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Buy Kern Illinenf
Absolutely every hat in the
house enormously cut in price
Wyoming' Interests Arrange for Big
Contention as Casper.
Gasher Protectee; Thonaend Barrets
a Day Greatly Excites Operators
and They Plan to Kneed
Their Interests.
Oil operators, worked to a high pitch
of enthusiasm over the striking of a
gusher producing 1.000 barrels a day ir
the Casper fields, have called a conven
tion to extend operations. The meetiif
Pattern Hats WIustGo
Regardless of Cost
will be held In Camper on May ts and . I
j ft'
Absolutely Pure m.
telm Theonly Baking Powdermade fcik
Jpj from Royal QraamofTflrtar SkJ
Peace Sty ii Alto Celebrated at the
Same Time.
lliUl teheel ttive urn Interestla
rmraa la Honor of May Day
Aaalversarr, at Day
la Saturday.
Mar day was celebrated In the city
schools yesterday. Program liad heen
prepared and In several school were psr
tkieeted In by th entire student body.
Peace day ana alae observed, sp
proprlate soags, read Inn and sslectlons
beln( Included la the exerclaea of the
day. The celebration la for the anniver
sary of the first Hague tribunal. Al
though the anniversary Is not until today
Khoola celebrated yesterday
Field days are being arranged by the
schools. Pacific will have a big program
either May SI er the first week la June.
Superintendent B. V. Orsif aas been In
vited to deliver an address and songs and
lames will occupy the day.
In celebrating May day Vinton school
lave the following program yesterday:
Today's the Olsd May Day First
grade. A class.
The Circus.
The Ac of Diamonds Fifth and sixth
Xorwesisn Mountain Marco.
Hunirarlan dance.
Stromas Sixth grade.
.May Hole Ua nee Seventh grade.
Weaving Game fclghth grade.
Violin Solo Miss Books.
Muele Misa Mason, pianist, and Miss
Books, violinist.
For class or Field day at Pacific school
ths fallowing program has been pre
pared: (tones Dower Dance and Battlefield
Eighth grade.
Welcome Sophie Williams.
March tiiath. seventh aad eighth
Weaving Game Eighth grade.
Tu-of-War Athleue team.
Mountain March Hungarian Game
Sixth grade.
Bean Porridge Ace of Diamonds Fifth
f rade.
Han Solo Leonora Denleon.'
Relay Race Athletic team.
Stress tlixth grade.
May Pole Dance-Eighth grade.
Cradle Bong Elahth grade.
The next annual meeting of the Ne
braska (rand lodge of the Knights of
Prthtas will be held a Omaha next
May. according to a decision of the grand
lodge at its meeting at Lincoln. Just con
cluded. One of the events of the Omaha
meeting win be the no veiling of the For
est Lawn eesnetery monament to George
H. Crager. founder of No. 1 lodge,
Omaha, and the father of the Pythian
order la tn middle west.
The meetings of the grand lodge are at
tended by about W delegate aad several
hundred ether fyUleaa.
Apollo Club Closes
Its Concert Season
With a concert last evening at the
First Methodist Congregational church
the Apollo club, of which Dr. Frederic
C. Freemantel is conductor, closed the
concert season, which has been very suc
cessful to the club In every way. A very
large audience attended and listened
with rapture and pleasure to the well
rendered program. "The Battle Hymn."
from "Klensl." by Wagner, and the
"Discovery." by Grieg, were the most
effective and worthy numbers on the
program. ,
Harry ft. Dlsbrow. baritone, sang
"Danny Deever," accompanied by the
chorus, la such an effective way that he
was called on several times to repeat It.
The other soloists were Messrs. Ross B.
Johnson. Will Prentiss. Herbert D.
Dawes. J. Addison Mould. Newman and
Arnold. The accompaniments were
played by Martin Bush.
H. S. Girls to Hike
to Seymour Lake
Seymour lake will be the destination of
the Girls' Hiking club of the Omaha High
school when they leave the school build
ing Saturday morning at i o'clock. Ths
members of ths club will ride to the end
of the West ( street line and then walk
out the macadam road to the lake. The
glrla plsn to spread lunch In the Sey
mour lake grove promptly at noon, and
after sa hour's rest they will start home
The party will be In charge of Miss
Mary Herbert and Miss Helen Brandets
of the school faculty.
A large party of students of the Omaha
High school left for Lincoln Friday
afternoon to attend the annual "fets"
day exercises of the t'nlversity of Ne
braska and the state Interscholastie
tree and field meet which will be held
at tne Capital City today. About forty
were included In the party that left yes
terday and mors will go down tins morn
ing. The track squad of the adaool which
win enter the big athletic meet will leave
this morning at I o'clock over the I
Rock Island la charge of f . E. Read, '
athletic director. Fred fly pin, manager j
of the BU team, will glee accompany Di- j
tec toe Roee).
u. H. s. at Wakes,
The Omaha High school have ball squad
will leave for Wshoo today for a
game with the Waboo Hlsa school, the
first diamond contest between tne two
schools In the last six yeara Twelve lads
will make the tnp In charge of Charles
Klinanr stuaent manaaer.
Permits to smoke, i cents. All dealers.
Poitoffice Committee Show Great
Inventor Proves Diversity of laves
tloa at Washington, Astonish
lag Oeversaesl Officials
Wha Wltaees It.
WASHINGTON. D. C, Msy 17. -While
official and congressional Interest seem
ingly appears to be centered on postal
reforms, such as rural parcels poet, steel
msll cars and other hard fought re
forms, a mall exchange device known
as the Hupp System Is gTettlng censlder
sble attention and Is being clsoely
watched by poetofflee and congressional
The 'Hupp Automatic Mail Exchange
company, which owns and conrota this
system, haa Its own specially equipped
msll car and Is demonstrating Its suto
matlc system for delivering and collect
ing mall sacks on the Chesapeske Beech
railroad outside of the city limits. Sev
eral runs were made yestsrday before
government officials snd members of the
house committee on post roads, and
their sstonlshment and commendation
wss very much In evidence. What
seemed to impress them most was the
marvelous accuracy and expedition with
which the Hupp system handled mall
pouches and sacks.
Diversity le Prwvea.
To prove the diversity of the system,
ths Inventor hung man pouebes on the
cranes and msde a delivery without
touching the pouches while the train
travelled fifty miles an hour, and on the
next run at the same speed made a col
lection scooping the pouches wtth light
ning rapidity and precision from the
rrsnea into the mall car without delivery.
To futther demonstrate the automstic
features of the system he requested that
no one outade of two members ride In
the mail car on the next run. J. J.
Gardner and James T. Lloyd, members
of the pootroed committee, volunteered
snd on leaving the car after the n
their amazement could plainly be seen.
They seemed highly elated that such a
good thing was tn store for the service.
Mae PerrVet fleas Made.
Yesterday nine perfect runs were made
In the phenomenal time of thtrty-ftve
minutes, averaging less thaa few min
ute to the run. snd these connected
with the operation clstm thst the record
has not yet been attained. Out of nine
runs, curat deliveries were made aggre
gating In weight. 1.S4 pounds, and seven
collections were made aggregating la
weight. U pounds. Standard pouches
were need. The heaviest pooch caught
weighed e pounds, one peach to ths
crane, six cranes being need. Those la
authority claim that the Hupp system
for handling mail la a century In advance
of anything slse of this eharaoier. and
unquestionably marks an epoch In ths
development of railway msll service.
Members of Congress
Plan Big Fight Upon
Amy Post Changes
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, May 17.-(Spsclal Tele,
gram.) Secretary Rttmson's recommenda
tions for ths abandonment of nearly
twenty military posts, including Forts D.
A. Russell. Meads and Robinson, will be
fought to a finish by representatives of
states In which their posts are located.
An amendment to the army bill now In
conference It Is expected will be offered
creating a board of Inspection to report
back to congress within a specified time
as to Ihe advlssblllty of abandoning posts
Included In Secretary Stlmson's report.
This board will be nsmed In the con
ference report and In personnel will proh
sbly be es follows: Senators Warren and
Foster, representatives Slayden and An
thony and from ths retired Met of Ihe
army lieutenants General S. B. M.
Young and Arthur McArthur snd Majors
General Jess M. Le. Charles . Humph
rey snd Oeorge M. Randsll. This com
mission will be rhsrged to visit all the
poets Included In the Stimson report with
a view of determining their availability
as military posts slid the money realisa
tion which ought to result If sold.
Iowa Student Sued
For $10,000 Damages
IOWA CITY Is.. May l7.-(gpedel Tel
egram. -W. w. Walker of Iowa City, a
student In ths Homeopathic Medical col
lege. University of Iowa. Is msde defend
ant In a suit for llt.tya here according to
I notice filed today by Fred Jensen of
j Spencer, la., who alleges thst Walker as
! court reporter copied and presented to a
court martial tales notes of Jensen's
; court-martial eendix-ted here May U, Mil.
la which Jensen wss eonvksed of conduct
unbecoming a soldier and wss summarily
'discharged without honor from Company
pi of the Fifty-fourth regiment, Iowa Na
tional guards
Something Is expected to be done to In
terest adldtloral capital to develop new
fields in the Sand and Salt Creek coun
tries Already there Is talk of a new line of
road Into the fields. If It Is built It will
be from Casper and t ure Is an Intima
tion that it will b hacked by either
the Northewestsrn or tlie Burlington. It
Is sstd that up to this time the pipe
line from the fields Into t'usixr has been
taking care of the oil from the wells In
operation, but the Sand Creek atrlke Is
toe much for this line to handle. It it
also 'figured that, as the country Is level
between Casper and the fields, a road
could be constructed at a cost that would
be but little more than thst of n pipe j
line and It would handle business both
ways, whereas ths pipe line csn only
carry oil from the wells to ths refineries.
Industrial rial Booetlea.
The Cssper Industrial club hss taksn a
hand In boosting for ths oil convention
and ths secretary urges s Isrge attend-
a nee at the meeting, sddlng: "Tlx re are
several kinds of oil here, considerable of
which Is fit to drink.
"The city msrshal Is s good church
man who sheds his socks at I o'clock,
and earlier If requested. He will provide
sll visitors with beds, but It Is not sup
posed that thsy will be used."
Formsr Governor Brooks of Wyoming
will be In attendance st ths convention
and will be one of the ipesksrs.
At the Theaters
DAVENPORT. la.. May la -That the
defense will seek to discredit testimony
Introduced by witnesses for the state by
attacking the reputation ef those who
turned state's evidence, developed at to
day' session of the trial ef a C. Wil
son, the Muscatine labor leader.
Many llussss presented by defease
sttacked the reputation of Thomas Hos
klnson sad Kufus Jones, star alius sass
for the state. . .
Travel Festival at the Boyd.
To ass all that an aviator sses and
yst run none ef the risk that hs doss Is
a treat that Lyman E. Hows Is furnish
ing at the Boyd theater for three days.
He began It yesterday In his picture or
travel festival. The aeroplane pictures
were taken by a machine operated by
Lincoln Beechey. They show the views
of the ground as the aviator rises and
then follow his course over a wide stretch
ef country and city. Ths audlsncs Is
abls to ses how the mschlns dips, bark
and thsn takss a long shoot to ths
ground. It Is an extremely Interesting
entertainment. The pictures are very
clear. One of the Interesting series of
views shows the ceremonies at ths burial
ef the Maine heroes from ths V. S. 8.
North Csrollna. This reel Is Impressive.
Ons of the most humorous motion pic
tures ever created le shown b Mr. Howe.
It Is entitled "The Leopard." An animal
of this nature Is turned loose In a large
house and raises all kinds of trouble. If
you ean Imagine how your household
would be stlrrsd up by a leopard you nut
get a small Idea of the tun that took plate
In this particular house. The patrons of
ths Boyd last night screamed and yelled
at the leopard and the people whom he
The How series Includes excellent
views of Japan, and the Royal Gorge of
Colorado. There ere also some Instructive
pictures of flowers, England and Bwlttsr
land, with many funny reals added for
those people who are essklng good laughs.
Jew Pros re m at Ueyeir.
The Osyety offered Its mid-week change
of vaudeville yestsrday to oontinusl'y
changing and satisfied crowds. Ths pro
gram Is pleasantly put together and
numbers among other offerings Her
VonDell In a novel protean musical act.
lis Is announced as "ths Mastar Musi-
dsn" and his work does not 'lle his
title. He haa selected the master's of ths
violin, saxophone, cornet and 'cello,
namely Kuebllk. Le Febre. Kryl and Von
I'lene, respectively, and by means of hur
ried though clever changes ef makeup.
la enabled to present himself a ths
master musicians of ths vsflsd Initru.
msnts In a most convincing manner.
Richard Burton, whose baritone voice Is
really phenomenal la winning many plsu
dlts with his pleasing rendition of
Where the Itlver Shannon Flows" and
"I'd Love ts Live in Lovetand." Arling
ton and Helstrom pressnt an eccentric
denclng act that 'contelns many Intri
cate steps. The four reels of daylight
moving pictures are Intersstlng. show
ing much cars In selection. New pictures
will be shown each day. the vaudeville
changing again next Sunday.
Chambers' IMaeere Teala-bt.
The snnusl recital of . a. Chambers
dancing school pupils will be given this
evening at ths Brandels theater under ths
direction of Mr. Chambers and Mis Mary
Cooper. On hundred persons from
wee little tots to grown ups will take
psrt in Ihe entertainment.
The performance will consist of senthetle
nstlonal, folk, pantomime and character
dances. Ths pupils have been practicing
hard during the last month under the
careful supervision of Mr. Chambers and
Miss Cooper, and promise lo give a rare
treat of graceful and Intelligent denclng
Beautiful srenery, glittering costume
and graceful dances have been specially
selected for the occasion. Among the
dances Is the Rosary which Is well
dsnced by Mies Mildred House, who also
does a toe dance. The Dawn Is one of the
most beautiful and touching dances. In
which little Mis Elasnor Keating takes
the part of dawn. Scarcely i years of
ags shs shows great ability as a toe
dancer and Is ably assisted by several
other young girls of about the same age.
A little tot of tender age. leading a dog
sings the late "Houn Dawg' song in a
very serious but hunorous wsy.
The program consists of all kinds ut
danree: the Spanleh and Orien'. dances as
well a the mere classical and modern.
Thousands of beautiful mid
summer hats to select from.
It DOES seem as though you would have
to pay CASH to secure garments at
prices like THESE, but you DON'T, for
each item here is offered you
On Easy Credit
in other words
$1 a Week
rnnv .rivm
I Me a "V I lfs 1
I ujv Yfwau .sr.!
if t
LADIES' il'ITS. Just now you are
offsrsd ths vary cream of thl
spring' (tylsa; sxqulsitsly modsled
garment that would command S2S.
II to 3I regularly, at, g j g
you will he treated to a special that
cornea hut rarely In ths sarly part of
the ssaeon; Voile ahlris worth up to
lit. and fiffsred a a rial- C AO
urday Flyer, at 9Wi30
6ome of the snspnirst thlnts ts ue
secured lu eastern ins-Hen; suits
that wouldn t ordinarily bt eonslder
sd high at lit. will go fl QC
Saturday at oul)
offer men s nMiv nes- wash ' four-In-hsntf
' ties, the sort thst uaimt'.y
costs you lit each, at TWO 2Q
NOTE. ThU it th am "PeopU$"' Star,
formerly tituaUd at 16th and Farnam Strut.
Merchant's Drug Co.
Sh-towstors to J. H. Merehgnt
Ths same eeart
eoss treatment
aad servloe will
prevail a tn
the pest, Wi
s 1 1 s 1 1 year
patronsgs aad
toarantee sst
f actios.
Ts Ertry Cmtomer
Ittsrit Oil, i,
Armour's Top Notch Grips
Juics er Flowers
et eae ef eat
f r aeapeaa.
They are reed
for 10 eia
oooat a any
thing euros se
es doling the
month of May
after the open.
tag y-
Tr Oar fare rrolt risvor fee Oream Soda had oadasa, "Thsy'rs ths
t la Tews."
tii gvum sav sroavar
Vmtmr tmw Orphean riMlM(.
In orttor to afford tho Orphvum patron
a ipeclal treat Saturriar night, which will
ba tba closing prfortnanr. Lon Whit
man will firm avrat cM. wlrctlona. I 9
Theaa axpaetlns to attend ahouM bvy
thatr aetata at one a thar haa already
been a very heavy demarttj at the bos
I Department
1. 1 1 ""TJ1 With any purchase,. regard-
I JV tj li",le8s ' amoun we will give
" 5 Bee Silver Coupons.
Saturday Floral Special
5fff Homo grown Rosea, all colors, regulsr erj dw
eUUU fl value. Special Saturday, per dot. O m
We have also a full Una or budding plants which will be on sals
Saturday at Special Prices.
Ask for Coupons When flaking Your Purchase j
The Rome Summer garden will open fur
the season oa Saturday night of this week
with a sperlal program of music, vaude
ville and pictures. As last year. In event
of rain, the show will be transferred te
the Hotel Ron aadltortttm.
. Fortune or success have often
come through a little want ad.
Have you read the want ads
yet today?