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Council Bluffs
Oft afore Week sf City Camptigi
, J Prior to the Eectioa.
corrrr - politics - wazjcd. a up
Kimball :Omt fa Ik atata Senate
. all 'the! Hrpeblleon Ticket
aal Tefls Wherw'tle' "
,3 r" stands, i t
With. but' on more week of th. city
campaign. iMtmt being IransTerred
to the county contest for' tbo various of
fice ; U (lie city campaign thsx ro
Bdt htinr candidates. ' although three
tickets are In the field, but for tba
coanty office ther aft many aspirants.
Several petitions (or conaWeraUon at the
Council Bluffs
Union Carpenters
Demand Raise of
Five Cents an Hour
Council Bluffs
CouncP Bluffi contractor are facing a
earpaatar'a strike at the beginning- of the
building eeaaon. Negotlatloue hay
reached a point where a etrike la Inev
itable, unlea the employer accede to
the demand for higher wages, and the
eontractor are declared to be a unit In
the determination not to yield. The In.
ereaaed union aeal I fit cent an hour,
a rata of I cent an boor.
The carpenter' union baa u ita mem
bership more than K per cent of all the
journeymen carpentera In the city and
they are one of the best organised labor
bodies her. Their orgnniaattoa baa grown
Minor Mention
The CoaacU Blnffs Office of
The Omaha Be ia at 15
Scott Street. Telephone 43,
June primaries are la circulation, aao4tulJ' strength for the last three
cofjslderabl Interest la being aroused.
This was added to vary materially yester
day By City Attorney Clem r. KimbelTa
official announcement that be desired
tfnresent the county In tlx stata senate
and. Would be aa active candidate for
nomination snd election. ' Ttlls
Bient was thaBe by The Bee seVtfsTweeks
ago. Whan Kimball's statement that he
would be a candidate only ia tb evsnt
of Senjtor Saunders.aet-dcMrlng another
termt . Sir- then Senator Saunders baa
positMly" declined, to' be candidate
under any circumstances,-" and this left
tl way clear tor KirhMIL .
)t ft said, howler, that. there will
several other application for tb honor.
Including O. 1. Mcalanus.-ss a representative-ef
the progress! vea la the vest
end. and Attorney A. U Prestos of A voce,
who is wither a progressive nor a stand
patttr, but will bate bis claims antlraly
upon the fact that lie Is a rood repub
lican and 1 a resident of A voce. Tb
reputation that Mr.' Kimball has mad
all over the slate as chairman ef tba
legislative committee of the League of
Iowa Municipalities, it la said, has given
tilfn star wM, and his sc
trVttle .of an. advisory character la the
legislator have shown bis peculiar tit
ties for legislative dull and make th
Met certain la advance that he will be
eefua the republican leader la tb upper
house'.. .No man In fhe stats. It Is said,
baa fc clearer knowledge of th taxation
cjtn-aUons or could to fun her In bringing
about, just cerpotattoa Us measure tnaa
could he. pertlcalarly In relation to the
development or 'tns cities and towns of
th state. ... ,
fellowm la Mr. Kimball's statement
dllcuimihg these Ind oilier problems vital
to. pu bile Interest -tlpoa ' whkh he will
make his campkign: ' .
' Th St In. anil Mai(n. -
fa thb Voten of Pottawattamie Countv,
Davis, drugs.
Vlctrola. Hi. A. Hosps Co.
H. Borwlck for wall paper.
Wood ring Undertaking Co. Tel. M. ,
Get th habit for Morehouse printing.
Corrigans, undertakers. 'Phones Ms.
NEW YORK Plumbing Co. 'Phone as.
(For 8ale-8ix-room house. 721 Sixth Ave.
Lewis Cutler, funeral director. 'Phone 7.
Ulckeraon for fine work on B- R.
watches, a Pearl St.
Bluff City Laundry. Dry Cleaning and
Dye works. Mew 'phone No. tail
Mutual Bldg. Loan Ass n., ia Pearl.
The regular meeting of Harmony chap
ter No. S. O. E. .N.. will be held on
Thursday evenlns. March 51
not luncn noon, sc, chicken pi dinner
rum 10 s o ciocit, uc. Broadway at.
a. church, Tuesday, starch I.
WlnlVm,n. .
i ' . .... mi.1 iitj II ik ii, uviii rm-
tent stenographer and bookkeeper; good
Kiiin. Aaaress u, umana Bee, to.
Bluff. ,
Excelsior lodge No. , nnclent Free
and Accepted Masons, will have a special
years and sow numbers ffl men. Three
year ago It had leas than fifty mem
bers. Many of th carpenters were work
ing for KM and ft a day for tea kours
Tb union seal waa St sent an
hour for eight hour. The nonunion men
were working for X cents an hour. On
April 1, Ul. th union men demanded a
rata to 4 centa and at once got It- They
lso got very quickly about all th men
who were workliur for X centa. '
On April 1 last year th union asked for!? .Tf,.0 y Yen,n " M toT wor"
Mitu. S .- t. i t I c.
Incubators. W-cgg capacity. 17. K; laa.
egg capacity for 111.54. We sell the Pes
Moines incubator line. P. C. De Vol
It was, sofneWhlt
for nomination . by the renublloan
hrlaflv tttaH
evme weess sso tnat l Ttoum e a ranni
patty for ittte senator fmin.lhls county.
At th time t had not definitely announced
mr Intention. Since, th fstsUment wis
huu'l.n.el 1 tiare had ,murhi Sncourste
ment. Kor this reason and other 1 hsve
ccnriU(,vi is be a cenftlAsKs The- are
Ijitero-tiiHt problems or legislation wbleh
ha been before th general anibiy
fof the last time sesslens thai Will surely
be prntell the coming sesalon next
,ear, r, the -least snisna thee Is a
ravmon oi in taws of taxation. Includ
ing rallwsr laxatlan.
be of lo our people
invse oil)
H'jr, and
' Tfiera
feeling that I can
I In ll-lln with
tnes questions, I am seeking ths aomma-
aa wlU Strive to be elected. . ,
H're has bn eeeat antlvltv fnr I K,
aavanccrmiit of Jtur state and Its Indus
tries lh th Istt few years. .With the
greatest srea Of uniformly th best and
rivet, fartii the .fill ted stains,
'i I bopulstej with a sturdy, ener
ttle and prosnfaxlee people. The in
f.ettv of this ApletMttd Cltllenshlp has
called for lbs develcsmsnt of a "Orsater
", The gipreSftion cannot be con
fined In-an to any ne-person, poet leal
faoiton .or .dulry. Tb agricultural
ItMireat oftae atslev call, for .continued
ads iicenift ana encouragement, and
shpuiU reshaps n-ceiv , flrt conldera.
Hon. But Mu!!)- with such Intereets
our A'ltttsr inf. towns ahould also be de
teUiieil. 'It JtveWplhg our munlrlsll
tle we.will urel-,lvMop,aur farming
ItiteMsui. ritles aad town create mar
krta. A triarM! li tii Urmet' mint. To
build up. 1 ties- and towna and thus In
rresss hsm nisreet miM enlkrae
and- muino'r manufaeturlnc and com.
uierclai Indiunnea. - The la-re .of a state
hss muuh. to d wltk her development
This lsbartlrulsely true of laws of tsaa
ltk Our preaent'modr ef assessment la
rtld and In.urtoU. It-je our levies
tin. jthan fourvUme a Isrge ss they
should bef This lives a wrong Impression
In other slsiea ot our taxes and drives
Inelry from our rate. The burdens,
lo, of tststton are not aa nearly equal
as (hey might be. Foreign capital I not
aoeiiuately used and unfairly competes
Willi local savthg. whtrb. are sublet to
the-hiahest tsiatmn. This drive, bom
e.M'al to' Investment In other states snd
In , Canaua to avotd such unequal taxa
II Jn. 1 '
. in- besoming a randldste for Mate sena
lo 1 an) not hampered by obligations to
sirr Person, taction or Intereet. and shall
rlvar if elected to promei and con
arrv the beat Interests of our state and
l nlel A reprrarntatlve officer should
bul nly b a faithful servant of the
fl!e. .but. he should also be a student
Of their protxems and a counsellor edvls
litswtth thrin. .selected (or this work
I will terot the sinte energy and fidelity
lo lt a 1 have endeavored to give to the
fiubttaeervtr with which lb people have
leretnfora entruatsd me.
Jurors Convict."
; ,'Kerns of Robbery
The th fedaral aourt last vea-
litg returned a vardlot eonvtetlng young
Ketna.of tB theft of the mall pouch at
lh alllKsukea. passenger ststloa aa the
eight of rbuary t and assisting In the
drttructjdii of Its valuable contents, in
cluding nearly TTi.'eo worth of bank
drafts, cDsrkt and. other valuable paper
Kem stood trial after Papet. hla asaocl
a( ,ln thla nd m4ny o(W crimes, had
p!aded giulty. " '
Both youhg' men - will be ' sentenced
htonday. Th maximum penalty Is tea
yssra, tXma waa Indict oa thro
ausmu, an, charting the theft of th
malt' pouch, another th theft of its
contents ind .the third tb deatrsctlow of
tli pouch.-snd Jt. osatent. A fourth
count la lb .indictment, charging the
tlitft'dt tad other mall baga tilled with
seaonw tlass", matter.' magaslnra, which
were-, alas . destrorsd. was dlsmtsaed
asrainSf Kerrsi, "as there w aa evldwae
that h waa directly eonaarted with their
thelt- aUbough b assisted la their de
struction. .. , f
Papet went oa th' stand and testified
far his -confederate, taxing all ef the
Warn, declaring fhat be seined tb mail
Ucb and that he also eat It eVcn. Two
confesdons , of. othera. Implicated bad
ctargeil this to Kerns. Kerne' saatker
Slid sister sins 1rTI!t"6htts atana and
were positively that the boy was horn
and in bed St th hours' It waa snow
tn tarts rapet. Kerns and Alkao en
gaged lav tb dretnictloa of tb man
pew. - , - t-
Tfct' conviction' of 'th two' yoorarstars
waa a great relief teabd local aoUoa, wh
ttaartiefl Uura aa'two erf tb aaost eipert
and suinterou cBrikirillhg evty. there
ar throe ladirlnients sgatnat'all of them
" the stxte eun and after tbey sat-re
their terms tbey may b tried upon then
a4 aent to the state s arusss, These all
iriat to burglary asd box car roObertea
I - e- ' - - 1
All Negative
ah rosltlve
All Positive
treatment, U.i
Treated water 47
nettled water IBS
Raw river water.. ..,!
Bacterial efficiency of
per cent.
TuroKiity rap water, torty-rour
er ml I Hon.
Turbidity river water. Hi Berts Bar mil.
Total pumpage. .&t.l gallons.
Ton can say goodby to constipation
wkb a clear conscience if you us Cham-,
ber Iain's Tablets, Many bare ben per
manently cured by their us. For sale by
all dealers.
boor to th coats sf their estimates on
nsw work for th coming building sea.
son. Many large contrasts, however,
have been takes en estimates based an
th lower cost of labor, and . all con.
tractor with such Interests bava led In
tb opposition t ths Increase, .and. It la
said, bar Induced th other to believe
that If I hi raise I granted It will mean
another advance of the earn character
next year. Some of the contractors say
they have been assured by the carpenters
that the Intention la to continue th ad
vance until th maximum of cents aa
I obtained. Thla, ths employers
y. Is mor than the business will stand
and that -they will begin a stubborn re
sistance now
Thar ar not mack more than, a dosen
gocd nonunion carpenters In th ally.
easy materially check building opera
tions In the aarly part of the season
Many of ths contractors admit that M
centa aa hour la not too much, and have
expresssd a .willingness to grant It If
tbey can be assured that tb ultimata
sVcenf scale waa nothing mor thaa a
threat. . . ,
after, asm delay got It. This year the
demand far fie centa an hour waa orlcln.
ally Intended to take effect on April 1. i Hdw- Co- M B'ajr.
k.i -iiu. ih. krf td j.m i.- tu ... I 8AM 8XTDER fixvfl unvrr m
th. purpoa, of giving th. employer. m.r. XTeu'r ag oSSlifS ,"h.
ume to Milia aaoet iu ne Bew-ecaie wiu uausi rates. omc Over 329 W. B'dwar
not bs put lot effect until May 1. ' - I Spring Is near, avoid the ruih. have
Th employing carpentera tbua have ' .., 1 Papering done now. We have
amp time to add the extra I cent. H.7 BEri2,5.i,5 S vT.V' J.r
The funeral of Mrs. Nora Carroll will
be held Monday morning at o'clock
at Hie t. Francis church. Father Mc
Msnus officiating. Burial In tit. Joseph's
l Brill BAOS repaired, reflnlshed like
new. Repaired, replated, rellned at rea
sonable cost. All kinds of jewelry re
pairing. Lefferts' Jewelers, M Broad
way. Klgn of th Clocka
St. Mary'a chapter of 81. PsuPs guild
will give an old fashioned spelling con
test Monday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at
the home of Mrs. Fred M. Cralne, JUS
Avenue c. All friends and others In-
lereaiea are invited
John IIUSS Castle. Itoval Ulc'nl.nrt.r.
Will have an ooen mnetlnr Moiwlnv even.
Ing, when members are privileged to In-
ineir rrienaa it will be held In
rreinrnui nail, uanclna and rermah.
menu will be featuraa ,
Boulh First chapter of 8t. Poul's guild
ill have an Sll-ditv'a aaeltn as Mn-
day at the home of Mrs. Forrest Hmlth.
7M Madlaon arenue. Lunch will k
served at 1 o'clock. The members will
sew for the children of the Creche. A
luii attendance or all Is desired.
A telegram waa received yesterday by
Carl ahulholf, K Mill street, announcing
the death of his brother, Harry H. fhul
hoff, at Athnl, Kan., and he left yester
day to bring the body, here for burial.
Mr. Bhulhoff waa B years old and until
he went to Kansiis three years ago had
long been a resident of Council rJluffa.
He Is survived by a wife and three chil
dren. Mrs. Inaa Qustava Anderson, si vmm
T months and 10 days old. wife of John
A. Anderson, died veaterdav aitunmnn
at her residence, wa v-at Hrnautwnv. Th-
cause of death wss cancer of the stomach.
.me leaves, oeside tier tiuaband, three
daughters snd three sons. Km ma, Marie
ana tieien at nome; carrou ot Omaha,
Ed of York, Neb., and Swan of Council
Bluff. Funeral will be held Monday
at I o'clock. Rev. Mr .Clledd of IK-
Rwedlah church will officiate. On Tues
day morning the body iu p taksa to
Tork, Neb., for burial.
Marcus Boorlclus received a telegram
yesterday from his son at San Antonio.
Trx., announcing that hla daughter. Miss
Hssel, who was taken there by Mrs.
Uourlclus several weeks uo for bee
neann, nan suiierea a serious relapse. Mr.
Bourirlus left for the south on an after
noon train. The heulth of the daughter
has been tvery precarious for same time,
but Improved for a time after her ar
rival In the warmer climate. She aiaf-
fered a relapse some time ago and her
uruiner, tiuy, wno nad been In Boston
taking voice culture, was called to ber
aiue. -
The spine or a black bass fish which
hs waa engaged In cleaning last evening
about I o'clock may cause V. W. Walt
man, rial Avenue O, to lose the thumb
on his right hand. The spins penetrated
more than an Inch Into the flesh of the
( Council Bluffs
hla scope of Influence. He baa decided
not to be a AMnvratfa, enmitlH-,
I countv treasurer. Th nrnm nnlv Mv,
! I mlerrr salary somewhere la the vicinity
of IU.0S) a year, and the reward is
I scarcely worth the effort. He authorised
'lest evening this statement: "Considerable
puDiicny nas oeen given tne statement
j that I will be a candidate for the nomi
nation of county treasurer on the demo-
wish to Inform my friends, however,
I that Inasmuch as my work demands my
aMenuoa ana nave no political
nnpirauons. i cannot unaer aay rfrcum
stancea make the race for any office at
this time. 1 appreciate fully the honor
that would attach to the nomination and
I desire to thank my friends for the
kindly Interest they have taken In me,
correcting at the same time any wrong
iHiinnnvu mmi may prevail witn rexcr-
euce lo.tne matter. -
A press dispatch from Iowa City yes-
lemay contained tne iniormatton that
Dr. J. T. Jones, naator of ha (..
tlonal church there, was seriously con
sidering the call extended some time ago
mr too memoera or tne nrst Congrega
tional church here. Dr. Jones made a
most favorableimpression and there waa
no question but that be would have fully
satisfied the members. Th only question
was the reluctance of Dr. Jones tn inav.
a university town, and one of the strong-
' wnRiciKKniu cnurcnes ui toe state.
The press dispatch indicates that Dr.
eunea naa aoout mad up hla mind to
.ii uie oner, it says: ."Rev. Dr. J.
T. Jones of the Congregational church
at Iowa. City may resign snd- go to
Council Bluffs, to fill the pulpit of the
fcf'W church of which Rev. Dr.- Smith,
called to Pierre. 8. D has been the
pastor. Dr. Jones preached tentatively at
Council Bluffs recently and a committee
from the church there cam hither to
confer with him. Dr. Jnnen i. k. i t
of the Iowa State Elsteodfod, and la one
or tne loremost Welsh-American clergy.
national conferenca of cbarltlea and cor
rection. . He bj s member of th state
board of chart tie of New Tork and baa
been for many years nation al prealdent
of the National Superior council of tne
St. Vincent D Paul society.
Officials WIU Kan Asnala.
Secretary of State Cornelius Roacb to
day filed his declaration for renomlna- 1
Hon on the democratic ticket- Juds-e
L-naiiee B. 8tark r ft. Louis filed hla
declaration for the democratic nomina
tion fur Judge of tb supreme coon.
If you have anything to exchange, ad
vertise tt 1c Th Be Want Ad columns.
Reducing the Cost of Living
la tbess days of soaring food prices It
behooves the careful housekeeper to pick
those foods that give the tiost nourish
ment rn proportion to their cost, with
th price of menu beyond the reach of
a table allowance that snce proved suf
ficient, one must choose something that
provides meat nourishment without meat ;
ost- -
That food Is found In Faust Spaghetti. !
rnust spaghetti la made from rich, glu
tinous Durum wheat. It provide as
much nourishment aa many tlroea its
value In meat or eggs, a tc package of
Faust Spaghetti will provide generous
neiptng to five persona Toa cannot find
a. cheaper food, nor a better food nor a
food that Is so universally enjoyed. Many
unity Housewives who serve spaghetti
In soma fornv vary often, make It .the
enter dian lor dinner once a week and
iney say inat it aoee not only prove econ
omical but also reneivee the henetv -n
proval of their families. Write for our fro
nwaiei ui reuai xtecipes.
issi an. &enia avenue, mx. antala. afo.
Consumers Do Not
Like Hard Water
Tb alum treatment of the city water,
mad necessary to Insure th Immediate
nrerlpltatloa of th silt from th river,
and tba chloride put Into it to kill gsrro
Ufa. ha been th eourr of numerous
complaints about tba "hardness" of the
water.' Th precipitate from ordinary
soap leaves a scum on the surface.
Chemist Jacobson, who has charge of the
purification plant, has been th recipient
of many complaints and has given the
matter some ooaaiderstlon and experi
mental testa Aa a result hs yesterday
gave tw Brocasosa, either of which will
properly , "soften" th water. Here are
th tw processes:
Uma-Soda Process 'Hydratad lima, two
pounds per I.OS) gallons. Soda ash, on
pound per l.M gallons.
CausUo 8oda Process Sixty per cent
caustlo soda, three pound per 1.W gal
The average condition of the water and
the total oonaumptlon for th week are
show la this statement :
Hsctsrta Persumptlve
HillsviUe Raiders
Taken to Roanoke
CALAX. Va.. March 17.-Floyd Allen,
bis son Victor, John Moore. Cabell
Strickland and Byrd Marlon, Implicated
In th murder of th Carroll county
court officials, reached here In carriages
from HUlsvllls at (:S o'clock this even
ing in charge of a heavy guard. Judge
- oiapiea also came in from Hllle
vlll and the party left at : o'elock on
a special train for Pulaski and Roanoke
Word cam from Governor Mann di
recting .Judge Staple to Issue an order
so th prisoner may be taken to Roanoke
jail, i n train will not stop at Pulaski,
which was the home of Thornton Massls,
th murdered judge, but will contlnu on
to Roanoke, where It will arrive soon
arter midnight.
HILLSV1LLE. Va.. March 17.-WUH
Juror Augustus Fowler added to the roll
of dead, bringing tha total to five, little
or no progress had been mad tonight
looking to th capture of tha Aliens and
their clansmen, who escaped to the moun
tain after their murderou attack upon
me oinciais ot tha Carroll county court
ma reports which cam from tha
mountains test night that Sldna Allan
bad been captured and that his wlfs bad
been killed proved erroneous today. De
tectives who went to tha Allen home
found It deserted.
Van I
Psr a C Test for Coll. ! thumb. Ths wound caused such ex
cruciating pain that lr. Warner was
called. Before the physician arrived the
thumb had swollen to twice Its normal
slse, Indicating blood poisoning of a
dangerous type. Heroic treatment waa
resorted to. The member waa split open
to th bone for the full length, but the
Physician stated last evening that he
had but little hopes of saving It. The
fish was purchased at a local market
during Hie afternoon and had been In
stock for a long time, and had arrived
at the stage known aa mellow. ,
Charles L. Kendrlck has concluded
that It place too great n ourden upon
a newapaiier man to become a candidate
for any public office and limits too much
Henry and Koller
Form Motor Firm
AUGUSTA. Ms.. March 17.-(Speclal.-
Omaha Motor company la th name of a
new Main corporation which baa filed
Ita certificate at th stata nous rn
Augusta, and proposes to do a
raotunng ana saiee Business In auto
mobiles, motor trucks, engines, supplies,
eta The authorised Issue ot capital
stock la t1.DW.IMS. The director at time
ot organisation were D. W. Henry and
W. W. Koller, Omaha, Neb.; R. 8. Bus-
sell. E. J. Pike and L. J. Coleman,
Augusts, Me. R. aV Buxsall la prealdent
and U J. pike la treasurer, and tha
clerk Is Charles L. Andrews, an Augusta
lawyer, at whose office the Incorporation
was effected. The other Augusta parties
are offlc employe at Mr. Andrews.
Mulry is Awarded
Medal of Laetare
NOTRE DAME, Ind., March n.-Th
Laetare medal, which la confered an
nually by tha University of Notre Dam
on a distinguished layman of tba Roman
Can't Beat It
"swbT f TaT4ss-sTsBBaa - tawaw
because yon cant
etpultt. The bottles
bear the triangular
PhesMt Pswglas aagg
Druggists Think So. Because
One Bottle, Which Makes a
Pint, Lasts a Family All
Season and Cures Every
Cold, Cough and Cv
tarrh Victim
-muii.ui.ini, layman oi uie fioman I r a ,1 ,
Catholic church. It was announced today, OClWr Irtt 1119 rVI9 Essence
Mentho-Laxene Save Mon
ey and Health.
ha been awarded this year to Thomas
Maurice Mulry. a banker of New Torn.
Hla devoted neea to works of charity Is
the reason for tha choice. The award
has the approval of Cardinal Farley.
1 In ISM Mr. Mulry waa .president of the
I will give you free f sample of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, that have brought health
and happiness to thousands also a book on any chronic disease you need. ,. " -
The story of my free offer to you is quickly told. During my many years of practice
I have used numerous combinations of curative medicines for liver ills. I have kept records
of results in case after case, so that my staff of physicians and surgeons, at the Invalids' Hotel,
Buffalo, N. are able to diagnose and treat cases at a distance with uniform good results I
am going to send you free a sample package of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, which will relieve and Ul health due to a disordered liver. Write at once for a sample ora book.
. But for the permanent relief of blood disorders and impurities, I
can recommend my "Golden Medical Discovery" blood
medicine without alcohoLR. V. Pierce, M. Dn Buffak, N. T. 2
Nature's Way Is The Best.
Buried dees) ia our America forest wa (ad blood root, mssea's root, i
a atoae root, goldea seal, Oregoa (rape root sad cherrybark. Of these I
T" a m ' Jit
i n v.
Piere sede a mire glyoeria extrsot which baa bean dvomhle kaan tne tnM.
This "Discovery " pariass ho blood and tooea aw tb atassMss. aeal tba aaujm
I ! N Stars'l OWS WSV. It' WSt tba tisaaas Builder anal Sna aaa enanW
(ftryiL ' . ' n' D.DrP!5,rcys:" Glycerine plays an important part ia
U t!lU'Ue- rtM'.tCL. p,cr5e s Golden Medical Discovery in the cure of indigestion,
dyspepsia and weak stomach, attended by sour risings, heart-
in stomack WBf. .S.Y f PPte, grawing feeling
- .v..KChiC.ii5 OI me stomacn, uver and bowels.
ia cougns ana noarseness caused bv bronch al. thmar ,A !.,-. .flr.,:. -
ption. the "Golden Medical n;T,.r ;. . ' r' al-r rwi?n"7,''rr
i , T luuji .tiuinui rcraeay, especially in tnese
, nane-onou2ns caused bv irritation anA r l'..', '
I he Discoverv is not so o-rwi fnr n. ,.,u. . t n n.
. , . ' o -.v wuxua i I3iiis j mm mnnrn rains, nor
d e
People wbo'v "barrels ot money"
probably won't appreciate thla advice.
This Is for th reader who knows the
value of every five-cent piece, and usu
ally It saves from to 10 flve-eeat
Piece for those who are Informed. Buy
ing medicine la dribs costs mora than
making a big supply yourself. Buying
ordinary patent medicines means that
you pay toa much far syrups, corks, bot
tles, labels, cartons, etc. Kor Instance.
If you buy a S-cent bottle of cough
medicine, H contains about two ounces
tour-fifths ef which la syrup and fur
S cents you can make one-half gallon
of syrup.
By making Mentho-Laxen medicine at
borne you save lots ef money oa syrup
alone, and besides you know It's pur
and quickly effective. Let us prove then
that the best and cheapest way to" cbr
coughs, colds, catarrh, and to proven
pneumonia, diphtheria, la grippe, la to
mak this fine big supply of medtcln.
by mixing one-half pint at boiling water
with a plot of granulated sugar. Then
buy, ths purs concentrated essence
Menth-LaxeB a ft, as. bottle) empty
It lot a pint bottle er Jer and fill It
up with th syrup. Directions with each
Bottle tells how ta make and take, while
tba manufacturers guarantee to refunc
money to any disss tuned parcbaaer. Tou
run ne risk and will have est band a
mediclae which baa never seen equalled
for eeida, cough, bronchitis, catarrh.
hoarseness, etc. Its tonic laxative action
puts the entire system oa a healthy
basis and chronic disease snd sooaump
tlon are avMded.
The above prescription is manufacture.!
by the well known pharmaceutical bouse.
Blackburn Company. Dayton. Ohte
IDected to cure consumntm in ire A,.A ,. . . i .
, n t.:..... . r 7 V '"'"u iKcs no meaicine win ao tnat out
.1- 7 ; . , ' . . ia J pnnapal dealers in medicines.
TV J , . . . . " 'J rt
ivnaumiimoniDfliit rru arwana m.nim..ii j: 1 , . .. . ... . . .
..j j- . 7r ZZ c V, j , . , . u upases ma an aoout tne body in neaitn
rnarTK? PePle' Schoolmaster in'Medlcine
oTtilJA'K of disei8d condition, and the
practical, successful treatment .thereof. Cloth-bounr sent post-paid on receint of 31 cents in
.oneKtxU sump, to pay cost of maOing Address Dr.Plcrce? firSltrle
Harness and Saddles
Bay rows
direct from the firm that
then, slave the middleman a profit
Our harness are made of the best
heavy oak leather and will outwear
tw sets of cheap factory made
hare ess, and cost you ne more. Our
store has been ever forty yeara la
Omaha Everything guaranteed. We
jmSAX meet all competition on good
baraeaa Writ fur catalogue.
Altrcd CcnifSri & Co.
' te CeOta k Manas say
' 'el- '
Features for 1912
A greater year for a greater paper
The 'Omaha Bee
i. .
All the news that is real news.
Mutt and Jeff
Cbaraoter creations from the pen of "Bud"
Fisher that have made all the world laugh
and turned many a sad face into a smile.
Poking Backward
- This day in Omaha during the history
forming periods of 30, 20 and 10 years ago, '
briefly and interestingly reproduced for
Bee readers. .
The BeeY Wedding Book
A chronicle of marriage anniversaries of
Omaha's own people, simply and entertain
ingly detailed from day to day.
Silk Hat Harry
Tad's dog-man invention who has mora
trouble than anyone, but trouble that is
so fanny it makes amusement for every
Bee reader.
Katzenjammer Kids
These tw youngsters who are the source
of Sund fun for thousands of children,
promise many new tricks and delightfil
for this year.
Nell Brinkley Drawings
Nell Brinkley developed a new idea in pen
drawings, and her sketches of men and
women caught by Cupid, not only have ar
tistio beauty, but also always teaoh a lesson.
Sherlocko the Monk x
Sherlock Holmes, works sleuth-wonders to
many people, but Monk, the picture-detective,
is more marvelous in the fun-way
than Dr. Watson believes Holmes to be in
a serious way. ,. . ' t
Daffydils " " : '
Nothing so amusing has been run in any
western newspaper in many years as these
humorous play-on-words lines by Tad.
Desperate Desmond
A stage villain transferred to pen pictures
, and revealed in the moat laughable light to .
make every Bee reader roar and hold his
Happy Hooligan
Poor, old Happy; he is continuously grow
ing more entertaining, and now he is on
the road to new situations to win smiles
from all followers. A
Carpenter's Travel Letters
No writer of the present day sees events
and situations in such interesting light as
Frank J. Carpenter, ind none describes
them so graphically.
Heart to HeartTalks for Women
By Ella Wheeler Wiloox, Winifred Black,
Mabel Herbert Urner, Dorothy Dix, Fran-'
cis Garside, Ada Patersen, and many others "
who write for women, what women want
to read.
Each week in the Sunday issue
Several big special stories of particular
intereet to Omaha, Nebraska and Iowa
Comic Section in Colors
Besides the laughable comic pictures and -th
special articles by women for women,
The Bee will record dramatic events of im- -
portance; present exclusive human interest
, . stories and give an accurate account of
events of politics, with absorbing sidelights
on the two big political parties, their con
ventions and their presidential campaigns.
Complete Telegraphic and Cable News
From all over the civilized world every
day in the year.
If you neglect to
Read The Bee daily during 1912
Ton will miss these exclusive features, the
greatest series ever published in a Ne-
braska paper.