Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 30, 1912, Page 9, Image 9

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Text- HA LE Three oar-burner VTele
J;ectr. aasr lame, a rood condition- . I'N
B1 Farnam St.
WB rant and nwii kIDda of sewing
machine. J"- A-10M. Douglas ML
I - .--iith and Harney St.
I YOUNG women coming to Omaha a
'strangers are Invited to visit th Young
Woomd'i Christian association building at
'Seventeenth and St. Mary's Ave., wher
they, will be directed to suitable boarding
Mace, or therwl stained. Iook for
our travelers' aid at the Union station. -
Mutut Kitlenhoua. SK Old Boston Bid.
atsdish Pharmacy. txh and 1'odce.
f A A I itT i reoimeiu Mrs. Steele,
J0AOO.-VUi i:a3 Dodge. Ground floor
Tf AfeYFTIf! treatment. E. Brott. 7M
JiL&Ui JUJ. 11 & M floor, u, ssa
f A4 (W Baths, tail glow aromatic
AL&AUi treatment. Mine. Allen,
of Cpirsgo. H 8 iHh St.. 1st floor. D.?M.
l.lkalB.V. a-ms to hire UH HoWd.
l-sdiee Guaranteed Rwnedlee. 1 Ware Bk.
off ciothing: in fact, anything you do not
need. We collect, repair and eell. at 134
N. 1Mb St. fur coat of collection, tu the
worthy poor. Call phone Douglas US tad
wagons will call.
Thouaanda of i-eople havs
founl the home they were
looking for among the real
estate ada on The Bee waul
ad page. The nome you
Kant to aell ran be disposed
of quickly at cost of only a
few cent through Be want
SWEDISH maseage. for rheumatism,
muscles. Joints, diseases. Karaten Ton
reth. only Omaha masseur graduate ta
weden. 403 Ora. Net I Bank. Uoug. TO
TOIJNO LADY leaving aoon for Mardi
Oraa In New Orleans would be pleased to
learn of a respectable woman who may
also be going to the name place and
would be a congenial traveling compan
ion. References exchanged, address S 68,
tare'Omahaj Bee. - - -
massage ssssrs
f AJJ K( IV M. Snyder has changed
jMAOOAUli htr. locMoo. where sua
sues Swedish massage, also vibrator and
ladtator treatments. SJv Bee Bldg. Red
KM. Evenings D. 48R0, for appointments.
i- i
fcOUP easily cured by Bob White's
Ttoup Cure, 50c bos. If your dealer esn--wot
supply you. write us direct, -sending
)er',s name.. BOB WHITS Cu. 0t
N 1th 8t. Omaha, Neb. Webster 5637.
'Kaffir oum snakes hens lay. tt Per 100;
screenings, H. per ICQ. Wagner. 801 X. It
"invie v.i . 1 1 . ... ul. , i - v
7th atreet. '
Foil i!Al.r-PreUli-t litUe white pupa,
nine weeks old;, full-blooded Pomer.
anlanat good hsusedeejs. Male, HV Mr,
frank MrXnlel; .Yale; la.
fine cot-kerela of my champion exhibition
.and heavy egg-laying strain. Prices very
i law. P. C. AhlqiUst. Box D Ames Ave.
ma.. Omaha. Nab.
FOR HAIK-Toy poodle pup. Karl
ffarkes. 41 U No. tSth Ave. Web. 38.
.A CUNNING Utile watch dog wauU a
good home. Doug. JIM,
of full blooded Homer pigeons all branded,
and working, for sale cheap, object for
veiling. Ill health. Address T !. oar
Omaha Bee, .
-HARTS mountain canaries: young.
healthy females (or breeding. Web. la).
BUILUfcrls' l.troMwA'flO.V
Klectric m fixture. Omaha Silver Co.
I - ideal Cement Co.. 1Mb And Camlng.
ieha. Bon h Blind, palnving. detMiatlng.
, if . ,
" FOrt ALl! rufJtP-peslrable. mnder
' "sR priced residence lii t'nlverslty Plsi,
the great school suburb of Lincoln.' Elti'nt
. rooms, fine; large barn, good shade and
-In best of locations. Investigate and write
owner, V. K, Pierce. MM C t.. Uncoln.
,"; -; Befoie ou decld to buy your
'we would like to talk (o you about our
This beautiful suburban property la
situated rlgut en the Beiievu Imerurban
car line, commanding a most Interest
ing an picturesque view. The most
7';, (HBillXG'
'' ; place for g'
lo be found anywhere. Price and terms
. right. ....
"O'Neils Real Estate
& Ins. Agency
' 1303 Faniara St.
' : t Tvlef In. A-Silt.
. .. , ill N. :th St . South Omaha.
. Sooth Vf- lnd K-U82.
' F. S. Trullinger
- t FOB AlAi Blf OWNER
on "small eash payment down, balance
ume as rem, two t-room all modern
.-ottage with 11 basement and cement
walks around house. Prices from K.MB)
to K.sts) each. Phone Harney Uta.
M.i cash and tas.Ou per month buy
five acre with full-beartng fruit trees la
the famous Bidwell orchards at Chlco.
California. Paymenta include Interest
and tajre. Your money back If not sat
isfied upon investigation. The Bidwell
orchards are the moet noted and pro
ductive In the wonderful Sacramento val
ley of California. It s our confidence In
his land that prompts this generous of
fer. We've peaches, prune, almonds,
apricots and Bartlett pear. Buyers'
railroad fare, not exceeding gX. will
be credited on purchase price. Land ad
joins the thriving town of Chlco 4t
pop.!. References; Any bank of Chlco,
Amcrtian National bank of San Fran
cisco and First National bank of San
lean J re eend fur valuable information
god facts to
Chlco, Cat
MUST SACRIFICB good half section
virgin nrasrle. Upton. Peak. Famous
wheat district. Other interest compels me
I eell. Write for terms. Large list Luae
land farms also. F. W, Crawford. Luae
land. Sajik.
W are offering ltv and 40-acra tract
ami upwards located In Columbia county
near Leke City, florlda. W mile west of
Jacksonville and only efl mile from St.
Auguetine. This property la Intersected
tov Hire ratlroada of national reputation,
which furnish Hi beet aervlue at
reasonable rales to all market of the
United State.
Vh climate Is Ideal. Fin farmt are
now bring worked In our tract with
exceptionally good results. Own on of
our farm. Investigate our offer, smalt
cash payments and easy terras.
Um rate daily. Tickets good until
June 1.
(gale Agents)
W Omaha National Hank Bide.
Omars. Neb.
THE easiest way to find buyer for
your farm Is to iniert a small want ad
In the lie Moinea Capital- Larreet cir
culation In the aiala of luwa, 41 w) dally.
TU Capital Is read by and believed In
by lb standpatters of lew, who simply
lefus lo permit any other paper In their
homes. Rates, 1 cent a word a day: il l's
per line per month; count lx ordinary
words to the line. Address De Moines
Capital, Dea Moines. la.
120-ACRK. well Improved farm In Iowa,
within mile of Omaha. - A big bargain
at IIV per acre. Good terms. Address
K 112. bee.
DO-ACRB dairy farm In III famous
Payette valley, three-fourth 'mile to
town and cheese fsctory. Rest of fruit
land; good home, orchard, smftll fruit
Writ J. K. Sheldon, owner. New Ply
mouth. Idaho.
KXCHANGE for equity. So. Minn. Im
proved term North k sec.. 1S-14H-44, Polk
-county, Minnesota, one-quarter mile from
town; can all be plowed; no improve
ment: Incumbrance, tt.Mt; due year
at 4 per cent; tail per acre. Geo. Atchlaop,
Mankato, Minn.
FOR BALB-.W acre good, level land,
no atone or atumps; 16 acre under plow,
on all be plowed; good et buildings;
IftjCO, half cash, takes It before February
15. Adam Mnrast, Cambridge, Minn.
FOR BALE-Two beautiful farm home,
and W acres. Joining. Oood land, lo
cation and Improvements. CO mile from
Twin Cities. Price M per acre, worth
im B. t. Parsons, Bianchfleld. R. F. D.
No. 1, Bog 41. Minnesota.
CVArS near Omaha. f3S per sere up.
Orlii 8. Merrill, U!3 City Nat l Bk. Bldg.
Good section unimproved land In west
ern Nebraska; only iix.0 an acre. If you
want to double votir money, writ B-1192,
Omaha Bee, Oms ha.
FOR HALK 44 acres, close to. Omaha.
Good Improvement. Harnoy Mil N.
JMh l.
FOR 8ALK-4 Keith Co.. Neb., farma;
S half and 2 quarter section. Improved;
near stations; 1 and t40 per acre: term.
Addroe J. C. Perey, Paxton. Neb.
FOR SAI.K--TonUe. "M Iota and 4ft
small farm. 2H to 1 acre each, on rail
road, near here; ditches and roads built
and platting done ready for selling. Oood
cnance tu locate colony with company
store; $:0.siO cash required. Partlculara
and references. Davis A e)lirp Co., Com
mercial Block. Portland. Oregon.
MUcella neons.
Frmera nd land buyer
all oer Hid country are
leading Bee want ads every
day and snapping: up every
bargain offered.
Rates It eents Per word
If run only one time, lc per
word It run two or mora
limes consecutive!'.
Write and mall your ad
today to Real Estate depart
inent of The Omaha Bee. Re
sults arj sure.
OMAHA Property and Nebraska I .anas.
HIM New Oman Nafl Bank Building.
WANTKD-Clty loam and warrants.
W. Famam Smith 4 Co., 1331 Farnam SL
MONslY to loan on bualness or resi
dence properties, DM lo MO.uu. W. U.
THOMAS, to First Nafl Hank Bldg.
WANTED City loans. Peters Trust Co
ni i b uv ofwrrs tca pww m i . u ii.-.Lh a
day work; mt, conscientloua; d wH f).T' I -.Horn 1!m
amppomt enamgemems, i-eone at. , , a I a) em all 4X mi
WANTED-Posltion as housekeeper by Colorado Express a 4.0 pm a 1 pre
resneciehle middle-seed !a ly. lre(er Colorado Soeclal item S4 am
Perry I.ocal D a u pen ou.w pre
Mlasoart Parlftr
K. C. St. L. Ki....l!:im
K. C. t- I Ex.... all :U pen a:Mpm
home with children. Also exiierienced as
nurse. Address Mrs. Marie Turner, gen
eral delivery. Council Bluffs. la.
VAgHlNU and Ironlug duae. T.. H.KM.
SITUATION wanted as nngr of
general store, country tows; experienced,
i, (It. Bee. .
BOOKKEEPING and clerll work
evenings and Saturdays; us typewriter.
Address L 743, Bee.
Barllastoa SCatlsa
-Ten Ik at Masoa
- Depart. imi.
Denver ft CHtomla..a 4:1 pm a 1 am
Puget Sound Kxprss .a 4. Id pm a 1:44 am
TliHES young ladies, piano player and Nebraska point ...... J am a l pm
singer, want ponit.ons In nieur -show; mack Hill 4 ie pm a I ts era
experienced. Douglas- ftoi. , K T5. Be. I Lincoln Mall .ol Jtpra all lj pm
POSIHON wanted by competent lady S.JV??" -.U, ! ilS
Lincoln Ical ...
a i
Il'w to llO.Ono made promptly. F. D.
Wed. We.-td Hldg.. 18th and Frnm.
(liPVTV ui?rK - .n?
' Oni.t i. Nat'l Bank
1 handle ttaues eveiyaneri'. Ir you waul
results write or call Dean. H7 Bee. D !
Will buy a fi-room modern cottage, ex
cept heat, not new. but in good repair:
close to 91th and Franklin treet. per
manent walks, and improvements In strict
end paid o. A lev ,iunured dol
' lard down and balance like rent. Investi
gate this at once. If you want a bargain,
property mum be sold.-1 Address L 1U,
FOR SALK Five and elx room coltaxe;
also 1 up-to-date 7-room house. Call
Web. owner. -
MOt'SB. t lots, near car, 17).' Wilson.
4JW Corby-
'e ACHKS with liouae. trult and other
improvements;, near iienson. . 'Phone
iicuson a. W.
ytl Htsjril HMI FOR KALE
- .- - - Brlllah t slsakia.
:f if '
Choice valley farms In tracts of W) acre
or more oa easy term?, with. n l to s miles
' from the towns aionx tlie Uraud Trunk
.-, . Pacific Railway between Fort George and
Princ Rupert. Write for booklet de
scribing - tnis wonderful country, B.
Meyl, District sales Agciu. ail Faxtua
Bldg.. Omaha. Ne.
CHOICK Iruit terms In tracts of IS
acre or mere on eay terms; along the
" Kkeana river near Prince Rupert Central
,trUwh Columbia. Call or write B. suyei.
" a:strict u n agent, ca Paxtoa Bldg...
' Onsaha, Neb. - - ,
FOR SALK OR TR A D E ld-acre. good
Improved farm In Garfield county, Okla
homa, for land In eastern Nebraska, east
ern Bout Dakota or southern Minnesota.
N. U Kelly, 612 8. Jeffemon Bt- Enid. Okl.
WHITE woman Santa day work. 1U 3.
Hth Su A-KM. . , .
W AN TED A position as watchman or huylr-Plilsmoulh blpnt bit M p
secret serviclDg; good nferenee. Q ISM. Linci,, Icsl b am
piattamouin-owa as.s9am
Bellevue-Piattsmouth.aM N pm a S al Dm
Chicago tipeeial a I K am all :U pee
Denver special ail m pm a 1:0 pro
chlcaxo Kxpresa a 4 10 pro a l il m.
Chi. Fast Express a 4 IS pm a lo) am
Iowa Local a IS am al to am
Creston tle.l lral...b I pm bio s am
St. iuts r.xpress it ain su m am
K. C. eV tt. Joseph. 4S pm a 4 M am
K. C. at St. Joseph... I u am a 4:14 pm
K. C. t. aosepn...o e: pm
ib) dally except Sunday, (c) Sunday
only, ta) dally.
YOUNG lady desires position in office
wher there la chance for advancement
Small aages to start. Can operate type
writer. Webster 2B76.
AN experienced cashier desire posi
tion. Douglas 4411
WANTED By student CrelaMon col
lege, opportunity to earn board or board
and room. Audresa C 1U2. Bee. or paoa
Douglas 774!
EXPEK1KNCKD stenographer wlshe a
portUon with a firm: good speller od 1
fast on the Underwood typwnter. Ad
ore ss. H UK. car Bee.
YOUNG man want poeltloa a bar
lender; experienced. 8 tit. Bee.
YOUNG lady wanta poaltion a offic
girl: can run typewriter, best of refer
ences: will start with small wages 'Phone
W ebster f39C
LACE curtain and
Harney Wet.
bund! washing.
MOTHER'S Helper, competent, exper
ience in remodeling and altering chil
dren's germents, detdres employment;
beet of reference furnished. Telephone
Doug. H006. .
WANTED-Work for a number of able
bodied men-Russian emigrants. Among
li number is a bookkeeper, a foreater, a
grain man. a baker. Willing to do any
work to make a living. A number r
envious to obtain work on a farm. Ad
dress Miss Helen Grodlnsky, 74 Brand!
Bldg. Phone Doutla leA
WANTED Lace curtains to be laun
dered at home; 25c pair. Harney KI-
JSio, VJI74.
practical nurse.
FIRST CLASS laundress wnts work for
Monday and Tueidav: ti.U per day. Best
reference. SU N. th St.
WAN'TKD-Situatlon by Korean young
man: pruat family; cook. D lim. Bee.
BOOKKKKPER well experienced I
lumber, general merchandise and bank
ing desires position. Salary reasonable.
Locate anywhere. P. o. Box 1, Omaha.
Toi'NG lady wants poaltion In clflce;
small salary to start. References Phon
Webster 7.
KXPERIENVKD woman wish day
work. Webster sNuS.
WANTF.D-Evening .lerlcal work by
young man of experience; university grad-
u.tejrierrnces. c juii, e.
PLAIN day "work wanted. Johanna
Holden. Tel. Harney r.m.
KXPERIENCED girl want posltiun la
doctor's office. 2J01 Hamilton.
TOI'NG man. at present employed,
wants position a bookkeeper In or near
Omaha; experienced In wholesale and
branch work. Y no, care nee
DAY work wanted. II. K03.
PiirtlTIOX as houaekeeoer for respect
able widower or bachelor by middle-agetl
widow, call Sunday or ssonoay, ur
phone A -1460. 1911 Farnam St.
W ANTED-Posltlon a credit manager
bv voung man; married; thoroughly ex
pertenced. Adrtrena lxck Box Has. Omaha.
VOl'NG man of high education -anis
position In general olflc or store; first
clsss references; will stsrt with small
wagn. K I1M, llee
PRAt'TICAI. young fanner, 22. wishes
work on farm: permanent. Address KM
Famam St. Phone H. .
lis. Day work.
laundress. Webster
DAY work wsnted. Webster BOi.
EXPERIENCED billing clerk,
reference. Phone Douglas M,
WA NTKIV-Position disnwnr, u
middle ged woman. Phon Wabster ii3o.
i. i , . - i i- ' ' I i a
Snip your stock Ice South Omaha. Save
mlleag and shrinkage. Your sonaiga
meota receive prompt and cartful aunn
llou. . Hock CommUaloa Merchaats.
Brera Bros, k Co. Strong and responilbl
""vVOODROS., 3a4-a Exchange Bldg.
Great West. Cm. Co.. Omaha ft Denver.
"TAGG" B RO-t. hiidTe cattle, hogs, sheep
"ciy. Hobfnson ft Co., aw Kxthsnge Bid.
Inlerstal Co. Better results. Ship to us.
LIFTUN Com. Co.. VX Exchange Bldg"
L. K. ROBERTS ft CO.. Z2 Exch. Bldg"
Cox ft Jones Com. Co., bunch of hustiara
Fa"rVSers L. 8. Com. Co., 209 Exch. Bldg"
Deposit proceeds of eliipmenta in Stock
Yards Nafl bnk. Only bank at yards
Martin Bros, ft Co., M-4 fcxeh. Miog.
WEEKS GRAIN CO., gram merchants.
Consignments solicited. . Brandeia.
laloa racltli
Iepsit. Arrlva
San Fran. Overl'd I...a:tsam a7:4pm
China ft Japan F. M..a4.utpm tl n tm
Atlantto Express a 4:44 am
Oregon Express all iipm a I l pm
Ijm Auelea Limited. .al3:4 pm a 1.9) Dm
lienver epeclal a:'4am a 7:77 am
Cenunnlal Stat Bp'l.all:M pra ali:aiam
Colorado Express a pra a 4:30 pm
Oirbun-Waiih. l.'t'd....all:M pm a4-30pm
Nnrtn Platte lxai....s :iesm a : pm
i.rand Island Local.. ..a : pm alO.JUem
trorosburg LoL-al bl2;41 pm b 1.20 pm
Omaha-St. ahi Ex. a 4 J pm a:1Sm
Mali and Express a 7:01 am all:Upm
Stanb y L. (from C.B ) b 4:00 pm bU:lsam
Tvn.l. trade a bunch of good vacant I . . .. 2... w
lota e-tterod around Omaha for th l Twln C(r Limited a Spin a7:4tm
Webster sialloa - tot ft aad WeWeler
Mlaaowrl Pselflo
Depart. Arrive.
Auburn Local b 3 f4 pm HI iA am
t'klewars. St, rol. Mlaaoaooll ft
sinux Cltv Kxnre...b !:S Dm bl! ot am
Omaha Local t Is am c (.M pm
Sioux city rsss o : pm
Twin City Pass b 4 5 m
Emerson Local :ss pm o s i am
TO m
West Indies
The American Kmera
Tki Rgjit Mill Stni Piciit Co.
Especially ttractiv tour cf
For Particuisr Writ lo
andareoa ft goa, Oen. Agaats,
It So. La tall at Chteege.
Or Any Steauiship Agncy.
bid will be received at the office of the
undersigned until noon, February 10th.
A. D. lli. for the construction of an d.
ditlonal building at the Tubercular lioa
nlisl. Kearney, Nebraska. Plan and
specification r on file t the offie
of Iho Sserwtary of Stat. Commlsalnner
Publlo Lands and Buildings, at the Hos
pital, ami the office of Rued F. Miller,
Architect, Brandeia Theater Building.
ADDISON WAIT, Secetary of Rlure.
qulty In some houses or fist. If you
have anything to otier write i. ium, we.
WaIPTed to exchng prlxe-wlnning
c ch bitch for tog lsh bloodhound. F.
Mestemscher, alit Spalding Ave., Bu
Louis. Mo.
FOR SALE or exchange by owner,
level prairie quarter. Stanley county, K.
D.; levei prairie ttuarter. Morton county,
N. D.; level prsirie uusrter, with some
grove. Kittson i-ounty, and 4o sere Kan
abec county, Minn.; will sell any or all
and give terms or exchange all for one
piece. C. W. Prey, owner. South Sitor.
. D.
MO ACRES.' we. I Improved. In Stearn
Co.. Minn.; 175 acres under plow. Want
to excange for automon!1 up to flMUs;
balam-e. rash equ.ty lllftn.
K. TV. JOHNSON. si JVe Bldg.
KIMBALL organ, latest style; big bar
gain. N. !h.
tl.W STICK groceries and oueensware,
new and fresh, still In the wholesale stock,
will exchange for heavy draft team, har
ess and vtseon. bslanee cash. Just the
chance to stsrt in ousiness for yourself.
Aadrers V t'l. car Bee.
Traversed by ir.e '
. . - - TIC RAHtOAO.
Inds dapted to the widest range of
Jrops ' All the money crop of the souih
1 plentifully produced. For literatnr treat
ing with tnis owning country, its sod.
climate, church, and school advantage.
- "e"1 ' W. If. LF.AHY. DEPT. K.
t Ceiatral paseenger Agcna.
M-hand goods. Kieser. 110 Center. P. C
WANT TO HUT Stock of merchaadis
In country for cash. Bex six. Onhs.
TEAM ot young maref, with foal. slso
two or three young milcn cows to become
fresh In March. Wanted for shipment out
of slate. K llsa. Ue.
1 CASH for ooe. two or tnree iAinaee
lots; pet price and legal description In j na,is-!iperior
' lirri ie:ier. e iij.,, iwt.
Twin city Express. ...a 7:44am al:Mpm
Chicago Express a 6.05 pm a i:4i pm
tklesge. Rock l.lanU ft Paelfle -
Rocky Mountain am 10:25pm
Chicago Local Pass bl0 am bl0:10pm
Chicago Day Fx press. a is am a4:pm
Chicago Express a4:lpm al:hOpm
Dee Moinee Iicsl Pas a 4:tT pm ati:lx pm
Chicago-Nebraska Ltd a 4 OS pm a 1:00 am
r.-Neb. L tn Lincoln a 1 am aS:SJpin
Chics go-Colorado Ex. .a 1:9pm a4:0pm
t'htcsgo-t.'olorado a 4:00pm
Okl. & Texas Express. a 10 pm all team
Rocky Mountain Ltd. .ai.I pm aU.ft am
tk least, ft Norlhweeters .
M!nn.-8i. Paul r.x a 7 0 am .
Minn. -SI. Paul L t d.,
Twin City Express..
Sioux City Local
Minn, fc Ihuoia F.x.
Twin City Limited...
Minnesota KkPresa..
Carroll Loci! a 7:00 am a 4:Ur,m 'tiicego...- 7.40am ahi einni
jChkago Local all us im. a:apm
' Coinrudo-Chicago .....aarlOsm a a:2l pm
'CniisKO Special : pm as l am
I Psc Coast-Chicago... -a ( t hi a J a pm
! c An-eies Limned.. pm mi2 ja vtm
overland lamited a 7 i. pin ak.laam
CanoJ Local a4:apin ahl 'juaia
Fast Mail at.Jspm aJJepm
v,)r naptds, Siooj.
city and Omaha t ;:; pru
Crntetinisl Sisie lt'd U eism 11 lipm
Long line an iflam
Xorfoik-Dalias a X:'am sle:lanni Plne-Uncoln ! : i:n pit
HUiw-niperior 1 ! - pin a ( 2fl rtua
Iksdwo-jd-hot Sp'gs. .a J prn aS:30un
Casper-Lander a J:ii pm allnKom
Frrmont-Aiblou wu bLpm
llllaota tewlral'
-a .:pm a 1 4r am
.a 7 44 am al 30pm
-a t:4 pm a l a pm
-a i p a l:uam
a si pm a t ti am
SUyer of Freight Conductor Smith
Befniea to Talk with Friend.
latalry 1st Trogedy Will He Ca
doeted by Csroaee Crosby oa
Tuesday Afirraewa, W kea
Wltseeaea Melar.
IT. E. Koonts. the Missouri PertHc
engtneer. charged Willi the murder of
Frauk W. Smith, a freight conductor.
roll and tone on ft amall cot In hi
twelve-foot-square cell at th pollro ta
ll on. Ul oMurate retlcenc la an ap
parent atraln upon him. II ha not yet
employed a lawytr and th burden of
th secret which probably I shared only
by hi wife. If with anyone, eeems
temporarily to b weakening hi physic!
as well menial reeourcea. At short
Intervals he rise from hi col to stand
in hi ceil and gx blankly at th bar
that hold him In. A mao studying a
picture a dlsplaatlng pictur k aland
and sure.
Th mollis which prompted Koont
to murder hit fellow workman ha not
been established by th police. Th two
trainmen. 4. R Wentwortb, and J. B.
Ford, who witnessed th tragedy, and
who left shortly afterward on their run
to Fail City, will not return until tonight
Inquary Into th shooting will b held
at S o'clock tomorrow fimoon by
Coroner Crosby.
Yrdmster Squire of th Missouri
Pacific said he did not think that th two
brakemen who witnessed th tragedy
would be able to throw any light on the
motlv. He said h talked wlrh them
before they vent out Saturday night and
Ford aald he did not bear any words
spoken. Wentworlh told Squires that be
beard Koonta ur, I know It," and then
th fatal shot was fired.
George Koonts, brother of the prisoner.
called at the city Jail this morning to talk
with bl brother, but b refused to make
a statement after leaving th cell.
Friend have visited him but have come
away remarking that he refused to men-1
tion or allow them to mention anything
concerning hi trouble. He rather would
let them do th talking than talk himself
end what they have to say little Interest
him. In conversation with him, Ihey say,
he looks off Into ipac. and serins at
tentive to what 1 being aald to him only
when his visitor's volt rise or fall
from ordinary modulation.
In bl cell, this ram Indifference I
told. A collar lie on a chair, hi neck
tie on the floor, hi coat on the foot of
hut cot and other hits of apparel strewn
hero and then, as though no thought
were concentrated oa or was worthy of
such aa Insignificant task a undressing.
II has telephoned to Mrs. Koonts two
or Hire time since hi Imprisonment.
When be talk with ber be - -yes"
and "no" In Indifferent, but kindly tone,
and other than bl telling her not to
worry, the listener could not guess thai
any trouble bore upon them.
Mrs. Koonli Is unable to vllt her hus
band. She has been In delicate health for
about five months. Th shock of he'
husband ct hs affected her more
seriously than It ha mm.
Koonlx last night asked Turnkey John
Brady for so opinion ss to the ability
of a certain two attorney. He expressed
no opinion himself. Before going In to
visit Koont last nigbL Attorney Thomas
Donohue and Yard master Squires of the
Missouri Pat Ifle raid A. S. Ritchie prob
ably would be retained to defend the
prisoner. After th visit they would make
no rlrfmite statement.
Koonts' motive for killing Smith, his
friend for many year, may come to
light at the coroner Inquest. Coroner
Crosby bs not set a at for tn ex
amination, but says ho probably will hold
It Tuesday afternoon.
Tri-City Church Federation Holds
Meeting at First Christian.
Loot Ekser llaaat Police stalloa
la Taiioa Toera aad "W lads t
by Belsg Termed Over to
Fort Ofrteerm.
On Tuesday afternoon the several' se--
tlena of th Tri-Clty Federation of
Christian Church will meat ai the first
Christian church at : o'clock. Mrs. L.
R. Harford ot Omaha, on of the promt-
sent exponents ot the missionary move
ment, will addr the meeting of dele
gates present from the Christian churches
of Omaha. Council Bluff and South
Omaha. Mrs, Harford' subject will be:
Th Supreme Motive for Service."
Invttationa have been Issued to th
member of all the other church of
th city and It I expected that a large
gathering will attend th session of the
One hundred and fifty delegate will
partteipal in th worn ot th meeting
nd th following program baa been ar
ranged: Address, "The Supreme Motlv for 8rv
Ice," Mrs. L. R. Harford.
Hymn, by th o legates.
Prayer. Mr. Nathan Johnson.
Devotion! exrreuws, Mrs. F. t. Brad
ford, Council Bluffs.
Business Mftslon.
Prayer. J. F. Williams ol Omaha.
Basket Ball Teaaa Wis.
South Omaha High was again Mctorloua
over th high school learn ot th capital
Saturday evening, when th local basket
ball quintette vanquished th Uneolnlt,
M to 21
Th victory was a surprise even to th
home men who hav been discouraged
sine Philip and Foley were disqualified
by th school authorlllc on account of
nil Infraction,
When Superintendent N. M. Orahaiu
learned of Saturdays victory ho expressed
hi pleaaur and Indicated that th vic
tory proved that achool discipline must
be maintained at all hasarda.
Th winning learn la composed of the
following: John Collins. Shirley Msnsfee.
John Nixon. Ed Flltl and Ralph Lyman.
Superintendent John Walter of th
took yard has Just completed th Job
of putting the yard and pen In condi
tion. Th laboring fore worked until
noon Saturday putting thing In order
for the spring run tht r expected to
open next month.
Had th lero weather continued
few dey longer we would hav been
completely tied up," ssld Walter Saturday.
Aa soon as th weather moderated Su
perintendent John Walter put a big
fore of men to work tn cleaning up th
yards. Saturday Hi work was com
pleted and the pen and cattl yard
are again In excellent order.
Army Deserter Arrested.
Loula F. Ebner. deserter from the
United State army, we arrested y so
le rdsv- by Desk Strgaant Miss Corcoran.
Bbnor deserted from his gtatloa In
Frisco last November, Sine that tlm
ho hi .andered about th country la
an endeavor la d capture
PossosMd s h was by faar f arrest,
Ebner nevertheless confessed that h ha
called at th polio siallon In nearly
every town In which b tarried. Sunday
morning he wandered Into th local po
Itre station and bl eilon aroused th
suspicions of Desk Sergeant Mike Cor
coran. Ebner was mated and an In.
veetlgatlon soon developed th fact that
h hid deserted from the army. II waa
turned over to the official at Fort
Crook, wher h will be tried by court-
Magi City (iowlp.
Miss Jsnrt Wslson ha been elected sec
reiary of the Olrls' Church Attendance
olub. , ..
Th Greaiar Omaha Bowling association
wll give a deuce February 7 at lb tier
man Horn.
Dr. Thorns Kellay. who w stricken
with paralysis om month ago, I abl
to attend to patient at hi borne.
Phon Bell South-M-lnd. IMS for
ease of Jelter Uold Top. Prompt delivery
to any part of th city. William Jetler.
Trustees of th local branch of th
Young Men' Christian sesooistlon sre
making vsllsnt efforts to rata th debt
that hav rested on th association for
some lime.
The Inquest upon the death of Jack
Reynolds, who waa killed Saturday by
Bill (Bull) Dooley. another negro, will b
held tills afternoon at i o'clock at th
local pollc station. Th killing occurred
In a brawl over M. cents lost In a crap
game In Dooley place. Reynolds, al
though an ex-convlct, ha wealthy rela
tive tn Indianapolis, Ind.
Complaint by local railroad mao I ftelng
made against tne raiiroaas or ooutn
Omaha, including th Cnion 110011 Yard
company, for running short banded
switching crews II I asserted that a
crew should consist of five men. Accord
ing to some of th men only tour men are
put In a crew. The complain ta aert that
till practice enosnger lea awncnmen.
John While, aged M year, died Satur
day night of debility at hi 1st residence.
42 North Twenty-second street. Mr.
Whit I survived by hi three daughter.
Meadamra Mollis Tobtn and Loula Penny
and Miss Sarah Whit, and en son.
Thomas While. Th funeral will be held
Tuesday afternoon at o'clock from
Lerkln' undertaking noma IntarmeBt
la I -sure I Hill cemetery.
Ida Bins wss arrested ytrdv morn-
Ins st Ml N street by Captain John
Dworax. wno cnargea ner un selling
llouor without a licence, to arrest or
the Binke woman was the sequel to a
raid made Saturday night by th pollc
under Captain Henry Klsfelder. In th
raid on th house of tin Blnk woman
eight men end women were taken and
charatd with being inmate or a dis
orderly house. Beer aad whisky were
found in me piaos.
u'i vrrii Cin.tihul , ,l.,i m - n ,
by coupl. without children. Reference I Chicago r.xpres a,:wsm si:b
k. gVicasw jiiv..... . ew
exchanged. K 114 uniaoe Be.
Officers Unable to
Find Mrs. Morrow
CHICAGO. Jsn. 3. Mrs. Rene B. Mor
row. Indicted on Saturday on a charge of
murdering her husband on December 2S.
could not be found by deputy sheriffs
today. It wa aald that Mrs. Morrow
would be surrendered tn court tomorrow
by Charles E, Erbstetn. ner lawyer, when
be win attmpt to affect her release cither
en a writ ol habeas corpus or on motion
for bail.
Members of th grand jury which re
turned th Indictment against Mr. Mor
row ordered that the woman ne .hekJ
without bil. '
Deputy sheriffs, in an effort to tiid
Mr. Morrow today, searched ber ten
derer on Michigan avenue and the vmea
f several ot her friends.
Leaders in Ecuador 'a Latest Heroin.
tion Lynched.
Hotel Man Says Commercial Trav
elers Are Business Barometeri.-..
Crop of Dramsser Creally Increased,
Making "Preslrfefcflal Year Hard
Time." "Telk So.nd '
Government Troop lader (ieoeral
Leoaldaa Plaaa Compelled Iteis
Ulloalat Yba Held !
jail to Capitulate.
OL'ATAQUIU Kcuador. Jin. SS. A mob
today broke Into the (Julto penitentiary
In apile of a double guard and lynched
Generals Klroy A I faro, Flavlo Alfsro,
Medardo Alfaro, Uuplano Pees and Man-
ael Serrano, prominent revolutionists.
With th putting t death ot General
Ftroy Alfaro, former president of Ecua
dor; hi brothtr, General FIvlo Alfaro,
former mtnlater ot war nd oommander-In-chief
ot th revolutionary force; Gen
era! Medardo Alfaro, who Is believed to
have been a brother of th other two Al
tera, nd General Pass and Manuel
Serrano, th leading light tn Ecuador'
latest revolution bsve been snuffed out.
This revolution, although It had bean a
long rim brewing, begin In reality a few
day following th suriden death on De
cember SI last of President Kmllo Estrada,
Th first of th drastic measure taken
by the wh entxaed the revolution was
carried Into effect last Thursday at
Ouayaqull when General Pedro Montero.
who wa proclaimed president by th
troop after th death ot Kitrada, wa
hot and beheaded by mob which later
burned hi body.
Th ahooilng of Muntero took place In
th court room wher th general bad
Just been tried by caurt-marital and sen
tenced to sixteen yean' Imprisonment for
hi connection with the revolt. The peo
ple, evidently angersd at what they con
sidered loo light sentenco, rushed Into
the court room and after riddling Mon
tero' body with bullet dragged It Into
the wen. Then they derapttaied It, built
a bonfire and threw Into th flame th
torso and bead ot the man who one wa
a popular hero in Ecuador,
Rebel reite4 to Yield,
Elroy Alfaro and Oeaoral Pg and
Montero wr canturad January it at
Ouayaqull woe government troop under
General Leonard Plasa forced th revolu
tionists who bold Oueysqutl to capllul!.
Flavo Alfaro had been wounded tn a
battl a few day before the fall ot
Ouayaqoll. Medardo Alfaro waa otplured
January SI aa be arrived at Ouayaqull on
hoard a steamer wltb a body of rebel
Klroy Alfaro wss proclaimed president
of Kcuadcr by th populac la January.
IM. when he had defeated th govm
ment t roots at (Julio, In October of th
no year h was elected provision!
president by th national convention and
held th office ot chief executive until
In that year Kmlllano Eatnda ran for
th offic with Flavlo Alfaro a an op
ponent and was lctd by a majority of
mora than 1O9.0M votes. Flavlo Altar
then started revolt and la It hs was
aided by President Altar. -
''Presidential years ar? lean ones ac
cording to almost any business nm. and
they always have bn- aceosdmg to this
sun talk, bat t lull to e Where thrnt
h any foundation, f..r i:h 'utements,'
"Am Car aa I .can see there !e every ts
sald a well known tu-tano,' hotel- man.
dication of prosperity and progress in the
country.-and. t believe that 1 am In po
sition to make turn statement with facts
to back me. Take the hovel business, for
instance. Kvery hotel in Omah Is doing
a rapacity business 'and has beea since
the lull that followed the lioliap- rush.
Manufacturing concern are sepxltng out
more saleeme this year ,lha they did
last and there seems to be an increeee
In the number of transient who are not
commercial travelers. This do, s not be
speak bard time.
"1 remember tliat business was a little
alack In 1S0S. but I don't Ixlleve that It
becaits of the fact that th presi
dent wa elected, f think it was due 1 1
the panic of th year preceding. In ll
there wss th earn complaint, but I
don't remember that anyone came for
ward with the fart to substantial
these claims.
"In my opinion, all of this talk about
hard times because of th presidential
lecllon la either pur boab or else It 1
an excuse on the part of food trusts to
take up, a little of the alack tn prices.
The hotel business la good barom
eter and the commercial traveler ta th
siercury. When you ses only ' a few
drummer on th road, then you ttV
ground for a stslement that hard time
ire prva1tlng, but there seem to be F-o
signs of hard time for - SPSS, because
many ot tlx concern that had only ori
or two drummer to rover this territory
last year hav apparently doubled their
traveling ssles force. This hotel I doing
a capacity business and so are all ot th
ether leading- hotels,
Man Involves ,
Wife in Mystery
AN FRANCISCO, Jan. S.-J J. Moore
wealthy club man and roil dealer ot San
Francisco, who wa shot last night In
a revolver duet with Samuel L. Timothy,
chauffeur, near the residents of Mrs.
Moore In Hlllsboro, a suburb, died tonight.
The single bullet fired by Timothy, who
as an employ of a wealthy neighbor
of Mr. Moor nd whom th dying man
accused of having been riding wltb Mrs.
Moore, a truck Moor In th abdormra and
lodged In hi back. An operation wa
performed at the hospital to which he
waa removed shortly after th hooting,
but th prob failed to reveal th fatal
bit of led.
Th whereabout of Mr. Lillian
Moore, th ' beautiful wife of John J.
Moor, whan her husband was shot by
Timothy Is a quevtkm which agitate Can
Francisco and auburban society today
Mr; Moor 1 Immured In th Moore
restdene at H!llboro, a suburb wher
h ha lived alone lnc ah brought a
sensational, but unfruitful dlvorc suit
two month ago. 8h ha refused to see
any on but District Attomsy Franklin
warta ot San Meto county, who wilt net
Troops in Islands
Will Be Eeduced
WASHINGTON. Jan. -A speedy re
duction of th number of regiment In
th Philippine by one-bait ha bee de
cided upon by th government for rea
sons of economy and military admlat
t ration.' Four regiment of Infantry and
two of cavalry will take over the duties
now performed by twelve rThnot.
Th reduction of the Philippine force
will mass poutbi th stationing of a
large number of troop In Hawaii a year
or two before plans already formed hav
been consummated, it la proposed to gar
rison Hawaii with about 11.40 or U,ov
troop, ss those Island are regarded aa
th key to th Pacific coast from a mili
tary point of view.
LONDON. Jan. S. W. Morgan Shutter,
th American x-lresurer general of
Persia, arrived her tonight and wa met
by several member of the Persian com
mittee, who warmly welcomed Mm. Mr.
Shuater will stay In Loudpn for several
day and 1I1 deliver an addree before
th Frla committee, composed of
member of th House of Common'.
NEW TORK. Jan. S9.-Slmullnneouslv
with the statement tonight that Frederick
A. Delano, president end on of the re
ceiver of tin W a hash railroad, wss. In
New York arranglmr tor. an Issuer of
SM0t, receivers" certificate for Im
provement, the ;1mlpendnt" committee
of the msd'l refunding . and xtefisli.n
bondholder announced that, after a con
ference with Sir. Delano, they had agreed
to finance the Improvement, and would
nek th Immediate foreclosure of the
mortgage. '
This la th committee headed liy James
T. 'Wallace, that waa organised In opposi
tion to th Pierre committee, representing
the Equitable Trust company, trustee of
the bonds, end which was supported by
Uoorgs Ciould. Both roramlltees hsve
been conducting an active campaign, for
th dnolt of bonds, th purnn of which.
as understood In Wall street, wa to so.
euro control of the commending position
In the reorganisation ot the road.
It could not be learned tonight whether
th Pleroe commlttc will share la th
financing. '
T Hit Complaxieii .
' That Hen Admire
"A man may admll. with great
sophistication) that powder and roug
ar necessary aid to beauty,'' writes
th Countess of Wenttk.. "yet deep In
hi heart h dream -pt th woman
whose lovellnea need no artificial
touching up. Women wh6 appraciat
this, who e'tv consideration . to the
n.ascullne viewpoint, avoid using any
thine that might Inoirai their beauty
I not all their own,
"Such women In Increasing number
are acquiring the mercollstd wax habit.
By applying the .sx ( nleht a tliey
would cold cream, washing It off In the
morning, they secure, and mintalii.
entirely Hatural eomplaxlona. Their
face exhibit ne seldom- ot having been
beautified.' Nothing la ilded to the
old complexion ties latter. Instead, la
dlacardad. Mcrcollxed wax, procurable
at any, drug atore n ounce will do
absorbs th devitalised outer skin,
gradually, almost Imperceptibly. Th
fresh, clear, satiny underskirt which
appears, bear a healthy, youthful
bloom not comparable with the fixed
artificial color." Adv.
Easy to Prevent and
. , Cure Infection
ad ft lses ejthe mnrousmewbranes hard
ream u voo ne
Ttlff'S MtrSrelK,
so su i sen tor
(iital aa
other shin ln
jectiefi. t'u-
eqaallea as
a dourne.
in water.
Used by
t he wor Id
ver. a cent
mil II
nukes Jxsllos
Msudard sols-
as. $100
a" " mlsli1
tiseptk P-wder
Sold by dragxlM everywhere
Ask rou bocto m u as tastes
1 a. TTUr CbeaM. Wtaklsftsa. . t
aertoa l-ee-eretlwws
uid wounds are healed, without danger
'.t blood poisoning, by Buck ben's Arntra
Salve, the healing wonder. Only Sc. For
al by Deaion Drug Cat
NEW TORK. Jan. .-Ctiarl Y. Hr-
vey, a young culptor, convinced, it la
beneveil, that a group In plaster he had
been working on for month would not
bring htm th faro and fortune be had
hoped for. killed bimeelf In Bronx park
today by rotting hi throat with a rasor.
Harvey bad a studio on upper Broadway,
which lie bad -rupted since he came to
New York a year ago from Pari, wher
ho won several medal for bl work
a Madent
& S. S. id the. best treatment lor Catarrh because it is a perfect blood
purifier. It is tie only tnedicine that ia aV.t to get down into the circala-
pttnZier. l IS UC OUJ mexutinw tusv so s we ft. u W.S. --
tion and entirely remor the catarrhal matter and rmptmties which produce"
and irritated by thia Itnpnre and infected condition ol the blood Catarrh will
1 irouun. sis aiBagrceauuc b,,,.. , w. .b.b . --
I ears, tnncua dropping: back into the throat, headaches, watery eyes, difficult
breathinjr, and even stomach diaorders and weakened health, cannot be perma
I nently relieved until the blood is purified. Nothing equals S. & S. ior thia
; trarpose. It goes down to the very root of the trouble, and removes every
. f eu. . .k-l .Hr f mm trie hlnod and enriches this vital fluid SO)
that all the mncous surfaces are supplied with nutritive, healthful qualities, in
stead of being constantly irritated and inflamed by impurities in the drcnla
tion. Then the symptoms begin to pass away and when S.S.S. has entirely
purified the blood. Catarrh is permanently cured and the general health,
greatly built np. Book on Catanh and any medical advice desired sent free
to all who write.