Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 10, 1912, EDITORIAL, Page 14, Image 14

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The Omaha Daily Bee
F.n tared at Oubi poctoftic aa eood-
else matter.
Sunday Bm, mm year
Katuiday Mee. one rear J!-
Imiiy Be (without Sunday!, one year T
laily Br and pwndar. on Teal 1
Evening Be with Sundeyi. per mo. ..3
rally Hee tincloding Sunday), per
Dally B (without Sunday), pw "-v"
Address all complaints or u-reaulerHlee
la delivery to Citv Clrculat'en Dept.
Remit T araft, express or pattal order,
payabl t Th Be Publlehtos company,
only S-eent stamp received In payment
of amall accounts. Paroooa! checks, ex
cept aa Omaha and eastern cscbang. net
Omaha Tb Bm Building.
South Omaha-31 N St
1'ounrU Bluffs-7S Scott ft.
Ldneom St Uttl fculldlns
Oit-ao-IM Manjtiotto Building.
Kansas Clty-Rellanc Ba'ldlng.
Now Tork-M Wtil Trilrtv-tSIrd,
Washing"'" T Kourteenth St., N. w.
t'omirraiuVstloBS relating to new ana
editorial Mtw should b ddreed
Omaha Baa, Bdltortat Department.
Stat of Nebraska, County of Deug'.as, :
Insight WUIiama. circulation manager
f Tb Be Publishing company. -neinr.
duly sworn, aay that tb average dally
emulation, Wee spoiled, unused and re
turned ooplM. (or tb meat of Jaauary,
UU. waa exTM.
Clroulatlon Manaxer.
Subscribe hi my prweenoe and esrorn to
before as tola th day of rVhruary. 1U.
Notary public
. Saaserlbera leavles b r
eessaararllr ahaald bar Ta
Bee waalled t thews. Add
will b extaaawa a aa re-jaaaaadU
. It seems now that all Dickens
lacked was a Mutt and Jeff. '
- Moreover, It iu Kin David who,
la bis wrath, fin said that "all
men are liar,"
The presumption la, ot course,
tkat Omaha never, bad a real city
comptroller before.
Tha soft-pedal fellow mar avoid
"offending anyone, but be sis la not
likely to pleaae anroae.
. Tb pack are are "aa la the air,"
It la aald. Ia which they have none
the better of their patron.
Most of the political partlee to
which the late Oeaeral Jam B.
Wearer belonged died long before
he did.
At the next ahlftlng ot the acene
It mar be bard to tell whether Sena
tor Larimer or the atenoirapher ta
on trial. '
Now that Banker Mora ta out ot
prleon and most people are (lad
he la there is leaa Ulk of hla nopa
ls condition.
A cartoonlat ear Champ Clark'i
face la the strongest of anr present
dar politician. Perhapa, but his
chancea are not.
This high cost ot garden seeds will
come In hand later when the prod'
eta ef the vegetable garden refuse
to drop down from the hot bouse
price schedule.
The price ot eilver le higher than
It has been for years, bat still It has
not been able to catch up with the
price of wheat, with which we used
to be told It was Indissoluble linked.
Mr. Bryan la afraid the so-called
Money trust Investigation will prove
a fare. At that, we have had farce
investigations before nearer borne,
to which he haa taken no exception.
Harvey Sue for Peace.
Colonel George Haxver lus In him
something of the hero. He ia a good
loser. He is even gifted with that
rare quality ot forbearance which im
pels a man slapped npon the one cheek
to wheel around with the other for
similar treatment Perhapa If the
row had been between Governor Wil
ton and Colonel Watterson, instead
of Colonel HarVey. and if Colonel
Harvey Instead of Colonel Watterson
had taken the part of peacemaker,
things might hare come oat differ
ently perhaps. Our assumption rests
upon the. appeal of Colonel Harvei
o Colonel Bryan for peace and unity
in the Interest of democratic success.
Could anything be more self-abnegating
than this from his Weekly:
Speaking at th spirit pf tolerance and
consideration exemplified ta barannah.
we aak Mr. Bryan to art forth frankly
and fully th disparities ot political faith
as ha perceive theia, with particular re
gard to the eoaatruetlon of a truly dem
ocratic platform and kitwll com
mon ground cannot b found and a
(lorloae victory won.
Colonel Watterson baa never, in
hla most trenchant moments, aaid
half the thlnga about Colonel Harvey
that Colonel Bryan baa, ret Colonel
Harver thinks so much ot party that
he is willing to forget and forgive
and invite Colonel Bryan to join
hands in a plan to work out the
destiny of democracy lr aomo new
formula. " "
; But. let's see how that appeals to
Colonel Bryan. Keeping "the unity of
the spirit In the bond of peace" has
not been his most conspicuous en
deavor. Bryanlsm Is alive and potent
and it baa budded, bloomed and fruc
tified in an atmosphere ot discord.
Suppose the psrty achieved this unity
tor which Colonel Harvey's patient
soul yearns, whst would It profit
Colonel Bryan? We ahall see what
we shall see about Colonel Bryan ac
cepting Colonel Harvey's proposition.
What It'i ia About
A salt to test the validity or consti
tutionality of the taw seldom conveys
a definite Impression to the public,
and that is doubtless true with re
spect to the suit brought by our
democratic reform sheriff to knock
out the law which abolished the
county Jail feeding graft, and put the
supplying ot meals to prisoners on a
competitive contract baala. The only
way to give a definlteness to this
Issue is to resolve It Jnto a matter of
dollars and centa, and to draw a fair
comparison we must go back to the
figures tor the period Immediately
preceding and Immediately following
the ending ot the perquisite system,
which took place with the advent of
Sheriff Bralley Into the office In
January; 10. These are the totale
MOS-ror fldiui prtMnr........l14ve)
rtW-ror feeding prison! l,S).t
Ararat number of prisoner.... St
Ararat feeding coat per yer.,,..ll.5.U
UOSror feeding prisoners t.VM
IKS For fwdjng prlaoner..... 1 1111
Averaa aumbar of prtonr.... M
Ararat feeding coat per year,
gavlnil to taxpayer Per year...
Which goes to show that the law
requiring a contract for supplying
prison meals, put through the legisla
ture by the efforts of The Bee and Its
editor, has already placed over $25,'
000 in the pockets of the taxpayers
of Douglas county, and will continue
to be worth to them upwards ot
$8,000 each year aa compared with
the conditions which previously pre
vailed. -
of the state platform conventions.
The legislature, however, deliberately
divested the conventions of this
power, and threw it into the primary,
and no state committee action can
take It out.
AO greaes ef
nraaoed W eaota a fendnd pooada today,
No, thanks, we never take sugar
That Denver restaurant girl who
topped a burglar with a pumpkin
pla in the face sets the example
let all femininity lata af night go
wall armed with pumpkin pies.
With the seal of approval and ea
dormDt from onr Omaha club
woman, the lima bean should be la
great demand aa a subatltat for ex
pansive foodstuffs. Hurrah for the
It was purely typographical er
ror that caused the refereaoa to the
Irish heme rule hill as "devolution;
but soma ot the Inlanders are will
ing to accept that as the correct de-
The suffragists urge the presi
dent to nam Mrs. Delva A. Lock
wood to fill the vacancy on tba su
preme bench. The only objection
raised to Secretary Kegel la bis age.
and he la bet .
I t.3K.
Tie atlectloa of Congressman Mc
kinley to took after the preliminary
campaign In the Interest of President
Taft's renomlnation will mow meet
the objection that ho is a rich man.
filch men like Sprockets. Bourse, Mc
f or stick scd Crane are privileged to
enlist only In the Insurgent cause. .
The city electrician Issues a wsrn
lag sgalnst the danger of defective
iiuraliation of gas fixture ss com
rared with electric lighting fixtures,
(if coura. If the city electrician's
department were to have excloslre
jnrlaidlction so one would be per
raittcd to use gas at all. But why
tot leava something for the gss com-
mixiioner to look after?
Changtaf Inauguration Day,
No special opposition aeems to have
developed to the reaolutlon for chang
ing the date of- Inauguration from
March 4 to the last Tuesdsy la April,
yet Its progress In the house Is slow.
Of course, this chsnge must be msde,
If at all. In the form of a constitu
tional amendment and It could not
became effective before 1117, no mat
ter how promptly the people rati
fied It.
The change Is urged In the Interest
ot decent weather for the Inaugura
tion. Congressman Henry hsa eo-n
piled a table ot statistics showing
that only three times since 187J. In
clusive, has tnsugurstion day been
fair and pleasant Here Is the table:
lf7t......Orant Bitter cold: wind.
WTf Majre. Snow and wind.
ISM Garfield Sieet on ground.
1MB Cleveland.. ..Fair and cold.
m Harrton.....l'od rain.
IM Cleveland.... Snow: ookl; gala,
UST....:...MeKlnly.... Clear.
on McKlnley.... Drnchlns rain.
1 Rooovelt....Fln.
USS Tart ...Rliaaard.
Sickness and sometimes desth have
ensued In consoquencei ot this tradl
tional Inclemency aad the only
wonder la that the results have not
been worse, when all the facta are
considered. March weather la never
to be wholly relied upon for out-of-door
exercises of this kind and when
the change could be made without In
volving any eerlooa complications. It
shouM be. It the resolution reaches
s vote In the house. It probably will
go through In a hurry and It
scarcely to be assumed that even the
august senate would hare any rea
son for obstructing or defeating it
It th democratic etate committee
for Nebraska wants to go on record in
favor of all the constitutional amend
ment a submitted for popular ratifi
cation, that Is their privilege, bat It
is no part of the machinery of eon-
The land Question.
The government's reclamation stat
istician, C. J. Blanchard, raises the
point that 150,000 Americans go to
Canada every year to get farming
land because there is not enough in
this country for their accommodation.
This, he says, to preface his appeal to
congress for expeditious legislatloa
that will Increase the area of desert
land reclaimed. That is all right,
but if those Americans who went to
Canada for land were not. In very
large numbers, selling good rich soil
In the states In order to go, there
would be much more occasion for
anxiety on this point The Iowa, Illi
nois, Missouri or Nebraska farmer
who goes to Csnsda does not go there
because he hsa to in order to get
lend to fsrm; be goes, as a rule, for
the same reason that men have al
ways quit older localities to venture
further out Into the newer countries.
And It might be mentioned thst a
very large number of these American
farmers return from Canada In a rea
sonably short time, disappointed.
There are. Indeed, vaat stretches of
lend In our western and southern
states subject to the highest state of
cultivation still sparsely or entirely
unoccupied, and expeditious action
by congress looking to the reclama
tion of this land aa an Incentive to
settlement is by all means desirable,
but In the meantime there ia so
much other land reclaimed, ready and
available for tilling that the necessity
of going to Canada haa not yet struck
this part of the country, at least, as
acute. It might become so If our gov
ernment failed to act and It la well
enough to have these timely remind
ers from those Interested In action.
but there la really no occasion for gen
uine slarm, we think. The govern
ment haa acted and will continue to
act, though now and then too much
attention to other matters tends to
congest things and retard progress.
An Albuquerque correspondent to
the Ksnsaa City Star thinks thst the
ceremonious question, "Hsve you
anything to aay why sentence should
not be pronounced against you?" Is
rubbing It In" on the poor con r let
It does seem - little thst wsy,
though, of course, that was not the
Intention ' ot - law. Nevertheless,
sfter a man haa been charged, ar
raigned, tried and convicted, then
to be stood up before the jury thst
found him guilty and asked, "Have
you anything to say why sentence
should not be pronounced against
you?" you are a goner; you sre
best st your own game, now, what
have you to ssy for youraelf? it
really does sound thst wsy, but, of
course, fsllure to put the question
might annul the conviction and re
quire the whole ' trial over again.
But failure of the prisoner to answer
does not do that, so, after all, while
the original Intent may have been
to satisfy aa anxtoua concern for
justice, the question really la now
merely a polite form.
Mr. Morgan's foolish nephew,
who married a Japanese woman,
saya, "Show me uie American
woman who would step across the
room to band her husband a cup ot
ten." ' Out of respect for the Amer
ican woman, we decline to answer.
We bar great reepect tor Preald,
Taft Ha Is on of th ant and best
prwidenta w bar ever had. New York
It will be a case of so say we
all," practically speaking, when the
final verdict la rendered.
B ter for Fwreel Ft,
Brooklyn Eai. ,
Th 11 per cent profit 'of the express
rampant and th Ot per rent profit of
th railroad on the earn bustnee may
put throuth a prcl post bill before
th national convention are held.
FB 10.
Thirty Yean Ago-
A pieaaut litu party was given at
th reeMence of 0nral Wilson by th
Mtie Wilson for thee gueeta: Tb
Mlwra Korbach. Franaiyn. Jacobaoa.
Lyman, Carrie Brown. Had burn. Reoa
Roe. Shear, and Messrs. Lieutenant
Bourse, Butler, Hendricka, .Burnley,
Morris, Swluler, Bradford, Robinson,
Gurley, Wtoa and Cooper.
General Agent Browning of th Ameri
ca Express company has goo east with
his wife.
"The Mistletoe Bough" Is being re
hearsed by th young ladKa of Trinity to
be presented after Lent.
The Omaha Glee club ha arranged for
an appearance In Ccanett Bluffs on tb
Th contract for laying tb main sewer
from the river to the foot of th alley b
Dougla aad Dodg street ha
been completed by the contractor. Hugh
Murphy i Co., aad tb work of laying
th latter! between Pouglaa and Dodge
Jack Snyder, h popular Union Paci
fic conductor, la around with bis fees
wreathed In smile. It's a boy, aad reg
isters ten pounds.
An auction sal of ale bead of hers
and eight oral la advertised to take
place at McSbaaa's 11 very stable tomor
row. ,
Mr. Lyman Richardson has gone to
Texas en a buain trip.
Mrs. Newman and Mis Newman of
Lincoln are vis King in Omaha, th ("Beets
of Mr. and Mr. John M. Thurston.
Twenty Years Ago
Fred Gray of Douglas, Henry Gottach
ot Sarpy, and Dnna Allbery of Waah
Inston county, composing tb second dis
trict republican congressional committee,
met at tb Millard hotel and named
April S and Washington hail as the
tint and place for holding tb eongre-
slonal convention.
Albyn Frank, clerk of th United
Slate district court, returned from Chi.
oago, I wner no oreainea in several
breaths of th lake eaon.
Tb subject of discussion at the meet
ing of Th Club at th IJnlnger Art
gallery -was, "Shall th World's Fsir
Be Open on Sunday J" Tb Bar. 8. V.
Wtloox look th negative and J. B,
Sheeaa th affirmative. Th minister de
clared t would be a Hbel upon our
Christian civilisation to have th fair
open on the Sabbath, whll Mr. 8h
thought It would be In heaping with tb
largest Inter set t bar It open on Bun-
Superintendent of Buildings Tilly ex
pressed rgrt that tb city council bad
vetoed bl anointment ef three plumbing
Inspector, aa be said It would retard
th work of hi office materially.
M. Blouet gav a lecture, "America aa
Seen Through a Frenchman' Eye,' at
the Grand opera house. It might bar
called a comedy In monologue and
got through well. It furnished
entertainment and amusement for many.
Th Cudahy Packing company fully de-
aided upon extensive improvements at
II South Omaha, plant Ita plans con
templated th nlrgmnt ot It cap
ettv soni HO to 1,205 head ef stock
Irs Years Ago '. 'n '
Th slippery ground caused several so
dden ts. James Batchcior, iUH South
Tenth street, an apressman, it year
of age, fell In an alley near Tenth street
between Howard and Jackson and brok
his left arm below th elbow. Fred
Eggers, list North Twentieth street
fell on the walk near Sixteenth and
Webster trt and sustained scalp
wounds. Amanda Bradley, who lived
with her mother at Thirteenth and
Leavenworth streets, felt where boys bad
been sliding at Fifteenth and Leaven
worth street a and broke her right ankle.
a W. Bergen, ssot Hamilton street, a
clear-maker, while crossing Twenty
seventh street on Hamilton street, was
struck by a coasting sled, getting
black eye and a thump on the left Jan.
News came of th death In Hunting-
tnn. Ore., of Mr. A. w. Sutherland,
eldest daughter of Captsln John A.
Swob. ,
Th Young Woman's Christian Asso
ciation basket bail team beat th girls
from th nigh school at th Young Wo
men's Christian association.
Twenty "hustler" from 8t Paul
srrlved In Omaha t look over tb Au
ditorium n Its cnryeaUs stag aad th
city In gnrL They wen taken In
hand by Secretary Utt ef the Commer
cial club and Vsadlng bustmas
Aald frea Mr. Utt the ntertammnt
committee eonslstad of J. F. Carpenter,
F. H. Davis. P. B. Her. O. D. Klp-
ttnger, Alfred Millard, T. J. Mahoney,
A. C. Smith, J. A. Sunderland. W. F,
John Boeson got a verdict against th
street railway company la Judge 81a-
hautii'a department ot district court for
tLUt, wherein be bad sued for fn,
Croat Fwblte Wreag.
New York World.
Publicity la railroad value and rgul
thm of their capitalisation will not meet
tb requirement t tb situation until
men Ilk th tele Edwht Kawlay find it
Impossible to clean cp II 1.009, M on
slngls railroad "deal."
Meeudy gsetk fee Hep.
Houston Post
Democrat who are now sumytng the
future In order to select the job which
they fancy will suit them at aa sUly aa
the fellow wh Rno np for dinner be
fore tb vlttle ban been captured
tb fir built In th kitchen.
larolaatarr Eareie.
. Plttsbwrgh Dispatch.
There really wasn't any need ot George
Fred William getting bark Into politics
lost to throw things at Governor Wood-
raw Wilson. Th govarner haa been
dodging ao many missiles of on sort and
another recently that ha must already
nan a backer be.
In Other Lands
flaw Llehts a What is Traa.
trlaa? Assess the Hear aad
Far Wattes of th Earth.
Pres. Taft's Eecord.
stl Aeslrwmats Far Oataamaer
AasUtted stlstsks. Taarafore Ma
le Zatttled t a
People Talked Abont
The Bsrdea at Mllltarlsa.
Tb Carman emperor sounded tb cus
tomary not ot more revenue for in
creased armaments, naval and military.
In bis addreaa at th opening of tb Kelch
atag. In th last five years Gannaa taxes
ban been aharpiy Increased on existing
source of revenue, and the ust of taxable
foods materially enlarged. By far the
(Tester part of the Increased revenue
went Into war ships and military qutp
ment Htlll th demand Is for more rev
enue, accompanied as usual with a system
of war alarms from which th moss of
antiquity haa been worn off by constant
use. Germany la not aa exception. Similar
foxy war alarm work overtime In Part
and London whenever a particularly sane
man shows dangerous system of
economy la budget discussions. Enormous
Increases ta th British budget, of th
past two yeas want largely Into rupar-
dreadnaughta. The pending French budget
shows aa Increase of only &.0v),u1. while
th Prussian budget calls tor an Increase
of Sal.lkO.eil. Mr. Lloyd-George, th beat
revenue getter Britain has developed, s
about convinced that tb old world is
squeesing th lemon of taxation to th
limit without materially Improving the
well-beli ot th people. Speaking before
tb Liberal dub la London the outer day
he declared th Interests ot France, Ger
many, Russia aad Great Britain would
be subserved by a better understa-Ming
leading to a reduction of armament, i
believe," he said, "with candor, franknesa
and boldness It is attainable Th world
would be richer for It taxes might be re
duced and th money which would be
saved that la now spent on armamenu
could be devoted to developing th re
sources of the country and improving the
condition of the people. The comsrjtone
of sound finance Is 'peace on earth and
good will among men.'" . .
Practical Serialise.
Bom algniflcano attache to tb ab
sence f th socialist to deputies from th
palace when the address of Emperor
William was read to th Invited member
1 advance of the formal opening of the
new Reichstag. The surrounding circum
stances alone make th Incident unusual
Politically, the socialists are at war with
eorernment politic, but their thundering
against th system is not as destructive
aa It sound. It Is part ct th gam ot
practical politic. In which th socialists
an adepts. Discussing th spirit of
sodsllsm In Germany In th February
Century. Jams D. Whelply says u is
Intelltxent socialism," and wnn ora-
torlcally demanding th Impossible, yields
to expediency. H says: ,
While listening to a debate in tne
Reichstag not ong ago In company with
on of th younger, but most Influential
members of the socialist party. I re
marked upon th apparent Inconsistency
of th socialist members in voting for sn
Increase In th army. My companion
smiled and aaid: -Oh, yes. we ssk svery-
thlng In our platform, but we tax wnei
w can get 'In th way w can get It
We glv tb kaiser his soldiers, not only
because, a every German knows, his
country 1 surrounded by enemies and
must be well guarded, but also Decerns
we know In return w shall get some
thing els for th benefit of the working
.unnla. We an practical' That is th
(ccret ef ail German trading, commercial
aa well as political. It Is practical, ana.
It may be addd, thorough."
Resabllraalena ta Saala.
' Th recent astonishing about fac of
King Alfonso on the question ot sus
pending th death penalty In th case ef
convicted mob leaden turns out to have
been a shrewd tnove ot th king to allay
dangerous discontent among republican
workms-men. Frequent trtkes an tne
outward sign of this widespread discon
tent which la regarded as a menace to
th throne. Th little war against th
Rlnolaa tribes on th African coast sup
plies a caua for opposition, and th re-
oublican worklngmen an making tne
moat of it. "The republicans." writes
Vane Thompson In Hampton's Magasine.
"have ent out agents, speakers, whisper-
en throughout all th provinces, ex
plaining to th men Who work and think
what thl Moroccan gam means And
the auUen unrest which Is eternal In the
monarchy haa been deflected Into a new
channel. Th cry le: -Our soldlcra shall
t flrht for African gold.' And tb
oeonl an on the alert A few we
era th king. In order to protect his
historic' rlahts In Morocco, ordered
Midlers ent to Melllla. Then wsa such
a public protest that th order was with
drawn. A little later at Rerons ln
recruits wen summoned to serve In Abe
army. Exactly hM at them fled across
th frontier. They wen supplied with
money and means of escape by the organ
isation which is working lor a repuouc
In Spain. It la aa Interesting fet that
moat ot the refureet from the Spaniah
armv an sent to Panama, and I am in
formed that they make the best elase ef
workers en the canal.'
A rtetaresaja Reply.
Baltlmon America.
The steel trust rei-lles to th gonrn
ment charges that It it wsa wrong It
waa th duty of th avvexaawM to ban
stopped It la other words, to tba ajov
ernment'a allegation, "Too an a bad
trust," th steel monopoly answers, "it's
all your fault." Which la picturesque. If
not eonvtnetng.
. Ceafldeaew SJUpuseed,
Kanaaa City Times.
Th -gotev anient 1s surprised and
ntmJ ta lesrw that effleiala af rha Mm,
stitutlon changing, which calls merely i lrUst have destroyed letters afad doeu-
for votes cast at the primary, and in! menu needed to sets Wish their sunt
the election. It used to be that the trunk futl ct omentary ntdence
, was returned to tb defendant only be-
party attitude on thes amendments' w tt.r am7HN, w N Btrtect fralit.
was to be determined by resvlutioa Rnn,
The feet ef W. J. Bryan an Brassing
th sacred' soil ot Texas and tb Houston
Poet falls to record the accompanying
tremor j
The trouble ot a ousted Connecticut
bank have bean msgnnnd by tb re
ceiver's doctor as spinal enrratan of
the books, which bad not keen balanced
for forty year. Tb shock of fsllure
'erred tb scales from th eyes ot the
Secretary of Commerce and Labor Kagwl
haa written th John Lester Worslng
railway ef Huntington, Pa., operated by
a t-ywar-old boy In his playground: "It
gives me pleasure to acknowledge th re
ceipt of your railway pass. Contrary ta
my custom. I ban accepted H."
The lat Thomas F. Grady of New York
Tammany aiouthptec. was tba oratorical
mecaphon t tb opposition to Cleve
land's first noauaauea. and bis vocal
thunder provoked General Black's his
tory rejoinder. "W ton him (Cleve
land) tor tba ewemlea he has made." .
Ex-Mayor Daniel D. Whitney ef
Brooklyn. K. T . who has Just passed
his ninety-third birthday, took a half
hour off rrom hi duties at hie grocery
Men to celebrate tb day. He reads
without (lasses and lttea buckwheat oakea
and sometime eats eight or siae of them
tor kreakfast
Miss Lots Edmonds, th 11-yeex-old
chsmpioa hiiliiisksr ot Iowa, wb la to
bak a few loaves for President Taft In
Whit ttouss oreaa, la destined to . take
a landtag part ta tb work of th An
cient Order of Housekeepers. Than would
be fewer discontented wins ef congrie
men ta Wasblagton It they appeared less
In Whit bouse parlor aad oftcaer In
th kitchen helping Mrs, Taft d up tb
Plans for the French protectorate In
Morocco ban been, oompleted and tne
first steps tor practical control ef tb
country bar been taken. In the main
the system In Vou Is Algeria and Tunis
will be followed, with such moaiiioauona
as th newer conditions ta Morocco
mand. Tba Fnnch rostdsat general rs to
b th tree ruler. Moroccan courts, avii
arrant and stats departments are to be
tnsuatained with a ssmbiance or autnor-
Itv. but behind them Fnnch runctlcn
arte an te direct aad control, and na
tive rul la practically at an end. But
b emnloytnc tb existing machinery the
French will Avoid the disorder aad re
bellion th nslbt supremacy or Chris
tians in a Mohammedan country would
Inevitably bring. Tba garrison in sio-
xv baa been fund at KM aaa al
ready a Fnnch fore c taut saw is ac
tually la tb country.
Rallrewd Aeswss Sahara.
A sraenUfla snlssten cSarged with snak
ing th first studies tor th construction
of a railroad acres th Sahara teas Just
act out from France.' Starting from Oran
on tba Medltemeaa th expedition will
ravel first by rail and then by camel to
the mountains in to center tne
hare. Then on party will turn i
and xamla tb. route ef ta nupcosjd
railroad conascting tb Trans Bahama
with th Cap to Cain by Lake Tchad
and th upper Cong valley; th second
will turn east te study th track ef tb
Traaa-Sabaraa Knit from tb center f
th desert to tb Niger at Timbuktu or
Gao. On of th members ef th expedi
tion wtO be Captain Cortler, whoa ear
lier Journey across the desert to the
Nigr was eete t th triumphs of Ba
hama exploration, - . -, T '- .
New York Independent.
Mr. Taft is fairly entitled te a renoml
nation. Ha deserve It He baa been a
good president. He la not a standpatter.
but a reasonable progressir. To his high
of flea ha cams with aa exceptional equlp-
it la executive and Judicial experi
ence, and It lesislsdvs service had been
added be would, probably, bar avoided
aom thlnga that wn unfortunate. At
the beginning of his term be and his
party suffered by reason of tb memor
able tariff revision blunder, but It must
be admitted that his record with respect
to tb saan revision ot hsw waa better
than that of th controlling republic
majority la congress. He sought to tm
pror th bill, and accomplished some
thing. But he began- th work at a tun
when very little could b done, when th
field far Improvement waa limited to th
disagreements which a coafenaca com
mittee was considering. He bad not ben
a member of congress. Probably he had
not been a student of tariffs and tariff
legislation. For twelve yean than had
been no re vision to attract his attention.
H did not nails bow sensltlv public
opinion was with respect to legislation
affecting th cost of living. At th pres
ent time, however, he stands for a down
ward re vision that shall b determined by
tacts carefully ascertained in accordance
with a plan designed to prevent logrolling
and bargaining and favoritism In th
nuking of tariffs.
Hla policy In other fields has been
marked by projects of broad statesman-
ship. W may point to his memorable
prao treaties, his recommendations for
a gnat extension of tb merit system In
th civil same, and hla reciprocity
sgreement with Canada, ' Ha has en
forced tb Sherman act suggested tb
appointment ot a commission for th
regulation ot greet manufacturing cor
porations, aad sought diligently te pro
mot economy and efficiency In tb pub
lic service. H domuue te b com
mended for his appointments to tb
bench and his defense ot th court. His
patience and sense of Justice wen exhib
ited la hi admirable treatment of th
Mexican problem. H has sot always
bean well served by hi cabinet, certain
members! ot which have occasionally
erred. The Balllnser Incident waa an
unfortunate one. But, as ws bar aald,
he baa been a good president, a Just and
competent chief maglatmUi striving earn
estly to serve the People.
From a partisan point 'of view, a f allun
to renominate Dim would be unfortunate
because it weiad Involve a virtual re
pudiation of hi administration, la Its
convention, tne party will make, of
course, a platform reviewing and com
mending what th governor baa don
In four years. It will enumerate ft
achievements ef th president Upon
th record of bl term It go Int the
campaign. To withhold a renomlnation
from th president whoa acts and
recommendation It supports would be to
stultify Itselt Upon what reasonable
ground can Mr. Taft be rejected and
laid asl da this yar by those who nomi
nated and elected him in IMS? Wilt
they ssy that h bas bean unfaithful Yr
In warn potent? . .
gore republicans hava been saying
that Me. Taft could act be re-elected. Ir
then any ether candidate for whom the
party could get mom votes?
Republican prospects sre not distinctly
encouraging, but how could they be im
proved by rejecting Mr. Taft, and thus
Indirectly discrediting th party's Whit
House record for th current term? .
confectioner ot Omaha, advertised fc
j cream during th bast three weeks' cold
snap, and made good with bis propost
i tJon. - Now tt the Arapahoe hardware
stores will pull ajMeessful refrigerator
-u we win beck up oa all former ad
ertlslng arguments. ,
Howell Journal: Then le no good
ason why aay democratic newspaper
aaoiud not voice its object! one te any
man seeking place npon Its party ticket
Because a man has aa itching for fries
doe net put him above just criticasm.
World-Herald and a lot ot lesser
Ugtits Is tb contrary aotwtthstaadlng.
Bloonungton Advocate: The Advocate
make the prediction now that after all
of the amok ot battle haa cleared
away President Taft will be easily re
nominated by the republican national
convention. All this yellow Journal
criticism haa about worn out Ot course,
then is no law to prevent aa many
fellows sa can for It to- make a grab
for tb nomination. ' .
Kearney Hub: . Bryan propose . that
democratic newspaper of th stat take
a straw vote en presidential preference.
After two weeks voting n proposes to
call a confenno In Lincoln for th
oonmnlenc ot the publishers, so that
they can harmonise an a chete and
exre to gt behind him. Now for In
stance if the "straw" should show that
tba. wind is blowing In Bryan' direc
tion would that bo embarrassing to
Bryan, ar would It not? Only one guess
Norfolk Press: A farmer living ena
mil from Norfolk waa going to hav a
Uttl party at his nous. He wanted a
few new records for his phonograph.
He didn't want' to com to town for
them. He ordered tar ef theav St-Si
worth, mailed to him. It cost S cents
postag to carry them on mil. For
on cent lees, the postofttc would hav
taken th same package of records to
Europe. Can you blame th tanner
or th man who sold th records for,
waatlng a limited parcels post law?
Telcamai Herald: Much noise la be
ing made by dry folk In telling the
farmer to test his seed corn. It look
to us as though they take It for granted
that the ordinary farmer does not know
enough to Send to bis owa. business..
They get thai idea from th political
boss who make tt hla business -te go
out to the country school house to tell
th farmer bow to rot. Pumping that
kind of hot air Into the farmer make
this editors back tired. A lot of then
dty folk who an yetting "teat your
seed corn" until they an red In tb
face would net . know good seed oora,
from pumpkin seed. Th averse farmer
haa forgot more about th right kind of -
sea to piant inaa most ex u cuy -
chaps will ever know.
Mr. Hoyle-My husband loved me'at
first sight
Mr. Doyle I understand that you met
at a masquerade ball. Judge.
Hubbubs a you don't aire that tba
age of miracles I past, h?
nubouD not oa your lire, mens a
maa ut my way who ha had th same '
oook for nearly a year. Philadelphia
Record, ,
"An those ears to make eak for your '
euchre party tonight?"
law, no, mat xoeyn tor ine xirsi
prise. I want to take tba conceit out ot .
Uxsl Oman. She hd a diamond ring
for th Dries at her nerty. indianapolia -
.Nsws. .
"Whst w want," aald Mr. Dolan, "Is
universal peace "
"It is." replied Mr. Rafferty. i "But
how'ro ws goln' to hare It till we dlini- t
onstratc that somebody I able-bodied an' t
IIHn' enough t see that It's keptr ''
Washington War. - -
sm&sxA mss coxum.
Nebraska City Pros. Our Idea of
perennial jok: Th statement In th
editorial column of tb World-Herald
An Independent Newspaper."
West Point Republican: Oorernor
Aldrlch has filed for renomlnation.
Despite soma expectation to th oon.
trary. he haa absolutely maa gooa and
has given the stats a clean-cut business
like administration of lu affair. His
record clearly entitles him te re-no ml na
tion and re-election. ( .
Are pah o Mirror: A certain leadlng
Clndnnatl Enquirer. - - i
Of otrre, you re good fellow; when you -
line up the bar.
Everybody ha a round, and then another
. food cltar. i
They like you for your eompasy, but aa
you flick th foam
You forget th real good fellow, who'a
awaiting yo at bom.
Of eoun. yoe'n s good fellow, and your
name will head th list
Whea they're fixing up some flowers for
some maa you've nvr missed.
You'ro a booster for your cronies, and
- their virtu fill a tone
Yon don't praise th real good fellow,
who's awaiting you at home,.
Of course, rou'r a good fellow, till your1 "
round of Joy Is spent
And you'n heartsick, wan and weary
and you haven't got a cent; .,
When you'n down and out and troubled,
you know which way lo roam
And you always find th real good fellow .
awaiting you at bom.
BSxfiipoTisier ;
Is a protection and guarantee
against alum which is found in
the low priced baking powders.
"'-." v '
To be on the uie tide when buyinjr
baking- powder, ngmine the label and
take only brand hown to be made
from Cream of Tartar
Assets, Jaasary 1, ltla
Reserve Fnad Jaaaary 1. 1813 ;
securities with State Dtp! Urn at Jaasary 1 lOia .
fW Insii war lasnrsae Coa erect-)
Bate per Uxasaad, ago Hi (other age la proportioa). fS.7S.
Mortality cost per tl.OGO Inawwac Mean Assowst Year 111, $3.10.
- Depository Banks Appointed. 60.
- - - ta OszliBrtss, tad leaa, Sew. ,
Dakota, Ongea. Boata Dskeea, Idas, Wssaiagtea, Texas
Vyosetsg, aad preparla-1 ease xuaws) sad Itkthig
Maa ef pfiawlng Ms beet Blsss bnsissss
saws vr ovm asooan. . -
Home Office: Brandeis btuldini, Omaha, Neb.
Telrphna Doaela 7021.