Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 09, 1912, EDITORIAL, Image 18

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Conditions tad Opinions. Const for
- Little in Wheat
nm'ln Many Wka Tklak kc
iinum Has Been Lanrrlr D,
rwulH ky Heavy Fedln
a Law Rfmnni
OMAHA. March 1 rtli
Ordinary trade condition, and opinion"
wer worthies en Ihe action of I ho wheat
market tcdav. It was a waiting market,
and the annual figures on farm reserves
aipeeted after the clcae overxhailoerd
-Wining elr with he tra.le. A eo
servative vtew l tiwt' In cat. tha offi
cial estimate la cont.derably over in;
average of th prtveia estimates and
prices have a sharp d'P tha buying id
will bo too moaA popular by tha leaders.
After the first excitement la over in
trada will be alow in pressing tha Belling
a:Jo becaut ci-oo complaint may mw
At any t.'rne.
At no t.m 1r-e Iha advance tn corn
atartcd tso moti sgo hat th.-traae
been to mooii m doubt s to the I
diate future of prices. . T , mn
-a ho think fit advance l largely dis
counted the heavy feeding and low re
serves. Priiate estlmaieaon farm re
serve ranse from Tw.tWM' bu. to S.
,. Even at the larger figure the it
tiatioD will be very bulluu compartd with
other year. " - ...
. beat was dull anil pr.rr rrd nar
row; treuea were not Inc.infd to make
any eocimltmia either way until '
tit government report ;-s Issued.
wheat waa unchanged. ,
There waa no f-ature In cern "
was were a bit heavy. Trade waa light
and very uninteresting. Kcceipte wuy
moderate Cash value, rantied Wo blgr
to lo lower. aeaana k.
Primary wheat rec-Ipi wore . bu.
and snlpments were 1K..0W h'l, in."r
clit last year of Si7.v " "
menu of iia.OB bu. fc
bu.iv .-.i-n recelr: were. U.
.,,,1 .hli.r.vMite were W.J bj., Bg.llMt
nominal; receipt l, 47,001 bu.; ahlpmei
4,J0 ml. i N
HAY Firm: prime, tl.35; No. J.
l.n: no. . ti.ieai.av: jvo,
HOPiDull: Mate enmi
TlTUZZrrM& itami. m nominal.
"TSSnJacS1 were MI.M bu. ofcom. .! HIDIW-JPIrm; . hemlock
b-j. of oau and wheat and Hour equal to
Uveiuool rlol '9,i lihr ht1
and hllr on coin. . ,
Tha tuilowlni ceeh ulca wera tworted
Wheat: No. S hard, t ir. H 02V. J
can. H.Bi; J oara, .. No hard. 1
ear, lias1 Corn: Na, walte. I carl.
Mc; 3 cart, r. tic. No. 4
while. 1 oar. Mo. No. I color, I car. U,o.
No, yellow, T cam, ; cera. MHc; 1
car. He Ktl yellow, 1 car, KS4c: mn.
mc N. t mixed, care, tie; 1 car.
ttVtt. No. 4 mixed, 2 care. Cm; ara.
aio. No grade. 1 car, l'ic: t cajr. Re; 1
car, 17c. 0tti No. I whit. . M car,
&He: Na 4 whlto, 1 car, tl'io.
Onaka Caak rnnel 1 '
WHKAT-Nu 1 hard. No.
I hard, 1.4!1.0J; No, 4 bard,
rcRN-No. white, t4.eiS4c; No. 4
kite, lioiSc: No, I color. 6c; N
t yellow. Mtwic: No, 4 yellow. tltrCVtoi
No I rtec; No. 4, 0VHr2i " KUe,
OATB-No. 1 IWiflSJs: Mandard. HH
Ho; No. I whiea. aiVteHn-c. ra. wnu,
No. t yellow, ilgMc; Na. 4
yellow. M4,8tc ...
HAHWJV-Maltln. -tl ; No. t toed,
-: heavier feed, K"iSio. -
JU14-.No. L llfjWc; No, 1, t"Slc
larlot Receipt.
WheaL Corn. Oat.
Chkuo Wi
Mlnneapolla "
Omaha a , M
Duiutn '
Keatare ml Ik Tradlas aad Cloala
Price aa Board af Trad.
CHICAGO. March fc-Oueeaea an gov.
eminent flure retanlln farm reaervea
went wrong today, tor th grain market
all cloaed weak, wnerraa tna naenma
toa ettmate. which came a. mlnut
later, tuxnod out to be of a decidedly
bullldi eort. The total, however. In no
ea were anywhere near no mall a
eem extremlt had predicted. Wheat
cloaed o to iloun, corn to off
to a thada higher, oat up lo to HffMic,
mrl l,f.H tawullh.ltt ! &f,"7UO I'. ITWu'JU
and hoga product at otrteo to 17t3
rVtMi-ve of wheat proved lo be the
acantleat lnc 1Mb. Koine acatlered Ion
who lot thlr courage when It en me time
to race the. official ten did must of th
selling. The majofity of pecullor.
though, seemed dlapoeed to hold aloof
until after the guvernment report was
ut.- A dragging market wag tn mult,
OaenlM prlots In tha wheal pit showed
, a its du lo bullish foreign nw and
to the Ohio state report which noted a
crop condition of 1 per cent, aa agalnit
IB per oenl In fJeoemher. Th x foreign
iiwmnh was laraelv because of almost
xhauated tocks at Uverp.Mil. tha ports
atrlks la Australia and curtailment oc x
Kie) thltimenis from Argentina. On
tha alher hand, cah demand her wa
at a atundiilll. In fact. Michigan. In
diana and Illinois dlrtricts, that usually)
kuy In Chicago at thl aeason. Instead
attempted to market wheal in thl city. I
Accordingly Initial quotalKma wer the
beat reached during th session. May
veined from tl 3H Bl ot's, with laat sale
mt-,0 net lower, at ll.ttmif !..
In contrast with th feci (hat corn re
serve were found ta ke lea than at any
time tnce MM, th cereal throughout the
day developed only a 'ow demand. On
reason for thl was that Ihe Argentine
crop wa said to nromlt to be a bumper.
Helling on the part of the smaller. ng
counted also agaluat tin market May
varied from To1.- to 51c. ctoung at HW
lic. Cash grades wer firm. No. Vel
io wss quoted at SSMic tint cr lota
peulators la oat, who believed In a
radically bullish st)mat from Washing
ton, teemed afraid. a line, to commit
themselves. One leading house did buy,
il.oueli Hi a rather slngeriy fashion.
Their flgure wer later dmontrted to
have keen nrach under thoae of the government-
May "ld from Uvsi" W "d
la llw end wer ic up. at SS-iVe.
dhorie in the orovieion crowd covered
on aooutinl of a falling off In recelou of
bogs. A an outcome pork tonight cost
more by l.'ys lo 17Hvc. and th rest of
th Met exhibited an adeaao at S;ib to
Th iesdlng future closed as toliowe:
ArUclei Open. I High. I low. Closa.1
Wic: No. 4 white, C43o; ataadard, ,Ut)
RTE-Na 1 V.
HAR1.Y-mici4i J.
8KKl8 Timothy, ril.eJeJltJO; clover,
Bl.TTKR-Steady; creameries. State;
dairies ie9"Sc.
jCHEESK-Steady; dalslea. HH4;Se;
twins. ITitlT4c: young Americas, i;w
tfc: long horna KlteUc.
POTATOESeteady; receipts IT car;
Wisconsin. tl.KeLU; Vlchlgsn and Min
nesota. xl.1l.U.
POCLTRT-Steadyt turkeys, live. 14e:
drersed. ltc: chicken, live. 14Hc;
dressed. Be; sprtnga, live, lite; dressed,
bVEAL-tcadr at TtjUlc.
ttaatattsn af th nay aa Vartoaa
Steadv; aprlng patent. IS.MrS.S: winter
stralghla, U &M.; winter patents. S4.M
(H tO: aprlng clesrs. M.S4 S: winter ex
tras. No. 1, la.:.: winter xtrasNo.
1 13 5Sa.S; Kansas straights. M.TOftf-M
Rye none, steadv; fair lo good. tt.aVjr
4 . holes lo fancy, fedfts
CORNMeAL-Dteady; One while and
yellow. 11 o1.7 our, HJHT: W"
dried. W T5.
RVB-let; No. t. He . I f.. Buffalo.
RARI.KT-teady; malting, tlSii-O. o.
L f.. Buffs lo.
WHBATt-HpoI market firm; No J red,
MHo, elevator, export basis, and n.M1 f.
o. b. afloat; No. 1 nerthern Iiuluth. 11.3
f. o. b. afloat. Future market atarted
steady on ftrm cable, but aaaed off un
der evening up for th government report
and on light weekly exports, closing net
unchanged. Exporter took foirfload
for Antwerp. May. .7Vt 47A,: eloied
at fl.Ci; July closed at ll.t; receipts,
bit. :
CORN-flpot market steady: No. 1, 7He.
elevator, domestic basts, and export, 7tc
f. o. b. afloat Future market nominal;
receipt. 1. 12 bu.; shipments. S4.SO bu.
OAT9-Wot market steady; standard
white. Me. elevator. Futures market
1 11: No. 1 tl Litil 28: No. a. tl
llliril tiull: slate common to choice.
racino coast,
first. KtWTc:
second. HUH:: thirds', iltrUc; relet. 14c.
PROVI8IONB-PorR. steady: mass. n.
I7M' famiiv. tiLSftSlt.iii: short clears,
nrfrtwuen. Reef, steady; mess, tlliiovli
He: family. tlVwr6 S; beet nam. . (
eax). i"ut meat. taiy: picaieo w"".
1 to 14 pounds. 7; piri-a nam. io i.
Lard, firm: mioai weat prime. ei.w..,.
refined firm; continent, Hat; Houth
America. .: compound. WfrTMri 1.
TAIJiOW-Oiriet; prim city, una., c;
neclal. fce: country. sAtireWc.
HI TTfcll Jlaoy; receipt, .tj tuo;
first, !rtrnc: state dairy, tubs, finest, .yet
MH; process special. 17 4c; utraa, aW
c: flrsta 9MI2SC.
riiEEHn-Firm: reesims. i.ei okas:
tat whai milk, held apaciaia. colored.
ion igiio.
KK ;-Wek : receipt. 1T.7M cases: fresh
sal he red extraa. Xt2ac: first. 11c
onds, SHi't: western gathered whites.
PorLTRT -Ureeeed, firm; western
fowl, lltflso: turkay. UtTJIe.
It. Lewi General Mark!.
T. toria. March l-WKKAT-Cash.
Mjthar; track. No. red, l(Mrl.Mft; No.
I hara, ti.orri w.
COHN-Hlglier; track. No. , tiUffMo
OATrt-PtrVn; track. No. I, Be; No. t
Whit. Mo.
Cloving price of futuraa:
WHEAT-lAwcr; Ma. il.WH: July.
CORN steady; May, TJ's: July. TH4A
oats Hteady; May, kmc; July, l.c.
IIYE-rnchsngad: Me.
lHJl'R rirrn: red winter patent. tiM
ii.m; estra fancy and straight, M
hard winter clears. ia.i.l7S.
BKK-Tlmo1hy. VlmtiM- , .
COIlN MBAL-aJ.). (
BRAN Firm; aackea at track, tl.l
HAY Higher; timothy. .,
pralrl. is,.
PROVIAWNeJ-Pork unchanged; Job
bing, . IIS 15. I.ard unchanged: prim
team. sM.UM.HIt. Dry salt meat, un
changed; boxed, extra horl, clear
rib. Its: tttort clear. xvkh. Hscon. un
changed: bdsed, axtra horl. p.; clear
Price Harden Early, bat Only Put
----- of lite u Held.
and W1C7S4 gMd. Exports were
ailvar and IO.aN.Wt gold.
Tswaaaeatajsw et - Aesaelateel
far the Week.
wis vol, l ueveh a Bradstreet
' ' 1 bank clearings report for the wees: ena-
nrviim me v k vr ttt sv. TOCTrpc ! Ihg Ma rch T show aa aggregate of e35a,
OEaAUD FOS UAH W AT ISSUXS 1 ,4.rM u against 3.UO.t7.( last week and
levofai TSfi soft 1m the eormsonndln) week
last year. The following i"lUt of the
Speeeh at Taft latrrpreted urn Deal re
t Restore Caaldeaea 1st Qsae-
er sim tkat reeling
V la Nave LaeklatT.
NEW YORK, March 1-Prtee hardened
again an th stock exchange today, with
an early enow of activity, but later trad
ing fell to small proportions and only
a part of th rise wa held.
Too local market derived some en
couragement from Iondon. where Ameri
can wer tn better demand than recently,
closing with a majority of net gatoa. In
creased strength In United 8ttea Steal
a again attended by extensive deal
ings, which seemed to represent a. fur
ther covering of short eontrarta The
am apparently waa true of Reading, tn
wnicn much or tne recent pressure was
related. - The Harrtmsn Issue. Great
Northern, preferred, and some other
standard railway share wer In f!r
demand. Amalgamated Copper continued
It upward progress, although falling
back upon the publication or the Feb
ruary statement of the Copper Producer'
asaoeialion. which disclosed a smaller
decree In stock than had been ex
pected. Other copper sbarea hold their
ground, snd tha various equipment Is
sue moved up In anticipation of lov
pending railway requirements. in trt
flnai hour th market manifested a fur
ther tendency towards heaviness, but net
results In th main war favorabl to the
long account.
Development of the dav Included a
speech by President Taft. which .was In-
tenaea a an onset to recent remars
by Colonel Roosevelt and It was In
terpreted aa a desire, on the part of th
administration to restore confidence (n
quarter where that feelfne now is lark
ing. Advices from Washington announcing
that congress Intends lo investigate tlx
smelting found no reflection In the
securities; which were distinctly Rtrong.
Tne aunual report or the
Smeluii oomiianv. which I soon to
lesu. probably will make a better show-
utg tnaji that 01 tne previous year.
The money movement In this ellv due.
Ing ihe last week waa relatively unim-'
portant. witn indications 01 a moderate
cash loss. Advicea now at hand show
In sever strain to which iiermsn
financial institution were nut during tt
autumn' crisis, and which continue to
mirror tlself In the Incessant demand
for rasi from Berlin. That center re
ported a mora steady tone today, with
urn, ni es 1 or our. stocks.
The sole festur of tha local money
market waa th higher rale lemsnded
for short time maturities, wlsly-dav
loan being mad at an advance of
per cent
Ronda were Heady with a narrow Wf
ment In the more oromlrtent lew tier .Total
sales (par value). K, 7i,ono. United State
government u coupon and th ts ad
vanced and the la. s per cent on call.
Number of sales and leading quotations
On stocks today wee aa follows:
galea Uls. Lev. ctest.
rlba, W : short clear. t W.
't'Ol k.1 n oteaoy; enicsen.
spring; HCi lurk)', 1 Wc; duck, itc
RlTTKR-FIrm at ac.
Viios Wsk at io.
Racclpta Shipment.
Flour, bid.,
Wheat.' u. .
Corn, bu. ....
Oal., bu.
. 7.70
New York.
Boston ...............
PhUsdelnhbv ....
St Loula. ............
Kansas City
San Pranclaro.,
Raitlmore .-.
New Orleana
Detroit ..............
Los Angeles.........
Portland. Ore.
St. Paul
Denver ;
AltleC1islHrs fl4 ....
aRMtsaoMfM veeeer .
aawrlrss AsnVsltanil
Amends kMt gussr..
Anertrs (a
Awerkea C. r.
Anerku fatte utl...
ABMTtcu H A U at
An Ice Mortlla. I.M II
Americas Uaaeel Me 114
Anerlcaa LaevswUvs ... tm
Aneclra R ll. 7t
ask t a R. pit , n MM l' Wit
A.'teal KavMrtaa l.e si km :11
Aa tuaar Rallalng I . Ill Ill's Ul
i.Hfn t T I.1M 1 1
Amt.n TleeM at.... Mta 11 V
Amerlraa Wwlea sas- tt n XI
Anaroads. SlUUU Jt- J. H lt'
AI'IHSM JC i.W !Mi4 ik IHIi
At"gla I4 . 11
illaaue Usui Ua....,. eW llal III ltllt
kalllmora m oi. ....... I. Me tj u IMS
COSI. !! at...
171. l7.o
.. 1. .
11.K.1 r.
3.7. ll..
aSlft S.4 J
21.rro.0n9i t.
'JLtmjm 17.4i
ii.j.oo iM
, it.lnnoua
!7.dW -l.i..,
14.S.vK t.t)
14.4SI.0") U.i,
12.Kil.wO l.i....
ll M.9j l!.Sl
- 16.9ASi.flnO)
IliiKd U.l
8.l.o' 4.s;
1790,'VOl .7
.l!5.0i ll.lj
t.M5.W 7.J
Washington: V. C.
St Joseph .".J iO.UUM:
Ht I eke rttv .1 . 7.V't oral.
Fort Worth u.-.f -&,'..(!.
Albany ..
I c 100 , ,
Nakhvl I .
Hartford ....I..
&eeeipU of Cattle of All Kindt
light and Pncet steay.
lha asd Laaake Geaermlly Slasr
aellers, While Prfces Raaiajo All
Ike Hay trass Weak Ttm
Ceata Levrrr.
SOUTH OMAHA, March t, I1
Receipt were: Cattle. Hog Sheep.
.1I5.0i( ' S.4..
irrioop! w.;.
Official Monday ..i S.
Orflcial Tueadav i.171
Official IVedneaday - 4.01 21.M1
Official Thursday .!
'- iKanlmat Ftklay IW
Five dara this week.I7.0M .T4.78t M.MJ
Sams day lat week..W.64 7,2Sx 41.1W
earn day 1 wk sgo..l.51S 6S.778 SS.WJ
Sam days wka ago-!. ft
Same day 4 wk ago..l.4 7.t J4.7
Bam day laat year..BU 4.
Th following tabla ahowa ta receipts
of cattle, nog and sheep at noutn
Omaha for tha year to data, compared
with laat year: ... ev
r?Le rait. "
Cattle l.S2g XX.-M 1W
Hogs ,...8.tW 4.B BWi
Sheep ....M1.S,S.4M 4M
eh. VAilnwine table shows ena range of
price paid for hugs at South Omaha tot
the last few day, with comparisons
W a,;enoi 7.1'
...J 1 .t30ti J
.WW ...... I
iW .!.
tiAi ai
Spokatle. Wahli..;'? 4.I1J.IKM
"fc 4 7W.
a ibi m
lies Moines
Hochaeier .
Maron ..........
Oukuuid. Cal.
Norfolk .......
Wichita ...
Kt jiaven.-v......
Jacktonvill, Kla....
Orand Rapid.
nirmlngnain ..
Sioux City
Augusta,, ua
Syracuse ......
trill ....
Hprlngfteld, Mas. J
Davtan :
Oklahoma City
Portland, Me
Utile Rock..
Charleston,' 8. C...
Wheeling. W. V.
Han I)ico. Cal....,
Reading. Pa.,.,.
T'.peKa .
Wilmlnalan, .Dei...
Cedar Rapid. Ik..,
Akron. (..
Yo'urujUiowrl ......
Wattrtoo, . la......
Full Hlvtr
lOanlori. .-. ...i...
nprliignein, ill....
Fort 'IVayna..,,,.,.
New Bedford
Kaasas C llr ral anal Frevlalaa.
.iln higher; No, 1 hard, II fl
l.ot: No. S, ;rri Kt; No. 1 red, ILiuu
Lat No. J. K.trtl.0. "
CORrS-rnciiangea to w rugner; wa. I stael
eaalta Rap)4 Tr....
C.sailiaa rsrttt
t;.Bil Laaihar
t alrtl Leaikw M .,
Oefttral at h Janay.
TOkMiaeaM a oan...
Cblt'taa A Alt
iMa 0. W.. see..
aics o. w. r....
Ctilraae a K. w
CkiMte, a 4 t r..
C V.. O. A K. ,..
(Vloraea F I
leralla A tosisera.,
CBelldala4 Oaa .....
cas Predsrts
Dataware HvSaaa,.,
rtw HI Oraa.
H f, VM .......
blatlllare' urlu
Ena H M4
Saaarsi glaatrla
great 'Xertkaca af
mixed; H,fMc; Nn. t, 7Hc; No. (
white, ati;oc; No. . 7Vr9S4o.
WU. ellrt: July.
Mlee: dei'tember, mute bid.
( OH.N-Aiay. t, seller; juiy. TOie:
Beptemlief, air.vaac.
OAT8-i;ner.aned: No. 1 while, S1H4I
Mc.No. '1 mixed, si'tmc.
HAT -Steady; choice timothy, IMOOM
11 i: choice prairie, lU.llaa,
Recetpta Wheat, II ears.
HUTIER Creamery. 2ki; flrstt, lie;
ecomla. lac: packing stock. 3e.
KOOS-ICxtra, lto:ic; Ortav lt'4t
IS. -
Receipts. Shipment.
'WWeet. bu....... lluw o
Corn, bu . M. 47,eca
Oats, bu... li,Uv 17,ai
1 se t it
4.SM xn tit ni
T.W IM i
I.SM H) HI Mlt
i n ti m,
let ns
tm inn i in
:.a ims in iis
., VI
m a
itsi iif'' 11
11 w
11 IN
i s rt
tut 414 41
''a, f
Fa. a,
M'rh 1.
M'ch 1.
M'ch 3,
M ch 4.
M'ch i.
M'ch. ,
M'ch 7.
M'ch t.
1 a1.vl
. 4m0!
1.344 WH
a oil ,
" ltS4,10( U.l,..,
tfM,wl S4.1
J "Mono! ' i.:
i.ffld. .-....
rW.mioi 21.11
. a ;iiraoi 11
l.lfl'.oool .S
1.&47.06I I 4
i.aogvi s.t .....
' 1M.I9I ll.t
1.111CW S.4
!,Jt.urut Si. 71...
1.170 i .!.... a a
1 1
45 i;
a a U. an. .31,
i let sT4 .T .a 14
a H M4 M 441
t.le trs 144 IKS
l.e iut ui in
VaewNarlliera Or alia., as M't
tluaela I'aausl , H 111 IM INS
letertoreai MafT ....... la lit, u ina
at. Mai. ua '.. M H' ITS II
faiarssileaal HarvasW.. I.t ITts lS "fa
Inlar-Marla sM ! Is 1 li
tevarasthMial raaar , 14
laiaraaiwaal ran
lava ( aairal . , I
kasaas Cllr fcatlara.... I.M tli tl -
k -' o S4
lawleea Oaa
tuKtllla Neenrltl.
Una i Ueta.
ti r. a t. a u .
Mlaaaarl. K. A T
at . K- A T. art
stlaaeari PWIIM
i,12,0M t.M
l.t1.l 11.4
i.imOi u.l
.1 11 1
l,4.uBl - 7.1
l.bO.m lit:
; ll.0J0t...i..
i.4M.ui nij.....
1.SW.03M n.t
1.44 omi
i.inaoi XA
l.l(7K) 11-4(.
l.4Ufi 1I4.
l,lll,0U0l 27.11.
l.dC.liO! 14.4 ,
. 7OI.0O4I
I.IW.W t.i .
t,..ll 111
wi. . .
tn.m ti.i!
7.W1 t.J
77.a 4.1
:.4U.0oW M.ll
' 1KI110M I 1 !.
sTo.aioi 10.1.1
mi i0 1 M.I
? x4.l1
I8.J 41.1
17:.uan Tf .4)1
4,ki a. if
4,i n.ii
Ki.OCUl M.7l
M.oib, 14..
n iwsi
DatC 1 UU. mi.W.atu.llH).lt.lC.
08VI I ! I 4 .....!
I 141 i 47 08) I t Kf
J T la,
334,! t 2 t Kj !S 4 t TJi
17ia fo,
17 n
I 31 i i Ha) 15
1 74 78
a id A ni a T. 9$
la) s av
4(K IN
t7 111
IM 4131
7 Si
Recelnts and distxnltlon of lira stork
at tha Union nock yard for the twenty
four noma undmi: at 1 p. so. yasterday:!
REt-EIPTd. i M
C. U. & St P. Ky,
Wabash Ry
Mlsauurt-aVac. Ky... 1
Union Pacltlo Ry..
C. 4k N.-W.. east... 1
C, N.-W., west., t ,
C, t- P.. M. O.a 7
C. B. Q.. east...' I
C, B. at (1., wU. 1
C. R. L P., east.. 1
C. R. L P.. west ..
Illinola Central Ky ..
C a.fYf. Ry..
Total receipt! .. S
Cattle. Hogs, en p. a n
Si '
a 1
M " 1
47 1 I
lo 1
, 1 '
177 , 17
Cattle. Mors, eneep.
Omaha Packing Co.....
Swtft at Co 14
Cudahy Packing. Co.... 189
Armour Co 17
Schwaa-ta-Botea Co.
Murphy ,.. ......
Morreli 7
W. B. Vansant Co. 7
Benton. Vaaaant. lauah '
Hill st Son.,
1. H. Bulla 9
U r. Muss. s
Mo. as Kan. Calf Ok..., I
Clin cavisua. 11
Other buyer UI
TM.SOOI 3.l ,
MWl 1M.
Tol.COfll .li...
UM7IAU1 SiO, ..
aVNV.UAk tl.W.
la IN
111 144
Nauaaal Lead
K. R, at el St. M pt4
Maw Tart Oaalrsl
! Y , o. 4 w
ferreik A Wawer...,
TCurl Aawvtoaa. ,i
l.enkara raUlla
rirlllt Mall
renatrlvaal .......
FeoSje'a Uaa
r . i. c. M.
Pittasarta Caal
rreaaM Sl-al Car,..,
Salinas raises 'r . .
naltear giaai aartsg..
Republic tel
eae Ui INS IN
l.lao Ma US at
4I (IS
tl ft
- V.. 1
M i4S N 13
l.M JUa - If It
ew ins 111 111
laa 3i Ss )
, a H 1S V
l.aas s ras rs
,aaiA, ww lit
tot lis 11 II
I. ms tn w
j t 14 IN lelUj
May.ll '.! . 1 ' 1 H l !
Jnlv!SVtrVA- W
Septf Ml HI
Corn I t
Juiy n,i'
ClAta. I
Mav.l IM ID
July. 46-Hai 47
Saytl i
K2iv! it I m
Jaly.1 tV'Ai I HAw
Sept.! I I k I
' Tin I iniA
I "'1
j eSsJ 4 SJ
4iV 43; 414,,
um I IS 7TM 1 HYi.
16 ITVkj II U J
II til U J 1 j
Tk'a.-llTTlH ?m4
UPal . Tit; 71li
MI ni
'a ))
41 41w
I 11 TV,.!! MHft!
11 m i u its!
I H aa I la Vihm
' rhlladelpkla rrwatsr Market.
-Steady; western creamery specials, ate; I i""'
,..m eMnd.rv ealrea Sic. Hrh. , UBI, Slew fra
. . metk lalasa ta... .......
prima extia, t-0. Hevk latasd r4 .,
SMOnV-Firms Pennsylvania and other ( . 1. a r !4 Us
nearey nrsta, ties cases. i. per rasa;,!, uaai a w....
Pennsylvania and other nearby, current I, t ' HI....-
recelnt. free cases. M M per esse: west-1 aia-lhni.)J . tt...... ta .41
;r 11 It 11
we la 1H WH
M SX4 a N
ka UT Ua 1MH
1. 14 lfai llw
aM 4'i
IM i
era flrsta tree case. K.M per case: wast-; """'"a"
art. currant receipt,, free ease, WH pcr'"1?"'.."""'
OHKE8K 41Vje higher; New York full i t.. a
creams,, rancy, issarijc: new tors auiiiT, . u a
cream, I air to good. lesaissyo.
MlnaeaawlU (.rata Market.
May, ll.giH; July. 11 S. Cash: No. 1
hard. II a V No. 1 northern, ll.vH; No.
I northern, IIOM,. Ne. i. 114 V
CORN-No, 1 yellow, 84'tlSt0.
ATS-No. 1 white. atStitlc. ,
RTF. No. t leWtfc. '
HUAN-ln m-lh, sacks. IT, (V-SB I
FUJl'R-rirat patents, ls.40vi.ll-, aeeond
patent. I4U4 K: first clears, lt01.7e;
eeoad clcsjra, g:JPt.i,
IH 17'i. IM
141 it4fr-7S( I17A,
I I tent as
ft I
II is TTt4 lH!
g 19 I S S3, 1
eg !l rSa;
l.ia tr ms
T at 4 ra
t.t 7 It
I ana ts us
. as n a
w ..... .....
e. t. e w .M 1 .....
lata Facltlc 11."
fala sarin. tl tl
taHa Half Haaltv 4--?; ; 2
lalta a.a. Rakoar.... t are 4a-s
Tfaltat aea Staai. .
r a atrei set ft H
aVriHU, ,' K V
VaeHlas CbaiaUal
, (MiatAiiooa war aa follow:
FiUjliR-illeady; winter patents, aa.rea'
Ov winter straights. U04.l: spring
pateats. ettl'M; spring straights. M
-.; baker. 13.sm4.4e.
, RYB-No. X. I7V4C
BARLBT-Feed or mixing. Ttsys:; fair
t choice matting. S.laWl .
eEEUTlwoUry, tUJ14J: clover,
urn , v iHlONS-Pork. mesa new tlMftt:
. . IIS &. Lard. In ttercaa. e-3 Short
11s. sadea kaoaa. IM. " '
Total eaaarasoea of wheat sad floor
wer atoai ta Wi.m baiatiels U ports for
the week were eeaal to We'll bushela
W,ar. eecaeota wefw Hs,Qa
cwaipared with W. .4M aajalMa Ur
bnnlaa aav M. rear aara.
htetlansted PacaeOta fOT
V'lwt. 41 ears: oars, M can; oats, 114
cars: hags. n.M head.
rMOS-Ftrm: reoaipta. 'Coal case; at
mark, rases Included, UtHJAac: arsonary
lir. Be; nrsta. l45c. -
Wkaat! Na. I rod. I1.4a;4lu.4a: Nn. 1
ree. 99cHi.a; No. 1 bard. U.vSSl-;
- I bard. I!.rell at; No. 1 iwrthasna.
.1 N. f ner-Jiaaa. U-tesH-lT. Na
; nartoem. ll.D'in.l!--. N ! eariag, II tS0
2.-tT: No. 1 spring, ISrQT: K: Na 4 snrmg,
. vicarei.fff; velrm e&aXf, V??.fl?; dunxm.
avt(. Com: No. :. IMEV: Ka 1
vhjie, ekifassr- No. 3 yellow, ITUeir:
". 4. 4ej ' Na. 4 waa. tVxif
.. yetUrw. atg".a. "u; Ko. t, -:
' 1 aldtr. Ut&tl&t i. i tc.
Mllvaaake Crala Market.
MII.WACKKE, liarrli-l-WllliAT-Nsj.
I rmrthcrn, N. 1 northern.
II ;v,l lw-: No. i hard winter. !t.4ttfl.M;
May. ll.trltl."5.: Julv. il!SAe.
CORN-No 1 yellow. CH!c; No. 1
white, 7c: No. S. V:; May. 71e; July, tla.
OA 1 tttannard. v
BARLEY-Maitlng, tl.t. 1
UversMwl Crala Market.
nominal; futures steady; March, la; May.
7s CSd: July. 7 SAfd 1
tK-fpot Amenraua, mixed, new
quiet : ae lUd: American mixed, old. eulet
as Wtd: American mixed, new, kiln dried,
as 74. Putares firm; March, Is Id; May.
Waaaak eta .
Wertern alarjlaol
Waeoeeaeeie KKT'fia ..
Wwra lls
WneaUs A I. C
Valuta ValW
Cklee Cair
AmaHvaa Tokatea
Tatal aaMs far t say,
aa ti tsss imu
? "art MS fvl ni
j tr IT
in : :u M4
rtriena ...., .(
lixinatoii '
York. Pn..rv:i.f...
ColumM. S. C.
Knc. Pa....'.
Stockton. Cal
Boise. Idaho.
Rorkford. HI ,
Muakogea. Okl
Kaismaseo, sticn..
qulncy, III.,.,
HlrtonTMigiun, 111....
Tulsa. OKI
Ogden, Utah... '....'
Chester. Pg.i t..
SpHngfleldf O
Mouth Bend. Jnd....
Bloux Fall. 0. D...
Jackson, Miss
Deoatur. Ill
Manaftelt, O..I
Fargo. N. D..
Fremont, NeB
Vlcksburg. Ml....
Jsikaonvlllt. 111,..,.
"Net Included in totals becaus cantaln
Ina other Km than clearlni.
Net Vask Mosey Market.
..11 etearfv at : per cent; ruling
rata, it per cent;. cimg ww, t i"
oral: offered at V. per cent. Tim loan,
ftren- slxtv dya. ser cent; ninety oars.
I. per cent; alx month. IHi per cant.
i'rime . SB U,1VV.J a ar r.M,i-Tv
P7rtTittJttfl RXCHANOE-Steady. wHh
actual builnea In bankers' bills at HUM
for lty-day 0111 ann at .siv ior w
niand;, eominerctal bills, M.MV.
SILVER Rar, H'ac; Mexican, dollars,
''iNDAjovrnmnt, ttrong; railroad,
stesuy. .
Closing quolatloa o hondg today wer
aa follow; . . " .
0. g rat ta fe...14aUiar. M. M. 4s. S
a. .aas INSMasas 4 NS
l. t. as.. rat IK 4'i -....15
a onsa ISK. C. aa. IN ta.... B
t. t. rag. ll'Sl. . 4a. ta Ittl... NS
ea teuaea ....lUtU at H. anl. aa ay.
Aina-Ckal. 1st Me... VM. K. A T. IN .. MS
u Is as a a... NS
A. T. T. sv a II'VM. FarltW 4 11
IS Tooaer aa..... n. a. N. se aa
.7 .........It.. T. c. a is.... N
araasr a CJk. 4,.. s tea. ta ......... NS
auaiaaa ass. a s-. 1. n. at, -
a. . a .Sl.i., r. aa in
aa ... I !5 W. let a 4.. N
a r u ua I aa ev. aa
u.iT a okui a MSHe. ISclna aa. wa
M. XUa It t k
a s. I Ha tiso. t. L. rtrl,. 4. ... H
Bmek, Tr. av. aa.... aasraea: . ass laia.. s
res, ef Oa aa IN . eaa, 4a. ls
Caa Leataar l....v Waa4liuigea. 4a NS
i- at N, J. a t....wsa uaa P. t. ta ns
CVml a Oil aaa...ivta 0 Baa ss
ea rat. ta. M tt. U . W. a. 4a.. It
rsiaaae A A. ... " aM aM 4a.... NS
Q , A I). 1. 4..-. t-H. At. 4a . II
ea gaa la kyn as. cai. 4a M
ao. a! aV tells e er. 4a. NS
1' I I. I r. t a 11 ss ist.rea. aa.,,... vts
S rft M Railway a. ls
Cel.. lot. M . 11 aa, 4s TS
arala. Hit. a.... .. tSVsla reetfl la. ...Has
U C tlr.lt1H"l av. aa..3..!....sHS
Tie an a H. rv. aa .... 1 ia-at iw. aa...
111, A R. o. 4 t;. . R.bber ta.,...iais
A o t. - . v- N 4 N
TJS I oialllera' St IIUAe-Oar. tsaaa. 4.. Mai,
tisjagrle -I. N..I..... H Wabaafc let la w.'s
ea gas 4, ':7 a a aa. ea.... ai
aa a 4. ser. A... I! Waaler Ml. ts at
carta, B......1. 4Wac. glae. av. la., S
tiati. Itiac. aT. -wis vealraj a,.... K
atn. 4,-ao. hX ref . Ha ISo. ev. la...... r(
tsiar Nat. as...,. s-raesi as mt.
BIC . r
Total ,.Xa 14JT4 MB
CATTLK In pit of tb fact that It
waa a Friday the cattle market thl
morning waa in very aatiafaotery condi
tion. Buyer war ut In tha yard In
good aeason In the morning, and the
most of the caul acid quit readily. Tne
piicae paid wer not mawrlolly different
irom these that DravsJted yeaurday, the
market a a whole being steady on araoW
llcally all kind, atooker and leeaer a
wail as ktllera .
beef teer are around W9Ue higher
than a week ago today, whit cows ana
h4rr. are arouad IL&t&bo higher. .Veal
calves are lully o ntgher than last
week do. Desirable klnoa of feedera
are possibly lOQloo higher than last week,
but Ugnt tocar hav ahown no ma
terial ehaaaa.
HecelMs ior tha weak to data, whll a
trifle larger than last week a amsJl run,
how a tailing off of about l.Sut head a
compared wltn th previous week, which
waa about a normal run. aa wmya raw
with a vaar aco there haa been a de
crees tor th last (iv day of about
Won head.
quotations on catti: uooa to cnoic
beet ateer. t.7it;.: fair to good beef
liners, M lHrt Ti; common to fair beet
steers, la. tout. ft: mod ta choice heifer,
B.SivlA: xood to cblc oow. 14.7ixrl0.6l);
tear la guoa cow, a,, vumuwn w
fair oow. tj.7v4i4.D; good to choice gtook
ers aad feeder. ta.sUkae.aO: fair to good
lockers and feeders, 14. 7645.40. common
ia (uir atncs.ra end reeoer. M.ww.e,
alork heifera U atalM.71: Veal calve. 14 1
9.w; Duns, stag, etc,, sa.wve.w.
neprvaentativ saiee:
titer- Biuiu
I.eadaa ataek Market.
a ovrviv u.reh L American ecurltlea
opened firm and a frertiua r ig w today
Itar the net imrne""
L'ntteal Suuas Steel hare, and at aeon
th market wa. firm, with prices ranging
troaTunchaniied t higher than yaater
day a New York dosing.
London closing stock quotation!
Csasete. aaaear ..It U-lalaalaMIl A .Naak..HH
,y-,in.., ' a St. Kaa. A Tas,. .
afll Caaatr '. II Yark ral..lti
iSLir....' .. tVSeMI 41 Weetetaltl
"7TT isss as tee t
a 4
PpntllA. III.. Msrck g-rtmx-aead-
yellow. 443Vjc; Na I mixed. ae-' v. ajDaaesr Rta
.... TSNaatalk A
IMS a tot ...
HtsOelaiie A 4
A Okie. M Paesarrnaai
Casaeiaa ream. ..aatsKee Nlea
Hnr-"i A Okie Tl ttaaaiag ....
sToeUI Waatars. lasaaetkem Rf
rai sui. a) av r.ui
mtxM. Ovc: sample. 4teyMr.
OATA-Htxher: Na 1 white. lUr
ard. He; Na t white. CVc: No. t wkitsL
LVc 1
Otis aad aBB.
Firm: trsfi. llaaea. a bbt.; noaSpes, IM
bbla; aajasasBta. Utl kbis.; ataok. tUfl
Hm-rtrm. alaa. tr? hkla.; ratwluu.
Tt hbat: ahinmeata. 4.71 bbta: rl
tOtSt hoia. tluoie: B. V1: K, aTtr r.
ttJir. G. H. atasasJE: X. aLaV. k.
M, U; S. ILs-. wis. tav - -, r
FT. t.oni. Matrrs twornlttea
termorv aa weeteni mesujine 1
tm trsifligrrti. IfatTtr; Xias. liasoc.
a M
.... aa
- "
.. , IS
.... n
At. rr.
..lot I l
,. 111 1 n
.. Ill I S - 11
,. tie t M , It.......
..leN ttt
,.ltll ttl it
,. ltlt tit t....,i.
.....iwai a av T. ......
.....iota 4 It t
,,...1011 4 M J1. ......
,..W14 ,.
..... M 4 a . 4.....
4. 4 m 1...1..
, 4,1 I It , . 4....'...
M ill n.......
IV..... U I I-.
. . ai I - 4. .
, Ill t M I
...... aai 4 M 4
.m it -1..
A,. Pr.
.T.iaii I u
...le t tt
...IM tt t N
...IU 7 at
...IHI 1 B
...IM I U
,...1IM f tt
,,,.1111 4 4t
.1.1114 I M
...lilt I a
..Mt I a
.... Ttt 1 a
.... n t
.... w it,
.... Hi Ik
.... HI I l 1 14
ia i
. in t t
ci I n
11 in
a m ...
Increased Boiineti Eefleoti Ap-
proAch of Spring. " ,
Demaad taw Dry tjaejaa Ilea ally
BratM aad Hasy Evldeaeea af
. gawtalaed Srreagtk New '
Are Kartell.
Tl SI ... IS
IT 1" ...
t rS 13 at
Hllrlr.1 More or lss mouterence on
the nart nf Slacker bUVeTS CSUCO
sheep and lamb trade that was decidedly
quiet at rig-urea .aw to a a line ana.
For a Friday receipt were a little above
general expectancy, both In point of atse
.n,t .malt, v liirht around &4u.Jieed ar
rived, moetly ewa and iamb offerings
mill in th fleece, and practically every
thing carried good finish.
Attractive fed western Iambs sold lip
to - early la the session. Indicating a
quotante maae a a-? or pwaiy ,.
.nrf ,rn anod wether landed tt He.
Yearlings made a craoitaoi top 01 tens
and ewes ranked Trom sa, eDwnaara
Th. marie for shorn soods was poorly
tested owing; to meager supply and the
feeder trade waa also a smaii. nominal
affair. Actual purchases on country ac
count for the four days amount to a
short ia head.
After subtracting the country bur from
the total receipts thus far this week it
becomes evident that packers nave oeen
wnt huev on most dsvs. The demand
has been broatd and bulllah throughoutH buoyant feeling In western
due to a combination 01 ravorame iniiu
encea. The main reaeoo for Improvement
appeara In an expanding eastern proauct
tml. hut the sharo advance In prices
tor sheep pelt has alto helped consider
ably in the geuerai upnrt, roon rem
are now being merchandised at an ad
vance of 60' cent over prices iwa weoea
ago, and spread, between w noted and
shorn stock are accordingly much wider.
Compared with a week ago fat lamb
are closing at net advance of .
while sheep and yearlings are aelllng
about 75 cents higher. Supplies hav been
reasonably large, on packer killing about
12.009 head who seldom buy more than
thl number during a week of heavy
range business. Week top on lambs,
17.0; on ewes, ISO. , ,
Quotations on ehcep and lamb: Iambs,
good to choice, tt.M416.9v; lam be. fair, to
good. l6.rtt46.o: yearlings, good in choice,
to.t.O0: yearlings, fall to good.
5.4a; wetnere. goua to enoiue, a,wae.v,
. fair to rood. tA.7Mti.ol: ewes.
good to choice, H4-!.!0; ewes, fair to
good, t4.01kjt4.8S. ,
Ketreaaniauve aajea;
No. I Av. Pr.
SS fed ewe . lit
a fed goats ,-. f
481 fed lambs 73 J
S Mexican lamb '
aajfed owes .....i 101 , 7j
S75fed wea 1 4 7A
IB fed ewe . iw
117 fed wether W
117 fed lambs l
67 fed lamb
5& Mexican lamb .. ..74
141 fed lambs !
lit fed yearlings, wether 17 IK
Demand far Cattle aad Sheep Steady
Hors Higher.
ceipt,. 2,j06 head; market teiuy; beeves,
isiaiaiiLSa: Texas Meera M.7O4i.0A: west
ern steers, tC-Kn7.1: Mocker and feeders.
tt iotj.!; cowa ana nailers, ti.crire.iv,
m vh aa ne,K ml s
HOOS Recalpt. zeOW head: market. 6c
higher than yesterday' averaat; light
2M.6m: mixed. ki.2..B6 heavy, K.3
Jii.(iO; rough, 16.3tt3.; plga, .Hfi.ii
hulk nr aauea ss.ania,.Mi.
head; market steady; native. tVI.TWii-W:
u.m U!bS.: yearling. K.KU.9;
lamb, native. tW-i western, li.;
Kansas City Llw Stack Market.
yivui 4-ITT. March I CATTL74
Receipt, l.OOu head. Including south
erna: market ateady: drcased beef and
export steers. .3.: fair to good,
ti4M x: western , steers, IS. tot 1-7. &;
stockera and feeder. 44 2Vi4 SO: southern
steer. H.SOI77.W: southern cows, tl.V&
I.U: native cowa , .: native
heifers, M.W4JI.76, bull. .Vj6.l; calv
aa . B OA
steady to 6c higher; bulk of sale. 1W
lo; heavy, ae.naje.av. patari
butcher. M i.U;. lights,;
NEW YORK. Mae-ch I R- G. Dun
Ctt" Weekly Review of Trade tomorrow
will sayi "
An Increased movement of. trada n-
fleet the near approach oi wiim
what 1 of greater sUmiftcance, the d
mlrable conditions prevailing ia xa
winter wheat sccilona Prod" ""f"
buoyant feeling in western ale arcles
and th whole business ttuatlon
benefited thereby. This to all ,0 "JTff
because of unsettling Influences Prevau
ing In many paru of the w"-
Metrico and China. In England.
menacing coal strike produce twnP"
trade paralyala and to a much lea dye)
Id the United States, where an important
lection kt Impending- .,,
Notwithstanding unusual hand lea,
production of pig Iron was on tn tijr
largea acaie in r
liatiur to t,M,81S tons against 1.067.111 In
January, according to tha Iron Age.
The dally average In February w
71.441 ton, or mm than- In tha
earlier month, nearly all tha gain beln;
provided by the steel companies. The
statistics clearly point to heavier op
eration, when ".he weather becomes more
open. Purchases of round, lot of heavy
teal acran and both basic and Beaseoier
Iron have been made by the leading in
terest, whll foundry grades reflect a
hardenlnc tendency. '
Activity is not pronounced In "lushed,
material, but price are lesa unsettled
and aotne manufacturer are mora Inde
pendent In thatr attitude. , , ,
Demand in dry good tedlly broaderta
and many evidences of sustained atrength
are noted, sow ,uamw : ,
notably cotton blankets and staple tapped
goods, whll cotton land toward a higher
level. There Is also a moderate Improve
ment tn the outlook for flna yarn cloths.
Lea than four week product of all
kind of cloth, are In stock at Fall River
Export ahlpmenta continue good, . eaiea
aheadto India being th. ktrgoM U.
yeara, "whll. demand trom tha Red
oonUnue. acUva. ,
In woolen, joooere
. ' -Vi , hXnerul of It oonUnoano.
li staple, are well old ahead and
P. 11". .1 enlored aarg h
eT- XTthdrVwrt having been ld up for
aprlng and ' ,. M a Kn-
ire limited. Higher teaifot -Uil Vg
retard trad aoroewhat v Tanner. Pt
SorT trade In leather as toon a tha
. T. 1. .kii4 tA heatn. '
tan semew -
nl.. ai U4S
uiis.i,-p i'h T.AMRft Recelnta 7.1x3
head; market lotrllc lowermbs. H fV
7.10; yearlings. t5.aeJ6.0O; wethers t4.5o
6.26; ewea, tt.76v.0C; Mocker, and feed-
ert. X3.WVS.W,
St. Lwala live Slack Market,
ST. LOTUS. March t-CATTLB-Re-e.ima
an heed Inelurilnw M0 Texan:
market strong; native ahlpplng and export
teera. t7.60w8.60; dressed and hutcher
steers.' .VS.(0: steer under l.MO
pounds. tl.2Mj6.76; Blockers and feeders,
tl.S&aj.M: cows and heifera, 1&..Q0;
cows and heifer. 2.76tw.a: canncre.
rj.tiff4 9: bull. t3.sW15.60: calvea 8 0j
a.w; lesaa ana amiimii mimm. ,,w,.. 1
mnA heifers. 13 ft M Jxl.
un, 1.1 RjMtnt, 11 uia head: market
steady; plga and light. V'.fcSiS.Se'. inixeif
and butcoers,; aw" eevy,
au ;-:i nr. '
itlUfiCP AND BS-RecelpI, H.tWi
heso: market stronsr nenv lamb. ;,fi".r.; culls and
buck. C.atjl.S; slockers, 42. (Wo 3. 00,
' Stock la nlk-nt. I
Receinl of live ttock at the five prin
cipal western markeu yceroay:
CattlcTN Hoga. Bheen.
lawk Market,
BOiTroN. March l--iamg quotations
an stock were aa ro-ww
Uaai . .: - Maaaek
ana' rsestr Tl ajtt, o, lis
A- 1. A I... NVHlalaaas Mlass . IS
I If. MtE tsVaeU te K
arsl. A. A ton..... tlS!n take Is
taL A Heck. Nt OU Pakistan S
Ontaaaltl m waraaat i
Cos. Haste C C... IT attaiM, tS
Vast a.ita C M.... Uksaaaea 1!S
Fiaaklla. ........... llSaaaetoe US
Otraas Cae. larartar 4k , M-... IS
Grease Caa, -e M Tasatrack ..It
brtaea Caataiat .... !..'. t I k. A M... 1
ale llerak cease,., as ea saa at
Kerr Leas JJltat Caa NH
late (.oeaav a,a-iaa veawar vs.... aia
Ua Sail OaaaeT.,... tAWtaea .... Ts
Mlean- tamiit
"''i;iot:KIiruJ ANii'riiiibKR
.. ., w IU, I i lit IM
!tl It M ttt t 41
iiiHta-heavv Im war best property
la all dlvtaiau of th trad again today.
packer favoring weigm even at uoerau
premium and avoiding high mixed and
light Muff. Early buaiueee conatated
largely of lard bog aales that usually
averaged strong In conypartsoo with yea-
terday price, rouowin. a biwiw,
clearance of heavle. a lull developed,
.ut ..eiethina like AVoer cent of the re
oaipta had to move on a lat market that
ruled dull and weak. J l
The1 demand during tha first round had
SUmty of life, but receipt seemed lo
a trtri in xce of the week-end kill
ing requirement, and twe or three of
th leading buyer retired after their
attained fair lis. Supply
waa estimated at lll neao. mating a
live days total OA almost a.wa oeaa, ana
wetaiity grades were paentuui.
Abinners and apeculators furnished a
good outlet for anything that might be
turned to advantage, buying fully 10 per
cent of tha total. A healthy provision
traaa h,n some in tie lanuenee in lavor
of apcculattve buying, but outakl oper
atora are art 111 inclined ta be conservaiive,
a present stocks of product are very
Beat heavy hogs on sale brought 16.50.
identical with yesterday's high price,
whll baron classes ranged from ha
down to ltaaxr.i. Bui there usually
cleared within the US. St. read.
Representative taiea: ,
South Omaha .... 7"
St Joaeph 70
Kansas City ......l.Ooo
. .6.500 '
67.4U '
Baalae Move Steaallly, -vana
af Isapraeeateat.
NEWt YORK. Karch 8.-Bradtret
tomorrow will tmy: f
Trada move along at A ateady pace, al
though there I. still enough lagging com
bined with a few setbacks to Pvent
desirable uniformity. The poor eondttwn
of country roads has deterred traveling
salesmen from gelling bt with f- ,
clllty. hut withal result, reflect relattva
improvement mall ardara being lJaJi
in the country, leading dry goods .
market tha .Ign. Indlcal thai Jubbera
m all departmentt are doing mor. witn
her and there a good ahowlng 4u to
a prevtou estimate ofc requlrementa. Thla
In tarn I reflected on th mill. om .
of which ara hampered In gVttlng out
good, because textile operative ara not
plentiful. On th. whole trade hi thig
quarvtr I tady. In truth, better than
at thla time last, year and tendlngto
broaden, with request to send good,
previously ordered in advance of tha
In Industrial line prepartUor,. fcrij
door work are proceeding, but 111 threat
ening of a strike of anthracite ooal win-
. ,mh MfMvna of tinrest
Wng klwmlmiuawarkara.dl.turb. tha-
sltuatlon. -make tor ku'w -2!d
.mvble. retail tlealer, to
price, on hard coal, quolatlon for which
havTnot been disturbed by th operator.
Feature In tha Iron and tl tracom-,
prehend tha receipt - of "r.1
ineolflcatlons by th. leading producer.,
less irragularlty In price, for flnUhed
material. Inoretted producUon of pig Iron ,
and a better demand for tsJ-Daklrur .
grade. In consequence) of which quota
tion, hav improved.
Collectlona display a littla hettef' a
pect, Improvement being reflected
some center, though payment at th.
south and In the Pacific Borihwot ara
"BuMmii f.llurw In th. JJnltad tAt
for th. week ending March T wer. Hi.
against 24 tart week. 180 In the Mk. week
of 1M1, til In 1910. StH in 1W and 171 In
Buslne. failure, in Canada for tha
week number forty-one, whlc comperee
with twenty kttt wek and forty in tha
corresponding week of mi. .'
... - . , ,,u, riftiir exnort. front
th United eltatea ah Canada ffr the
week ending March 7. aggregate 1,.ET
V ly
M t'aS
Ceffee Market.
NEW YORK. March 8. 7T)FFKE Fu
ture market openeo steeo? weea emurta , - - .,' ,v
price to an advance of I point, in rj bu.hela, agalnft 13.T7 last week tmf
t. i i ,v
Bri. r. - I0- '
tT Wi - -fZ
4m t ael... Waaaa "
oZ TivV-k x .
The rat af atiscasswt ta lit open mar
ket far abasrt ktus k, per ca;.iar
BOUsr BUeS, ek par "
- ' Ne-tt Tut Mlataa etaeka. -NKW
YORK, Van 1 Clssing qaatsv
tlsna os) Tdlntnc stocks ware: ,
1 aaeaill Caa .- N kaalissi let -T
CM rsaael BNBk.. 11 Oatarls U
aaa taut a otr lit Jr
Otai . N J
iret tamg. n Tnansw Jaakst J
. Marc a-aT-n-tta-jN-
twar an hetfaBB. B-Btfl M. Z
. VS7B7 Ttl&RT
inaeeBaLaatkae and airs ! at th BaM
of New Tor far the wee awcuag March
t sere vainad at tavnsvwe.
as? apacte lor VJ a lan lie- taw
eslpta. Tts)
atloalrea tt
WJ6A kanaareia.-- a as, itaasr; Tasnwax
rer: twjk S-SS; halt af aasss, amJtasA.
flHU? aJTjO LAMBS fkaasCBm. M
hasus, avrkat gtaaay ta latasv n aaM, tt
Ha. Av. Ik Pr- Na Av. aa pr.
t. i:t ... ttt tt a ... ts
.....,.m ... it ti ait ...,
m in ... ttt n tat ...r"t at "
ii in ... tn n ... t n
n in ta . ttt
n...... tn ts n nt ttt a
M.......tla1 mi . n o in t as
N.......1H ... t at a aa ... tat
N in mini t. m ia is a ia ... )
a. ttt ... t at at. tat l
n...... m ... ts ta as ... t
n. ... ... ts n ..... tu , 4 tm
1N......W ... t a si ... t N
tit ... t it at x ... at
at. aa ... a ts. an ... n
it ... t it ts. tat ...
S 1 It t..,... J4T ... IN
ts. n ...tN ta. M it N
n Nt ... i n a. t t it
Tt.. at a I a t -.
Tt- aw ... i ta T t a
rt. ..nt m t n ... , a
ra,...nt ... t at at- ttt t
at... ni m , m a ... a
a jn l . m. tn ... 4 a
U 111 t It ).. ttt N 4
j. as ... 4 at ta an ... a
9. Nt . Bit H JN N t
. na a trs ' ...,,, m It
M. Nt I Ba tt. NS .
aa. a i n... .
" w ta a b
si ta I n - n , an in
at ta at as
f "a t aa - rea t a,
r is ' ar ta, t
9 at rm I s a) , ttt i n -
' m itt t as av ,, at as .
k , JB Slat m ... aTAt ZZ IZ
ponse to a little support from leading
trade interests am ieuj r
The close waa a little off from the best
under realising and barely steady al
though laat prices Mill showed net gains
of from 1 to polnta riaies, v.sua wSa
March and April. 1112c; May, 11.36c; June.
IS.aie: Julv. 11.46c: August. 11.48c; Sep
tember, 11.51c; October. 13.5e: November,
11.4to; December, 11.48c: January. .4tc:
February, 11.47c. Havre waa unchanged
to I4f higher; Hamburg. . ,pfg higher;
Rio unchanged at St37i: Man toe, un
changed. 4a H07; reralpt at the two Br,
slllan port, were 17.000 bag, against 11.000
last year: Jundiahy receipts. . bags,
against !. last year; New York ware
house delivered yerternay 8.KI bags,
against 6.11 last year; today special
Santo cable reported 4a 6 rels itower at
t40. Sao Paulo receipts, 10.008 bags,
against ltOOO yesterday. Spot cdft'ee,
steady: Rio. No. 7, I4?c: Santo., No. 4,
IMijc. Mild coffee, dull; Cordova, Majflf,
nomlnaU. -
Metal Market.
Standard copper, weaht spot. Msrch,
April, May, June and July. 114.3714 asked.
London market, weak-; spot t4 13 M;
futures, t 8e d. Arrivals reported at
New York today. 1.9SS tons Custom
house returns show export of 5.671 tons
so far thl month. Lake copper, 114
tt TS: electrolytic. Hi l14.1iVt: caetln.
tlJ-tCtefclllS1,. Tin. steady: spot. tHaO
Hl.lir., March. l4l.4-4J.i; April. 141.75
42..-: " May, Ml.l7Att4l.43Va: June, )
mm: Julv. I4rti 41.0. London market.
firm: a Dot. 1: futures, ill Ss. Local
sslea. 6 tofts March al 142 and S tons
at lO 40. S tons spot at H2.46 and 6 tons
Aorli at-44, ee iea,i. easy: tt twH.. sew
York, and r-.Sftl.17U,. East St Louis.
London. Ill 16s 3d. t-ocltr steady; few
07.0s, New York, ami tt.w pta. et.
kLoula. Londrrt, 26 10.. Iron. Cleveland
warrant. 60s Id In London. Locally Iron
was unsettled: ha. I foundry northern,
tl4.75tli.lS; No. f. tU-Xa14.77: .So. 1
southern and No. 1 aoutbern aajft, 114.760
ST. I3ns. narca 8 Jtl.1 Al.' tad.
firm; ttOO. gpelter. strong; eS-t
Bvap.eatedl Apeles aad Dried rrwlta
APPI.KR-vuiet. with prtcea barely
teady: on spot, fancy, tti l'c; .choice,
i.fc: tHime, 7"-8C.
DRIED FRCIT8 Prtmes. Inactive and
price unchanged: ouctatlotts range from
4S4rtlc for CahfornJas up ta t-4ea snd
mirAc for Oregon, Aprtoota. quiet and
steady: choice, H'caSlSHc: extra choice,
16t14Te: fancy, 164sl7c, Peaches, in
Better demand and nricea are steadily
held: che lea. leAtarloV:; extra cholo, 11)
Uaer. fancy, HH4913e. Raisins, dull with
prices nominally ummaanred: Ioase Hue
eateu, SrsPac: choice ta fancy tattled, da
r7Vacr aeedless. (IfTwc; lndoN layers.
CaaMsns Market.
TnRk. Marrh a. 4JOTTON
Seat, closet quiet 6 rxvtet higher-. aJV
eDlcg orAands. it-XT muKl'mg gas; taste;
1248.871 this week last year. For tha,
thirty-eight week, ending March 7 x-
port ar 136.661 bus he! t. against
7a3t In tb corresponding period last
year. Corn exports for th week are
L247.tiil bmhel. against 1 .Ml .45 laat week
and l.l&t,ai nt urn. tar uw iiH.,r-. .5
weeks ending March 7, corn export, ana
tl.IK.WI buthela .gainst K72S.SM laat
wiTT-rs'.n K'a 1. 1-lb. carton,. tloOio.'
1, ia 0Ht. tuba, lie; No. 1, av; packing.
"'cHKESB-lmported Bwlas, c; Ameri
can Swlta, fee, block Swiss, tic;, twins,
lie; daltie. Sic; triplets, He; young ,
Americana, xk; Diua uaai wive, aw,
ovser. l-io.. wc; i-io.. sic
ttjuh's CUT iillCl!.!, No. L litJl
No. 1 He; No. 1, Uc. Loins. N.. C
Uc; No. , lc; No. t 14c. Chucke, No.
L sc No. 1. 7c; No. 1, 7ivc. Rounds, No.
L Wi No. He; N. I. So. flat.
tfolTW: Hi i. Wc; Na. , .
FRUITS-Apple: Extra fancy Bail
Davit, per bbi., M.50; Jon. than, par bbK.
UMK fancy Wlneaapa. per bbt, UMi
uncy Mlaeourl lippm khL. a;
fancy Oano. per bbU H; Idaho
Jonathan, extra fancy, per bos. Pat:
Washington r-piiseouei a, ri,"v, ,
Washington R. Beauty, per box, Uli;
.. ..... .,., stvnun Wlnesaot per hox.
I Bananas: Fancy .aaocv. per hunch,
51 IGtJ lie; Jumbo, per punch, t3.76ftt.7k.
L?S; pa box, 1S.76. Date.: Anchw
brand, new. I l ib. Pkga. In hoxea. per
box.-113; Dromedary brand, new M
fc pkga in boxes, ft box. BO.
Fig.: California, per eaea of 11 No.
ii Bka-s . He; per case of X ft. - 11
DkxaTliiO, per s of let No. I pkga.
civ bulk, in 3-lb. and ftvib. boxes. '
oer 'lb. Wc; New Turku, e-crowa la
jTih, bote. P " lx- -crow n
tt-ih. box, par lb, loci 7-crown In
JT k toit WV lb.. Grape fruit:
Florida. M ixe. per crate, I6.a; 44 alt.
crse. .. --" 1. P" crata,
nm. O rapes: Malaga grape In bbla.
tliatl.. Lemons, ijmoneira Selected
bTsndT extra, Incy7l- sites, per box.
aaatvLom. Untooajra, Uncy. M-m atsas,
ia'aoxT I6-6; l ttd altee. Ms per
hox lea. Orange: California Camelia
brand., navela. extra fancy,
vt-at-Wt sitae. Pr hox. US; extra,
JSoJca. all tiaea. per box. US; Ele
oiant brand. lM-Ua-rhVaW-tlt-aW tlsa.
Seri box. Xaa. Cahtatg:' WMatuan. Per
lb tc Carrots: per lb, r,c. Celery:
California Jumbo, per dox.,; Flotida;
ia th rough. I and I oox., per case,
U.1. Cuctin.baara: Hot hottee. per dan.
Kgg Plant: Fancy Florida, par doa.
A Oartte: Extra fancy, white, par Ik,
Tt. Laxtaoa: iSxtra fatocy leaf, per do.,
itc. Oniaaa: tllfernJa. wtrtta Mine,
per Ik- 7c: Wiscatrattn, rellew oioha. ser
kT aw. Red Globe, per lb, tc: StatjiisBu
-sr ciwta. at-atl. Iaratey. Fancy eeuta
era. par dost btrnctaa. ttf3c. -eHrsiuse:
aw th, Ne. Ftxatoea: Mil
Ohio, per ko, A
tprT-roi Parnrea rtceed fSem. tToo
mtj hadsr March. IS. 44c; AorO. MlCc;
Mary. sUar: Jusn Ibaks: July. -c;
lama aatkr- aaaisi lata . V-&C-. Otober.
tt Srr KueaniitiiL vie Dsremher. lan trifocal.
ataittnrrjr. JUtH JrWaavz. JbVob, A-se.
stark, par aa.. tux Bmabagnar: Itt
ser ita- iy. ivMttw; rieaeat,
cTaie. tatsr. tjutata. per a-hakt,
r-v in, c ,
KWfay YORK. Man t-8 OAJtltw,
steady-: rauacarrajo. a tes. 449c: wa.