Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 23, 1912, Page 12, Image 12

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    fHh Bhfc: OMAHA, KU1DAV. PKBRUAR1' 23. 1912.
Cattl. Trade Slow, with
Steady to Strong.
Beesi ) Lanka la Very Ileal
! au lir Iaflaeaee at
ea1 Israaawal l"rt-e Sneer
aaSaarr at Tea Cent.
Fere. in ',-er-:
r Monday ...
'J'iria; Tucstiav
.'il:.val Wednesday .
1 limine inui-saay
Caul. Hot. Sheep.
... 4.4X1
.. lii)
m h i- ts-on averages rmrured from 140
downward. aiJitv ana weight eeterram-
if.c ih nrlce. Butchers cleared at th
mid.lle snaiJ, Belling largely within tt-Dd
Four tiivi this tl iM S2.&M
fan aa laat weak ..Us.lll M Mir
Kim day ; w ks asolivU .'J Ji4
day tiki moEiIbI fc...sM 3k.71
reme oav 4 was ago. Is. 13s uk4 ai.i;
riu-e days taat year.. !:,!&; .; M1I
11c following labia thorn tiia receipt
i t caitla. boat and sheep at South unwtia
;r ih year to data aa compared airh
la-t Hit: mi;. inc. lec
altl VA.zr,
11' aa 31' i.7
Mnvp JO.;i rw.JKJ
lhc following table shuas toe rung of
li'i:. luul for huca at iHritU omulta for
t:.e I it tew oaya. with einiiar.iionJ:
Ka. . sa. Fi. N Sa. FT.
m as etia u ...
m ir ... i: :. 04 ... 4.
m m Mil! 3t ...
JO. 144 ... I 4) Tl ... Ct
u las ... it. :t rti ... 447
I 14 ... I 14 741 ... II
M IM Mia M MI ... 4 14
74. 1U ... iaa x Hi at I w
U IM a) 4 n 4 24 14 I 14
at. i ... 11 i ... 414
m 44 I la it aa ...
II 11 Mil. 71 721 ... 4 14
u ii wis a t ... I h
7J X Mia fi 141 ... 4 14
a a ... I M 41 : 4 I n
71 U7 HIM -4 2U It 4 11
a) Ill ... It U 1C ... Ill
II 71 44 I H .U 114 44 4 U
H im a i it ill
74 IN ... I :' 41. t ... Ill
:i 194 n i Ti in ... 1 u
o 4i ... it) r .ri at in
47 35 144 4 44 14 147 ... 4 11
44 771 41 I M t. 741 ... 4 a)
71 37 174 I 40 U 717 ... I 74
17 474 ... 4 44 44 S4I 44 4 74
174 14 4 94 47 777 ... 4
14 1H 44 I 41 I ... 4
Ill ... 4 45 71 34 ... 4 as
41 117 ... 4 44 14 rU ... 4 74
41 77 ... 4 44 It 717 ... 74
B ... Ik 44 ... I
44 -714 ... 4 41 TO 774 ...
11 ... 4 44 it 741 ... I 74
71 144 ... 4 (4 41 747 244 4 3a
74 1.4 44 441 41 7711 . . Il7i
14 ?4 ... 4 4S IS 7S4 74 4 771
7? :?2 ... 4 al 4 7;i ... 4 Tti
7i ... las n ltd ... is
71 1 44 I 44 .' M ... I S
4 114) ... 4 71
tiaie. i ;1U 1I0 ;!:.. UK. i wi VM.
b. 14. 'i H I ST 4 at, I W
K 1- : 1ti I U. I il !1 4 J, I W I M
J eb. 1U. i 7 Hi M lliu.ii.
eb. i s,,;, J M kj 4 o;l 4J 45, ( II
i. !., J i m, , of. lv, t II
b. i M a M i 111 4 la 4 7 ( W
elp. at.! I ,', ;08 ill in
J'eb. 11. i &, ; 1 i , 4l;(44J
t eb. a.) 1 7 at nt'iw
r. i
W 2
111 14
till. Hon. Sheep.
4M l.i,t 4W
.... 2.141
Ill ...
I(et'ela and dlKpnatllnn of )V4 Mock
: the I una Hunk Yatd. s-juih Uniatia,
l"r lueiily-lo-ir houia ei.dlnu at 41. ni.
Cattle. HtiMa Hheen It'r'k
ac ot. I i
ahua! i
Ji-c.u.1 fyaclfie.... 1
I moil i'arlfto &
4 . : .v. W., earn... ;
4 . 4. . W., Weal.. 21
.. l-t. f., al. tl.. 4
. ri. at y . eaal.. ti
H. 41 v.. west.. Il
... I!. I. it P., eaat II
t .. 1). 1. A P., Hf.l ..
J.ilauia CeniraJ
Total receipt l ... K
tTimaha Packlni; Co....
haift and tympany....
l udahy Parkliic Co....
iArmour k Co
a livaru at Co
Morrrll ,
V. H. Vanaant Vo
lienlon, Vanaant aa 1.
Illll at l"oii
f . B. Lewla
lualiin aV Co
J b. Root Co
I. H. rlulla
U f. Hun
It Wolf '
Icf-reary Kcllo((...
II. r. Hamilton
1.4a Rotliachlld ,
io. Kan. Calf Co...
I Una aV Cl.rt.ll ,
Other buyara
Totala X704 l.isu
f An i.B-KecliH4 or CKtll war very
iht Ihla morning, only about 109 tare
twine reported in. With auch a llgnt
auptiiy and with praoecta that receipt
lor the week wou d b vary modarata It
aa only natural to expect an active and
In inner market today. In thla aallera
era dlaappolnted, aa tha market aa a
holo aaa alow and prtoea vary little If
ny better. Hora and then It waa poa
4ibi to find a Bale man who happened
lei have eoroethlna In tha way of good
beaf aleera or rowa and half era that ap
pealed aapadally to buyera who Ihougut
I hat h aecured a airong price.
I'aaea of that kind, however, wera rare.
Aa a rula aalaamen wera quoting tha
market aa only alaady with Ilia trail
now at (hat. Common and medium kind
Viera. If anything, weak.
A great deal of complaint waa heard
h-garuing bulla being eatramely hard lo
beii. rionva of tha iargeet packara ware
put of tha market entirely and would
4t look at a bull. It took right good
lat bulla to bring K, and If anything
ten lo tall above (hat It would have lo
i fancy. Veal calvea, even Hie beat,
vera aleo very alow eellera. and It takaa
exnetliliig right good to bring 17.
mw'kera and feed era war la very light
lupptr. and thar waa lull cluuiia la
In market,
Uuoiatiiini on rani: Good to choice
beef aterra, K 7141.74; fair lo good beat
Hear, tk. tm 75, common to Ulr beat
Itetre, lt.vUtrl.4Wi good to choice heifer,
b 140 good to choice cowa, KTbuTt.!!,
lair to good cowa and hellera. Kiluvt.ll,
lummon lo fair eowa aad half era, miti
I good p choice ateckera and fdra,
6 J6. fair lo good atockara and fead
i a, ri.aoiia.4l; common to fair ockr
knd feedera, Q lavt.W, alorfc belfara. U4
l.fS. vai caive. U-IHVlMi bulla, ataga.
iic .;,. a.
Ha, l. n. an
a at ii a,
p 444 I 44
, I Mi 4 e
I nil 4 4
a law I a
It 1411 I M
II .1144 4 14
II .
k .
At. rr.
1111 1 1
llll I 41
1144 4 44
1114 4 44
1K4 4 44
lias 4 41
...lias 4 14
....IU4 4 at
..1171 4 4S
...1144 4 74
,...1171 41
....IBM IH
....MM Ik
1177 4 ta tl.....
...1441 IS 7.4...
...IMS 4 4 II
.,.1144 4 M 1
...IIS1 4 IS ....,
...ITte 4 14 I AXD UKIKKHS.
... 4a 4 Hi g
-' 1 1'" 4M
...1444 I H .4 ...
4 44
441 4 4
141 4 4
14 4 U
M Ii4
1411 I 44
1444 4 44
441 4 te
1144 4 S
17J4 4 S
U., 4 49
ten 4
. ut I a
, 14)
. 471 4
, 414 4 7
. 43 4 44
. 77 4 4S
.517 I
. 74 4 S4
. 144 4 41
111 4 t
. lei 4 74
. 4D 4 S
. 144 I aa
. tia l as i
.1474 4 41
... 14 IM
... we i it
...nil 4 ti
...llll 4 H
... in 4 ti
...llil 1 1
...1171 14
.. ilii I aa
,..iii4 las
...144 I II
...SaH I is
..111 III
.. .144 44
.. I4 I as
,. 4J las
..14 las
.. n is
.144 I 14
..seas I
.. Ill I la
v 44 I a
..114 I as
..Ml I M
.. 4M I M
474 4 44
..141 4M
14M IM
fllKEI'-A limited aupply of sheep and
laniba enabled eellera to puah fat atoc:
aioes up a notch, the market being gen.
erally quoted a dim higher. Thli ad
vance involved a w .int 4 im heat, and.
alth Urn demand reasonably active from
all .iiiurtTs. a aoixl clearance was made
tr.rly In Ihe morning.
I m and lamLi made up the bulk of
offering.-, almost everything coming from
tsirn-beii feed lots, and tiualuy on an
nveraxi- nan nothing to brag about, rang
ing from common to extra good, in
iM'iwcto clause uaually allowed the beat
a' Hon. a Irade fratura that has been
apparent on all da lately, but pre
miums for toppy atringa, especially lamba.
were widely margined. Poir and choice
Iambi are aelllng about II. apart al
pn-Henl, some long-term fed westerns
bringing ., a dime above yeaterday a
lop Comtiared with laat week- eloa
at.ih prlca rule a little) higher, yealer
rtny'a tiade being practically ateady with
ili- trade last Friday.
Tle advance In aheep waa Indicated
1 ' lily by ew ale, ai there were no
1 wethKia or yearling of consequence In
. I rlutied in receipt. Attractive ewea aold
. I up to U.s', and omeihlng hlgh-gi anV In
. iesery respect would probably be aleanle
-l.i !. ven monev-al.W). Compared Willi
ptlce for sheep on laat Friday current
value! average fully a dime hlghar.
Feeder Hade remained almost barren
and nominal, the proportion of thin atock
proving loo meager lo give the market
anything like a lair workout. The coun
try outlet lias also oecwine i -..4 ,
lb three days' buy amounting lo lea
than I awl head. .
u not a lions on neep and lamoa: uuwi
lo choice liimb. S Hiti.40; rair to gooa
la mi's, fc'.r.tiii.n: good 10 cholc year
ii 4.. a.. U414.', s..' fuir to Q4id vearnng.
l4.Mi..l; good to cholc wether, t4.1u4j
.; lair to good wethers, n.H4Vo4.1i; good
lo choice ewe,. n.SMiJ.lw; lair to gueu lJ.uJ.i. ,
ISeataad tar f aille nasi hee llraii
Iloga mow.
ClllCAOa. Feb. a -CATTI.B-Ra-
eelpta, U head; market airong to lfto up;
beeves, 4Wi4i.w; lsaa aieers. aa.isaw.ia;
western alters. Il.snnj ; .On: storkera and
feeiler. 13 m4i 7: cow and heifers, B it
imVMI; calve. o.iiOj7 .71.
MtKis iteceipts. Z4,vw neao; maraei
alow: light, 4r.r it; muni. H
heavv, m.lOB ; rough. Mt .; pigs,
H XKi; iiulk of aalea, K iVrt li.
KIIKKH AND I.AMIIM- Hecelpts. 10 wro
head; market atrong to liv up; native,
riwHW; weatern, UvirtH."; yearling.
H iMiiK.Ti; Iambi, nallv, H4WB.lw; weal
rn, rl 77.W.
HI. I.aals Live mock Market.
BT. liOI'18. Feb. a.-CATTI.B-fle.
eel pi a, t.J0 head. Including 301) Tesans;
market ateaisy and lac liisner: nauva
shipping and esport steera, ..iSi4jii.i40;
dressed and butchar ateera. lo.:sua.i;
stockara and feeders, !3; cowa and
he fera. K 1MH.W. rannera, 7.vii4.w;
bulla. BMll.;); calves, la lMr.; Tessi
and Indian steera, swjr,.iu. cuws ana
brifer. u ()( wi.
llot-Heceipis, i.o nesar market o
Ke higher; piss and llglita. Ii,iiuo4.4j.
mixed and hulchers, H.JusjS.uO, good
beavy. M.404S4.1O,
head; market steady; native mutton,
ll.7MM.6i; lamba, ae4t4J.6u; culls gnd
bucks, ll.avtil.Xi; atockers,
' Kaaaaa Ulr l ive ktoek Market.
R4elpla, J.KW head. Including tuts south
erns; market stesily to strong; calves
Jta higher; dreaaed beef and export
steera, ta.ei.uu; rair to gooa. .oiu.i;
W4viern nteer. Milr7.aO: Blockers and
feeders. U southern steers, su.w
trS26; southern cowa. .oottt.uo; nauva
cowa, U .j,vS; native heifers, M wtjii.?!,
hulls 14lun'L40: calvea. a4.tsttr7.Ia.
lilHiB Heceipta, ltJ.uo neao;
stesdy; bulk of sales. H.lOos. J5; heavy,
as 7U4ii.2;S; psrkrrs and butchers, 4.lliT
136; lights, o.7il.3); pigs. M MStae-lO.
KHKhl AM i.aiihb isaceiSMS, s.w
head: market HMTl.V higher; lain ha, KU14
.W; yearling. i4.754itS0; wethers, H.'Oil
4ia; ewes, 4-v l"4.iw. aiocavr auu seew
ers, $niiJ.7a.
at. Joseph Live mark Market.
Receipts l.M Lead: market ateady to
strong: steers,; rowa and nail
crs. :.&ii.!iO: calves. (IMV. ti.
HOUtsKecelpia, ,vv neao; market
steady to strom; top, S 3i; bulk of sales.
ItllE.e.l' AIM LjAMrK rtaeeipiB, PM
head: market steady to strong; lambs,
0 1
stack la slaot. '
neoelDts of llva stock at the tlva Piin.
clpal western margeia yeataraay:-
bailie, nogs, eneep.
South Omaha
111. Joseph
Kansas city
St. Louis
I.3U4 ki,HM Ji.WO
. ri 4 a
W 14
,111 111
. U4 1 14
!"'.144i I B , "K"
.... 171 I IS I ......
... 144 4 M 1
IM 4 M (
.... US) 4 M I.......
1 M I II
bT04- Kr.rU AND FESDKRfl,
S4 4 4 14 41, U
4 SJ7 4 !... 741 I S
1 St 4 M I I 14
" 4)4 4 M JJ 4 M
7.... . 4SI I 3 1 74a I as
l M4 4 M .... . 711 I SI
r M 4 M 4 mis
U 4M 7 S4 14
U 4 4 M 14. M I a
t...... 4M I m II 1 I
l!..- 411 I U II 171 i 74
St..... 441 i M I. ISM
iUJM-A higher hr surkt any
aatriaiMil clitsXiy ar srupous and imc
bkuvr. lapered oil letw a steady l.-a aa
mm aa eolaicS aupteex was) wiiiiX-aWTS.
1U4 a HiUs ai. isaa wa don Curing
(IK rasaal' a: figisro Sin hlgkr. salt
1 4-Jr Mesel tier tULpsweal sat id
' by svsjnrg . Tba deasaad oa
jnui- iiciaiii did asM exniolt aiarab
kit s.iul wail eMivg toward U o'oiock,
r. buyers kegaii la operate ta ialsureiy
tasrSun at scscaa n higher thaa thoae
le'4 ) 47 area y tor larger dioves.
Uanatiai ware tnziy large, exceeding
iV Iseasl. aad Ksrvernesu of bulk waa
riec. raw lllng ia a lata eiaau-anu. Out-
ereera oailed (or fully thtrty-flv
sVaaa of varMsia wetghta. aotnastblnc Uke
na fiith e the total aupply.
Bast hsavry bo7 sale or aught MX,
M tvsnparad svUh r)tariay 'a lop of 43a.
l, SO i.lM)
l.MS) IV.ISW 4.W)
7.340 iv.ful .
UsSoa Stock Market.
Ixindon closing stock prices:
Mawls, BMasf . 71 I KUalavllla 474 KMa..lU
a acswsst 7l.vlo., Ks. & ii -74.
.Ml. 4j4fisr MSNew York .elrsi..ll41
AK4IOS4 l4bMflk a Wislers.lllv
Aubuws .....les-, 4 ., w
aa i4 w.otiurMi a westers. 1)
Wisconsin. D a'-ei.tsS; Michigan and Mln
nrsuta. ti Nil W
POCL.TRY Firm: turkeya. live. IJc;
turkey, dressed. 1SV; chickens, live, 13c;
chickens, dressed, 14c; aprtogs, live, 14c;
apringa. dressed, 14c.
YEAl-teady at 7tfllc
BITTER Xtx. 1. l-lb. cartona, e: No.
1. la HVlb. tubs, 2'c. Ko. 1 74c; packing.
("HF.EPB-lmported Bwlaa. 13c; Ameri
can Swim, 2 ; block Hwlaa, sve; twins.
Jsc; daisies. 3Dc; triple is, zSc; young
AmerStas. lie; blue abel brick, BCi Urn
serger, 3-lb, 1sc; l-lb.. 30r.
POl'LTHY Broiler. fcultr. par dox,
springs, sic: hens. 14c: cocks, SOr; ducks.
SMjsTlc; geese, lie; turkeys, 23c; plgeoaa,
per dot.. 11.3a. Alive, broilers. USc; bens,
lobe; old rooster and stags, Sc; old ducks,
full feathered, lie; geese, full feathered.
lr; turkeys, 14c; guinea, fowls, 360 eact;
pigeons, per do., 40c; homer, per do..
il.aO; squabs. No. 1, ll.M. No. t. fcsj.
FISH (fresh frosens-Mckerei,7c; white,
10c: pike. 7c: trout. 11c: large crapplea. 12
Jrl&c; bpaniah mackerel. 7c; eel. ic; had
docks, Uc, floundeis, ra... greea caniah.
lie, roe aiiad, W each; shad roe. per pair.
Mc: aalmoi. 13c; halibut. Nc; yellow
perch, tc; buffalo, SV; bullheada, Uc
Ucr.F-Hlbs. No. 1, i:c. No. 2. 1314c;
No. i. llrSt. Loins. No. 1.' lw; No. 3,
lic; No. 1, llc. Chucks, No. 1, ic,
No. 3. 77ac; No. 3, Ihc. ltounda. No. 1,
lWc; No. f, ic; No. i. sc. r'lates. No.
1. iyc; No. Z. .; No. 3, fsc
FRUITS, tlC. Apple, extra fancy
Ben liavia. per bbl., Jonathan, per
bbl.. M j: fancy Wlnesapa, per bbl., Kul,
fanty Missouri Pippins, per bbl.;
fancy Ganoa, per bbl., H , Idaho Jona
than, extra fancy, per box. U 'J. Waah-
uiklon cpiuenberg, per box, 4V.4W, svasli
liiglou K. Ueeuty. per box. au-is); Wsaa-
Ington Hlaman Wlneeaps, per box, t aU.
liunana. iancy aeiect. per buncn. 52.4fii
IM. Jumbo, per bunch, tUoejl. ,'e. Cran
berries. Wisconain fancy, per bbl.. IW Ji.
per box. Iltii. Dales, Anchor brand, new,
M l-lb. pkgs.. In boxes, per box.
Dromedary brand, new, 30 l-lb. pkgs. in
box, per box, ISU Figs, California, per
case of 13 No. 13 pkg., asc; per case of
M So. a pkga $Lw. bulk, lo 3a and ao-lb.
boxes, per ib UK; new lurklah, a-crown.
In liv-lb. boxes, per lb. lie; t-crawa. In
JO-lb. boxes, per lb., lc; 7-crown, in -
lb. boxes, per lb.. I.e. Urapetrull. Florida.
46-14 slsea. pr crate,; av-4-4 aue.
ixr crate, Orapea, alaiaiia, lo
bbls., Lemons, Llmoneira se
lected brnnd; extra fancy Us) six, per
boa, 14.011; Loma Llraoneira, fancy, axst
tm slses. Per box, l6.tW; 34 and sAi slsea.
iuc per box less, Oran4a. California Ca-
muia brand, navels, extra, fancy, 44-131-
li.v-l.V3iw-314.Zsl alios, per box. I3.: exira
choice, ail slsea, per box,, x.lcphaiii
brand, all nxea, par box, $3..sli
V tiJtTABUtJ - cabbage. Wisconsin.
per lb., sc. Clry, Califuniia Jumbo, per
Jos., 11.00. cucumbers, iiuinouse, per Sua.
!2-i. Kggplant. (ancy Florltia, per dux..
43.11. uarlic, extra iancy. wnit. per lb.,
slo. Lettuce, extra fancy leaf, per doe.,
tic. Onions, California, white, boiling, pel
lb., 7c, Wisconsin, yellow U.obe. pr lb.,
ac; red Uiobe, per lb., 3Vrc; atpanibh. per
crate, II. M. parsley. Iancy auuthern. per
dos. bunches, iutiiic. Polatcea, Mlnneauta
tsrly Ohio, per bu., 11.40; WiKonain,
whit stock, per bu., Lti; In lO-sack lota,
io less. Hutabagaa, In sacks, per lb., lSc.
Tomatoes, Florida, par 4-baS. crate, tv.
Cuban, per t-bsk. carrier, IH iu.
MltK'ELLANr;uU8 Almonds, TBrra-
gone, per lb., !!. In sack lots, lu less.
Cooesnuts, per sack, lo.iAi. Filberts, oer
lb., 14c; In sack lois, lo lass. Peanuts,
roasted, per lb., 7Sc; raw, per lb., sc.
Pecan, large, per lb., 17e; In sack lots, lo
a. Walnuts, nsw crop, mil, caillornia.
par lb., 17c; In sack lots, lo less, cities,
new Nahawka, par tt-gaL 1 bbl., fc.uu,
per sv-gal. bbl.,; Nsw tork Mutt',
par U-gal. H-bbL, It-SD; per 3D gal. bbL,
law. Houey, new, 34-Iramua, 13.1a. Krsui,
per la-gal, sag, as-iw; per s-gai. sag. ilii.
Spanish Veterans .
to Have Bean Supper
All veteran of tha Bpaniah war and
Philippine Insurrection who served from
April H, IMS, lo July t. VM, sra Invited
by Camp L Forby No. 1, Bpaniah War
Vstel-sns, to be tha camp's guests at a
bean and hardtack supper and stag
smoker Haturday night oa the third floor
ol tha Paxton block.
Killing- Record Found is Paper of
Franklin BelL
Major Ordered t Phillpplae at
Osi blxpease byRaaBevelt aad
Afterward Heat Bark aa
Basse Ceadltlea.
WASHINGTON, Feb. -Some of the
documents In the, caue of Major Beecher
b. rtay. wnicn were said to be missing
from th War department files, were
turned up today and sent to the Helm
committee by Secretary BUmson, who
said the paper had been found In Borne
personal eft" acta of J. Franklin Bell, for
merly chief tf staff of the army.
Tha committee had already subpoenaed
General Tasker H. Bllsa, who was said
to have copies of tha documents. Major
Ray, who Is an army paymaster, has
been under fire before the committee on
charges of political actlvlilea, particu
larly about the time of the Chicago con
vention of 11, which nominated Presi
dent Tafl.
The records show that Major Ray, when
under investigation in tba Philippines on
charges of signing a false certificate) used
a character recommendation from Mr.
Taft, then president-elect; that on an
other occasion Kay was ordered to th
Philippines at his own expense by Presi
dent Roosevelt and that later h was
ordured back to the L'nlted cTtates at his
own sxpense by General Bell, who cabled
that Ihe order was "by direction." By
whose direction is not disclosed In the
record and the committee considers call
ing General Bell.
After Kay bad been on leave from the
Philippines) before the convention of UuS,
General Bell ordered him back to the
Islands, wrota General Funston at Ban
Francisco that President Roosevelt had
directed him (General Belli to authorise
Ray to sail on a Pacific, liner.
CINCINNATI, p., Feb. tt-48peclal
Telegram.) Plies Current aa) a th sup
ply of hogs tor market Is being wall
maintained, aa also th quality of atock
In arrival Total western slaughtering
waa l.m hogs, compared with 714.0W
live preceding week and MS.IK0 two week
ago. For a corresponding time last year
tha figure was 106,(100 and two years ago From November 1 the total waa
11,146.000, against , 190,000 a year ago, an
Increase of i.K&OCi) hog. Prominent
places compare as follows from Novem
ber 1 to February a:
Kansas City
Bouth Omaha
8t. Louie
Ht. Joseph
Otlumwa, la ,
Cedar Rapids, la..
Bloux city. la.
St. Paul. Minn
Cleveland, U
.... ir&.imt)
..... sW.OM
.... iiio.OU)
.... M.a
.... !XMt
.... 233.0U)
.... M.V
.... DC.K4)
.... SfO.llO
.... 331). tax)
St. Louis Sales Girl
Sues St. Onge Clerk
DEADWOOl. S. I).. Feb. S. Balm lo
her broken heart lo the extent of
la asked by Anna Lucy Ballmaa. a sales
girl In 8t. Louts Mo., ia a breach of prom
ise suit Tiled In the circuit court here to
day against Floyd 1. Headlee. a bank
clerk of St. Crge. this county.
According to the complaint Headlee be
came engaged over two years ago to the
girl and broke It last December. He Is
the son of J. C. Headlee. president of the
St. Onge State bank, and Is 49 years old.
Caaarll Blofts Predar Market.
The following quotations, snowing price
paid to producers, are corrected dally by
William Hlggeson. city weigh master, for
publication In The Bee:
CcTi.")aiac per bu.; wheat. 95r per hu.:
oats. 4ksn7c per bu.: hay loose), i14.TStr
li. per ton; alfalfa (looeei, tlt.iX17.v
per ton.
Kearney Runaway
is Caught in Omaha
The last of four boys who escaped over
a month ago from the State Industrial
school at Kearney, was captured In
Omaha last night by Superintendent C.
a Manuel. Th lad was Roy Slack.
The other boys have been captured
various parts of the state.
Superintendent Manuel came to In
vestigate the case of an Omaha boy
whose parents had moved to Council
Bluffs recently. After Investigating ha
declared the boy, who had a Rood job,
was "all right," but "his parents are to
blame." Mr. Manuel believes that fre
quently boys are sent to Kearney when
their father and mother ought to be
punished Instead.
The key 10 success la Business hi th
Judicious and persistent use of newspaper
advertising. ,
Thousands Do Hot Live, bat Simply
Exist Because of Plague.
Tell ( Saw's (oaditloa aad Says He
Tried Maay Way to Heatore HI
Health, bat Failed I atll
He Tried er Teair.
Th key to success In business Is th
persistent and Judicious use of newspaper
fpREAM of Rye for the morning meal starts
the dav rifirht Tastes eood different
from the oatmeal you are tired of no soggy overplus of
starch. Four times u nutritious aa corn Cakes and every spoonful
tasty, satisfying morsel.
Cream of Rye
e.a.44 iv wsvri ur Al 1SU JuJ, ,iu-
4SVt 11 a-wr-a nfciwin
Science wane antes! resdv prsiwrsd fisida fun of dM4 and germ,
Cr4sa ol Kre Blast be rooked, therefore Ss el wars wboltemne. litres
sire rifts Wilboat tsxlnr the sloiaarli breaOM mad of waoSs rve lbs
perfi-ct loud. 80IS. esstl? dirested flakr roll of the kind of dob run.
mens thai alalia foe feel good. Sweeten and vitalise tbe entire
iliS'-atlra tract. Fine for hrrakfat-lao make the beat rookie,
iilTsna aad Bras. Cellar lata it. Ask teCnaMafsMim sneer.
U4M h). rnis sanasoflM apaoswmus nsu cess jam mot tnss sms i , V 1 1 J
St us bbsb. KwssiisMhla 1W atw sscset tfrra II aasrs. I i 4yfl ,Tivi4 S'S
1 :- Wihf -re' V4BM- ,-7-
" ; 7r&t ,ea vssxiiji,sra4a)
''i ii' i "brisiSa
HEN you go to the automobile show, make
a point of looking at the Mitchell exhibit; go
there first or last, or whenever you please; but
see it. hi - r
You'll see for yourself the reasons for buying a Mitchell;
they're all in the car, not merely in the things we say about
it; they're YOUR. reasons as much as ours.
"To be happy you must be In good
health." said one of tha siiedalists who
were In Omaha for the purpose of In
troducing the remarkable new tonic,
"Tona Vita," recently. "Tel.". continued
he, "there are thousands and thousands
of people In all large cities like Omaha
who do not live, brrf simply exist, and are
not happy on account of 111 health. Lead
ing the life of excitement that most peo
ple lead, there Is little wonder lhat the
modern filagiie, nervous debility, has not
i even more In its grasp.
I "Few understand the nature of nervous
-debility. They just don't know what Is
wrong with them. Unmindly of results
! many go carelessly along, never taking
lime to realise Just how serious their
condition may be.
"Chief among the symptoms 0f debility
are nervousness, sleeplessness, stomach
anil bowel troubles. Imperfect digestion,
poor circulation, cold feet, headaches,
backaches, iisilessness, despondency.
"It Is only during the past few years
that there has been sny apparent awaken
ing to a realisation that some means for
fighting thus dreaded disease must he
found, but the effects of that awakening
are felt today.
I "The reports from those who have taken
I this new tonic. Tona Vita.' have proven
I that this malady may be relieved. During
j tlie last couple of weeks of our stay In
I Omaha," continued the specialists, "we
j had hundreds of people come to us for
the sole purpose of telling us how happy
! they are sinco they have regained their
! heslth through the use of this new tonic." -I
Mr. J. T. Blair, of ll'H Douglas St., this
city, made the following statement re-
cently. "My son has been In a nervous,
i run down condition lor some time. His
j blood was in a very bad condition snd his
i circulation was poor. He slept poorly and
his sleep did him little good. Ills condl
i tion grew gradually worse. He hss tried
Imsny different kinds of remedies, but
I without relief.
"When J came here a few weeks ago."
continued II r. Blair. "I got a bottle of
(this Tona Vita.' but doubled very much
If It would help him. He began taking It
regularly and we wera pleasantly sur
prised at the quick results. The first
dose benefited Mm and every day he has
become stronger and better. Now after
a week's treatment he Is In better condi
tion than he hss been for years. I can
not speak too highly of this tonio and
hops It will benefit many othen as It hss
my son."
The following druggists have the agency
for "Tona Vita:" Sherman at MrConnell
Drug Co., 161 Ii and Dodge Hta; Owl
Drug Co.. 16th and Harney Sta. ; Harvard
Pharmacy. 24tb and Farnam 8ts.. snd the
Loyal Pharmacy, VI- North th Bt Ads'.
Balttawre A OSl..)4)lP4iB4vlTSBi ..
Caaalua rat'Uii ..lisllasl Sitae ...
4Mtke 4 uats. iZ';lcaUBs
Chi. lrt Wsnsib. ia Boatbsr ay ...
I.U.. MIL A St. F.I47U. 4a f4
Best -. 74 soauMr rarine
IMotsr 4 HI O. .. llJalnlaa Partite
a 14 4 H .,
grte 11.". StMf.....
a 1st N nit 4 ta
M I4 43 Wskask
Orssl Trssk , e (4
lU4Ml4i 4-sslrsl US war. z s-ita per ounce.
VUiNKY-3 per cent.
The rale of discount In the open mar
ket for short hilla Is 34 per cent: for
three months' bills, t 7-lCia3 per cent.
, u
.. 4
.. 71
... US
... Ill,
.. M
... 41
... TV.
.. u
Uverpeol 4rmlw Market.
ateady; No. 1 Manitoba, Sa 7Hd; No. t,
ia ISd; No. 3, 8 4d: future, mum; March,
7s Kkl: May. 7s 4d: July, 7 4d.
CORN spot American' mixed, new,
kiln dried quiet; (s 7d: futures, quiet;
March, i n.Vd; May, ia llSd.
Kassaaa City Tradae Market.
KANSAS Cirr, Feb, 22. BI'TTER
creamery. SSc; firsts. 24c; aeconds, 33c;
packing stock-, tic.
EUOd-Exuas, 30c; firsts. rSc; seconds,
Oasaha Hay Market.
OMAHA. Feb. SX HAT No. J. $14 44:
Ka t f)l t: rarse. 1134: packing atock,
r.tJ.: SJfa fa. 314 Straw: Wheat,
K.j. rye and oats. K.WtM.
wal Market.
BT. IX:l;l3. Mo., Feb. 22. WOOL
Steady; territory and weatern medium.
mrUu; fine emdiums. li17c; fine, Mbiic.
thsraa Pradaew Market.
BtTTER No market
Efum No market,
CHr8B-eXeady; daisies. 171,ff 7c:
twins. iSvI7e; young Americas, 17V e
ITSfc: long horns, 17it17V.
JVTATOKS-Steed) ; receipts, 27 cars;
Isws Neeva lalea.-
NKVA DA While attending church last
nlghl, Mr. Thea gunn, aged 71, of
Ituland. was atiicken with apoplexy snd
died before ah could be removed to her
horn. .4
I XJ AN-With th resignation to fake
effect March 31. Rev. J. T. Baker, pastor
of the Presbyterisn church of l.ogn. will
accept a call In Illinois. Kv. Mr. Baker
cam to lgn In 1910.
OTTUMWA-VVlliram F. Hunting, ell
known here, and secretary of the Ol
tumwas Young Men'a Christian associa
tion, has resigned to accept a similar
position at Cedar Rapida. ,
HUMN RR Mr. and Mrs. William Dick
inson, who were among the earliest sett
ler In th county, yesterday celebrated
the fiftieth anniversary of their wed
ding. They were married In Ldgerton,
v., in li
'KNISON-Iir. ! M. Coon, one of the
leading physicians of this county, and
a member of the city council, returned
today from a tour extending over four
mouths around the world. He was ac
companied by his wife, boy of 4 year
and a niece.
MARWHALLTOK'N-Whlle despondent
over financial troubles, Richard Kloppen
borg, aged as, a farmer of near Melbourne,
commit led suicide by shooting himself.
Placing the mussle of m shotgun in his
mouth, he pulled the trigger with a
forked stick. His widow and two small
children survlvo him.
BITRUNGTON-A moat Important In
dustrial move was made at Burlington
yesterday when a company of local eapi
tnlists incorporated to take over the
necessary power from the MISBisalppt
River Power company at Keokuk to fur
nlh all the need for eiectrlcal energy
in the city for years to come.
CBBSTON-Tneodor Wall, editor of
the Osceola Democrat, ha announced bis
candidacy for the democratic nomination
lor cuogreasman of the bigluh district.
It has been expected by the deraorrata
that ex-Con4rresmari Jamleeon of Shen
andoah would announce himself for the
nomination, but up to the present time he
has nSt. and It s now almost conceded
h will not.
MAKSHALLTOWN Busby Brothers,
the oner and leases of a line of
theaters In Iowa anal llllnola. today In
corporated their buslneas here under the
name of The Busby Theatrical company.
The brother are W. L. Busby. Qulncy.
111.; K. R Busby, Iubu.Ue. and A. J.
Busby. Waterloo. They own and lease
theaters In Waterloo, Marshaiitown, Oska
looaa. Clinton. CTeston. ' Orinnell and
IVrry, la, and tjulncy. 111.
. .... 4 XT U.H. . ,-4 1
Star, neighbors and friends Joined with
the relatives In paying tribute to th !
memory' or n llliam H. Rogers, whose
funeral took place here yesterday after
noon at the Preebytefian church. The
music was unusually fine and the floral
tributes from the lodge. Presbyterian
8unday school. Christian Kndeavor. pub
lic school ami business firm of ljOun
were numerous as well as beautiful.
7-passenger Mitchell-six,
6 cylinders, 60 horse
power, fore doors, tires
. 36x4 y,. Price equipped
$2,250. . "V
4-passenger Mitchell thirty, 4 cylinders, 30
horse-power, fore doors, tires 32x3 Ji.
Price equipped $1,1 So.
5-passenger Mitchell-six.
6 cylinders, 48 horse
power, fore doors, tires
36x4. Price equipped
5-passenger Mitchell thir
ty, 4 cylinders, 30
horsepower, fore doors,
tires 34x4. Price
equipped $1,350.
2-passenger Mitchell runabout, 4 cylinders, 30
horse-power, fore doors, tires 32x3 J. Price
equipped $950,
Mitchell-Lewis Motor Company
Mitchell Motor 2050 Farnam Street,
Company Omaha, Neb.
XUl tvmawxxnml ariU apptar in Ihit paptr tat mc4.
We 'Have Underwritten and Now Offer
for Subscription
any part of
$750,000 Par Value Common Stock
of th
Ozark Power & Water Company
$1,500,000 Par Value Cumulative 695 Pfd Stock
) (with Dividends Guaranteed)
of tha
Electric Bond Deposit Company
for $1,500,000 in Cash
Sabaotiptioiu pavablo SO per cent, with reserratioa and
baUocs) not more than 30 per cent, pec month.
Si!)3criplloa will dose at Noon March 1st, 1912
Full information on request
Application may be made through your banker or broker,
or direct to
Henry L. Doherty & Co., Bankers
60 Wall St. . New York
The purpose of this public offering is primarily to broaden the
market (or the outstanding stacks of thesa companies and to
interest small investment buyers. Telegrams of inquiry may
be sent at our expense.
l" iiiinra
A beverage that
should have a part
In the household
Its tonic and food
properties are a
valued domestic
aea-sionisiii . .1, nai.Ba. Mil.
Pavaasii tfmglmMn
Automobile Show
cars make you ponder
whether you had better get
rid of that last season 's
model and buy one of
those bright, new ma
chines. Certainly those
new motors are an im
provement over last
year's, and they'll make a
splendid machine for this
The old car cannot compare
with the new ones at the big
show, and you cannot deceive
yourself into believing that it
If you wish to get rid of It
and gather in a deal of money
to apply on one of the new,
handsome machines, just let a
Bee want ad help you. List
your bargain car in the classi
fied columns and it will reach
an Immense number of people
who have great buying ability.
Try an ad in The Bee for a
short time. No need to come
here yourself; just phone
Tyler 1000
.Tints nothing but clean new
i4.udxclean advertising.
J 4