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    eWl tflSa. i gay- ... .J."
Unioa Serried of Episcopal Qnrchei
td Ker ieT. H. Percy SilTer.
. 3f. MeLe.gblla Harfeww
Chare Tll MMW Ea
erteace Willing
? : Pelltle.
--a f .
fcuoday being the octave ef the festival
of Easter, the splendid m of thst oe
cKia will be repeated st Trinity cstiie
Iiml tomorrow night st a er-iI
service of all tlx Episcopal church In
tha dty. The R. H. Percy
secretary of the Fifth missionary avpert
mact. former rector at th Church
af.ths Good Shepherd of omaea. win
preach. He will h sstlsted hy the aecrs-
tary at the Kehraaka missionary aeparv
mmU Rer. Charles RoilltL
Tties men com to speak to th church
man of Omaha of their own particular
work, th development of th ktnedom
la foreign fields, and It Is earnestly oc
stred that there will he an enthusiastic
response to tha call (o hear them. Ser
tm wlU begin at 7:.
Itev. M. O. McLaughlin, pastor of th
Harford United Brethren church, will lU
ot the experience, of a minister ta a poll
oVal campaign at th vnlnc service at
s)i church tomorrow. Mr. McLaughlin
was a candidal for th nomination for
commissioner at th dty primary Tile
day and for many days conducted a ana
palm that surprised som who thought
a preacher could d nothing hut preach. .
Rer. Milton B. Williams, pastor of In
First Methodist church, will fir his
view, of local politics guilder morninf.
praachinc a sermon ta. "Th Oreatast
Obstacle ta th Political Redemption of
Omaha." Tha svenlnf service srIU a
In chart of th social servlr department
ot ' (ha Methodist brotherhood ot .th
ekorch. C. J. Smyth will speak on.
-obeeleno t Law."
Rev. John Grant Shlcx. pastor ot the
MoTs be Methodist church, will spend
aext eek touring the stst la th Interest
of th Nebraska Wesleyan university
endowment fund campaign, maklnc ad
draases to th principal cities and towns
at tha stst.. His pulpit will be occu
pied "tomorrow morning by Rer. A. II.
Bennett o( York. Neb., and tomorrow
vetting by Rev. Arthur Aleck of Benson.
Sander will be memorial day for th
Immaaml Baptist church. North Twenty
fourth and Ptakjwy streets, and Specially
for slirjflv new members who will h
welcomed Into th told. It will be on
ot the largest bodies ot members ever
rooelvrd. by tha church oa an day. Th
aervlr at which th new member will
b extended th bond of fellowship will
be held at MlM. Th pastor, Kev. J. .
EberMle. will give s communion, address.
Newly elected elders ot th First Oer.
man Presbyterian church. Twentieth and
Pierre streets, will a roamed tomorrow
teeming at M:K Special must baa
been prepared for the occasion and the
pastor and larme of tha church win
rssss brief talk. Th eerrlo win bs in
Rev. A. B. Marshall will nmch
las and evening at lb Third Prssby
terlaa church. Twentieth ' and Leaven
T"" ,,.r,,,,,.,
For nearly forty years "Schloss Clothes" have been
known- to Clothiers as the wry best of Men's-Ready-to-wear
garments. They, have been but little advertised for their
high rittslity t slwy limited their ootprrt bnt experts bare ranked them st tie
. ' top for years. It is time yon knew about them.
Tbttr rta tvpwiorityttpr.iAlly in point wtrknammthif, ifyk sn) ptrftct ft 4$
J tppvmt to tht tea tnf. The art t7t wool; haadtom throughout,- dnig.
Md.ttilorH nxSfttLmS by Mg-prkad upviu Why not try Schloaa Baltimore)
Sfftu Berg Clothing
worth .trsets. Ha will administer th
sacrament of baptism and recelv. new
members tnra th church.
Th Gideon will have cnarge ot the
men meeting at lha Young Men's
Christian association 8 unsay afternoon at
t o'clock. Mr. George E. McMahoa of
Ceenetl Bluffs will be the principal
speaker. Tha Gideon movenwat has tor
Its object th enlisting or men la Chris
tian work, th organisation bring com
posed entirely of traveling men. or those
who have formerly bean oa th mad. The
local camp numbers about thirty-Ova. T.
H. Weuich is prostuem; M. P. Swaejey,
secretary and treasurer, and R. A. ale
Cachron. chaplain. A hearty welcome la
extended to all men.
Th following musical program will bs
given Sunday afternoon at i at tha First
PrashTterlaa church. Seventeenth and
Organ Prelude from "Tha Heine."
Halnt Saens
Verse "Grant W Beecack The
Invocation. ,
Hrmo-"8un of Sly Soul" Monk
Organ "Reven" James 11. Sogers
Qbartet-"8ttll, Still with Tttee" Foot
Pre rer.
Organ "Prler a Notre Dame"
from, Mute Oothlqu.. Boeilmann
Bass Solo "it If Enough" (Elijah! ...
Mr. L. H. Kennedy.
Sermon by th Pastor.
Iuet-"Lovs Divine" ifrom Crucifixion)
Mr. Dale and Mr. wsawa.
Organ Two movements from Sonota
No. J ...Dudley Buck.
apt let.
Calvary. Twnty-ffth and Hamilton,
Calvary Branch. Thirty-fourth and
Seward. -Rib la school at IX). W. H.
Owella. supertntsndtat
Rev. K. R. Curry. Pastor Service at
HV3. and Th Lord supper will be
observed sad rent ion of new number at
close of morning sermon. Fvenlng topic,
"Th t'nwle Choice." Bible svhool at
noon, Touag people's meeting -el :
Prayer and praise service Wednesday
evening at I
First, foiiiet Harney and Park Avnne
Preaching morning and evening by F.
S. Stela. D. U. Morning avrvic at W K
aublect, "Why Ar You a Chrletianr
gundsy school at noon. Yjitng people's
prayer meeting at V Kventng service
st J sO; subject. "Applied I'brtsuamty."
Annual bualness meeting and election of
officers Wednesday svstutig. etuppor at
Immanuel. Twenty-fourth and Flnkney,
Rev. J. S. Kbersole, Pastor HI bis school
st aoon; full orchestra. Young peopis'a
meeting at T. Miss Thorn will giv a
reading and Miss tlrym will sing. At
l at tbs pastor will giv a communion ad
end gt
giv ths hand of fellowahlo to
slxly-flv new members, Th Lord's
suatier. At t Miss Inga Pottaraon wilt
pea. Midweek meeting Wednesday at 1
FlrM. Twentr-etxtb and Harney
Preaching at 1 Hl Sunday aohosl at
noon. Young people's meeting at tM.
Eventnff aervlc at Till. All welcome.
Nrth Sid. Twenty-second and lth-
rop. K. j. KrtacSeteln, MlBlstr-Hlkl
sohool at . a. m. Christian Kadeavor,
p. m. Regular ahurch service at
at a. m. and p. m. bv Rvangellst
R. U I'rar and Musieal tHroetar J. 4.
Bell. Meeting continue every alahl
this Week except Saturday.
Ckrtsttaa Selonew.
First. St. Mary' Avtnu and Twentv
fourtb-Suaday school at :. Ssrltiss
at II and a Busject of lasoa-arnwa,
"Ar Sin, Dlseass and Death rleeJr'
: CaasTTcattemal.
First Oermsn Fre KvangoHeal, Twelfth
and Dorcas Publlo worship at !:) and
l it with sddrssses bv H. Bruechert.
supsrinlsndent. tsbbath school t I n
First, Corner Nlneteantn and naven.
port. Fredrrlrk T. Ron. FaMor Mora.
Ing worship at K:W Evening worship at
T 46 Frederlok C Free mentei. dlroator at
chorus chair, .
.St. MarTs A vsaus, ' lasaoa Akaxandsr
i in I i in' '
,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,. -rri
Inrnara a4 Kw Yarsi
mnwm o"v sw frv
Minister Morning wor
scrmon subject. "The
! snip st 10..
Christian s Calvary.'- At 7ul Habbl Vred-
enca Cvha will deliver ad address on
The Hcienre of Society." Violin numbers
by Mr. Max Martin.
St. Stephen' Mission. 'Twenty-fourth
and Ames. Saratoga Hall Sunday Softool
at morning pray-ir e'td ctn.on at 11.
Church at SL I-hillp the Deacon,
Twenty-first and Pnul. Kev. John Albert
Williams. Rector Low Sunday, holy com
munion at 7Ju: matins at Ii 3u: holy
eurbarlat and aermon at 11: 8unday school
and catecnlsm at L-Jtr. vespers and ad
dress hy th Rer. Charie C. Roll it of
Minneapolis at t o'clock.
Church of the Good Shepherd. Twen
tieth snd Ohio, Rev. T. J. Collar. Rector
First ouoday after Easter. Holy com
munion st . Sunday scbool at :.
Morning prayer with address by Kev. C.
('. Roil.t at 11. No service In ths even
ing, but the congregation will combine
with other consregsuons of tn city In
a missionary service at th cathedral at
7:31. Addresses hy Rev. c. C. Hollit and
H. Percy tilivcr. Th annual parish
meeting will be held in the cnuroh on
Thursday night at . followed by a social
meeting In tu guild room.
Grar. 13M South Twenty-sixth Services
at 11 a. m; Sunday school at U a m. In tns
evening at p m. atereopticon pictures ana
lecture covering th HI of Cbnst.
Zlon English. Magnolia Hall. Corner
Ames and Twenty-iourth. Iter. u. W.
Snyder, Pastor Service at 1: p. m.,
subiect. "Baialy Added. ' oundsy school
at ijs p. m.
United. Comer Camdan Avenue and
Twenty-seventh. Thomas M. Evans, Pas
torMorning prsacniiig (t 11. theme, "A
riur Harvest. Evening service at 7:111,
them. "IJitl Tot." A welcome to all.
Bt. Mark a English. Twentieth and Bur-
detu, Or. 8. Uroth, Pastor Morning ser
Moss at 11. topis. "Angela Kent tu Tsks
Csr of Children;" baptism Sunday
school at t:to. Christian Endeavor at 7.
Forslgn Mission nrassntatloo by children
at p. m.
8t Maithsw's English. Nineteenth and
Castellar, Rev. G. W. fnyuer, Psstor
asrvkea at 11 a, m.. subiect. "The Saved
Ones." No evening service. Bundsy
school t 1 a. m. boys' Atnietle club In
church basement on Wednesday at 7 p.
Bible study and choir renearsal in
church on Thursday t 7:o u. ni. No
society meetings this wK.
Kountx Memorial. Parnam and Twenty-
sixth. Rev. Dr. Oliver D. stsitsly. Psstor
Morning worship and sermon st 11
oclmk, subject, ' After Easter. Wbst?"
Vesper ser vies ana sermon at s o cum k.
subject. "Th Precluu Betting of th.'
Jewsisd Petition ot Th Lord Prayer."
Sunday school at M o'clock; Luther
leagus at 7 o clock. Reception to sll ths
saw members received this r.ster season
a Wedusday evening t o clock.
Trlnltv. Twenty-first and Blnney. G. W.
Abbott, Pastor-Morning subject. "Ths
Wonderful Christ." k,vning subject.
"How to Make a Chain.''
Danish Ntrth Twenty-fourth snd De
catur, It. r. petereen, rsstor .Services
with nnachins bv tns Daptor at 11 a. m
and I o. m. Bundsy scnool at Is. led
hy S. O. Danielseni young raopi s met-
ig at T p. m.
Flret Methodist. Twentieth and Dsvsn
port. Rev. Milton B. Williams. Minister-
Morning service. 11 o'olocs. subject. "Ths
Oreateet Obstailes to ths Political Re
demption of Omaha." Evening service.
7 J o clock. Bundsy scnooi, s.w a. in.,
Epworth leagus, :M p. m.
Pearl Memorial. Twenty-fourth and
Larlmor. Carl O. Bader. Paator-ciaaa
meet Ing. : a. m. : morning worsnip.
10.IU, Sunday school st noon: Mrs. Abbott
will speak to children at I p. m. ; Ep
woeth league at i:S: evening worship st
7:1. Service will b svangelletlc. Pub
lic Invited.
Walnut Hill Ferty-tirst and Charles.
William Buyers. Psstor Public worship
wltH swrmen by pastor at Wise, and a
Morning theme. "The Us and th Anus
of th Sabbath.1 Fvenlng, "The Relation
of tha City to the Ueosrai National Wel
fare." Sunday so boot at noon, r.pworm
leagus st 7 p. m. Church nursery open
from M M a. m. ta noon.
First Swedish. Corner Nineteenth and
Burt, Guatav Erickson. Pastor Sunday
sohool at 10. Prertilng servics at 11. sub
ject "Love Victory over iwum. Young'
People' masting at (:. Preaching at
IJs, sutusci. "lov t victory uver en
ma sw aasi
iJenkina. D. T
r- i
belief and Sin." Special music and gong
and a hearty welcome f li-
McCabe. Fortieth and Farnam, the
Rev. John Grant Bhlck, Pastor oundsy
school at 1 a m.. Charles ri Chsse tn
charge. The Rev. In. A. O. Bennett of
York. Neb., will preach at 11 a. m., and
the Kev. Arthur Alack of Benson) at s p.
m. Kpwonh league services at 7 p. m..
Mrs. c. W. Bowtby, leaoer. prayer meet
ing on Wednesdsy night at . o'clock.
Jsmea Trebilcock In charge.
First German. Tweatielh and Spruca,
Rev. Julius . Schwarx. Pastor Oermaa
preaching and ordinsuon ot a.ders at
ll je. babbatn scaool at taV Kngllsa
service anu joung people's meeting at
Third. Twentieth and Leavenworth
Sunday school stk:30L A. D. Schermerhom.
superuitencent; Public worship and ser
mon by Kev.- A. st. Marshall at lv:4a.
evening worship and sermon by lir. Mar
shall at 1. . -
First. Seventeerith and Dodge, Rev. Ed
am hart Jenks, Psstor Publlo worship
at Hi u, with aermon by the pastor.
Cvenuia worihlp at 4. Christian Kn
deavor meeting .at IS. Bunaajt school
at U. tveryon la Invited to attend.
Clifton Hill, Forty-fifth and Grant.
Rev. Tnomaa B. Ureenlee. Pastor Uibl
school at lv.. Public worsmp at 11, the tns,
".Newness of Life. Hpsclal eervic of
song at 1 Meeting tor prayer ana
feliowslilp Wednesday evening at s.
First United, Twenty-first and Emmet.
Rev. A. C. Douglass. Psator Morning
servics at M:3u, subject of aermon. im
Greatest -Thing In in World. Evening
service st ?:lu. subject, "Com promt ss.
Bible school at 12. Young reopit s so
ciety at :).
Crntrsl. Twenty-fourth and Dodge, H.
B. Bpeer, Pastor Morning worship at
Id , sermon by pastor. Sahoath school at
noon. K. K. McMillan, superintendent.
Young People's meeting at 7. Kvening
worship at a. W. B. Granaui, director of
chorus choir.
North, Twenty-fourth and WW. Rev.
M. V. illgbe. I). L. Pastor-Morning
servic with communion and reception vi
members at li ft. Sunday school at 12.
Young People's foclety of Christian Kn
deavor st s.Ju. Kvenlng sermon by pss
tor st 7:30. Prayer meeting Wednesday
evening at 7:4. i.
Falrview, Pratt snd Fortieth Avenue,
Rev. Charles H. Fleming. Pstor Blbls
school at 1:V Afternoon worship at B,
subject. "How t.ill You Meet BinT
Evening service of song at X. Thursday
evening th leventh lesson In Matthsw.
Wednesdsy evening a atereopucoa lc
tur on "Pilgrim's Progress."
Low Avenue, Corner rortleth and
Nlr holes. Rer. Nsihanlel McUlfrin. D. D.
Morning service st 10:X9: communion
and leceptton of new member. Sundny
school at noon. Junior Endeavor at VIO:
Senior Endeavor at s AX r-venlug ssrvlce
at 7.M. Prayer meeting Wednesdsy even
ing at t o'clock.
Church of th Covenant. Rratt and
Twsnty-seventh. Rev, Charles 11, seem
ing, Pastor Morning worship at W:J,
subject. "Th Secret of a Strong Ufa"
Hibie school at 11 Kndeavor meeting at
si. Kvenlng worship at 7:X. subject,
How Will You Meet nr Th twelftn
lesson In Matthew Wednesday evening.
Westminster, Corner Twenty-ninth and
Mason. Kev. Thomas H. McConnell,
Pastor-Service of worship at MS), with
sermon on "Som Things to Think
About." Bshbsth school anil bible class
nt noon. Westminster chapel Sunday
whool at t9l. Westminster young peo
ple's meeting at 7: nervir o( prslss at
x. with aermon on "Th loeil tr a True
Christlon Life."
Called Bretkrea. .
Harford. Nineteenth and Lothroa fnl-
versity service at 10 3s. theme, "Why Yon
Should be a Christian." Kvsnlng servics
at 7 Jn. Mr. McLauglln will give his ex
perience In the campaign for city oom
mlssioner. Boys' gymnasium glsssss
Wednesday and Friday evening at 7.
Workers' meeting Wednesday evening
at 1
First, Seventeenth snd Cass, Rev. Man.
feed Lilllefor. Minister-Services at IS ,
subject of sermon. ' I nltsrlsnlam Yester
day and Today." Sunday school at U.ti
At the Omaha Philosophical society
Bundsy T. W. McCullough of Ths Be
will apeak. Other newspaper men Will be
present. .
lnternatlenal Bible Students' associa
tion. Karlght Hall, dneteenth and Far
nam Sunday at I lock, subject, "Th
Coming Trouble;" speakar, W, rl. Dick
People's, Chsrle W. Savldg. Psstor
Morning, "Offsndlng the Utile Ones and
tha Penalty:'' evening. "How th Painter
Mixed 111 Paints." Sunday school at
noon. Young People's Society ot Chris
tian Krxteavor at f.
New Thought Fellowship, In th Wcad
building, Klghleenlh and Karnam. Bun
day inurnlng meeting at II oclook. ad
dressed by C. S. W.lss; subject, "What
Is Msnr' Wednesday evening at I
o'clock Mr. Oscar A. Alhrecht will con
duct th regular midweek meeting.
- V. W. c, A. Notes.
Bundsy: Tb talk at the vasper sorvlc
st 4 ) will be given by Rev Welter
Hxlaey.' and there will be special muslo
by Mra - A. Weathers. All young
women ana ourdlslly Invited to attend
this ssrvtos and to remain for tne social
hour and song service which follow at
3U. The building Is open Sundays from
1 to o'clock.
Monday: Tn Fellowship club wilt give
an entertainment Mondsy evening at
s:ls. The number on tne program will
be furnished hy member ot lb Dicker,
man school.
Friday: The lecture In th course on
"First Aid to th Injured" will be given
Friday evening at 7:1s hy Dr. Solon H.
Towns. The eubject of th lecture will
he "Sick Room, warming and Ventila
tion, Contsgious Disease. Dislnfsrtion,
Feeding. Veins. Etc.: ths Clinical Ther
mometer, pules. Respiration."
Ministers Will Boost
Hastings College
WOOD RIVER. Neb, April II -(Spe
cial.) A special meeting of rraabytarlaa
ministers and laymen baa Just cloesd at
tma place. One of the subjects which
had special attention was Hastings col
lege, th Presbyterian college at tb
stat. In which has been made Soros
changes hi faculty and financial policy.
The war presented and explained by
Rev. A. W. Lortmer ot th synod's spe
cial commission. Th college received the
most hearty approval and recomsvenda
tloa, ' and the following resolution was
enthusiastically paassd:
That each one present Pledge himself
to secure one or more students for ths
allege for next year; that be make the
apportionment ot money for the college
one of the nrst and most important ot
tering of his churches, and that each
oo receive and help la very wy pus
si o Is ths representative of the college la
hi canvass lor the uiM.n lor addil.rwiii
Other meetings of Presbyterians will
soon be held throughout the ststs. at
which alm'lar actioa concerning tb col
keg will be taken. The college la now
th principal aubjeot before tha denomi
nation, and every effort la being made
to put It to th front In th educational
work at tha stats. The whole deaotorna
Uoa la ta the movement.
Senator Bailey Has
Walking Typhoid
WASHINGTON. . April IX Senator
Bailey I III and threatened with walking
typhoid fever. Today be esxtt arord to bis
colleagues that his condition was so much
worse aa to prevent bis participation in
the senats's considers Uoa ot tariff meas
ures and asked that they pioteat with
out him.
Th demoeratle minority, la courtesy
to Mr. Bailey, tn ranking democrat on
tb finance committee, has bean delaying
Its action, '
The democrat! aiembet at th com
mittee nav decided to xseet tomorrow
and frame a report urging passage ot the
house dsinorratto steal tswSX revtatoa blO.
Permits ta sraoke, i cents. AH dealers
Key to th Situation He Advet Using.
Offer Monday Some Great Bargains in
For Monday
We will place s new lot of.
trimmed bats, street hats and
sailors. We anil more bats than
any two of the biggest stores
In tows combined. Come and
see some swell ones Monday,
In tbree lots
$1.98 $2.25
Children's Hat. 4S to $1.48
For the one day we will otter:
All 16.95 fikirta
All 17.95 Sktrts ..
All 9.95 Skirts .,
COc Ladles' Silk
Hose 39
39c Lsdles' Silk
KOTO AT, w will pUco on
Ml Xotf Men h ult a, new
ttprtnic fftHXla all the latent
Btylea, In fancy taHsinit res,
fancy worted anil innty
rgs; they are ftrtuisMv
Hose 25
20c Lsdlei', Mis
ses' snd Boys'
Hogs Us
i:.i0 vatuts. to
114e Children's
Hose 5t
Oiiarmnted abtolutly all pur
wool and true blue; extra veil
irade, lined with fine irohfllr
Itnlnr. Anaortixs HrHt and
dark colon, tana, imiVr, wots
1eJa and extra well Q CA
mde.wonh 115, at
$H700 MKN'H AM) V(H U
mkivs si m, si 1.85
Includtnr extra fine omvcfo
blue aerire, alao beautiful caa
a.merea. In jrraya. diaironala and
plain tana, with pin atrlpoa and
Lsdles' Ribbed Un
ion 8ults .. 19
7 Re Lsdles1
White Feet
80s .
76c Men's
Wholesale and Retail
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
it Actmly Inftgtd.
Work la Hank mt face Will Be Ex
emplifies Messar Nlgst kr IS
KelgSits ml rytala Fre- .
leraal Talea ta Oaac.
Omaha lodge No. I will put on th
second degree worS next Friday venln.
Indianapolis lodge No. ot the juris
diction of Indiana elstms to bs the larg
est Odd Fallows lodge In th world. ' It
ha tM members and owns a greet deal of
good Incom producing property. Orsnd
8lr Cockrura Is a member ot this lodge.
Beacon lodge No. St will confer the
second degree upon tw candidate next
Tuesday evening.
Hsepsrlan sncsmpment No. I will hers
work In th Ooldea Rul dugrse next
Thursday aveninc.
South Omaha lodge No. lit will kav
four candidates for the first dears to
morrow night.
Benson lodg No.'ta will hav work in
tb second degree tomorrow night
Taanliros lodg No. tl will puf on th
second degree work next Friday night.
I w31 give you free a sample of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, that have brought health
and happiness to thousands also a book on any chronic disease you need. .
The story of my free offer to you is quickly told. During my many years of practice
I hare used numerous combinations of curative medicines for liver ills. I have kept records .
of results in case after case, so that my staif of physicians and surgeons, at the Invalids' Hotel,
Buffalo, N. V, are able to diagnose and treat cases at a distance with uniform good results. ' I
am going to send you free a sample package of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, which will relieve
biliousness and ill health due to a disordered liver. Write at once for a sample or a book.
in stomach, biliousness and kindred derangements of the stomach, liver and bowels.
In coughs and hoarseness caused by bronchial, throat and lung affections, except con
sumption, the "Golden Medical Discovery" is a most efficient remedy, especially in those
obstinate, hang-on-coughs caused by irritation and congestion of the bronchial raucous mem
branes. The "Discovery" is not so good. for acute coughs arising from sudden colds, nor
must it be expected to cure consumption in its advanced stages no medicine will do that but
for all the obstinate, chronic coughs, which, if neglected, or tadly treated, lead up to consump
tion, it is the best medicine that can be taken." Sold by all principal dealers in medicines.
To find out more about the above mentioned xliseases and all about the body in health
and disease, get the Common Sense Medical Adviser the People's Schoolmaster in Medicine
revised an d up-to-date book of 1000 pages which treats of diseased conditions and the
practical, successful treatment thereof. Cloth-bound sent post-paid on receipt of 31 cents in
, one-cent stamps to pay cost of mailing AJdicw Dr. Pierce s Invalids Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.
Millinery, Etc.
$15 and $17.50 Suits, Mon
day. Very Special. $10.50
This lot of salts is very good because
there are s good many .ample that we
bought (or a third lea than the regular
prices. Blue serge, white serge, cream
serge, tans, blacks snd mixtures. Every
suit is eitra well made, a CA
lilted snd trimmed ..011eOU
We also have suits for $7.50, $8.50 snd
some $16.95. Every suit s genuine bar
gain. ,
$12.50 Ladies' and Misses'
Coats $7.50
For Monday we place on sale s new lot of
coats, in navy, blue, tan, gray, Srotca
mixture material, in s good assortment
of styles, st, your
$7.50 snd $8.50 8erge Dresses, Monday,
st $3.95
$8.95 white serge, navy blue and tan
Dresses $4.95
$10.00 snd $17.50 serge Dresses, all
modes $5.95 snd $6.95
Taffets silk and foulard Dresses, worth
l00 $4.9
Changeable silk and high grade foulard
Dresses, worth to $U.U0 .... $7.50
Sale in Men's Clothing and Furnishings
all of hindftome
Theae lulti are
nieh class tatlorlnit
ir Men' Dress Pants S135
l.t Men Dress Hants Sl.tS Wens Dress Pants SI 9
11.25 Vnlnn Suits S8e
lio White feet Sox So
t:.0 and 18 00 uys' Pur
Wool Blue Serge Multa, all
new, good Knlrkeilficker
pants, all sizes, on sale
st S34S
1.0 Boys' Pure Wool Kamy
Casslmere Suits, just the
eult for school, on ale
at tass
It Boys' Knits, all slse 91. US
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7Sc rhllriren's Wa.h Suits 3a
t: Men' Dress Shoes . S1J
.1 Men' shoe. Including
tana, lax or button ....$143
Ruth Rebekah lodge No. t will give a
card party Saturday evening. April IT.
Dsnnebreg lodge. No. &1 will work In
the second degree next Friday night.
Imp Veer Daaelasl Party.
Th young ladle of th degree team of
Mondamln lodge No. 11. Fraternal Union
Of America, will give a leap year dancing
party on. Mondsy evening at Frenser'.
hall. Twenty-fourth and Parker streets
A good time I anticipated by all as this
Is a new, feature for this lodge. The
committee ha taken great pains In the
selection of the music, also th. dance
Werk la Page Reek.
Nebraska lodge No. 1. Knights of
Pythias, will work tlie rank ot page
Mondsy night and will complete arrange
ments for entertaining a past chsnrellor
on the following Monday. ,
Mesajeeraee Ball. .
A masquerad ball will bs given by
Pansy ramp No. 10. Royal Neighbors ot
America. Tuesday at Modern Woodmen
of America hall. Fifteenth and Douglas
Meet Feed 1 Poleea
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Ladies' & Misses'
tV ij
Wa s h a ble street
dresses, many
very pretty -stylos
snd cloths, wor.u
to $3.50, choice,
Monday, $18
$6.00 Ladles' snd
Misses' Spring
Jackets, very spe-
$150 Chlldrens
Dresses ... g9
pattern a.
75c Lsdles'
$1.!5 Ladies'
WslsU .... 69t
The Store for the People
Rich Manufacturer
Murdered in Auto
LYNN. Masa. April li Oeorre K.
Marsh, th wealthy president of a soap
manufacturing company he, whose body,
pierced by flv bullets, was found lying
near th Paint of Pine eouievard today,
was murdered while riding In ark, auto
mobile, according to th theory aopted
by th nolle her tonight. ..
Mr. Marsh, who Is' 71 years old. was
known to hav been In the ouatness sec
tion yesterday and was seen to board an
electric car, bound toward hi home. He
wa last seen, so far as known. ! on
Chatham street about (: o'clock. Ch'.et
ot Police Burke believe that when within
13 yard, of hi. home Mr. liars wss
picked up by someone In sn automobile.
Money ai.d a gold watch were found
on the body, indicating that robbery was
not th. motive, .
Mr. Marsh lived with hi. .later. Mlsa
Hannah Marsh, and two servants lis
had been married twice, but both wive,
are dead. Hi. eon. James it., and" 'the
latter wife 'hav. been staying In Cali
fornia for the last two months and It Is
understood that Mr. 'Marsh was making
preparation, to Join them.
Xey to tb. Situation Br Advertising.
plays an Important part ia
poor appetite, enawinff feelinrr