Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 14, 1912, MAGAZINE, Image 27

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VOL. XLI-XO. 43.
kHOULD a man go out and trankly and
openly buy hair when he has need at '
it, and as much as he needs? Should
he try a famous and unfailing hair
restorer, that will "positively produce
luxurious growth of hsir on bald
heads?" Or should he suffer the
worry he has rather than fly to others he knows
not of?
y These questions and others deeply engage the
attention of- many men In Omaha, as well as else
where. Very likely most any woman would say,
".Go and buy hair, and see to it that what you buy
matches your eyes and complexion."
It Is told of a noted aufragette, arguing with a
perverse man, that she clinched her final argument
with the assertion: "Women are more practical
than men in many respects. While much fun is
made of their powder rags, millinery and hobble
skirts and their false hair, In reality they 'give
great attention to these things for the benefit of
man. Take the matter of bair. The people who
make hair restorer admit that men are their best
customers, and that they try every kind the market
affords, spending a great deal of money without
- any result that can be noticed. Now, If a woman's
,.balr Is getting thin, or she loses it from any cause,
she goes to a hair store and buys what she wants
and wears it without apologies to anybody."
. In some cities "hatless" clubs have been organ-
ized among men of original turn of mind on the
theory that the wearing 01 bats Is responsible for
the prevalence of baldness among men. In St.
Paul, Minn., last summer a prominent county offi
cial, who la also the head of a merchant tailoring
""firm, went hatless through sun and rain, and even
refused to wear a hat when the cold winds of au-
'tumn began to blow, but his example did not find
"many imitators. On this one fact all are agreed,
however, that the growing of new hair from the
atrophied papillae is a very slow process. Of the
best means of gardening for a lawn on the bead
experts differ radically. Some Insist that he who
"is bald and desires bair must quit wearing a hat;
or, tochange the thought,' that It Is the wearing of
hats which is the first and main cause of baldness.
Others assert that women get better results from
hair restorers and such things than men do simply
because they persist more faithfully and have more
- faith. Still another group of hair doctors lean to
the view that the tight hatbands which fashion
decrees for men, ntterly excluding the air, make It
impossible for one who hss lost his bair to re
gain it.
The aaurs and peircra'it;" O-'ala v"
whi have no hair to ciu ir;'-- :...! h. :.-:Uc
will at once occur to any reader of Tuc Bee.
there are, however, whose scantiness of hair, is a
matter of public notoriety, as well as of personal
' pride. A few are pictured on this page.
Judge Ben 8. Baker, candidate lor caa&j&i
O I openly buy hair when he has ned ot . AX A-:S Nfc I J J -7 : K I I V
m , r r
and chairman of the republican county committee,
insists he hss the most beaming countenance of
any man who ever aspired to public office in this
state. Judge Baker's campaign picture shows an
expanse of smooth, shining and seraphic face and
forehead that extends clesn around to the neck
band. "I'm too busy a man to waste time fussing
with a lot of useless hair," says Judge Baker. "The
voters can see at once I have nothing to conceal.
Being open-faced, with an unadorned front, of
course they can Judge quickly that mentality Is my
long suit. Barbers and beauty shops would have
an easy time with me. If I csred to experiment;
but my particular style of beauty can be quite ac
ceptably groomed with a towel, which is some ad
vantage. Thus, I can leave comb and brush out
of my campaign grip and fill their place with good
literature, which I propose to distribute plenti
fully." Howard Baldrige and Thomas W. Blackburn,
also In the congressional race, are Just "verging
on" when it comes to discussing shortness of
hirsute adornment on the dome of thought. Judge
Baker was a red-headed boy and both of his oppo
nents lean to the Caesarean cast of thatch, which
coincidence may bo taken to indicate the trio will
put np a real fight when they fottow their bonnets
Into the ring.
Robert Smith, clerk of the district court, pre
sents aa almost faultless front In the human
looking-glass division. Ha has quite a handful of
auburn locks still fringing the rear elevation qf
hia head, to remind him of bis boyhood beauty,
but extracts a Good deal of electric satisfaction
from the frequent passing of his hand over his
caput Mr. Smith, or an investigating turn of
mind naturally, has. fallen into the philosophical
: 0'iT In discussing the phenomena of baldness.
II is a condition practically unknown among
primitive races." he said, "and that lead me to
the conclusion that historians are right when tbey
acred It the Celtic race with being of very ancient
lineage among civilised peoples. The ancient de
XBliaa 9i Celtic scholars to study and deep Intro-
Philosophical and GooiNatured
spectlon has very likely had its effect on the mod
ern children of Scotland and Ireland, for a great'
many of them are guiltless of carrying any very
heavy locks. It Is perhaps true, too, that homely
people very seldom become really bald. I do not
care to make that allusion personal, naturally, but
the conclusions to be drawn are quite obvious."
"That's one place where 'Bob' Smith and myself
can agree without an argument," said Assistsnt Gas
Commissioner Joseph Butler. "The earls of Or
mond, ancient heads of the Butler clan, long ago
showed Indications of becoming bald early in life,
and the fact that no Indian could get a marketable
srslp from me bss not affected my health In the
least. My stock of hairdressing has never cost me
anything to speak of sinre I was a boy on an Iowa
City Clerk Dan Butler hasn't near the trouble
he used to have with bis hair. If he has any cow
licks left they are mighty bard to find. George
Clark, the base ball umpire, who works In Butler's
office when the snow In on the ground, it also fast
getting Into the class of slim thatch, but he lays It
to the hard and quirk thinking he la compelled to
do all summer long. V
District Judge Howard Kennedy and his
brother. Alfred C. have not had to delay the bar
ber very greatly for many years. They could very
readily work their way into the bald-headed row
if they cared to, but neither one is much givea to
such frivolity. 'The epithelial structure Is pecu
liar." said Jndge Kennedy, and many reasons have
been advanced for a bald condition of the scalp.
It may be that the actinic rays of the sua have a
greater Influence on the scalp 'than we wot of.
Judges are compelled to alt a great .part of their
waking time with head uncovered, so when a man
on the bench Is bald the condition cannot very well
be laid to lack of air. There Is this advantage In
baldness, that one Is never troubled to rememr
where the part should be."
It Is quite noticeable that, with rare exceptions,
be-ld-headed men are good-natured and have quite
as much fun in the pursuit of the pestiferous fly
as these with a fussy thatch. Some of them, who
are bald on top, but still own. a few long strands
of hsir. Isy them out across the expanse of the
cranium with an apparent design to trip up the
flies snd to make the barber earn his ' money.
Those who will discuss their cases frankly claim
that bald-headed men are the most civilised, most
pesceful snd mske the best husbands and fathers.
W. G. I re, who has charge of the county, city
and school funds, was seriously discussing recently
the advisability of buying a bunch of .bair. "I do
not hesitate because I think there - Is ' anything
wrong in buying hair," said Mr. Ure. ' "With me
it Is simply a question of being regular and seeking
no disguise. The bald man, as bss been well said,
typifies. In a ay, the very acme of modern civiliza
tion, and It may be that his deeper concern with the
affairs of bis fellows results la ra Inward agitation
of the brain-pan that causes the hair to fall out.
On that point there may be room for argument, but
there is none, I Insist, when It comes to demon
strating the usefulness and efficiency of the men
who can comb their hair with a towel."
Mayor Uablman gets In the front row without
argument as an exemplar and philosopher of the
state of being bald. "I have heard aritumeiit pro
and eon," ssys the mayor, "aa to the desirability
of going bare-headed, and have listened to state
ments that the large and often heavy hta wore
by the range riders to protect then troi.' the ti n
- cause them to become prematurely bald. Ia the
old dsys I gave little attention to such things, but
It bss often struck me as quite sljjUlcant that
rarely or never does a person see a bald-headed
Indian. Of course. It wss fabionilo for Indians
to wear long Iislr, as a sort ot challenge to treir
enemies to come and try for their scalps. A g?od
head of hair on an Indian was, in old tlm?, the
equivalent of the chip on the shoulder of the white
man. Yet. In contrast to this tnrtlau characteristic,
roost of the scouts who gained fr?4 on the plains
used to wear big bats, or fur caps, and still tbey
all were proud of their long hair. It may be that
men like Lysle Abbott, who comb their hair
straight, bsck from tae forehead, have caught tha
secret of the scouts, for the plainsmen followed'
thst custom aim out universally. They could comb)'
it with their fingers when a' comb wasn't bandy,!
and thus they naturally tell Into the habit of pay1
Ing no. attention to psrtlng the hsir. Women fol
low that plsn largely, or used to when I was a boy,
and young girls do It yet. But here I am getting
Into a discussion on hair when I ought to get
shaved. Excuse me while I get my whiskers cut,"
Governor : Aldrlch has been too busy during
most of his Itfe with matters that were of more
Interest, it not of more importance, than his hair,
and the result Is thst his dome ot thought stands
"open to all the world, the flies Included. A. U,
Mohler of the Union Psctflc Is surely getting into
the class, but it doesn't worry him a. bit Many;
others of prominence can qualify for the front row
at any time, and that 'brings up the question: , (
Of what service is hair? .
Men who hsve Samsonian adornment find It &
lot of trouble to take care of, while those who have
not seem to get 'along Just ss well, and so why
should anyone struggle to preserve' his bair? Van.
ity, my boy. It is merely a survival of an ancient
feeling thst parasites from the time when maa
was covered by bis own hsir, before he had begun,
to substitute the skins of other beasts for hit own
And to prove thst It Is vanity alone Instances might
be cited of local citizens who hide their bald spots;
by wigs, toupees snd other devices. Only to men
(ton names might be to Invite homicide, for these
men are exquisitely touchy on the topic, and! even)
ihelr dearest friends do not mention It. -,
Over against this hypersenslliveness may be ae
the case of a druggist who lives in the north end
of town. Not a bottle in his store but boasts of a
much bair aa be has on his head, that is. hair that,
really and. truly grows there. . His shiny dome waa
at once the pride and perplexity of the neighbor
hood, and finally, for comfort's sake, he determined
to get a wig. The' matter became the topie for
general discussion among his friends and etieto-
Mers. and finally-the public was notified by
placard in the window. ' The wig haa been or
dered."' Later another placard appeared to the
effect. The wig will be here tomorrow."" This
vas replaced the next day by a Ihlrd sign, which
reaj, "Tha wig is here." And te coming of that
wir was made the occasion of a neighborhood
Jclllflcatlon. ,
Then, one might animadvert as to the sagacity;
of the fly. His pestlferousness Is admitted, but
hy should he persist la digging around os bald
heads, trying to sink his beak Into bare spots, whes
btir that Is normal contains so mark more of po
tential fly food than can possibly be found oa aj
well regulated and properly polished bald head t
Here is a virgin field for research; why la a fly bat
long been debated, so bow we may as well add te,
the topics for discussion, why does a fly ?
In any event, many men seem bora to baldness
even-aa sparks fly upward, so why worry over 1:1