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MME CAVALIERI tails to her Urge audience of readers to-day
on a theme of importance to all women, and it may be truthfully
added, to all men. We often hear the complaint "I am losing
my figure." The ilendemess of youth is lost in the enveloping blanket
of flesh that years bring to tome, or the roundness of youthful contours
disappears before the guanines of age. How to avoid both these evils
is included in to-day's valuable advice on "How to Improve Your Figure."
ilj cji ui nr o o
imi mm mm mm iHfl
By Mme. Lina Cavalieri
T Is well to scan your figure occa
sionally In the mirror to
satisfactorily do this you need a
full length mirror and decide what
are Its flaws and how to rid yourself
of them.
Perhaps you have a disfiguring
stoop. Rid yourself of this, It neces
sary, by wearing shoulder braces.
You can buy strong, reliable ones at
most drug stores, and you can make
them for yourself with two strong
stitched bands of muslin to which
"cross pieces are attached. Fasten
these to your corsets by safety pins.
Perhaps that apparent stoop is due
not to actual bending of the shoul
ders but to a roll of superfluous fat
that accumulates Jtut below the
neck on women who bar attained
thirty years, ot even before. Re
move this unsightly blemish by sev
eral methods. First, throw away
your pillow and lie with head and
feet on a level. Form the habit of
standing very erect Stretch your
arms sideways and on a level with
your shoulders and twirl thm rap- ,
Idly backward.
There are always several prepara
tions which can be used to advant
age If applied outwardly. Bathe
the shoulders every night with this,
rubbing It thoroughly Into the
Iodine ) M I OX
Alcohol .....12 ext. .
If your limbs are too heavy, as is
liable to be the case In America,
where women's figures are not as
well proportioned as in many other
countries, the lower part of the body
being disposed to stoutness, walk
much. This will reduce the bulk of
the fat and make the muscles solid.
Occasionally I receive letters Siting
me to tell a girl how to make the
limbs larger and more shapely.
Massage with olive oil should en
large them. To inquiries as to how
to make the thin anklet plumper 1
nake the same reply.
No figure is attractive If the
hips ar out of proportion to
the rest of the body. They
should be neither too large nor too
small, but In perfect sccord with
the rest of the figure. If the rest
of the figure Is thin and the hips
plump the effect Is ludicrous. It
the body Is smple and the hips flat
the hips are incongruous.' Fashion
may dictate broad hips one season
and narrow hips the next, but their
ideal else remains the same. They
must look as though they belong
to that body and no other.
They should be amphora shaped,
as any sculptor will tell you. An
amphora, you know, is a large
Roman vase with lines exquisitely
curved downward. . Study the pic
tures of statues of the ancient
Greeks and you will comprehend
the beauty of the hip line tn the
natural figure. They are neither
over heavy nor too thin.
. The bones ahould be well cov
ered, 'but there stould be so fat
creases and no loose hanging skin.
It there is too little flesh applica
tion of olive oil will, Increase It
But the fault In the American
woman's figure Is that she is un
duly developed about the hips.
For this figure blemish It would be
absurd to bant, for her whole body
would diminish under It and the
hips remain proportionately as
large as before, Massage and ex
ercise are the hope of the woman
of overdeveloped hips. Rub briskly
and firmly, with a strong slapping
motion, this mixture, prepared es
pecially for each application.
Unaweetened butter, one table
spoonful. Tincture of Iodine, 20 drops.
Long corsets that are not too
tight keep np a continual gentle
'Swing the right leg slowly and
firmly sidewise raiting the
foot as nigh as you can."
at r X
f m . ii
V rfs K
D w Tit HP.
m t!7 wIvmw n
f In the same fashion with the left, erlbed, the body straight, the chest V'-T f JjV?? (Za A
r I Third, stand with the weight en and head high, the hetle together. FlTO'' , , J
t,v I one foot and raise the other lea Rale the hinds sldewlse sbove thsft liVv tfJ-
I I slowly, until It Is on s level with head, bringing the tips ef the fin- Wtef?
I . IB me min. uw in im ana ; gsr logeiner. i nen, in tn posture fn.Wii.CitVA",;airVi1 AT6
'II repeat thla exercise many times that swimmers take before they "Via "V 1 '-KoC
I 1 until you -begin to grow weary.
I PI 'hen change the weight to that
kr- I I ot and repeat the exercise with
K N si-, (J e other leg.
i J Fourth, stand aa I at first des
cribed, the body straight, the chest V
and head high, the hetle together.
Raise the hinds sldewlse sbove the1
head, bringing the tips of the fin
gtrt together. Then, In the posture
that swimmers take before they
dive, band alowly forward, keeping
the knees straight, until the finger
tlpa reach the ground. Repeat this
until fatigue wamt you to ttip.
Never exercise until weary.
friction that helps to some extent
In reducing the hips, but these
should never be worn so tight as to
compress the inner organs nor con
strict the muscles. Better too re
dundant hips than an Interference
with the circulation, which may
cause varicose veins or other seri
ous complications.
These exercises sre simple, but
will be found exceedingly helpful
"Raise the hands above the
head, finger tips meeting,
in the posture swim
men take before
they dive."
If persevered In, In diminishing
the hips:
First, stand perfectly erect;
the knees should not be bent The
heels should be htld together.
The palme of the hinds should
rest firmly upon the hips.
Second, twing the right teg tlow
ly and firmly tldewite, raising the
foot as high aa you can. This
should not be suddenly or violently
done. Rett tht wtrght of the body
firmly on the left foot while eo do
ing. Kick thue alowly a hah? dozen
tlmee or more, until the muscles
begin to be weary. Then shift the
weight to the right foot and klek
Beauty Questions Answered
8. D. stkt: "Will you please tell
me something that will make my
eyet darker? They are a light
brown and have dark brown spots
la them, which look quite funny."
You cannot change the color of
your eyet, dear child, but you can
accentuate their color by taking
especial care of your eyebrows and
eyelashes, so that they will grow
longer and thicker and lend their
shadows to the eyes. Brush them
every night and morning with an
eyebrow brush to keep them free
from dust The brush may be
dipped Into ranollne at night
There will be plenty of time for the
lanoline to be absorbed by the akin
during the night
F. R. inquires: "Will you please
publish an Inexpensive but effectual
remedy for a red nosef Also one
for pimples."
For the red noee, loosen all your
clothing, even to your garters, and
wtar largtr collars, hose and gloves.
For pimples, avoid rich food and
aweets. Eat vegetables and fruiu.
Drink water freely. The old-faah-loned
Spring remedy, taken Inter,
nally, sulphur snd molasses, an equal
part mixture, should help to clear
your blood, which must be freighted
with Impurities. Occasionally eteam
the face to rid It of Ita Impurities,
but when you have accomplished
this end, stop the face ateamlng, for
It makes the akin flabby In time,
and encourages wrinkles.
E. W. aska what the shall do for
aa oily skin, especially on tbe nose
where the pores are large.
""This la a drying lotion and tends
also to draw together the relaxed
pores: '
Rote wster I oia.
Elderflower water ..2 oia.
Tincture of bsnieln Vt
Tannic sold 10 grains
F. R, tends me a lock of hair of
ths beautiful golden shad w read
about but rarely see. She ssys she
"Stand with the weight on one
foot and raise the other leg
lowly until it is oa a level
with the trunk."
wants to wear her hair parted, but
the roots of the hair being; darker
than the ends the result la unbe
coming,, giving her a piebald ap
pearance. Shampoo at least one a week.
Ute the Juice of two lemena In a
quart of wattr for the shampoo.
Occasionally substitute for the
lemon Juice a tableapoenful ef
ammonia. Rub this well Into the
roots when washing the hair.
Turned Him Down
Test of Caste
Seven Appetizing Ways of Serving Boiled Beef 3?LIhoki
serve tht beef, accomiianied by some
simple dressing. For this purpose the
best thing is either tomato sauce or
horseradish sauce.
ONE of tbe fundamental re
quirements of good economl-
cal French cooking is to " , D .. .
know bow to make soup from a piece 1 OmatO bailee 101" BOlled
of beef and then serve the boiled Beef,
beef attractively afterward. OPAKE five to six large snd very rip
The soup made from the beef Is tosjstoee. ram ore skioa sad teedt
Boiled Beef Miroton.
frHIS is soother popular dish from
take cart to remove tht bay leaf.
Sprinkle with bread crumbs snd
moisten with several drops of butter
or melted lard, and cook to a gratia
in the oven.
called pot au feu, and ehouM be the
best of the simpler soups. The way
of treating the boiled meat are in
numerable, and I explain only a few
ef tbe best of them to-day.
and chop them up. Then put them io
a frying pan with two tablespoonfuls
of olive oil and a pinch of salt and
pepper and a lhtle chopped pirsler,
and if you wish a very small piece of
garlic. Let H cook gently, and serve
without pissing through a strainer.
This is a useful economy.
Making the Soup.
rr HE following proportions sre cai-
culated for lour or Sve persons.
- r I -1 T XT I TlaAiiaet
Place in saucepan about five puts oi DOllcU DtTCI a IA riUVCU
cold water and a piece oi beef a little
over two pounds, chosen by prefer
ence from the rump. Place tht sauce
pan oa a moderate fire, snd as soon
as the liquid gets hot snd the scum
begins to farm take care to remove it
immediately with a spoon.
When the liquid has boiled thor
oughly plac the saucepan at the side
of the fire, so that the cooking may
eantinoe slowly. When the scam
has been completely removed add an
CUT the beef in thin slices and ar
range it on a gratia dish and cover
it with tomato sauce a la Provencal,
which has already been described. Put
the dish into the oven snd let it sim
mer for eight to ten minutes, and
It is best to terv with the boiled
beef Provencal a dish of potatoes,
either boiled or cooked in the ovta.
ths pot su feu. Chop fine two
or three onions. Cook them in a fry
ing pan or in a saucepan with two .
good tabiespoonfuis of butter or lard. Beef Saute a la Lyonnaise.
CHOP fine two or three onions snd
set them to browa in a frying
pan with two or three tablespoMifuls
of lard or butter. When the anions
have takes oa a fin brown color add
the boiled beef, which you have
, minced. Season with salt and pepper,
add a tiny piece of garlic and allow
it to cook eight to tea minutes.
Sprinkle the beef with a little parsley
chopped fine, and moisten with a little
stream of vinegar. To increase the
sin of this uh, and thus make it
more economical, you may add to tht
beef aa equal quantity of potatoes,
which yew have prepared in another
frying pasv.
When the onions have taken a hoe
color add a good tableipoonful of
flour. Let them, take a good brown
color, and then moisten with a lntle
beef liquid, in sufficient quantity to
produce a rather thick sauce. Add a
tablcspoonful of vinegar, a bay leaf,
and season with salt and pepper ac
cording to taste, and thea let the mix
ture boil eight to ten minutes.
Cut the boiled beef ia fin slices.
Airing them oa a gratia dish, at the
bottom of which you have put several
tablespoonfula of since Surround the
beet with slices of potato cooked la
water. Plac on the surface several
capers or some sliced gherkin snd a
tittle chopped parsley. Cover it with
the rest of the sauce, from which you
0 you really mean It sir.
Bpooner, when yon aay I am
the but gin la to woriar- asktd a
young lady of an ardsat admtrsr.
-Indeed I do. Dors." rsiponded tht
young man. I say It again you are
ths best girl In tbe world."
"And tht loveliest I think you aaJdr
-The loveliest without doubt
-I think you aald something akeut
my accomplishments, tooT
"I did. I said they excelled these
of any other girl."
- -1 kellev you called m swoetr
"A sweeter woman never breathed,"
quoted tht ardent lover.
-Tou used tb word "perfect,' toe,
did you notT"
"1 Old. I look upon you aa tht pink
of perfection, propriety, snd modesty,
the empress of my heart tht peerless
one among the beauteous creatures of
your sei, a maiden adorable, enchant
Ins. and worthy of tht hamf, of tb
but man on earth. Bay the word that
will make me the happiest man oa
earth, my own Dora."
"llefor I glv you an answer. Mr.
Ppoonvr. I should like to ask you en
A dosen. If you like."
MOW. mtnd," said her moth to Ut-
1 v tie Doris, who was going to school
for th flrtt time, "mind yea ar vary
careful with whoa you stay. I want
yoa to b (rlenos only with alee Uttte
girls and bora."
Little Doris waa a good girl, and ah
went oft to school rmmbrlaf all br
mother bad said.
When she cam Dock her proud parent
asked her how sn had tot on.
"Oh. mamma." ah cried. 'Tte made
friends with such ale Utu tlrli."
"But Dorhl. " aald her mottiar, Tt
told yu I dos t 111 you to auk friend
with aay on muesa I know tboa my
self." '
'I know, mamma." replied ths llttl
girt "but I'm sure they're very ale."
"Oh I And what make you think that,
dearr" aaked her mother, somewhat
"Well," replied the small on in a de
elded toot, "tn family posmse two
motor cam."
dm win o enouan. Don t to
think that you have treat deal of TBB timid husband and tna uin.
assurance to expect a woman with at; I uu i. ... v..,.. . .V '
o excellent qualities to marr .uch " . . " "
onion with two cloves stuck into it.
th wait psrt of tw. leeks, s brinca variations of ine ueei soup
rOU may add as aa additional gar-
of celery, several leaves ot chervil.
two carrots, a turnip, and a mite of
garlic and half an ounce of salt. Cover
th saucepan and take care that it
does not stop boiling for two and a
half to three hours.
If you have a larger number of per
sons thin thit mentioned to dinner,
snd have used a larger piece of beef,
th time must be relatively increased.
At the moment of sitting down to
table arrange the pieces of beef on a
dish, surrounding them with the vege
tables which hive been used in the
cooking. Pour the liquid into a soup
tureen, in which you have placed
slices of toasted or baked bread.
When you have eaten the soup you
A. nishing to the family pot aa fen
a quarter of a cabbage, which yen
have previously passed through boil
ing water and tied p carefully with
string. Yoa may also add three to
four boiled potatoes. Is this case yoa
must use st least a pint more of water,
miking six pints of wster for shout
two pounds of beef.
Th liquid of the pot au feu serves
as a base for most of the soup. In a
French household on the day when
(fa i,Oirt uTs!
Salad of Boiled Beef.
CUT the boiled beef in little pieces.
Take tbt asms quantity of pota
toes cooked in water, cut them into
slices, and put th beef and potatoes
in a salad bowL Add a little parsley
tnd mixed herbs (fines heroes) chop
ped fine, snd, if you like it. t little
chopped onion. Sprinkle tht wholt
with t vinaigrette sauce prepared in
the following proportions: One coffee
spoonful of mustard, ont toupspoonful
of vinegar, three soupspoonfuls of
olive oil, one coffeespoonful of silt,
snd a pmch of pepper. Mia the wholt
together thoroughly and you will oh- THE local member .f p.rU.m,s -.. th woman walked .lo.i- t .L.
tain a very good dish, which may eloquent to put It vry mildly. In "ptain e bridge.
form the principal feature of a lunch. B ow opln!on) ,t m u WM "Pleaae. sir." said she, addressing th
eiusl to th finest word-deuvrr who k,,.k..i .h.. . .
Tu tell my husband what to do If he has
ever existed. an attack of seasickness?"
On on occasion he visited a farming Th oid salt looked her solemnly for
district la his constituency, and let him- few momenta, winked bis ere, and taea
self loos In a flood of laruruat that replied:
completely bewildered his audienoe. "It Isn't necessary to tell bins. He ll
At th close of th proceedings th fust do It!"
member approached Giles, en of th
those excellent qualities to marry such
an ordlnsry msa as your'
Mr. gpooner Is still a bachelor.
th deck of th great Uner. which waa
taking them far away from th sborea ef
Th sea was not nearly so calm at II
might hav been, and tb ship waa roll
ing badly. After a while th timid ones
began to grow pale, a muttered con
versation look plac between thenv and
they hav. pot au feu they usually fol- -j- Diagram Show You the Location of All Cuts of Beef. The
low it with some poultry or game, ac
cording to the season, a green salad
and a dessert of some kind.
Shaded Sections Indicate the Cheaper Portions
Used in These Recipes.
Horseradish and Nut
Novelty Recipe
THIS is an excellent
sauce to serve with
boiled beef.
Remove the skins from
some walnuts, chop them
fine and mix with the
same quantity of grated
horseradish.. Season this
mixture with a dessert
spoonful of powdered
sugar and a pinch of salt.
Add the juice of two lem
ons and some fresh cream,
in sufficient quantity that
the sauce may be neither
too thick net too thin.
met rural of his rural friends.
"Hell. Oil." said he. "what did yon
think of my speech?"
-Sir." replied th honeat yeoman, "yoa
mlshl have typhoid and recover; yoa
mlxbt hav pneumonia, and get orer It;
yoa might hav scarlet fever and shak
It B; but. hang m. if yoa ever ft lock
law, you're done!"
Thea th member west away and be
gan to puis I It all out.
Good Advice
Signally Eaty.
you waving
Emily Why
AnaelUva Sine papa has forbidden
Tom th hous w hav arnaaisd a cod take mother and I out to dinner nearly
some ad rice to young men tn a h tu
morous address oa th Ulaaetonka.
"Popularity, popularity among th la
dle. Is a great help to aay young roan."
said Fattier Vanghan. "and tar I
nothing like generosity to auk a young
man popular.
"I beard a lady praising a young mas
the ether evening.
He t so generous.' sh said. TT
of sicnsls.
Emily What Is It?
Ansellm When he waves his hand
kerchief flv time, that sseaas "Do yoa
love mer And when 1 wav frantically
In reply. It mean "tea. darling."
Emily And how do ya ask other
Aagelina We don't That's tb who:
every week. W dot oa him.'
"Then she smiled and added:
" in fact, wo table d'hot on aim.' "
"What do ya do here?" asked a via. '
Itor to th circus ef th dwarf.
"I amuse th people la a a ma! way."
replied tb littles maa.