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What- V.-;-V;-
Women Are
Doing in the World
AXT local club women ar In
terested at present In national
conventions of tha organiza
tion and societies to which
then-, local ' societies are af
filiated. Mrs. ' Arthur
ttkde Smith, who to president of the
Nebraska chapter of tha Colonial nn
and Mrs. Lowri Chllds. a member of the
society, art both attending the. national
convention of this organisation In Wash
ington. D. C. . -
Mr. Smith and Mrs. Child, both of
whom are prominent members of the
Omaha Society of Fine Arte, will remain
,n national capital to attend the ns
tlonal convention of the aNai n4.
eratlon of Arts, which opens next Thursday-
and lasts Until SaturHav lfra Smith
wiu act as delegate to the convention In
case air, c. w. Russell, president of the
umana society, is prevented from attend
The other delegate to tha arts
ventloa from Omaha is sin st t
Jndser. who also mar not be ahta i a.
Her alternate Is T. R. Kimball, who la an
associate of the Omaha society. As
Omaha member who has planned
definitely to attend the national conven
- tlon Is Mrs. .Clement Chase, who leaves
Tuesday for Washington. Mrs. Hal leek
Rosa may Join the Omaha delegation at
Other Omaha women are Interested. In
Church conventions. ' Mra f It l-aa.-t.
left yesterday te attend the quadrlennlal
meeting or the Methodist Episcopal
church. being held this month In Min
Next turday Mra. -J.- E.- Dodds will
leave for Chicago to be present, at the
annual convention of the Women's a en
oral Missionary society of the .' United
Presbyterian churches of North America,
wwen wiu De una May u to XT.
Many of the larger women' clubs- have
held their annual business meetings and
election of Dew officers and have dis
banded for tha summer; Monday the
Omaha' .Women's club had Its last open
meeting, at which report of officers, de
partment leaders and chairmen of stand
lng committees were read. '
The current topics, philosophy and lit
oratur departments til held their closing
meetings last week, which ends the de
partment meetings with the exception of
the French class, which will continue to
when the Woman's .club -takes up K
activities again next year under the new
president. Mra C. W. Haves, there will
b number -of ehangea which were rec
ommended during the last 'season by the
retiring president; Mrs.- M. JJ. Cameron,
In the first place each club member will
be wearing upon her. shirtwaist front a
neat club pin . la white enamel with the
gold monogram letter. O. W. C. Many
of the women have already secured their
pins, t t . .. ...
The name of the forsetry committee has
been changed to the broad- on of eoh
ervatlon. The health work ha been
taken .from the civics committee and
given 4 comielttee of Its own. There will
probably be mots young women In the
club next set-on, sine It hs been de
cided', to edml -unmarried daughter of
olub jneiwtier jmhdul jQltsatlon fee. The
club's history will probably be begun by
the committee which Vaa appointed -te
look up past records. .
Perhaps no one mojuct has been more
discussed during the last few week by
club women than the Albert law. Among
the organisation which formed .reso
lutions protesting against It repeal t
,' advocated by the Douglas country grand
Jury are the Omaha Woman" Juffargt
society, the France 'Wlllard Woman's
Christian Temperance union' and the
West Omaha Mothers' Culture club.
Mrs. A. C Oflffen was re-elected presi
dent of the Imogen club of Florence at
the arnael business meeting Thuredav
af terr.te. a. - Mra R. A. 1 Ooldlng was
chosen vice president; Mr. Ell E. Ore lu
lled, secretary; Mrs. Robert H. Olmstead,
The club decided en a radical change
In It plan for next season. Instead
of having general meetings for the s'udy
of literature. It will be divided Into three
department household -: economics, - lit
erature and philanthropy. The club
atudied this season. Shakespeare' "As
Son Uke It"
The American Woman' league unani
mously endorsed the re-election of Mrs.
Clara E. Burbank'a state regent of the
national league at Its meeting May I
The West Omaha Mother's Culture
club will meet Friday afternoon with
Mra. Paul F. Bonorden, ill! California
street, when the following program will
be givent 1 -Roll
call. "...Quotations for Mothers' da)
Organisations of Mothers' day
J. Mra. W. N. Baker
Fathers day Mrs. F. T. Barber
Song Mother Making Cookies
Helen Bonorden
Recitation Helen MrOulre
Song-Dee Hot' My Hand Tonight
Mildred Barber
"What Mothers Ought to Know About
Children's Teeth". ...Dr. p. T. Barber
The North Side Mother club will meat
Tuesday with Mrs. K. O. Carson. Hot
Pratt street.. .- ' .
The -Wyehe Story Tellers league will
hear fable and fairy tales told Thurs
day at 4:li p. m., at the public library
by Mis Callfta Reynolds, Mis Carrie
Boutelle and Mrs. Fred Elliot. . -
The P. E. O. sisterhood will have an
afternoon playing their organisation
game Friday at the home of Mra, J. A
Bryan. 1x11 Emmet street. Mra. R. C.
Craven- will assist Mrs. Bryan In the
V - r .
The" committee in charge of the dif
ferent phases of the work of the summer
school of missions to be held at the
University of Omaha, June It to e, met
at luncheon, at the Hemtttoa cafa yester
day and made further plana for the
school. V Several new chairmen of com
mittee have been appointed by Mr.
George TUdea. who is chairman-ln-chlef.
They are Henry Kieaer, exhibit com
mittee: 'ReeVM. O. McLaughlin, boys
department: Mra, O. 8. Chltteadea.
children'a games; Mtas Lillian Dowter.
games for etder folk; Mia Ivy Reed and
Margaret MeAra, story hours. -
Word hsa Jest , been i started that Dr.
Sherman Coohdgt. aa Arapano Indian
and president of the Society f Americas
India ft, will give talk at the summer
school. ' : ' ,
The Omaha chapter af the Daughters
Ft j
V ,
m m
x 'i- . V I
' H'
ft 15 r
I vl
M" ar oea smm
of the Confederacy will meet Thursday
afternoon t ::J0 with Mrs- Edward Liang.
71 North Nineteenth street '' , - ,'
Th Omaha Woman Ohrlstian Tem
perance union will tnt-et Wednesdfy after
noon at -i.m at tne - young i.,vomerrs
Christian association. Mrs. JOdward John
, .vie preaident, will have charge of
the meeting In the absence Of the presl
dent, Mrs. 1.-8, Lesvllt, In Mlnneapolle.
The France Wlllard Woman's Chris
t's TemperenA's union will meet, Wednes
day afternoon at 2 o'clock with Mrs,
A. . Burdick, 3111 Vinton street, , "Health
and Heredity;' will be tha topK) for illn
cussion. - -" ' t" -r '
Hndei Vi gttifpicae -of 'this union'
double medal contest will be held Frldsy
evening at the Southwest Methodist
Episcopal ehurrh. Tha Loyal Temperance
legion' will hold a declamatory context.
and there wilt also be a musical contest
Silver 'medal will be awarded the win
sera , - . J 1
There will be a board meeting of the
Young Woman Christian association
Wednesday morning at Wo'clock.
The Women' Christian association for
the management of the - Old . People
home will meet Tuesday morning at !
o'clock at the home of the president-Mrs.
Oeorge Tllden, to .discuss the proposition
of beginning actlvtl on the new home.
made posrlble by the bequest of the 1st
Anna Wilson.' : ;, i ,
The Major Jsase- Sadler chapter of the
Daughtero of the American Revolution
will hold Its annual business meeting and
election of officers Tuesday-afternoon at
t at the home of: Mr. Frank W. Baker,
at Cm street
omXha country club opens
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surprise party Wednesday afternoon for
Mra. A. A. Cook. Tha afternoon waa
spent with musle and refreshments were
served. . .
Mrs. Ryan. Misses Alice, Genevieve ana
Helen Ryan of Dubuque, la., who have
Juat returned from California, were the
guest of Mrs, John Madden Tuesday.
Mra Madden entertained Infodrmally at
luncheon at the Country olub for her.
guest, when the other present were Miss
Ophelia Hayden, Miss Claire Helen
Woodard. Mtss cadi' Hayden, ' Mra
Adolph Store and Mrs.' L Meghan.
Mlsa ' Mildred ' Roger entertained de
lightfully at a tea Saturday afternoon
at her apartments at the Beaton la honor
of her bouse guest. Miss Everett of Chi
cago. Tha rooms were bright with spring
flower and assisting Mlsa Roger wore
Mtas Dorothy Morgan,' Mlas Carolyn
Barkalow, ' Miss Margaret McPbersoa.
Miss Dorothy Stevens and Mis Mary
Richardson. The receiving hour were
from 4 to I o'clock and! men aa well a
women war Invited.
Mlsa Maria Freeland entertained some
High ecuool friend Friday evening In
honor of Mlsa Lydla Crosby, who leave
Sunday for Belie Fourche, 8. U. Those
present were: - .-
Mlsrea Miser-
Laura Myers, ; Opal Crumrats.
Ruth Boyle, . . tienevieve bller.
alary, Johnsun, Lilitaa Ellsworth. .
Helen Keating. . tiretchen garottoda,
Gladra Taylor, . Gladys Fowler.
Lydla Croaby, Mare Freeland.
Meesra. Messrs. -
Charlee Nert,' . ' ' Wracd FreelaaJ. .
Spencer Flint. Jack laser,
Arthur Weetergaardllaell Cummins,
Joe Creideu. rUncom Fowiee,
Clare Morris, , Warren Johnson,
wendeu Moore, - Harold Jtccormlca.
A reeeptioa waa given to Miss Emma
wwtmore, ptiacipal of the Lake school.
Saturday by the teacher f that acnooL
The ' guest of the nfternooe were the
former teachers who had taught under
Mlaa Whitmore. The present and former
teaoter gave Mia Whltemor a platiaum
chain and la valuer in token of then- ee-
l The building waa decorated with
palms and ferns. The preseat teacher
Xj-r, rt-r-
May a. IJOtEarle Homer Ward, office
manager of the Midland Glass and Paint
eomrany. haa reached the India rubber
anniversary ' of his marriage' te Minnie
Pauline Ms - The wedding -took place
at Mount Vernon. fn ; U'.
.. .... . , . . v- s ;'
May (. lW-Phll J. Kuag. the well
known contractor and midar,-'. today
celebrate the silver Mtvreary of hi
marriage to Marie Morrow.- Tha wedding
took plice tnOmaha. - - - '
May (. IMs-Mr. Frank Plerc hd Mis
Carrie Harris, both of' Omaha.- war
spliced ouietly at tha bride's horn.
i hesteaaea af the afternoon, and
Elisabeth Eloock,
Hsrriet Searl. "
Elisabeth Hewitt,- -Vay
Caasle Roys, ,
Vivian Alvlson.'
- Kathtrine Dunnlgan,
June waurtnan, , -,
Alice Root. - i
i May Torrey, ' "
Mabel Craignead, '
' IMIberta Williams. -
Nellie Morlarty, "
Mabel Root. t'.
iieien Beat.
Lola Tlllotsnn.
Beulah Whlitemore,
Clara Blackburn.
Trei Kaedika club, -one of the Junior
and ophomor boys' social organixatlona
of the Omaha high' school, gar an In
formal hop at Harte hall in Dundee. lasH
evening. The hall waa decorated with
several handsome purple end whit pen
nants. Those present were.
Misses-' ' Misses-
Helen Van Duaen. - Margaret Get ten.
Naomi Towl. Ruth Harte.
Marie Callahan. . Ruth Fltaaerald.
Mildred Todd, Ruth Hentich.
Helen Gale, - Dorothy Meyers,
Pearl Laffertr. Gertrude Mason.
LKatberlne Gould, . , .
atesKra aiesars.---Walter
Jones, . . Mshns Berry,
Fred Buohois, - ' Phillip Downs,
Runnel Larmoa. - Ellsworth Moser,
Wsllaca Shepperd, Foy Porter.
Ralph Campbell, Herman Edwarda,
Perry Slnglea, John Drexel,
Herbert Davis, ., Blair Scott
The Co-workers' . class of Hanscom
Park Methodist church, gave a banquet
to their husband, the Brotherhood class.
Thursday. venlng at the Young Women's
Christian association. In celebraUoa of
their second anniversary, Mlas s Jennie
Salmon, the first teacher of . the class.
waa t guests of honor. . Carnations in red
and white, the, club rotors, decorated the
banquet table.
Plan for a membership campaign to be
waged during May and June - were. laid.
There t re two sides contesting, the red
under Mrs. M. Reynolds and the. white,
under Mr. W. p.-Paulson. The . one win
ning th least sew member must enter
tain the other aid at dinner at tha end of
the oampalgn.j . ; -i r ;..-. .,
WTHIUm.Peaka to -teacher of, the class
Mrs. Hammand. prtsldsnt, Mrs. M. Ells
worth, secretary, and Mrs. J.(D. Pond,
treasurer.- ' .1 -A . J .
Those At th banquet were: ; '
Mr., and. Mr,- Calf.- i.ti t ... ,
Mr. and Mrs. Hammond. '
Mr. and Mra. Wlillam Peak. " ,
Mr. and Mrs. M. Jonea - '
Mr, and Mra. H. S. Miller, ', . . , . - ,
Mr. and Mis. J. Balromb
Mr. and Mra M. Reynolds:
Mr. and Mr. W. D. Psulsen.' - -
Mr. and Mr. Will Brtftgt.- -, ;
Meedsme- , Mesdsmes .
M. Ellsworth, J- Langtret. . .
D. Pond. Si; Biaimra,
IJnn. ' . J. Haasard, . , .
Sherwood, - t . - ti. ' '
Mlssee ! r l"atti-Sl uenaire-a ;
Jennie "almon, -N Reynolds. ,
Anna Haxaard. , , Misses-
Th wadding of Ml Mlnnl Robinson
and Mr. B. J. Aetanbert' will be cele
brated this1 evening at ( o'clock at the
Metropolitan club. A numbef -of out-of-
town guest have arrived for tn woo-
Mis Lillian Wollsencroft daughter -af
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Wellstenoroft.
waa - married last Wednesday to Mr.
Elvln Franklin Strain of Cretghtoa. Neb.
Bishop William performed the ceremony
at Trinity cathedral. Th young eoupl
wlU llv in Gregory, B. D. . - - -
A pretty horn wedding was solemnised
Saturday afternoon at 1: o'clock -when
Miss- Merle Blsckmsn became the bride
of Sareael A.- Alklr.
The wadding was at tha new home
of Mr. and Mr. W.' K. Black man ht
Dundee and was attended only by rela
tive and close friends. Rev.. Frederick
Rouse of the First Congregational enure,
officiated. Th bride . wore- a gown of
white marquisette over white cbarmeuae
satin with pearl trimming. .
Mr. and Mrs. Alklr lefV Immediately
for a short wedding trip. , - , .
For. the Future
Th Cectllan club will close Us
of dances' with a May party Tueday
evening at Chambers.' The committee
In charge are W. E. Wharton, L. Lynoh,
and S. Druanmy. ; . . .
Personal Gossip
Miss Anna Caldwell - of Kearney I
visiting Mis Elisabeth' Van Bant
Mr. and Mra. D. W. Shull have returned
from a three months' visit lb California.
Mia Nannie Pag la at Immanoel hoe
pit! -where she underwent on operation
on her throat. '
A son ws born last Frldsy te Mr. and
Mrs. H. M. Baled. Mra. Balis was form,
erly Miss Grace L. Owen.' - -
Mr. T. J. Rogers, and Mlaa Mary
Alio Roger are expected bom- from
th cast th first- of tha- week. - .
Mia Margaret Brews of St Louto, whs
The Right Corset ' :
For You
: ' ,..-"-.-."- . -
VV carry in stock such
a tcid ' rang ' at corset?
models that no matter how
a hum am I your meosaro
mnt w can furnish tha
on that will giva you tha
grtatett comfort, com
bined with perfect style, . '
Ida C. Stockwell
tto-rta sua Xstras r
Phoe far ADpoinUMnt. Dsucun .
. . 474. . ,
0. l
2Zhr. C.Viaeeat
Mrs. C. Vincent wss given aa enthusi
astic re-electlos -aa leader of th current
topics . department : of tha Omaha
Woman's club at tha department's last
meeting for jhe season. Tuesday. The
current topics Is the largest and most
sociable department of the. club and hat
Juat finished a successful season under
Mr.- Vincent' leadership. .
haa beea visiting Mr. and Mre-,J. S.
Brady, returned home Friday evening.
Mra George A. Joslyn and Muts Violet
Joslya are home from Hollywood. Cat.
where they have been since February.
Mrs. W. A. Markey of Madison. 8. D..
made a short visit. with her n sot, Mr.
A. A, Cook o( 1M Elm street last week.
Mlas Elisabeth Davla I expected horn
today from Munrle, Ind., where h ha
keen visiting on her way home fiora th
Mrs. - Ernest M. Pollard of Nehawka.
haa bean the guet of her parent. Mr.
and Mr. Frank Waterman, for a few
day. - .
Mr. Jack Webster, who recently under
went an operation for apprndloltls.' Is
convalescing and waa removed Saturday
from the hospital to his home.,'
Mr. Fred Sand of K anise Clly, Who
waa called her by th Illness of her
fsthsr, H. X. Gunner, returned home
ybaterday. Mr, Gunner to convalescing.
Mr. Herman Burkenroad of Marshall,
Teg., has arrived to spend six week
visiting his ' brother, Mr. Msx Burken
road. whom he haa not seen for fourteen
years.- ....,...,. - i . - .'-
Mr. and Mrs. Lew G. Ferguson returned
t Rock Island, III., Friday evening. Mr.
and Mrs. Ferguson , have been spending
a week as tha guests' of Mrs. i. A.
Bennleos at the Millard. They formerly
resided In Omaha. -
Mra. Dison, wife of Captain Dixon.
With her two children, I th guest of
her aunt, Mrs, A. J. Poppleton. Captain
Dixon has retired from the army and
with hi family will settle on a ranch
near Portland. Ore.
Mr. Leslie M. Shaw of Philadelphia Is
siting her sitter, Mr. Eugene Oulllnk,
la Denlson, la. They. will spend Tuesday
and Wednesday In Omaha as th guests
St Mrs. Edward Phelsn. who waa for.
marly a 'schoolmate of Mr. Shaw. .
Mr. A. B. Warren with hi mother and
elster, who have Just returned from a
long stsy.ln.the east, has taken the
Lemlet house." m Farnam street Mr.
and Mr. Lemlst will be with Mr. and
Mrs. E..E Btleh for th summer.
Breaks Ankle in Fall
; at Federal Building
While placing awnings on the windows
of . th federal building shortly before
noon J. B. Van Bosktrk of 3 Harney
treat fell' from the first story window
into the sreaway, a drop of twelve feet,
severely injuring his back and breaking
a bone In hi ankle.
He waa taken Into' the basement by
postofflc ' employes who nailed - the
ambulance' and Dr. V. K. Spsuldlnc at
tended the injured man.- Van Boeklrk's
Injuries ware so painful thst the physician
waa forced to give him a hpyodermle
Injection. He was removed to the Omaha
Oeneral hospital where he was later re
ported resting easily. '.
Th Persistent and Judicious t'se of
Newspaper Advertising la the Road to
Business Success.
The Newest and Largest Electric Vehicle Made. Built
: . I,, ,- . ,, , ' . . .....
by. the-Baker.Company to meet a certain . demand for something ex
ceptionally large and roomy; a five passenger Colonial 'model in two
styles, a Brougham and ah Extension Brougham, the latter with all
; seats facing forward. In these two cars" the Colonial idea has reached
hs highest point of luxurious development . " '
--''"-'"'' - - - ,
..'.'j Wheel base is 107 inches. 42 cell battery, 36 inch wheels. Low
. - '- V- hung body. (Chassis specially designed to" carry 6ize body.'
.... - Oasaha DistribsUors . .
' Jf. W, Qor. 40th ssd Farsas Streets, ,
IT i l ITT ,r-
; 1.
Summer. Furniture is
now the - thought of every
homerlover who is looking
for real - comfort during the ' hot
days. The best heat-relief furni
ture is shown in abundance in Sum
merland all the new styles in the
most desirable w woods and grasses,
reed, willow, wicker, etc.
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home can be made through the addition of
a few of these pieces,
' This summer furniture is strongly built it will
endure. It is comfortable and cooV We show tables,
chairs, tea wagons, settees, writing desks, lounges
and all pieces in the various woods and grasses.
You are invited to visit Suinmcrlund. 'You will not
be importuned to buy.. . M .,,..
All prices are reHHonablc. ' ' , '" ' "
Miller, Stewart and Beaton Go.
413-15-17 South Sixteenth Street
Notice, Late Notice !
How cut von afford to do your washing at bond
at Ilia price we qnois bslowt '
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8preata, plain , 4c
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Napkin He
Handkerchiefs . ........................ . le
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Krer-r bundle of this kind Is washed and Ironed
ar-paratelr, therefnre, does not . require marking.
Absolutely aanllaiT, washed cleaa and folded ,
stralKht. No nasrr .or soapy odor. No bundle for
leas than 7 So.
Kimball Laundry Co.
Dong-la 010. . - BLIK
, . Manafactarer . . - Clesetaad. Ohie '
ttdest tml LarjUl ifaaaucJurm of EUetrii VM l i
WAGONS : lad. A-181. '
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Mt sttoaigsa A Tessa, gaits n,
Ckloago, HL . .
For lurferlng womankind
there la no (reatsr scon tbaa
aching feet. Here I. Relief
from toot troubles. - . -
GroTcr's Comfort
-...., . t .
They are tbe easiest fitting,
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a woman root. They are
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com ion. .1 . . . , j
1419 rrnam
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I . .. .
Foot v j!
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Ketns Peace el Hiai y
IWns 'a
I&edaced H
' 1 . Ussie-sto.- Ua.eS OK r.n TZ
Hii-nMe, ewlt-ns ens HkeaeuKM, Satseu.
Uke a rarsMa., I hi mrt -a.. T, --
I -Ml lie. I sum. Seaaia. Surms.
ww - iiBut set I mm ta.
t-etla-, tall Hke mm tonaU. tat sIMIIr aataaS
HtM. Than aat ttmim t.a ar ISat
I Seer af uuu 1 4it sat ur. I aulas la. a-
1 !. I reoeX mn-r. ee I Ski set nre
ta to ta. Ml a! all ike )aaa. H M lakine
els te hi.. mt rrM4. Mlsilni atug
taei. a. aa aaa ten K knur. SUa siiath.
- Namm xa tw aa -ooaa
;t-tesaa le steSr tas anae-e rsT ' Wkee I
tleretaras tk. tana. I loaaa m . a-a.
rraa. MelkeS re sw " RMUtM. - I layi
a tkal. Haaeree ik. ahkmtiieekla (aalaraa. mtm4
m uae I mee mt ataa. aa
K eerke use Maie. I
oiiu-a wm jot
St Ike ek at urn lira M afcaa Ika aaUa tekl
st I M M M mmmrm- to sr i I i see..
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le ree-iaee aai -I -easikas mr iiri.t
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