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Some EetidenU Start leriy on the
Spring Cleanup.
t Owitn, Renter ill Inliol
Mrs AU Mb 1b attfatt
ta Give AU settles m
Mrnr Delhman's request tint Wdnes-
eav be made a elvte "cleeaf op ay.
aed that property owners remove all
rabbets that baa accumulated e urine tha
winter baa beea responded to earlier
rhaa was erptrted. Street Commissioner
Tom Flj nn haa already received notices
from a dosen ciusena that tfoev have
foIos-ed tha mayor's Instructions and
want the street cleaning department lo
remove the pile of rubbish they save
lathered up.
Mr. Plyna will put several trama to
work Thuiklav haullnc away tha product
of the clean-up raid. Wednesday la the
day fixed by the mayor aa a loeal nolt
day from Business, devoted to making the
ally "atora beautiful." Home owners,
renters and bustneae men are all ra
anssted to Join In tha effort t to make
the City clean.
Wead's Auto Stfllen
While He is Looking
While the new automobile of T. D.
Weed of IM South Fortieth street waa In
front of lit South Thirty-second street
Monday night, three young man tot into It
and drova away. Weed saw them drive
away. He could furnish only brief de
STipliona of them, Tha machine was re
covered at Albright
Marries Lleeaaes,
The foflowlna- marriage Mci
beea Issued :
Kama and Address.
Alvrn P. Kern, Omsha
May Bradea, -jmahm.
Harry W. Thornton. Omaha
Mary K. Yatea, Omaiia...
David B. Hmllh, Omaha... ..,
Pearl B. Wagner. Omaha.,....,....,
Iopolt Reiser, South Omaha.
Margurst Hob, IKxith Omens,.. ,
Clare SwenUar, Invlew, Neb,.
Mabel ftobtneon, Flatrrvtew, Neb..,
Everst T. Jonee, Omaha. ...... ......
Marjorte B. Qulnn. Omaha....:
Itrdney C. Jewel, Omaha.........,.,,
liella Brennen. Hamilton, Pa........
Oeorae W. Hansen. Omaha
EtbeMa A. Van Nor, Omebe. ........
You will tone up your
system and fed better for
Bast staii far
iootnacne Gum
CI ds (r. p aasj daasw.
AleWatesmeaewsnAlia .
C. arr b CM., ni, tanav .
Tc::rs old,
c:Lcm C3FFEE
ttset Dm dry rsjM. Drtak I cop e IHi
awsrb Mrad. Ooeerve OS lua-iodj w4
lee riranisi at IU araeaa.
Old OoMea sarMles b'-li ll I ta geoi
coDee thrmiia and Rreugh. PiarM coffee
trowwabMHirdlaataltetheamt slonooa
cap that caa grace a break law. tst or tee oil
afosddwatf. bt age Um teal uaaretaa.
a patBd at your jroeer .
TOM MOTMfJtSt Bes 110108 ssant
Tacr am raw Uada si Soknav
Teawe sad "stbaw."
I I I IwaaarT. . -TV
Avoid Blends! Send us your order for
Hayner BOTTLED. IN -BOND Whiskey
You KNOW it U good and pure the Gorernment't
Green Stamp orer the cork U your protection.
N3 MATTES what
othen may promisg
ao Batter bom
acmptirig thair callus may
actm sg if they offer
BottUd m-Bomd whiskey
' and remember there
Is ooly ona way yoa can
be satrg of getting; pure,
straight wbiskry and
that a to iutitt cm
Bottled -m-rVrnd.
Thafs what we offer yoa Hay-
aer rrrvste btock bottlcd-ln.
fiond wTimkey rich,
35 f(ihz-
litcosayouia L ., ... I sodadav .
and oelicwua
arotVd rear Direct
tillery and all
art on tw sru id t,M
erradurpapmd. .ftjAYNEW
wUaiuy like Ma-the Gov. I WHISKE
emmenr s Grees Stamp over
theogrk jassm asanrim r that
k is Bottled -rnBood fully
aged, tall 100 proof, full yvr
Rienstrre and mwiuni I
that at comes to you juat
k left the doUUery. m til
originai punty and tnorinrsa.
Not las
livcred. W tiers esse caa yoa boys
m-noua wtuaaay at Bus
Bern, a.
f irsaliahaS vra
wmu W0MA5 coi-
High Price of Corn,,.
and' Stock Cleans .;
Y Out the Country
1 pity the altlmate consumer.'' began
A. B. Schoenaour. , who to from) Plain-
View With aJlaad of stork. "Tha nrtcna
wa are obtaining for cattle and hoga ap
pear lo me to be prohibitive thouch son-
dltlona warrant thorn. Fead la ao scarce
and the tupply of livs stock ever grow
ing leas Ouit I wouldn't be surprised thai
tha live stock market will bump up a
tea? mors notches la a short while." 1
Bchoenaeur -says that there are prac
tically no cattie left In Plaroa county , and
hoga are rapidly beta shipped out
Though there la still available corn la
his section tha prices stockmen have to
pay for It snaka It oaosasary for them to
ship all at their stork to market. "We
are getting good prices now, but t don't
know wbsn our limit will be reached,'' he
said, -t .
Successor to Katz :
Chosen by Hebrews
At a meeting of tha directors of tha
Towns Man's Hebrew association Julius
Rosenthal of Council Bluffs waa elected
lo tha dlreetorats to guocaed tha lata
naauiel kata. It waa announced that
the association bow haa IBS members.
Wsdnssdsy evening aa sntartaUiIng pro
gram will be given tor tha members at
Temple Israel. J. T. Maxwell, physical
director of tha Young Mea'a Christian aa.
aociaiioa. wui asuvar an address oa
"Physical Training.- J. Kopold will
mystify tha audlsnes with a tsw card
tricks. Miss Rabin and Dorothy Rock-
mor win render vocal and plane solos.
Two Big Suits Filed
Against a Hospital
Edna E. Blaine has filed Bull agatnat
tbeOraaba Oennral hospital, asking dam.
ago to tha amount of IIU.OUU, claiming
that whlia at aa aaoonaoloua oondltlon
following aa operation aba waa placed la
a bod boated with hot volar bottlsa and
bsatad bricks Tha beat was so Inlsoss
that -her right foot wag shriveled to such
an extent that aha cannot use IL
Thomas W. Blaine, her huaband, filed
another suit against tha hospital an tha
same) grounds, asking for 0,OM.
The final contest among tha twelve
honor students of tha Omaha High school
asalor claaa far placee on the 1111 com.
inenoament program will be bold Monday
aftaraoaa. May at, la tha assembly room
at the school.
There will be fifteen Judgea selected
fram too school faculty, and only thla
a umber will ba allowed Jwhlla tha try
ouu are la progress. Essays must ba
delivered orally. From tha twslva con
testants sat will ba chosen to deliver
their papers at tha graduation exercises,
whlsh will ba kstd Friday srsnlng. J una
M, at tha BraadeJa theater.
r tosi to
TRY this whjskcy
our rrnrsnWw
yvm will find it aii we
claim aa fine aa yoa
ever tasted and. the
teat rataa yoa ever aasy
or yoa may send it
back at otar umism
and we will return your
lensssabsr yoa take ss
Vi e take afi thm nkal
wo stand si tha sspsnse II wa tad
rai atTan serrnjum ca.
a wmoii snsi ss.e
f H"- It H iin1.rn.ut
satBOS vakaw iMkas
aa isnMMW mmeurt a
- 'T - j
I Owes) lal Ada. Cat. Cabv. leata, saaav. Be
1 aaSleaobKarrbiaarsMlal
Pal. Pas
r. 1
. "i
rostjasw. arwa tism,U.
ss,Bam. ilrSaasiWal. Bs.
Kn. C E. Koore Arraigned Before
U. 8. Commissioner OaaieL
Boaaid Ovov For ladaestssewt by
Ornad Smrr la aowtosabos tm
abla So Clew Ball rtwd
at at.oee.
Mrs. C H. Moors.. alias Manama Car-
mea. alias H. Karma, and pussisaor of
several other cognomens under which
sha practiced elairvoynney and aatrol
ogkaJ readings, was arraigned before
United States Cbmmlesianer DanW
yesterday aftarnooa, pleading not guilty
to tha charge of defraudlnf through ths
malle. Bba waa bound evsr to tha
grand Jury which will convene next
September. Her bond waa fixed at SLOW
which sha was unable to pay. Tha woman
waa arrested Saturday evening after
an tavsstlgatloa by tha local post office
authorities, aha had sold then sha would
plsad guilty and ask tba mercy of the
court, following ths example of M. Saaka.
who pleaded guilty to a similar olfenea
and was sentenced to Leavenworth
Saturday to ana year and a day. Baaka's
arrest and conviction, it Is said, caused
a voluntary desire on bar part, to quit
bar profaaetoa and gat eft ' with a
minimum sentence.
Mrs. Moore waa oa tha stand tor ever
aa hour, during which time aha waa
under ths groslltng of I'nlted Stares
District Attorney Kowetl. who bad with
him a voluminous plls of literature and
let tare from victims from all parts of
the country. Sha confessed to adver
tising la different papers throughout tha
middle and Pacific west and receiving
money from persons whs solicited In
formation from her conoamtng tbs past
and future. tins followed ths same
system as did Baa ha, but probably not
so comprahe naively aa did he. - aha
agreed In tba anginal adrsrUsemanta.
aO of which read mora or less similar,
to answer any throe questions put to
her for flvs 2 -cant stamps. In this
sha required only, tba parson's data of
birth. 8ha bad several follow-ups, those
being aa offer to aand a complete horo-
ps, ooverlng im person's prospscts
lo tha gravs, for A, a book of secrets
and mysteries for It and aa electric bait.
also for H. ,. '
Tha defendant admitted having prso-
tloed palmistry, alalnroyancy . and aa.
trnlogical rsadiags In finnvsr, Belvldsra,
uL; Albuqaerqus, N. M.l Baa Francisco
and Omaha. Sha claimed shs had only
been la ino business, however, glass but
summer, remaining at Baa Frandeoo but
a tsw weeks before soralna bora a month
or an ago. Blnos being bars aha had
pent a week In Bslvldero, III., whero
aha bad seat out advsrtlsemenu to news
papers, signing Madams Charlotte. While
bars aha haa beea going under tha name
of Mrs. C. H. Moors.
Mrs. Moore's attorney, L. J. Ta Pool,
of Omaha, endeavored tp have bar eaaa
coma before the grand Jury la Llaculn.
which will begin IU sessions Msy K and
have the caa triad during' tba spring
term af court la that city.
Tha reason that Mrar Moor had never
practiced in that city gave tha court
there aa Jurtadietloa lo Indict or try her.
Sh must remain here until the Septem
ber term of court before shs can be la
dle tad by tha grand Jury and bar caa
com up for trial. Her couaaal said
yesterday that shs waa' not yet pie
pared ta gfvs tail.
- Mrs. Moor Is a very attractlrs woman
bad clalma aa bonaat belief la spiritual,
lam. calling herself a -high priestess"
of the cult. Sh says that the disciples
of tha- faith after study and practice
tor a certain time, become "ordained"
and base powers sf occultism sufficient
ta allow communion with tba daad. AU
tba mysteries at spiritualism shs claims
to bs well versed m and firmly mala- i
tarns bar belief la the doctrinal aba baa
Carrying with them two gunnyaacke
willed with a catch from tha PUtts rtvsr,
Oeorge McDarmont of lilt North Seven'
teehtk street and T. a MoKanna of ISM
Nicholas street, returned to Omaha ysstsr
day moraine. Besides thla haul they bad a
limb of a tree oa which wars "allied"
two fifteen-pound catfish, m aa
several baas. Ths sack for tha most part
contained erapple and catfish.
"we've been oat a week." said Mo-
Derment, "and have a toad that will mat
va tor ulu a long time."
Hugo and Arthur Brand eis art awaiting
word or tha arrival of ths steamer Maa
kay-Bennstt, which la bringing to Hall'
tax the body of their brother. They ex
pect the body te be brought direct to
Omaha aa soon as tha ship docks at
Halifax, arriving here about Friday, Tha
body will bs forwarded to th crematory
at Davenport. lav. and returned hera.
Th private funeral 1 to be held seme
time aext weak.
Batata day waa celebrated at Omaha
In many of th leading hotel aad cafes.
At tha Merchants hotel tha bill af fare
showed 'Roast Veal with Raisin dross
ma." "raisin fritters, with wtn saoca.
"Hot com bred with mrslna." "Raisin
salad." "Ralslnd pudding with
sauce,' "Raisla lea" and
Th condition of J. H. Millard, who has
basal confined to bis bed for over a weak
with tonal II tla was reported to be very
much Improved yesterday morning. Aa
easy and restful night waa pssssd by Mr.
Millard aad ha was abi to sit up tor
Births aad Deaths.
Birth John and Blsa Cuaalngtjta, as
noura nineteen in street, aoy: J. Oi and
Aana Mcintosh. KM South Twentieth
avenue, gin: asm ana niona Koeethal.
UU) Burden at reel, boy: David and
ieona ctrana. tMume county hoaprtal.
ooy: tun ana nana rope, ana anea
avenue, boy; Loola and Ben Rice, ait
Grant street, boy; IV C. and Mary San
derson, -alt South Twenty-atxth street,
boy; Phillip and Faun! Sokaloft, aiif
Nldhcloe street, boy; Joseph and Mary
Flyan. ICU Caateuar street, aoy.
Deaths Char lea Tilled. U years, MM
Doturlaa atreet: Loula Kraene. a venra.
ims California Street; Hewey C. A neon.
M years. Twenty-dfui ana uodre streets;
Joha K. Hall. C yeara, ton North
Twenty-eie-ht atreet: Emma s h T
J yeara. Twanty-foorrh avents and Har.'
oey: Jvm C. Whtual. 7 vMr. mwk
and Poppietoa avenue; Axes Caristlaosoa.
7w rnnmn street; Tony im
hard. years. CM Sooth Twenty-ninth
street; Kick Proctor, a yeara. Fi. i
Dr. Lord's Conduct
Not Unprofessional
Charge of unprofessional conduct,
brougnt against Dr. 1. P. Lord by mem
bers of the Dour las Counts Medical
aoclatloa because Bewspapexs publlanod
and "featured" article ahojit a Loreau
pvrionneo. or ma pnysician.
have been dropped. Ths society's hoard
of censors haa reported that Dr. Lord
did not seek tha publicity ha waa given
and la no way waa rexpoaslbl for h
Tha operation was Derfarmed mm
llttl girl lnmats of th Child Savin e in
stitute. Dr. Lord donated his nrrw.
Because th operation waa an nmunai
ona It news value waa unusual and th
newspapers rave It considerable apace.
Members of th society suspected Dr.
Lord of procuring tha nabllclte aivi rn
ulatcd charge against him.
Packing Hsmi
FORT DODGE la anrft a-9iuui
Tlegrm.-Ths Cora Belt Packing com
pany stockholders this afternoon leased
tbs local pecking plant to Bulsburger ft
Sons. Chicago packer, for a term of
yeara. The plant haa not
operation far th hut month.
ivuib u
1 -
20 Below Omaha Prices-Hot One Day, But Every Bay
Full Carload of Beautiful Bedroom Furniture JuJ Received, in Oak, Maple, Mahogany and Walnut .
, oYtm-T'; fn.M rr-n
: nihil If IP
..."v;-.. I 5 -111$ I'
...... r f . B'.;.. ';.-; .'.' ' .Tsr
27x54-inch Velvet Rags at.
27x54-ineh Axminster Bags. . . . ... . . .$145
Gx9 Seamless Erussels Bags .......... $4.75
h& It y While fishln2 or golfing while
f3S tfV JSVlT nmln& jOayhig tennis or ball,
Xfl l these frafinmt Httle pockt piecea' 1
I K J&S' I i aw ttinthing, beneficial and ; 1 1
Fl 11 tTery dox Das ieU paciULges. II I I
ill ' W Every package haa fire sticks. I I
. : Every breath - '
V II Dreaervea teth-harriena atmctita II I I
Jj It costa Bttle by the padaii ' I (
7 I ' but less by the Box " '
All Former Records of the Omaha
Woman' Club are Smashed.
One Leae Maa Atteada Aaaaal Meet
las at th Clews Fveaeata
a Raaawew f ptak
Tha Omaha Woman's club yesterday
afternoon bald th closing meeting of
(hs year, receiving th reports of tha
retiring officers, among which wsa that
of Mra. Edward Johnson, chairman of
th committee on courtesies. 7ns report
waa greeted with applause when that
portion referring to vital statistic was
read. It Showed that wltntn th last
year th club bad broken all af It
previous records and that during th per
iod covered four babiea had bean bora
Into th families of club members, th
mothers of th llttl oasa "being activa
dub members.
Yesterday there waa on maa present.
He wsa M. D. Cameron, husband of
Mra, Cameron, retiring president of tha
club. Mr. Cameron Bat modestly In th
iuamu u
. . .95c j 9x12 Seamless Brussels' EugB.V.-li '. e.'$9'.75
mj t -x't... n-.: 1
background wreatned la amlle and pre
sented his wlfs at th do of th meet
IngTwtth a beautlfat Ms bouquet of pink
Bwaee tears as Shed.
In her closing epeech aa president. Mrs.
Cameron said , that tier- husband had
placed himself second la order, that tha
Ulub might a served. Tears were shed
by ths large assembly of members for
th out-going officers. Smiles and felici
tations greeted the new officers, of wnom
Mrs. C W. Hayes Is president. Hand
some bunches of flower aad verbal
bouquets wore freely dispensed and .re
port of retiring officers,, chairmen of
special eornrolttees and standing com
mittees and department leader were
Th club la in prosperous condition, ac
cording to th report of th retiring
treasurer. Mrs. K. R. Hume, who stated
there Is Si.r-1 out at Interest and ISK.U
In the bank. The house and home com
mittee, with Mrs. C H. Marley acting
chairman, scored a success In economics
by serving oh on eccaetea 23 people
for tn.K. ....
Mrs. Mary D. Stoddard, who ba loaned
CO to be need by the daughter of an
Omaha Woman's club member and grad-
ta of the Omaha High school aa a
scholarship In th University of Omaha,
1 Qniifth ifiimih
vv.. rjuuui Guiana
ill I .v
I'- .: i' -,
9x12 Velvet Bugs at. .....v.;...; ...812.50
9x12 Axminster Bugs at. . . , . .815.00 j for.
was mad an honorary member of tha
lira runtraa presented ths dub with
a new gavel and fh -club's parting gift
to her was a hand ao me pearl necxiac.
. . m w .wk. Mnsitiw,sT Fkgl sMwas
victor a. tsmuiFB. "7,"? T. ;
) trip lo liie Pacific ccM where to vmt
IO SDt3I)u ill Wlliun ,wr - - --t
. . ... . - aa ntahnn
IScannell will uke Tart In the InstalUUon
servicea or "w -
Moines tomorrow nmnu. "'' ."IJiii
nell will be very busy tomorrow and will
not be able to leave th city.
W C. Pike, elevator cenductor at th
.' , , ; , i ...... ... hen nro
union rncuic .,....,..&, - .
moted to a clerkship in the office of
Auditor Anderson of freight account.
Balldlac Permits.
J 'Jensen.- North Thirtieth street,
f4me dweiling. tZOOO; R. Kaah, 2157 South
Thirty-filth street, brick
Ed Simon. Mil Sewsrd street. tl.W). Oat
City Investment Co.. fe Brown street,
frame dwelling. Gate City Invest-
' : V." n,-n ainti frame dwell-
Ing ftJW: Gate City Investment Co.. a
North miny-tnira "V-.V.
Ing. 12,500; Sarah C. Bushby. 18 North
Twenty-eighth street, fram dwelling.
Kay to the Situation Be Advertising.
' tpiwiEacaHrp3
' " I " -
Well made Cortuia . .
Stretcher ,
owui any ' ""inH jtf fj