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stave lot Ma XL "'.
a ee, Fixtures, Bargees tliasdis
xg aaaale is ge; Booth' OumMi'
Canned Oysters of your dealer.
""Hi ! for nenrsst dealer's un
. aaa Takee at Blank Juttos
Treltachka, a satoon keeper ta Um out
tins secured a commission blank and
win circulate it (or signatures. Then
are now MS blanks oat and sixteen peu
tlona have been filed.
Bait Mas Smceasafml Operation W. B.
T. Bait. tt Calllortua atreet, genera,
plant superintendent of tha Nebraska
Talaphona company, who was operateu
an last Wednesday at tha Clarkson boa
pltal. Is getting alone Tory nicely. It
thought by tha doctors that It will
only short dm before ha win be abi.
to be taken to his home.
Tsrtlst for Pan from Car EU
Lang was given a verdict lor l
against tha street railway compaay foi
personal Injuries In the law division o.
tha district court. Lang claimed to hev
been thrown from s car as a result o.
negligence nod carateeaneat of the eon
duetor and motorman and asked B.e
damages for tha Injuries ha suffered.
emda Are Acolyte city Comptroller
Cosgrova has reeaived nouca from tiu
city's fiscal agents in tha east that to
J0.O city ball renewal bonds over th
Issue of which there was some trouble.
had been duly delivered and tha tao.e
with premium and accrued In teres
. amounting to S51.Ws.7f had been place,
to the credit of W. O. fre. dty treasurer
peolal Oars tot Bdaoators To aocom-
modau tha Asbraaka members of toe de
pertinent of supertn tendency of the Na
tionaj Educational association that wil
hold Its annual meeting In St Louis tht
last of tha present month, the Burling
too will add two peolal sleepers to It.
train leaving Lincoln al 1 14 p. m. Feb
nary S. This train will leave Oman
at o'clock tha same day and arrlv,
In St. Louis at t M o'clock the folloin
Footpad's Blackjack
Hursts and Spellman
Saved From Holdup
V Saved Froi
' g I Bvtdently Intent unon
WMently Intent upon holding up the
proprietor and robbing tha store, a rob
ber slipped upon J. Bpellmaa, busy be
hind a counter la his grocery at 110!
Wortk Seventeenth street early last
night and draw a blackjack, ready to
strike. As ha swung tha "sap" Its
leather binding broke and Its lead shot
contents rained throughout tha room.
. His weapon disappointing him. the sup
posed highwayman ran out of tha store.
Spellman realised what had happened a
few minutes later and called the pollea
He took a good look at the man who
had eurreptttlouely entered his store and
wildly left It and was able to give a de
scription to tha police.
Nebraska Boy Gets
v Allis Scholarship
KIW RAVEN. Conn., Feb. a The
Fogg and Allls scholarships In tha Tale
divinity school, awarded on a basts of
scholarship, are announced as follows:
Fogg scholarships, class of UU, Charles
H. Warren of Tottoyl, Japan; class of
t Kit Elmer W. K. Mould at Schenectady,
K. T., and Francis C. Sutler of Oak
'r.: I III; class of UM, Frederick E. Lea
of Columbus, Kan.' t "
Allls scholarships, class of UU. William
B. Kilns of University Place, Neb., and
Daniel B. Robinson of North Salem Ind.!
class of tall. 8. K. Tbompklna of Bran-
ford, Conn., and Bryant Wilson of
Berkeley, Cal.; class of 114, Marvin W.
Brandt of Belolt Wis., and David Dunn
of Huntingdon, Pa. 1
Bellevue Secures
a Financial Agent
Rsv. David Tula of Newark has been
engaged by Bellavue cell age to serve ss
field financial agent. He Is a Scotch
Fresbyterlan minister of ability and has
bean associated with President H olden
of Wooster university In raising td.WO.ore
fund for that Institution. Hs Is an
alumnus of Wooster and also of Lane
Theological seminary. Rev. Mr. Tula has
beea la conference with tha trustees for
several days and yesterday his appoint
meat as financial secretary was recom
mended, by the executive committee.
The high school debating team was
picked at a preliminary contest held yes
terday. For two hours twelve lads put
forth their arguments for and against
tht question: "Resolved, That immigrants
to the united States Who Cannot Read
and Writs Should Be Excluded." -
The Judges picked the six for the team:
Edwin landala. 11; George Grimes, n;
leaders, Maurice Clarke, "11; Barney
Xulakofsky. 11; Fred Ryplns. 11, snd
Carson Hathaway, 'IS. The Judges were:
Prof. Edward R. Rurke. the debating
coach, and Prof. J. F. Wooiery and Ed
ward E, McMillan of the faculty.
Lsms Sehlank, a chauffeur, has bean
arrested' on complaint of E. A. Sullivan,
real estate dealer, who claims that
Be blank charges exhorUtant taxi 'rates.
Tha ease comes up in polles court Sat
urday. Sullivan say that Schlank charged n
for taking three psseengtrs from Thirty
fifth and Farnam streets to SOT Burt
street and on passenger to tha liar
Grand hotel. When the till was presented,
Sulitvaa objected, stating that the rates
were so high as to be a violation or a
dty ordinance regulating tailcab traffic.
Tha Boys club at St. Stephen's Epis
copal - mtssioa win give a "'sugar' boy
minstrel" at Jacob's Memorial hall.
Saves teen th and Dodge streets. Tuesday
si suing February M. for the benefit of
Bt Stephen's mlsnfoa building fond. Tha
avast Is completely la tha hands of tha
bora sad a very attractive program baa
bean arranged at considerable labor and
V I V tion-Dmr aaraaabauloa
1 II iissjiiiI e aaetness and tin af ssi at
fL keaswwmily ii I n I tha Ota. leTmmsa!
TbJ. acUeas vans aakea tfctarwaar Jsmcaasa
at law abases sweet aw Tsaasa,.
One Day Only
Your unrestricted choice of Any SVIan's Heavy
Weight Overcoat in Our Entire Stock at
Without Doubt the Greatest Clothing Event Ever Held in Omaha
All our flno heavy woight overcoats are included In this sale.
There are two months of cold weather to use these coats,
and they are good for next winter.
Unusual Bargains are Offered in This Winter Clean-Up
The overcoats we offer are our regular goods, and many are
the finest ever offered in Omaha. This sale will enable hun
dreds of men to wear fine Overcoats for little money.
Entire Choice of Any Shirt in
Our Store
Including all our
fine Manhattan,
Cluotts, Fault
less. Yorke, they sold up
to $3.00, Saturday for.....
500 Ken Will Get in on the
Snap of Thsir Liyss
Here Saturday ,s
We offer for sale 500 fine
hats from our $2.50, $3
and $4.00
lines, and
to clean
' e m up
quick we
offer them at.
Den's Onion Suits, $1 .65
That sold to $5.00 and $6.00;
on sale Saturday,
ought from tho Cooper Knit
ting Mills at tro
mondous reduc
tions, In worsteds,
fine woolens, silk
mixtures; at . ...
: , ; ; J
the h 'oust or
fGf MERIT. "
- -
Stock Ttrdi Baking Big frepani-
tioni to Greet ' Student.
014 I"alks Caateart at rrvatiTtrrlaa
Caarefc AltraaU Crewgeg Haas
Fart Creak loUler laa tales
. . Fee. liar Iajarr.
Joe Shoemaker of tha tTnloa Stock
Tards oompany Issued nearly WO invita
tions yesterday ta tha banquet to be
given next Tuesday night In honor of
tha agricultural department of tha Cal'
varsity of Nebraska.
Itr. Shoemaker stated that tha number
of student visitors to the yards Ulta year
will be unusually large and tha united
packing Interests are making every ef
fort to entertain tha hope of Nebraska
In a way that will be both beneficial to
the Inner and outer man.
Aa far as tha plans af the day's enter
tainment goes the students with their In
structors enTII be divided Into squads and
placed In charge of guides, who will take
them through tha different departments
of the packing houses, where practical
demonstrations of the work will be made
for their benefit
The 4lan of entertainment may be sum
med up In the words of Mr. Shoemaker.
who Is In charge of the entertainment
"We aim to eo-operate with tha teachers
of the college and will make It a point to
show the students something about stock
on the hook as well as on the hoof.'
Tha students will arrive on a special
train In the forenoon and will remain all
day at tha yards and packing houses.
Mors snd more It Is understood tha col
lege looks forward with Interest and
pleasure to the yearly visit to tha stock
yards of South Omaha.
Old relics' Ceaecrs.
One of the most unique entertainments
ever given In this dty held tha attention
of a crowded house at the Presbyterian
church last night, when thirty men and
women of tha congregation presented the
Old Folks Concert."
Tha feature of the occasion was that
the players were all men and women on
the shady aids of life. Tha play Itself
was just what the name signified, an
"Old Folks' Concert," without frills or
thrills, Just aa old-fashioned "shindig."
Many In tha audience were provoked to
mirth at the sight af staid bustness men.
soma dad In knickerbockers and Fauntle-
roy collars, while others wore with be
coming dignity the solemn If somewhat
antiquated garb of forty years ago.
Among the women who took part In
the program there were kindly old grand
mothers whose silvery hah was rendered
nowise leas venerable by the strange and
weird headgear that had been the pink
of fashtoa back la old New England be
fore theydvll war.
Tha program was mads up af tittle bits
of poetry, music and declamations, side
lights from tha days agone. Tender old
ballads that In baby days had wooed to
sleep many a man and woman In the
audience were again rehearsed by gentle
voices that had grown no less sweat be
cause of tha passing years. -
Andy Barr had down bis Addle from
tha kitchen shelf and old and yaung
listened with rapt attention as Ma tuneful
bow waked song of tha kind that always
fhsds an aahe la the heart of tha atrdmary
man and wcecan.
A!tctp--thar tha oodcstV was a wasjuuuuel
was Inspired with Indignation because of
the total disregard of the ordinance that
makes It Incumbent upon private prop
erty owners and residents to clean the
sidewalks before their names and places
of business. His honor was wrethr, in
deed, and stated that ha would Issue
orders to Chief of Police John Brlggs to
arrest any person who neglected to clean
tha snow and lea before their residences.
leldler feaad ITaeanseloas.
E. aVSauntaina, a soldier from Fort
Crook, was found last night at I o'clock
lying unconscious from aa Injured larynx
at Twenty-fourth and N streets. The man
was found by Offloar William Coulter at
the foot at the steps that led ts tha
TCatery . restaurant ,
Dr. A. H. Kosnig ordered tha man taken
to South Omaha hospital where aa ex
aminatlon revealed that Bauatatne was In
a precarious condition as tha result of
a peculiar Injury to tha throat In the
ration of tha larynx.
Or. Koanlg notified tha Fort Crook
authorities and the injured man will prob
ably be taken to tha Poet hospital this
Sauntaina la a musician at the fort Dr.
Koenig was unable to say whether the
injury in tha throat was a recent one or
caused by an old wound. Ha considers
tha case peculiar.
Faints Catch Fire.
While connecting a stovepipe to the
smoke Intake af tha chimney this morn'
Ing, John Donevan. proprietor of a paint
shop at 4U North Twenty -fourth street.
dropped the hot pipe noon several buckets
of paint In aa Instant tha shop was
ablate, tha oljs and oombustlbke material
catching quickly. Immediate response
of the fire dsparunent prevented a large
loss and tha blase was soon under con
trol, but not before several hundred dol
lars worth of merchandise and paints
had been burned. The Larkln undertak
ing parlors next door werea slightly In
afaa-ie City Ge-setp.
Mrs. Oerll Collins Is seriously 111 at her
af Ukoss prisutt
(he beads of
Be. Dr. Wbaeler, Whs
ins-olnrs Te Old FetBS CenaarL- .
Cm a Jslialn luur af taspejrSBB v t j jrUi as
tan) mg rmtomr. auror r. .
Mrs. T. A. Fletcher le vMtln her ana.
Barry Fletcher at Crawford, Neb.
Fred ThomnuHt nf RjtJstnfi ! anfesrin
from a dislocated shoulder, tha result of
a so-ees car aesiaent.
The Wllllne- Warkars at tha rhrtatlan
church will give a supper at the church
oa Friday evening at e k p. m.
JaV Williams mnA Vltra TrMl..n .
Fremont attending the tenth annivaraarv
of tha Eagles lodge in that city.
Phone Bell South " Ind. P-lfM for a
is at Jetter Oold Ten. Premot dallrorv
to any part of tha cur. William Jetter.
Next Sunder at the First PrMhtHftti
church the eervlces will consist of Bible
school In departments of tho organisation.
Colonel C. M. Hunt, for tnsnv vara
business man of South Omaha. Is la the
oitr on a visit from his nrMMit hnm. i
Mrs. Mary O'Doaasll. Twsntv.ftiuk
and R streets. Is confined by Illness to the
rare 01 ner asiupter, Mrs. Arthur
Moran of Ralston. Neb.
Chief of Polios John Brrurn will maaa a
round oc tne dance halls of the elty In
order ta prevent th tei-pstxhoreaa wrig
gles that are now In vogua
Oeorge W. Ix-ldlffh. former state acnater
and representative and warden of the
penitentiary undr the late Governor Silas
Holcomb, Is vlrlting In this city from his
home In Nebraska City. Mr. Leldlgh Is
here, on boetaese concerned with real
aetata la which ha la interacted.
Al Powell, a well known emnmlatdoa
man at tha Union stock yarda, fell from
a street car and Injured himself about
tha tana yaeterday morning. The mjurlira
were aot earwua and Mr. Powell was
able to return ta hie home, Tweo-y-flttn
and B streets, after Dr. R K. Schln-
dei had dressed the IsMratuna.
Tha ehaxr af St. Martin's church win ha
entortslned by Mr. H. C. Carruthwa and
Mr. Walter NItacbe at tha raeMeaMe of
the latter an Friday. Fearaary a. Arraoce
ssenta far a vary entertaining program
have been srrwssted by the emmnittae ooa-
eWttser af Mia. Laar. kUsa " m as.
Mlas Caddard. A -araaram af Baeur
ax aaaer use aiieauou ef atrm.
Annual Reunion Will Be Held All
Day on February 22.
Reeelatlea Paoeed Coasratalatla.
tar. Patrick . NpGavwra
Prassotloa ta Blahaprle at Dla
trtot at Wresting.
Arrangements for tha pioneers' annual
social ware made yesterday afternoon at
a mass meeting of the members of the
Douglas County Pioneers' association.
Tha social will be held In Baright hall
on February a from 1 o'clock In tha
morning until I o'dork In the afternoon.
Chairmen of committees will meet at the
city hall Tuesday afternoon at I o'clock
to complete plans for tho social. William
Klerstead will have charge of tha general
arrangements committee sad the other
members requested to meet are Mrs.
Joeephine Carroll of South Omaha, Mra.
Samuel Reese. Mrs. Al Borenson, H. T.
Clarke and Frank Dallone.
A resolution was adopted declaring In
favor of dropping from tha roster all
members who are two year, or mors In
arrears In their dues. This resolution
wlU affect about fifty of the M members
However, before a member Is dropped
the secretary will ascertain why dues
hara not been paid and If poverty
some good reason has prevented ha will
be retained.
MeOevrra Ce.gratalated.
By unanimous vote the following
tuUon ef congratulation was passed:
Vthereas. The Douaiaa Count Aawwla-
tlon of Nebraska Ploneera learns witn
-pleasure of the promotion of our beloved
aaeooate, uev. rainc A- Mouovern, to
the eplacopate of the Roman Catholic
church: therefore, be It
Resolved, That we extend our greetings
and congratulations to the bishop-elect
es tne atsuTci ok Wyoming and an ex
pression of our appreciation oi tha -
served honor bestowed upon a sealous,
devoted and self-sacrlfldng son of a Na-
oraasa pioneer.
Keeoivea. 1 nst tD loresmna nnimM.
and resolution be sp,rad upon the record
of thla association and that a copy, at-
ceeiea or our oiiicers, oe trsjiatnitiad to
nov. ratnea a. Houovern.
Rev. Father McOovern Is an active
member of the pioneers' association.
Nsw members were received lata tha
association, tncreaslcg the total enroll
ment to SM. Those admitted y est stoat
John C Lynch, came to Nebraska ta
A. C. Harts. MM.
Louis Peterson, U77.
Frank Dewey, lsTt,
E. C. Wllber. Un.
Daniel Carroll. 1M.
Reports of committees were ncatved.
biographical sketches of deceased awm
bers being presented by ths memorial
Ta Review Early Hteterr.
President A. M. Tost called for a rota
on tha advisability of renewing tha prac
tice of having members of ths f -trle-tlon
review what early history of - the
state each had helped to shape, it was
decided to continue this phase of the
work and Judge M. Langdon and John
Dempster wars Instructed to prepare arti
cles oa their experiences in tha stata ta
tha pioneer days. Tha former will read
paper at the April meeting, tha latter
In May. Thai will ba made) a permanent
teat ore and tha papers ss gathered will
be kept af record.
Mrs. Robert Lang, ffix aoath Tenti-
eta street, and David initersisa, Saoth
hers ef the sssni lsuuu. war
res an etl ssrtenelr ta,
Least Tear Intra KvtOat.
that aal
many women, members of ths associa
tion, had never before attended a meeting
and attributed the cause of It to leap
year. This Invlts'vas. was quickly ac-
oapted by the somen present, who as
pired to help arrange the social, to which
more than 1,00 are expected, and man
aged their campaign so wsll that Presi
dent Tost appointed aa many women as
men on the committees. These commit'
tees sra to select subcommittees at the
meeting Tuesday, a committee to have
charge of refreshments, entertainment,
decorations and the program.
Dentist of Omaha
Weds Girl Courted
Over in Asia 'Minor
NEW TORK. Feb. l-( Special Tele
gram.) A romance that began In Tarsus,
Asia Minor, fifteen years ago culminated
last evening when Dr. M. H. Toroaslsn.
a dentist of Omaha, married Miss Vic
toria Sagherian of Constantinople at tha
horns of a friend at CM West One Hun
dred and Forty-fifth street this dty.
Dr. Toroaslsn mat his bride In Con-
stantlnopls fifteen years ago. They fell
In love and wars enraged to marry,
when tha parents of ths young woman
opposed the wedding because, they said,
tha young man was without funds. Boon
after this Dr. Torooalsu' left for tha
United States and after a course -at
study at ths University of Nebraska be
came a dentist.
Following tha marriage tha eounle
want ta the Hotel Breslln and after a
couple of days' visit In New Tork will
go to Bermuda for a short trip. They
will restds In Omaha after returning
from their honeymoon trip.
Dr. Torosriaa resides at SM North
Twenty-fifth street and has offices tn
tha Neville block.
bis for settlement tha unoccupied mad
as fast as our needs demand.'
More Land for Poor
Man, Official's Plea
NEW TORK, Feb. l.-'The neossslty
of expediting the reclamation of Increased
areas of our deserts Is obvious,'' said C
J. Blanchard, statistician of tha recla
mation service tonight In an address be
fore the Union League club. "This Is
apparent when we consider that U0.(M
good American elllsans are leaving our
country every year to take np kernes
under another flax because epportuaitles
tn this country are limited."
Mr. Blanchard declared that ths time
had soma to take aa Inventory of Ameft
lean resource and after asserting that
..Hen. I stability baa Its surest founda
tion tn ths Individual home, referred to
tha shrinkage af tha puhllo domain avail
able for homesteads for tha poor man.
"Our public domain, once an empire tn
extant today offer, ao opportunity for
tha poor man.' said Mr. Blanchard. "It
will aot produce crops without aa i
pendltora of money beyond the means of
tho average cltlsen. Tha desert can ,be
made productive only by Irrigation, which
necessitates a vast outlay tn engineer
Ing work.
Tba most Important work our national
lawinejmrs have before them, ta my mind.
ta to provide tho xoeana to max avail-1
Woman Suggested
for Supreme Court
WASHINGTON, Feb. aPreeldent
Taft's meditations on fllllag ths p recent
vacancy In ths supreme court were mo
mentarily disturbed today by a communi
cation from the Woman Suffrage asso
ciation of tha district of Columbia, sug
gesting that woman ba appointed.
On tha ground that woman an now
voting la alx states, whlls three mora
states are preparing lo adopt woman suf
frage, tha president was urged to appoint
one of throe women suggeetea, Mrs. Elian
Spencer Mussey, Mlas Emma M. Otllett or
Mrs, Belva A. Lockwood.
VERDIOREE. Neb.. Feb. l-SiMclal.)
This was ths second dsy of the Farmers
Inatttute here, and ths attendance was
large. Tha Officers are: V. P. Nelson, pres
ident; E. E. Keuhl. secretary. The success
of ths meeting was largely due to their
push In advertising ths meeting. Miss
Louise Babln gave a cooking demonstra
tion to about M women who were greatly
pleased with her work, and perfected an
organisation. O. Hull ef Alma talked oa
alfalfa and oorn. In tha evening a large
audience listened to Miss Sabin aa "What
Wa Are Ourselves," and Mr. Hull on tha
Farm Home."
sod sty of Polish priests who will act ta
a body against "any attempt to secularise
tha Palish parochial schools or undermine
tha authority af tha Roman See" was of
ficially organised today at ths convention ,
hara of Polish priests of ths United
States and Canada.
A temperance league and an organi
sation ts enroots ths welfare of eawly -landed
Polish immigrants wars also
formed as branchea of ' ths national
society. Among other Important dedatons
made today by tha convention was one
to establish a national Polish newspaper
to expound the views of tha Polish oiaraT.
Officers of the national society wars
elected as follows:
President Rt Rev. Paul Rhode. Cat,
cago; vice president Rav. L, Eapala, Chi
oago; seoretary. Rev. L Krawowakt
Grand Raptda. Mich.; treasurer, Rav Eds
ward Koslowskl, Bay City, Mich.
Rav. John Kubackl, South Bend, Ind.,
was chosen president of tha tempermnoe
league and Bishop. Rhode named honor- '
ary president Rav. -L. Kwaltwoskl at
St Mary's oollege, Kansas, was elected ;
Tha convention cams to dose early
A Tea e
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weak nn ess is, lams back and kidney I
trouble than Eleotrlo Bitters. Only Itfn, -For
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foor prominent eastern makers. Every
garment of marked lncUvldnality. The
styles comprise both plain tailored and
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Farewell to all Winter Coats and Solta,
regardless of their former An
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100 mew Spring Dresses, of gorge aad par.
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at decided savinsr, .