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ataws Bool Mat It
sf t W. Bad or CoaL
ae, El, rixtarss, Baigss Oraasaa.
Tbos. W. B lackbsra foe eoafisae AdT.
SbrlTsr lilsa for r" 'rr W.
S. Sbrtver baa filed for - commlnfoocr.
beinc tho forty -fl rat to do so. Tner ara
now US petition out
oetaliat Xilaa for Bakoei Board -
Henry Becatel fUd Tuesday on tba
sodaltat ticket aa a candidate for the
nomination for the Board of Education
from the Third ward.
Cartoonist to Talk Charles L. Bar
tholomew, cartoonist on the Minneapolis
Journal, who alma his draw Inn "Bart.'
will give a chalk talk at the Young We
n:en'a Christian association March S.
Doctors Heat at Oolfaa Thla rear the
ena-annual meeting of the Medical So
ciety of the Missouri Valley will be held
i.t Colfax. Ia., March 3-3. Dra. Bridges,
lluilister. Stokee, fiummera, Bryant. Lord
and McClanahan of Omaha are on the
prvgram for papers.
Virsmaa ia Baakxnpt Flank M. Val
entine, member of the Omaha fire de
partment, haa filed a petition la volun
tary bankruptcy la the office of the clerk
of the United States court. He says In
Ova petition that his debts are H.7J0 and
hia assets, which amount to about MOO,
ara exempt. .
off maa to Oraad Jury Ben Hoffman,
the. stock boy of the Brandela stores who
aa arrested last Friday on a charge of
petit larcenr, will not be tried In police
court. Tho charge has been changed to
grand larceny and he 111 be taken be
fore the grand Jury. Hoffman waa caiicht
systematically robbing the stock room of
silk hate and other valuable clothing.
axbr Kates to High Railroad and
lumbermen of Omaha are billed for Lin
coln next Tuesday, where they will ap
!rar before the State Railway commrt
slon The local lumbermen contend that
the-rates on lumber from Omaha out
into the state are too high aa compared
ith those from Lincoln. The railroad
men take an opposite view of the con
tention, Bankruptcy FstiUos ailed Arthur C
AYsmberg. proprietor of a clothing and
general furnishing store at MIT South
Tenth street, asks . to be adjudged bank
xupt In a petition filed by Ma attorney
thla morning In federal court. Weinberg
places his debts at and hia aaaets
at Thla latter amount, bow
ever, la swelled considerably by accounts
receivable and stock in Hade.
Win Circle the Blob J. H Spaltl. one
Nt tba wealthy merchants of Oakland, la.,
aoeompaaled by his alfe. haa started
on a globe-circling trip that will consumt
eighteen months. They leave oa the
Ttock Island, going to Galveston. Tex.,
Krom there they will go to California,
ailing on the Manetaurta from San Fran
risco March It. touching at Honolulu.
The travel expense alone for the Journey
la fl.Mt, ' v."
Charles Larson bad a head on him
men he appeared In court Tuesday.
Hia head also waa wound op In many
You're chanted with being drunk," aald
the Judge: "what nave yen - to say."
rrom under the bandages came a faint
Voice, "Well, your honor, to tell the
truth, I don't know. much about It. 1
' woke up this morning like thla." . -
"You're discharged?" said the judge.
i Larson waa found last night In front
of tba Labor tempi, unconscious and
' taken to the station, where his wouadr
were dressed. He, had evidently fallen
down the steps,
Serleaa Laeeratlaaa
and wounds are healed, without danger
of blood poisoning, by Bucklen'a Arnica
ffalvo, th healing wonder. Only 56c. For
tale by Beaton Drug Co.
Colonel Goldman Appear in Oman
Before Betiring Board.
Caaao Gives far Examination Is Die.
ability, bat Celeael ar Taere
' la Soaaetnlaa; Klae , Be
stial Actios.
The army retiring board appointed by
order of President Taft, convened yester
day morning In tba Army headquarters
building to consider the case of Lieutenant-Colonel
Henry J. Goldman of the
Twelfth Cavalry. Fort Robinson, who
waa ordered before It to show that he
should not be retired.
The board waa In session only long
enough to order Colonel Goldman to
undergo a strict physical examination yes
terday afternoon at the handa of Major
H. L. Gilchrist and Lieutenant Howard
Clarke, army physicians, who are mem
bers of the retiring board. The board
then adjourned until thla .morning,
when Colonel Goldman will be given a
strict mental test.
According to statements made by mem
bers of the board yesterday. Colonel
Goldman Is being haled before the board
because be Is believed to be physically
unable to execute the duties be la called
upon to perform. No other charge la
made and no other reason for Colonel
Goldman'e retirement Is given.
Colonel Goldman ia 67 years old and
has only one more year to serve to
round out a forty year term, when he
can be retired with all honor due a
Colonel Goldman Bays that he Is the
victim of spite work. When toeAwas do
ing duty In Arixona fighting Apache In
diana many years ago. he contracted
malaria, but thla haa entirely left him.
Thla one stuck la the only akk spell
Major Goldman says he ever had. He
believes that even it be were phyaically
unable for duty, he aliould be allowed to
finish out the one more year which would
complete his long service. The fact that
he la not being granted thla conaiderattos
makes the proceedings of the retirement
board appear aa though there Is aome
thing else besides physical Inability bo
band th proceedings.
He is Dead Dog Now
"Beat It! Be gone," commanded Ted
dy's mistress when he started to follow
her downtown, but Teddy only wsggcj
njs BlllDoy tail. n aiuus u miiw
not swerve him ana no jouowea at ner
beela to the neighborhood of th Vinton
street barns, where ahe boarded a car.
Something Is Habile to happen to bail
little dogs, and something happened to
Teddy. He la dead now. Running along
side of the car to follow his mistress he
came too close to the wheels.
Yesterday she appeared weeping before
the dog catcher and asked him to gather
up Teddy's pieces.
Park Board Accepts
Offer of George & Co,
At a special meeting of the Park board
yesterday resolutions were passed to
accept the proposition from George t
Co.. who have offered the board twer.ty
acres of land for park purposes if It lll
be Improved at a cost not to exceed
tltOM. The land donated by R R. Evans
and W. E. Snyder hi Included In the
twenty-acre tract. The city council will
be asked to authorise the acceptance of
the land. Article of agreement have
been drawn.
.Brigtifs Disease and Diabetes
t'atler th Auspice) of th Cincinnati
: Keening Font, Five Test Cases
I Wrm Selected and Treated
', PubUrlr by Ihr. Irvine
K. Mott, Free of
Irvine K. Matt. M. P., of Cincinnati,
Ohio, well and favorably known In that
city aa a learned physician a graduate
of tlie Cincinnati Julte Medical College,
4lass of sad - who afterwards re
ceived ciimcsi in
structions abroad, and
. haa since law been a
B p c I a Hat for the
treatment of kidney
diseases, b e 1 1 e e e
that he haa discovered
a remedy to success
fully treat Bright
, Dfreaae. Utaoetea an
I other kidney trouble.
1 .tther In their first.
intermediate or bit
sure. Dr. Mott says: "My method ar
reata the disease, even though It haa de
stroyed mnet of the kidneys, and pre
serves Intact that portion not yet de
stroyed. The medicine 1 use neutalli
the poisons that form a toxine that de
stroys to vile In tne tube of In kld
ns." Tlx Evening Post, one of the leading
daily paper of Cincinnati. Ohio, hearing
of lr. Holt's sncoeaa, asked If he would
h willing to tlve a public test to dem
rstrate hH. faith In hia treatment, end
prove Its merits bv treating five persons
suffering from Brlghtr diseaa and Dla-Iw-le.
Ire of chaise the J'oal La select
th" case.
I r. Mott accepted th condition, and
twelve persona were selected. After a
itr.-fit critical rh-rrel analysis and mi
croscopic examination had been mad,
five or th OMf out of tue twe,ve. mom
allowing the meet advanced form of.
these diseases, were derided upon. These
esse were placed under Or. Motf a care
and reports published each week la the
IHit. in three months all were dls
ebareed by 1 r. Mott. The persona treat
ed gained their normal welsh!, atrength
and aooetite, and wer able to resume
tavir usual aora Anyone deelnng to
rad the details or tnts puntte teat can
ob'aia copies by sending lo tr. Mott for
The nubile demonstration gavs Dr.
Mott an international reputation that has
brouabt btm into coneepoodencs with
leotde all over the world, and several
noted buropeans sre numbered among
those who nave been euoreaafiMly treated.
as treatment caa be administered effect,
tvelv bv matL
In lyoetor win correspond with those
who are surrenng witn unsure Disease.
INabete or any Kidney trouble what
ever, and win be pleased to give hia ex
pert opinio free to those who will send
aim a deserlptioa of their symptoms. An
easay sMch the Doctor haa prepared
pout kidney trouble and describing hia
taew metkod of treatment will alee
mailed bv btm. Corieopopdeacs for I
purpose should be stressed to Irvine K
Vott M P., Ms Mitchell Building. Cin
cinnati, onto.
Emll Brandela, In a letter from Nice,
Franc, lo II. i. Penfold, say he saw a
daylight carnival parade at Nice, but It
did not "at all come up to the Ak-8ar-
Ben parades In Omaha." The letter war
written on February 2. Mr. Branded
said he would visit Florence and Rome,
would sail for Kgypt on February 3t and
would be borne about May 1.
The Northwestern has received Its re
port on oil product shipments from the
Casper (Wyo., refineries Isst week. They
sgrgegsted nineteen cars, seven cars of
kerosene and gasoline and twelve cars
of fuel oil.
All of the heads of departments of the
Omaha postofflre were guests of Post
master John C. Wharton yesterday noon
at a luncheon given at the Commercial
Mrs. Kara Msrrlaaa.
Mrs. Exra Morrison of 7704 Meredith
aveaus, died Monday, after but a short
Illness. The family cams to Omaha from
Naola, la., two years ago, and the body
will be takea there for Interment, flhe
leaves, beside her husband, two daughters,
Mrs. John Don nelson of Missouri Vslley
and Mlaa Stella, who lived with her
mother. Mrs. Morrison waa a member of
the First United Presbyterian church.
and the pastor. Rev. A. C. Douglas, will
conduct th funeral services at th home
Wednesday morning at I o'clock. At the
conclusion of the services the casket will
be takea to the depot. Mrs. Morrison baa
endeared herself to her neighbors and
Meads during her residence In Omaha by
the continual practk-e of the old-fashioned
homely virtue. She was especially
devoted to her family and took great com
fort la ber church affiliations.
Births aad Deaths.
Births-Christ and Pauline lionnan, JMO
. i1iiu,k U , ,L .r 1 '.ft Kruth K.ahlh
atreet, boy: Frank and Helen Gutschew-
ski, Zflf Booth Twenty-tnira inwv vt .
y rank and Bnuna annreiy. sis nunn
... u.ati. avMnia !rt John nA
Motile Dick, Thirty-fifth and Hickory
streets, girl; Ora and Helen Crab. x3
Webster street, eoy; aiao sum r wiwi
Rothert, 41(0 Lafayette street, boy; W. H.
aad Vt ilda F. Dickinson, tTtt North Twenty-first
street, boy; P. H. and Charlotte
Dearmoat, lmmanuel hospital, girt; Henry
j , I n.imm ail Korth niTliasilh
street. South Omaha, boy: Nathan aad
Fwrenee root, atetnooiei aospiiai. mij.
Deths-Joha Melquist. years, n
Korth Twenty-seventh street: Babt Mutts,
i: days, MM Davenport street.
Balltas renslta
Hastings Heydea, frame cottages at
a North Thirty-first avenue. 1517 South
Twenty-eeveath street, Ult Booth Twenty
first street, at a total cost of 5,M0; cas
seii Realty company. Z8 south Fifteenth
street, sJterauos ana repairs, avast
i Key te the MtuaOon-Be Advertising.
Anwrleaai -Tas Blrl at ta olssa
Boyd i -The raacag of ta Third
Floor Back."
raaaeia: "Lt George Bo It.
Oayetyi Burlssqa.
ogi Barlese.0.
tlrpnenxai V saoevllle.
Mattaees today at the Anurleaa, eras',
sty, Ajug ana orpkeom theaters,
"The PaaalaaT the Third Floor
Bark" at the Boyd.
Mr. J. Forbes-Robertaon and his company
In The Passing of tne Third Floor
liack." a comeoy in three acts, by
Jerome K. Jerome. The cast:
Joey right, a bookmaker.. Allen Thomaa
Christopher Penny, an artist
....David Powell
Major Tompklna, retired
Montague Rutherfurd
Mrs. Tompkins, hia wife
Miss Kate Canyon
Vivian, his daughter. Miss Alison bkinner
Jape clamuela, of the city
Fred W. Per main
Harry Lerkcom. hia Jackal
Alexander Cassy
Miss Kite, unattached
Miss Florence Le ClerCQ
Mrs. Percival de Hooley......
Miss August Havlland
Stasia, slavey Miss Maude Buchanan
Mra. bharpe, the landlady
Miss Lena Delphlne
The Third Floor Back
J. Forbes-Kobertson
First of all. let us turn to ths little
curtain speech made by Mr. Forbes-Robertson
st the end of the second act last
night. It is most Important, for It con
tains the great star's promise to pay
Omaha at least -one more visit, when
he will be accompanied by his wife. Miaa
Gertrude Blllott. of whom we only know
that ahe la a sister of the beautiful Max
Ine, and Is rated aa a real actor. Also,
Mr. Forbes-Robertson promised that at
that time h would appear In hia reper
tory, which means that bo lll be aeen
ta a real play, so that Omaha folka can
look forward to something very Inter
esting at the time of his next visit.
Mr. Forbes-Robertson haa two very dis
tinct characteristics as an actor, a digni
fied but gracious carriage and a vole of
melodious and sonorous qualities, whoa
sweet tones will long be remembered.
He seems especislly qualified In these
respects to enact , th Impressive role
he has assumed In the llltla com
edy he Is Illuminating; It Is through
ths perfect poise he maintains that
a la able to divest th move
ment of events In the action of th play
of their obviousness. In th keeping of
one less well equipped, very much that
Is essential to the progress of th Idea
would become banal, because of the me
chanical process on which th motion
depends, It would be so easy for one
not fully awakened by the art of tne
actor to imagine him awing "Next!" as
he turna from one to the other of the
characters he la to reform. But In this
cuw th impressive way In which the
measaa-e la delivered readily turns tne
scoffer Into admirer, and the effect of the
lesson Is driven home Just a tittle more
effectively, perhapa. because of tbo first
Inclination to Join with Harry Larkum
and say, "'Ere. wot ar y fUln'
at. ehr
Mr. Jerome K. Jerome laid down Bis
habit of poking fun at things h ought
to reverenc long enough to make us
reverence some of the things w often
poke fun at. U seised the asm Idea
that Charles Rann Kennedy developed in
The Servant In the House," only from
a different and more easily applied angla.
Mr. Kennedy set up a most shining mark
for his shafts of socialistic philosophy
th Kstibllshed Church-and h became
very popular, for he enabled ua to take
some pleasure In seeing our betters get
whacked. But Mr. Jerome didn't car to
aim at things so very high; he Just took
a lot of common folks, people we can all
understanJ; a boarding house keeper.
who tried to gouge the boarders she knew
wer gouging her; a slavey, who bad
come from an "Industrial school," and
held ber Job because she waa cheap; an
old maid, who painted, and maybe did
worse, whom tongu was sharp and
whoa disposition was sour; husband and
wlf who quarreled, and who expected to
sell their daughter to a retired gambler.
and thereby remove themselves from
wsnt ss well ss secure money to pay the
board bill they owed; a girl, wbosa heart
maa chilled because the man she loved
was poor and the man she expected to
wed was rich; an artist, who had for
gotten his Ineptrstlon and his aspirations.
In order to point things that would sell
at once; the retired gambler, wbo thought
hia money would cloak all shortcomings;
a snobbish lady, whose sister wss In
want, a Jew ho waa ashamed of hia
people, and a singer who was looking for
money, and not for the song he might sing;
all of these In a boarding house, whers
a vacant room on the third floor bark
awaited the coming of the rasaer-By.
He came, and by hia geutle way, his help,
ful message, hia kindly advice, he
changed all, and when he went on, each
of tho characters wss tranaformed Into
something useful, brav and helpful. The
lesson Is given much more effectively
than It was In the Kennedy message, and
la much easier of application.
Mr. Forbes Robertson's company Is a
One organisation, made up of well trained
actors, and each fully capable of vtsu
sllting ths author's ides, so that th
comedy la most enjoyable from end to
end. And tbe star Is generous enough to
allow the entire company tb appear with
him to bow acknowledgement to tho
plaudits that denote the pleasure of the
audience. It waa a tine audienc that
assembled at ths Boyd last night to wel
come th star and his company, and It
was a royal welcome that waa given. The
curtain speech waa sincere, and Ita prom
is Is one that ail! be remembered.
Omaha folks will b glad to see Forbes-
Robert sou In tbe great playa he has mas
tered. In ths meantime, tbe present en
gagement bids likely to be the most Im
portant of ths sessnw at the Boyd, for
the advance sal very well covers th
remaining performances.
Local Bate st th Stage.
"Let OSorge Do It," th musical com
edy which la now playing a four days' en
gagement at the Brandels theater, la the
newest of tne uemer H ration productlona.
George P. Murphy le the principal fun
maker and Is well known to Omaha the
Oa Friday evening at tne Brandela the
ater. Mr. John MoCormack. aaa.sted bv
Bias Marie Naretie, arm be heard la a
recital. I n long and honored roll of
Irish stngere received a notable addition
when Oscar Hammersteln discovered
John McCormack and brought bun before
A men can audience.
Miss Lanr Is more then maklnc rood
again In The Ctrl In 'The Girl of the
Oouea West." rn live th part from
Brat to last, and ber lice It
with ber. The play la beautifully staged,
and the whole production ta moat enioy
abl. Tb regular matinee wUI be played
Ia order to give th ladle and children
aa opportunity to meet little Lord Rob
ert, the tiny comedian at the Orpheum
tale wek. a reception will be held Im
mediately after the performance. Lord
Robert, though S years of age, Is only
two feet in heigit sod welsna fifteen
pounds. When his act opens he Is In a
cradle dressed In baby clothes. His loud
sailing brings the nurse tLord Robert a
mother), who holds him up before the au
dience while th Infant recites a poem
on the trials and tribulations of baby
hood. He also takes the part of a little
girl and of a man In a dress suit who Is
slightly under the Influence of liquor. Aa
a comedian Lord Robert cannot be sur
passed. , -
Helen Grantley. formerlv Miss Belle
Goldsmith of Omaha, la at the Orpheum
this week plevlng the leading role In a
sketch entitled "The Right Road." which
give her a splendid ot iiortunily to show
her ability aa an emotional actress.
The popular Gayety Is destined to en
Joy another Immense week's business
with 'The Oolden Crook" as the mag
net. Thursday night there will be a
chorus girls' contest and Friday night an
old-time colored cake walk, both evente
being for liberal cash prises. Ladles' mat
inee dally. ,
Ak-Sar-Ben to Form
Operatic Society
The Ak-Sar-Ben Operatic society was
tentatively organised Isst night at the
Hotel Rome.
At a banquet and dance given by the
ball committee of the Ak-ear-Ben board
of governor to the player who produced
"The Jolly Musketeer." the suggeatlon of
organisation of such a society waa mad
and Immediately waa met with such en
thusiasm as almost completely to organ-
lie on th spot. All that bow remains Is
the approval of the board of governors of
the Knights of Ak-8sr-Ben. and Everett
Buckingham laat night assured tbe sing
ers thst tbe knights aould stand sponsor
for the new society.
Rome Miller preferred the use of his
hotel for meeting places for the society
and announced that ho would feed them
gratis whenever they met.
The Ak-Sar-Ben Operatic, aodety, as
Director F. C. Free mantel explains It.
will b patterned after societies of th
east, notably on at Philadelphia.
"W have soma wonderful voices In this
organisation," said he, "that when they
are thoroughly practiced together will
product music that can't b outclassed
on tbe professional operatic stage. The
society will afford thst practice,"
Mabray Comes Here
Looking for Opening
John C. Mabray may becom th pro
prietor of a hotel or rooming house In
Omaha soon. Mabray registered at the
Paxtoa last night from Kansas City, and
before retiring remarked to aa acquain
tance he met In the lobby that the pur
pass of his visit was to buy a suitable
location for s rooming house. He did not
ay whether he would operate It himself.
A Be reporter whs heard of Mabray'
remark attempted to verify It and got as
far as his door. -
"Have you anything you would like to
say, Mr. Mabray 7"
"Ta,-Oet out-beat It!"
As the door slammed th reporter was
forced to th conclusion th Interview
was over.
Mabray, sine his release from the fed'
oral penitentiary haa been operating a
family hotel In Kansas City. According
to letters written by him to friends here.
business has been poor and h has barely
been able to earn his living. For this
reason It Is believed thst h has com to
Omaha, where he Is better known,
Th following patents for Iowa and
Nebraska Inventions have beta (ranted
during th laat week:
William C. Bridges of Wapello. I a., for
treat indicator.
Charles H, Cronk of Curtis. Neb., for
can carrier.
Charles ttotn of waukon, la., for de
livery appliance.
Eugene K. Jewett of Eagle Oreve. la
for anade step.
Frederick Kaschewdd of Oeksloosa, la.,
for garment pocket.
Patrick J. Lawler of WestsJde, Ia., for
l.'laua It. Light and C. H. Hutchinson
of Dee Moines, Ia., for bag holder.
Edward H. Martin or wsoater City, is.,
for telenhone meter.
Louis C. Meyer of Davenport, Is, for
pot scraper.
Peter Meyer of Calmer. Is., for quaking
graaa destroyer.
John O. Miller of Burlington, I a., for
vehicle brake.
James Mulvehlll of Dubuque. Ia.. for
dovloe for operating corn planter markers.
Peter Oak of Laurel, Neb., for grain
door for frelxht care.
William H. pniinot ana n. verusxe oi
Humboldt. Neb., for floor.
Thomas T. Smith of ljots Creek town
ship. Ringgold county. Iowa, for endgate
Donald B. ston of Springville, la., for
corn pick.
Charles Ia V ail ox atasourger, iveo.
ttr etiiirn. .
Frans J. Wood of Tea Mdlnea, Ta., for
valve gear for engines.
Loula hpltun of Audubon, la., for
lsn for breastpin.
New Bishop Will Be Named at Later
Sate at Borne.
fharrh Dlamltartes Will aw, Tak
Steps t Make Necessary "
saeadatloaa tor Xewly Cre
ated oflce.
Very Reverend Monsignor Colanerl,
tear ceneral of the diocese of Omaha.
was yesterday advised from Rom that
th diocese of Omaha had been divided
and a new dloreee created at the Episco
pal residence at Kearney. Neb., and that
tbe new bishop will be sppolnted later.
The new dloces will comprise the ter
ritory west of Boyd. Holt. IV heeler.
Oreeley. Howard and Hall count! to the
south of tb Platte river. ' -
A meeting will be called In the near fu
ture of Archbishop Keens and Bishops
Soannell of Omaha, Davis of Davenport,
Oarrigaa of Sioux City. Tthen of Lin
coln and th new bis bo pa of DesMolnes
end Cheyenne,
This body will taks up and discuss six
oandidatea for btahop who will be named
by the blahop and priests of the diocese.
After discussion ths head of th pro vine
will send In three names selected to
Blahop Scannell left San Francisco laat
night In good health and Is expected In
Omsha Thursday.
Bring the Boys and
Girls to Our Popular
Priced She 3tore
In our new shoe store for boys and girls, we offer all
the clever styles at the most reasonable prices.'
Our salesmen are experts in fitting the growing feet.
$1.50 fo $3.00
Following ths regular program of
speeches at the monthly dinner of the
Omaha and Council Bluffs Implement
and Vehicle club, Edward Altchlsoh was
elected secretary of tha organisation to
fill the vacancy caused by the resigna
tion of Ed. W. Scull. A vacancy on the
executive board, which as caused by the
departure of B. L. Reea to Chicago will
be filled by. the board next Thursdsy.
The program following the dinner con
sisted of an address, on "The Alrirlch
Plan of Banking," by II. R. Gould of
the United States National bank, and a
speech on the alms of the Commercial
club by W. De-Hostord, .
A Mr Beatene
of suffering with throat 'and - lung
troubl I quickly commuted by Dr.
King' New Discovery. 60c and II. 00.
For sal by Beaton Drug Co. ,
Every Minute Counts
When You Are in Pain
Instant Relic fnr luillgeatlOB aad
Htumarh Trouble. Afforded Djr
a Stuart's I-jspcpela Tablet.
Free Trial Vaokags.
There Is no occasion to suffer five
minutes from Indigestion or any similar
stomach trouble when you can so easily
get Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets. When
The Vtsa It Takes a
Btaart'a Byssossta Tablets
aa Age te a alok awmash.
millions ar using svery year and when
every other man or woman that you meet
will recommend Stuart's to you. If yon
will but Irrautr why do yon continue to
suffer from stomach trouble? What
more evidence can you ask? And as still
further proof you can even send and get
a sample package entirely free. The
ample will surely convince you.
'The reason why Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets accomplish such results are very
easy to understand. These tablets con'
tain almost the asms elements as the
gastric juices of the stomach. And when
your stomach Is sick and not working
right. It does not give out enough of the
natural digestive Juloes to properly take
cars of ths food you eat So If you will
only give the stomach a little help by
taking a Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet you
will relieve It. of Its chief duty end
allow It the rest It needs to recuperate.
One grain of th actlv principle In
Stuart's Dyspepeta Tablet will digest
3.400 grains of food, whether yon place
It In a glass jar or In your stomach.
All druggists sell them. The price Is
M cents per box. If you prefer to try
them first., writs to F. A. Stuart Co W
Stuart Bldg.. Marshall. Mich., and a
sample package will be sent you free.
I BBSS f BaaaaaBassaWr H
I1 Ti'Thare's
Two Ways!!",
There's tww ways lo exercise the bowels eural Ways. Th "nlmsl
way" Is running, climbing, jumping.
Just One cbeap, sweet, little Casesr.
Reyal-PIII every elker alakt for a
week or two, and thereafter one ar
twice a week, aa needed.
Adept thla Civilised Way and
you 11 be tre from Constipation,
Blllousneaa, Nervotisnesa, Sleepleaa
nesa. Headache and Liver trouble.
Mearhh the Rowel Kervea tbeylt
d the reaa,' Oct the rany. pleasur
able effect of a harmless physio and
tonic. All druggMs, lnc and 2c
Th Bla'khurn rroducls Co,
. Dayton, Ohio.
te. and the Civilised Way. taking
Glorious Hair for Women
Your Money Back if
the Most Delightful Hair
Dressing,Grower, Beau
tifler and Dandruif Re
mover you ever saw.
Try It ladies on thai fair and aqua--
bail Surely you don't want to experiment
with common commercial tonics, when a
large bottle of PARISIAN SAOK costs but
cent '
There Is a reason for the phenomenal
sale of. r A ft IrU A.N SAOK In th United
State sine It was first Introduced Into
America, and tha sales this year ar
breaking all records.
And th reason la plain to all: PAR
ISIAN 8AOR dots Just what It Is ad
vertised to da
Thr Is no reeaon whatever why any
man or won an ehould fall to take ad
vantage of th above generoua offer. -
But on trlng that has made FARIit.
1AN SAOK so fsmous Is Its peculiar
power-to t.irn the barsh,. unattractive
hair that many women. possess Into lux
urlant and radiant hair In a short time.
Women of rtflnement th country over
ar using It and It never disappoints
Sold by leading dealers everywhere
for to cents a large bottl The girl with
Auburn hair Is on vry carton. ,
Have Your 7icAf Read "Burlington"
6:30 JR. M.
Avoid Blends! Send us your order for
Hayner BOTTLED IN BOND Whiskey
You KNOW it is good and pure ha Goyernmenti
Green Stamp orer the cork b jour protection.
others, may promise
bo matter bow
tcmpticg tbcir offers may
seam if they oSer
Botikd-m-Bond whisker
nj rcincniber -there
is only one way you can
be ear of Retting pure,
straight whiskey and
that is to oa
Thtf t what we offer you Hay
ner Private Stock Bottled-in-Bood
Whiskey rich, pure
and deiicioua shipped m
akd case Direct from Dis
tillery and an it costs yon b)
$120 for FOUR full (ruaTts
expreat charges paid.
There'! no qwstioB about a
whiskey like Out-the Gov
ernment's Greta Stamp over
thecortaaw assurance thst
it is BotrJed-rn-Bcod-faDy
aged, full 100) proof, full
rneasare and a punmUt
that it comes to you just as
k left the custiUery, mall its
original purity and guudnegs,
Neat tb prlca-eoty cents a ejuart I one ha Ana, Cat, Cda. Baas, Meat. Be,
geared. Where else easy bay a Bottled- klia.i)a.nia,asa.sil.;
svBoael weaker sf Uus sgnsVsm aaalay I f. 1 htox resass
l eaans u-m vr .
WANT tm to
TkYtni whiskey
on our arts ran tee
yen will find it ail we
clsim . is fine as you
ever tasted and the
best Talus you ever caw
or you may send it
back at our
and we will return your
Bemsmesr yoa tak ao
W teas si the risk-sad
aad a& the xpaaa H tea lad
Co Owt anal aea this CtsaM
Tlfsat f 1 1 bat BaV I back at our expense
f"? I lBBaTlBTaBtTrsUBSCs.
tlZaYlVKb BMaawasarMMaal
nrw bm rocs raa taut SMtu. x
HTt yJt Baraar Tm u ktaava.
- i i J Trw atammi.ll-ianana
aimillJr I
Offices sod Shajpatg Depots aha) st
M. PesBBB, BaSaaMas, IwtW VntttaaB,
BasaavBaa. aaeaaasvaas.
trot. ohio i
IslsaHah.llfTl I BLl
1 1 sVysava
. ' for
This is the time THS CHICA00 LIMITED leaves '.
the Burlington Stution, but the sleepera are ready rind the
dining car is serving at 6 o'clock. .
It is a brilliantly lighted train of standard aud library- ,
observation sleepers, chair cars and dining cars whose sini-.
pie elegance of interior and excellent service is the admira
tion of traveled people.
The schedule from Omaha, 6:30 1 M., and into Chi- '
cago at 6:09 A. M., with dining car service at either end,
has proved most convenient; the time en-route is planned
with the intent of smooth and restful ride, and punctnal
arrival. , " . '
Burlington Deiwt agent in Chicago meet this train ,
and will give special assistance to women and children.
Opposite train No. 5, leaves Chicago at ,
6 o'clock in the evening. Yoa will always :
have plenty of company on these trains.
J. B. KKYXOLD8, C. P. A, . .
, 1302 Farnam Hlrect, Orua'ia, Mrb,
Agent for the best ocean steamship lines. Complete
apply of sailing lists and cabin plans. Let us help yoa
secure cabin reservations early.
. t i, i.
When you don't advertise .
nobody knows that you .are
doing business, and it won't be .
long before you'll not know it
Atarrjxip tds. .