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A "
Clever Utile Coats (or Baby Folk
A charming
a r ra y o I
dainty coats
are ready
for your
many pleas
ing, childish
styles which
sliow the
deft touches
of the skill
ful fingers
which fash
ioned them.
Cashmere, wool batiste and crepella; chie little box styler,
prettily braided; others with deep shoulder capes hand
embroidered. G months, 1 and 2 year sizes.
lYiees $2.95, $3.95, $4.50 aud 5.00.
Long and Short White Dresses
Exquisite llttlo tarmenta of nainsook and lawn. lace and
embroidery trimmed: a number are hand embroidered and
feather Hitched. Infanta', C months, 1 and 2-vear lizea.
Prlce-50 75 ( 1.00 $1.25 -"hI Vp.
Outing Flannel Gowns 60c Flannel Skirts 60c, 75c and
$1.00 Cashmere Barques tie and up Bootees 25c and up
Bonnets, silk or knitted, 50c, Tic f 1.00 and up.
Convicted of Stealing
Will Be Paroled.
Biilnn Mea af Dee Meiers Tattle
Black In Cearera that Will Leaa
ea Chattels at Reaaoa
Ut Rates.
BABY Of T FITS Complete with everything the baby will
need from bootees to drees, neatly parked ready to ship
tor...; SI O.OO 815.00 ni $25.00
1518-20 Farnam Street
Solicitor Outlines Attitude of Wil
ton n Everglade Cue.
' Braatar Fletrarr Bare Secretary
Wllsea Refaaed te tKi It
aad It We Never Offi
cial Deeaaieat,
WASHINGTON, Feb. lH-Oeorss P. Mo-
Cab, solicitor ef the Department ef Ag-
rtrultur. appeared before the house oom
rentes ea expenditures In that department
today te outline the attitude ef Secretary
Wilson and hlnuatf with relation to the
Ftotrda Everglades land case, ths charge
ef suppressed reports mads by Represent
atlvss riark and Bathrtrk and the dh
ehanrs ef Chief Drainage Engineer C. O.
Elliott and his. assistant A.A Mors-
bouse, Mr. MoCabo was celled too com
plete a statement he began befor ths
eemmlttes early In the week preliminary
le the Inquiry, which will begin next
It ha beta charged before the commit'
tea that a report vt I. , Wright, for
merly a department snftneer end
drainage engineer for the lists o( Flor
id, was sot printed la a senate docu
ment en the situation In the Bvertlados
until Wright had revtesd the preots te
conform with his original note.
, Wrlaht Reaert Censored
Senator Fletcher of Florida, who had
the bverglad papers printed es a doea
menL declared today that the ssnats
dommem "doss not contain the full
port mode by J. a Wright" and that It
"appears la the document precisely as
ordered est up and printed by the proper
officers ef the department,
Why publication el the report wea
Bteppsd originally in 110, Benetor Fletebsr
Iceland, wsa not known.
Another pease to be Investigated by
.the committee Is why the circular en
the Everglades, published by order of
Xnglnoar Elliott and afterward sup
pressed. It Is said by order ef Secretary
Wilson, was net printed la the
Tie Elliott circular," said Benetor
' Fletcher, "waa not put In senate aocu
-nent No. bees use It waa never author
ised by the secretary, but ea the eon'
ttarr, as soon as he saw a typewritten
copy of lbs proposed circular ha eon!
damned It and ordered that It be not
printed or distributed. The reason. It Is
supposed, waa the circular sxpressed opln
loos or offered advice, and H did not
purport te give data gathered la scien
tific research. That circular ere never
an official doeumsnut and. therefore, had
Be place la k'T document giving suthestlo
official records on a subject."
Irrraularttlea la ray Roll.
Mr. McCabe said that Engineer J. a
Wright of Florida first ceiled, the de
Bartnut's attention to the alleged lrrg
ularhMet la account ef the drainage
Ta January It. Mil." he said. "Wright
railed at the department and eald. In
substance, that Chief Engineer Elliott
waa trying te Mure bira la hi profee
stea. Wright said that Elliott had placed
ansa an the payroll who had done no
work, but she te 10 had advanced
massy for the completion of dralssga
work end bed been pieced en the payroll
and reimbursed from ths lei appropria
tes. Re gave the nam of J. A. Wllkla
son of Belle Haven. N. C as one of trie
tea sad Wilkinson later admitted that
he bed advanced money tor the work In
North Carolina. The amount iavohred
eras UJ.
-Kllktt said that Dr. True, his supe
rior, bad kaowa all about It." said Me
l's be. "hut Dr. True denied It."
Bepreseatauvs Clark today mae Pub
lic a letter he received last October tram
lecmuy Wilson after the Florida rep
leeeauulie had asked at whose tnstsnos
the circular en tee ever lades aad the
Wright i usui t had seen suppressed.
"It Is Impossible to furnish yen with
the names of all pereoee wlw advlssd
the suppression of the circular letter and
Ihe report.' wrote Secretary Wlleoa. "We
have ae record ef them aad my recollee
Uea Is that theee persons saaae their
tea sea verbally.
Structural Worker Depart ea Eve
of McUamara Cue Arresti.
Former Raslaess Agent ef Omaha
Breach Waa Here at Time Ortle
MrMaalsal Came with Hie
Cleek aad Dreamlte.
The sudden derttfe from Omaha of
Frank H. Fainter on the v of wholesale
arrests In connection with the McNamare
dynamite conspiracy, gives rise te the
belief that he is deeply oonoemed about
the federal inquiry conducted at Indian
apolis. Painter was former business agent
of the Omaha Branch of the atructural
Iron workers end waa In Omaha at the
time Ortle MeManlgal came to Omaha
wiih hi alarm olock and a suitcase filled
with dynamite. '
It any of the local union men know of.
Painter's whereabouts they are eersful
enough to keep from giving out any In
Suaptckm are aroused ever the fact
that FnlaUr'f name wee mentioned In a
cnieago paper aa one wne naa seen inr
plicated In the plot, at least Insofar as
Omaha I concerned; also because Painter
and hla wife left hurriedly, giving the
woman from whom thay rsntsd a house
only one day'e notice of their departure,
Also, It is noted that the Painters loft
Omaha a week age today, the day follow
Ing the official announcement at In
dlenapoHs that thirty or more Indictments
would be returned.
Painter and hie wife lived at BM lew.
ard street, and rented from Mrs. Harry
Hal folder, fTU Pratt street. One said that
the Painters went to Peoria, where her
relatives live. Neighbors on Beward street
else say that they want to Peoria.
United States Marshall Warnsr, when
asked It he had orders to arrest painter
stated that a far as he knew Painter
not wanted. However." said Mr.
Warner, "If he wsa w could not give
out that Information Until after aa ar
rest had been made."
Arrests Rgpeeted by Teeeday,
INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. Hi-Dlstnct At
tnrney Charles W. Miller by Tuesday
night probably will be Informed that all
the men Indicted In connection with
the dynamite conspiracy have been taken
Into custody. It waa said here today.
Federal Judge A. B. Anderson ha
extra prevision made In hla court room
for the arraignment and trials. -
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DE3 .MOINES. la.. Feb. l.-Hpeclel
Telegram.) E. 3. Wallser. a young man
convicted of Mealing gold from the cellar
of tr) father-ln-law'a house, will not be
be sent to the penitentiary, but will be
given an opportunity to lead a new life.
A sentence of fire years waa Imposed
by Judge McHenry, but It waa suspended
during the good behavior of the defend
ant He was paroled to the Rev. Father
Nugent. The priest pleaded for the re
lease of the young man and promised
the court that he would take Wallser In
charge acting as his spiritual adviser
and friend.
Plaa Wllsea Rally.
Arrangements were mads today by
committee acting In the Interest ef Wood.
row Wilson, for president, for a b
Wilson rally In Dea Moines, March
Clubs are being formed all over the state
for Wilson and they will send delegates
te a big meeting here whan a state club
la to be formed. It Is expected that
eral thousand democrats will be brought
hero fur that occarton.
To Fight l.eaa Sharks.
PIsns for the Immediate organization
of a loan company to combat the loan
shark evil In Dea Moines were made thh
morning by a committee of representa
tive from the commercial organisation
of this city. The decision of the committee
wss lo Incorporate a company with
capital stock of from IC0.W0 to SlOO.MU.
The stock will be divided Into shares of
llo each and the general public will be
given an opportunity to subscribe. The
committee will advocate the adoption of
a law that will allow the company
charge ae high as ! per rent per mom
for money loaned en chattel securities
Lntll such a law is adopted the cim
pany will charge the legal rat of In
terest and make eddltlonal chaigee for
Investigating securities. '
The committee elso favors a Isw mslt
Ing It Illegal to take assignments of aa
leeet Freight aa Antes.
Lower frteght rate on automobile ship-
ment In Iowa may be filed by the Iowa
Bute Railroad commission In compliance
with a petition Just made by Freight
commissioner Wylle. Ho ask ths low
commission to modern! such Item of
Secretary Knox to
Make Visit to Cuba
and South America
the Iowa claaalflcatloa that can
changed, to the benefit of the shipping
public and at the same time be a step
lorwarq toward th proposition of unic
tormiry wrier practice bis.
A Lit Beateaea
ef suffering with threat aad tunc trouble
le etUckly esaamated by Dr. Xing' Mew
Dteeevsry. He and tl . For aale
r Beaton Drug; Co.
Weetssfc Cawnae
- - MADISOX, Ken, Feb.
Judas MeDuftee married lata laet
Joseph E. Genders and Bertha Ma Car
many, both ef Norfolk.
Kearney Man Low
On Hospital Bid
(From a Staff Correspondent-)
LINCOLN. Neb., Feb. Mi-48pcll Tele-
gram) The Board of Public Lead and
Building this afternoon opened bids for
the new tuberculosis hospital to be erected
at Kearney. W. F. Crossley of Kearney
waa the lew bidder at II1.HT for the gen
eral contract. Walter Knuteaen of Lin
coin bid S11.M and W. R. Mia nk Ian ef
Lincoln. Sl.ri F. H. Jaoobaoa of Lex
burton was low on plumbing at Mm.
Bids ea wiring and electrical fixture
were all rejected on account of confusion
In th bid. According to plana, the build
ing will cost about lliwr. hut change
will be made, which will reduce It to
about tlt.ow. The building le to be com
pleted wlthla 12 da ye from th letting
oc the contract.
Th central port Ion Is two stories. BxSI
feet with two one-story wings each Kx
feet. There will be twenty room for
LINCOLN. Neb.. Fab. K.- Specie! Tel-
egram.V-aeme Warden Miller has re
turned from Thome county, where he
Investigated the trapping of beaver. It
is probable some prosecutions will follow.
Clouser Gets Long
WE1WTER CITY, la.. Feb. r.-(8Dclal
Telegram.) For forging two check
amounting to Ml Judge Wright this after.
noon aemmcsd C. H. Clouser to pay a
fine ef g,M and serve fifteen year In
th stst penitentiary. Clouser wa
Penniless and forged the checks In order
to get back to hi old home In Nebraska.
wnso apprehended and arranged he
pleaded guilty.
DKNISON, la.. Feb. 10.-(olal.
Judge Powers, holding district court at
Kent eon. held In Bedding the case of
I. C. Bock against R C Jackson that
an agreement made by a saloonkeeper
to pay rot to circulate a consent petition
In the county and use his Influence with
the offloers te have ths petition go
through waa agalnat public policy and
void. It appeared In the evMenoe that
r . -. amw maoe tne agreement with one
Miller of Manilla and th 170 wss de
posited la the First National bank there.
Later Book changed his mind and notified
the bank not to pay the money te Miller.
The bank held the Sajne ton Miller and
for thla Bock sued, and now recover.
it I aa to the validity and legality of
th petition circulated under Miller's
auspice that th anti-saloon people have
eea trying to get a ruling from the d la
in ot court for ever a year. The case I
now before the court, with many wit
ness In attendance.
MAXWELL, la.. Feb. leChlldren
playing with fire were the cause of the
explosion bora hut night, in which four
children la the household ef laeaa Smith.
a farmer, were killed, and Bmltn himself
fatally Injured. Werle Lirouhard. esr
old grandson of Smith, who eereped. said
be and the ether children war putting
cobs into Ihe fire In the kitchen. A can
of gasoline was standing near by.
IOWA W0MN drops
KANSAS CITT. Feb. la-Mrs. Frances
Adams, wife ef Adam Adama. a rctlrei
farmer of Orlewold. la., dlsd In the wait
Ing room of th union depot her today
f apoplexy. Mrs. Adams, with bar hus
band, waa returning from Eagle Lake.
Tex., where the couple had gone te cele
brate their golden wedding anniversary.
Martla Laaaw Jsry Disagree.
MUSCATINE. Is, Feb. H. Disagree
ment by the Jury resulted today In the
trial ef Martin Langs, Indicted on a
charge of throwing rocks and other
missile at th non-union worker, the
second of th series ef case growing
out ef the button worker strlk her.
The Jury hd been out twenty-three
w fcaseera Star Order.
A8HLAND. Neb, Feb. l.-Speclel.V-
A chapter of the Order ef the Eastern
Star was Instituted la Ashland Thursday
night and wss named Matthew chapter.
la honor ef V. A. fjaek'1 Msrthew r
uneorn. who waa present and assisted
In th work. Ben U Terry of Alexandria,
Thayer county, grand natron for No
braaka, wa la charge and th went waa
exemplified by twenty members of Electa
chapter ef Llneola. Elective officers were
chosen a follow: Worthy matron. Mrs.
Bee carmoa Carroll; worthy natron, wll.
Ham Herman Weston: aasocutte metres.
Ml Clara E. Meredith. The chaster
"arts with a charter roll ef tweatr-ftva.
FellewlBg err. monies, refresh meats were
i nrty
GsaUlsg Rewart Raided.
IOWA CITT. Is, Feb. MWSp.-tal Tele
gram.) A gambling room operated by
John Hanley was raided today by Iowa
City police and Hanley. together with
twenty other men. were arrested.
CsslasT Blaw Fatal.
IOWA CITT. Is, Pea. at -fH pedal Tele
gram. Joseph Banish. Jr.. soa ef Joseph
Banana of Solon, eras Instantly killed la
a coasting accident Bear hie father' farm
Child Burma ea Death.
PIERRE. S. D Feb. la-tSpectal Tele
gram. )Tbe Infant daughter ef Mr. and
Mrs. I. A. Reuhardt wae burned te death
at Midland yesterdey. The tare started
in the aheenne ef the mother from the
with twe small children ta the
The little bey wa rescued, hut
the girl era as badly burned before
being taken cot ef the building that ah
rrred but a few minute.
WASHINGTON. D. C, Feb. ll-For the
purpose of solving the diplomatic proo-
lems and acquiring more accurate Irfcr-
matlon as to condition In central ard
northern South America. Secretary Knox
by direction of President Taft, will make
five weeks' trip to the fpan tun-Ameri
can republics bordering the Caribbean
sea and the gulf of Mexico,, Ae now
plsnned Mr. Knox will not visit Mexico,
but that country may be included In the
program before be returns during the
first week of April.
Although the official announcement of
the trip, made public at the White House
late today, gave no details. It waa nade
known that Havana would be Mr. Knox'a
first stop, and It waa reported that In
Cuba he might attempt to "solve the prob
lem" that brought aoout hints of Ameri
can intervention there a tew weeka ago.
Aalde from a possible peacemaking ex
pedition to Cub, th purpoa of th trip ! competitor.
aas announced to be the promntlin of
frlrndly relatione m Central America.
Hot Contest for Leading Place in
Fraternity Contest t Lincoln.
Great Interest Assoag Greek Letter
Ilea ta Oetceare ef Indear
Trees: Errata at t elver
. ally at .Nebraska.
Eevolntionary Warships Are
Attempt Will Be .Made te Prevent
Landing af Troops Taaa ah I
, Kal Bald te Be ea Way
to Tlea Talu.
LONDON, Feb. Ift-A fleet of revolu
tionary warships was sighted off the
port of Shan-Hal-Kwan, situated en the
railroad line from Peking, this morning,
according to a news agency dispatch re
ceived here from Tien Tsln. I'igent or
der hav been Issued by colhmander
of th Imperial troop to prepare all
available transports In ordsr o resist
the landing of the rebel forces.
At the Russian concearltn In Shen-IIei-Kwan
extraordinary precautions have
been taksa. The approaches to the rail
way atatlon have been placed under the
protection of strong patrols.
It Is it ported that Premier Tuan Shi
Kal Is snout to leave Peking for Tien
Paymaster Makes
Charges Against
President Taft
WASin.NOTON, Feb. lA-Briaadlsr
Oen.ral C. H. Whipple, retlrlne ear.
master general of the army, today told
the bouse committee on expenditures In
th War department that charge of con
duct unbecoming a gentleman and an
officer agalnat Major Meechrr a Ray ef
th army pay corps had been suppressed
at the suggestion of President Taft. Ray.
It I charged, took an aeyvs part In th
Taft campaign of 19M and hla political
activity ha been under investigation by
Uie congressional committee. -
It has bean charged that Major Ray
acted as a "walking delegate' for th re
publican party.
Oenaral Whipple said that twice Major
Ray had escaped trial ea charges, whicn
he (the general) believed' warranted
prosecution. He said he went to Beverly
la MB) to ae th president aad that Mr.
Taft had dictated a letter ta hla presence,
advising that for th honor of the army
and the good name ef a woman stories
of the major's acquaintance with the wife
of an employe Of the pay department be
kept from the records.
This letter aad two other by President
Taft war pat In th record to show the
political connection ot Major Ray. Th
paymaster wa appointed te the army
after serving In th campaign ot UM
under Mark Hanna In rounding up th
railway trainmen's vote. He Is said to
have done similar work In the cam
paign ot 19M for President Taft.
In one of his letters President Taft
said Major Ray had been active In the
campaign at the tnatance ot hi (th pres
ident') brother, and added that he feared
Msjor Ray had "prssumed" on the value
ot the sarvloe rendered.
Oenaral Whipple stated that Major Ray
recently wae transferred from Atlanta
to Chicago. No reason for the transfer
wa given him, Oeneral Whipple said.
and there wa no stress of public bualnssa
warranting It.
Oeneral Whplple' testimony Indicated
that ha gave credence to the army rumor
that Major Ray had a 'political pull."
Paraurtent Advertising ta th Road
Big Return.
BtaadlasT at Fraternities.
First. Sigma Alpha Epsllon
Second, Beta Thete PI
Third, Alpha Thete Chi
Fourth. Delta I'pnlion
Fifth. Phi Kappa Pal
sixth. Pbl lelta Theta and Kappa
els-ma (tied) s
Seventh, Phi Gamma Delta t
LINCOLN. Neb, Feb. M. -(Special Tele
gram) Sigma Alpha SpsJIon won the an
nual Indoor battle between the Greek let
ter societies for the athletic supremacy of
the university with a total score of H
potnta. a lead of 124 points over Ita near-1
Beta Theta PI waa second
with JtHi points, and Alpha Theta Vhl
third with lTVj points. Delta I'psilon
fourth with If points s piece. The meet
waa exceptionally well attended, and while
no Indoor track records were broken, each
event was closely contested.
The two team event and the relay race,
in which every fraternity entered four
men. were the mala events of the after
noon. Tho preliminaries were held Friday
afternoon, leaving Alpha Theta Chi,
Delta I'psilon, Sigma Alpha Kpsllon and
Alpha Tau still In the race. The Alpha
Theta Chi team obtained a blavlead over
their opponents whJn Oliver, th? last
man. slipped on ths last lap and fell. He
attempted te regain the distance lost
through the fall, but cloeed Just a few
Inches behind tb winner, Sigma Alpha
The tug-of-war also went to Sigma
Alpha Kpsllon, with Alpha Theta Chi
matinee dance followed the meet
Earl Brannon, chlarmen of the commit
tee In charge, roused a storm of protests
by advertising th meet for at cents ad
mission and later changing the price to
10 cents.
Chi Amega won th Intersororlty relay
Summary of events:
Twenty flve-Tard Dash First Wllsy,
Sigma Alpha Kpsllon; second. May,
tfigma Alpha Epallon: third. Raoely, Phi
Ramma Delta; fourth. Wherry, Beta
Theta PI. Time: 1 seconds.
High Jump-First, Wiley. Sigma Alpha
Kpsllon: second. Russell. Delta I'psilon;
third. Chrttcss. Delta L'pallon and Han-
Beta Theta PL tl. Height, i feet
High Kick-First. Hansen. Delta Theta
PI; second, Seaman, Phi Kappa Pal. and
Pearoe, Alpha Theta Chi, tie; fourth,
Radcllffe, Delta l'pallon, and Redman.
Delta Vpsllon, tie. Height. (eet 4 Inches.
Fence vault First, itaacuiie, ueita
I pelto: second, tttryker. Phi Kappa Pet;
third. Hansen. Bet Theta PI; ourth,
Brannon. Kappa Sigma. Height, teat
I Inches,
Shot Put First. Hansen. Beta Tneta rt:
second. Underwood, Beta Theta Pi; third,
Stryker, Phi Kappa Pel: fourth. Halllgan,
put Dene mete, meianee, u reet i men.
Pole vault First, Hsvia, mi ueiia
Theta: second. Russell. Delta I'psilon ,
third, Tomaa. Delta l'pallon: fourth. Is
rael, Alpha Theta Chi. Height, feel
Hone Climb First. Brannon, Kappa
Sigma; second. Barnes. Beta Theta PI;
third. Israel. Alphe Theta Chi; fourth.
Schmidt, Delta L'psilon. Time, tit seconds.
neisy r irwi, otsnm jii,ii jbpwuvu,
second. Alpha Theta Chf.
Tug-ot-war First, mama Aipua ep
allon; second, Alpha Theta CHI.
Farmers" laatltat at Harvard.
HARVARD, Neb, Feb.' l.-(f peclal.)
A very Interesting two days' session of
the Harvard Farmsrs' Institute work,
waa held In .thla city, with a good pro
gram well carted out. The speakers' list
consisted of C. L. Opperman of th bu
reau ot animal Industry, Vnited State
department, Waahlngton, D. C; J. H.
Frandaen. head of dairy department. Uni
versity ef Nebraska: Bills Rail. Lincoln,
and Mr. Barlow, Bleomingten, 1IL Henry
a. Warren and Secretary W. F. Johnson,
with th liberal assllance of members ef
the aasodatlon. secured valuable pre
miums and have made the event one of
unusual Interest to all la attendance, and
through thla channel will reflect much
good In th horn and on th farm. Th
seed cor problem wss well discussed and
testing demonstration givsn.
1 am u
Among Pare Diamonds
Make a point of selecting diamonds
where vou will have a rare collection
from which to maie a
choice rare in beanty
in extent in quality.
Every gem has been
selected with even
greater discrimination
than our mos particular
customer would exer
cise. We are constantly
on the lookout for finer
stones. We always buy such stones
as accord with Edholm quality.
Every diamond shown you at this
store is of supreme value and has
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and guarantee. The stock is of un
usual size and affords rare oppor
tunity to select any diamond ring at
a most moderate price.
Now is an excellent time for choos
ing a stone, when the stock is large
nnd the range of prices extensive.
Don't Merely Buy Invest.
Sixteenth and Harney.
Free Srrd Cwra Teeta.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Feb. 10. Spe
cial.) TTa Commercial club ha ar
ranged to have th seed corn of this
vicinity tested free for the farmers, who
desire to take advantage of the oppor
tunity. Three teeter, with th capacity
et LOOS, will be secured and the work will
be In charge ot William Stslk. president
ef th Nebraska Stat Pur Cora aseoct
lion, Th week eat apart for the teat'
Ing la February Is to H In the
moot of the court bouse.
February Pre-Inventory
on Diamonds, Jewelry, Watches, Silver, Cut Olass,
Brus, Lampi, Leather Goods, eta; is on
and making big business.
Except Sterling Silver and Some Diamonds is Out
to create sales before inventory
10 to 50
on first-class goods only.
The Busy Jewelers. 1520 Douglas Street.
Key t the Situation Bee Advertising.
Woman's Ills
M say wusna safer asedlswly from girlhood t woman
hood sad Iraes motherhood ta aid age witk backsca,
dissia or hesdaone. Saw becomes brokea-dowa, ileep
leaa, nervous, irritable aad feels tired from saoming to
night. When paias and ache reek tb womaaJy rystsm at
tresjueat iatervals, ess ssae aWseer aeemf
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
r PrecHwtlm ta, far erer years, Baca
earad ecare. sreak, -wrackee? weaara.
By M Baaetraafa af rweesea aaa ff fa la
saw awrracr (Bale Beane arMBeaf reir Bar.
lad ea aaBasaf r fawafcasv oeeereelafs aaa
areamirey reaagaeat M-aga'aatfeaa.
Sick women era iavfted to eeasult in coaideace by latter jVee. Address
World Dispensary Medical Aas 'a, R. V. Pierce. M. D Pres't, Bufele, N. Y.
Da. Prsaca's Caaar FasniT Docroa Book. Tb Feoow' .Coamoa Seas
Medical Advisor, aewly revised ae-to-dt editieo 1000 pages, easwen as
Fian fafaua bast ot delicate aaestioa which every worn sa, untie or married,
osujht ta kaew a boat. Scat fr to any address aa receipt of 31 on i sal
stamp to cover east af wrappiaa aad mailing sr, m French cloth tawdiag.
Read What Ont of Our Customers
Says f Our Work
Omaha's Quality
Wagons . Every
Both Phones
f . .. . -tuLJL ,a.i, pe"1 T
-O-"1- ; 7 S J, j
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Dr. Todd has the exclusive rights
to the new way in Omaha
401 Brandels Bldg., Omaha.
Dear Doctor:
In answer to your Inquiry a to th aatlafaction I received from your
new sanitary teeth It give m great pleasure to say that I am having
more comfort aad ease thaa In many yean peL I think that your new
Invention le one ot the beat for the relief ef humanity In general, that baa
been discovered In many years, and If my recommendation will carry any
v sight you will coon nave msny of my persons! friends, who have been
sufferer from half tooth brldg work, netting your office for treatment
From the time lb became necessary for me to here some bridge work
done until I visited your office, I wae treated by probably half a dossn
dentlata, aad It waa always with th aam reeulta, pain and dlsappolnt
bicnt but now I feel like a new person.
Should the publication of this letter be of any benefit to you, you
have my full permission to publish same and my aiuoereet wish la that It
may bring many other uftarer to you so that they may be benefitted aa
I have been.
With best wish for your continued success.
I am very truly yours.
CIS Anuth Stlk Awnu.
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