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I Val iVl
ME. CAVALIERI'S beauty lecture to-iay is a practical lesson on
how to get thin. Not satisfied with mere general rules, the take up
the case of a woman who lost nineteen pounds in Eve weeks and tells how she
lost them.
The article is oe of immense value to all who are overweight or who
have a tendency to excess of flesh.
"Every other day take no din
ner ive bread and milk, or
milk alone."
By Mme. Una Cavalieri
SHALL I tell you bow a young
woman lost nineteen pounds
in five weeks?
She found herself with all the
symptoms of overweight Her face
wa. full and putty. Her cheek
muscles sagged, giving her face the
jowl-like look that suggests the
lower animals, transforming beauty's
fsce into a beastlike semblance, and
that beast not the handsomest, nor
n.ost poetic, of the order. As she
surveyed her figure in the mirror,
particularly in the back, It looked
broad and coarse. Moreover, she
was conscious of her 'weight. Her
aiovemeuts had become clumsy.
When we are at normal weight, that
is, when we are only so heavy as
nature intended, and nature abhors
overfleahed women, we are sot op
pressed by our bodies. - We feel so
light and our minds are so capable
ot dominating our ood'.et that we
scarcely realize that we have any
weight That birdlike lightness ot
body Is a sure sign that we are at
our best
My friend, having a long social
season before her, when she wished
to look her best, resolved to train
down. B jt jow? She adopted none
of the cure-alls prescribed by stout
women we meet at Turkish baths.
She did wu.-.t Is tbe wisest course
when we are sble to adopt It, went
straight to her physlclai and asked
bis advice.
This wss wise because her phy
sician knew her constitution as she
knew her alphabet He knew which
way lay peril. She must not take
the beet and hot water cure, because
she was predisposed to rheumatism,
and authorities claimed, and this
physician believed, that in beef there
Is at least seventeen per cent ot uric
acid. Tbe body is able to eliminate
only a limited amount ot the acid
and tbe introduction into H ot such
excess over that amount would In
volve some remaining in tho system.
This should be avoided in cases of
what the physicians call "uric acid
Also his patient was nervous, so he
must not permit her that stsrration
system of diet which reduced her
nervous force. Not being sn es
pecially vigorous woman, he was un
willing to run any risk of impair
ing her vitality.
Under his guidance, then, she be
gan this reem3n:
For breakfast, two slices of thin,
dry toast If her breakfast satisfied
her cravings he Insisted that the
bread be dry. If not, she eprsad It
vsry thinly with butter. With this
she ate one medium-boiled or
poached egg and drank one cup of
Being of those who say, and
prove, if you watch then, at the
Drat meal of tbe day, "My breakfast
is my best meal," ber physician
a thin liquid In her
mouth. "If yon do this,"
he said, "one-half the
foi you formerly ate will
Just as fully satisfy your
hunger." "And that,
which I didnt at all be
lieve at first I found to
be quite true," she said.
The only luncheon
permitted her was a
slight ens of fruit. Try
to get on with one spple
or orange," he said. "If
you are suffering from
hunger sat two. But
masticate, masticate,
At night she waa allowed to eat
anything aha chose, except the three
fattening "pa" potatoes, pudding or
pie. But again she was charged to
take twice as much time as usual
for the meal. And at neither of her
meals should she drink water. At
breakfast and dinner one cup of f
black coffee waa permitted.
For all the daye that followed, for
five weeks, she had the same break
fast and luncheon, but every ether
night she had no dlnnsr save a
large bowl of bread and milk. The
milk contained no cream, but was
Meanwhile she, who had always
disliked exercise, discarded her car
riage and took two walks a day, one
in the morning and one In the after
noon. Her physician named no
ground to be covered in these walks.
"Walk as long as you enjoy It, but t
not until tou are tired." he warned I
lipr. First unanmietnn iwf vrallra L '
were jnly tnree or four short city '
squares, but alter two weeks, when
nature tad become accustomed to
Mme, Lina Cavalieri
All An It
w 1
, . ill. J'i! ,', . f Ji v
Viii i ,v C... .J
".-aT '
lvN ."'. "'iv--S.;'.. .v-
-Jrr -:,v.;:
re-' . . ,'. - ,."
V ' . -a ' 't, f
"Thin toast, one en and a cup of coffee are the an ti -obesity
2i.'';;' !
Yurr i i
knew that this light breakfast would
at Drat be a bardsblp. He therefore
urged her to eat very slowly, mas
ticating her food until It turned Into
Just Watch Yourself Go By
Get Behind a Tree Ofen and Look at Yourself
Critically and You Will Improve That
Man Called Yourself.
the new regimen, sne wss able to
walk four miles a day, two before
and two after noon.
If, aa sometimes happened, she
returned from her walk faint, she
was allowed to drink a cup of hot
but very weak tea, and If nature
eeemed to demand more sustenance,
she drank twe cups. But from
these cream and sugar were sternly
Tbb resulti I have told you. And
my friend never looked so lovely
end she assures me she bss never
felt so well. There was no expen
sive journey trr stay at the bsths;
no dully masbee. The loss of tbone
nineteen pounds cost ber only self
denial, the one fee for her physician
snd the tailor's charges for taking
in all her (towns four inches about
tbe hips end two at the waist
Beauty Questions Answered
"AT, what's the use in taking stock in all the things we hear,
Why rip the lining out of Jones and make Smith look so
Tou cannot always tell, my boy perhaps it's all a lie
Just get around behind a tree and watch yourself go by.
VTou will find that things look different; the crooked parts are
That Smith is not the only man who sometimes stays out late.
Perhaps your wife's own husband sometimes gets all awry,
So get around behind a tree and watch yourself go by.
"In business as in pleasure, and in the social life,
It doesn't always pay, my boy, to let yourself run rife.
So try and do the best for those who in your pathway lie.
And get around behind a tree and watch yourself go by."
A. A. L. asks: "Will you please
oblige me by Informing me if you
know anything that will reduce the
size of the bust? My bust is en
tirely too large to be in proportion
with the rest c as? body."
This Is a harmless lotion that I
have been assured by those who ex
perimented with it has been suc
cessfully used for the purpose you
wish. Apply bandage wet in tbe
Time to Use it
Mrs. Spinas: "Where is the ' money
you have bees savins" for a rainy dayf"
Mr. 8ptsks: "la the Stvtass Bank."
Mrs. Spinas: -WeIL srve me a cheque
(or eom ot It. 1 want a new aaackio-loib."
lotion at night
Gum benzoin
T. B. H. writes:
1 ex.
'a Pint
"I have been
'Try to get on with one orange
at luncheon."
suffering with a swollen Up for
over a year. I have tried different
remedies and have consulted doc
tors One doctor said it was caused
by my strained nerves. All rem
edies have proved a failure that I
have tried as yet I hope that you
may refer me to some remedy to
cure ft"
Unless the protruding lips are
caused by some bad habit, as tbe
Improper meeting ot the teeth, or
the protrusion ot the teeth them
selves, this lotion applied to tbe
lips by means ot moistened bands
t! muslin worn on them at nlgbt,
may diminish their slxe:
Csmphor water.... 6 ore.
Tsnnle acid 15 grains
N. B. 0. makes this Inquiry: "Of
late I have noticed two or three
wrinkles under my chin where my
collar touches my neck. My collars
are not tight, but close-fitting. Could
that be the cause? I am thirty
years old and I hardly think old
enough to have wrinkles. Through
my own annoyance from this cause
I have noticed others have tbe
same trouble. Can you help me?
I would so greatly appreciate It"
A famous physician agreeing, and
sll physicians, however they differ
on other points, agree en this: A
collar that Is not loose will cause
lines, crease and wrinkles In the
chin, advised the use of adhesive
plsster bands ever the lines of the
neck to support the drooping
muscles. After loosening er wholly
discarding your collars It may be
well to try these adhesive plaster
strips for a month or two, giving
them plenty of time, for blemishes
In the personal,, appearance cannot
be remedied In a abort time. But
This Is a preparation that can be
mad at home: '
Alcohol 1 quart
Powdered borax..... ...... 1 ex.
Gum myrrh. ox.
Strained honey 1 ex.
Red asunder wood 1 ox..
Strain and keep In a glass Jar for
ten days, shaking it now and then.
Vp-to-Date Jokes,
'Mm Bomee ranoy. Mrs. Bangs threw
saueepan at her husbaad beeenae ke
at en her new bat.
better then this, In my opinion, af
ter, of course, looaenlno the wrinkle. ,"r htt "14 aever o
, , .a thlo Use that
causing collars. Is a long course of Mr. i,, ,,, .
massaging the neck with tissue me so tfwiy, en, pett
feeding oils or Cold creams.' Olive " Home xe-ee. Besides, I aares't
ell Is good skin food, though there . "w ' . , , . .
Is some prejudice sgalnst It bscause Mr. LttM.rwt-Dootor. whet did ye
it I yellow, and there Is a belief tell me was your special treatment Cor
that yellow eile and cream In time aieepiessnessT . .
cause the skin to become yellow. .Jtf4 th at the
. . . , ' entln ot the trouble.
The Kentucky er rose cold creams Mr. don't W Weft,
for which I hsve msny times glvsn ynv wl th, m othr
ths formula, are good fsedere for only, don't strike at him too hard,
relaxed tissues. .
a A. sends a query as to tonic "Here's aa article la this masaalne
that may defer the hair turning entitled How to Meet Trouble.' said
..... Mrs. Wcdderly. "Shall I read It to
B, T,,10 rW!T f "K WW WW.
scalp. Better develop tbe tutural hurt.B(l .Uow 4o(, lroubu
oils In the scalp by massaging It bran4 of information I'm looklu '
and so releasing the oils from tbe for."
sebaceous glands. But if nature ' .
.... . . , . Father I never smoked whea t was
falls to supply sufficient oil it must yollr ,ffc wm F0U thai
be provided. This mixture Is re- .to your sonT
liable. Not sM kMP my faee as
Spearlne 1 ex.
Olelo acid ox.
Oil of bergsmont........!4 ox.
Msssage this Into the scalp every
night until an Improvement la
E. N. sends a request for a for
mula for a tooth-mouth wash.
How They "Ride the Goat" io the Congo"
Above Market Vahe
LAUT CUSTOMER (pleseantlr) I
' hear yon are aboot to sret mar
ried. Mr. Wbbs. I suppose I must con
fratulate you.
ilr. Rlbbe, the local butcher (doubt
luUy) Well, I dunno so much about
congratterlaUona. mum. It's coetlns
me a prr P01"' 1 uu
Mrs. Ribbs aa la to be. she wants 'or
roo know; an- thea there's
While the San Shines.
. He (timidly): "Now thst we are en-
The PeniStent Inquirer. cased, I I presume I mar may kiss
Small Girl (eatertalninc ber mother's ' much as I please, mayn't It"
caller) How Is your little girl? She (encoureslosly: -Tea, Indeed.
Caller I aa sorry to say. my dear. M- th mo' ' your time. dear.
that I haven't any little (IrL
Small Girl (after a painful pause la
conversation) How la your little boy?
Caller My dear, I naven't any little
boy. either.
tknall Girl What axe youra?
There's no telllns how Ions an encase
ment wlU last nowadays, yon know."
last So!
tha furnUhiu". an" the Ucenae. an' the , Chnetma present from the anarela.
parson's tees; aa' thea I iave to r-ve Rupert used four) Weil, taamma, U
or an' er sleter a piece ot joolery wo lay alas away earefoliy and doa't
each Aa. wot with one thing an' use hi a. we eaa sire him to eooM
taoUiar ehe'a a 'eavy woman, aa yon body else next Cartatmaa.
known, mum. ISO pound! an" I reck-
a sie'U cost me best part of (SO - J(ot the Word.
lor 1 Sit er omel Were yoa emberaased whea yaw pro
of the 24.303 world's poetise stamp, poeed to me, Tom!"
the British Empire has Issued over T.eoa, Awfwtbr; I owed e er $0,
She Wanted Bonge.
Wifey Why didn't you call at the
chemlst'a ahop yesterday and (at the
thlnce I asked you to?
Hubby Well, my dear, I remembered
thst 1 promised you never to do aay.
thing to bring a blush to your cheek.
Why the Sleeping Draught Failed.
Tjugusted Patient: "Tour eleepts
draua-ht wasn't a bit of good, The
beastly thinga wouldn't touch If
Amazed Doctor: "What thlnm?"
Patlmu "The cats that keep mo
For tho nret time la history portralta
ot the Tears of Russia are to be placed
en the .postage stamps of that country.
'HE ancient and revered cere-
I mony of "riding the goaf as
practised In our lodge and
college fraternities as psrt of the
initiation programme is a tame pro.
ceedlng compared with certain rites
celebrated by the Congo savages.
Among the Bapendee people, who
inhabit tbe southwestern portion of
the Congo, the principal event In a
man's life occurs when he becom.ts
a man that Is, when he attains his
majority. This event is slgnalixed
by the most elaborate initiation
ceremonies. Tho boys wear masks
and their whole body is covered
with a rough dress, made ot raphla
fibre cloth.
During the Initiation process,
which lasts for several days, the
boys must neither see nor be seen
by women, and for that reason they
retreat to the bush, it is common
ly believed among them that a
woman who sets eyes on the boys
at this period immediately becomes
HI and soon dies. This is no mere
superstition, however, for the
death of the 'unfortunate woman
usually follows.
The Initiator dresses one of his
assistants in a costume of network
fibre and covers bis head with a
hideous mask, called "dele," mean
ing ghost. This assistant's function
la to mgnten tne ooys in every wsy th LLAOkR . tKUtoMV IS
possible. He comes out at night. tub ioxvo.
" A let i r -A. X
WlUle Not and keep
straight aa you do. popi
She Speaking correctly, John, should I
uy "I will have a new bonnet.' or t
shall have a new bonnet?"
Bo Speaking correctly aboolulely
correctly my love, you should say, "I
won't have a aew bonnet."
"Tou know," ho waa saying, T souldB't
oeo a woman stand up while I was an
ting." 8a too itve her your seatl"
'No, 1 doeed my eyes and prateaded
be asleep."
'My busbend, fifteen years ago,' saM
e e e
uttering the most weird noises, and T.. f m?
time wo passed through a tunnel,
pounces upon the boya in their But B0W. eh, gm a we,w
sleep. Mis make-up Is enough to -Now," she said, -be takee a loas
scare anyone, -rn in broad daylight pull st his travelling Oask."
but at night. In tha bush, bis sud-
den sppearsnce must be even more Salesman (recommending blue neek-
effectlve tie with largo pink spots) But wouldn't
A meeting is called to order by bu Uk Ta
the eoundlng of the friction drum tocu.umr-loddl V,
in the village. This Instrument clever of you. I'm sure,
consists of a hollow piece of wood .
Clara I must say I think your young
man la very forward. It ho ware mlae
rd alt on hUn.
Gladys ut that's exaetlr what I de
end he seems to enjoy 1L
covered at one end with a piece ot
parchment. Into wblcb la fixed a
stick. This is made just moist and
the drummer rubs bis hand op and
down the stick in manner which
produces s loud and unearthly
As soon as this hub-bub is heard
tbe women and children are sup
posed to hide. Some ot tbe chil
dren, however, are invariably
caugbt and slain In a most cruel
manner. The next day charcoal is
sent to the bereaved mother, who think sot
thus learns of tbe fate of her child. He Tea. unices be happens to be
These meetings are presided over an aviator up In the air. ,
ay a native known s the Makenge.
He wears a htghly-colored mask, the ILfl'TLT Jf '
main part being in bright red while '' Z'uZ 'tZT, u.
tbe larker lines and other marks are circuuuoa."
worked out in blue and black. It is
decorated vitb shells of various Hiss Singer Did my voice All the
colors. A picture ot the Makenge drawing room?
who presided at the recent initia- Mr. Stinger No: It filled tha coa
tion ceremonies at Mlsuniba - is rvatory and garden every oao went
shown on this page. out there.
"So you are bill collector?" .
"Tes. Hero Is one"
"Keep It, my boy, keep tL Tm seem
to have a nice collection there. Far so
It from mo to break It op."
e e
She A person Is aa Idiot te bother
a lot about bis descent Don't yoa