Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 01, 1912, Page 7, Image 7

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Hi ft ri'fei 4-
es moot Prim It.
Zlsetrl Irons Burgeae-orendea
L. r. Ckmnhill, Dentist. 4:1 Brandei
Xlactrl riu Burgeaa-Granden.
BlToree la ftruut Luclle H. Robin
son has been (rutted a 'divorce from
Georg B. Kobinaon.
CaUefa Ida Oo Xast Dr. Stookey
and Rev. David Yule, financial agent of
Bellevue, have gone to New York In the
lntereat of the school.
Kra, aapaer Ask DlToroe Susie
Shepherd haa filed a petition in the dis
trict court aaklng for a divorce against
I Wayne B. Shepherd.
leaking Carta BuaOj-ard The police)
vera aaked to look for ChrU Bundgard.
Dane, aged a years, who disappeared
Monday, Ha rooms at South Tenth
former Vrssldsat at Ballana Dr.
Pa'td R. Kerr, former president of
Bellevua college, add raised the student
In chapel Monday, and was warmly am.
enthusiastically welcomed.
TJee af Ante tint-H. K. Fredrlck
aon haa tendered the good roads com
mute of the Commercial club the free
use of bis seven-passenger Chalmers to
be used whenever an automobile la re
quired. .
Oarsaaa aUagara SIT Daaoa The Ger
man singers of Omaha will give a benefit
dance at th German Home Wednesday
Bight. Th proceeds will be used to aend
th Omaha singers to the Baengerfeat,
which will be held in St Paul, Minn.,
next week.
Finished Baoafa That W. T. Stinger
land was punished sufficient by his fall
c elegance, located in
Newark's social centre
Easily accessible to
theatre and sliopptnL
Swte m mti beau 3iD5?
DnUe raca wrtk bathe - 3 lPa82
Wetherbee ffWood
down a flight of stairs on Douglas street
Monday afternoon was what Judge
Foster thought and discharged him.
Stingerland received a black eye, a lacer
ated bead and other bruises from his
drunken fall.
Prisoners Pie Gains atelsaae "I was
fool enough to get drunk. Judge, and
If you will let me go. I'll be sensible
enough to go back home and remain
sober." That plea from Otto Hendrlckson
of Florence, won blm his discharge from
custody In police court. He was arrested
as a drunk and disorderly person.
Ananal Ma.tinf Announced Th an
nual meeting of the women' auxiliary
of Trinity cathedral and Gardner house
will "be held on May 14. On the following
two days the annual meeting of the
council of the diocese will, be held. The
sermon will be preached by Rev, Charles
C. Rolllt. aecretary of the sixth mis
sionary diatrtct of Minneapolis
Seek Bead Man's sWletlT.a An effort
Is being made by Cole-McKay Under
taking company to find relatives of John
C. Whined, aged 74 years, who died Sun
day In a local hospital. Whltted waa a
laborer and had lived In Omaha four
years. He la believed to have had -a
brother named Henry Whltted, but the
city directories fail to show any man of
that name.
Candidates to Speak Th Walters and
Porters' club of Omaha will give Its
first annual banquet at Holmes' hall.
Twenty-fourth and Burdette streets,
Wednesday evening. N. T. Marshall, a
New York attorney, will apeak, as wlli
also th following: James C. Dahlman.
Charles H. Wlthnell. A. C. Kugel, John
J. Ryder. Dan B. Butler, Thomas Mr
Govern and J. B. Hummel.
Key to the Situation-Bee Advertising
The only Baking Powder madejrom
toyal Grape Cream ojTartar
Don't beDeceived
Read the Label
Alum BakingPowder will not
. ft af m aaaaaa.
make healthful rood
Contributes $483 to the Citizens'
Union Campaign Fund.
Candidates Bear (.ara-eet Bardea af
Espeeae, Xeble, Faakheaser,
Swaaeea aad Farmy Caatrtk
atlaa; 'iO Back.
According to a financial statement filed
with the county clerk the Cltlsena' Union
haa received t4.Kl.5t In donations, of
which came from Charles H. Grlmmel,
listed aa "Secretary and treasurer of the
Texas Land A Cattle Co." If tbia waa
hla own money Mr. Grlmmel was the
most generous donor. Other donations
varied from SI to .L32. according to the
Candidates bore the largest share of
the expense. W. A. Redlrk donated S3
April 11 and and April S cam through
with tlX more. April 3 four of his col
leagues on the state Neble. Funk
houaer, Swanson and Fu ray each gave
Caadldatea (esse Across.
Total expenaea accounted for before the
prim arte figure with 34 ex
pended since, making JJ.blJ.48 altogether.
As total contrlbutlona before the pri
maries amounted to SI 301. 56 and
mounted to S4.301.5. alnce, there remains
on hand In the union' treasury S1.&&07.
Of this S1.SS.47 remained from tha.pre
prlmary campaign. Since the primaries
fir candidate Redlck, Neble, Funk
houaer, Swanaon and Furay have each
donated M additional.
(kaa Clark Caasea Rich.
Champ Clark vote In Nebraska cost
the Omaha-Clark Political club d.OSt.W.
A statement of receipts and expenditures
was filed with th county clerk. Nothing
remains In th treasury, very dollar
raised having been used to boost the
democratic aspirant for th presidential
Th new 1911 Ak-Sar-Ben buttons have
been received at Samson's headquarters
and the dtstr'butlon among the members
will begin. l..s design of th new button
Is on of the prettiest th knights have
ever had. On a shield of white and gold,
two swords of green and red are crossed,
with th nam "Omaha" at th top. On
one of th swords Is printed Ak-Sar-Ben.
H. E. Fredrlrkson has been appoln ed a
delegate from the good roads committee
of the Commercial club to attend the
Wyoming good roads meeting soon to be
held at Laramie. H. L. Mallo has been
itppolnted a delegate from the committee
o attend th good roads meeting to be
irld at Tabor, la.. May 10.
iPuglisi is Held
Without BaH for
Murder of Woods
Sebastiano PugltsU murdered of Coa
st able Woods, waived examination yester
day morning In police court aad was
bound over to th district court without
bonds by Judge Foster.
Funeral of Morse
Was Held Yesterday
Funeral sei vluoa for the lata W. V.
Morse, pioneer merchant of Omaha, were
held at rl o'clock yesterday morning from
th family residence, 1922 Davenport
street, with Interment In Forest Lawn
1 Th services were held by Rev. E. H.
Jenks of th First Presbyterian church
and by Rev. T. J. Mackay, rector of All
Saints' church. Mr. Mackay read a poem
which he said waa a favorite of Mr.
Morses. Many friends and associates
, of th lata Mr. Mors were present at
th church.
Th pail bearers were: Active William
R Hughes, U C Nash, L E. Congdon.
Milton Darling. E. M. Morsman, jr.;
Charles B. Keller. Honorary O. W.
Wattles. Henry W. Yates, C. 8. Mont
gomery, Thomas C. Byrne. O. W. Me-
geath and Fred II. Davis.
Northwestern Crop
Report Optimistic
Th report of the Northwestern mad
for th week ending April 28, the com
pilation for which was mad prior to the
heavy rain of Saturday and Sunday, Is
even more optimlstle than that of the
Burlington. The report covers th main
tin of the northwest, th Bonesteel coun
try and the territory front Fremont to
Hasting, Everywhere the soil la re
ported In splendid condition, winter wheat
coming on rapidly and th pastures good.
Taking up station by station over tha
system, th report indicates that even
last week th ground waa plenty moist
for the growing crops. In some localities
winter wheat was somewhat Injured by
dry weather early In March, but haa Im
proved very much during April. The
general average of tha condition Is placed
at M per cent, with soma sections even
better than this.
Th results of th final preliminary
elocution contest between the members
of th college rlsases of CrelRhton uni
versity held last Saturday afternoon, Is
announced: Nine of th twenty-four who
competed war chosen to appear In the
final contest to bs held In th university
auditorium May IS. Those who were
chosen are: v Steve Boyle. John Beveridge,
Raphael Hamilton, Paul Harrington,
Louis Kavanagb, John Polskl, Henry Sul
livan, Omer Sullivan and Paul Tobln.
After Ten Tears of Courtship by
Kail lovers Meet for First Time.
Rodaey r. Jewell of Oasaka aad Mlaa
Delia Rreaaaa af Peaaaylvaala
Fall lata Kark Other's
Rodney C. Jewell went to the Union ela
tion yesterday morning to meet hta fian
cee. In ail thetr ten yeara of courtship he
never had seen her and she had never
seen him. She waa to have worn a rod
ribbon on her coat sleeve and when
Jewell mad a canvass of all th girls
and women who got off th train, be
couldn't find a ribbon. He took from his
pocket a photograph of hla bride-to-be
and studied It closely. It was Miss Delia
Brennan of Harwood, Pa., for whom h
waa looking.
And as he looked at th picture, a de
mur young miss walked up to htm.
"Aren't you Mr. Jewell?" ah aaked.
Jewell scanned her from bead to foot
Then ha looked at th photograph and
again at her. "Yea," he answered, and
th pair tell Into each other's arms.
Weddlaa Is I'laaard.
Unless plans go awry, they will b mar
ried early this morning by Father
Bronageeat at St. John'a church, and
their correspondence-courtship of more
than ten yeara will have reached th
customary climax.
Jewell became acquainted with tha girl
through a little message tucked away In
a shirt he had bought In Chicago ten
years ago. Th little not said, "Who
ever buys tbls shirt, please writs to Mlae
Delia Brennan, etc and Jewell, then XI
years old, was romantic H wrote.
She snswered. The correspondence thus
waa started and haa sine been going aa
fast as Uncle Ham's mail service would
allow. Two or three letters a week paaaed
between Chicago and Omaha and Har
wood, Pa., and tha embers of lovs wer
fanned Into a blase. They eichanged
photographs from ttma to time and kept
each other Informed on th changes they
had mad In disposition, appearance,
finances and tha Ilka, until neither could
stand being separated any longer. So
now they are to be one.
Jewell took his fiancee from the depot
yeaterday and bid her from curious
friends In a boarding house. To all
queries about her, ha would answer that
she had had a hard trip and It was his
duty to protect her while sha reeled.
Jewell operate a motorcycle and Is
employed In tha delivery department of
Beaton's drug store. He Is (7 years old
and Miss Brennan Is SS years old. The
place of residence after their marriage
he Is keeping secret.
Ad Club Invited to
Inspect Boulevards
Announced as a meeting of surprises
the Ad club's weekly luncheon at the Hen
shaw bote! yesterday, consisted of sur
prising various members by aaklng them
for talk. Th beefatek dinner and vaude
ville waa the main topic of discussion.
C. U Oould of th Ford Automobile
oompany invited tha members to an auto
rid over th boulevards In the southern
portions of the city.
Th Invitation was accepted and a date
will be set for the drive. It will be an
Inspection tour to arouse Interest In bet
tar boulevards.
Lee Huff of fh Bulck Automobile com
pany waa also a speaker.
A letter from William Kennedy, a for
mer member of the club, now of Arkan
sas City, Inviting tha Ad dub to atop
off In hi city on their way to Dallas,
was read by Victor White, chairman of
th Dallas committee.
C. W. Erwin Buys Into
Worland, Wyo., Bank
C. W. Erwin. for th last year con
nected with th Corn Ezchang bank of
Omaha and prior to that a bank examiner
for Nebraska, haa bought an Interest In
th First National bank at Worland.
Wyo.. and will go there to reside.
Mr. Erwin haa severed his connection
with tha Corn Exchange and has been
elected cashier of the Worland bank. His
official dutlea begin May I, though he
will not take up th work until a few
days later, being compelled to remain In
Omaha te eloe up som business matters.
Prof, Hart to Speak
to Palimpsest Club
Prof. Albert Boshnell Hart of Harvard
university will be th guest of honor at
the dinner of th palimpsest club Wednes
day evening. He will be th principal
speaker, his subject being th "Presi
dency-" Th dinner will be served at
tha Omaha club at J o'clock.
Assurance haa com to Victor Parrtah,
outages' of the publicity bureau of th
Commercial club, that SW delegates will
be la Omaha to attend th convention of
th Amertraa Musicians' association from
Mar 8 Jao At MU 75 local orders
Boys' Combination Suits $3il
(They are worth $5.00)
Parents who desire to buy the boy a very
high quality combination outfit should see our
line at $3.95. Knickerbocker suits with an ex
tra pair of knickers to match, made of strictly
all wool fabrics, sizes 9 to 16 years. Patterns in
grey and brown effects double breasted coats
in the newest models full peg top knickers
these suits arc most skilfully tailored and are
extraordinary values.
of the association at points all over the
United States will be represented by theae
delegates. There will be one delegate for
each 100 members and no local order Is al
lowed more than three delegates. The na
tional association will entertain tha dele
gates, paying their hotel bills, while the
local orders are paying th traveling ex
penses of their representatives.
Newsie Stops Here
on 18-Year Junket
Julius Rath, a newsboy who started
from St Louis In 1W7 to walk 600,000 mllei
In eighteen yeara. arrived In Omaha yes
terday morning at II o'clock, having cov
ered 45. 000 mile. When he complete hla
long journey at the Panama Pacific
exposition In MIS, he will be given 130,000
by the St Louis Millionaires' club,
Itath left Lincoln Saturday morning.
II will stay In Omaha for aeveral days
and will give lectures at a local theater.
Selling papers and pictures and giving
entertainments Is ths only way hs la
allowed to secure monejr.
Fifteen years ago Rath, then M years
Id, left Bt Louis with a dog and not a
GOLD DUST makes hard
water as soft as rain water
Every good housewife knows the value of nice,
Boft, rain water for washing clothes and for all
cleansing purposes. It isn't always convenient
to secure rain water, however. Neither is it
necessary. Gold Dust will soften the hardest
water, and make it so near like the water that
falls from the clouds that you couldn't tell the
Think what this means to you on wash day. There's a
deal of difference between the action of hard and soft water
for all cleansing. Just a little Gold Dost added to the water
renders it soft and brings out the greatest cleansing value.
Try it the next time you wash clothes or dishes.
Gold Dost really cleanses so
easily that it relieves house
work of all its drudgery.
Gold Dust is sold
in 5C size and large The Urge
package means greater
Makers si Fairy Seep (th aval cake)
The Favorite Rye
of Sx Generations''
the U. S.
& m
I. V
Its age Is guaranteed by the
u. s. Government.
Its purity by the Schenley
Distilling Company.
Its Quality speaks for Itself.
Whenyou buy Ry. buy Schtmley. At all dealers.
Scberuey DattOHn; Company, Locasco, Pa.
Any symptom or dl
the resell
yum reaauf- u
Ceasiitata) first, than Ka
Blllousneaa. witn
scha. Backache.
. witn weakness, i
Backache, languor, ltalaris.
Kidney and Liver Disorders. Wonv
a nly Derangementa, Bella, Plmplea,
neat Biu;ffienne, aarrousni
aad Bieepieaaneea
Oat eeeil! You eartalnrr vfll
you take tnas sweet, uttl
All Drutrlata loo. IS.
To Blackburn Product Oa,
pay ton, Ohio.
cent of money In his pocket. Durlnc
tbls time he haa visited every larg city
and capital In th world and baa worn
out 462 pairs of shoes.
Th gvm fest wn such a drawing cant
at the Toung Women'a Christian assocl
tlon Monday evening thai ther waa not
even atandlng room In tha auditorium
and fully 300 people turned away. For
tue sake of thoae who were disappointed,
the festivity will be repeated Saturday
evening, Slay 4.
About 109 girls and women took part
in tha exhibitions given by ths seven
clauses. Thar was a pantomime, a
farce, and all sorts of fancy danoea In
costume. The claaaea presented llttl
Miss Lillian Dowler, their physical di
rector, with a bunch of rosea, which was
larger than their Instructor.
klaaed fraaa Mead te Heel
waa Ben Pool, Threat, Ala., when
dragged over a rough road, but Buck
len'a Arnica Salv healed ail his taw
Juries, ftc For sal by Beaton Drue
do fomr work "
Famous for
and purity
4 Times Distilled
(CtrtUnanr wblakay not mora than twica)
Bottled in Bond
Each bottle is sealed with
Government Stamp.
Any Symptom!!
tssalto? Constipation aa asaar as-.
of const! nation m ms ai. im
to raluabl BMdicia contained la ! Sara's Oasiai
vvEsvuvau l sril-ATHMea