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For Your Guldrea
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them because they fit snugly
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support, yet never bind or draw,
at any point. They're sensible,
hygenic, made of washable ma
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to 16 years priced at -
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Pony Hose for Boyi mi Girls .
It doe teem that th averag youngster go through ttock
Ingt 1b record breaking tlm bit thaw pony hoao ere mad
to withttand Jutt inch ftrrauoua wir; tho know, Bool ul
sole are made doubly ttronx. P007 hot cut down stocking .
bill to a nlalmnm. sot thorn today for your children -,
25 nd up. . . .
wt xont f win
(roTeraor General ef Caaada Coaae
- Plaa f Visit ;
Will to WutUtln.Tkntari
Vim He Will Be lteeelve at
White Hoaee aad Dlee at
'. British
breakfast wa Ofden HUM Held, eoa of
the ambassador.
tCoattnued from Flret iui ) -
Boom Committee Hakes Its Beport
. oa St. Euiby Charge. .
this of Bareae heU aV
Van Pwwew Which the
Meer tap tits
i Hav.
i lee
. WAgHINQTON. D, . C. Jaa. It Dr.
Jlarrsy W. Wllsy la keld "net guilty"
ef eeasptraey to evade the law la a re
port filed arlth the house today ay the
eemmlttes watch conducted aa Invest!
gttloa laet August Int the charges apea
which President Tad waa aaked to ato
mise Ibe natton'f chief ehenalet from the
government etrnee.
Net only doea the committee aeeolv
Sr. Wiley from orlticlem for the employ
neat of Dr. H. H. kjueby et New Terk
a a government expert at a technical
rau ef P per day; bat It attache la
measured terms the whole admtntstra
tion of Ibe National Pat Pood law end
demand , of congress actio to chant
the method la the Departmeat ef A art
culture by which the law la bow ap
plied. . - - i -
The o-eatld Wiley mvmthretloa aroet
from the charges aitd la the AaTteut
tural tenartment. that Dr. Wiley. Or.
Mr. D. Malow aad Dr. U P. Ksbler, all
of the bureau ef chemistry, had secretly
imaged with Dr. H. IL Rue by e( New
Tork ee that Ue latter eed work ealy
eighty daye In the year fee aa aanoal
saluary et Item .Thta waa declared to
he a dellberata evasion of the etetllhed
limit ef per imti . .- "
"We fled, from .me tvtdtnr (hat Uie
charges ef eoaeplracy have net beea e
tailsnd.M aaye the oammtttee report,
"but oa the contrary ' that tha oftlolale
were actuated seleh- hy a deelre to pro
cure lor the bureau ef ehemlatry aa effl
deat awustant la the Per eoa ef Dr. H.
II. Rushy uader terma and condition
which thoee offlclsls btlleved to he la
entire areerd with tha laws, refuuuloae
and praetlee ef the Departmeat of Agrt
eulturt." Bo pert le laaalseess.
' The report ef the committee oa axpsa-
tlturss In the Agricultural department
la eltaed by all of the membsrs. nemo.
crate and republicans alike. It declare
that Dr. Wiley and bl aaaletaata com
munlealed the facte of Dr. nueby'a m
aieymsat fully to Bserelary Wilson. It
holds, however, that the contract (or
the employment of Dr. Itoehy le tech
aleally lllraal, and recommesda that
conarera make apeelfle proiloa for the
employment of expert! la the Afrtcul
tural department.
"The admtnietratlon of the pttre food
law beeaa with a policy of negotiation
and eomprenitie between the secretary
and the purveyor! ef our national food
suppixe," declana the committee In Its
report. i
"Tour committee does not question the
motlvea or the sincerity of the secretary
ef etrtrulture wboas Ion eerrloe i
head ef the Department efatrloultrue has
beea. a ticaal aervMe to the American
people. From the baainala. however,
the honor able secretary fcaa apparently
assumed that hie duties la the proper an
foraeeneat of the pure food law are Ju
dicial m character, whereas In fact they
Besulnt Merit Rapr.i to Wis the
People'. Cootldsncs
Have yea ever etopped te Tea eon why
It la that so many prod arte that mn aa
teaetvety adrertleed. all at once drop out
of eliht an4 are soon for sot ten? The
reason la plain the article did not fulfill
the promisee of the manufacturer. This
applies atoeo particularly to a medicine.
A avroMchMl pfeperattea that lias real
curadve ralae alneoet sells Itself, as kks
aa eadleea chala system the remedy, le
receeamendrd by tbsee who have beea
cured, -to those who are la aeed of It.
la an smvm oa the eohjeet a prom
taeot torsi drucaist says: "Tame for dx
ample Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root a prrp
sratlon I have eold for many years and
aever healtata to recommend, (or In al
most every ease It shows immediate re
salta, as many of my customers testify.
No other kidney remedy that I know ef
has as mrce a sale."
The soccees of Dr. Kilmer's Sweaip
Reot Is doe to the fact that It fulfills
every wish ta evercomiac kidney. Uver
aad hlaMsr diseases, corrects urinary
troubles and aewtraDsaa the nrtc add
which camwe rhramsrJsm.
A free trial bottle win he aeat by mall.
'ahsoUitely free. Address Dr. Kilmer It
Oe.. Binctmmtesv K. I, aad mentloa this
neper. Rceralar ahte bottles sold at all
Oreaa-wte de and .
CaoNCHiAL Troches
ksabsvesmmsaamsaof wmibei. I 1
ars wheljy adnilnlstrativs aad ministerial.
Orejaelastloa Two Com plea.
ThM mlseonstruetlea 'of the law Is
fuadameatal and has reaulted la a eom
plei orfanlaatloa within the Department
of Aancaltural and ta the creation of
offlosa aad boards to which have beea
through executive ordsrs, power
to overrule or annul tha finding of the
bureau of chemistry.
Cbartas wsro made during the commit
tee's bearings that the work of Dr. Wiley
and his associates waa revised and eftea
rejected either by Solicitor McCabe or
by the board of food aad drug Inspection
ef which Mr. McCabe. Dr. Wiley and
Associate Chemist Dualap, were the
member. The position of Dr. Dunlap
waa variously mated to be co-ordinate
with aad superior to that of Dr. Wiley,
who was supposed to be the supreme offi
cer of the bureau.
The committee aiakea sweeping criti
cism of the methods of the department
It rseummends that tha chief of bursas
be given the full power which the law
supposee him lo hare, over all employes
of the bureau; that the board of food
and drug Inspection be made op entirely
from within the bureau of ehemlatry,
and that the power of the socllcher to
pass upon the finding of the bursa of
ehemlatry be withdraws. It la recom
mended that the chief and his two asso
ciate shall be of the same rank, sitting
with equal power aa board member. All
are lo be subject to removal by the ap
pointing power., - - - ,W
arena Kesds Reorganisation.
Tha hearlnga disclosed a condition of
discord slitting la the bureau ot ehem
Utry which has lowered the discipline.
Impaired the efficiency of the service and
and has added to the eoat of administra
tion ft V (lu.MnnlHti 'I will wmm
quire positive and well-considered rear-
(nutation te rasters (he efficient service
to which the public la Justly Entitled."
The Remseu referee board, around
which much of the Investigation centered
last summer, la said te bo legally consti
tuted, but Its actlvltlea as a supervising
power over the bureau of chemistry are
declared ta be outside of the law. This
board was created hy President Roose
velt and la composed of eminent cheat'
Ista, to whom ars rsferrtd debated ques
tions arising under tbs pure (cod law.
It reverted Dr. Wiley findings oa hen-
mat ot aoda: and ha before It other
question which the committee! declare
properly belong to the bureau of chem
Cfcaago la Law Seeded.
"The secretary of agriculture seem to
have regarded the finding f this board
as conclusive In all caaes aver tho opln
tons and ft ad In aa ef the bureau of chem
istry, the tribunal w tilth by express terms
of statute la vsatsd with authority to
determine tb queetlona of adulteration
and misbranding within the meaning of
tb act." say the report.
, Tho committee should not be continued
ander the simple authority of aa execu
tive order, to exorcise such control ever
the pur feed laws. .
' "If such board be deemed necessary or
advisable the proper admlahttraUoa of
par food lew. Its authority should
expressly conferred. It scop and Juris
diction dearly defined, and tbs effect of
Its decisions declsred. by act of con
gress," tars the committee.
. The payment by the government
three member of the refer board whs
testified la the Indiana state cases In
volving ths use of benteate It aa
declared hy the committee to hart
"wholly without warrant of law." .
WASHIHOTOX Jaa, tt-Tho duke of
Coanaatght wfll make a Tying visit te
Washlagtoh aad pay his respects ta Pree
uleet Taft. R waa learned here today.
His orlgmol plana did net Include a call
n tha president, which fact provoked
considerable comment
The duke of Coo naught will bo received
by President Taft at tha White Boase
Thurxday afternoon st f o'clock. He will
ta accompanied to tho executive maneloa
by the British ambassador. Jam Bryce.
A dinner la honor of the -duke will he
given by Ambassador Bryce Thursday
President Taft waa invited to be a
guest hot waa forced to decline the In
vitation a ho previously had accepted
one to attend Postmaster General Hitch
cock's annual cabinet dinner the am
Party Renebee new Terk.
. NEW TORJC Jan. fB.-The Duke of
Canaaught uncle of King George of
England: the Duchess of Ceanaught and
their daughter. Princes Patricia, and
their suit, reached here from Ottawa
today for a eoeial visit of four days la
Nsw Tork City. '
The vice regal party ta the gueet of
Ambassador and Mrs. Whttslaw Raid.
The visit marks the deal call of royalty
this country dace the tour nearly
tea year ago of Prince Henry of Prussia
Ths duk and Ambassador Raid have let
come known that the visit I a
purely personal one and there la nothing
aamlrofflclal about It
The Journey at ths vice regal party
was made oa two special ears, the corn
wall and the Tork. aad waa without In
cident Tho governor general and family
were welcomed at the Grand Central sta
tion by Ambassador and htm. ReM, after
which the party motored to the home (
Mr. Raid oa Msdlsoa avenue.
PHaemee Pleat to Allaht
Princess Patricia waa the first to alight
from the train, and, escorted en sit her
do by Colonel Lowthrr. military se
cretary to tho duka and another gentle
man of the party, with a lady-in-wait
ing, they hurried to an automobile oa
Forty-second street .
A minute or so later the ditehesa of
Ceanaught with a member of her parly
and two railroad officials eteppod tram
Ibe trala and went tn aa automobile la
(root of tho station. In the meantime the
duke stepped from the other aide of the
private cars and. escorted by Ambas
sador Reid. walked unobserved to an ob
scure entrance leading ta Madison are.
aua, a hers thsy took an automobile
Colonel liowtbsr said the visit of his
royal highness wss purely social In
character and that the governor-general
hsd no Idea what would be done In the
way of entertaining. The colonel remarked
that the duk had long ago promised
Ambassador Reld that he would be his
gueet la New Tor aa soon a hi govern
ment engagementa permitted. He added
that the retnra te Ottawa would be mad
asxt Thuredjey aftsraosa. .).; .i n j ,
Aa American Klag
Is the great king of cures, Dr. King's
Near. Discovery, ths quick, safe, sure
cough aa cold remedy. Mo and II M. Par
ale by Beaton Drug C. '- .
(Continued from Pint Put.)
kitrhen ai.d hospital utraalla, l l
needles and bodkins. C to ; fishhooks.
c to 14; Pthmg reds, reels and tackle.
to S; engraved plate for printing dec.
trotypea and stereotypes, fs te IS; Irtbo-
gresih plate. M to B; saws. H 3 to
umbrella aad para sot rib and stretchers,
te to ): railway wheels, to ll t B alemt
num and aUoya, te S: antlaway.
to M; germaa Oliver. H to U; breaxe pow
der, etc, 41 to B-. raster' copper. 11
to I: goht leaf. MM te a; silver leaf.
ti n to jk . .
Tinsel wire, eta. Is Increased from !
to ! per cent: tlassl wire products are
reduced frasa MUM; hook aad
n 01 ta U: tred -bearing ore. U to per
cent as the lead contents: lead bolHon.
N.m to B: alckel and alleys. MJa) ta
peas, except gold, a te B; goht pens.
per cM.aot chaaced; plna, at to per
osat; aulcksUver. 11 te M' typo metal.
to U: watch movements, W to t; sine,
in block r pigs, a to Id; awtel eaad and
package, to J; settle caps, at ta f
steam engtnea. f to S; nipper and otter.
0) to at per cent
All other artlctea as to be dutlakl us
dee the hill at S par cent ad valorem
where a rat la not epeetfleally given.
White barbed wtr t put oa the free
UK. telegraph aad telephone wire are
given a rate of M par cent ad valorem.
nsrs h aseaiag store adfesuee for Threat Irrtis
ta.Eianmua Coaa. aUl. ran' r-
sttoa. BoUonlytasosas. r' " eli.i.
v"" r- imrea a BOS, Beaton, faaaa
LmdIsm aaid Dinner.
The' first of the social engagements for
the duk and his party was a luncheon at
noon "today at the home of Ambassador
and Mrs. Whltelaw Reed, following which
sight seeing tour ot tha city la automo
biles may be take. Tonight there will
be a dinner at the Reld house, at watch
Cardinal Parley. Bishop and Mr. David
H. 0 rear, Mr. aad Mr. Joseph c. Croat,
Mr. and Mra. Robert T. Uncolfi. Major
(loner) and Mrs, Frederick D. Oram and
others are Invited. A musical will fol
low th dinner. . .
In the vie regal party beside th
duke, th duchess aa Priaoox rwiew,
whom tho English affsotKmaisly call
Princess "Pat" are Mis Petley, lay-lo-
waltlng: Colonel iwtnsr aaa lapuun
Beaupret. controller ef th vice-regal
The vice regal Party brsakfaateg at th
t ot Ambassador Reld Imreeoiattiy
on their arrival. The only guest at th
tonight and will make hi report to mor
rows: hen the board S hearing wM begin.
Testimony at the- taqueat wtll he need
by the mate board. .- . I '
Breecker, while testifying, aovancea tne
ststemont that the towennsn at Bag
wood failed to hold -tho limited- the full
ten mlaatra after the express had-passed.
'wot gapertuteudewt Banter -said there, kt
no night operate at Edgaiwood, . j ,
' Marahaa ! tfsee Wreck a.
Three year ago'Barahan had a narrow
escape ta a similar 'wreck- at ura, u-.
ibe scene of the wiask. Ho waa la
his private ear, which was statlrnan.
when a Baltimore t Ohio fretgkl train
crashed frora the rear. -The pri
vate car waa drmollihe4t was Marahaa
was not hurt - - - - - . --
Six months after that ho had another
close call la a collision at Memphis. Tena..
according to C. D. Cary. chief claim
agent ef the Illlnola Central aad a per
sonal friend of Harahan. Harahaa. bad
beea la many minor wrecks. , .
The two trains worn combined and pro
ceeded aouth two hours after the wreck.
Cltlxena of Knmundy were railed to the
scene of, the wreck by the 'ringing of th
(ire belt . .
keteh of Dead.Mea.
CH1CAOO. dan, a James f. Harehtn
waa born at Lowell. Mass., In iMt . Hs
worked his war In ths railroad world
from water boy to presldsnt His first
smploymsat waa with the Orange A
Alexandria railroad at Alexandria. a.
Subsequently bo was with the Nashville
A Decatur railroad at Nashville, Tena..
with which ha held various positions. Hs
thaa beeaiae superintendent of tb Louis-
lane a Northern railroad with headquar
ter at New Orl sans.
For maar years ha waa general manager
of the Illinois Central railroad, being
made lie president la November. IMt, af
ter th lata E. H. Harrtmaa bad secured
control, succeeding atuyvesant Pish. He
was retired by the 111 tools Central on a
pension a few month ago. He was suc
ceeded aa president by C H. Markham.
Matcher Reel Rise.
Frank Otis Matcher, who born In
Maine la IMt and graduated from Tuft'
college In 1M7. entered the railway service
as aa aaa taunt In th engineers corps
ef th Pittsburgh railway.
Ha waa successively instrument man
aaatttant engineer, chief engineer, divis
ion superintendent and general superin
tendent ot this line. He entered tha
lea of the Rock Island system In IMt,
first aa superintendent of Ihs Illlnola di
vision and then aa general superintendent
f tho Choctaw district and then general
manager of the central and northern dis
tricts. Hs waa mads vice presldsnt sev
eral yeara ago. His home tn recent yean
ha been at Wlnnetka, lit . .-
Petreo le Nattvo ef Mississippi.
E. B. Pelros wss born In Mississippi
forty yeara ago. Ho received his educa
tion In hi native stats and began th
practice of law la Uttle Rock. Ark. For
several yeara he waa assistant to the
general counsel for ths Choctaw, Ok la
homa Oul( railroad, which In 110 was
taken over by the Rock lelsnd system.
Mt'. Pstre Immediately entered Ihs
lW a.TOrtrueht of the Rock Island sys-
tern, being made commerce ' counsel 1n
HOI. Two- years age h became general'
eoiMtor. He wss 'a rr ember of ths
University and Union League ' clubs, Hit
home was In Wlnnetka. He Is survived
by a widow, oao soj and a daughter.
, Harahaa' Family la Chleagta.
Jams T. Harahan, Jr., who In the first
report was said to have been killed In
the Illinois Central wreck. Is confined In
St Luke' hospital hare. His arm was:
btroksa recently. Under, tb order of bl !
physician hospital authorities have not ;
notified him of his father's dsath.
W. J.- Harahaa, another son, who l!
rfc president of the Erie railroad, with
offlosa la New Tork, wsa notified and I
he Is oa his way te Chicago. j
Mrs. Harahaa la at ths family boms
here, tM Atlchlgaa s venue. Her maldaa
nam waa Miss Mary Mallery end her
homa was In Memphis. Mr. Harahaa was ;
married twice. Two daughters, Mrs. Mary j
Ntchol and Mrs. A. N. Dale, both of!
whom are widows, sew ars la Paris
Cablsgrama telling of their father's death
bar been sent them.
mm at take Wrtsht.
MEMPHIS, TaaiL. Jaa. B -EIdrldge E.
Wright .killed la the Klnmaady wrack,
waa a son of Otneral Luke E. Wright
former secretary of war. aad mad hie
home In this dir. Hs wsa about M year
old and unmarried. He waa a stockholder
ta tho Memphis Commercial-Appeal and
seaaected with many other local
neea esterpraea.
(Continued from First Pegs.)
promoting the welfare ef Die
towns of the nation.
We all admit that present express
ratee are exorbitant, but the Interstate
Commerce commission has beea author
ised to investigate their causes, m mat
remedial letleleUoo may he enacted. Per
sonally. I believe that aa long as the
govevnment la already In the mall par
cels busiaesa, it should taks over the
express companies at actual value and
then the ratee could be adjusted on a
distance baala so that all ins people mj
nave equal treatment
. Ta Advssst Trm safer Case..
The attorney general today moved In
th supreme court to advance tha appeal
case taken by tha Omaha Council
Bluffs Street Railway company against
th United Mates and th Interstate Com
merce commission. In this case the com
mission made an order reducing bridge
fare from M to t eenta. Th railroad
sought aa Injunction from ths commerce
court The government demurred to- the
bill and tho demurrer waa auatalned. Ap
peal waa taken to tho supreme court
That court then stayed the cemmlsaton'e
order reducing fares pending final de
cision. Because of this suspension of ths re
duced (area tha government urged today
that th case be heard aa- early aa poa
(Ibl. Upon tho motion of Solicitor General
Lehman, Alfred O. Elllck of Omaha waa
today admitted lo practice before the
supreme court
ajeor Postmaster at Led I.
Representative Klnkald today recom
mended tho appointment of William
F teacher to bo postmaster at Lodi. Cus
ter county, vice Thoma Pile, resigned.
Tha president today nominated post
matters aa follows:
Ksbraaka-Jamee M. Fox. Gretna: Cal
vin Bradshaw, Faraam. and Oeorg B.
Gutty. EJgla. .
Iowa Robert P. Osier, Clarion.
south Dakota 6a rtfleld P. M alone,
Huroa. ..
Senator Brown will be th principal
speaksr at ths thirty-fifth annual ban
quet ot the Indiana republican editors
to bo held at Indlsnapolla Thursday
evening next Senator Brown will be
the house guest of sx-Senator Bsvsridgs,
who wtll give a luncheon on Friday for
hla Nebraska friend at tbs university
club. Senator Brown's addrsss will be
republican through and through. '
Edith Taylor was today proposed for
pott matter at Lewtston, Pawnee county,
by Senator Brown.
Another Aeropsaa at ere re" Broken
BBRUNJan. a The world's record
for the duration ot a flight in an aero
bians carrying Ibe airman and two paa-
Oriental Rugs
Admirers, of Oriental
Rugs have been anxiously
waiting for the Display
and Sale which is now
being conducted at rooms
204-210 City Nat'l Bank
Bldg. (16th and Harney).
The exhibit is in charge
of Mr. Nahigian, who per
sonally selected many of
the rare specimens on dis
play there,
Arrange to call and see
them early many pf the
choicest pieces "will soon
be picked up.
Open Evenings
Art Dealer,
Local Repreientativt oT Nahigian BrOt., Chitafo.
sengrrs wss beaten today at Johannlstlta
bv Engineer O. U Cllch, who In his Har
bv Engineer O. U Ullch, who In his Har
las monoplane stayed in ths air two hours
two mlnutss and forty-five seconds.
Persistent AdvertuUag s th Road t
Big Retoraa.
By renting a Safe Deposit Box
In our Fir and Burglar Proof
Vaults snd placing there your
You do not sxpeet Burglars are
gotsg to break In your home or
that Fire will destroy it eUT
Frora .s yeeny paio rrr
Bafe uepoait vox is low
Insurance against LOBS.
Omaha Safe Deposit Co.
Street I.evrl Entrance to V emits.
11 Faraam arrest.
The Diamond and the Nan
Toe man who
wean a dia
mond ht dlttlD
gulihed, ther
It no gainsay
ing thlt tt
mnt; Indeed
veryon recog
nlxct tb dia
mond as th
highest mark ot
It luenc. It
cuti th wearer apart from other
give htm a high plica In your
aatimatlon at first tight.
Th high character ot th ttonet
tt thlt ttor. th beauty ot them,
and their cutting mak them th
most desirable diamond. Ther
aid la giving that Impression of
refinement and culture which all
people seek. They tr moderately
priced and glv buyer greatest
valu tor th price.
Dont Merely Buy Invest.
, 8lxtrentli aad Harney.
John Says:
thsy mast have mil
lions ta hs oatsat
l ether grew fat
aad happy over a
glass ef Luxaa aad a
CIOAJk (Xrag Blear
ing Co. please remit
for part ef thl aa-vertlsssisnt)
John 'm Cigar Store.
321 So. mh Si. .
Comic Section
The Sunday Bee
With Happy HooYtaan, LirtJd
Nemo, thg Katzen jammer Kidt
and ths whoit interesting f amity
How Far Will a Dollar Go ?
It is largely a question of food knowledge and food
.sense. An intelligent selection of food means less
waste, smaller . grocery bills, better health, better
, nourished bodies. The least nutritious foods are
. , often the most expensive.'. For breakfast take two
S 111 if e dde ;drSKre;a t
- ..r - - - - ' 1
T x;-:BiiStli:'Si:'-
and heat them in the oven to restore :crispness"and
then pour hot milk ovar'tienian. yoyi. have a"
warm nourishing meal that will supply all the . . ., .
strength needed for a . half ;day's :work;-atcbst '
of four or five cents. ; , " : --i: - ' , ! 4
Scrved with stewed prunes, baked apples, canned
peaches or sliced bananas themeal fa even "morro '
wbolesome and satisfying. . ' '
"It'siMlin the Shreds
To cats a te:.B in orett bat
Tska UtXATlVB BROMO Vulr.lne Tsb
leta Druagleta refund msoey tf u tails
te cur. K w. GBOVC'Sfaugaatura la sa
each box. tso. . m
Burns' Celeb ratio m
Auspices Clan Gordon
Royal Welsh
Ladies' Choir
Auditorium, January 25'
Reserved, $1.00.
General Admission, - 50c
MaUnes Today, tilt. ToalaTkt, gag,
tarn ara LAn-o aa the
wooBWAjts rrocK ooicPArr in
Msxt Week TXlg BIOXT OT WAT.
Whoseel Dowlas 44; gad. a.i4.
Ma. Jrrery Day t:lt; Bvery Might tilt.
aovtsws rsBusruiLi
Mclntyre snd Heath, Maoelia Adsms
and Company, Auguatins an Hartley,
DeFUye Sisters, Krgotll and fuilllputlana.:
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Beautiful Souvenirs to Ladies at
Ladles' Dally Dime Matinee.
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