newest and best patterns ;
in Sunfast mercerized madras over drapery fabrics. These
goods are 56 inches wide, in all styles, designs and color
ings. They "are made in plain and figured as well as two
or three toned colorings, such as brown with soft rose'
and green figures, and green with soft blue and tan
figures. These goods are all 50 inches wide, and two
yards will make a beautiful pair of over-draperies for a
window. - , ' ... -
At II. to per yard It I very Inexpensive. Colored Bordered
scrims, many style and a variety of color from xc per yard up to
'toe yard. Cretonne, taffeta and chlntaes, both plain and colored, -In
all the newst styles from 6e a yard up. . . .;..
. .. :
Miller, Stewart M Beaton Go.
413-15-17 South Sixteenth Street.
Architect H. A. Raapks stems to bsve
a spsclal llklnc for drssrlng plsas for
physicians. In the last week he hss com
pleted drawlnss for twe bomes. te tx
built at Thirty second and' Cretsntoa
avenues by Drs, A. A. Crandert and. L.,
W. Morse man. They win be pretty rast
dsncee and face beautiful HanseoBi
For Dr. A. P. Jonas. Itaapkala making
plans for a private museum and library.
It will be built as a conservatory etvtne
side of the home at lot South Thlfty-J
first avenue.
But the architect does not eon fine him
self to physicians only. Recently be fin
Ished plans for a MO. 000 apartment house
te be built by Edward Johnson at Thirty,
sixth and Poppleton s venues. The house
will contain twelve apartments of five
rooms each.
Its bedrooms and kitchen will be fin
ished ba gum wood, whlls ether rooms
will be finished In hard oak. A beauti
ful balcony and two esnooled entrances
will be among other features ef the
Machinery of1 the T. P. Stroud com
pany will start again tomorrow. The
amount of floor space la the rebuilt fac
tory will be double that ef the Are de
stroyed structure In width. .
The new Scottish Rite cathedral will
be started wtthia. a few weeks by Oeuld
on, wne were awaroea tne contract
Friday. Th building nu be oomisVstsd
by next year.
It will face the Omaha club aad stand
on ths southwest corner of Twentieth
I Douglas streets The edifice Is to
be three stories high and measure Mxl2l
L John Lai sneer, drew the plana.
The following la absolutely the sorest
mr.4 c-ulckeat cure knows to ciessos for
all foot sllmente: "Dissolve ' two tabls
eiqoosf uls of Caloclde compound is a
basin of warm water. Soak the feet ia
thla for fall f If teas ,
minutea, featlf
rubbing the sere
parts." The effect
is really weoder-
ow rui All Bareness
goes Instantly: the
feet ted so good
roe could sing for
Jay. C r B a aad
cai leasee sea be
peeled right eft It
givees iamiediata relief for sore bunions,
sweaty, smelly end schlng feet. A
sarncient te cure tbe worst leet.
It werke throsgh ths pore aad rewweee
the cause ef the trouble. Doe't waste
time ea ancsrtaia remedies. Any drug
glat has Caloeide ceennouad te stock er
he cam gat It la a few sours from hie
wholesale bene- It la net a sclent
medicine, but U aa ethical prepare una J
Kinkaid Takes Nap
,.; as Mondeil Speaks
WASHINGTON. May Is. -The bouse de
bated the Panama canal adntinlstratloa
bill yesterday and at the Bight session
until U e clock. There will be three hours
of debate tomorrow and the bill then will
be taken up for suneodansnt under the
nve-mlnaie rale. The debate todsy cen
tered about the proposal t give is Aasert
caa ships tree peaeage or very lew tails.
ne contended the Hay-PaencefoW
treaty prevented that. - - -
The Bight session area stow. At one
jBBCtare Representative Hooded ef Wye.
mine who was making a speech, dls.
covered fleoresentattve Kinkaid of Ne
braska asleep and awok him.
Sabetltute laaae BUI.. .
Ths senate .committee ea finance today
reported out a substitute on a free sugar
Mil which recently passed ths democratic
house. Ths senate bill eliminates the
duties, standard of color teat and the
refiners differential and leaves the duty
en raw sugar as It Is at present The
senate report ehamplona ths cause of
the boms sugar Industry as unesulvooally
ias ths house report championed the ceuaa
ot the American refiners of Imported rsw
sugar. It oltes ths tact that the refiners
marked up. the price of refined sugar
last tall regardless of ths low price of
raw sugar, and that the coming onto
ths market of the home beet sugar crop
brought down the price. nesrly 1 cents a
pound and thereby saved the consumers
of the country many millions .of dollars.
The report goes Into the Indirect agricul
tural benefits of sugar beet culture and
shows that ths sugar beet termers ot
both Germany and the United Bute have
doubled their yields ot other crops
through growing sugar beets on their
fields one year in foun
Ourdoa W, Wattles of Omaha waa In
Washington todsy.' Business In New York
City has brought him east and while
awaiting development ot certain affairs
la which ha hi Interested he came over
from Ootham to try the golf llnka of
the Columbia tlub with Senators Hitch
cock and Brown.
Protest agslnst ths passage of the Old
field patent bill has been made by the
North Platte Buelness and Professional
Man's association. They fear that H will
damage merchants by leaving the price of
patented articles open to mail order
houses, chain store and other Uke con
cerns, snd that they may use their
patented articles as leaders and thereby
make It Impossible for local merchants
t res rise legitimate profits. They ssy
alee that It would retard the movement of
people from the larger ettles to ths smaller
towns. Both senator are asked to work
against It, likewise Representative Kin
kaid ot the Sixth district
tUFTD Crrr. t. D, May Il-Tke grass
Jury today ratal lis d hsdtctsssets against
F. M. Oases aad Henry Andrews charg
ing theea with the mhrder e Bert Mar
neon ks ItowsBubsA mi. storrison-e boa
was fsraad hi a homed claim saact near
Cany Lake last January The body
was a mass of charred hones. Clothing
found smder th arsopits served ' to
Identify, the
Body of Frederick
; Lies Before Altar
of Castle Church
COPENHAGEN. Ksy IL-The body of
the lass King Frederick VUI ef Denmark
reached ths Danish capital today and bow
IS lying before the altar ef ths old Csstle
church at CbrasMaaborg. There Ivwtll re
main warn May tt when it will bs taken
to Roekude 'and Interred in the tomb
(-petal Bins the bodies of most of the
fnrmsr Daalah kings.
Frees ToMbedea wharf la Copenhagen
harbor, where the royal yacht Canneoro
leaded the bedy at boob today ths coffin
was horns by twelve officers to a hearse
and conveyed threagh streets Uned with
treopp Snd rilled with silent crowds, to
the church ef Christ lanborg castle King
Christian X of Denmark aad King Haa
ksa ef Norway, with other male members
of the royal family walked behind. The
ejeeea mother, the new queen snd other
women ef th family followed la state
Railroad Officials
Held for Deaths of
'Twenty-Six Persons
WASHINGTON, May ll-Offlclals of
ths Oalveston, Hsrrisburg at Ban Antonio
railroad were held to bars been st fault
for ths explosion of a locomotive bollsi
at 8sn Antonio laat March, when twenty
six persons were killed snd thirty-two
injured. In a report made to the Inter
state Commerce commission todsy by In'
spectore who conducted aa tneulry. Ths
explosion wss due to exesssivs steam,
said ih InspectSrs. caused by an Inex
perienced employe tightening the scrswa
of the safety valve
FEZ. Morocco, May ML A court-martial
today condemned nine Moors to death
for participating la the massacre In ths
middle of April, when fifteen French of
ficers and forty soldiers were killed
and twelve French rlvttlsns massacred.
whlls four French officers and seventy
soldiers were wounded and over 10 He
brews were slain and a large number
wounded and mutlllated.
Perfect Results of Neal
There is no longer any reason for
men and women to suffer torments
In their efforts to stop drinking
The marvelous agency In the sure,
easy and quick redemption from the
liquor habit Is the nationally known
Neal Treatment Three days of the
Neal Treatment are sufficient to rid
any one of all craving and desire for
alcoholic drink. '
Business and professional mea
who recognised the danger they were
in nave been quickly changed from
Slaves of drink to master ot them
selves. Three days of the Neal
Treatment Is the most profitable
business Investment any drinking
man can make, because It dears
the brain, restore the nerves. In
creases business foresight and earn
ing power. Men who demand
"Bracers" before breakfast and at
increasing intervals the rest of the
day nntll "night-eap" time, have at
the end of tnree days treatment
found themselves with all desire
for drink gone forever..
Th Neal Treatment consists of
the administering by physicians ot
s perfectly harmless vegetable rem
edy taken internally, with no hypo
dermic Injections. It neutralises
and eliminates all the stored op al
cohol poison in the system. When
this la done the drinker Is restored
to his normal physical and mental
condition. tsauafectlon Is certain.
Guests while taking treatment en
joy all the privacy and comfort of
home, club or hotel. Names are
never divulged and alt 'correspon
dence Is held In strictest confidence.
If you have a relative or friend
who ought H rid himself ot the
drink habit, don't delay a day; call,
write or phone the Neal Institute,
1602 South. Tenth street. Omaha,
A i ... . , " I
- ,('
. .-. -w i ' . .' jf W
(' :;J
I. ' ..' !
Your Employee In Our
; Factory P
. . .-. . ,
the ever-present, ever-exacting inspector insure, extra mileage "
service in every Firestone Tire. Every detail of material and
workmanship, every pound of rubber, rvery square inch of fabric,
every step in the development of
Smootli Tread HP 0 .
ana Non-sky i ires
ninit recelre ths O. K. of relentlesg Inspector. Every gUg-a of develop-,
tnent it supervised by an expert. His approval means each tire bat more
than met every requirement which the tire user could wish, or the tire
builder conceive. For example: '
Every iquare Inch of fabric mutt thow a resisting streugrth many times greater
than any possible road strain. It mutt be made of the finest Combed Sea
Island cotton. Carloads are rejected for glight imperfections every year.
The rubber used must be up to the last detail in standard of excellence it
must have the fullest resiliency must have full inbuilt service properties
. or oo O. K. will be given. , ',
From receipt of raw material to shipment of finished tires, your employee, the
inspector, demands perfection, until bit final approval guarauteet to every
Firestone user, beyond question, '. ,.
"Amtrka'i Lrjttt Extktnn Tin anas? Rim MJurt"
The Firestone Tire &
Rubber Cj.