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For Saturday's
sale I offer a good
coat and pants
made to order for
$20, cf blue or
gray serge, a nice
worsted, crash or
These are the
; kind that most
people sell at $25
to $30.
"i!icCarthy-fioo Tailorinf ft
bp 51
Wa want jou to Inspect
Wa known what tbay will do
and will ba lad to eiplalB
their superior merits.
A rnfrtn,rator that maln
talas a froeilng temperature
will not preserve provlslone,
because It cannot bar a dry
etrculallon with ; such a low
temperature. -
la ao constructed aa to main
tain a Mnatant Drjr cold air
circulation. ' Tha kind that pre
serves doa not taint gives
The Hn-rirk thould recelvs
four consideration.
. Opaque glass whlta enamal
and aprura.
Prica f 14.00 d P-
Orchard & Wilhcla
, Carpet Co.
"The Best Oil
f or all fit-tors"
Note tha convenience ot
tba flat Polarlna can fal
loa or faalf-f allpn alia, -
' It flu snugly tnto tha tool
box ukaa up practically no
, room at all: and It can al
ways be refilled from tba
larger packages.
V Tba flat Polarlna can may
coma la bandy, too, for
. carry Inf an aura aupply of
gasoline alone. That may
aava you from getting
stalled noma day.
Always beep
with you. I'm it
It maana tha and of lubiicau
ul troubles.
arts Pointers." Post-said aa
swaeeet, eajr ageae. .
Standard Oil Company,
T Would
Should Ira destroy your home or
burglars enter It and enrtv oQ your
It mla-bt ba I&M. f 1.060. H,M or
mora tha loaa of Talaabla papers
and records perhaps could not ba
stated, soma might Barer ba re
not be on the mf etde-br rent
trc a Safe Dpott Bos ia nr nn
n4 Burglar Proof Vaults today
OmahaSafs Deposit Co.
Nmt l'e4 r striae ta Taalta.
114 Ftmim street
Says Citizens' Union it Deliberately
Xisrepreienting' Him.
Sara Dahlasaa Is Attessptlng ta Steal
Eleetlea from Theas and that ,
They Cooldat Steal It
They Trie.
Mayor James C. Dahlman cites tba ef-
forts ot "but business men" of the CHI-
sens' Union to discredit him with tba tax
payers of Omsba aa "absolutely false and
untrustworthy." ana products statistics
to prove that In a paid political Adver
tisement by tha l'nioa la which tbey as
sertsd taxea had Increased JOS per cent
there wsa deliberate misrepresentation.
Appealing to tha voters the mayor aays
the l'nlon waa "Just M per cant wrong."
and has by such statamesu been "black-
washing" tba city. "I want you to re
member." he concludes, "that men who
are willing to ruin the good name f
Uieir city ta get contnAi of It are tha
kind of men who ml leave It ruined when
tney get through, with It."
Dahlwvaa .,, Errors.
Mayor Desmans statemsnt:
To the buatnass men of tha CM-
" Vhlon slate:
'n srour desperate efforts to discredit
"V with the uspsyers of Omaha you
SAve been deliberately guilty of thle mls-
reprewnistion, puniisned in a paia pout
leal advertisement in the Omaha bally
"Taxes navs Inernesed SIS nee cent since
he iLtahlmani became msynr. A work
inaman s home vslued at fl.MS. assessed
si Wua, called for a rltv tea of ts.M In
iw iq in a in 44 -
Had you emoloveu a IM a week clerk
Instead of your carpetbag codecs profes
sor, if you have sot brainsf enough of
your oan to have sotten up this state
ment, you woui have probso.y avoided
the above statemsnt, which shows you to
bs, ken per cent wrong In your facts,
though not unusual to you during this
'-ampslgn In trylns to stats facta gsner
ally, and you weald have avoided Ins
humiliation of having me. your rival, pub
licly call the attention of the taxpayers
of Omaha to your incompetence la mir
raiwi airaira.
Dahlosaa Gives facta.
Now these are tha facta, aa Too may
find out by Investigation at tba offices
of either tha city comptroller or tha city
In am. the total tas lev la the etty
of Omaha waa M mills, and the working
man assessed IX on his home, paid lit Ml
taxsa. In 1111, tha total tax levy la SU
mills, ana the aame worktngtnaa on the
ssms assessment la paying til.X Aa en
tirely new Items appearing In the 1'U
tax levy, and not appearlna In the 1WI
tax levy, are t il mills for tha water
board, and 1 mills for hydrant rental
Judgments, a total of Mil mills abso
lutely wiihln control of the water board,
and not within control of my adminis
tration, and which will not be within
control of the Incoming commission.
Therefore, eliminating these new and ad
ditional Heme for which Mr. Working-
man la naylng Hot taxes, yeu will find
that he la paying but litis as sgalnst
the same Items for which he paid til
la It"), or a decrease of II cents.
If you desire to lake uo a Quarrel with
tha Omaha water board concerning the
increased taxes that It has caused, to
add to your many present troubles, you
have my permission to do so. Hop to It
and fight kll you want to about that
Hut Insofar aa your etatement con
cerns me and my administration. If you
are the high-class gentlemen that you
claim to ba. you will publicly acknowl-
edae that you have beea over JM per cent
wrong In this Inst sags.
Blaekwaak City's Haass.
In this paid ad, aa In others, and In
your statements In publle meetings you
have asen fit to blackwaeh tha fair name
of the etty of Omaha In your reference
to tna moral character of my administra
tion. In your desperate efforta to lift
yourself Into office by your boot at raps
My ana answer la you Is this, now that
I have proven that your statements
whsreln you aseume to toll Ihs truth ars
absolutely false and untrustworthy, that
tha Intelligent voters of Omaha are just
as well Informed, and far less prejudiced
inan you are. ana that they are the Jury
who will give answsr on Tuesday naxt
My one appeal to the voters of Omaha
at this tlms Is to remember that men
he will publicly misrepresent matters
M per cent wrong at one time, will do
it again, and to measure up the Cltlsana'
union statements accordingly; and to
remember that men who are willing to
ruin the good name of thslr city to get
control of It are the kind of men who
will leave It ruined when they get
through with It.
vVarka few Uaosl tiaveruaaeut.
Replying to tha mayor's assertion that
the Cltlaena' union. In forcing a major
ity of tha oounellmen. who were defeated
for tha nomination, ta reject hie appoint
ments of Judges and clerks of election.
tha publicity committee ot tha union
comas back with tha counter charge that
el actions are not atoten In behalf of
good government," which la tha only
thing the Cltlsena" union "baa been
working for all winter."
Evading tha mayors point that tha
members of the union could have sub
mitted a Uat or else have objected to the
ana ha aubmltted when It waa sent to
tha council for approval, tha publicity
committee says the union learned by
accident a new net had been prepared.
It la further assarted that the mayor
dropped 1 "honest election officials"
and put his friends oa tha board Instead,
and that "la moat of tha precincts where
the Cltfssns unloa candidates raa etrong
tha mayor baa removed the entire board.
or a majority of It, and haa appointed
kls own favorites."
Msyer la a Candidate.
"Are the ClUsena union candidates
snaaaaeid of no rights?" the publicity
committee asks "Will the people of
Omaha approve tha mayor who endeav
ored to deprive them of their right to a
square deal at tha voting places?
"Here we have the major, himself a
candidate, not only refusing to recognise
the rights of ssveo candidates, but using
none of hta official power ta prevent
stealing this election.
"The Cltlaena' unloa candidates could
not steal the election If they wanted to.
because' they do not control tha police
department nor tha election boards. The
Cusses' unloa candidates, being halt of
all the candidates, asks for tha appoint
ment of half of tha officials, and that
la absolutely their right la all fairness.
After lieed .Cavern seeat.
"ClUsena of Omaha, for Qod s sake
wake up to tha facta. The ClUsena VnKra
la aa orgaalsaUoa ot cltlsena. not sol
tldans seeking office or favor. ' Tha CIU-
seas l'nioa haa beea ea the Job all win
ter and spring for you. Why? Ta see
that Omaha gets good government.'
Members of the publicity committee say
the CI rise as l'nioa haa "uncovered the
asoat anarchistic plot ever hatched to
rape the ballot box while tha mayor la
crying -stop. tMefr- They call aa the
people te chooee bstwesa tha statements
of the reputable, responsible, truthful
taea of the Unioa and a 'lot of lying
cowards who waat t control the election
board and thereby prevent tha people
rroan ewcUog mea tbey want.
la showing "what election fraud will
mean" the committee sere ballots cast
for the .ttim l'nioa will ba "stealthily
marked" with aa extra cross to Invalidate
them, and those not filled out will be
marked with a cross after the name of a
"The most sacred thing ta every Amer
ican kt the ballot boa." the statement of
the pubiiolty rornialttee ears ia conclu,
Saturday WilllDe Interesting Alike for
On fan t or Debutante
To Fittingly Inaugurate Our Newly Equipped Section for
Babes, Boys, Misses and ElUaidens
Very Special Values Will Be Presented Saturday, May 4th
A One Day Extra Special in (lew Spring lleadwear
Pick" from 25 dozen Infants' "White Dresses
made with care by an expert manufacturer
neatly trimmed some in the lot worth $2.25;
all at one price, each 98c
6 to 14-year-olden will be fitted with cotton
dresses of gingham, percale and fancy wash
fabrics this season's product, worth up to
$2.00 each, at, each $1-15
Two specials in Cloth Coats, ages 2 to 14 years:
LOT 1-Sold at from $5.00 to $7.00; Saturday
at, each $2.00
LOT 2 Sold up to $10; Saturday, each $5.00
Colors are various and styles nobby.
Just a few Two-piece Suits, ages 10 to 12 years;
nary and cadet serge black and white stripe;
sold at $15.00; Saturday, each $6.75
Navy Serge Suits for juniors; very special at,
each $10.00
Saturday is Shirt Day
About 35 dozen Men's Shirts, made from
materials usually found only in $1.50 grades; in
sizes 14 to 17; will go at 85c each-8 A. M.
( Come early for choice of the neat patterns.
500 pairs of Silk Gloves, elbow length to
sell Saturday, starting at 8 A. M. all sizes
most colors ; worth $1.00, at 69c a pair. (
Choice of the Chic Alpines, ribbon trimmed hats.
Many silk hats and all kinds of straw weaves
hats marked to sell as high as $4.00; great val
ues, each $1.98
Phenomenal Business in the lew Shoe Section
If it continues to grow we will either have
to issue chair checks or enlarge the department.
Post, of Battle Creek, says: "There's a rea
son" for the growth and development of his
There sure is a reason for the gratifying in
crease in 'our latest department. Shoe experts,
shoe fitters, careful selection, courteous treat
mentwomen know means the ending of foot
worries. ,
riease, pretty please come in the morning
if possible. Glad to see you any time but in
your own interest you should take time and give
time to what is perhaps the most important of
all your sartorial duties. Enjoy the blessings of
foot ease. New Pumps, new Colonials, new But
ton Oxfords for Saturday.
Bring the little ones also.
$3.50, $4.00 and $5.00 a pair for the
latest arrivals.
Thomas Kilpatrick .& o.
sloa, "The moat covslsa inin is oorrupi
political machines la tha ballot boa. Tha
Isaat protected or ail aur aacrsm nBu
ia iha ballot boa. Tna muj sw.
protection lo tha ballot boi la a board of
election officials abeoiuteir nonsst. ana
the opposing sides should always ba rap
.denied nn each board. If this ware a
party electloa each party would, by law,
have lta repreeentatlvee on aacn election
board. Belna nonpartisan, why anouia
not opposing candldataa have that rt(htr
Burkett Asks for
. Affidavits in the
Defense of Hyers
K. J. Burkett attorney for Sheriff A.
A. Hyera of Lincoln, accused of man
slaughter for tha death of Roy Blunt.
who waa ahot In the convict chase, la
la Sarpy county aecurtnf affidavit to
be used In dsfsnsa of Hyers and Chief
of Police John Brljie of South Omaha,
who also faces a manslaughter charge.
Mr. Burkett la asking farmers of the
county to sign affidavits that they do
not believe either Hyera or Brlgga ahot
Blunt, and that the prosecution of them
la merely a political play against a fac
tion headed by Sheriff Grant Chase,
Coroner Armstrong and County Attorney
Coming to Omaha to sea friends, aired
of the "lumberly" rattle of cars and tha
eight of land everywhere, and homesick
for the briny deep, William Coughlin
made hie appearance Friday at tha
naval recruiting station and asked Re
cruiting Officer Post to send him bark
to one of Uncle Sammy's ahlpa Ha waa
re-enllated and will ba given transporta
tion to San Francisco today.
Coughlin la a coppersmith by trade and
for three years waa ao employed oa the
U. B. a Dixie, an auxiliary cruiser. He
received M a month besides all expenses
and upon bin return to the service will
earn s?.M, allowed him on re-enlistment
-There la nothing that compares with
the navy." as Id Coughlin with a far-off
expression In hie eyes, "I'm lonesome
for It thefe alt Three years- paasea
pretty quark on beard a warship and I
haven't had my fill of K yet"
Coughlin went around tha world with
tha Atlantic fleet In Uat.
Despondent because her lover, whose
first name waa Elmer, had forms. en her
for another. Ella Landon drank carbolic
add with suicidal latent That waa the
gist of the coroner's verdict after the
Isxruret Miss Landon drank tha poison
Tuesday night after having had a pleas
ant conversation with Jerry Jensen la
her room at xUl Davenport street She
entered another room and placing her
arrae about Mm. Beatrice Stout drank
the poison and exclaimed:
"Tell Elmer I nave not forgotten him.
She died early Wednesday morning at
Bt Joeeph'e hospital. Coroner Crosby ts
endeavoring to tears the whereabouts
of the dead woman's relaUvee.
not to have Bucklen'e Arnica Salve ta
cure burns, ecaema. boils, sores, ptlea.
cuts, bruises, wounds and ulcere. Sc. for
sals by Bcatoa Drug Co.
Lut of Delegations Assemble in This
City and Depart Weit,
Oa Special l.eevlag Over Vntoa Fa-
rifle Plana a ad Other lastra
sweats Are Placed Aboard
ta Enliven Tearlsts.
Tha last of the Shtloers who are on
their annual pilgrimage have noma and
gone and are now on their way to Los
Angeles, where tha grand conclave la to
ba held. Ona hundred members ot Tan
gler temple, traveling on a special train
over the Union Pacific, left at 11:10, ac
companled by fifty of tha Bhrlnera ot
Sioux City, la., and Sioux Falls. 8. D.
The represented es of tha two temples
from the north came In on tha regular
Ira Id on tha Northwestern, occupying
two sleepers, arriving at 11 o'clock.
Shortly after tha Tangier men. resplend
ent In the tea and Jewela of the order,
appeared at tha Union station and en
trained on tha four sleepers.
The train was one of the finest that
haa gone out over the Union Pacific, all
of tha equipment being new and con
sisting of alx aleepers. two diners, a
buffet ear, an observation and two bag
gage cars.
Masle la Prartdrd.
One feature of the train la tha music
In the observation car there haa been
Installed a piano and a Vlctrola, in charge
of W. A. Wtlla. Each day and evening
oa the trip he will give hourly concerts.
Another feature ta tha new a stunt Ar
rangementa havs beea completed with
Union Pacific headquartera so that at all
stopping places a telegraph report wlU
be received and posted In the buffet car.
This report will consist ot the Important
happenlnga la all parte ot tha world.
Promptly at U o'clock tha Brat section
ot the three special trains hauling tha
M members of Medlnah temple of Chi
cago came In ever the Northwestern.
Five minutes later the second section ar
rived and at VtM came tha third and last
section. These trains made stops of five
minutes at tha L'nlon ataUoa and then
over tha Union PacUlc pulled out for tha
A class of alxty-flva commercial
geography students of tha Omaha High
school Thursday aftaruooa took tha third
of a series ef "business tours. The
claaa waa first takea through the Fair
mont Creamery eompany and shown the
process ot butter making and ether fea
tures of tba plant after which the M. E.
Smith factory waa visited, tha pupils
being shown through all the departments
B. U Roues, principal of Peru Normal
school and president ef the Nebraska
Teachers' association, ts la the city to ar
range for the meeting of the State Teach-
era" asaocuvion here ta November.
Superintendent E. V. Graff and Victor
Parrlah. publicity manager of the Omaha
Commercial dub, are working with Mr.
Rouse to arrange for the meeting.
Chsriev Rranke. Stll Paroam. frame
stae-, fH O. M. Barber, tut. North
Twenty-second street, (rama dwelling,
Rot . .
The jury m the ease of Emma M. Ful
ler against the Union Pacific Railroad
company for $2S.o0d damages for tha death
of John C. Fuller while employed aa
brakemaa by tha defendant company, haa
returned a verdict awarding tha plaintiff
Tha case haa occupied the attention of
United Btatee District Judge Morris' court
since Monday, going to tha jury at I s)
Thursday afternoon. - Tha verdict waa
reached at 1:10 o'clock Thursday evening,
sealed and reported when court opened
this morning.
Persistent Advertising Is tha Road td
Big Returns. :
m in
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clothes, with everything just as
you wanted, you couldn't come
nearer to your clothes ideals than
that which you will find in Adler's
Collegian Clothes.
They embody everything that one
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beautiful fabrics and correct fit.
You can . pay considerably more
than Collegian prices but you cannot
get more clothes value.
Step into the store that sells Adler's
Collegian Clothes and inspect the
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