Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 31, 1912, Page 7, Image 7

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mm Boot Mat IL
Omaha Qeserel Hospital. Bong, gas.
na. nxreres, Barges
f aaaal to est Booth's Guaranteed
Canned Oratsrs of your dealer, call
Douglas ? tor nearest dealer's wnt
ataaoaa WHI Play Cards A iut card
larty will be glvao Wednesday evening
by Covert lodge No. II. Ancient, Free and
Accepted Masons, at Masonic Temple.
Cigar and punch will be served.
Xew Tesshsr at High School On ac
count o( the Increased enrollment In the
high school commercial department, atisa
Alice Hosklns of the Iowa. State Normal
school has been added to the list of type
writing Instructors.
looks (or Lost Lad J. it Teeny of
Krary, lo has asked the Omaha police
to try and locate In this city his l-year-old
son, Harry, who ran away from Ms
home with U Bangs of that town a few
days ago. It Is thsught that he came to
Zlaed for Selling 4TJ Minors Bernard
tiroes. Ml Grand avenue, was fined II
and costs In police court for selling- to
liacco to minora tirbss admitted selltnf
I he tobacco to a couple of small boys.
Jmlse Foster warned him not to repeat
Hie offense.
Date Set for Seed
Corn Trains to Run
Over State Roads
E. Buckingham and K. P. Peck of the
committee of business men appointed to
onfer with the railroads on the proposed
seed corn specials, have announced tenta
tive plana for trie trains, which ars to
be provided free by the rusds.
Pour trains, manned by demonstrators
sad lecturers from the experiment sta
tion of the 1'nlverslty of Nebraska, un
der direction of Pmf. Pursier, will start
out on February 3D two oa the Burling
ton, one on the Union Pacific and one eu
the Northwestern. The Burlington plans
to put on a third train on March 4 to
visit places not Included tn the schedules
nf the other two. Local officials of ths
"Omaha" read have taken up with head
quarters at St. Paul the matter of send
ing nut a train.
Bach train will carry two oars espe
cially for lecturers, with a lecturer for
each car. It may be decided to add a
third car for domestic science demonstra
tions to attract the women.
Testing of seed corn has been begun
by Manager Parrish of the publicity bu
' (rnu of the Commercial club. Mr. Par.
rlb Is testing a number of samples sent
is and will take rare of all the earn test
in ths farmers ask him to da
Removing Houses
Quite a Problem
Ths McCacue Investment compear re
sumed the sale of the buildings ea ths
tract of ground that Is to be occupied by
the Rock Island terminals. The sal la at
public auction and seventy-nine of the
100 houses were sold on the first day. Ths
sale Is thorn of ths auction tenure, aw
ing to the small number of buildings re
maining. The prospective buer ars go
las from house to sou as and thsre oak
law the purchssea 80 far alt of ths hones
havs sold at prices very satisfactory to
the Ureal Western officials, ths company
they reptesent be Log the owner.
Getting the houses off the Rack Island
grounds Is a problem that now confront
the purchasers. The smsller buildings can
be hauled across the Mason street via
duct, but ths structure Is not wlds or
strong enough to carry the larger one.
This seems to bo lb only way to get eut
of the place, which has been designated
st the "bowl," for on all s des It la sur
rounded by numerous railroad tracks.
Quotes Scripture
in Giving Stock
V. II. Kennard has donated M shares
t-f stock la the Auditorium lo the city,
the donation being made conditionally.
The condition Is sxplalned In a Biblical
quotation attached to the donation blank:
"And he looked up and saw the rich
men casting their gifts Into the treasury
and he saw also a certain poor widow,
as'.lng thither two mites. And he said
tf a trula I say unto you. that this poor
widow hss caat tn more than they all."
"When this scene Is repeated In
Omaha," raid Vr. Kennard. "by lbs rich
i-nes. you rosy count on m for Bo mites."
Passenger Traffic Manager Port of the
Union Pacific has returned from the
Fait Laka meeting of the officials of ths
western lines of the Harrimaa system.
President Mohler and Vies President
Munroe ars still In the west inspecting
the various properties.
The As it I AH meeting, according ts
Mr. Pert, ass an Important ens, at watca
traffic matters were the principal thing
discussed. These meetings are Mitely to
b made regular affairs In ths fuurc.
but not neesMarly til they always bs
Iseid In Ealt Lake city. In ths past such
utters as were considered at fait Lake
lave been disposed or by letters ard tel
egrams. However. It has been fouaii
much more setiefacrory to bite U.e offi
cial beads of the Harrtman system meet
la conference ard there thresh oat all
matters roaring up for consideration.
Let these
Vitalizing Elements
into your borne; they are the
simple mean of keeping
Nerves, Brain and Body
strong, active, enduring.
Tnwr t aw snsstirat for
fVesA Air, Samhinm, Happy
Tnowgnes mr
Scott's Emulsion
a osueaiera II-.'
'of bovs in the Kfarn?y Industrial schoM i
by 69 per rent, lie denounced the prison
rontract system, bounty jails should h, I
sMHuheiJ. he raid, and In their etesd I
should be uiie stat jail to every four. I
i iir iriii Winn..", , it hvuib.
Hon. making a great saving of expense
Reel rtr tea Marrlaa Hill.
Dr. Leaviti announced that the Society
for the Friendless has drawn a hill for a
restricted marriage !a; that the gov
ernor had approved this bill and prom
ised to urge its laswige in tils nest mes
sage tn the legislature.
F. TV. Booth, superintendent of the Ne
braska School for the IVaf. told of the
oral method of training the denf. after
which Kmlly K. Hautcr demonstrated the
method with a clasa of deaf boye andj
girls. The little folk actually talked, I
I .1. ..1 I .- ,. Ula. .itti- H..4 rtttr-l
tied on a conversation with them a man
In the audience aekvd it the children
could read his line. He sas told la try
them and he- asked on of the boys to
bring him n bull. The tittle fellow walked
across the stage, picked up a bail and
brought it to him and the man was satisfied.
Argument Made for Removal of Cor
rection from Politics.
Deleaate C'fcartttee Ceeveatloa
l'ra Passage at Prwpaeed Con
atltatlaaal Amendment for
Board of Control.
Father Joseph Reusing of West Point,
Mrs. F. H. Cole of Omaha and J. K. Mil
ler nf rjnenln mni BniMlnlMl MmmlltM
at the ...t. Conference of Charities snd I " " dl aU of the wator
Prospects Bright
for Bumper Crops
General r're'glit Agent Ijne of tin
I'nlon Pacific Is back from a tour of In
spection that covered a greater portion
of the Kaneas and Colorado divisions of
the road. Everywhere he found the coun
try in fine condition, measured from an
agricultural viewpoint.
According tu Mr. lAne througb eastern
Colorado and Kansas the fall of snow
during the laat fow Weeks has been the
heaviest In years. There are portions of
Kansas covering larg areas where snow
has fallen tu a depth of two feet. Most
of It hea melted away, but the melting
Correction yesterday to Inform voters as
to the constitutional amendment for a
board of control of ststs Institutions, to
be voted upoa at the next state election.
It wilt b their purpose to secure the
adoption of the smendment.
The naming of the committee followed
sn addreta by Bishop Bsecher on "Prison
"Appointments to the managemsnt of
stata Institutions," h said, "ars at pres
ent made the currency of political
ehang. Beery appointment should be
mad for at least sight yes re and air
appointee should be removed by lbs gov
ernor only on evidence of mismanage
ment" Judge Lincoln rost ef Lincoln urged
msmbsrs of the convention to work for
the passage of the proposed eonstltu
tlanal axcandmsnt for a board of control,
assuring them It would take the manago
mant ef list Institutions out of politic.
Beaia at the Bottom,
Bishop Bsecher said ths place tor social
worker to begin prison work Is at the
polls station, where the possibles" may
b lifted out from ths hardened criminals
and ssvsd from a lit of orlme.
Judge frost asked tlx eonvtnllon to
again urgs sn ths legislature lbs lam
Wllsd la th last Isglslstur. providing
for salsrlsd probation officers In eoh
county. Th :. lnstcsd of th Society
tor the Frlendl and th Prison Tte
fnrm association, should bs looking after
Its paroled prisoners, he said. Ho aald
th laws should bs amscded to provide
for suspension of sentence In misde
meanor cases, as wall as felony case.
Dr. J. A, Laavltt, superintendent of the
Htbreska division of ths Bncltty for th
Friendless, auggsstsd that It would be
well tor th stale to furnish each paroled
prisoner with a suit of cloths and find
a Job for him. Th rui now is that a
nun must havs a lob btfor a parol
granted. One or two month may elapse
between th flnd:n of work and the
granting of parol and th result Is th
man has ne work wbsn h get out
Pr. Lcavm declared that Juvenile courts
In each county would lessen ths number
baa soaked Into the ground, wetting it
thoroughly for several Inches.
In Colorado, not only In the mountains,
but in ths valleys the fall of snow lias
been a record-breaker. When It melts
It will put the ground In excellent condi
tion, and besides this ths Irrigation reser
voirs will be filled to overflowing, con
taining sufficient water to carry the di
trtot supplied entirely through the dry
seaion next summer.
Mr. Lane reports a large arraage of
winter wheat In southern Nebraska and
Kansas and says that he has never seen
the cereal look so wsll at this season of
the year. Where the snow ha melted off
and It can be Inspected It is a peffect
mat covering the ground and a grcua
as in early summer.
Xebedy la T Old
to learn that the sure way to curs a
rough, cold or sore lungs Is with Dr.
King s New Discovery. UK and II 00. For
sale by Bsaton Drug Co.
f The Life and,
Snap of
mula from choices! Hoc. carstJ anTUsg
-S, nnJDJste schinsnr sod psckusj i
l rf, Len ia the rerm. isss
wives avufwhsss. ;
to mt roff eocfg
S0ity Jetts." re-
TON! gNIOgs, Bee "saisa.l
318-320 South I 6th. St.
Tailored Suits
On Sale Wednesday, at
This extraordinary announcement will be of great interest to hundreds of women who pay no attention to or.
dinary department store sales, but watch and wait for the bona-fide clearance sales at Orkin Bros.' exclusive store of
high class wearing apparel for women and misses.
77iis offer includes our entire stock of beautiful suits models that
will be good for spring as well as present wear,
French serges, fine worsteds, chiffon
broadcloths, imported fancy materials,
imported cheviots, velvets, corduroys, etc.
Your unrestricted choice of our Tailored
Suits sold at $35.00, $39.50, $45.00,
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fa ) :
sHyi ss JfrJbmt teHa.ii afl
World's Para
n j . L.t.
i hv . ill a lie wonucr 01 uaa-
sS ill wepoydrs-alumt
Stl I Wonderful in its raising
hfiff powers its unitormity.
"fjf its never failinz results, its
Wonderful in its economy.
It costs less than the hie h -price
trust brands, but it u worth a
much. It costs a trifle more than
the cheap and biz can kinds .
it is worth more. But proves i
real economy in the bakinc.
Us CALUMET ike Mod
Diking Powder.
At all Groccn,
TU last batch of stills sgijjst colin-1
euent Nebraska corporations who nave
filled to file tear rtw"' f 1!IJ has !
lc:i filed la the distr: coart by I'alteJ
S'.atss Attorney T. B. Howell.
loess suits isak tu following con
cerns Habl for a penalty reagicg betsreerj
i,t0S and glr.WS: Pioneer Real Estate
company. Framrrs' Orsia aal stock
eonpanv: Joae Merry Mixer and Novelty
company. Nebraska kUIk Pastrjrlaer
company. Osaka PlaCag company and
the Clark Ixnd aad Loan comcaar.
Aftsr Ms rcj t :L whea Ike boslnee
reoert wsre due. tews were over uoc
corporations wbe tad failed to make a
We wisb I call yowi auraaea ta tb
fact that acost mfastlous ansa sis sash
as whooping cough, diphtheria aad scar
let fever are coctraeted wbea the child
has a cold. Chamberlain's Cough Rm
egy sX aulckly car a cold aad great.
Isasea th danger of eeatractlag thee
glsiniis TsJ reaaedy as taiceu for Its
cures at eolds- It contains as ogsuo sr
etfcer aarostia sad coay be grrea to a
child srttli bspUcit cant-deoca. Sold by
jus mi i us hi .siiii-m. ,i ,n lsjaaaseaaaassswwassssj 11 ni i j n . m . . . . . n . . i i i "'lili I" I
laerf l-l! Vf! 1 iisaj i Jig1 ( if ,."
; -
. ' ... ;
Omaha's Handsome Mandarin Caie opens.
ShtMafl of vtuiad co!ored licr.t vhat!
ihcflsaelvaa hefor th ere; tn'x ward.
Inlai2 vltb pearl, refler.i-l beJty f-c
crry point; eoll tiraupvw; bcntnO i.; nMtl7 crbrl wt?n; harrU
kf acd tbr, a mcrrr ham of voi r'
created a. plypboi.Ic at:nwp4crBr t ic
basvat'r! Maixiaj-'.n cafe, ai 1 !0f Iou
Ua atrcet. waa opcairg to ire city of
0inaa- It aVr an tnviwtton crant
laat nieThL ata-t drenwHt bim
wor cn filled tH haii!atjiT.e pa'wc
wfctrc aro the xix-t jarjwjf: tircora,-
tlons an'! ifca fluent appoinircenta of
eix.y similar czfo west oZ Chlcaca
) . .i:urarf s (1" tfcils"! ,iave been aivnt
.u ('uwg t4n !!;- r.ew Mantfnrin cafe.
..-.c tit!v: r;r; " Uit f:?iet:t
-i.'. lnUi.J rr.oter pe-wl. Tha
,jp t? Cie tafclec a-i?sralc f ciartole.
I.'jo.- o lv.t cf tilt. At the
jili ":! c t'.m roori i-rc crera ce't-T
Agtoirtc! t -ot werai.. j.;;et :n&
;rTriI priracy, Tr. d3coriti3,
a-jjci of weca were brnigi-. Srnr the
.ee t, !sc! jJ a t ml " aes i car7lisi o ?
sutstt eta iiors bj edlv! tLaia-nd
done 10 admirably that viaHora to tl.e eeninc a dijplar of Chinee firework
cafe IvoaUiUful Uat right actually hel'J 1 will adl bniltam-y to ti e occaalon.
up t.ilr handa In arnaaement - they i Tlie ulstno of the le the bet:
bobeld th oeajt'es nulla tine from every I th? price aro iht luweat, for th claaa
detail of tl m Mandar'n. It waa a xmid , of foci ervid, of any place In th weet;
ooeasron, and t prople who we.-.t them ' th appointments are aupert. Indeed
el th IfiYtlatioii of te niaAaxcxent r.r afe li furh an eiqu!slt piac that
were deMsMed. PTnm to I 00 ! -n r -a3not rva lz bow fortunate
o c":o:it Ion ntt-t ir-e.-ts who hai Leen ; i;t ahi'n dinera are until a wlait la
extended !aTitit!or. by the iruiia;:'! r :
were p.'eaeit. After -23 cafe wa.
t brown opea ta ti public aid macy
treaded their way thither.
Tb grand foraai oec:at w.Ii tiLk
paoe taia raomJnc at It o'clock. Tim
"The Favorite Rye
of Six Generations"
The SCHENLEY bottle is.
full of pure rye, because
the SCHENLEY label says so.
is 4 times distilled in copper.
(Ordinary wtilakay cwt mora than twtea)
This means absolute purity
delicate flavor extra
Bottled in Bond
Each bottle) is aeakd with
the U. S. Government Stamp.
Its age is guaranteed by the
U.S. Government.
Its purity by the Schenley
Distilling Company.
Its quality speaks for itself.
When you buy Rya, buy Schenley. At all dealers.
Bchtnley DlnllHng Comyenv. Lncescn, fa.
Gulf Gast Resorts
New Orleans, Mobile, Pensacola
aad all ether prtadpsl restart ra tae setrtli reasb' by Trasck and cess
voniem ecWalee W tb Loeusnlle ek NasbviUa Raiiroaal sstW ia sofiel
Ihrough trains or slrrpiog cars from Crdcaga, StLmsa, Uaelsauls, -raaej
Rsgads, Leiusvills, Eraasvillsv Cleveland and Inrlisnanolrs. CssI
dimog ear service. Roand tnp taurut tickets, retura aasat ta ivmm 1, ess
sala dailr at reducsd fares. Greater vaiietv rsarto thaa any itbar siaas
anvsMreutasto FloricU if 4astrd. Horn shifts' tickets sala FlrsS
aa4 Third Tuesday each month at very low rate
The Most Attractive Way South
For full peiticnilars, rates, tickets, eWcriptrra Cas
trated booalats aod slecpug
sur ma hiiiiiis, ssimsa B9
I fXA'JWLeJ?! p-w- MORROW V-.
I 111 1 K DAVENPORT -s.
Il . f . a, it. toca
Ail siectai unease cared aritaoai a surgical a
oparalioa. Ko Chlorotorm, Ether or other rea-
craJ anesthetic need. CUREGU&sUNTEEO
to last a LIFE-TIM E. s9axasmATioa rsza.
Oft. E. St. TARKY. S34 Be DalMSna, Omssia. WiSrssSa
Tb v.trjitwient raters ta the
'.Ami i la.- if peor- Bvery precaution
ba.i ben tUsn to make this cafe a
p'zee to rhih U:e most refined and eal
tured will ce, feellr.g that they are la a
r-leaAo: i 1 sanciioiied atmoepbara.
BesibSporl Kews in Tiie Bge