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CopyrlghMM&Natienal ew Association.
By Hal Coffman
Things To AbouT .
i I m -v. r J JJ. . ., i M . - W
Letduur Wreitiuiir, and Boxme .. 'J. 6kw-V . ; LV TaMlNG- CVtrilo I if -K piciib TttrtTrnrt to ttitmv run n
Stan to Be Here Thi, Week. C ;tf5N Sfff) ' w , . 3&8t ' AN fflUIfiK IJ HAW, 1U Wl
OF M2BEIi AND SIAEKOUT 10 MEET . v A - ." - SHAfcOVI S i U nM D,yi 4f Infi?,ltinff ot-
'rr- 733 ! ! : ' W . Tillll. II STEP . TACTICSKEA5
" - ' tC ' ii i 1 II hi i hi r id I :. i Ip, J I 1 $ 'W-
Fiat Qst'i Conteiti in A. B. C.I
Sliowi Some Fair Score.
Prtr mm tnu t CkteaB Tl? for
mecmni Urnmrnm la lolr
Uuablri Mark Sri t
. . 1.IT1. '
CHICAOa Mrca 4.-OlsftUi esaio
In lb minor ercr.W nt the touniamnt
of lh Anrrloan WowUne contreM mtrm
PIcvM her toiy, with bowlrrj from
Chlcifo l.-vV olhr WlnoU cltlca comptt
hr. ToiiislM th flvc-nan Mama htld
flown th alley- .
In th Individual- Hr4' plavtd Uila
rirnoon. Ceorga of MprlnKflald,
1IL. kUh wltla acora of M for
a thrm-exmt atrtra. ' II roUxi two
flno ftmaa.' atttlng WS plna In Mi flnt
iod M plna in tha arcond mm, In tha
Ihlra ala work-dropped oft and ha (ot
but ITS plna., v !.
C. J. hm and U Burna of Chicago
I tlail for aacond honora lp Iht alnflu,
: . i. v
Crhralaar and Bursal of tthtcato lrd
I lh two-man taana with a total of
' 1.17V. liayar and Loranaen ala ot Chi
rao wara ateond with 1,141. Romtr
. Brothara of Bprlnctkld. ' IIU. flnlahcd
. third with a arora ot 1.12). Anothar
' "prtaaflald torn. J. C. Barkar and C. O.
Mart, waa fourth with l ilt.
In tba flva-man tram competition tha
All-Malt of CMoaco dropped Utt plna
for tha top aoere. Tba Ould Top of
Mprlna-flald. IIU ra amnd with t,f!U
; and Tha Boye of Jolat, 111., were third
with a aeora ot tSL ( ,'
Tha aoaraa:
I tadlrtdaala.
. O. Xenwh. Sprint field. Ill Hi
' 1. Petert, Cnuufo.., Ol
U Blrna, Chlcao tol
, y. llawkotta, Chieace HI
, tL Undquiaw Chlrae W7
K Peter oiwav Je.iet. ni. ma
. A. iriaher, Chlcato- ..i. K4
t. U. Moor. IMcatar ......, .
. U hilla, riecatur. tit... . fc:
NX. It Huaulok. Chlcaao .r. 'At
a. Pereey, ChlOMo HI
' fwe-kia . Teaaaa. ,
Brhrlebrr ..., J
Burnt. Chlraio ' hut L1T1
W. O. kleyera W
F. Lorenaca, Chtcaa.. 1-U1
H. Homer un
P. Ronwr, 8prlntlrUl. Ill M-1,UI
i. u, nK:Ker Km
' V. O. Marek, Kprlncflald. Ill IM-L1U
P. CMaen Ml
a poney, jollat axt-LU)
. U. WW! ........,........ Hi
1 J. Baniun. Chlcaao M-L7J
O. P. Ka.b k
, W. Meyer. ChH-aao MS-1.N9
jr. rawaeiie an
., H. Llndquial, (tiioact)
A. C. t'oniwr Ma
K. P. Heetrn. ftprtiufleld MT-UC
O. Kchafter Ml
' -'. Kaata, Chlcaao... HU-tOH
; . ftve-Mra Traaaa.
All-valla. Chlcao ITU
, Oold Tow, Kprln(leld. Ill t71
' in hot, jollrt, ill ; 1,
; liammoade. Haaimend,. Ind.
Marah Colta, fprloffleld. III. ........ tttl
Hlee) Work. Jollet. "ill..;... . lim
rhlcace Heicata. Chtratt HelahU.... Uu
Hrtor. No. I, Chlom.... , lac
Waarnana Col la. Bavr Cairn Wl.. IMi
haf field Shale. Sheffield. IU 1
Oni:i la to)x Ilia mecllne place ot arv-
eial of llie well known aporta or tne
countn' thia ttk. At leant alf of the
relrlntrd can will DO Jiero at on time.
PutirnUv nlfHU ..They are -not meettnt
her according to arrangeuitnta but Ind-
dentally. , ,.' - '
()n,We4naday,Stanlalaua Zbyaeko. the
Pollah ftUamploa wreatler. who la heralded
tba crcataat, wreitler bamn rrank
Ootch. and hia manavar. Jack Hardkann.
wlH arrive In, Omaha. Almoat on ba
heela will come Yuaalf llahmout, the Ter-rnsir-Tark."
IIUT Ml maniirar, Emll Klank.
On Saturday nutht Jim Flynn, who kaa
been "watched with Jack Johnaon for a
flnlrh wiaich i for itha world champlon
hlp, -n4 Jack Orley 'will come. Ketur
day mornlnc Fred Beoll will arrive.
Zbyaaka will oome bar for wreatllnc
match which will be pulled off at the
Kruc thtitar Friday night On Thurs
day-night two xinknoan will wreatla at
tha-fcUuSv theater, the following night
Zbyaxfco.wlU lake an the winner of the
prevloua'nllht'a bout, gbyeako will ref
eree the match Thornier night.
Maturday nurht Tuaalf Mahmout and
f red Boell. the' Wlaronaln havywlght
wraatl.r, will no to a flnlih at the Boyd
Jn-aier, , Beall la well known In Omaha
la Mahmout aad lulena Interest la ba
nc rakeala th matolv Beell kaa tha
'fOan of being tha, onl. man who
.var'plnnml rrank OouVa, llioulder to
mat. ' .-''t k
lira Klynn and big manager. Jack Cur
ley, will errlre per teturdair night and
will attend the wreatllnc match at tha
Boyd. Tba "white hope" will be In
Omaha for a week and wtll apar a fw
rounda every aftternooa and evening at
tha Kruff theater.
. "eU Prtpac. .
' BAN PIKOO, Cat., March ,-Thi onen.
ng at the lalifornla polo touriimaJTfSr
tha Intornatiunal Iroi.hy and CoronaVlI
eup , achduil for today, w pCnd
afternoon beoauiTonTi
Asaenaaaa Haaak Atlaal..
ATLANTA, Oa.. March i-Ktevas m.m
Wi of the New fork Airrlcana headS
by V.trana Hrr,(, Danl.uTin3 ywm
arrived here today for their aorina !!S5:
ing. Maiuurer Wolv.rton and TraliH-,
-umy on tne ground.
Anorher delegation. hadMl by HalChau.
la expected to arrive Tueede. v
University Jeads
of the "Big Eight".
Will Meet Soon
CH1CAOO. March 4-Preeldent A. W.
Harrla of N'orthweetern unlveraity today
art March 1 and 90 aa datea for the meet
ing ot prealdenu of tha universale In
th "Big Eight" to dlacusa matter bf
athletl reform. 4
Th meeting of the prealdenu will take
place In Chicago and It (a probable thai
their fleliberatlona will result In radical
change In iDtercoJJeglat athletic. '
atleaal Reevwlaa Win. -
FORT WOKTH. Tag.. March t.-F1va
base on belie, two errors and a hit
bunched In the Jrfst Inning Kara tha
New York national recruit Ave runs
leday and they wen from the Fart Worth
club ot the Teaas league fly to one. ,
KlklkKlea Game failed Off. ''
PALLAS. Tea.. March i.The hiblrlor
game ackeduled today between teama
made up of the New York national league
and Delias. Tries ksrue ptayera waa
called oft on account at ret. ' ; ' -'
Champion and HislWalsri
Zbyszko Willing
to Meet Mahmont,
WithOotch Later
MINNEAPOLIS. Minaw March 1-If a
aaeetlag between Zbyaaka and Mahmout,
win or loar, wlU guaranta a match with
Frank Ootcb, world' ahaopioa wreatler.
' Zbyaaka at wlllmg ta asset tha Turk at
any Urn. Thai ta tba statement
here taMght by Jaek Herman, Zbyaako'a
tnaaagrr, wba posted a chart for
with tne apartlnc editor t a local paper
aa a tuarantee.
According t. Mr. Manama,-be Is willing
' to let Ootch uctat tha terma which ahall
apprjr ta bath waUebas. Ha stated that
' a erub at laalt Lake City bad ready a
purse of IN.atn for tba Uotcb-Zbyaaka
. amtoh. jwanaed It war held after May I
president O'Neill .
Objects to Service
!. (From a Ftaff Correspondent.)
LUICOLK. "March L- Special Tele.
gram.) ateena rJme age Guy Ora
brought auH la baa federal eoart here tor
j daoaagea piaaad at tUB,sra, the dafandanU
betng tha Katlocal Aaaoclattea ot Baa
i Ball Club and tba ttambar of th board
j of that argaaiaaUoa. Berries et th earn
1 moo waa mad an Norrt O'Neill, preet-
dent f tba fFawtara league. - Attorneys
Tyrrell and Mortar! ty filed a special ap
i pearaaca la tha federal, eovrt In which
' ttey t tip tba court bad no jartsdlctton.
beraaee It at altered a acme raa bad
as tba real detarjdajjtm. . , . - j
I berrlce aa O'MeiU I bald defactlva for
j tb raaaoa ha doe not lire la the scat
I and when be waa served waa la tba atat
, simply to. attend ta Utlgarloa rn which
; be waa Interested aad therefor not aob-
i 2sct to
', Otaatar Ca ta Chwrvb.
i MARL1N. Tax, March a.-Th rerulara
ef th New York Nations la went to
church and horseback rtding today while
Manager McGraw and bis recruits spent
tbe day ta bailee.
. is. Veteraa Horaeasaa la Dead.
OtsKALOOSA. U., March t-Wllllam H.
Haiae. a veteran boraemao, died here
ludajr, aed at ycaia.
V twit ,x K . - ,7
7 vu R:-.:-'V;' '1
f 2 e-" , I f . i
REMSKX, la.. March 4 J. P. Kieffer.
editor of tha Bell-Enterpriae. abot aad
killed himself hers about 11 o'nlark laat
night. ' K letter's body waa found a
room above the newspaper office, which
la occupied by on ot tb printer, was
was abarat at th time of tkeaulelde, A
not left on a table read: "I moat bare
courage at 11 o'clock."
Johnny KllUane; new" featherweight
champion (oa tba .left I 'and tba White
brethen at Chtcare, who are among hts
meet aerteua rival and Charlie below.
Ta two brotbera ffgure abtot evea tram
an all-around (tandpolnt. Jack being tba
harder bitter, while Charm ta mora clever
tbaa hia brother . Both oTthnn are aftar
Kllblane tor a cmunptooahlp bout
BOSTON, Marcb C-Tha esrly etoatnc
atake for th Baadvula grand circuit
meeting the lest woek la August reached
a total of SS.M). The American trotting
Derby U aanoanaed aa a Ha,) avent.
Other -stake" events Include tba Kant
I Massachusetts race for : 1J trotter aad
flrc race for purse of (p,la.
St, Finl Kifle Club ef Westerm
Section Herer Defeated.
Baaaalaattea . at Tarareia Will B
Wssnsary Before Award Can
' Mad Betweea Dtoklasea
aad Badger.
CHICACKX March .- winning a
forfaited match from the Blabs team the
St Paul elub of tha western aectlon of
tha Interclnb Indoor Rifl Shooting
league Mat week' won th championship
for that division. r' This victory mad
eleven for Sb Paul with no. defeat. Th
official standings for tba season were
iuumI hero today ' Tt waa annarent a
week ago that th' St.' Paul club would
ba tha champion " : "
On tl match, that shot between
Dickinson and Badger daring th week
ending February, tt. ta yet to be awarded
by the oorttest committee. - An lamina
tion ot tha targeta will be necesaary
before thia award can ba made. Should
tha Badger team ba given thia match It
will ba tied with Mlnneapolla and Taooma
for fourth place, Th loaa of tha eonteat
aould net Chang Wckineon'a poaltlotL
Th at saint itandlng:
Team. Won. Lort.
St. Paul .- ...11
Dickinson 1
Adrian t I
Minneapolis T 4
Taooma .' 7 4
Badger 7 3
Madison i
Loe Angejeet - 4 7
Helen 1 I
Milwaukee ....... ........ ... t
BlKbee - It
Butte a. - 11
The l cores for tha week ending March t:
Adrian defeated Taooma 177 to ail.
Dickinson defeated Milwaukee fl toeil
Madison defeated Loe Angeles T0 to MS.
Helena forfeited ta the Badger club.
Butte forfeited to the Minneapolis cluh.
Biabea forfeited t tb St. Paul dub.
Ot tha rXcklMon teem. Outkrop mad
a perfect oar ef to, tb enty on mad
during tbe western aarle!
Tb St. Paul dob now will compel
lib, tbe winner of .the eastern Motion
trophy for th champlcnshlp ot th
. Defeat far ateeralt.
SAN ANTONIO. Te.. March 4,-Tha
Philadelphia American league recruits
tcday again suffered defeat at the hands
of the San Antonio, Tea. league team
five to four. Meta and Belts for San
Antonio each made home run.
Kay to the Sltuatloa Be Advertising.
It Fighter Keeps Hia Feet Mevlag
Ceatlaaeaaly ; Tkreagkeat Beat .
tba Other Fellow Will Have
" Hard Tim ta Lead.
NEW TORK. March t.-What value U
footwork is boxing t Thia question 't
continually cropping up and provide an
Interesting topic. Ia the day at rough
Infighting and cy clonic (lugging, which a
large percentage of profaaaloaal boxers
employ, awlftiMaa of foot In both attack
and defens loM eight of, yet It 1 on
of tbe biggest factors la making ring
Cbamplona, A boxer who I so light on
hi fet that ha can be constantly n tb
nova la not easy to hit. Darting la
with daxsllng speed It la poeathla to land
clean cut blow with such unexpected
ekill that an opponent ba no time to
block or counter as hi aaaaUant, after
landing, skips away. Tba employment
of the tactlca mean th ooring of
Point upon which a referee's decision
mutt b baaed vale there'a a knock
Of tha present day boxen tw expert
footwork era stand out In bold relief.
They are Packy McFartand, th Chicago
lightweight,- and Mike Gibbon, th St
Paul boy who la regarded here a th
beat welterweight m the world. Both
ere phantom when they begin fighting,
tor tbey can fade away from a rival-
wallop ao quickly that boxing tan ar
amaaed. Tat when McFarland and Gib
bon decide to land punches tbey shoot
to th mark with llghtninglUt rapidity.
Thtr footwork It not cultivated, tbey
aty. but It It a gift Thev are ma aaiU
and quick that they cannot help moving
aoout tha padded floor Ilka dancing mas
ters at tha head of a ballet coroa. Aa a
reault McFarland and Olbboa are be.
Iteved to b tbe cleverest boxer In th
world. . v.
"If VOU keen Vour feel mmrlne all h.
tlm." aald McFarland recently. lt
stand to raaaoa that the other fellow
will find It hard to reach you with a
eolld blow. Com fighters cannot bit
with affect unlea they eat thcmaelvee
firmly an both fact and then swing
either band from th hia. Hue r
tbaa fellow do a lot of barm If tbey
land, but whoxthey do It la wholly be
cause their opponent do not know how
to offset th punches.
Btaemratrlagr tba Opaaaeat.
I have learned from exnerienna that
by making a man mlae I can accompllah
much. Aa aoon a a fighter learn he
cannot land Ms beat blow ha naturally
become discouraged. Than rouTe got
tbe battle half won and yoa can clinch
to victory ay leading quickly delivered
blow yourself. But you cannot make a
man mls or land rapid jaba for points
unleea yen knew how to aa your feet
Because ot thia gift I oaa aay that I v
nevar loot a tooth. baA snv vi
er been cut about tba ear. la fact I'm
not a alt disc gu rod.
"Tba fellows yon aaa with n.i
cauliflower ears and acara aa their
tn a me cases out at taa know nothing of
footwork. They ar juat pJaia aluggara.
who stand ap gad take all that oomea
their way tor tbe ohaae ot landing a
knockout wallop. In their oases physical
strength 1 of more Tata tbaa .km, but
they cannot be termed clever. Ot course,
I don't overlook other thlnge that make a
successful boxer. One must know how to
hit when to bit and- Just how tar to- let
tbe blow travel. A good Judge of' dis
tance generally win more bout than be
maea. Then again, H'a neeeasary to know
how tb block with the band and fore
arm If yoa are driven to a corner on
tba defensive In addition to that a good
boxer must keep hia wltt about him al
way go that hs will know Just when to
take advantage of opening. But .foot
work I tha real big factor."
While McFarland uaea hi feet and
Hs can bit with keen, cutting result, but '
he seldom scores a knockout Olbbona, on
tb other hand, combine (kill with re
markable bltung power. Ho la a natural
fighter. It'a easy for plra to feint a man
Into, knots, while he can mak a rival
mlae In ludtcroua fashion. But when ke
darts n to land a smaah be puts beet
behind It and generally produce pain.
In fact tor hi weight and Inches Olb
bona I a wonderful puncher. When he
beat Willi Lewis, a pretty fair boxer,
tha hitter waa thunderstruck.
Footwork t Marrelena. '
"Why, thia chap It a wlsard," sstd
Lewis after tha boat "Time aad again 1 1
thought I bad him cornered, but when I
let fly 'he vanished In thin air, only to I
oome back auddenly with pane he that
I could not avoid. Hia footwork was (Im
ply marvelous. I used to think I knew
eomethlng about footwork myself, but
Gibbons is In a class by himself
Lack of footwork brought about tbe de
feat of Aba Attell at the hand of K. O.
Brawn tb other night Attell, although
h th undisputed American feather
weight champian, sever has been able to
nova about tba -ring quickly (bough to
void rushing attacks. His defensive
methods are confined to ' blocking with
tba bands and arma, ducking with the
bead or quick sidestepping, alao clinch
ing. But once cornered aad In alight dia
treaa, Attell cannpt get away and there- ,
fore stands up under aa much punishment
aa tba other man Is abl to hand him. If
Attell had moved about the, ring with
tha speed of a McFarland It hi a certainty
that Brown would not have put a glove
on him. But as it was, Attell could not
get out of harm' way with tbe required
amount of speed. It might be said that
Browne footwork carried the day sim
ply becau be made a rushing fight of It
all th way; but as a matter ot fact
Brown waa even mora ignorant of foot
work than Attell.
Ad Wolgaat, the world' champion light
weight never claimed to b a clever
boxer, consequently It I not unfair to
say that he la lacking In many clever
quail tiea. But M III trong, aggressive
fighter who Is constantly forcing m altera
aad la at hi beat to kmc drawn out
battles. . . . i '
Wolgaat doe not mind punishment. For
that reason be tears tn half covered up
with his opponent's body as the objective
point In a limited bout with McFarland,
tor Instance, Wolgaat might ba out
pointed, but ia a finish fight tber might
be a different ttory.
Backlea Baaea at Dea Malae. .
Ouy Buckiea. the wen known local
fighter, will meet Jack Smith of Dea
Moines Thursday night at tha Iowa capi
tal In a six-round bout Tbe affair will
be held at Fort Dea Mot nee aad ia betng
promoted by tb officer.
I White Wla Easily.
WACO, Taxi, March 4. Two teams of
the Chicago American club, stiff after
their arrival from Chicago, yeterday.
took a practice before the exhibition
game they played today.. Thirteen hits
wara made bythe Whites and six by the
Blue. Tba Whites won, t to L .
- There 0rJye"(W5rrest-sjMbw Read th Hat below
and then tnaeat tb Oeaaues "OU Stytm Lagr" knoara twbi tba W
with a sop ao b.-and bissisd ecJy by tbe G. llasl smia aVwarwsg Ce U Crosse, Wla.
nu T : DU Se-u aWa OU Seatien Bear '
OW Lager - - . OM Cawaaa. Beer OU SrvU Sols
Old f Leeer ' ;- Okl Caewssa Styfw la Ya Okl Uagar
Old SreU Brw Oad FaaaaWsaeal Bear AaOad Style
TMa AaVswrbsesMM waa uiapmtd 14 asealba ago. tbsmfbrs teat n
aawer aWae asoat be added to tha rJaxJsaaiai nfsjisBaBe "Olef rjdtaBwr watb tba
"Crasa Ltmmmt" all tb way around tba boola. 5sed aaceaty Jry
Lercli & Yam Sanrlt