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The Omaha Sunday Bee I sports
VOL. XLI-NO. 32.
Right Now is the Magnate's Time; the Players Will Soon Have the Field
f Gridiron Battles Next Fall Will Be
as Hard Fought as Those
of Last Season.
Overtures Kot Made to Either Mich
igan or Minnesota Teams.
Hawkeye Girls Who Go in for College Sport
Both Ames and Missouri Clamoring
for Game on Same Bate.
Nebraska U Again FWeed Oo
North Met Gophers, tat They
Are Always Drawlngi Oar
A sal a at Tkat Teas.
' LINCOLN. Neb.. Jan. S7.- Special. -
Nebraakas's tentative foot b ill schedule,
as announced by Alt Tear Coach "Jumbo"
Stiehm, provides for practically as stiff
. a season as In 1911. when the Corah us-
kera were forced to face the hardest
series of fames In their history. Under
the proposed arrangement Nebraska will
have four bit games cumins" on consecu
tive Saturdaya,
The announcement of the Michigan
. schedule Thursday night does not settle
the doubt concerning (am with the
Wolverines next season. While many of
the alumni were pulling for another game
with the Wolverines, Coach 8tlehm would
not yield a point In hi negotiations with
either Michigan or Minnesota. While the
press dispatches stato that Nebraska was
left off tbe Michigan schedule, as a mat
ter of fact, the Cornhuskers were never
applicants for a place on the list Formal
negotiations were never entered Into
and the cry whleh want up from Michigan
men Immediately following the game with
the Comhuakers greatly disgusted a
large number of the followers of the
scarlet and the cream.
Another conflict which la causing con
siderable trouble to the Cornhuaker
management la arranging the schedule Is
the application of both Missouri and
Ames for the same data or for a gams on
November 1 The management la squally
desirous of scheduling a gam with
each school and It la feared that the one
Turned down for this particular data oan
D4 be secured later la the season.
' The Tentative Seaedale.
Following la the tentative foot ball
schedule as. arranged by Coach Stlahnu
October I Practice game, probably with
x Peru or Healings.
October 1 K annas Aggies at Lincoln.
October It Minnesota at Minneapolis.
October Missouri at Columbia,
November S Ames at Lincoin.
November Kansas at Lincoln or prac
tice game.
November IS Practice game or Kansas
at Uncoln.
November SS Wisconsin at Lincoln or
Texas at Austin.
Under the tentative schedule only two
of the eight games may bo played away
from the home grounds, with a possibility
of the third also on foreign grounds. Ne
braska is again forced to go north to
meet the Gophers, but as the Cornhuakers
are always a good drawing card and the
trip Is financially a strong attraction to
the management It receives the heartiest
Manager Earl O. Eager left Tuesday for
Chicago to attend to closing up the de
tails of the Minnesota-Nebraska game
and also to confer with the Wisconsin
authorities. The Cornhuakers are exceed
ingly anxious to bring the Badgers to
Lincoln. There Is but one game for the
closing of the season which would attract
an exceptionally large crowd to Lincoln
and that la either with the Badgers or
Stiehm was optimistic over the ar
rangements with the Wisconsin author
ities and thought that the game with his
alma mater was assured.
On the other hand, Nebraskans refuse
to accept the report emanating from Ann
Arbor that Michigan wants none of the
Cornhuakers' money next season. On the
otlier hand. It Is positively stated on ex
cellent authority that the Nebraska man
agement can havs tbe choice of two dates
a game on November 2 or the dosing
game vf the year. If the November 1
date was accepted the game would be
played In Lincoln, but if the Cornhuakers
closed lbs season with the Wolverines the
game must be P is red In Ann Arbor.
Either place It would prove a tremendous
drawing carl and financially attractive to
both teams, although it is conceded that
a bigger crowd could be secured in Lin
coln aith Michigan ss tbe attraction than
l:i Ann Arbor with the Cornbuskcrs as
t .o opponents of the Wolverines.
Ilaakers May Co booth.
Lven should tbe negotiation with
liichlg-n and Wisconsin managements
fall tnrougii tbe Huakrrs will not be with
out a big game to close the season. The
Texas university team, which mads a
remarkable record on tbe gridiron and
was accounted one of the strongest teams
In the south, hss written to the manage
ment asking for a date, preferably toe
closing game to be played In tbe south.
Nebraska will again meet the leaders
In the Missouri valley conference, with
Ames, Kansas and Missouri on the sched
ule. Both the Ames and Kansas games
will be played In Lincoln, while Missouri
Is to be met in Columbia, The Aggies and
Jayhawkera are both excellent attractions
for Lincoln and the management should
reap rich returns from both games. Tha
gamo at Columbia la according to the
agreement entered Into hut season when
the Husk era resumed foot ball relatione
with the Tigers. Columbia is noted for
a toot ball town and stoetun baa his
Weather eye open In scheduling a game
' -a- -'-m( y j "Vy iJ) ): ft te
f'V t " 1
' " ' -" ' ' -...-.A.. ,
Champion Olris Hockey Team af the University of town. It Is the Team Representing the Jnnlor Clam of (he School and Has Defeated All Other Classes In tne Annnal Clash for Ilia
School Title. Those In the Picture, Reading from Left to Right Are: Mildred Bykes, Frieda Kurt. Helen Beers, Ruby Keesel, Elisabeth Nutting, Kills Willis u. Mabel Smith, Koae Broderlck, Anna
Patlsek. Fannie Walker and Johanna Buses,
6T. JOSEPH. Mo-. Jan. H. These
Western League officials will meet In
Ues Moineo romorrow for n conference:
Holland, tit, Joseph; Deepaln. Lincoln:
Rourke, Omaha, and Falrweeiber and
IsbeO. Dsn Mnsaea. They wtB epooet
'gestae; tan aobeflalo ustlnf next tnontb
ac Denver
Beautiful Trophies Are to Be Pre
sented This week.
Silver Lerlag Can Donated by
Charle Rardlag One of the
Finest apart TreWkles
Ever Given Mere. .
All of the grade school athletic trophies
which will be presented this week to the
schools which mads the best showing in
the recent ear lea of athletic contests held
under the direction of Raymond L. Cams,
local supervisor of grace school sports,
have been received.
The handsome silver loving cup, the gift
of Charles Harding of the Harding
Creamery company, la one af the finest
sport trophies that has been seen In
Omaha for some time. It la elaborately
engraved and when mounted on a pedes
tal stands about M Inches high.
Three pennant will be awarded, one to
each school that made the best showing
In each of the three classes which were
la vogue under the scale of competition
of the athletic youngsters. Tha first
clsss banner Is a blue and white one with
gold embroidered letters. It measures
SixM Inches. Ths ether two are similar
to the first except that the second class
Is a red and whits one and tha third
class done m purple and white.
Tha first-class pennant hi ths personal
gift of James Richardson of the board of
education. The second banner was do
nated by C W. Wlihelm and ths third by
Casper B. Tost
Soldiers at Ft. Omaha
Improve in Bowling
Boms good scores were made by the
soldier bowlers at Fort Omaha during
tha last week. Sergeant Andrew Clark,
tha athletic officer at the post, running
up a high Individual average of US.
The rivalry among the enlisted men Is
very keen especially among the six five
men teams, which comprise tha Fort
Omaha league, and, considering the fact
that the solders have been bowling but
a few weeks, tbslr work is most credita
ble. It Is the intention of the soldiers to
enter a five-man team in one of the
downtown leagues before the cod of tha
Following are last weeks si. or saw
P. W. U Ave,
Headouarters - IS S 4 .at7
Signal rorps School II ! I W
Kxtra Duty Men ..
Company H
Hospital I
..11 JM
,.U S T .417 4 1 xa
Sergeant Andrew Clark ..
Prtvate Lcnaler
Private Voorhees
Private Collins -
Privste Debo
rorporst Haggard
Sergeant Abl
Private Ducker
Corporal Foots '
Sergeant Fhke
Prtvate Hart man
Prtvate Grolx
- .
.U 1
HOLDREGE. Neb.. Jan. StWaectaL)-!
By whirlwind finish, tha Hoidrego Hurh
school basket ball team last e renins; de
feat ad the Hastings High school five, r
to St. in tha high school gi asuiiu. The
Hastings boy maintained tho lead
throughout tbe first half of the contest
the score of which was 17 to 14, and looked
like winners. In tne second half the local
IsOs, however, plsyed a much speedier
game and kept tbe ball near their own
goal most of the time. Though a dis
puted point was placed to the credit of
the visitors at the close of the game, tbe
home team still held the lead by one
notnt. Superintendent C M. Barr of
Hastings and 8. M. Danlap of Hoidrege
served as referee and empire, alternating
Na, tbe posfttoos.
Fred Bradford to
Manage the Storz
Triumphs This Year
The Stars Triumph, conceded to be
the leading local amateur team last sea
son, hsa reorganised and under the man
agement of Fred Bradford, who Is well
known ta all tho followers of bass ball
since the day of tha Nonpareils, ' will
start tbe ceasing sision with what loose
to be an exceedingly strong lineup,
Any weakness that may develop during
the sprink games will be strengthened
ss quickly as possible, It being up to
the new manager .to give the brewery a
ball team second to none cutslde of ths
professional rank.
Behind the bat will be seen last sea
son's favorite, Walter Hachten, and pos
sibly Harry Williams should he decide to
remain In Omaha. On tns slab Ueurge
Probst and possibly Wes. Baker; Wslly
Drummy, easily the best first baseman
of hue years; George Dougherty and
"Dusty" Hall, a tossup for eooend; Dur
kee on third and MoLain short. That
tbe outfield will be well eared for with
Art Onion and Harry Welch, two of the
hardest bitters that ever donned a West
era league uniform, and Jimmy Malady,
the south side wonder, la a foregone con-elusion.
Ducky Has Been Famed to Take
Charge of Lincoln Team.
President Desnaln Sara He Expects
to Get Moaey te Pay Off Mert
asrea front Charles)
Caanlakey, .
LINCOLN. Neb,, Jan, r. William
(Duckyl Holmes, former manager of the
j Lincoln and nloux City Western League
baseball clubs, was appointed receiver of
the Lincoln baseball club by District
Judge Stewart this afternoon.
The appointment goes Into affect next
Tuesday at 1 o'clock. President Das
pain has announced that he hoped to be
able to pay off tbe mortgages, on which
George Truman had sued for a receiver
ship, by that time, H expects to secure
the money from Charles Comlnskey
through the agency of President Norrts
O'Neill of the Western League. If be falls
In this effort. Holmes will take charge
of the club and run It under order of lbs
Dr. B. F. Roller, the heavyweight
wrestler. Is looking for a little easy coin
and sends the following lettter, which ex
plains Itself, to the Sporting Editor of
The Bee:
"I see by The Bee that Johnson has
offered to wrestle Gotch In Salt Lake City
for a),JO. Plesse say for ma thst I'll
wrestle both of them for half that amount
and guarantee to throw one of them or
not take a cent sincerty,
"DR. a F. ROLLER."
1 iC" ! I ;
''itM ill '
V 1 1 , K
Swedish Athletes
JVre to BeAwarded
Prizes Won Before
Local Swedish athletes who were win
ners in the outdoor field meet bold at
Elmwood park last September will be
awarded prises at the third anniversary
celebration of the Svea Athletic olub
which will be held at Fraternity hall
this afternoon.
The award of prises, which consist of
three sliver trophy cups, gold, sliver and
bronze medals, and ribbons, will be made
by Ounner Carieman, secretary of the
club. A short program of speeches by
severs! prominent Omaha Swedes will
be given previous to the award of prises.
A banquet will be held following the
presentation ceremony.
Drummers Secure
an Eastern Player
Ous Soffel. who played with tbe Bart,
ford club of ths Connecticut league last
season, has been secured to play second
bass for the Drummers this season. Hs
goes to tbat team with a good record
and well recommended. He la a good
fielder and likewise a great batter, and
hs will be relied upon next rear to bring
In many runners with his trusty club.
A aeries of Inter-das basket hall games
will be scheduled by C. B, Reed, athletic
director at tbe Onnha High school, to
morrow, when a meeting of tbe class
tram captains will be held to decide on
the dates of the contests.
There is emsldtrably rivalry among the
class fives and all the games promise to
be hard fought and well attended. They
will be pulled off as preliminaries to the
regular Trl-Clty league scries.
The following ars captains of the class
teams: Seniors, Finley Jenkins Junior,
Carl Storz: sophomore. Bar! Clark; fresh
men, Arthur Rouner.
R. H. Bloomer of Council Bluffs has
Invented an automobile tire filler which
prolongs the life of the expensive tires
and which prevents punctures and bow.
outs. Mr. Bloomer says his filler will
not melt, bunch or crystallise as most
tire fillers do and he believes that he has
an article that will prove te be a suc
cess. He hs established an agency in
the Board of Trade building and he wti.
plae has brvwatkn en tho market at
Nebraska Speed
Association is to
Meet Here Feb. 6
Secretary N. J. Renin of ths Nebraska
Speed association ha sent out notlcee
calling for a meeting of the association
at tbe Hensbaw hotel February 1 The
meeting I called for the purpose of ar-'
ranging dates, classes, purse and I
election of officer.. - -
"Nebraska towns which ars not mem
ber of the nsaoatatloa ar requested to
file their application with tho aeoreiary
before tho date of tne meeting. The old
member of the association are: Wy-
mere, Auburn, Columbus, Hastings and
Nebraska City. These In addition to the
present member ar Invited to be pres
ent at the SMstlng.
Ward has bean received from Louis
ville, icy, the bom of Louis W. Knap P.
who umpired the latter naif of the IsU
season In the .Western league, that be
has been appointed by President O'Neill
to again handle an Indicator in this league
this season. Knapp was on of tha near
good umpire In the league last season
and It la thought by many tbat he will
make good thl year. He was Inex
perienced last year, but everybody agreed
that he bad ta making of a real live
umpire. Hi li ft fearless young fellow
and would not take anything from any
of the player or manager either. This
was svldenced when be slapped Bob
Unglaub's face at Sioux City when the
latter got personal in his remarks.
Mike Gibbon, ths wonderful racing St.
Paul welterweight, who battled Jack
Denning In New Trk ea Monday night
(January 8.)
Conference .Allows Amateurs to
Compete in Unorganized Games.
Kesweaentattve of Blar SUght at
Closing! Meeting areata Michigan
Will Still Be Kept Oat
la Cold.
CHICAGO, Jan. n. -Stud ants of the
western con fere nee universities hereafter
may play m miner baa ball with teams
not under the national agreement or
members of "outlaw" leagues, provided
they do not receive directly or Indirectly,
salary or gift for their service. This was
decided today at a conference of repre
sentative of the big schools.
Students may procure, before the clow
of ths ua college year, absolatlon for
past minor violation of strict amateur
rules, npsn application bo their faculties.
It was decided. .
The eonfarses also decided:
"Flagrant" Infractions of the rule such
a participation m professional base ball
game or engaging in athletic under as
sumed names, will not be condoned.
No other athletlo contest than ths bi
ball specified, may be engaged In. where
a prioe of any sort Is offered, regardless
of Its disposition,
A committee consisting of Prof. T. F.
Moran of Purdue and Prof. T. A. OoodV
enough of Illinois will recommend action
on the Ohio Stat university' petition
for admission Into th conference.
Michigan will remain a stranger to tne
-Big Eight."
A majority Instead of a two-third vote
hereafter will decide questions of policy
In ths conference.
Intersections! athletics wll be permitted
again aftsr a year's suspension.
Student may represent other organi
sations than their universities In purely
amateur events without procuring per
mission. They mar not, however, repre
sent sn athletlo club.
These chsnges In the athletic code must
b approved by tbe universities repre
sented. A protest within sixty day may
open tbe question for declelon at a fu
ture meeting.
The meeting of th "Big Eight" dels-
gate closed tonight.
Des Moines Owners
Get Park This Week
Frank la bell and Tom Fatrweather
spent tnany busy day hut week as reel
dent owner of th Des Moines ball dub.
True to their promt ee their first act was
to search for a suitable downtown ball
park site. The results of their investiga
tion may cause their choice to be differ
ent from any that hare been suggested
ao far. It Is probable that the park may
be situated just west of the city where
there Is considerable high, dry bud which
would make a wonderful park. It la ex
pected that a site will be definitely de
cided upon by the two owners thl week.
Signed Papers from Youngsters Art
Coming Back to Management i
Slow But Sore. j
Letters Accompanying1 Contracts Say'
Salary is Ail Right.
New Shortstop Comes Well Reoom
mended for that Position,
Peer of the Beet faflcMer in Miss
Leagw Baa Ball Will erae the !
Ossahn Liaenp This Season, l
Say Rears. e, j
Pa Rourke has received the signed cores
tracts of six of his numerous player;
for the ISU season. A letter acconipanled i
each contract. In which th writer stated!
he was entirely satisfied with ths terms i
named In the contract. Those whose'
contracts have been received by Pa are:
Robinson, pitcher; Wanner, second base
man; Bcanlon, Infield; Arbogast, catcher;
Coyle, outfielder, and Campfleld, catcher.
There Is little danger of holdouts thls
season, as every player, with th excep
tion of one, has sent Pa word that the
contract hsd been received and th term
stated satisfactory. These letter whlcal
have been received has caused BUI j
Rourke to wear an unusually wide smile 1
tor the last few dsrs and he asserts that
Four St. Joe Men
Go with White Sox
Four of the 1311 St. Joseph players will
train with th Chicago Whits Sox next
spring. Thwy are. Borton, Jones, Kelly
and PewwU.' Secretary Grabtner of th
Sox made a vtstt recently to St. Joseph
and had a talk with Bertoa and Jones.
Borton held out for some time before
signing. He would not com to term
with th White Sox until Grab! Tier trade
his trip to St. Joseph.
Wichita Faaa Active.
Those Wichita fans are come hustlers
and they must be given credit for It, too.
Of the S2-.U00 fund they started to raise
a week ago over taCOOO 1 now subscribed.
On tbe list ar tan subscribers for S90.
eight for S3 and tblrty-etx for titu, Two
women ar down for axehsxarlbera, each
for CM.
nothing can now stop htm from landing'
his bunch of youngster at ta top of.
the list next fan. Pa 1 optlmlatio over!
th nay hi baa ball matter ar round-,
Ing out and I now busy at work getting;
up a schedule wMch he wlU submit at
th aohedul meeting which wilt be feldi
In Denver February T.
All Peeittssas Strew g.
Every position In th field for next
season Is about settled upon by Pa and
he I loud In hi praise of th tn field,
which, he assert, wlU be th beat be hs
had In several yearn, From present In
dications the Infield will look something
Ilk this: First base, Jimmy Kami sec
ond baas, Johnny Wanner: third base,
Bert Nlehofr; shortstop, Phil Justice.
Arbogast and Campfleld win do all ths
catching thl summer.
Hsd Pa had a good tnfteid last season
there I little doubt but he would have
been fighting for th top plan all sea
son. Between Jo Kneaves and Charlie
Pick tbXrty-asven game war lost. No
on would hare kicked on these two men
but for th fact tbat their work was far
Inferior to class A ball playing. Pick
would Invariably throw a gam away by
heaving th ball way over Jimmy Kane'a
head at first bass. At any crucial stag
of ths gams, when an error by an Omaha
player would mean th loss of th gams,
Jo Kneavea would drop an easy!
grounder or else In hi anxiety to gat l
to first h would throw It Into th
bleacher. .
Thl year th story will be a great deal
different. Wanner and Jostle nave
played together and know each others'
playing Ilk a book. They ar said ts be
heady players and critic all over th
country are high In their praise of th
two tnfielder, and an eager watch will '
be kept on them by th big league aeoat
this season.
Kane at First.
Jimmy Kan need no boosting; HI
work her I well known. Previous to)
coming to Omaha ho was with Pitts
burgh, Outside of baa ball Kan la
known to be en of th greatest basket
ball players in tbe out. He played tha
best has ball of hi career last season
with Omaha, when he waa easily con
sidered the beet first baseman In th
league. He Is great hitter and can
either bat tbom out or say them down.
He ta fast and when at bat he is fight
ing th ball and keeping th in field
guessing. He hs hiipiosod greatly tn
bis fielding, and if he I not picked up
by one of the big league next season,
bass ball Is a funny game.
Justice la a new man to Omaha has
ball fan and he waa purchased outright
from the Cleveland club by Pa Rourke
a few weeks ago. He was drafted last
fall from Fort Wayne of th Central
league by the Cleveland crab. Hs Is sj
hustling fighting Uttie short fellow and,
waa th causa of so many big league
scout visiting th Fort Warns park hut
season. George Huff, a well known big
league scout says that Pa Rourke ha
picked a whirlwind, and a wonder In thl
cub. He hi said to be th beat shortstop
tbat waa aver turned out of th Central
Wanner WeU Reeessaseagsa.
Johnny Wanner come to Omaha wall
recommended by n long list of great
playing at second baa In tow different
league Wanner waa not la the gsxne
hut season having contracted aularaU
fever while playing with th Memphis
team of tn Southern association tn lliA
Ha, however, has entirely retoiaied and
It Is predicted by critic that h will put
In the best year of hi career as a pro
fessional player next season- Wanner ha
been m the gam about five years, la
1S7 Wanner led tbe Three-I league second
basemen while playing with Hock Island.
He finished the season with a fielding
average of -W& In IMS be played with
Joailn hi th 8ontbrn sssocistion. That
year be also led the second ha semen and
fielded JO. In BO, hi heat year, ke
played with Hartford af the Cbnnectlea
league and led th second ssaamou for
th year. HIa fielding average for tbat
year was .7a
Bertie Nlehofr. next year's third base
man came from th lota of Denver right
Into Western league base ball, having
played three years with Dca Moines from
which lie waa purchased by Pittsburgh
and from there by the Omaha dub. He
hss averaged around the je-mark ever
sine breaking Into the league. H ac
cepts and take mora chances than any
other third baisnun hi So league. Ha
M a great base rsnner and was th etar
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