Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 06, 1912, Page 4, Image 4

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FnnfAr riAflino W MA11 y Young Men ,
rv VrtMCl VylVJLIlVO 1W1 Ana ior poys V
? w
' Easter morning will see hundreds of Omaha's best dressed men in Brandeis Suits. You can't do better than job the ranks of the most dis
criminating dressers in your city. Brandeis is official agent for the best ready:tc-put oa clothes that are made by the best triors in America.
Rogers-Peet and Hirsh-Wickwire Spring Suits for Men at $25 to $40
v You can't improve on Hirah-Wickwire or Eogers-Peet Suits. They are examples of extreme good taste and absolute tailoring perf
Take this suTgestioL . Buy from our great groups of these best-in-theounlry spring suits at twenty-five dollars. You 11 not find
r anything anywhere in spring clothes for men or young men thaj surpasses or even equal them at
Brandeis is Beyond All Question the Style . Store for Young Men
Hundreds of young men have declared Brandeis Spring Models far-and-away the craftiest clothes for 1912. Take a young man . to know style
whet i" We specialize in clothes of this clas.-snug around the collar, not a wrinkle long graceful tapjk 0 "g
; tweeds, cheviots, etc. Every feature that's new and accepted by the young men who know what genuine jgl 9 50-S15-$17.50
class means. Easter Clothes that put you in the front ranks of well dressed men at .x.kjvj k
We Are Omaha Agents for Famous Society Brand Clothes for Young Men
M . t 1 t 1 r ii'-i .... rtsrw. flbr","-
We 8how,styles Uiat are confined to us because this is tlie recognized siyie store ior meii uu tun l m . a.
- proof back of it. You'll like this high art clothing. It is the cleverest line of the new season. Prices are v iu
..I X'
'New' Arrivals in Men's Serviceable and Up-to-Date Spring Clothes at $12.50 to $20
... 4 a vi... . .,, riu4i anA tmoprla' nit mUn Rprirft lined, hand tailored throughout peg top or regu-
.' lar cut trousers, etc Two and three-button models-stouts, regulars, shms and extra sizes. alnes np to f -5.UU. . ,
f him in nn f thp carefullv selected.
1UUI UUT Hill UlU.b JVU liwuw v - . '
' . . .. mi j j i: l
'quality guaranteed, spring suns, iney are aressy nuu pracui m, iw.
Boys' Cunruntoed All Wool alto EltBw one
.Omaha's Most Completely Equipped Store for Boys
- - ... a!
or two pair puU; style are de AA
Nortolk and double breeaUdi, PJsW
Boys' All Wool Bert Bate With twa pair
panta made up of l-ounes all wool
. terg. Panta full peg Norfolk or doublo
; broaited gtylen sgea I to It gQ
nor' Top Coats New shadings and fabrlci;
$2.50 t0 $5
Bon Long Fanta Sutto Afaa 14 to 18
wall Bad lota of ntylo and iplendld
wearing quality, at S7.BO, $10.00
and S12.50
Manhattaa Waahable Surta for Boy
at 91.00 to $3.50
Bor' AU Wool Panta Can't bo duplicated
elsewhere at these prleca
from 751 o $1.50
Boya KumUb Blouse Suits Agea 3 to I
yeara, at $1.98 to 83.98
Famous K. E. Blooss WaiaU wlta tha
patent loop, at 40 to Jl.W
'i ' ' vtIVVv-v
! ' IP--
- Correct Easter Hatis for Men
thn moit romrjlete stock of Easter.
u uuuviq .y wm w J-
lists for men and young men ever assembled in one ptore
'Jfrom tha foremost makers of America and Europe. You
will not be confinod to any one mike or style, but have the
best the world produces to choose fron
The Tamoui John B. Stetson Soft and Stiff Hats, 0 Cf)
ia all the latest shapes and shades, at tJ)j.eJU
The Famous Wilson Hats of Denton,
England, at ,......
iovh K. W'a Bats of Btockport. Enlan4-f Ina ,-oft haU; $1.00 lua. 2.00
BraMhrfa Betal Soft a BtUf Hau at .... j ; 92.00
F.H Oorfaror Kffetta aad Stitched Hats Something sew and wj toppy- M OR
(1.00 aluee, at ....V" ' Vaa
Mcn'i White Canvas
' and White Nubuck
Tfeese) oxfords promise to be the
big featara In Man's Low Sum
mer footwear buttoa and
blur bar laoa styles all ataea aal
widths, at, per pair
$2.48 to $3.95
Men's Sample Shoes
Tana and black leathers, patent
leather and dull ealfakla button
and blucher lace styles with hlgtt
toes nobby, dressy shoes la
comfortable ehapea, regularly
selling for 13.10 aad 94.09, la
all aissa aad widths, special, at,
rr yn
. . r . - : 'aii it V
Easter Sale of Men's Shirts and Neckwear
Mea'a Sample Soft aad Stiff Hats All samples, worth 13.00. at......... SI .23
Boys' Caps la plala aad fancy colors
all new sprint tylee, at
Boys' Easter Bate In all the mew enaaes
and college shapes, at t
' eiuiet to Bare Uia City Urgo lorn
Whta it Su Chaaea.
. i 1 . .. . .-
Clir Tiimiw e a tlr Has
rotated vet the laemetoacr
the Mrt ( te Caaaall
7 While aaesibera of the city eeaneil aa
fcM erring -Domr la the eitr adakta
uratlon" they hare femn peratoteBtly
IeonbetUna a plan at the city treasurer
Skat weM seve the ctty ss aueh as
IS.0M a year. . w ' 1
' Crty TresMrer It'. J. r has repest
edly pointed eat that InetfKJeiwr ea the
jpart of the flaaaoe Otwuntttee ef the
potato, heaoed by W. t. SheMoa, U
sneaatsg a heavy loss snaaaQy te the
Oasha a hncoX teaehtedaeu oa o
oant of hona sold to pave streets Is
ftl.5M.iek The city new owns of these
sxsuoa There are sufficient fuada ea
hsad te as off or parshasa IBM of
Sheas hoods. If tots aaooey was seed
urtheM heads, thareey stoaptnc the to-
Urert of 4 per cent, the ladebtednen of
the city for pavhic streets would he de-
ereseed te tUM .
This t.0M is sow hM hy the etty
treasurer, who Is expreuly preveated hy
law treat Investlsc ft In saythinc rlss
iiit city hands or warrants. When the
round! war reminded that K sosMhedr
had not Bundled the teterast ea a larse
fMt cent ot sH evtstaadiaa heads weald
he seved. the finance cosasrittss Dew
tote a ra aad took M out ea the treae-
that 17100 street Improvement bends were
for sals sad eusht la hs purchssea. Ills
eomnunleeUon was read rapidly sad
staoed ea tils by a ansalmoue vote, al
though Mr. Vre had beta eaplalalnc hts
piaa aad pleading tor Its sdoptioa tor
five weeks, some s( the couaeU did ast
kaew ea what proposlttoa they ware ot-
25c and 49c
Judge Kennedy Ties Knot and Hood-
lami amain Kachine.
Manhattan New Spring
New Spring Neckwear
t 504?tS3
Xothino hm that isn't new. Here are the fixitas .
that meet the taste of the best dressed men everywhere.
Men's madras, percale and mercerized cotton QQa
Shirta, values up to $1.00 at, each ....0-L
Men's madras and soisette, negligee and outing SQ
shirts, values up to $125, at, each, UL
High grade sample shirts, coat style, plain colors and
neat striped effects values up to ' QQn
$3.00, at sOl
Easter Neckwear
Wonderful now assortmeat of four-tn-handa, made ot Imported
. llaa-Taluea
silks dsasy, now ahe4ee new patterns; in. QQ-
1 up to Tec, at "l wew
Shlrta at ..Jl.SO to J
K. W. New Spring Shi
at. S1.50toj
Nsw Soring Neckwear
Spring Weight Union Suits
Pur Egyptian Cotton Butts. 11.50 values, at ..754 and 984
Mussing Union Suits tor wring wear ...... 9 1.00 "d S3. 00
Madawall Union Sulta at '. 92.00
Superior Union lulu nt J1.50 to S3.00
Without heeding threats directed at kin
thea be asked for addtaoasl saraiar ke
araaos sad a safety deposit vault, whteh
lie had been forced to smuts at his ewa
inpenee. the treasurer seat a eemsraalea.
tlea te ba eouncU. It wss read at th
last BMCtltig.
Ia Us auteaseat Mr. Crs
Doa t vea think that would have bees
a rood plaa to foltowT' CouaeDipaB Sush
don wss asked.
T' heads hsvs besa sold aad are
ao lower ea the nurket."
"And tha dty la that esse has lost an
other chsaos to eliminate waste." said
Mr. t'ra.
"I'm la favor of buying up our sonde
If tha ttfa! departoMnt thlaka we can do
It." said Councilman Thomas McOovem.
Wllllaa to Save.
Tm for anytblns that sseans s ssvlng
to the city." said Irouls Bumweter, wns
ta walttns te be ahowa.
Counrtlmaa M. r. runkhoueer heard
tre's recomsMadaUoa read aad voted
scatnst H without senuaeat. Let Bridges
declared the finance committee was trying
to run everythlnd and forthwith took his
stand wrth the treasurer.
Thla faconuBendatloa covered bonds
falling dae m U and UU and of
fered br Burns. Brlaker Co at
which, the treasurer eaplareed. would
mean a savins of a Utile saors than
per eeat te the etty.
' Ceald Bay Move.
Collecttoa of specie sues la Wl would
eaaMe the eltr te pay off more bonds.
a the partes tea eoheeiloae from Marca
to December, UU: will amoont to M.9t,
which, l( It could be used, would fur
ther decrease the beaded ladebtedaeea ef
I be dty for pavtsc streets to pet, we.
Sack a esuree woe Id by Jsauary L
Oil, dear the city ef half of the now
eutstaadlBS paving heads. Bat because
the taraes were tea largo sad ef too late
awtartty. thla saeaey most bo held by
the treasurer. It Is draartne per eeat
and the hoods are drawmc fls per eeat
Internet. - -
svsao Oa BvtdenUp Trtee to Baa
Away with tha Car, hat, low
seeded la CetMac It hat
' Block. '
Judge Howard Kennedy performed hat
second 'manias ceremony Thureday,
but ths pleasure was marred by hood
lums who took liberty wrth the Judge's
aew automobile while he wss tying the
te ride boase la a ttghtleea aatemohtla,
The work of the hoodlums was reported
to the police sad ts Juvenile OTOeer
Mogy Berastata, hut as far tha mis
creants have not besa apprehended.
stimulate your business hy eavertlelnf
a Ths Bee-the aissnaser that reaches
HI of tha buyers.
Former Omaha Man
Marvels at Its Size
1 sm surprissd at the growth ef Omaha
aad Us spparaatly piospsrsus ooadiuo,
remarked R. B. Bttekle after baring
taken a motor trip about the dty. the
guest ot George vVeat. general agent
of the passenger and K. C Oriffla. gea
eral as vat ef the frelsnt dspartasvat ef
the North westers read.
yor many years Mr. Ritchie was gen
eral Meat of the Northwestern ttaea la
this city. Fifteen years ago he wss pro
moted te tha' Bosnian ot general agent
at ths esmpsny Unas at Ban Francisco.
I am astonished at the growth of
Omaha," said Mr. Xltcble. "It has forged
ahead waadartully until It ben taken a
plaos amors the beet cttlea he tha coun
try. U nas become a hasutag mu epulis
of snagalflecet nomas aad palatial of
fice buudkngs and buslBess a sad
aU this wttbout any boom. Omaha surely
Is a aroat Otr and everything tadketas
that thers Is a great future la stare for
It aad Its people."
Miss Dorothea Jt'tL a handsome sad
attractive young woman who bad heea
employed fat ths Kennedy home for mere
then a year, was ths bride sad the groom
was Asd T. Jesperaen. Judge Keanody
with all the other Judges of ths district
diaspora res dvtl marriages and
urges that weddings be solemnised by
ministers or priests. Rarely do the Judges
perform such ceremonies and when
asked they geaersllr reply with Bdvlcs
that the eoupi seek some maa ot ths
cloth. Mrs. Jesperera and her husband
so tnsistrat thst Judge Kennedy
consented to emcate.
Judge and Mrs. Kennedy went to Miss
Jsth's homo oa North Thirty-third street
last sight snd the ceremony wss Bar-
It wss a beautiful ceremony
and waa carried through with as much
soiemalty aad appreciation of Its ssrleoa-
Boss as It a minister had tied the sacred
Whoa the Judge and his wife stappsd
out, et the bouse their ear wss rone. It
waa found a block north of the hones. A
plats glass mirror te eoabts the driver
te see the rear st the car bad besa
smarted and tha ansa saoaorter had
baaa twisted out sd saane. Tha alar Iris
lights has heea asMabed eat ef com- ! Ho wouM have had as go Ciaeasa, la.
BUasiea. A driving bat the Jadao had left thiasi b m. Joseph aad
oa ths drtvere seat had heea eat n ,
It was Bwcessary for the couple f Parmlls ts smoke oa.
Frank Ptronka. SB eM Bma resident et
Omaha, hat aew a rancher at net
Mo. whs has bean ss the etty a aassl
of days vtstuag friends, baa returned
his boms. He tadeadrd te Isava a week
sao. hut wss sis re sard hy the floods.
Mr. Ptronka Uvea hut atsty mUea from
Osaaka by
aoaa heme whoa tha flood was at Ms
kettht he weald have bad ta
a miles, to roach hat anatlnetlea.
Grand Jarr laTestignte. "Vgtj
Kamori" of Kutg ia Coaaeu.
Rewards of tha Lett tan ad Certain
Ashe Wlll Be Maaaataed . . Per
see Parian Report ss
Red rtaaL
Investigation of a rumored combination
at seres etty councilmsa eft acted te safe
guard the nterosts of certain paving
companies, wss begun by the grand Jury
Paving promotere end representative
at brick sad ssphalt perms; companies
ware called ts testify aa to tha legality
of pevtns petitions seeured by promoters
sad recognised hy the etty council ever
protests suaatttbsd la the form ef alfl-
X embers ef the city council may as
abaasneed before the probe late lbs
sanac sltuatioa ta ended- Ausoaga a
report was made Br taa graaa jury in
which It waa stated vast ot ths paring
Is of good nueltty. that report was n
fmai. aad tha see pa of the luveeugatiou
Is being widened. Records at ths Istttag
of certain Jobs wUl be examined and
their ganutneneas determined
Three indictments la routine police
esses wore returned by tha grand Jury
Friday morning. The Indicted men are not
m custody and their names were with
held pending arrests.
The grand Jury wUI submit Us Baal re
port end adjourn some time asi
of the body.
longer going the asms route. Davis saps
ran wheat never looked hotter and pro.
diets a hamper yield. He believed that
pktwtag Should etsrt la earnest Boat
weak, tor by that dime the ground will
be dry.
"Old earn, sening nt frees gut ta V s
bushel. Is beian- used for seed around
Broken Bow," he seM.
A chapter of Delta Fnl Delta Legal
fraternity wss Installed at the Cretghtoa
Ceilega of Law by Dosa Marshall wy.
MeKustck ef the University of gouts
Dakota School . of Law, assisted by
Messrs. J. R. Uodgroa sad William
Bewea ef Minneapolis, also Messrs. J.
I rons and T. A. Lewis of Vermilion.
Thuodsy sad FrMay.
The 'tetters were entertained hy ths
aew frat men aad shown various places
of Interest about the dty.
Those who were Initiated are Messrs.
Henry Moasky. Donald J. Barks, Arthur
B. Jsceulta, Chester D. Fletcher. K. a
Reaner. Done C O.swlmss. Artlrar Ron.
sablnm, rarl J. Aldrich, Fred W. Msss-
aaara, J. W. Whelsa aad C F. ScJwompp.
tea Davis, la from Broken Bow with
a load ef stock, said that hm trata was
rested Tbi Ashland and PacUJs Junction
treat Uneeta. ho arriving here st 11
I o'clock yesterday. Re said another train
which fallowed was delayed five hours
a ulheo Death
mar result from dansisd lunas. Curs
oemrbn and weak, sore lungs with Dr.
Kmn'i New ixsmvsry. iso aad tLsk
For sale by Beaton Drug Co.
Many ConTentions
Already Secured;
for Another Year
Kight eonveatlono for mi already hare
sea sssarid for Omaha by the psbKettv
surssa ef tha Commercial dub. adesv-
le mads te notigr avals throe
of ths avger conraotlone hers at the
e time. The three inctud men m-
ptm ths sasss Hue. They are
the Nebrsaka Rural Lite commission.
N (breaks Farmsrs coogrsss and the
Ce-opsrsUva Live Stock and
Shipping association.
The ether conventions so far enlisted
are the Lumber Dealers, State Hard
ware assodstlen. Midwest Cement Deal
ers' assocUtloa sad the Federation of
h'cbrsJkn Retailers.
C Is. Allsmsn. praatdeat at the Stand
ard Oil comaany of KeSraaaa. was stsctod
ta ths directorate of the CHy National
baak at a meeting of ths directors Thurs
day afternoon. The vote for him wss
unanimous. The City Nstianal Is one of
banks of ths dty.
A dercr hat for dTcr head
Three dollars