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Defends Keasen Board u Ne:eaiy
to Check Advene Decrees.
Mark.HfnilM FToaress at Eeaa
t mmr Xathlas; Bat Kn-wse Take
A war froes Reawalleaae "a
..,' Clve to Democrat.
(from a Staff Correspondent)
WASHINGTON. Hareb L-tSpedal Tela
tram.) Conrressmsn Sloan of Nebraska,
a member of ttia commUtee oa expend!
turn In the Depertmeat of Agriculture,
which InreMlrated the Bureau of Chem
istry of which Dr. Wiley l the head,
made a moat vtrorous defense of the
Reinsen board today on the floor of the
house. The speech wss In wr to one
delivered br Bepresentatlve Mom of In
diana wherein the latter scored the Itero
aen board uamerrifutly end lauded Dr.
Wiley to the sales.
While Mr. Sloan avoided any crltklsm
of Dr. Wiley he took, the opponunlty to
pay a (towlnc tribute to hrererary Wilton
and declared that the nems.'n referee
Urd waa legally constituted and that
It waa a desirable and necessary body in
the administration of pure fond law.
Reft-iTins to the aloes' statement that
aany feared the derisions of the chem
istry bureau, Mr. Sloan stated that they
' ware feared by farmers Inlured by the
adverse sleschlnf decree of the chemists.
"The farmers." as declared, "do not
appreciate belns charncd as donestera:
having prepared (round and sown seed,
risked the winter's frecse. the chinch
buss' attack, the ranters of the heaslan
fly, the druulli and the flood and un
favorable harvest Mine, rata taking lis
toll. They resent being requlrtd to pay
'tribute te a board of chemistry."
He said further In part:
;The gentleman from Indiana says the
otily class which fear the pure food law
Is the. crooks. Yet they do fear the
Bureau ef Chemistry and It dominance
by any as man. whether he bear the
nam of Wiley. Doollttle, McCaba, Due
ls, or aay other name bandied In our
resent examination. ; They resent the
classification as "crooks
"Tne.ta en Italic w have held shows,
that one dement In the Bureau of Chem
istry Insisted that tt should be active In
keeping harmful substances out uf drag,
medicines, food preparations, and the
like. The Dther element Insisted that It
energies should be devoted to larger and
mere debatable question of food purity
In the net of benaoate of soda, autphar
dioxide, flour bleaching, eta The secre
tary of agriculture favored the former
and submitted 'certain great question to
the referee beard, f am inclined to think
that the house, desiring to treat fairly
the consumer and producer, WIN say that
the secretary was right."
Urrea flare Ueaaswratsk
Congressman Ureen of Iowa declared
today that It waa time the attention of
toe country waa challenged to the prac
tical workings of the so-called democratic
program of economy.
' "a examination of the action of the
democratic reformers on various measure
will show that they are cutting appro
priation t be used Where republicaas are
la the majority, but aro making large
Increases la democ ratio communities.
"On Saturday, YrWry IT, they passed
th omnibus war claims Mil providing for
the payment of t claims, moat of which
were for property In the eoath destroyed
during the civ war. At th same time
there seems to b abeouitelr a elnuaoe
to get action at this session aa the gen
eral omnibus claim MM which eoatatn
handreda If BOt. thousands of Just oases
favorably passed upon by th swot of
claim of comparatively recent origin
trots claimants la all part of th country.
, . l-avtaa Bapoadltwaoo.
"Another oaae la aoiat is the proposal
to bay km acres of land at AasUstoa,
Ala,, for a maneuver ground for tb
army, and they authorised it sal actios
of a comsrtssksn of three to to down
there and survey It with a view te Ha
purchase. 1 -
"Stltt aaother example la th passage
of the kill to mako rrt Oglethorpe la
Tens is 1 1 a tx-tgaa Boot It I estimated
that at will oost aearly ,, to carry
out the pursue of the Fort Oglethorpe
WIL Twer also propose t tax ever 1,00
soras aaar Tullhoma, Ten a., for another
"Yet la the teas of these proposed ex
tssuaon the Kay bill recommended the
ebaneonsxeat oa the grooad that the;
were unnecessary, of a score or more of
estabnahea aoeta fully equipped for
maneuveriag and other military exer
cises. By far the greater portion of th
posts urged for abandonment were In re
publican states, and all these aewly pro
posed suttees are la democratio states.
Tb. dssascratle bos at of economy
seams ta ha merely a aiapositio to bar
in goverament make a contribution ta
the democratio campaign fund, aad t
think It at Ume the people understood H."
Iaakotaaa Ulseattsfleel. , ,
1. M. riackler of Gregory, 8. D.. and
E. G. Bar mi m of Winner ro still work
ing for a change in the boundaries of the
Chamberlain land district, so that the new
lands to bo opened In Mellette and Ben
nett counties April will bo induced In
the Gregory district.
"The department baa already decided
aralnxt oa on the proposition.'' said Mr.
Harkter today, "but w believe wo can
have It reopened. If necessary we In
tend to: carry the matter to President
Taft. At the time of the opening of
binds in Tripp county the new claims
were taken out of the Chamberlain dis
trict and put Into the Gregory district.
because Gregory was much nearer and
more easily reached by railway. The
same thing le true In the present case
and ws feel there I eve more reason
for changing the boundaries now thaa
there was then.
"I want to say," added Mr. Hackler,
"that the Rosebud country I for Tart,
first, last and all the Ume. Out of about
8.0N) vote th republicans will have prob
ably ,. We believe that President
Taft has given th country a progress! v
administration: that be la sat, saas and
sincere. We are developing a new coun
try, m which outside capital I needed
and feel that we are more hxery ta b
able to Interest Investors order Taft than
under Roosevelt."
Halarr Loaves fa West.
Attorney E. J. Halner of Lincoln, who
was hearu by the committee on agrlcul
lure yesterday in support of crsemery In
terests and against manufacturer of
oleomargarine, left for th west toalght
As counsel for ths Fairmont creamery,
Mr. Halner cams to the capital primarily
0 business with the Interstate Commerce
commission, where be le preparing a sbo-
tlon for rehearing In the case of the rear
mont Creamery company against the
Chiraxo. twirllngten Qulncy railroad,
rereniiv decided hr the commission In
favor of the railroad. The decision ! ef
fect" raise the rat on cream ran frees
Crete to Concordia, Ken, 11 cent ean.
Breekearlda la Wasttlaartoa.
Ralph V. Breekenrldge of Qmaha f
rte ed la Waaalneie sdr- W meet tb
committee oa Insurance of the American
Bar association, of which h 1 caalr
aua. Daring hi stay In th capital he
will take up with th members of ths Ha
beas delrgatloa the question of secur
ing for ths Sanies indiaaa In -Nebraska
osrtaln anaultle alleged to a due them.
W. r. Ourlay a Omaha arstVsd la ths
city today on visit to his wife mother,
who has been 111 for' seat tine, Mr.
Ourltr having been her mother for
tb hut saonta. Mr. Otwis aaaf that ha
would nrge upon th house committee on
public lands during his stay In Washing-
ten the Importance of passing the Kiev
kald hill which agxilaes horoeeteed n
tries saad by Peraea who were owner
of more than la) acres of load aader tb
Klnkald act, Th lprtaMnt of th In
terior at on time. held that these ntne
Wer legal, but later reversed the ruling
and It I for th purpose of legalising
the en trie that th bul at to traduced.
Mr. Uurlsy represent soros of th entry-
Off WrwealaaT Let waa. , -
Xlimbert of the Wyomliuf aalagatlaa
have baea aotlflsd that at their request
a 4,a) acres of aaricuKural land en
th Wlad Hirer reservatlcn, la wester
Wrnenltss. r is oftared iar al oa
tan year, leases. Those lands, ta as food
any in the entire stale, aad ar ai
re dy nadar ditch. The India ar not
a We to cultivate th full aanaaat at Issas
tar th present b-rtg attest praeet, and
ta order to bars there
awsxaa baresa wW oSor fh
age far oale or lease. Water will b
(ural shed free th first rear t hath
leeeee ant purshasera, Th salsa ssaa
will ho bf Mai ad MRS. aad wHh th
till will a fall Batftta nssr right
Th tea prbw wtil be flaad at saau
par or far th first year, wtlk a
sTsuhaal snore threwgVewt th tin raat
sarlod. Partleular asay bo oxHalaed from
Us usrtntendent a ps Wind River
agency, Wind Rlvar, Wr., or from ta
baraaa of Indian affairs at Washlaftoo.
t ear Artie wa C. Pt , ' -Congrsasntaa
Lsaocat today received a
petition algae! bf terty farsoers hi th
vsstntty f helteo aad Weed Klver, ara
ng th paasags af a bill to settle th dis
pute over the width ad th Untan Padfl
right --way, Th ttU was biirsawuid by
Osnarsaarnaa Xerrts oarlr la Janaarrad
a fur u refers nos to th Judiciary conv
mttte was given a hsawtisg, at wMch W.
A. rrlnca, attorney tar th farmers, and
Attorney Umale for lb Vniea Padfa)
mad statement . tor and against th
pasaag of th MIL sir. Karris said to
day that a report on th bill might be
made the oommittee by the latter part
of next week.
Congressman Ubsoh went to teal timer
thM artemeea to speak at a heaquet bold
by th keeal ergaaisaUea of th Tra velars'
rrotectrv saeociatioo, of which he ta a
member. ...
Matter of latereet to Weed.
A deleattlea of Iowa iaea. sonalattna
of Clifford Thsmss. asembor of the Htsts
ruuiwsy eontmission: Attorooy Oenerel
'George Ceeeea aad Dwlght at Levis, as
sistant counsel tor the railway eenunle-
rXTIaTTsI an VASaTaVat,
Sd rieor xtoOrorer aw so aad 10
Toaf save 9.00 or anon oa rvrry purrnaa
here, bex-ausr w aara a theaaaad ttolaara a
month rent brlnj oa aecoad . fltxar.
Thia eaormoa saving la rent Kara toward
makin- thr xuuu of CaM (tor worthy of tb
aaxac bf which it at kaanav
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slon, aro In the city to appear before the
Interstate Commerce commission in the
hearings on express rsteeT
M. B. Ely of Davenport. Ia.. 1 her oa
legal business la the supreme court and
at the Interstate Commerce commission.
Congressman Martin of South Dakota
has named Leroy H. Lehman of Sturgis
ss principal to West Point. Graver C.
Young of Dead wood has been appointed
first alternate.
The Postoffleo department he turned
down ths request of the Western Seed
and Irrigation company of Fremont and
other companies for a third mall delivery
In the afternoon, saying the amount of
mail carried does net warrant the service.
C. W. Kaley of Red Cloud was in the
city today on hie way borne from Panama
aad Iho West Indie.
Civil service examinations will be held
March M for rural carriers at North
Platte, Moore field and WaltallL Neb.
Chhinnaa of Federal Commission
Answer Questions of Lee.
K AetlWIee II rewired, While nes
tles of Propriety ef Work I Itl
aaately la Referred to
. Prewldrat Taft.
WABH1NQTON. March L Th question
f whether federal office Solders will be
permitted to do political work for Presi
dent Taft or Colonel Roosevelt in th
campaign for the republican nomination
ha been brought before th Civil Seni
le commission.
Edward U. Le of Indianapolis, former
chairman of th republican state central
oommittte of Indiana, who I now re
ported to bo active In Colonel Roosevelt's
candidacy, called for 4 ruling In a tele
gram which he addressed to Chairman
John M. Black.
Le asks the commission to say If
some federal offer holder will b al
lowed to aid In th campaign for Colonel
Roosevelt If others ar permitted to work
for President Taft; ho want to know
what punishment will be administered
to thee who may violets th Inhibition
against political activity and aska if
federal of flea holder will bo disturbed
In his ofric if he refuse to take part
ia the contest.
Walls th republican national oommir
iea wa meeting In Washington last De
cember, Lee Issued a statement declaring
that President Taft could not carry In
diana. Later ho wa defeated for ra-elec.
flea a chairman of th Indiana Mat
central ( committee.
Copts of the correspondsno between
Le end fhalrmaa Black were made putaw
Ma her tonight. Le s tetegrsm wa as
'Tor certain reason many federal of
fice holder aader the dvll service In In
diana ar now active In pontic fur th
purpoo of securing delegate for Mr.
Taft to the Chicago convention. Many
at these prefer Colonel Roosevelt a tit
republican nominee.
Throe seat leas Asked.
"If some federal afflc bolder ar per.
mltted to work for President Taft will
other be permitted te work for Colonel
Kooeevr.ll. If no federal of flee holder
can take part In this contest, but under
ths rtvtl service lew mut remain neutral,
what t th punlstrment for their taking
Part? .
"Many of toee.. working for Mr. Taft
wet wrtsh to ee eo, hut are led te
bellev taay must, la case aay federal
office holder rfoM to laka part In tli
contest wilt ho be disturbed In his oftlc
because he doe refuse . . ,
"As answer to the question I ear
nestly desired, because rt la Important,
net only front the point of view of a
souars deal, awt hun from a clear under
standing of what the strll service law
requires under all th ctrcumsunos
stated and whether it I to be enforced.'
No I as ore per Activity aJ tewed.
Chairman Btack's reply to th thro
direct questions feiiowi:
"Th eo mm! set a I not aware that soma
federal officeholder ere permitted to
work for any candidate. Th oommlssion
exorcises rt Jurledlctjon wttk atrtet Im
partiality, Inquire hits th actlvlttea of
esenaetlUv employs violating the act
aad rule without regard to their noHclcai
affiliation aad make suck mommeada-
ttaa a th nature of the cess demands,
ItrssmUvs of BotttleaJ earuiderailooa.
The ooaoluahja I obvious that th com
mission cannot permit any person ever
wheat w baa iartedletloa to be Improperly
active ta political affairs.
with reference ta the punishment to
be inflicted upon a person foaad to bar
been politically active In violation of the
dvll aervtce act and rules. It I to be ob
served that that punishment will depend
apoa the nature and degree of tb activ
ity and will extend ta enrol eel nrooecu-
tkta. separation from the service or ls
discipline a th ease may eeera to re
quire and th law and rule prescribe.
"Ia reply to th inquiry whether a fed
eral officeholder will be dietarhod la hie
office tsraiioo Ji refused to take aa
active pert In the campaign, your atten
tion t lavttsd to the executive order of
February K WO, revising th dvll service
rule relating to removals and reduction.
That rule apoile to persona la the com
petitive some and. of course, ha no
appUratloa to federal officer who ap
pointment ar made by th president
Tour attontloa I also Invited to the ex
ecutive order of February Is, showing
th puatshmeat to be Inflicted upon rural
carrier who taka aa active part In
pontics I Bianage merit or In political cam-
PeUllea! Aid 5et meejniswd,
Chalrmaa Black s direct reply to th
three ejuesttene Is preceded by an ex
planation af the provisions of the dvll
service art rotating to the political con
duct at thoa la th service. He quotes
sections watch specif)' that ao person In
the service ht V rider obligation to con
tribute to any political fund or give
political service aad that th employe
will not be remored fcr refusing to do so.
further? prgTMaoao cf the act, which
prowl that no person la th service asay
as hie official authority to influence
political aetiaa, ar may be subject to
execTlaunatiea for religious or political
reasons are also quoted.
The ebairsnaa's reply then continues:
"It la the commissi oa's duty to oa
kat th prostslenB of th strll servtss
act and ruse are strictly euorceu a mi
a) esnasoj-s vary legitimate and available
awe as to seeure the prosecution of per
sono who axay violet them. It Juris
dicrlom, bovrever. Is limited aad sx tends
to th -mveatlgatioa of an acts af al
leged improper political aetrrtty con
trary to the ctvn service law. euca acts
ombracinc. smong other, the of tm-
per aoiltlcal activity oa the part
ef competitive ctaaatfled emptoyeo of the
VnJted ntates aad unclsawifled laborers.
a won a vtotetlene of the statute la any
particular, a for Instance, th provlstoa
that aa person la tb asulu of the
reveramenl shall solicit i
Utlcal cwnMaatleaa at ai
brdldxBaT encwrssd by aa otacer er
ploy of the Coated Stataa ta th dls
aharge of official ehstsaa.
Thar to sswtbar daaa of case Uat
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doe not oeate within th riedlerii of
the eommleelon; namslir, ease of alleged
political aonrtty on - the part of of
ficials outside of the competitive classi
fied eervtoe, but within th departmental
or eseeutle eirtl eerelee, dee la red
hr axMttttv order. This class I prop
rlr uhiet I lb constderatlor. of th
president or the head 1 of departnenta.
Inaopendeat of floe aad comnuasloo un
der which person aoncamed serve,
"Th oeensUastua nareover upon, the
direction of the president. Investigates
any eases of alleged Improper political
aetlrtty, taaludlng thoaa of presidential
appoint, reportlr.g te him th results
of such lDTtlontlea, hut haotnc aa
power to enforce Its cooctuakaa, that
reetlng with Um prealdesL
"It will occur, of course, that In pur
suing Its Settee th ootnnUsslon mar
find, Ineoived In (emmon wrong doing,
those not In lta jurisdiction, hot whoso
acta cannot ho separated from thooe
who are within It JurUdlotloo; In each
case the Invest tgsttun would be puriuod
to th end.
Tou will see from what has already
been aald that the oommtaelsn's authority
la Investigate your eosa plaint depend
upon the kind of position held aad tb
nature ef the activity alleged. Na person
la tb executive dvll eervtoe I permit
ted to use hie official authority or In
cur oo la political matter and na per
son in compstltlrs classified servics can
tak aa acllv part la political mtkags
aisnt or political eampatgne. Wbenever
H la charged, with offer of proof, that
any person la th executive dvll servlc
ha violated the first clause of Section
1 of Jlul I, or, whenever It I charged,
with like erfer of proof, that any persons
In th aompetltlv classified snrvtoo ha
violated th aesond olauea of Section 1
of Rul t. If la th oommlsalon' duly te
tnvaatlgau th oaae aad oak anon
recommendation ss th fact asay appear
to warrant"
If yoa hare anything ta cxesaur ad
rsrtlse U la Th Be Want Ad oolusuav
Revolver Flashed
to Force Payment,
Says Poor Debter
Her nerves shattered and her physical
health permanently Impaired by th
action of a collector tor tb C. F. Adam
company, according to the allege tlona of
her petition, Mr. Louis 'Burgs, wife of
an employ of th Omaha Cold Storage
compear, started aa action for H.IM
damage s gainst th Adam company
In district court yesterday.
Th story Mrs. Burgs relate In her
petition la Inisubstanc aa follow:
Sh bought from th Adams company
two quilt for fi, the purchase being
mad on th instalment plan, ah to
pay 1! rent a month. When her haby
died the expenses attendant upon sick
ness and death drained th family fund
and sir. Burg boram delinquent In her
payments. Lynn W. GrabUI. a collector
for the company, came to th house and
demanded all payment due. When she
explained the cause of her delinquency
Ufa bill grow wrathy, declared there waa
nothing In what h had told of the dead
haby and demanded that ah return the
quilt at one. She I said ah would and
moved to do ao, whereupon Grablll
drew a revolver, pointed tt at her, and
ordered her trt atop, at the same time
threatening her. Sh cried for help to
relatives la the boue and Orablll went
Mrs. Burg allege that at th time of
th alleged Improper conduct of Orablll
she wa III and, nervous aa ah waa.
his aettona greatly Injured her.
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