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Day ta Omaha I
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1 J.II,L
Daily Bee
Fair; Cplder
VOL. XII NO. 22a t.
' Tlgarou' 6peec3unJ4nf Campaign
to Be Undertaken Soon to Ex
plain Attitude.
' Chicago, ' Sew Hampshire and
I Gtorgia limits f March Trip.
' Pkni to Talk oa Doctrinei Eaun-
tinted by Booserelt. . " "
' irew Yoax situatioh discussed
Cmut mm with linn Satisfactory
, t te Bath la Ceaaeetless with Uele
1 gates and Perdu at Pro
ves Platform. -
' WAwHlMOTCX. Fsb. S Pwaldiit
Tsft will awn tart a vigorous speech
making campaign a explain hla position
on current question and further hit can
( dldacy for retiomlnatlon.
1 Before tha republican national oonven
itlon meet In J una the president will
spend assay day wt tha road, and Is ax-
peered ta deliver scores of speeches.
H will travel aa far wart as CluoafO,
a far north aa New Hampshire and
uuth at least aa far a Georgia. Other
engagement may be mad ta tha next
few weeks. The president' political ad
vlsers believe he is their beat erator.
Stoct tha Taft re Domination headquar
ters war opened her acme Urn ago and
, . Repreeentatlva William B. McKJnler waa
' put la charge, republican leader have
1 urged tha president to get Into the earn
palgu. lie began following thia advice
when he accepted an Invitation of a yoar'e
standing to attend the fiftieth annual
dinner of tha Swedish American Repub
' Mean dub In Chicago, Tha acoeptanc
;of that Invitation wsa followed by the
nanouncament that the president had eon
,' sented to amp oa hla way west at Toledo.
O. Invitation ta visit Toungatown and
. (Msssillon bar been received and prob
aMy will ba accepted. A few daya ago
the Whit Houa let H be known that the
president woe Id go to Savannah, Oa., In
'April or May and might Mop at Pin-'
hurst. K. C.
Will Explain VI we.
Totrirht after a abort conference with
Senator Crane, 8 moot and O a! linger It
waa said tba president would extend hla
coming trtp ta Boston to Include Nashua
and Concord. St. H. He wUI leave Wash,
ington for Boston oa March IT, pend
Much II there and will vtelt the two
New Hampshire cities on March la. Al
though no announcement has been mad
of subjects for apeecbea tba president will
make oa these trip, It Is practically cer
tain that he will net fall to Include la
hla addreesas the recett of judge, ta
"recall" sf Judicial dacWona, possibly tb
Initiative and ' referendum and toptoa
.f'rhrfl r r-'--"' " '" '- Ki-
epiia m Tuiumbu last Week.
probably Mr. Taft win max no direst
reply ta that apeech and it ha been said
with emphasis that he will not Indulge la
, personalities, but that h will make dear
his own view on many of tha doctrines
advocated by Colonel Roosevelt In Colum
bus l almovt certain.
A canvass of the New Tork political
situation mad at conferences today be
tween William Barnes, Jr., chairman of
tb New Tork tat republican commit
tee, Vive President Sherman, Stat Sen
ator Bracket! and ltspieesmallv Calder,
a Brooklyn leader la emigre, resulted in
' aa Informal declaration that President
TaA would bar aa almost solid Nw
Tork delegation t th republican na
tional convention.
Talk with Bars re SatUfaerery.
It was claimed today that tha confer
ence between President Taft and Chair
man Barae waa satisfactory to both in
to far aa the selection of delegate and
. th proposed wording of th platform waa
Congressman McKlnley, director of the
national Taft headquarter, today re
turned from Chicago, where he mad ar
rangeenents for th western end of the
Taft aamnaiga,
Mr. McKlnley had a short talk with
tha president, but did not go over th
weetera situation In detail.
T visitor at th Tart headquarters he
, exsressed tb belief that tba president
was gaining support to Illinois.
WASHINGTON.- Feb. .-Th bourn
cr mmlttee on naval affair today decided
In favor of authorising two new bat tie
ship this year and will demand that th
democratic eaucu rescind its action
declaring against additions t tba aavy
at thia time. Th committee win ask
, for a free hand to determine th matter
tor Itself. " .
Tb committee unanimously nodded that
a battleahlp appropriation waa Basse sary
and th member have asaurano of th
required twenty-live signature to a pe-
' tlUoa for a new caucus next week. Ta
action of th committee is held to be an
assurance that ther win be an approprta-
Hon probably for tw battleships, There
might be a uompvomlsa, however, aw n
battleship In addi'Jo to torpedo boat.
submarines, destroyers, eoilter and other
uxlilarle. Tb caucus win be called
sometlm nut week.
Republican loader la tb senate ay
tl at congress will Provide for at least
oca and probably two battleships.
The Weather
The National Capital
Wednesday, Febrsar SS, 11S.
The Senate.
In session at I p. at.
Labor Leader John Wililam of Pitts
burgh told finance committee any reduc
tion In steel plat tariff would result in
conflict between capital aad labor.
The House.
inaidared 'calendar Wednesday"
ail la.
A report to Stan'ey rteel commutes on
an Invesrlratinn of r tilted States rteel
corporation's books and minutes stated
the triutation operau.d is restraint of
tra,1 aril prevented competition.
Foralirri rv'.miere commute favorably
reported SuUer resolution, which wsuid
nrtusliy recoanlie new mines republic.
Roosevelt Holds
Council With His
. Bay State Advisers
B06TOn7 Feb. 3,-Tile leading volun
teer la the campatgn for Theodore
Roosevelt In ' Maaeachueetta had a final
nesting with their candidate today be
fore bi departure tor New York. Sev.
era! men who have juat enlisted for th
Cgbt wet Introduced to Coiotiel Roose
velt, and ther waa a council of aar as
to th selection of a leader for th
Massachusetts force. H I understood
no decision was rtauhod an thia point.
Mr. Roosevelt we asked what be
thought of th prospects her and of
th result throughout the country of bis
announcement tliat h was willing to ac
cepf'th nomination.
"I Lav absolutely n.tliiug to say," he
Organisation of tb RooMveit move
mart thia woe It baa mulled In spurring
Into activity th supporters of th present
administration. It wss announced today
that at a meeting Saturday th Taft
Business Men leagus will be formed.
Colonel Roosevelt found time this morn
ing to talk book again. At breakfast
with him at th horn of Dr. Btursli
Bigelow wer Prof. Barrett Wendell of
Harvard and Brooks Adams, th author.
Before going to luncheon ' with Arthur
D. Hill, on of th Roosevelt leaders, at
whoa horn th principal political confer
ence ef th day wsa held. Colonel Roose
velt attended a meeting of th Harvard
board of overseers.
Several hundred person cheered th
colonel aa b left a Slate street build
ing watra be bad attended a meeting
of th board of overseers of Harvard
eoltege. Colonel Rooeerelt left her tor
New Tork and will arriv ther at I
Turks Defeated
in a Fierce Battle
East of Tripoli
ROME, Feb. M.-A aevere belli result
ing In th utter defeat by th Italian
troops of In Turkish force and trelr
Arab alllo with great Ion I reported In
official dispatch received baro tociar
kAmiIama (ahlch.ia ,)! knwa
Leodai. , e 1 wity mite t tb east
of th olty of Tripoli on th Mediterran
ean coast, . , ' .... . '
Th engagement occurred , at - Mount
Merghe. which He t som dlatanc be
hind th town. Th Turk nd Arabs
had taken up a strong position on th
lope where they wer attacked by the
Itsllans with Infantry and artillery.
After a fight, which lasted alt day th
Italian put a enemy to flight by storm
ing th heights.
Th lost of Turks and Arabs Is de
scribed In th report aa heavy. The
Italian lost eleven killed and eighty-two
wounded. "
man embassy ha taken up th cudgel
on behalf of th Italian In Paleatlna
Th ambassador today mad a vigorous
protest to th port against their expul
sion from Turkish territory under the
terms of th recent decree. Many of th
Italia na affected by th government's
order of expulsion are "workmen on the
Bagdad railroad, which I a German un
Part of Garrison at
, Wu Chang Revolts
HANKOW. China, Feb. K.-A port km
of th republican troop stationed at Ws
Chang revolted, during th night. Consid
er bi fighting occurred, but no detail
hav reached here regarding th caaul.
ties, Th city gates hav been closed. 1
Tb outbreak la attributed to th dis
satisfaction among th soldiers at aot re
ceiving their pay, .
Th foreign run boats stationed her
hav been ordered to bold themselves la
readiness for eventualities.
No disturbance hav occurred la this
ty. - V ' '
WASHINGTON. Feb. 2S.-Th house
commute an foreign affairs today favor,
ably reported th Snlaer resolution, which
la effect would reoognlx th new re
public of China. It congratulate the
Chin people "on their sumption of
the power, duties and responslbllltle of
alt government."
FOR NKRRBK A Unsettled and proa
ab'.y enow nut-r!; celder east portion.
)OR row A Fair ami colder.
at eaaaha Yesterday.
... M
.... a
... a
.... a
. a
U -m
y-'-f- l 11 a. a
awk iEiErz::::
-Yjj y p. m.
Folke E. Brandt
Released on Bond
NEW TOIUCj Feb. It Folke E. Brandt.
former valet of Mortimer U Schiff, sen
tenced to thirty years' mtprl son meat far
burglary tn the first dagre, waa for
mally released from th Tomb today,
details of hla ball bond having finally
been adjusted. He left tb criminal courts
building -immedlalely, followed by a larfe
eiOl'X FALLS, t, D Fab. 2t-6pe-etal.l-OJont
Vlokcra, who I a candid us
far aananaUon to the office of harlff la
Harding county, tn tha extreme north
vatrra part of tb at at a, n referred to
ba his friende a ."tha largest spedmea
j of physical manhood In captivity.' Thia
jt became of hi enormous stse. H
siaaos m seex ana swvea lacnea la na
stocking feet and weighs aa poooda
mcksrs kaeo la psrtset pnyawssl nasi
tisar and I unusually powerful even for
one 9t bis great ate. If elected sheriff
bis dealings will be largely with bora
sad eattl "rusturra"
Agent of DepaxtmeBt ef Jnitiot
Lookiuf Into Alleged Vioution of
Interstate Commerce Law.
Wtgti and Workiaf Conditions in
Xilli to Bo Looked Into.
Committee of Strikers Will Appur
Before Congress Saturday.
Caart Officials Aia Acraeed at
Offrrtsg ta Casaprassle Fle
- Hayeraaw , Make Charge
Agaiaat Coldea.
IWIiENCE, Mata. Feb. M.-Th first
of at least Vwa Utvestlgstlons by federal
officials in-. certain phase at th sit.
uatlon auiroundlng tha long-standing
strike of m il workers la this city was
begun todsy.
Special Agwit William C. Dannenberg
of th Department of Juetlc, acting an
der United estate District Attorney Aaa
P.' French, presided over an Inquiry into
th exportation- of children. He ram to
Lawrence to ascertain whether th polk-
official In preventing th departure at
ISO children fur Philadelphia las), Saturday
acted In violation of th Interests com
merce law. Alleged III treatment of chil
dren and women by th nolle did not en
ter Into tide luqulry.
Th wsora and working condition In
th mlllsf th clta are to be th ub
Ject of another Investigation, and offi
cial from Washington will arriv her
tomorrow morning to puru th Inquiry.
' Committee la Wahlata.'
Th situation will be brought before
congress on Saturday, when a committee
of striking men, woman and children, in
ducing thirty-six of th ratter, will ap
pear before the house of representatives
to submit to queetlons. They rosy not
leave Lawrence before Friday. Severe!
of these children hav been (elected be
cause of injuries received whll at work
la th mills, for which th mill waers
are alleged to hav mad no compensa
tion. Congressman Butler Ames.' In whose
district Lawrence I attuatsd, concluded
two days' personal Investigation of the
strike today, and will leave for Wash
ington tonight After sttendlng a lively
can ion of th strike committee, Congress
man Ames said he believed himself now
well acquainted with ll side In th con
troversy, and expressed the opinion that
the striker ar deserving of much sym
pathy. . -1 . .
fhsraes Aaslast Pedlew.
At th Mtelon at th strth committee
today tt waa charred that nolle and
la an cast offering to roduo a Is fins
first to to. then to tt and finally to tb
deposit of an overooat worn by man
arrested. It via said also that tba woman
among th striker hav decided aot to
pay a fin In any ease after arrest, but
to remain In Jsll.
In connection with th cases at two
women arrested today, both of whose
eases Wer continued, Judg Maaonsy
again criticised "Th fellow behind who
ar putting sromen and children, oa the
streets to picket," and ba added that he
eould deal with tbess women only a he
would with men. .' ' -
A permanent organisation to assist In
ths-maintenanc of law and order In
Lawrence was perfected today at a meet
ing of a committee of eitlacna.
Lawrence people generally were made
easier In mind by tha announcement that
th troop war not to b withdrawn until
affair become more settled.
Will Send Children ta Wsehlsartsa.
In th expectation that a party of ojfll
dren would be sent to Wee'.ilnarten today
a large crowd gathered about the rail
way atatlon, but as preparation bad not
been completed th depart ur of tb dele
gation ha beea deferred for th day.
Reprsssntativ Bcrger of Wisconsin, at
whose suggestion they ar ta appear be
fore eoagr on Saturday, telegraphed
to William D. Haywood that only chil
dren whe worked la th mill ar wanted,
s aa entirely new party had to be en
rolled. '
Tba children who were originally en
listed for the Washington trip may be
sent to Philadelphia, It la ald- S ,
lavewttaatlaa Is Ordered.
WASHINGTON, Feb. aX-Tb federal
bureau of labor will make an Immediate
Investigation of the wage aod working
sondltlons at the textile mill at Law
rtnee, Mae. A representative ef tb bu
reau wilt leave Washlngton'today for tb
strlko-riddra city.
Tb decision to Icvostigst th strike
was reached at c conference today be
tween Secretary of Caounerca aad Labor
Nsgel and Ur. Charles p. Nelll. United
State commissioner of tabor. Tb bureau
of labor has considerable data about con
ditions at Lawrence as a result sf recent
luqulrtea Tb continuance sf tb strtk
and tha turbulent situation resulting,
bewevir, made tt desirable, la tb Judg
ment at th federal authorities, to ascer
tain tb exact condition today and all
th cause of the labor troubia. There baa
beea agrtalhm la congress during tb
last few day ta hav ta bursas at labor
Invotlgat tba Lawiwac situation.
lireprsaentattv Wilson, chairman ef th
committee on labor, received scores of
letter and tele gram today relating to
th proposed consTeseionai Investigation
of tb strife to be coitatdered by the rale
committee next Caturdsy. t
Wililam N. Haywood, leader of th In
dustrial Workers sf tb World, sent a
telegram attacking Prestdeat Ootdea of
tha textile workers, charging that Golden
aided th polled aad waa aa enemy ef tb
strikers. In a letter Ooldenvnado counter
charge against Haywood, declaring that
he end other mad laflammatory
speeches which precipitated riot.
ST. JOSKPrt. Me.. Feb. a.-Th In
habitants ef Ridgeway, ato., used snow
in a desperate fight with Bra that-almost
deetroyed tba villas last night, Feur
store were consumed.
. The Early Bird
From th Washington Hersld.
Baling by Commission in Bate Case
Flatly Overruled.
Oeelalca Saye Casneslssaea Assessed
Pawer It Xevsr r assessed aad
, Mads Baling Caatrary la
the Evldeaew.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 3.-An order of
th Interstate Commerce commission re
ducing certain class freight rate from
Kew Orleans t Montgomery, Selma and
Mobil. Ala, and to Pens cola, Pia...t4-
o waa anlwt hp Qntr nsf ties'. w
marc court. ?
Th dsclMon, landed down by Judge
Arrhbald, la certain to add ' eonalderablf
fuel to tli controversy already gout be
tween th Interstate Commerce commis
sion snd th eominerc court.
Th court declarea that congress never
Intended to cloth th eammuation with
th wide authority It has assumed, ft was
further asserted that the court eouli dis
cover nothing In the record In support of
th conclusion of th commission or to
Justify th reduction lit rats that It
ordered. ' '
Cemmlelea Flatly Overruled.
Th court' opinion concludes:
"Counsel for th oomm lesion and for the
government simply rely on th authority
of th commission to determine what la a
reasonable rat and th eonclueivenaee at
It Judgment where it "haa dons so,
against which. It was argue, ths courts
can afford no relief unless th rat which
ha been filed I ahown J be oon ris
es tor)-. . . "
'This contention must bs rejected. In
our Judgment it waa never Intended to
confer en the commission any such un
restrained and undirected power. It te
not within th authority of th commis
sion to reduce tb rate In this or any
other eas not merely against the weight
of tb evidence prod seed to sustain them.
but without anything substantial to war
rant th conclusion reached or the reasons
assigned therefor.
"And this w are convinced I a case
of that character. Hawing regard to the
undisputed evidence adduced at ths hear
ing, th existing rats were not shown
to be unjust er unreasonable and there
waa, therefor, no valid bast for tb
oomm jatoa's conclusions."
First Case la to si we re Ceart.
This was tb first case argued betas
th commerce csxirt after ft establish
ment, mor than a year ago. It wss
brought by tba Louisville Nashville
railroad In aa effort to modify or annul
tha emnndsskrir order at reduction.
It was declared tn lh record that If
tb order ef th comwtismio fixing what,
in tt opinion, wer reasonable rate wer
enforced, th esse to tb LouUviil ft
Nashville would ba MM a year.
Th Mew Orleans board of trad al
leged that discriminating rate against
New Orleans wer made by the Louls
vllla Nashville aad argod that that
city be put on an equality at rat ta
th southeastern territory with New
Tork. Baltimore, the Care Unas and Vir
ginia. The opinion of the -court I di
rectly opposed to that caateatloa.
, :t .'. .
L -J
Validity of Idaho
Divorce Challenged
By London Woman
LONDON. Feb. ta Hugo K. Ames, th
wn known author who waa m UW pri
vate secretary to Sir Julian Paunoafota
at tba British lags to at Washington,
sppeand today aa defendant ta the di
vorce court bar. His wife, Kate, daugh
ter of A. Wilier Palmer ef th Indian
civil service, claims a dlvarce on tb
ground of her husband's alleged mis
conduct and desertion, and of hi mar
riage with Flora Northaek-Wilson, daugh
ter of the ku CMonel Hayter, th Amer
ica, which ah asserts as Mgamsua.
Counsel for th plaintiff said that fa
question was whether tk dlverea se
ta! ned by tb derandsnt tn I dab was
The saw era adjourned.
Lgand. The eas
Wilson Refuses to-J
Give Out Letters in
Baking Powder Case
WASHINGTON, Feb, . -Secretary of
Agrlcultur Wilson today denied request
of Dr. Wiley, need of th pur food board.
that all th correspondence in a recent
baking powder derision be mad public.
The request wss made by Dr. Wiley
oauaa of ths rhsrge against him by th
editor of a food publication who declared
that In the baking powder decision Dr.
Wiley "acted at variance with hie oft-
repeated statement that la cases of doubt
he alway gav the doubt to the public.'
The editor claimed Dr. Wiley's baking
powder decision "let the public take nil
the rlek." because otherwls It might have
'involved or embarrassed the baking
powder trust." Dr. Wiley recommended
that case against a certain baking
powder company be placed m permanent
abeyance, although examination had ro
iled a small quantity of , lead, about
tw one-thousands of 1 per cent In the
product. '
Secretary Wilson said nothing Would be
made public In regard te the metier until
after tb board had reported. ' i
Dutch Farmers on
the Way to Iowa
MEW TORK, Feb. H-Two bond red
Dutch farmer attd their families ar In
New Tork. oa rsuU t lows, where they
bav purchased a large tract far tanamg
purpose. Ther arrived here a the liner
Noordam from Rotterdam. All ar an
possess! oa of ample funds aad th men.
women and children are splendid speci
men ef the sturdy Freloland yeoman
farmer, who have been th backbon ef
Holland tn the time of troubia Heavy
taxation and? high rents were th causes
of tbdr emigration from Friesland.
Former State Treasurer Biet Sud
denly at Home in Ord. 1
Merteasea Cam ta Valley Ceaaly
Forty Aa aad Had Leas
res Prominent la Pea
lie Affair. '
ORD. Nsb., Feb. S.-(Spoll Telegram.)
Peter Mortensen, president of th First
rTatwnsf bank and an of Verier county's
most reeuscted clllsens, dlid suddenly tt
4 a'clsck this mom int. H came to Val--jaw
cunts MS eeier ear swd aw bisn
a prominent figur In th devetapment of
thsl eetloH of th stste. Th funsrsJ will
ka-told Friday rTernodn.-'-.. ' -t,
Mr. Morten was for many' rears a
leader In tha repaMlcan party -ef the
stste. bad served as state treasurer
for-two terms He was first nominated
for this office la IM, but suffered detsat
with tli rest sf th ticket. In 1M he
waa again given the nomination and ass
elected. II won a re-el errt on la UN.
and when talk f candidates for stat
offloee began In I XX he wsa strongly
urged for th sfflos of governor. i
could ' probably hav ' been nominate
wer .It not for lb eonstitutloaal prs
vlslon prohibiting ths sleotlon of an ex
ecutive of flier of tlw Mat t any ether
office during th term tor which he wu
elected. ''
Mr. Mortensen wss a native ef Den
mark, born October Is. last. He earn te
Amer ce whea M aad located hs Valley
county tn 1IT1 Her he ham the ftret
dvlHsed dwelling In the caustty, a dag
out, that section of the mat befog sera
el pally arcuated by rtieux and Pawa
Indian when Mr. Mortenssn arrtvaf. In
Itn be was chosen te tn office ef eoeaty
treasurer and held th plea fer nss
years. He waa eae ef the feeasder t
th First National bank ef Ord, and was
tt president from IM la tba time ef his
death. He leaves one sen, Crawford J.
Mortensen. -
Tribute frees AMrsrh. ' -
' LINCOLN, Pb. . (r! pedal.) Oovee-
Akfrtrb, speaking of lb death of
Mortens today said:
"la ths sudden death of Peter Morten
sen, Nebraska los so ef Its
pioneers, a awn wb baa beea connected
with th material and duatloaal de
velopment ef lh stat for sv great assay
"Mr. Msrtsnssa cam t thi stat a
poor boy, with scarcely a dollar. .
"Has only nnttai waa good bealth. reeo-
lutloa, brains, and Integrity. Hi amg
and Mcesestul earwsr la proof absolute
of th opportunities afforded to a
of hi kind aad quality. Fer four year
. h was state treasurer, managing th
rVaect Interest of th stste with
msVksd ability, and mad a record for
htmself and his party.
The community slier be baa lived
for a many year will alway bear in
grateful awmory hla kindness, hi philan
thropy, and hla public eprrH.
"Peter Mortensen was en ef th several
type of public men la thi atat who
hav been Mponstble in a bare way for
the moulding and forming of our laws
and Institutions, and be win alway be
remembered by the people ef Nebraska
a a faithful servant and lofty patriot,
whose ability was alway at tb servfc-e
of publie enterprise aad any ether legiti
mate undertaking.
"HI Hfe, character (ad work ks worthy
of etnulstion by the coming gentratloa.'
Railraad Official SMceed in Get.
ting Rolling Stock in Jaarex
to American Side. .
Train of Thirty-Six Freight Cart'
Had Been Xade Up.
stadero Expects to Compel Surrender -
Without Fight.
isaerlewa Cellewter at Customs Be.'
qaewted Net te Clear Swede, ae
Pert Haa Been Dewlaewd ' '!
r.l. PASO. Feb. a General Selasar .
arenarsd a train of thirty-six box and flat
. . , r4.ihn.KM.
cars to move nis mimi i
Todsy railroad official of both tb Msxi-.
can Central and Mexican Northwestern ny
a sudden strategw move ran th motive
power In tha J us rex yard to tb Ameri
can aide. Thia coud temporarily at leaat
prevents Salasar from leaving Juares with
hU M men. He had proclaimed that ne
Intended forming a Junction with other
e.h.i is the west for attack on Chihua-
hu. Th antlr movement be declared!
wa te ba directed by, Pasuai oroac. :
whose reals-natron from the federal army J
become ffectlv March 1. j
Antonio Roles and hi command. of
Vasuulstss reached Juares this morning
to Join th command which captured th
town ysaterday. Thi unite th forces
t law Salasar, Emlllc Campa and An-1
ton to Rojaa. , ' i
Absolut quiet reigns In Juara and psr-J
feet order' le being maintained, Traffic -1
has been resumeq oetween me -" i
Mexican Cosul Uorente Secisres inat
th port of Juares closed. Lnitea
State customs officers declar th port)
of Juares U open as usual, so far a ,
they ar concerned, and all regularly J
entered shipments for Juares er points J
south will bs cleared her. :
Plan ta Cat Oft Sapplle.
Mexico PITT. Feb. St-Plans for tha'
meovary of the city of Jusrea without ,
bloodshed are to be th subject of dis
cussion at th meeting of President Ma-,
dero's cabinet today,
a nmiert to starve out th rebel by:
surrounding lh Mexican eld of th city.
with loyal troop and counting on tn..
id of American to cut off supplies,
from th El Peso aid Is to be consid
ered. Th secretary of th treasury will
formally, declar tha custom nous w -
Juares closed. ,
Th government Is organising niumv
Isry lore for th pad fleet km f th
part hern region of Mexico. ,...
- ' t atted gluts Ashed te Aid.
i v-w etrk. laaslcan
nssiiii,uivi,, - -
a ri Peso. Tex- today mussied
lb American eoMoclor f custom tberd
to fftrbtd th1 xportatlon ot American
foods Into juare ana urseu
K-i k. uenised by th L'nlted
Stat a cloeed. Tha Treasury depart
ment ha taken up th question wun me
departments of state and Justlc.
Tha mattsr of mopping ail supplies i--.led
bv th Slat denartment as a
delicate one, because ef the lack of food
and other subsistence kg Juares. A con
siderable district ts dependent upon Juares
for Its supplies and tn cutting off of
exports from 151 Paso, It Is tear, would
cause much suffering. It h) Understood the
Mexican embassador In preparing u my
befor th Stat department tb demand
at his sovernment that the shipment (
snppll Inte Jusrea ba stopped.
Consul Ueneral Hanna reported today
from Monterey that the statement that
Oeaaral Oeroaliae Trevtoo had had oast
Ma lot with th rebel waa without found
ation. Ueneral Tmvtne. h said, wa ra
Monterey la eemmaad of lb government
troop. A veal leader t revolu-
troaary snevmsmnt. Mr. Hanna reported.
wa Kmitt Vssqua Uomea
- itesnrta te the State department indi
cate that affair ar aertoiu at Torreon
nd at Vuvdna wner smsnou sun
Ing men kurcess rutty fought off a rebel
band. la Vera Crux the Insurgents hra
said le have captured several , towns-
eAHsuise renressotativ at
Saa Luis PotosL Fapachula and SaHlllo
report M quiet. ) . , -
Seaae Hsy stesee,
HERXOSILU). Max.. Feb. S.-A plan
fine the inarar aaceoekm of the atat
at Sonera (rem the Mexican central gov.
ernment waa promulxatrd here today.
The atsn wa fathered by the business
men ef Sonora, who want th officials of
thi stat to propose R to President Ma
dera and tb Mexican congress.
LAD EDO, Tex- Feb. Sv A movement
ta throw the ssiDDort of General Bernardo
Rsywa followers to President stadero was
(Continued on Second Paga
House mall today brought Preetdent Taft
a silk shamrock and geld soak from
Mary F. Flattery ef New Tork, wsscn
th president will wear In th lapel of
his coat when hs rides at ta head of th
St. Patrick day parad In Boston Mon
day, March la.
A. Bradner. em of the eldest residents
of Central Illinois, la dead, aged Z.
For aeventy-ftve year sh has beea a
social leader la Btoooalngtoa. . ..
Xrvr TORK. Feb. S.-The Jury ht the
divorce suit brjught by Kthal Crokr
Breen sgainat her husband. John J. Braen,
erstwhile riding master, returned a sealed
verdict hi tb supreme court today, bold
In s that they eould not agree. Tb plain
tiff I a daughter ef Richard Crober.
ore tee leal Ceateet at Yaaktea.
TANKTON, 8. D Feb. K-tSpeclaLf-ln
th snnusi declamation contest far th
VaieaUs prtee at th college the prut
winner wer Walter Buesy ef Tabor,
James Brown of Chamberlain and Egbert
Beyer of Caaova la tb order named.
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