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Bouncing 'Em Off tb.3 A ligators
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Drawn for The Bee . by Hal Coffmapt f
-,- : ftouT shooli, look-. , - .WAV j- '- t.p?K .H
' : : r" rr : H.. If .vvr-i ,
Lonu Omiha High School Wiai from Sontit ji, VA . A CviVl. f" i II I
- . w . nrJnX - ,-rr-
ImI Basket Ball r-llagers Agala Urff JsVeU ,'"' I '5 i, f"' Vi
Jipptn and Beye of St
Clamber Into Leal
wium aa sallaadee at Chirac
. Farce Oat af Flml Paaltlaa la
Doable After Heldlag
- . riaea Twelve Days.
TOICA. - Mai-eh 1 17,-ISpeelel Trle-
prawr-U M. OJerde M IIm Omaha
howlers who rolled In the singles of the
eir1csn Bowling Coagrcai tourney yea
eraajr with a count of M. Ht roHca l(h.
aut a break or error la hl flret two
lamea which netted t ana W. 8pllti In
hia Oral and third rramee. rherry pKk
in th Of hlh and apllt In th ninth frame
al hla Onal gam Hopped htm at ' 171.
T., Noalo waa aecond high of th Ne
tiaakaa. counting M, thro errora In th
bat four frame of hla aorond gam
fcuruag hla chance. f a hlghtr nark.
- af. Huntington epened, with Ml and fol
lowed wlta.M, hut at ruck, th toboggan
la hta final sr In whkh be had three
aegragated , itrlkaa, two errora and a
wilt. He opened bl aecond gam with
fha gtrikoa.1 . . . . .
Albert Krug and Phil Walnea.of th
Luxoa team were th leading Omaha pair
la UN double, oountlng I.U1. Kng at ruck
nalr once In hi flrit game and Waient
awt at all. geUIng aim aparea, with a
apllt la th third frame. Krug opened
Ma aecond with twe atrlke. then blew,
hot fecovared with five link, a apart
kbd a atrlke, getting J."
'Walana draw a apllt to a tart hla aaoond
amme, thea at ruck and after that had
eight pain la a row. The men were un
able ta bunch their atrlke la the final
gam and landed M plna. ' - 1
After leading th double of th Altierl
taa Bowling eongraa tournamant for
titlT day, with a aeor of JOk Hum
aod aLUandt of Chicago were foroed out
t th poattlon today,
-Henry Blppen and Foreal By of Ht.
1k)uI thot Into th lead with a aeon of
3'Se-ten plna ahy of th mark which
on first nrla at th St. Loul tourna
ment a or ear ago. It waa their aenaatlonal
giolah that enabled the Moand City play.
ra to take the lead. Starting th aartea
with tit they dropped to aU In th a.
ind gam, hut wound up with 4TS In the
tjiird. ,
Hbortly befor Blppen and Bay fia
aahed. T. C Hart and O. Richard of
Vouth 'Bend, Ind., regtitered a aoore of
I.: whloh gav them third poaltloa.
Although attaokad by m playera. Larry
Cut ton' a acora of,m In the) alnglea waa
ret la danger today. 1L Bchonald of Am-
brldge.. Pa., waa high with C4 and went
tole tenth ptaoa. ... - .
- lollowlng an th' acore atad by
jmaha bowlera and th leading (con
wf all team for the day:
a la glaale.
, m
. IM
, W4
. 1M
L. M. OJerd
f ele " ...
-M. Huntington ...
J Biakeney
v. Baiaer...
M. H. Mtuna
41. t'ochiain
. F. Weber .....
T. v.. Chrletenaaa l
B. W. Fritcher m
Merge a. .Kennedy.... 14
K. Uenraeo ...let;
A. J. Koch 1
f. Haaera ll
eerge T. Zimmerman 17
P- A. Andeburg lxi
run wlna ,.!
A, tin .-!
' HJ
r i;i
Local Mew la Deable.
I. Cover, o'ff I !7
1.4 m
vn ie
tm )ki
tea 11
m m
m it
14 If
Ml 114
let 17
171 11
let ll
Albert Krug
rhll Weleira
y, c. Chrtoteneen
aieorce T. Zimmerman
II. W. rrtteher
r. m
T. Nel
. K. Denman...
II. H. man ..........
U M. Cochran ......
i. M. GJerde
Hllllam F. Weber...,
V. B. McCabe
.W. B. Ana-eiaberg...
U Hi Hanuaend
'. Hansen ............
i J. eieinaer
itlakeney .'.
tieorg aV Kenaedy.
A. i. Koch
Twe-alee reaae
H. BKtea
-. Bye. St. Leula
McKenna ..
McCurdr. Madlaoav WIa.-.
A. Remmel
H. O Brtea, Watertowa, Wla..
A Krua
P. Waeena, Omaha.. ....
Thlemr. Peorta. lll....
K. "hrtMenoa
' '.. JUmmetoaaa, Omaha ,
J. K Jth
1 U. Neuman, tuwauaee
Fhtecher... a ......
Lpineki. Omaha
.J. rinr
X. Wale. BC Urai...,
Jjenean: Omaha.
-L o Brim :
J Brford, St. Loeia -..
uma.;.... i.
Cucuiaa. Omaha
M. licheficld. Aahbrldce, Pa.
y. Watte. LoutevUle
. '"Mt'abe. Pltteburg
Tt. U-rt. Janeretown. . T...
Ueroe. Oiuaha ....
JL iui. St. Paul .....
i. amieT. -rtwith Bend
T. KK, Omaha.
, . Crune. c Louis. .......
ri. No. Pi. Louis
I.ubtwr, Ltril!e V...
Ji. utir r-l. St. Paul
. 4. titte-t: imth Beetd.
-.. nttaMmB.
n'lit(. Peoria
.J). It'tmiafi.en, Omaha
MilHuee. At-LJsa
Mei' ynm . ..... .
ih (ei- ,-a W Rapids
eske M. Injia
ro rui
isi 7 17-1,U1
177 LM
11 K4 1S7-1.W
la 3n 14
174 M M-l.MI
) Ml 14-
17 M7 1W-LI9
14 1(4 i:
Mt m us i.ia
it it lti
m in m
. 4e-l,
. sea -.
. U4
. t7-i,h
. eK
. m-un
. i7-l.U
. -LM
. V-1,0M
. M
. e,a
. .Sfl-1.
. S73
.. fc-i.ei
.. MI-MH
......... 431
! S4
......... J71
Lease UtaadlaB.
P. W
Pirate . ......... ........I .!
Omaha High achool II
Orelghton It
8iut.i Omaha High school 11
Hellevue II
1'nlverelty of Omaha II
Tramp 14
Council Blutfa ,"Y" 11
The Omaha-High' achool floor quintet
showed Its class a a state champion bas
ket ball team by .trouncing th Magic
City High achool five In a. hard-fought
contest marred by much rough play, 31
to 17, at the local "X" association gym
nsslum laat evening before th largest
crowd of th season. . . . ,
Omaha woa because of superior team
work and a handy knack of. locating
th basket hoop, coupled with soma fast
work on ths part of lll Burkenroad,
th premier floor guard of the state, At
tlm was th parpl and. whit In
danger, although the Packers kept th
crowd In an. uproar by, some fsst work
near th close of th final period, ,
Mark Heeah Work.
Rough play - featured throughout; a
total of five class B fouls being called
during she two- halves Johnny Collins,
th iouOito ij'a sturdy little left for
ward,, had two of these fouls called on
him, which according to th rules barred
him from further participation In the
sport, but after a Woueultatlon on th
part of th officials It was decided to
let him remain In th lineup.
Lealle Burkenroad, left, guard, alarred
as usual for the Capitol b".l five, rolling
up a total of n points for hts teem.
James Gardner, right guard, also pat
up a stellar fight, and his efforts kept
many of th Ferkera from sheotiog
baskts at ooportun times.
Shirley Mensfs, right forward, loomed
np strong for. the South Omaha bunch,
placing th leaUisr wind bag through th
net . several, times la th second period.
Cottlna played a consistent game, but lilt
rough play, marred him aa th real de
pendence of his team, mates, ,
Th crowd was rather dlssatlsfisd with
the. work of the officials on account of
th .constant willingness . of th rater
and ampin to Interpret foul play. Baskst
ball Is a game ot brawn aa. well as
brain and geatlemanly play,. and whea
two .players an striving to gala pos
seseeon of the leather sphere, one is not
nahl to allow the other . to secure It
without ome effort. Refer Curtis cov
ered th floor to . best - advantage, . al
though ths Packer contingent was con
tinually 'trying -to Interpret- lb rule
niter their wa fashion.
Hooters tram both schools made their
presence loudly known wltk their lung
power and' a supply f novel yells and
cheers. Th balcony and gymnasium
floor were crowded to their full capacity
and many present wen forced to remain
standing during both periods of . th
gam. A large delegation of ; femlaln
rooters from th Omaha achool ' were
present with aa array of penaanta that
lent a tinge of color to the seen.
By winning last night's contest, Omaha
lump Into second place in th Trl-Clty
league. , tying the Crelghto university
la da with tan games woa this season out
of thirteen played. The purple and whit
flv will close Its season next Hatarday
evening with a second gam with the
Magic city., squad. The lineup:
Hushes ........ ..R.r.lRF Menefee
Ciecr (C) ..UF.,L.F. Collins ic
Reotor C.jC Lymes
Burkenroad ....1U UU Nixon
Uardnrr ...... ..R.P.1R.O Kit Is
' Mcor by halves: Omaha High, first
half. IS: second half. 1; total. M. South
Omaha High., first half, 11; second half.
14. total, Kubstltuts: Meyer for
Hughee at right forward. Field goels
Crorker n. Hughes 111. Meyer. Rector
(II. Burkenroad (1). Collins !. Msnefee
47), l.mau. Free throwe: Burkenroad
(111. Collins O. Point awarded: Omaha
HHth. Clesk B fouls: Collins (1). Nixon
Hughes. Burkenroad. Referee: Homer
Curtis. I'mplre: Ous Miller. Scorer:
R. U Wslksr. Time of halves: Twenty
chusetts Agricultural college team won
the Kastern . Intercollegiate Rifle Shoot,
big league championship this weak by
fee ting . Princeton. Massachusetts woa
eleven straight victories. Princeton aad
North Georgia university tied for second
place with alas win aad tw defeats
each. .,; ' . -
Th aboot-off for the - Intercollegiate
championship of the United States.
tweea Masaehusstta Agricultural . coilee-e,
the Eastern league winners, and V'nl
varsity of Iowa, ' th Westers leegus
champfens, win take plac March a.. Re
sults ' this week wen: ;
Iowa City High school . and . Deerlng
High school. 1 Portland. Me- rifle te
by winning their matches this wees', cow
ttaued ' their tie tor first plc' In th
later-City' High School Rifle Snooting
league, each having twelve wins and one
defeat . " '
Deerlng. Portland. Me., defeated Manual,
Philadelphia. Kt to SB. Iowa City de
feeud Central, Washington, M to (by
deUult .
Split in Big Eight ,
' Conference' Certain
1 -
. CHICAGO, March 17.-Warring faction
of the "Big Eight "l colleges' may form
two, temporary conferences of four mem
bers each when the ' representatives of
th Institutions meet' here next Tuesday
and Wednesday. It eas ssld by western
university leaden today. The brsak. over
summer base ball' already has com. and
It It thought that after 'discussing; ths
situation aa a whole, the . conferees will
part If for no other reason than to tak
up the bass hall situation.
All of ths eight schools will b. repre
sented by their presidents. It was an
nounced by President A. W. Harris of
Northwestern unlvsnity today. Th meet.
Ing between tb presidents aad the dif
ferent representatives of th auhkttle
hoards for final action will not taks place
until iai Wednesday, it la thought. ,
Reports tram the. most .radical .ef ths
Institutions msks It appear that th con
fnne cannot survive. Minneapolis, lll. '
nols, Indiana and Iowa an expected to
organise a body undsr th compromise
provisions of th new "Big Eight" sll-
glbllUV, cods. Chicago, Purdue. North-
western and Wisconsin will stand for
strict amateurism ( In . athletics, . It . said.
Blgf Teams Wla as They Please Over
Smaller rethrew.
HOUSTON, Tex., March 17. Th Hous
ton Tsxaa league team was defeated by
th New York Nationals today, 1 to 4. Ames and Tebeau pitched for
New York. .
AUSTIN. Tex., March 1 17.-The first
team of th Philadelphia American league.
with Coomb and Dsnfortu pitching, won
a they pleased over th . Austin, Tex.,
league playera today, 1! to S.
GALVESTON. Tex., March . 17,-TUs
'regular" division of the New Tork Na
tionals pounded the Gslveston, ' .Tex.,
league pltchen for. nineteen hits today
and won. It to I. Myera and Paulrtts
msde home runs.
HOT SPRINGS, Ark ,, March IJ.-Th
Philadelphia team. of the National league
won from Boston of th American league,
11 to X. today In th first nt a serin of
exhibition games to be played here. Hunt
and Brennan pitched for .Philadelphia
and allowed only five hits, while Leonard
and Anderson for Boston were hit freely.
SAM ANTONIO, Tex., March 17.-Man-
ager Mark loaned Pitchers Glpe, Bender
and Kouck to the San Antoal Texas
teaguen today and used Pitchers Bon
ner. McCleary and Salmon for the Phil
adelphia A merles ns. , Th result wss a
defeat for ths major leeguers. U to 1
DALLAS, Tex., March 17.-Th Chicago
American's second trsm won from th
Dallas Texaa league team today, t to 1
WORT WORTH. Tex.. March 17.-TH
pitching of Delhi aad Roggs for the first
team of the Chicago Americans and the
a of the local playera explains th
defeat of th .Fort -Worth -Texas leagu
wan looar, is to t. .
Noted Golf ers Enter ;
; North and South Meet
iPINEHLRST. N. C, March 17.-Entiias
for the annual , united ' .north and eouth
amateur: golf champtonahlp.. Including!
men's and women's open .and- amateur
and prcgessional events scheduled ( from'
March ' to April 4V Inclusive, announced I
today, pixtmlse a fast and representative
field. ' . '
For the ; women's event, .which starts!
March J5, the entries Include Dorothy
Campbell. ' tltleholder and twice winner
thrice winner .of the Canadian champion
ship and former American champion;
Miss Louise ' Elktns ; of Pittsburgh, ths
present tltleholder: Miss Mary Fownes,
winner. la W. aad Mis Myra B. Hemer,
Midlothian junior champion. '
For th men s event, which starts April
- the-entries Include Charles Evamvth
tltleholder, former western open cham
pion and the present French champion;
Walter. J. .Travis, thrtc American cham-'
pi on, former British champion and twin
winner : of the united north and south
championship; ' Allsn Lard of Chevy
Chass, twice untied tournament winner;
James D. Standwh of Detroit, wlnnsr In
1909; William C. Fownes. Jr., of Oakmont.
UM national champion: Dr. C. H. Gardner
of Acawam, thwRhed Island champion;.
Parker 8. Whtttemon of Brookllne, th
Massachusetts champion, and Irving B.
Robeson of Rochester, whose sensational
defeat of Mr. Travla was ths featun-of
the recent spring tournsment. '
' V i Ee'ceive Sweaters
. '.'.'..: j
.The . eighu members: of ths Crelghton
basket bell team have received their var
Sl(y Paakst .ball sweaters sndtlettera In
appreclatfon' of tbelr'. work during ths
season which I almost concluded The
-"learn' has one mora gains In ths trl-clty
league, with 'th - Council Bluffs Toung
Men's Christian association next. Tuesday
svenlng, snd 'IWo'mors' gamea out of
town. . one ' with . ths Fremont , Business
collegs and "one with the Lincoln Young
Men's Christian. assosUtlon. The eight
of the British championship title sndf men who received th sweaten snd let
ters an: Captain Prucha, .Belderson,
Hhlmerda, Bliss, Haller, Festner. HoH
msn artd 'Coach ' Delfs. Prucha and
Delta l received whits, sweaters with a
light blue C. while the remaining players
wera' presented with dark -blue-sweaters
with a wnlta C. If Crelghton wins from
C.OMncllBlutts she wlU'.hold .undisputed
possession of second plan, and Crelgh
ton students an well pleased with th
showing of their, first ysar team.
Mexican Joe Girts the Chicago Boy
Severe Beating.-
La Aaaelee Paaillst Shows Marked
laperlarlly Over'Oppwaeal at
All Tlsses, laeladla Mech
Better - reach.
la a good etd-tuhloned exhibition of the
floor sport th South Omaha High school
alumni quintet trimmed the Omaha High
graduates la a rough and hard-fought
gam t th local "Y gymnasium last
evening by th score of U to L Ths
nick man R.F.;R.F Nasi
uranam ir. ur...lMdds, Kavan
Stryksr ClC Carson
Conn L.a.L.G...Patton. Harris
Shields RO.jR-O Raumann
FIM goals: Ksgle. Carson. Grahsm til,
rxekmao. Coha. Shields. Free throws:
Dodda. Baumann SV Cohn .. Point
awarded: Omaha. 1. Referee: Uus Miller.
Brorer: r. L- weiaer. Time of halves.
HURON", a D- March 17.-8peclI Tel
egram. Eight teams competed tor the
silver trophy In th state -high school
basket ball tournament that closed Ben
tonight. Th teams wera from Lake
Preston. Madison. . Salem, i Centsrvtlls,
RedfteM. Miller. Arlington and Pierre.
Red field won the trophy In a contest
with Lake Presto), score a to S.
. Key. ta ti Situation-Be AdvtrtUiog.
Creighton' Seniors ;
. Defeat Omaha Um
The Creighton sen ton won their sec
ond, victory; ove- the Omaha I'ntvenity
reserv flv at th' university gymnasium
Saturday .evening by the score of 4 to
11. Th game was bard fought through
out, but the Sentore eould not be over
taken after they had taken the lead.
Festner and Russum did most of ths
scoring fur the Seniors, while P, Slreh-
low starred for , ths university. Ths
lineup: .
Russum R.FjRF.... Rfifrehlow
Torrey -L-F.IL.F..... , P. Strehlow
Feetner X".C.... Solomon
Miller RG.IR.G Jorgenson
O'Connor Lil:UO Perclvst
Uoals from field : Torrey Si, Russum
7, Festner . O Tori nor (1). p. Btreh-
Jow tl. Solomon (I. Perelval ta. Ooals
from free throws: Torrey (41. P. Streh
low l. Rereree Psyxslny of Omaha
university. Timekeeper: Moore of Te
ksmah High school. Scorer: Qulnn of
Crelghton. Length . of halves: Fifteen
minutes. ,
Western' Nebraska.
to Have Base Ball
NORTH PLATTE. - Neb.. March 17.-
Special.! Plans are Bearing completion
for the .forming of a Central - Nebraska
s . Ball leegus to Include Lexington,
Gothenburg. Coaad, Juleshurg, OgaluUa
and North Platte. It I th tntenUon'te
play a short schedule aad glv th people
of - this section soma very . good - semi-
professional ball. ' "
It Is the Intention af the league to use
only local playsra. North Platte , I
twenty ball ' men getting ready for. the
season's work. ' Other towns ban already
signified their wtlllngaeas to get Into the
league and a meeting will be called at
North Pk-tte In the near futtfn to' for
mally launch th enterprise.
i i i "-"-
. The Delta UpsHon fraternity basket ball
team of th Nebraska University I woa
a fast gams from Dana College at Blair
Friday afternoon. to ML Tne.Deite
Vnslloa teas consisted of R HaskeU.'
varsity.-, ltr L. Owesv varsity. ,11; A.
Schmidt, varsity, f; Sam Waugh.; 8.
Bates, D. Russell snd J. -Pod ma a
West by be seidlvrs. . ,
' CRAWFORD, Neb.. ' March IT 8pe-
rlal k The orficera of the Twelfth cav
alry. Fort Robtason, Issued a chaileiise
for a bowline contest between the. city
of Crawford aod the fort.. Mayor Porter
with hla party ofNbowlero went to tne
con last wvamns- ana was auaaxruusu
iuscatod aW UscateawsnKiaw
Rangers to Church
and'Then Toss Ball
, JOPUN, Mo., March 17.-8pecil ( Tele
gram.) St. Patrffk's .day wan properly
observed by the Rangers. In the morn
ing, the boys went to church and In th
afternoon 'took a long walk with Arbo-
Then'was light batting practice la th
afternoon snd th boys tossed th ball
about a W. : No attempt was mad to
get. bate i tm
Ball Player Stahbed;
.May Die or Wounds
CINCINNATI, a, March 17.-Robert
Spade, former, pitcher for the Cincinnati
National, league atid the Atlanta South
ern league teams, wss stshbed snd prob
ably fatally wounded hen tonight. Dan-
lei Even Is under' srre.-t charged with
disorderly conduct. in connection with th
St. ! Wins liaaie.
8T. PALL.. .Neb.. March
In a faat came of banket ball the local
college tesvm defeated Grand Irlsnd High
school team by a rcoie.-of It to II. Th
game throughout waa xery close, the
first hslf .'ending II to 7 In favor of the
bom, teem. The local lads wen more
successful In avxd shooting than ths
vtMtnrs. This 'was the second time the
college tesm met spd defeated Orand
Island Higli. About a week ago -hey de
feated them by . a' score of a to U. on
Grand islsnd s floor. Frulsy s
ended -tus sesson for the local team.
4 Plaebarwt Tewals Resalta,
PINKHVRJiT. N: C. March 17.-In to
day's final .round of the annual-country
Hub tennis championship Hammett Mor
ton of Nutley, N. J., defeated Charles H.
Banes of Overbreok. Miss Hsrgsret
Blanche of Netherwood won ths -women's
singles from Miss Helen Bamett of New
Haven. . ...
MeVey Oaiawlata Barry. .
' RVDNKr-N. R W.. March VT.-Samuel
McVey. the California puglllat and heavy
weight champion of Auatmlla. easily de
rested James Barry, tb Chkagn heavy
weight. In a twenty-round cor tee hen
today. McVey.gut the decision oa Points.
Jea'rauUasts Take Raee.
PAP-m. March W.-Kugene s Fbw-hofs
Journal I ale today .won the Prix-Amadou,
two miles one and one-half furlongs, at
the Auteutl track. The stake waa valued
at .
GUATEMALA CITY,- March 1?. The
afTiciaJ. fuactioa la Qualaraals aty la
oonnectlen with the visit. of ascrstary
of State , Knox ware concluded .tonight
with the . prestdeiu'a dinner at Ue gov
ernment palars. President, Cabrera gave
a toast to- Pnstdent Tart and the Amer
tcaa psopie. He ax pressed In fuutertas
terms bis ' sppreciatioe fot President
Taft's , sending Secretary , Knox to
Guatsmala'aad hoped for a coannuatlca
of mutual prosperity aad peace -
f Tonight Colotiei Rooseveit said that his
only gueat were "fire naturalists."
LOS ANGELES, Cel.. March lT.VMex
lean" Joe Rivers, the Los Angeles light
weight, was an easy victor this after
noon over Jack Whits of Chicago In the.
Vernon arena, stopping the Chlcsgoan In
th twelfth round of a scheduled twenty-
round bout.' Only Ad Wolgast now stands
between - Rivers ana Me lightweight
championship, snd th two probably will
be matched to fight here on July 4. -
Whit never had a chance against th
local boy,, who showed marked superiority
over th Chlcagoan in every department
of ' th gam. White's much-vaunted
cleverness was nowhere In evidence and
his blow wen entirely lacking In fores,
In th entin twelvs rounds White hardly
snc reached Rivera with a clean, telling
blow, and all of the time h was receiv
ing terrific punishment.
Tim after time White was knocked
down by. lefts to th jaw or right crosses
to th same place. Threw times h took
the count of nine, and half a dossn times
ths bell found him In such distress that
ths snd seemed imminent. Although un
able to msks anything except a pretense
t fighting back, the Chicago boy wss
sameness personified and probably would
have com up willingly la tb thirteenth
round bad not Referee Char lea Eyton
stopped the fight In th twelfth, with
Whit lying oa his back In tb center of
th ring, struggling to rise.
- Rivera alerts Karly.
After an uneventful first round. In
which White did the leading, the Mexican
started business. Toward tb elos of
the second round, a left hook to the Jaw
sent Whit to th mat for a count of
nine, Whit took th count again In tb
third round, whan he went down befor
a hard left uppereut to the Jaw. At th
does of the fourth round Rivera hooked
rights and lefts to ths Jaw and had Whit
ovsr th rope when the bell rang. Ths
Mexican failed to, hear the bell and al
most put tb Chlcsgo lad down after It
had rung, for which the Mexican was
hissed. Th fifth round was slow and
uneventful. Rivers feinted White out In
the sixth and slammed Into him with
rights and lefts to tb face, Th CM-
cagoan was groggy when th bet
sounded. He cam up stronger In tht
seventh and tried to force th fighting,
but his flash was short-lived.
Hard lefts to the face drew th M004
freely from White's nose and mouth Is
th eighth and at th gong WMta wa
wobbling from a hard right to th heart,
Punishment of the Chlcagoan continued 1
th ninth. White being unable to get -aw a J
from the Mexlcan'a blows. He waa sen)
down again In the tenth, but was up agat
to be brushed about th ring with ths
Mexican working rights and lefts to tht
In the eleventh a right to th taw
lifted Whit off his feet and dropped him
on his face. He cam tip with the count
of nine, and another right to th Jaw
Just before th gong rang sent hint dowg
sgain. Whit tried desperately In tht
twelfth to Isnd. but the Mexican laughed
at his futile efforts and dropped him
with a right cross to ths Jaw. Then tht.
referee stopped th fight.
When th fight - started Rivera proh,
ably was flv pounds heavier than White,
Ha weighed In at M O'clock, acaling 128.
th required weight, while White welgheij
IS. - . I
Stiff Neck
For any ttiffoesg of lameness
Sloan'a liniment' give relief at
once.- It acts like massage
quickens theV blood and Umbers
up lame muscles and joints.
is good for any kind of pain.
ders. ssd sotleiag your sdvartisawsot in
the street eart I got s bottle which sulckhf
rsllavsd ava." R. D. BoaaorxB, Mays
vills, Kastacky.
Atalewkae. tuat Me.. Me. a d-st '
Dr. Kri S. Som - Bcatoti, Mas.
Move before the moving season
You will have a much better se
lection of offices how than if you
wait until the
1st of April
or the 1st of
When choos
ing, select a
building, the pol
icy and organi-t
zation of which
have been tried
and never found
wanting. It takes years to develop ' service' and a
seasoned organization in an office building. A build
ing wliick is kept iu constant repair never grows old.
Select a building, th location of which la known not
only to ovcryono bar, bat to varyona who has aver been
in Omaha.
The best "service," the building that Is kept In
the best repair, and the best known office building
in Omaha is - ' , '
There are only eight offices vacant today,
. but among them are some very choice ones:
ail Tlsi siillim Room, privets office, tw larw cloasts, large
sorsreocw pub i m " . - - -
sternal pee
.... ati pa
i t,' Tr ' i '
h -H n
- auenth..
aooser r otber profiaalnil
Reess aa Tht I i
llgab fees Lai.
i long narrow ream, 19x11 H. baring a north
par auath - tXIM
' Swriswa Lacerwtlwa
and wounds are healed without' sVngr of
blood poisoning by Bucklea's Arnica
SxtTe, the beal'lag Wonder. Only Sc. fur
sale by-Beatua Uru, Co, - " (
t p.. i . ' ,
r .... ... . . .
li-sxlt la aixe. located an the court, eloss ta awe
llgat, thws basing astellant natural light Tb suae eould
be divided so as le make tw vary leasee at room Price, ,
par stteutn .. ........ ....aauo
BaosB HQ Office m th northwest corner, eavta- tmsr lares wrn-
A ravprsn vault awe we ww"" oa vwvaoe sail SI s
oroed in tula room. There is a
fa much In gemsnd and la effort
.total C II euer feat ef floor spec and some would be
ejuippei with partuiui t satiety gove uoant, Th rental
' prk U par neeth - . wstVda
Thf Bee Building Co.
Bee Business Oflice 17th and Farnam Sta