Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 19, 1912, EDITORIAL, Image 16

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The OMAaxSuKDAY Bee.
En; -red at Omaha postotftce as second-
mstterc t -. " .-rr-r. -
Sunday Bee. one year... A...... CM
41y BeaTm Ottout bunay), ons vser-"
Umly bee sad Sunday, one year. ',)
Kunmii " - ....
Evening 6 wuh Sunday), per mo....lSe
Wily Be (including Burnley). Pr ms..c
liiy bee (siuiout e'unoay), per m0"-;
Address Ail complAinwTir erregularltiss
U delivery I) CM? arouletlOB
Remit k,v-ft or MMj
r ta'T. flu iihbttiiintf ocmpeny.
only -cent strtr.DS received payment
fif unall rCiUJ-L VjoiiAi e!lCKA'U'
eept oo Uuut cad strain sxcsstign. nl
sccepted. -
Onuba-Ths" Bee BmWU. -f r
council Bluffs-IS Scott Si.
Lincoln 4k Luti Building. . L't ' "'.
QhicAga-ltm HirnuHU Building, - .
iaseas Clt Kejiinct Building. .
ew fork-Si Um Tlurty-third. .
ssmngtoit Tit Fourteenth tie K Jv.
fonwianl cations relating to, newi fsnd
eeuoris? -nmr hou id e nUrmw
ij4M Be, attitnrial PcyirtawPt.
Ai'Attt CUICliLAUON.- f
tint of Ksbraska, Counts, ef Poagiu. ss:
Uwlgnt 'Wiiwrni,' mreuiatlrm msaer
ol Ike BM Pu wishing company; vpeing
wuir ivtM, ears iex .ns e.ea .iiW'J
circulation Knr -tbs tnentn ot Apis. leJ.
was w,mb. ... .' , .
1 t- WIGHT 1uiU!Us3
V Circulation Duvar,
Subscribed V my - nrvseiH sl sora
to oeiors u mis us nirni stay, tun.
(lwai. itOltjJil 1H NTMi,
- - swy .Pubs).
Ssbserlbers leavlsa- ths city
temporarily sbsslel 'Aa .ma
aaalla I ' (koa. . AMmss
win a ckaafa H a (Ira aa jra
aataa. - ''
Tha "gjlent Jfrttui, a tli Jok
Erea tha direct primary baa failed
( car all opr political 111a.
It (i plain vhy tha ipirtt of mo
UU who lira la Nebrukt mould p
proud. -1 " V. : ' ; '. r ,
Work wall you work and play
wlill yon play, and do not forfrt to
do both.' ' : . . ;
PrMldcnt Lynch ot tha Prtntora'
ualod did. not stand pat 4a vala, U
appear...;. ;- ,-.v .,'
W aiuai aooa m to Ohio ap
praclats Wla( eallad tha "Mothar
ot PiMidant. . .':
Kaasaa yrai for rain, whlla N.
braaka return tbanka lor It. Th
ajiiat and th Joat. : . . I-:-,
' A carload ol Omaha ad nan lft
for Dallaa. That 1 th way w ahlp
thm fcy tb earload. ' f
On might auapact that J. Ham
Lcwia waa Mipplad, it bta been so
long lnc B ran for an oftlca. '
Thla country baa'aurvlrad rry
calamity that far, (Tea th prof
alosal political raformar out of work.
U , 11
Th Hon. Lobock had bettor let is
that annual congressional fame ot
ball this lumtner while h has th
Shane. -t ! ' .
Prealdent Whit sdrlses tbs
jalirers to aocspt th tarms ot ssttls
aent and' return to 'work. Second
th motion.- ..... ..r . ' ,
Artistic :tB paramenia often fads
after tbs sunshlns of oourtsblp dls
solres Into ths noonlai nUht of
proaaie (aarrtd Ufa. ..
Congressman Klnkaid may hare
alept during a speech In th house,
but w luaraotee "Old Hose" had
seen to It before h dosed oft that
ths switch' was not open.
It doesn't pay to b to isager to
ahow visitors a good time, especially
when tie'police ar watching. Thla
fact will be appreciated by a number
ot Omahk automobile owners.'
A young speed maalae ea a Joy
rids with another maa's wlfs happens
U sa aeeideat which kills ths woman
and dstrgeronels lajurss fclnv Out
of which u Isast two asorais may be
draw'' iiJ-;!!
, Th Episeopailaaa are tiadlag la
Onaha Vhat - other : deaomlaaUoaa
bars dtacossred, that Ideas of a few
years ago regardlag tbs city's growth
bars rx dtspelled by actsal sx
perieae. s.M" .
Th jcartooB .aUowieg., J!r.. Bryan
bitching the democratic. mule and
tb mats raising hie hind leg to kick
is true 10 .life, except that, ths mult
U likely to find - himself kicking
againattbs pricks. .
It Is promised that Omaha will
know oa Monday whether tt Ja to
com ato immediate possession ot
ths aterp!ti4 pr wait another in
defluiin , period, .Ths ."immediate
and compulaoryT purchase plaa Cer
tainly ia Wi tedious "
A Boston man eat a hot mine pi
sad driaka a botti of champagn
srery morning for breakfast and 3.
P. kforgaa takes a' hsm aaadwich
and champagn for lunch. Those
ftcaacis appetias arw finicky. ;r
Ths Ptesbrterisns aow In cenres
tioa st Loolatllle complain that golf
keps aq' trandred thousand . boys
troa EuBdsy school srery Sunday.
B afoi gslf waa lnaud tt was sosm
other attraction. If acting , more
than th old rwUaBUitg boie, -
Iflconrainr; Figures.
A report just made by the National
Aasoeistlon for th Study and Pre
vention ot Tuberculosis come aa a
bright ray of light amid th general
gloom that has surrounded th eon
sensiionisu of late "While la nearly
all other hrenoes ot th effort to
are, morallx. qr fuUertally, diaap
polntment has sj far rewarded onder-
taking, those goodpeople who bare
devoted themselves to propaganda
against ths great whit plague In the
United Statea, find thsmselves pos
sessed ot such a showing as la most
encouraging. S ..v.'. '. 'v
It la suted on ths authority of tbs
association named tbat ht th decade
from 1901 to lllo th death rat
from tuberculosis - la the - United
Stats declined from, it-9 per 10V
600 persons living to 10. Z, a de
crease of 1S.7 per sent, wane tn
general death rat deollned but half
aa fast, or 1.7 per cent The figures
can b a little better understood
when expressed In alight different
terms. They mesa that the - great
total of 17,000 lives ar now---an
nually saved that formerly, fell to th
reaper who earn "fit consumption's
ghastly form.". . - ': - . .
This Is not a triumoh of faith.
but a victory for common sense. At
the time the work of overcoming the
ravages ot tuberculosis" ambtig ths
people was undertaken. It was looked
upon sa visionary, especially becsuas
scientific men wer not agreed as to
th xaet origin ot th disease and its
method of communication. While th
Bebat want on, devoted Individuals
pressed forward the apread of cer
tain rules for living that must be
beneficial, no matter what conclusion
may eventually be reached In regard
to some of th mor abstruse fac
tors la the case. Common eenss in
preparation ot food, of ears for chil
dren, and particularly babies, of
hygiene tor all, waa the keynote of
the crusade, and Its answsr to ths
world Is tbat 27,000 Uvea are now
saved that at another time were use
lessly sacrificed. This result surely
is th most encouraging that could
b hoped for, and th day will yet
com when th whit plague will
hav disappeared.
JM t Brilliant Han.
King Frederick waa sot a brilliant
but Invariably displayed , sound
9 la all political and flnan-
11 matters sad, by bis simple sad dem
eeratls tiaMta, snaeared almaeU to all
Us people,
This was said ot the Danish ruler
at bis death. It takes a bit man to
be th kind of a king that Frederick
was, a man bigger than brilliance or
grains. Th Creator hss sot en
dowed many of th king of th arth
with th glittering spark' of genius,
perhspa becsos It too often only
glitters when a steady, glowing light
Is needed. "Sound, common sense"
much mor in keeping with
th sturdy people over whom Fred
erick sxsrclsed powsr than brilliance
and "slmpls,.dsmocratla habits," bet
ter than austere, autocratic manners.
Possibly frederick might hav
mad a good king even It h had
been a brilliant man, but not without
hie other qualities. Democratic sim
plicity and .common, sens usually
count tor mor In king or peasant
So, this tribute to Frederick may
offer encouragement to th millions
of other men who ar not brilliant
and cannot b Ingenious, bat can bs
sensible. The world needs, lta gen
ius, but manifestly not aa much sa
It bsedi Its plain, aensible men, els
tber would b mor of the former
than of the latter, for ' Providence
made no mlstakss In perfecting Ills
great plan. I '
Athletios and Citiienthip.
Cyras H. lfcCormlck's I2S.000 gift
to Princeton's champion . foot ball
team may hav been Influenced
partly by th fact that Mr. McCor
mlckaaaa S ton at that university
who plays foot ball, but it signifies
th premium big men are today
placing upon th vain and Im
portance of stblstlc In ducatloa.
A speaker la Omaha during the
week went so far as to say thst if
we ar going to have clean citlxen
shlp la th future,' we must hav
dean sports aad athletic today. That
might hav excited ridicule a decade
ago. Not so now. Our colleges and
onlvsrstUes and even graded schools
recognise., this principle la making
athletics a part ot their eurrieulums.
First, they See 'the Importance of
strong bodies to tlert minds. Ths
germs of srviMoing do not ordinarily
lodg easily ta ths boy with a whole
some, well-developed physique;' aad,
ot course, th germs of physical dis
ease do aoc l. . ' '
But this, important as It Is, Is only
a part ot ths system. Ths strenuous
rivalries aad oompeatloaa of toot
ball, has ball, boxing. ' wrestling,
running aad jumping ar calculated
to bring oat and develop the best
there Is In the ybnth. They should
first ot all develop' th mnscles, then
they shonld teach th necessary lee
son of self-restraint under difficulty,
self -to eatery against odds, cool-head-dness,
th ability to think quickly
aad accurately and think and execute
at the same time. Life' eompaU
Uous ar mors fierte oftea than thoae
encountered am c gridiron; or a dia
mond, or a met. Kicking ths ball
over the goal aad pinning aa oppo
nent's ahoarder te th floor do not
cease with fradastloa from, a school
or eolleg..! Tber are higher goals
and box skillful tackles, suyngar
grapplera and harder mate outside
than inside educational fields.
Athletics, to be successful of their
purpose, must, be clean and must
teach men to be clean. A good maxim
baa been laid down, that it la better
to lose on the square than to win
unfairly. And It take a much better
sport to lose than tt doe to win. The
young man who 1 earns how to play
fairly and squarely and bow to loss
courageously,' even though he loss
more contests than he wins, la the
young man who haa got the best
his athletic training had to give htm.
That la one point of articulation be
tween clean sports snd citlxenshlp.
Fires and Inioranct. '
Th most frultfnl. cause of spon
taneous combustion," says Fire Mar
shal Doyle ot Illlnols,"ls the friction
between a big policy of Insurance and
a small stock of good?." ' And hs
sdded thst this cause kaows no race
distinction. Moreover, he adjured ths
insurance men who heard . him that
they could not escape their due Share
of th responsibility.. In no other
business Is ordinary 'prudence so
recklessly disregarded, according to
this expert Incompetent -or- careless
men are sent sbroad with bandies of
promissory notes In their hands, to
mak over to th first lndivldusl they
meet with; the loss, which Is almost
Inevitable, la met by th community.
For th loss entailed by a fir is
total,' Th owner of building or
good destroyed ta personally reim
bursed from a fund collected from
ths general public by tha Insurance
companies, - but the wealth de
stroyed la never replaced. .
Aside .from his message . to the
general public, which la pregnant
with Unpreaslv truths, but little ap
preciated, Mr. Doyle's1 argument ap
plies most directly to the Insurance
companies. Thla paper pointed out
many years ago that th "moral has-
ard" ot a firs risk is fostered by ths
carelessness or Incompetency of the
Insurance men themselves. Stricter
Inspection ot risks, cjoser supervision
o agents, and a mor rigid regulation
In all regards by th Insurance com
panies of dealings with thalr patrons
will go very far toward tha 'awaken
ing of th public to lta responsibility
ta the matter of the present tremen
dous fir wast. Th first steps must
b taken by th companies, though,
for th sssy-golng American people
will not seriously consider th "moral
hasard" pass ot the question until
th Insurants concerns divest thsm
selves' entirely ot their shars of ths
risk that Is a menses to all. J
Antot and Religion.
. .The, churah hss cause to praise
the automobile. One religious bu
reau haa made an fitlmate that 10,-
000 country church which had been
closed and deserted ar .now open
and . holding well-attended weekly
services as a rssult ot tha coming ot
th auto. Prosperity among th
farmer ha snabled them to buy th
rspld transit vehicles, and they are
going for- distances of fifteen and
twenty miles to their eharches vry
Bundsy, aoeordlng to thla census,
, Asid from ths, primary fast that
these thousands of sd If Ices ar ones
mor filled with worshipers, ta this
vn more Important fact to th re
ligionists." namely, that tbs long ab
sence from divine service apparently
did not mean Indifference to religion
or a falling from grc so much ss
as tha lack of convenient means of
reaching the place ot worship.
1 Th automobll waa at first re
garded with disdain by many devout
persons, specially if it wer uesd
opon th Sabbath day. But it must
not aver again be called a devtc ot
th devil. Let It rather be praised
aad blessed aa th swift chariot ot
the Lord, which the Psalmist found
to be uwt "twenty thousand" In num
ber, a reopened church for each
chariot, and to David the twenty
thousand chariots were as "even
thousands ot angels."' Her, then,
Is modern Invention doing yeoman
service as a missionary evangelist tor
ths church In the out-of-way place.
Over In China and Japan foreign
missionaries are whisking to and fro
between their widely separated sta
tlons on motorcycles. Evidently our
twentieth century progress and pros
perity ar among th first fruits of
righteousness. At lesst they bsvs
In them the power to be snade such.
Pr-Naptial Tests.
Dean W. T. Sumaer's plan ot mak
ing marriage contingent upon a cer
tificate ot oond health -receives
stout support from the Illinois Home
opathic Medical association, which
declares that marrtsg without a p re
nuptial medical examination Is a sin.
for "the greatest sin any man or
woman can commit ta th deliberate,
premeditated bringing Into ths world
of diseased offspring.'
There Is a point at which aln be
comes crime. ' Ths lntimsts relation
between hereditary disease aad crim
inality, aa ths records ot every stats
will show, lays Solem atreea upon
the necessity of taking every possible
precaution agslnst Inherent disease.
Ilea do not deny thee truths to
themselves; then why saoegd they
Igaore them when thy go to dis
charge their duties and respooslbltl
Ues to society t Tbs trend of public
thought haa led toward social re
form. ' Th multiplicity of divorces,
the laflseoe of pre-natal conditions
npen wrong living and Insanity, ar
fsca tiiAVdojJt Ajmlipf ttounyad
yet society halts upon the threshold
of. perhaps, the most Important and
apparent ot all social reforms.
.. kIt will undoubtedly be difficult to
spply any set rule at first seeking to
thwart mlsmatlng In marriage, tint
moet reforms worth while are at first
difficult It is agreed that it to
easier to prevent domestic Infelicity
st the altar than It ta to cur It la
the divorce court, and yet nothing is
done to msks it less difficult for any
one to get married who takes ths no
tion. The sea of life la thickly
strewn with human derelicts because
almost no attention haa been given to
this very subject of hereditary dis
ease In its relation to ertms and In
sanity. These streams of error can
not be controlled except at their
source. Attempts at damming them
up at their mouths only drive them
over their banks and cans serious
A Boost for the Wireless; .
Th naval appropriation till Intro
duced In the houas emphasises ths
importance wireless' telegraphy la to
play la ocean traffic and communica
tion from now on by the inclusion ot
a provision for $1,800,000, $400,000
of which ta o become .available this
year, toward establishing a wireless
system around th world. This item
seems to bsvs been inserted in ths
bill after it bad been drawn np Snd
doubtleas It Is resultant. Indirectly,
from the Titanic disaster.
Ot all the somber lessons thst
tragedy taught us not th least wsa
th inadequate ose 'mad ot this
phenomenal mean of communica
tion. The fault ta not to be ascribed
wholly to the unfortunate entrance
ot th commercial .spirit, either,
though, of course, that had its dele
terious effect, It would be crlmlnsl
negligence not to profit ss fully ss
possibls from the lack of sufficient
wireless facilities on this terrible oc
casion. Sines It Is nature from which
we ar drawing these resoTrrees, ws
may ss wsll maks our drafts as
heavy aa necessary! tor th resources
srs inexhaustible. . ' .' ,. .
Th purpose of congress is to maks
th servle equal to the almost
emergency,' to make it capable of re
laying distress signals at ths same
Urn it ta accommodating commer
cial interests. Congress, of eourss,
does not mean to scold tor in iaca
of progress msds with this Infant In
vention tax the world baa scarcely
recovered from the first shock ot ths
smaxlDg wonder ot It The eelerlty
ot modern progress is aptly exempli
fied Ja this very demand and mov
tor a . globs-encircling system ot
wlrless.- ; . ,i j
Tbs stsndpat rank-and tils out
voted .the progressive bishops on ths
smusfmsat rule and Methodism will
continue; to denounce ' dancing,
theater-going, card playing and a fsw
other proscribed pastime aa sinful,
whlla many good Christians la that
and other churches eontlnu to In
dulge in soms ot these diversions.
John Wesley, himself, waa advanced
enough to as that thla waa a matter
tor the Individual conscienee, but th
general conference at . Minneapolis.
Which refused by a vote ot 44$ to 30$
to change the rule, differs with Wes
ley, . But when did a man-mads rals
accomplish what tha rational appesl
ot the gospel. Itself, tailed to accom
plish! .
A very present menace to peace
aad good order Is th unlimited li
cense Indulged by political speakers.
Never in the history ot the United
Slates wss a campaign marked by
such assaults on th personal char
acter and public capacity of our offl
clala as hav been Indulged during
th present campaign. It tha self
appointed leaders ot thought aad ac
tion in America Indulge In such con
tinuous sbuae ot men with authority
vsated upon them by their fellow
clUsena, whst may w xpet ot th
unthinking and poorly trained men
tally among th peopUt Is It any
wonder that anarchy aad mob vio
ls ace bars disgraced our country?
One of the best pieces ot news that
baa corns over ths wtr for some Urn
tbat th anthracite miners will
ratify th proposed seal ot wages
agreed to by their leaders and ths
operators. This insures peace. The
miners have thus set a good exampls
to other workmen and th operator
are entitled also to credit for their
patience and conatderation of Inter
ests oatslds of their own.
"Who will roll away the stone?"
But the fslth that moves mountains
doe not pans before Imaginary ob
stacle to worry over that question.
When they reached th tomb it waa
open, and It to usually th case that
tha strong, trusting heart fin da it
possible to cross each bridge whan It
to reached. -
Tbs Lincoln Star expresses its de
spair over the situation la , which
Nebraska democraU find thsmselves,
aad weepa In large type because
their animosities are hreconctlabl.
Bat Mr. Bryan will soothe and solace
all after th Baltimore convention.
so th Star may wait aad be
Lincoln is about to adopt a mu
nicipal lighting plant, aad haa Just
received estimates from its engineer
as te the cost of Installation aad
maintenance. - This might be a tip to
th Omaha commission. It would
do no harm at least to seeor reliable
lafonnatloft pa ha wlUnrt
roHriuarROM ou
MAX 18.
Thirty Tears Ago
There has not been a funeral
la tms
ettjr since oae weak sgo today. (TosMtaiag
ulte remarkable.
The "Wyoming," which left this city
restersey morning. mU in sight ot the
city all day. having lodged ea a saedbsr.
Forty canvases - eml grant
rossed by the TJnloa. Pacific transfer
sag paeail up Faraam street oa tselr
war te Idaho aad Oregon. Tber
from Missouri. -
A book reception wtib vocal sod Instro-
Bsental muste took pises la ths reading
room of the Toung Men's Caristlaa aaso
eiatlon mat evening. This new resort Is
finely furnUhed with books, earpet and
orgaa and all tbat can saaks tt atcrsetivs.
BUSS'S palace, which boasts of beiag
the finest sample room In the west, is
Open tor patroness at Xt4 South Fifteenth
street Joe Blake, the proprietor, Is well
known and popular among our dtiseas,
snd Colonel Floyd, whs will assist him
behind the. counter. Is a" whole host Ol
at tract! oas himself. '. -
Ths. next, smeting -ot .4he- Episeopsl
ohurch oounoli, Just concluded here, will
take place in Lincoln la May of next
year..-w ' : ; "' ' ' t' . 'l
A ckn for a meeting of 'the Omaha
Teamsters'- unioa - Is signed by Tw 1.
Quick, secretary. r- v- i '.'
IX Havefly; U Dodge street, ask for
ths recovery of a light red cew about 4
years old thst has strayed sway,
Twenty' Years : Ago '
Mr. sad Mrs. J. H. Kyer toft tor s
visit la New York city.
Mrs. Rutherford. Miss Rutherford.
atlas Mastle Stephens and Miss Maggie
Collins left tor sa extended European
trip. ,
William Amisoa of Kashvtlle
ex-presldsnt of the International Typo
graphical union, wss a visitor to The
Bee office. . .. i
Omaha Board of Trade offered aid te
the flood sufferers of Sioux city. A
committee eomposed ot Messrs. Kyer,
Goodman, Wheeler sad Mason left for
Sioux City to see whst could be done.
Mrs. Krickenbarger and Mrs. Ksarn of
Clartnda. Is., were the guests of Mrs. C
H. Chiasm of Orchard MIL '
Mr. and Mrs. John MeCormick left for
their new home In Oregon, where Mr.
MoCormlck owne a mining claim and 500
acres of timber land, both ot which he
Intended to work In addition to raising
poultry. . . , . .
Tesi Tears Ago . . t - " ' ,-
Omaha beat Denver la ths mod, I. to 4
Mordeoal Brows pitched for ths Rourkss.
At Oermanla ball Cantata Edith Baker
ot the basket ball team of the Toung
Women's Christian aasoetatlenj led ber
team to victory la 'a warmly contested
game with Tabee sollege. Boars II to t
Robert Cowell wss the speaker ot the
evening st tbs Ak-SAr-Ben den.
Oliver T. Baker snd Miss Hmnt B.
Konander cast their lots together snd
started down life's lane.
Mrs. Samuel Hanover went to Lincoln
ea business for ths Boms et ths Friend-
leas society.
Vtoter B. Caldwell, treasurer of the
Martinique relief toss, reported tu. fs
band. " . !
Douglas county populists were arrang
ing to carry to the state convention a
preposition for a constitutional conven
tion. George A. Maguey said thst bs be
lieved the state needed a new constitu
tion and that tbs pupullsts should be th
leaders la setting ens for It-
WkF This
'KsmtBStteaf ' 'V
.. Mew. York Herald. ( .--
We should like to laqulee ot ova neigh
or, the World, why should not Colonel
W. J. Bryaa be the owuioorsas candi
date for president rf two-thirds of the
Baltimore eonveotioa want atmT "'
Mr. Bryan is aow a Has example of
mature sad experienced manhood. He
te Is years old, Hs raa for president
three times when the figures proved that
the democracy was sn popular. Now that
the party Is undeniably popular, why
should .not Colonel Bryaa reap the re
ward of keeping the fires brightly burn
tost ,
Hs la certainly stronger la the east
las ever was before. The money
power, -which was once o posed te him
hostile. Only the ether day
Colonel Bryaa was entertained . at
luncheon at the MetropoUtoa club, this
etty. wbea about fifty well-knows men
of wealth were present sad Uatesed to
the witchery et his words.
Doss he sot bbbssbb the honesty that Is
requisite to a ssisoeratle candidate? Al
though e targe land owner, does hs not
live ta the stmpUctty that Is becoming ta
great democrat? Hs does sot He, be
doss aot split aslrs, hs possussss the
eld eoerage, attacking democrats, gnat
Hs savs to ear republican
statesmen moet of the Ideas oa which
they have beea making political capital,
while they have beea making- - capital
walk the aleak tor twelve rearm.
fastis Mlass ths Mitt,
Baltimore Americas.
A court of SomeeUe relation la Chi-
oeete has decide that a wits Is aot
sbUsed "to follow ber huebaad and sol
out bar hand Uks a monkey for mosey,"
Is entitled legally to her share sf
means This will bs regarded ss aa
mtoterab- assault upon sacred an
vests lights by the class of husbands
who think a wtfs hss a ass for mossy,
bsyond carfare, aad that while ths wife
doss ber part et th business of ths do
Bisstte firm, the husband Is the eair
sn sn titled te handle tbs cash. ,
mssataSm fss SlewUsus Striker. '
M. Loals Reoublleas.
W weald sssiistfully resstad, Messrs.
Oomea, Orseee and ether strikers sgainst
the partial ry estsbUsbeg erdstv la Msxtos
Oust before a rsvolutMBsry "govern meat"
sbtsla rssognKloB by
power its authority must l
by tbs dtiseas of a
r who ttve under Its ktws aad pay
taxes for Its support. It most hsv s
eapttal, a system ef taxation aetaslly
prodocmc rsvesss aad a psdscssl systsia.
Sssss ta pwuttes. .
' Waaalngtsa Star.
Boss ef the theories svotvsd by eoOes
tor the anxosBsrjt of ths
party plsirasis sound Eke exceedingly
stwipls aad strslghtf orwsrd resdirg.
, , , CrvUtoeS WlSsi. , -Kew
Yerk Sua.
If bssss toat etvUlsed. what orviUsation
sxJtIhsBQdto4 Btstsn -
Indiana polls News: Ths way ths Meth
odist conference hesitate about lesying
tbs question of "amusements" to the oon
sdeoc of Its members doern't. seem to
Imply much confidence ta tbat eonsoti
Bt Paul Dispatch: A Chicago bishop
thinks It would bs a bad more to place
salaries high snough to tempt mea to
enter the ministry for th sake of the
pay. It certainly would bs a bad thing
for some already la If anything ware to
bs doss to start a stampede orators
at tbs sireetioa of the pulpit. .
Boston Transcript: Tbs Kattanal Fed
eration of Gospel Missions, aow m
tioa here, is serving to sliest inspiring
sunss et ths good deeds done by msa
snd women whs aoralster to the helpless
sad hopeless people wbs seem to have
so ether friends. There are many such
mission workers. Probably anost at them
srs of that class. Rut we Wish that, is
ths general taterest, ths National Feder
ation might find a wsy to differentiate
such. Persons, explicitly and publicly,
from the heartless pretenders who found
a missloa or a rescn home or some such
esUblishme-it Tor whst there Is Is tu"
Chicago Inter Oceaa: Ths Rev. Dr.
Sa-ridgs of th People's church la Omaha
has united S.0OI couples la marriage and
with the tees has founded and maintains
a heo for oM people, where fifty or
more aged couples are supported ta com
fort. a He Is not only well sdvertlsed as
a marrying parson, but has a matri
monial drummer to bring blm custom.
This sgsnt to aa attrsctivs woman who
haunts the oourthouss where couples go
for licenses and makes ths rounds of the
railway stations when trains are due
nna can ."spot" marrying couples at
sight , She steers them straightway -to
Us Uosase. clerk sad thence to' her par
son's Joining room. Tks only thing tbat
troubles us about this to that Ber. Dr.
gavidg tnil feel time hang heavy on his
hands In heaven. -,
People and Events V
It yon srs observant yon will notice
that several changes are being msds tn
the stores within sur city. Ons of ths
newest stores Is that la which Fred
Bredegasrd' - housing his Ons Jswslry
assortment. Mr. Brodegaard bsllevss la
doing everything well; visitors to his
new establishment Sixteenth and Doug
las, srs agreed that he has dons things
op hi fine shape. - sometimes Jeweler
Fred likes a Changs In ths every day
business routine and then hs holds a
wedding or pulls off a duel la his store.
The boua' dawg song, as It moves
from state to stats gathers surprising
Tolums.-and other things Without tbs
sestet an os of animated phonographs. '
'Ths reappearance of former O ever nor
Psnnypacksr In the publle Mfe of Penn
sylvania lends as air of probability to the
charge thst the late primary upheaval
woke s the dead.
Thlmmis Fsddsn" hss broken' Into
congress, George Ade is talked of for
roTemor f Indiana, sad Jeff and Mutt
are getting sbssty. AU kinds of fua sa-
Uvens th camps! go. . ,
A roster of the revised " Seven Wonders
of the World" put out by a Cornell prs-
nr, falls fist because It emits tbs
greatest et all wondersthe amaaing
versatility sf sialmants of convention
Here, surely. Is a msa aad a patriot
Mayer-elect George A. Kosmer ef Bar
ron. Wat a former railroad msa, gave
up th honors of office rather than sur
render his railroad pass. Suck loyalty
te aa old friend challenges a Carnegie
If soMTrsss Sseldes oa the col nag of
t-esnt pieces, s vlrnett ef Tees Johnsos
would be th most approprlsts dseors
ttoa for tbs new eoln. Johnson's success
ful bat Us for S-oent fares to Cleveland
wss the first empbatle boost for "three
la one." ' ,-
v A Refreshing Shower :
and a Cool Plunge
Hot Summer Days J
, mogi enjoyable . " , . .
" 411 Summer at the Y. PL C A
Men $5.50 Boy
Join Now Y. H, Co A. Jota Now .
Outing Park on Carte Lake. fSJH) "''
Brooklyn Eagle: Ths pro position to
Bmlt ths president' te a single term of
six years -to not designed to spoil the
song ef any peerless candidate who runs
but sever srrlvea -
Chicago Trlbunef At this moment thsr
proposal for a Changs is ths presidential
tenor involves two sjaestlons. aad eae
of them by rights should not be raise.
That is the soeetloa sf opportuaisrs. This
is not the time tor tne proposal, . in
sincerity of the senator whose nam Is
attached to the resolution to not doubted.
The sincerity of many of the mea who
give it support to. - -
Sioux City Journal.- Not only has the
need for a hard aad fast limit ef tenure
been Impressed, but ths advisability et
relieving ths p reddest of ths incentive to
fight for any renomlnatlon ' has beea
realised as never before. The combina
tion: baa resulted in sincere sentiment la
favor of the ' single six-year term. The
terra Is fixed at six years as a com
promise based ea sentiment thst a four
year term Is too short for a good ex
ecutive, whits th eight-year term to too
long for a poor er indifferent exeeutlva.
Cleveland Plsin DealerC The movement
to prevent a president's re-election or
possibls . perpetuation in office grows,
rapidly Into definite snaps. The senate
judiciary committee has decided to pre- ,,
sent a favorable report oa the Works,'
resolution This measure, similar to one
that to la the committee stage tn the
hosss of representatlvea, provides tor V
constitutional amendment extending the;
prssldentisl term from tour to six yesrs,' (
sad maklns ths president ineligible fos
re-election. If passed by both houses th
amendment can be voted ea by the states
1 within two years, and. If promptly 'ap-
proved, would become effective before the
election of Bit, ' ,' - '; .'
: "My father talked me Into taking this
Course In domestic science, "
"And how do you Uks domestto set-
""Welt It- looks like ordinary kitchen ,
work to me. If my suspicions srs eon
firmed I shall drop the course snd maks
father buy me s S3 hat-"-lulsvtlls
Ethel lack rsauy oas a boh spws
his heart for ma .t
May-How do you know thatt
Ethel tie say hs is always tanking
' me.
u.Rnt you know man dosssrt
think with his heart. The soft place ,
must bs la bis bsad.-Buffale Express. ;
-vna ii.-w't reallv broken with hlmf
exclaimed stlss Ascum. "Why. I thought
he wss your loesi. ... -
"So hs was." replied Miss FickslI, -but
ss soon ss I find s mas who sties up te
my Ideal It Just essms to be any kick to
ssvs ths fashions In Ideals change."
Cathollo Standard and Times.
"It Is really by little things that one
can tell a man's charaoter."
"Yes; I think that was, the reason Julia
. . i .ns.Hnunt Umr UMt tA
bring her such cheap shocolstes." liaiU
insrs American. , ,,
"Myrtle, eaa you cook?"
No. Lionel : can you afford to keep aa
autor' ,
-No, deer.- - . . j.;
bo they did not marry, snd they rived
happily ever altrwsrd.-oston xrest
script ... .... . '
- r ' - t
ehs said, sweetly. Ta sl-i
most through with houss cleaning. But
I'm up against s ternote pruiu sw.
, What's the matter t" . , '
i i And any Dlace to bans rout
clothes." Detroit Frss Preen, . : ; :
u wr t.khn iii Boston' News IMtsr.t
I'm sure God's Curs are the fairest flags
-it aw. eall. tarlslaa tsTrsV-lrl ,
in BUI UIO W IUS) wesssv - ' ,-'
And they tell so true what the wssthefB .t
When we fee their folds unfurled. ..
crimson sob b" ", " . r ?
Ths following day will bs dear and bright
A long. STsi fish In ths evening eky -Jsek
Frost Is hurrying fast thla wsy.
Long, slrvery rays shot' through with
TwUl'nls'soaM where before the night .
Tirht fleecy eieuae in s ciewr, o .r. .
Uks th snowy sheep In toe pasture nigy
Ths day will be fair for work or play; ,
Rsjotos and slag for ths msrry May. f
A streak of light 'neath s Issdes dome- ,
BDOWIiaaes immue j -
- . . .- it
Black clouds, rolling, hurryln by.
Boreas whistles snd sweep tbs sky.
81111, so still, with s eoppery hue- ' .
Eathquaks weather-no sign ot blue. -: (
I'm sure God's flags srs ths .fairest flags
in sVfi i no wiuti, wbsasj wvs . -They
tell so true whst the weatherTi . .
w nen ws ess ww
Absolutely Correct
. Every prescription filled at any
one ' ot oar tlvs stores must be
filled Just as tbs doctor orders.
No substitution of drugs ta per
mitted only the purest drugs
Used every proscription checked
snd recheeked by experienced,
graduate pharmacists. , Your pre
scription can't go wrong.
, ."This service costs yon no mor
than yon havs to pay elsewhere.
SJicrnin & McCoiisell
Dni Company ,.