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The Omaha daily Bee
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f laiiy Be (without Sunday)'.' one Tf'jJ'' ,
lajtV tie ax. a !unuay, one
Ewiing Ue (with aunay. pr
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cept an Omaha and eastern eachenge, not
Omaha-The bee K'riKllng.
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Council Bluffs-75 Scott St.
JJnvnln-X Uttla Hnlldln.
i Chii-Mo IM Meroilette Bulldlnf.
fcamue rity-Reltsnre Building.
: New Tork-M We-t Thirty-third,
i Washington-7 Fourteenth 8U, J. w
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i lmh Be. Editorial Department,
" January circulation.
Ftate ef Nebraska. County of Douglas, aa:
Iw!fM Wllliama. circulation manual
j ft Tha Be Publishing company, belnf
; duly aworn, says that tha average dally
circulation, lesa apolled. unuaed and r
t turned copies, for lb month ol January,
Ull waa M.7S.
' Circulation klanagw.
' Pubseribed in my pretence and aworn to
kofore ma thla Sth day of February. 111
; Notary Public
b. libera Vrv the) tr
temporarily hwld ha-rw The
r. matte to rtew. Addroaa
will b chanced aw aa w
All aboard for the aato show!
Tha 1911 modal doe bava a tort
of leap-rear stupe to It.
Doubtless certain labor leaden
now slso aee the folly of writing let
era. While pleading for a starfdard
golf ball, why net hire alto a stand
rd moth ball?
At ahowlnc what a aafe town New
York it, tha rate of burglar Insur
ant's there hare advanced (0 per
Alphonte or Gait on could not hare
acted prettier than did Dr. Bun Yet
flea when he handed over hit Job to
Yuan Bhl Kal.
That robber whom a 8t. Louie
woman repelled with a allpper prob
ably learned In hie youth the ter
ror of that weapon.
Now' that aclentlita hay flgured
It oat that the earth la m.OIO.atf
year old tha base ball season may
open now most any time.
Aaother American gaiety girl la to
marry a British lord, which probably
will be need aa an argument for
glrla to take up tha atage.
Not to much loud protesting
against the Indictments of these fifty-four
men aa there was when the
.first three were hauled up for dyna
miting. Britain wants onr J. Flerpont
Morgan to let them make him a
duke. But what Is a British duke
beside' aa American king of commerce?
Some folks seem to be disap
pointed that Banker Morse, who waa
released from prison for the benefit
of but health, did not go right out
nd die.
The German army la planning a
dirigible balloon that will tall fifty
miles an hour with 300 men aboard.
Gee! that will travel faster than Mr.
Carnegie's peace money.
The suffrage committee of the
Ohio constitutional convention by a
vote of 16 to t reported la favor of
a clause for equal suffrage. That
ratio make It almost sacred.
Inasmuch as the Lincoln Journal
baa already given Nebraska's vote la
the Chicago convention to Roosevelt,
we presume we might as well call the
primary off and save the expense.
That Texas Judge who adjourned
court long enough to lick the man
who called him a liar evidently Is
not to be criticized for making too
much of the prodigious technique of
the law.
Woodrow Wilton's "History of the
American People" la being pushed
by tho publishers Just now. If he
gets a royalty on tha sales, aa be
doubtless does, he may be making
politics pay, too.
A Permanent President
Just by way of illustration that a
third term occupant of tho White
House carries no Intrinsic terror,
Rev. Lyman Abbott, who la asi
ciated with Colonel Roosevelt in
editing the Outlook, digs up and re
prints from an Issue of that journal
for April 16, 1879, "when it waa un
der the same editorial direction
which controls its opinions today,"
an editorial combatting the demand
for a limitation of the presidential
term. The basis of these demands
is pronounced the Idea that the
American people have not sense
enough to know when they are well
served and to choose their own serv
ants. The gist of It Is contained In
this concluding paragraph, which Is,
as we submit, to all Intents and pur
poses, an argument for a permanent
There la no objection to three terms,
or to thirty terma. If the man la a good
one; no reason why America should not
keep Its prime minuter and the presi
dent la ita prime minister In office aa
lone aa England kept Pitt In his place.
Indeed, a food presidency that should
lat twenty yean would be a great boon
to the country, which suffers very seri
ous Injury from tha presidential battle.
which not only occurs every four years,
but keeps the great political parties
akirmlahlnf all the meanwhile.
Irrespective of our views about
giving a good president three terms,
we doubt whether any widespread
sentiment prevails that would favor
giving him thirty terms, or that the
people of this country would throw
oft their innate distaste for a perma
nent ruler. The custom hsa become
generally accepted to limit a presi
dent to two terms, and If there were
to be any change In our constitution
affecting the presidency, It la a aafe
prediction that it would be in the
direction of a single term extending
possibly over six or eight years.
Tho chief point of vantage here
suggested for a permanent president
la it would set store by experience
and retain the services ot a tried
executive In preference to a new
man who hat to pick up the threads,
no matter what bla previous career.
If tbia argument hat any potency,
then in the present case It would be
a caution against making a change
la the White Houae now merely for
tho aake of change. . It would ac
cord President Taft .a second term,
whoso propriety no ona questions,
rather than supplant him at tho ond
ot a first term by reinstating hit
predecessor for a third terra. The
rule pf two terma and .out baa ac
quired the force of unwritten law,
which, It discarded, apparently
leaves oven Dr. 'Abbott at a loea to
Bnd logical stopping point between
three terms and thirty' tefma, or
eventually permanent tenure. ..
Wnen Pnblio Sentiment if Aroused.
Tho power of public sentiment
haa recently been forcibly . demon-
st rated In New York, where a for
mer valet ot a wealthy New Yorker
la released from prison, .where he
waa sentenced to thirty years for
burglary, in order to establish what
ho and friends profess to be bis In
nocence of the crime alleged against
him, and to which he confessed un
der Decnllar circumstances. ." The
story is known by now, and
whether the prisoner establishes his
Innocence or la again convicted upon
hla retrial or not, hit temporary lib
eration In deference to - popular
elamor that be be given aaother
chance to prove himself will stand
aa a most Imposing and Impressive
example ot what a systematic de
mand for Justice may accomplish,
Tho Judge before whom the con
fiction waa had and by whom tha
sentence waa pronounced Joined In
favoring a new trial. Whether guilty
or not, the general belief la that the
man Buffered an, unduly eevero pen
alty, tor men are commlttlag bur
glary and oven murder, and being
convicted every day who get far
more lenient treatment than thla
rich man's former valet got.
Aa element of mystery haa been
woven into the case, but not to the
exclusion ot tho main fact that the
prisoner, after partial tern la Jail,
comes out tor a rehearing In prompt
response to a vigorously expreesed
public sentiment Americana have
reason always to reflect that back ot
all the cynicism about the weakness
of tbelr fundamental Institutions Is
this bulwark of civic freedom, public
aentlment when aroused, which has
always been quick to help undo ap
parent wrong and to relievo nnde
served misfortune.
course of the year more than to
to make up for the time he lost on
vacation. Further than that, the
vacation looms up before blm eleven
months In the year as an incentive
for faithful service, the advantage of
which the company derives in dollars
and cents.
It seems to us the company that
rejected this proposal acted much
more wisely than the one that
adopted It, aa experience will, un
doubtedly, show. The clerical forces
Tills Dav .n Omaha
J-EIi. 10.
Thirty Years Ago
The Christian cnurch proposes to con
vert its property on Harney street inlo
money and proceed at onoe to erect a
houae of worship. This church began
about four years ago with a membership
of railroads belong to no unions and of tarty- ow fibers lut lf
uur aa-oi tiiiavciiav.
New York Sun: The sight of Mr. Taft
standing up and fighting back at the
enamles and carpers m bia party, calling
. a spade a spade and disposed to use even
i harder names than "neurotics' is highly
I satisfactory to the great body of republic
; ana who have seen him turn the other
have to depend for advance in
wagea and improvements in working
schedules and conditions entirely
upon the pleasure of their employ
ers and their lot, aa a whole, has
not shown any vast Improvement
during the period In which the de
mands upon them, in the way of the
cost ot living, have gone on steadily
multiplying. It does not seem to be
In keeping with the trend of
economics to subtract anything from
the sum total of benefits accruing
to these people. It would rather ap
pear more logical to make an addi
tion here and there. The policy
that tenda to lessen the degree of
sympathy between employer and em
ploye la not the policy that begets
the best results, nor the one that
modern Industry Is finding more acceptable.
A Parcels Post Bill.
The bill for a limited parcels post,
which the house committee on post-
offices and post roads unanimously
voted to Insert Into the regular post
offlre appropriation bill, has many
features of vital public Interest, and
some that will satisfy long-pressed
demands by the railway mall clerks.
In the first place. It congress abould
pass tho measure In Its present form
It would abolish the anomaly of our
government granting to foreign
senders of mall matter rates and
concessions which It does not allow
for domestic patrons. t
The part of the bill most Interest
ing to the mall men la a clause tor a
new classification, for which they
have been atrtvlng a long time. It
also would grant them freer exercise
of their right of complaint for griev
ances and permitting them to organ
ise their forces for protective pur-
let, Tha question Involved is
where the lino of discipline should be
drawn, and It is understood there Is
where one ot tho contests will renter.
As for tho parcels post, It shall be
gin July 1, 1112, and continue nntll
June SO, 114. on a limited basis,
pending tho Investigation and report
of a commission upon the question of
a general parcela post system. The
bill defines Its proposed parcels post
In these two paragraphs:
Tha'l on all rural mall delivery routes, of
the United States until June , mt, the
postmaster at the starting point of such
route shall receive and deliver to the car
rier or carriers of said routra all articles,
Pamela or packages not prohibited lo the
mails by law and falling under the defini
tion of fourth class matter and not weigh
ing la exeese of eleven pounds, for
transportation and delivery on said routes
only: and the carriers ahull' receive at
Intermediate points on all rural routes
such mall matter ot the fourth class tor
delivery en their respective routes only.
Postage ahall be paid oa all articles.
parcels, or packases entitled to trans
portation under the provisions of this
set ss matter of the fourth class on
rural mall delivery routes only at tie
following rstea: One cent for each two
ounces or less, 1 cents for more than
two ounoes but not more than four
ounces, 1 cents for more than four
ounces but not more than eight ounces.
4 eents for taore than eight ounces but
hot snore than twerte ounce, ( eents
tor more than twelve ounce but not
trior than a pound, and t cents per
pound for each additional pound ' or
fraction thereof up to and including a
total of eleven pounds.
The usual opposition from the ex
press companies and kindred Inter
ests may be expected to go with thla
bill, but sooner or later we shall
bavo parcels post, and. with the
prestige ot tho administration on the
side of It, whether this measure in
its present form passes o not. It Is
safe to count on it at no distant
Thlaka It Pualnz Slranxr.
KEARNEY. Neb.. Feb. 16,-To th? Kdi
tor of The Bee: Lest you have not cheek and smile biandly when a frown
noticed the chance in the democratic f indignation would have become him
press of the United States In the last i better; fur they know how unmerited has
tw j weeks, or since the curtain dropped I been the abuse, how groundless the
ending the La Fullvtte farce tragedy, I i strictures and how stealthy and sordid
would call your attention to the fact that! have been the tactics employed against
they realize that they must brlns out a ' hira.
good man to pit asalnst President "aft. ,.,. Tranaerinl! President Taft
But the shifting of scenery oo the demo-
; cratic stage is no mure entertaining w i
faces the campaign with such confidence
Aa an introduction to the Lenten sea
son, Rev. A. R. Shaffle, S. J., pastor of
the Church of Holy Family, corner Sev. :""" ' '- that he ha, no hesitation In predicting
enteenth and Izard streets, has arrange.! j the casul" observer, than the edging of rubHnn trlumpn , Novembr next
to conduct the forty hours devotion. our vernor to secure a vantage posi-, ii8 fpcech m New Vork w , aeflanca
The church Is being; elaborately dvco- l,lon ln lnlr ha,i n w,llch lllble'i and a challenge to that radical element
rated by Mrs. J. A. Crdghton, Miss Kate
Qutnn, the Misses Lizzie and Mary IX-r-mott
and Mr. Feeney.
Eight military prisoners from Fort
Douglas, t"tah territory, In charge of
Chaplain Van Horn went through the
city on their way to Leavenworth on
charges of desertion.
Two beer, or not to beer, is the ques
tion with a great many of our restless
citizens now that the back door of saloons
are Invitingly open.
lr. Panter. tho Pouglas street drug-
gist, returned from M. ixmia where he
has been purchasing new and handaorae
furniture for the new store he Is to oc
cupy In the Millard hotel building.
Mr. Preston, for the last year chief
clerk in Kuhn's drug store, has resigned
to so on the road for Kennard Brothers,
and A. M. Jacoby succeeds to his va
cated place.
Proposals for army transportation for
the department supplies are Invited by
M. I. Ludlngton,- chief quartermaster of
the Department of the 1'latte, with head
quarters at Omaha.
Fresh creamery butter Is selling at U
to 31 cents a puund on the local market,
having advanced S cents.
A celebration In honor of the twenty-
fifth anniversary of the Douglas County
Fllble society filled Boyd's opera house
this Sunday evening. District' Superin
tendent Rev. McCandlsh spoke on the In.
fluence ot the bible, and another address
delivered by itev. O. W. Wairuight.
district superintendent-elect. Tb elec
tion of directors resulted aa follows: First
Methodiat Kplscopal church, A. 1 Rice:
Congregational, ' Colonel It II. Wilbur;
i nitea rresnyterian, J. 1 aictjague; tsap
tiat. Dr. O. S. Wood; Lutheran, Dr. T. E.
Lelsenrtng; Presbyterian, Warren Swt is
let; Eighteenth street Methodist Epis
copal, D. M. Haverly.
Twenty Years Ago
Frank Brownlee, secretary of the Board
of Fir and Police Commissioners, de
parted for Illinois to spend Sunday with
his parents.
The new Mets hall on South Thirteenth
street waa thronged with South Bids cltl
sens ln the evening Interested in park
matter. James C. Urennan was ohoeen
as chairman of the meeting and John
Tldemann acted a secretary. Isaao Haa
call opened the debate by declaring that
Syndicate park was the only piece of
property suitable for a park. James Dono
hoe than. spoke, favoring the same site.
Then followed Georg E. Bertrand and
Qllhert M. Hitchcock and Councilman EV
saaser and others, favoring Syndicate
park. After Councilman John .Steel had
need toted that Syndic.! park would be
the place and Contractor StuM had had
a word, resolutions favoring this- alia
war wdtutsd ton tbt benefit of the Park
Announcement was mad that t fashion
able summer hotel would toon be built
at Court land beach. In rreponae to public
elamor. The plans contemplate a structure
coating 112,000 and J. J. Phllbln was on
of the promoters.
Mrs. M. Krenarr, IU North Twentieth
street, was painfully Injured when her
buggy waa struck at Sixteenth and Cum
ins streets by a motor ear.
Notable Washington day exercises were
held at the Davenport school. Fortieth
and Davenport streets, ot which alias
Lottie L, Oassette was principal. Pbelan
Shirley, a.Jad.vf 13. preaident ot the
Little Pitcher club," which Miss Cas
sette organised, mad an address before
the pupils and many ot tbelr parents,
which was remarkable for a boy of bla
age. Miss Gasnett read the roll ot honor
for the last month and these name were
en It: Mary Egbert, l'helan Shirley, Nina
Stein. Herbert Shannon. I-lizle Neff.
Edith Nell, iazsle- Egbert, Jod Itaagor-
Mr. Aldrlch has made us one of tlie
-hrewdest governors we have ever had.
which makes It more than passing
strange, that ha would allow a lot of
democratic noire to lead him to throw
his political fortunes Into the La Fol
lette camp, thereby depriving himself of
the Taft support which he win need
this fall. J. C. SAMMONS.
The paradox of the timet la that
in aplte of the fact that fewer cat
tle and aheep are on the farms to
day than a year ago the prices ot
cured meats Is a little lower. Cora,
or course. Is sway higher.
Tho way to develop Omaha into an
art center la to cultivate the love of
art. Toe Omaha Society ot Fine
Arts is to be commended for pro
ceeding on the right theory of build
ing front the foundation np.
Just a coincidence that the World
Herald and The Bee both take the
position at the tame time that the
proposed labeling of convention dele
gates on tle oacial priaiary ballot
Is entirely unwarranted by the law.
Setrenchmeat of Doubtful Wisdom.
A big western railroad, with bead
quarters on the Pacific coast, has de
cided to grant no more vacations
with pay and transportation to its
thousands of employes, notice to that
effect having been promulgated.
This company recommended ita ac
tion for consideration to other rail
roads, one, at least, ot whk has
considered and emphatically rejected
tb proposal. Tb execntiv head of
tbe latter road submitted the matter
to each department head oa tha sys
tem for suggestions and'in every ease
tb suggestion caao back la the
form of vlgorows disapproval ot the
plan. Tbe general conclusion waa
that it would be a bad thing from a
purely financial standpoint, to aay
nothing ot personal consideration for
the employe, to dispense with his
The chief recommendation which
Edgar Howard gives to hla pre
ferred candidate for the democratic
nomination tor United Bute sea-
ator to that he haa been faithful al
ways. But does faithful party serv-
tea count for anything these days?
Does not tho new political code re
quire that the man who does the
work sit on tho bleachers while the
cushioned chair la tho grandstand Is
reserved for some unknowa who at
tracts attention by yelling at the
right time?
e ,
Wanted- A Remedy.
OMAHA. Feb. lT.-To the EiliLnr of
The Bee: The writer, a railroad depart
ment clerk, who has gone aa hlh In hln
department aa he can get without out
living his superior officers and still on
existing wages (not llvinc wages) after
spending his youngest days In railroad
training and faithful performance of
duties given blm to look after must atlll
there remain, even though he possesses
college ulplomas stvt training from one
of Chicago's leading accountant, com
bined with loyalty, good sense and plenty
of the backbone necessary to help push
th railroad to the front a much as any
on elerk can do. But why is he held
down? For this reason: Were hi supe
rior officer to help him up It would mean
more work thrust ,uion his ehoulders and
require the training ot a new clerk to
take his place. For this renson: When
new position at a larper salary Is
found, the new employer of course askb
for references from your present em
ployer. He then either calls Mm by
phon or writes him concerning your
ability, etc.; and what Is the reply?
"Oh, he Is not the kind of a man you
wtnt at all, but we have a jounij man
here whom we should like to see do
better and ns an accommodation to you
aid bo glad to recommend." W'hut Is
the result? The man recommended Is one
tho railroad nun wanted to get rid of,
but hated lo discharge for tho s:ike ot
his family; the one he would not recom
mend must still linger on In dreams of
belter future ln.hls railroad work, for
he has no other references to give for
his tvhoie business career has been In the
one office. Neither can he blame bis
would-be employer for not listening to
his explanation of conditions at the rall
rosd office, as long ts they are not
personally acquainted.
The above words are facts and have
been experienced time and time again
by the writer, who Is willing to donate
two weeks Work to any Rood, nllable
firm to prove Ms ability in any kind of
office work, provided employment with
a good future Is laid before him at a
living salary.
Th writer has been told by. other cor
poration employes of numerous similar
occurences experienced by them, .all of
which goes to prove that lh best 'ot of
fice clerks, carrying the heaviest of"
burdens,' when wilhou't (he ao-rnlled
"pull" or outside business references, ts
held down on a low salary by corpora
tions whose "heads" are after ths golden
eagle and not for to help benefit man
kind or gle some long:wuntett small
luxury to a poor employe's family.
Now, Will some large-hearted business
man come to the front with remedies
If so I am sure The Bee wouid be only
too glad to give his words room and the
working clerks extend to him a generous
vote of appreciation. A St.'BsritlRRR.
j wtiich favors the recall, the referendum
', and everything ele the opposite of con-
srVative as panaceas for the alleged ills
of the republic. The president draws a
distinction between the progressives and
the extremists. The latter he holds ar
nut entitled to be called progressives,
but, rather, reactionaries, as they are. In
his Judgment, "political emotionalists or
neurotics." Evidently when th Taft
smile comes off very plain, emphatic and
easily comprehended language follows.
Pphrsfield (Mass.) Republican: Presi
dent Taft assumes the proper attitude
touching his candidacy when he moves
out to attack the other fellows, and to
present those achievements of his admin
istration and party which he believes
to be entitled to the popular respect and
support When any candid person sits
down to a study of the existing situation
he discovers that the head of the national
administration is not only filled with the
purpose to serve the country, but that
the president la able to point to a record
of subi-tantlal achievement. His prede
cessor fi led the air with declarations of
what he proposed . to do. There was a
well-nigh continuous . breathing out of
threati-nltiKs and slaughter, but the act
ual accomplishment by no means equalled
the advertisements.
Ten Years Ago
Mrs. Emily Metzlaft. Leavenworth
street, died suddenly In a store at Twen
ty-ninth and Leavenworth street. 8b
waa taken ill In a street car and carried
hastily to the ator. . Dr. Matthew waa
summoned and arrived Just aa tb woman
was breathing dier last.
W. II. Green left for New York to b
gone several days.
General Manager Bidwell of th Fre
mont. Elk burn Missouri Valley rail
road went to Chicago.
Th building and grounds eommltte of
lh Auditorium company met and opened
bid for tbe construction of th building.
AU th bid were found to exceed Archi
tect Latenscfa figure, tuo.on). and It
was ordered to call for new bida,
John Iloagland, 4a year ef as, died
In th night at his home. Fourteenth and
Ohio streets.
Christian Peterson, t& 8lxth and Pa
cific street, a slonedrsaeer at gchaJI
Co. a yards. Fifth and Joe, was killed
when be attempted to fix th machUMry
whack suddenly went wrong. Ha
New Ratlasr ef (he M. Mi. A.
HARVARD, Neb., Feb. 16,-To the
Editor of Th Hee: The Increased rating
of the Modern Woodmen uf America, st
their recent Chicago convention, without
giving the membership ai.y alternative
than to accept the advance or drop out
with nothing, teems to have done the
membership a great injustice. esieclally
when they hav reached those years In
life when they are unable to keep up
their asaeementa, hard on the present
older member and- soon will be on the
younger one.
Th Ancient Order of United Workmen
hav this provision, that when a member
ha reached the age of T years, he may
retire and receive back all assessments
paid with 4 per cent simple Interest
mad for death payments.
This I too advanced an ace to give
proper protection to tlie membership or
reduce th Indebtedness of the order as
It. would be it tbe ag was at a more
early period.
Tbe time limit the Modern Woodmen of
America will accept a member, la t
years, and If th order will now provide
a rule whereby the member may. at bis
option, retire at any time after fifty
years, and receive bark what lie has
paid in with 4 or per cent Intereat,
local lod dura not Included, tliry will!
provkU an honorable aud rutut way for
th member to retire with a small amount, i
or continue to tb end and mature policy
by death a to prefer.
W think such a provision would mak
a large reduction Ln the indebtedness of
th order, as many policies would be
BUI What did you do with your lea?
year proposals?
HalDid what any other fellow would
do got scared and aa they turned up I
turned 'em down. Baltimore American.
Mrs. Klcker-The Filigrees have a
Corot In the dining room.
Mr. Kicker That's nothing. We have
a whistler in the kitchen. Satire.
"Why are vou looking so elated?"
"At last I have an idea that will bring
me fame."
"And what is this great idea?"
"You knowwhat the 'Wedding March'
did for Mendelssohn; well, I'm going to
write a 'Divorce March' "'Chicago Tri
bune. The strong minded dame was narra
ting the experience she had underxonu
while on a recent slumming expedition.
'IThe sights witnessed in that low dod
gery," she said, ' are indescribable!"
"That's too bad," murmured Miss Gush
lelgh; "i should so love to hear you de
scribe them!" Chicago Tribune.
Detroit Free Press.
Hand me my smoking jacket, here by the
fireside brig lit
I'm going to ait with my pipe and book
at ease on thif Sunday night;
I'll pass up the church this evenlny and
read from the printed pane
Some message of consolation that comes
from a bygone ae;
I'll stav by my fire side calmly, for this ii
my present fix,
I follow the parson's gospel, but I can't
atund his politics.
I can anrue these worldly problems day
in and day out with men,
I can study these business questions hers
In my pleasant den;
I delve tn the mire on week days to
reach what I think is best.
And I come to the Sabbath weary and
eager for peace and rest.
But 1 cannot find peace and comfort
when the parson is throwing brtckf.
I subscribe to his holy gospel, but nut to
hla politics.
So I shan't go to church this evening.
I'll stav by the fire and read
And seek from the printed pages the
spiritual food I need;
Where graft Is a thing not mentioned,
whTe nver the lie la passed.
Where the rich and the poor are never
'gainst one and the other massed;
In hatred and rage and envy six days
re enough to mix,
I will go to the churn for gospel, but
nsver for politics.
Glean bath room tub pipes
and sink with GOLD DUST
To keep bath tub and lavatory snow white to
keep metal pipes, fixtures and taps brightly bur
nishedto purify metal bowl there's nothing on
earth like Gold Dust. Gold Dust is ,the great sani
tary cleanser, because it sterilizes while it cleans,
and drives out every germ and hidden impurity.
Other products may clean the surface Gold
Dcst cleanses to the bottom.
Add a heaping tea
spoonful of Gold Dust to
a pail of water and you
are ready to prove
these claims.
Cold Dust is sold in
5C size and large pack
ages.' The large package
means greater economy.
do four work "
Makers el Fairy Soap (the aval sake)
"Mike" Harrington laat rear
opened up oa the candidacy of Har-
maa for railway eommlasioaer ln
Tery asuch Ike same way that he Is
coins after Harmon's candidacy for
p resides t. Hans an carried the demo
cratic primaries by an orenrhelmlns
majority la spite of Harrington's op
posltloa. We shall see whet vs shall
mrvwn Deacrirer aaa.ot a gearing whe ,urrrnirTTi atlj cancelled at 14 to S
and killed. I ct,t, (h u0nar of their face
Th fifth annual dinner of tb Pytalaa u)u. urnl by death, when th time
Veterans- association was had at th.' . , tM mtntxn tlt they did no
Bchllts hotel. J. Q. Ooes ot Belle-rue, j , recuir th protection for the
president of the eoOMy. wss th toaet-r c(,.jld Bot cont:nu 'payments
master and many local and up-tat sun
Poke, among them Dr. ft 1 Woo or
Omaha, Jedg Boyd ef Nellga, Senator
Dick O'Neill at Lincoln and toaaur
Teens; ef El ant o.
People Talked About
The former comic opera (Irl who
haa been the wife of a millionaire
for a little while tell tho court she
does not see how she can possibly
get along now oa lea than (,000
a year. She might Inform herself
by looking ap her schedule of liv
ing when aha waa a comic opera glrL
without n Injure iemelvrs-
It teems to m the test thing to do. Is
to try and brinx about such a provision,
than If this fall, each tor them servo
da as thir oaan IndivMual Interest may
direct ' BARBOUR.
Kaaiert TettaMr.
Wuhtagtoa Post.
Mr. Bryma appear betor the
With VS paid for a whit saaa'a Tot
la Delaware and only Ss tor a colon d
man's, th proportionate superiority ef
th white race at deflnlurr fixed.
Awibreea Moos, tb biggest man phys
ically in Pennsylvania, died at hit hcrat
at Mount Carbon, Fa. He weighed 13
paund. was rrr tset ten tnchee tall ana
mi. sure three feat acta th ahoaklere
and was or than Bv feet ta --. Me
waa S years :.
Down In Ms winter hem la Florida,
Colonel Henry CTsttersoa ds not
wholly escap th strenuous Ca Watcn-
ln speculative farmer plowta- and
Lttvaeaai SU-velatloae,
Philadelphia Record.
There is a hanger any tat mystery.
A German peraictaa ha discovered s
chemical procrsa which, applied to tbe
kunaa bady after death, makes every
part of the anatomy een the bone
transparent. This make dlaaectioa un
necessary for purposes of poathumous
discovery. &icuM th procras be so
Improved aa ' to make transparent any
part t th bodies ef liviac persona,
without endangering U'e, would be
ot marvelous aid In diagnosis.
T I Luartwc Xemwrtew.
InStanaixjit Slew.
Th failur ot th taemury of ?aafrt J.
HIX while tcvUfy-BS txttfr lh Susies
eetaxaltue. aiw aaca( .that aU ami-
aaaaal vacation with nay and trans-1 mmt trwat ceeamnte. U majht b wn j planta th rrc.-f.ade In front tw at ctucu who stay b t tor!
. .. tor the ta eels the tsmtuiilty to sat ai to tea feet of water 1 a moving, partar , emcial 1 atones Oo bome a carl;
porimuow. ui in rsrsis , inform tioa e th price of auf- a ptotasCx, of exercis a rtiaiww Sndca cf t'JCr caries aad lr-.tac-.iM.
JttA - 1 k - ,kA ... . . . .. 1 . I
did enough overtime work la UiejaMbues aad prist bull
ur abeuUat tbe I
Since the Indians
came here to be cured
the tame of these wonderful waters haa broadened until
now more than 150.000 people, each year, go home
healthier and happier because of their visit here.
yhetheryoa are ill or wtO, you hare denied yourself of much more
than you realize by not going to Hot Springs. Join new the happy
throngs that are congregating at this delightful winter resort to
enjoy golf, horseback riding on splendid, pine-lined mountain
drives, the charming hotel Lie, and a climate that doubles the
pleasure of ererythuig. The trip to
Hot Springs, Ark.
via Frisco Lines
is as pleasant as arrivin there you Watve Kansas City at 6: 1 5 P-m.
you reach Memphis fcVI 5 a. nv, and Hot Springs (via Roci Island
Lines) at 3J5 in the afternoori a quick, restful ride in hizurraus
Electric lighted Umwh sJeeperi
Tn Fraco rEainc car aereea iAxmm Fnd Hmnf aaeala. Let aa otmi jom
more miornaanoa aJoowl Hot Sprn it splessid laHei. bntaa bases a,
its beW wratac and oppuetutwuc tar ulii. Iw-iil alao tea yom cost or
ticket anal make wp a unplieii si Wrhits too yowr beat
FrisceTUkrtOfBce. WaioW Bide 1Kb ft HaamSka,
i C LOVTUE. Drvua rwrar AgvnS
i tun ni