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Fair; Warmer
Governor's Campaign Manag-er
Hakes Statement on Watterson- .
Harrey Incident
Seply to JttaMrin Editor Frank
Assertion of Opinion.
Mayor'! Poiition Used to Illustrate
Argument of McCombi.
lipwlm at Goeeraar Led Him to
Belles tMalil ! H.tffr'l
Wtfklgr Waa Drawback ta
- Ilia Caadldary.
WASHINGTON. Jan. .-The Wilson
Harvey episode brought forth today,
simultaneous!;- with the arrival of
Colonel Henry Watterson, a statement
by' William F. llct'ombs, campaign man
ager for Wood row Wilson. declaring that
"the .tears that ara brine shed over1 the
passing Incident ara wrung fi-om those
woo have hitherto bean tlia moat con
spicuous opponents of Governor Wilson."
"Colonel Watterson, who will ba hero
several days In connection with the work
of the Perry Memorial commission, read
the McComba statement,, aa well aa the
one mid today at Nashville, Tenn., by
Judge Robert Bwlng, but declined to com
ment on either.
Aa to the Wilson matter." said the
colonel, "I have nothing to add to what
haa already been aald unloaa It ba seri
ously challenged by aome responsible
person. , Then I may have a good deal
to ear.
statement ( MeCoxsbe.
The statement Issued by Mr. McCombe
-With reference to the Wilson-Harvey
Incident It seems to me that Colonel Wat
terson has said la a statement all that
needs to be said. It appears, therefore,
that as far back as last October he him
self suggested to Governor Wilson that
Colonel Harvey's support through Har
per's Weekly might be Injudicious, and
ho probably told Colonel Harvey httnself
the sunt thing. It appears that Colonel
Wattereon had coprlnced the governor of
the truth of bis opinions, and had at
leant convinced Colonel Harvey of. the
probability of Its truth, else Colonel Har
vey would not have propounded the V!--Uon.
It Is passing strange that Coionel
Wattereon should feel concerned that the
governor, la private conversation with
himself and Colonel Harvey, should, In
answer to a pointed question, give frank,
expression to the Very view which Mr.
Warteryon himself entertained and which
ha. bad communicated to the governor
and probably to Colonel Harvey.
la October last aim. the very month
In which he made these auggeatloas to
Uovernor Wllaon. Colonel Wattereon said
In the-Louisville Courier-Journal editor
ially! . - - ' "' . '
- Two things seem tolerably sure to the
surmise of the Courier-Journal: if Wood
row Wllaon Is nominated for president It
will be through the force of an Irresist
ible pressure of publi coplnlon, and It he
Is defeated) for the nomination It will be
by soma organised agency, well backed
with money.
"No democrat of modern times has
come Into the running, Bamuel J. Tilden
alone excepted, with half at ones of the
equipment and the claim of the New
Jersey governor.'
i Vttlail Opea Eaessy.
, The tears that are being ahed over
the passing Incident; are - wrung from
those who have hltbertoo been the moat
conspicuous opponents of Governor Wil
son witneea the frequently ousted state
ment of Mayor Dahlmaa of Omaha,- who
has tot months not only - been openly
opposed to Governor Wilson but w ho has
been the aggressive champ. n of another
candidate. The same appliea too there
who hare indulged In lachrymose ex
pressions.' This, of course, is to ba ex-
. (Coatliu.d on Second Page.)
The Weather
For Nebraska Increasing cloudiness
and probably unsettled; warmer west
For Iowa Increasing cloudiness with
probably light snow flurries; warmer
east portion.
Tessaeralare at Osaaaa Yesterday.
Hours. beg.
v- tAa ' vf " a. in -J
&M 5 , li in I
k "jT u m. i
f'l, S to 1
v-tr h p- m id
E 1 p. m
VVVi D 4 p- ...-..
Mkii S p. m....... lo
aR S p. m II
tlfe?- 1 P. m t:
thecal Weather sleeerd.
Official record of temperature and pre
cipitation, compared with the correspond
ing period of the last three years:
1912. Wit. NOD.
Highest yesterday IS 1
lowest yesterday t 27
Mean temperature 4 3s tt . 3tf
precipitation .... ' T M M .
Trmperatara and predsitatlon depar
tures from tbe normal:
formal temperature S
refclency for tiie day U
Total exceea aires March 1.... 2kl
Normal prw-tpitaocs.: .02 loch
l"ficlett-y for the day M Inch -
Total rainfall etnee March i,..H 13 inches
lvrfK!tcv srnee March 1 It. 66 inches
DeOeleacy cue. peeled, m.. ...14 ; Inches
Ficess cor. period, Use... Incites
Reports trees Start ema at T P. sr.
Station and State Temp. High- Raln
of V eklher. . , 7 p. m. umt. fu
Cheyenne, clear JS a . a
Jwvenport. dear t j
Jienver. dear a .i
Um Motnee. Cndy.... ( ( .
itodge City. CKHWy Jl M .at
Ijuider, clear it .
North Platte, deer It n t
rNnaba.elear....U li t1
pueMe, dear u ai .e
Rapid City, dear .2 M ,e
Stair laka CSrr. ateaaCv aa aa aa
Baau re. partly dowdy., jt
ikaridan. cloody. ........8
Kteex City, clear . 1
Taientlae. partly doudv u
.T" ladicawa trace a predi
U4MIU afow sero.
U A. WtLeU. local Forecaatu.
The National Capital
FrWUr, Jmmit i, 191.
The Senate.
N"ot In session.
Ueu at J p. m. Monday.
The House. "
Andrew Carneffi'ii expenite voucher of
$i.7 for iMtifylnc before the . com
mittee heW up becauee notary' Htl was
Forelfn affair committee deferred ac
tion on International protection of seals
bH-auite of difference of opinion.
Vtix department expenditures commit
tee favorably reported Cox bill calling for
a report on the cost of Philippine occupa
tion. .
Army of Rebel Troops is Defeated
Hew Yaguache.
rare apaaritnB ae 4 alt a Gevere
xeeat Is Vader Can ma ad at tea.
eral Oeaeral '
Alfara Ialared.'
GUAYAQVlts Ecuador. Jan leOver
1.0 a men were killed and wounded In a
battle y eater day at Taguache, to- the
northeast of this city.
An army supporting the Quite govern
ment, under the command of General
Julio Andrade. formerly Ecuadorean min
ister to Colombia, attacked and defeated
an army of Guayaquil troops supporting
the provisional government proclaimed by
General Montero, under the command of
General Fiavlo Alfaro. .
General Fiavlo Alfaro was ' wounded
during the fight, which was very severe.
General loy Alfaro haa now been ap
pointed eommander-ln-ehlet of the Guay
aquil army. -
' Paeaaaay Reaela Defeated.
BUKNOs AVRliS. Jan. W.-Telegrams
from Asuncion, Paraguay, confirm the re
port ' that tin supporters of President
Rojas have recaptured the city. After
deapernte ajreet fighting the revolution,
arias fled. The casualties totalled 290
killed and wounded. A BraxlHan gunboat
Is reported to ba on the way to assist
Fredericks Says
Trail of Dynamite
Conspiracy is Clear
NEW YOKK. Jan. ifc-District Attorney
Fredericks of Los Angeles Is In this city
working on detaila af the larger dyna
miting inquiry that Is now going on In
various parts of the country. He said
today Uiat more than lot cases are In
volved, cases of which lbs efflclals of
tbe law have positive records. ,- r
The trail h ah open enV'eaiafia'to-"
4Vr "and w are following it . without
any difficulty. W know where it will
lead, but ws cannot now state thla. We
kpow where we stand, and whoever Is at
the end of the trail will have to pay the
penally of his mistakes."
8T. LOI'IS. Jan. II -That the more'
manta in St, Louis of prormcent labor
leaders Is being traced by the Depart
ment, of Justice of Wsshington In connec
tion with the McNamara plots to Indi
cated by a letter received from that de
partment by Room Clerk Frank Schilling
of the Southern hotel. -
Schilling is asked to examine' the rec
ords of the hotel to find whether O. A.
Tveitmoe, under Indictment at Los An
geles, and other labor men have been
registered there.
Tveltmoe's name Is on the register of
the hotel under the date of November 2,
Ills, together with Samuel Gompers, F.
M. Kysn of Chicago. W. J. O'Connell of
New York, John J. lllnee and F. J. Me
Nully of New York, according to Schil
ling. ' , ,
The labor leaders were here at that
time to attend a conference of the Amer
ican Federation of Labor, Schilling said.
Columbian League ;
to Rely on Sherman 1
Law for Protection
ST.. LOUIS. Jan. l.-Orxanti'-d base
ball will be fought under the Sherman
anti-trust law if It attacks the new
Columbian base ball league, according to
John T. Powers, president of the new
organisation, who Is here today.
,"We are not fighting capital with
capital and do not seek a tight with any
person or combination," said Powers.
"On the contrary, ws have the statutory
right to exist and compete with the 'base
hall trust' and we Intend to take advan
lake of our rights. Ws have the Sher
man anti-trust law at our disposal if we
sre attacked.
"We have most of our players lined up
and will be In position when the season
opens to give high class and popular
priced base ball."
Prices of Food in New,
York Rise Sharply
NEW YORK, Jan. IS. -The price of
foodstuffs of almost -every kind to up
again In New York to record figures and
Indications are, dealers ray, that the top
notch in the rising scale has not yet been
reacted. No explanation hi given for the
advsners, which are said to be without
precedent at this season of tbe year. The
principal Increases follow:
Beef, f to 3 cents a pound; lamb, 2
to VA cents; poultry, t to 4 cents; cheese,
1 cents; potatoes, SS cents to SI a barrel;
eggs. S cents a doaea.
Vegetables of all sorts, mclading the
canned products, have advanced. Batter
(k selling at cents a potrad waoliaale.
Eggs are expected to become cheaper.
HAVANA, Jan. ft-Oeaeral Juaa Mario
Menocal. tbe secretary af JasrJeet and
Tny other generals who were lowriaed
!a the Trvii'ittig rgrt by Ccscra! Ga
mes In IMS, arrived here today ts aftasH
a conference to watch they were caSed
by tbe presMewt. From Tarloua parts of
the IsUad reports have been reeerrad that
the veterans' dabs ara dl-handlng. -
Direct Testimony that Boston Kan
' aFers af Indicted Pickers Be
ported to Each Other.
Men of Four Companies on Terms of
Closest Business Intimacy.
Each Knew Quantity and Price of
- Xeat Handled.
Araaear Was ," National Waa
'B, Msrrla Was r, and swift
Was Knew a as "D" Margin
Reaorra Identified.
CHICAGO, aJn. W.-Dfreet testimony
that the reports of the aliened packers'
combine exchanged daily and weekly re
ports of shipments and marglna, together
with the detailed. operations of the busi
ness transacted by each branch house,
was given to the Jury today In the trial
of the ten Chicago packera charged with
criminal violation otj the Shorman law.
Everett B. Dill, former manager for tne
National Packing company In Boston,
and assistant manager for the ssine
company In New York, went on the
stand and gave damaging testimony
against the packera. He declared that
the managers for Armour, Swift, Morris
and the Nalonal Packing company In
Boston, who were In charge of the New
England territory, met dally and were on
terms of the closest business Intimacy.
Ha said they exchanged by telephone the
dally shipments and, margins of each
company and that weekly summarise
from each house were tent to the Bos
ton representatives.
The witness declared that this system
was In una up to the time he severed his
connection with the National Packing
company In 1M to become Boston man
ager for an Independent company .
A St far aeveral tasapaalea, ,
Dill had formerly acted as consignment
agent at New' England points for Swift
and Company, Armour Parking company.
Omaha Packing company and the Na
tional Parking company.
In IMS he waa assistant manager of the
National Packing company at Boston.
Later he wss manager of the company's
Nsw York branch.
"While at Boston representing the Na
tional Parking company, were you ad
vised. In advan.-e of the ahlpments to be
made during the current wek?" priced
Senator Kenyon.
"Yea," replied Dill.
, "What oUMrlnfoor)aUon.ilil.lYOU. get Hi
'J got a margin figure or estimate ror
each week which gave us our selling
price. It I thought the figure was below
the cost of cattle, I would brace up the
fstlluig price and get all I could from the
retailers." '
The witness said that daily reports of
sales and prices obtained were telegraphed
to Chicago from the district headquarters.
Margins af Other Cosapaalea.
"Did you receive the margins of
Armour, Morris and Swift while you were
manager of the National In Boston?"
"Yes, every day."
"By telephone. I would call up (ha Boa
ton office of Armour, Morris and Swift
and get the figures. These firms were
designated by letters of the alphabet. 'A'
was Armour. 'B' National Packing com
pany, t" Morrla and 'O' gwlft. Mr. Van
Pelt represented Armour. Mr. Haddock,
Morris, and Mr. Hunnewell, Swift."
"Did you meet these men every day?"
"Yes, we saw one snother every dsy to
tslk over business hut we hsd no regular
meetings," replied Dill. .
"Did you receive weekly summaries of
the shipments snd marglna of Armour,
Swift and Morris r
"Yes; they were sent to me from Chi
cago." The witness Identified a number of ship
ment and margin reports alleged to be a
summary of the New England bualneas of
Armour. Swfft and Morris which he re
ceived while manager for the National
Packing company's branch house In
Boston. '
Topeka Bank Teller
Nine Thousand Short
TOPEKA, Kan., Jan. IS. -Shortages sg-
gregating S9.QW have been found In the
account! of Ward Kpeilman. teller of the
Merchants' National bank, who was ar
tested last night He admitted today .to
bank officials thst the shortage may
tout more than that.
Spelllman's peculations have covered a
period of several years. F pel 11 man was
prominent In society. Ha says be spent
the money for living expanses.
Spelllman was given a hearing before
United Statea Com-nlssioner Campbell to
day. He waived examination. His bond
was fixed at P.WW, which be has not yet
Says Bridge Trust
Divides Country
EMPORIA. Kan!, Jan. l.-"The people
of Kansas are not the only taxpayers
who are contributing to the support of
the bridge combine," said T. H. Mc
Donald, state highway engineer of Iowa
today, speaking before the state good
roada convention.
"Every state In the union, so far as I
know," said Mr. Mcltona'd, "Is at the
mercy of the bridge combine. Every one
of them Is parceled Into divisions and
every ene of them haa its bridge polltl-
dana, who look after the legislatures."
FORT WORTH, Tex.. Jan. U.-Mra. J.
Sored, wife of a wealthy Texaa banker,
secured her release today from a sani
tarium here, where she rtaJnsed she had
been Illegally detained. The state dis
trict ecsrt hale! Cat x& was ast Lw
Mrs. mini recency was brought back
from Wluntgag, wttence ft was aOeawd she
bad etuped wtth A. G. Bo roe, Jr. The
killing of A. G. Boyce. sr., by Mrs. tTnead's
ttusbaod waa a sequel ....
A FirOrop, But-
From the Minneapolis Journal,.
Federal Authorities Prepare to Start
Many Suits.
Hi.CasUct, m riaa aL-Tea.
t aaaa Dallas May Be Aeeewa '
last Those Wis Fall -
Make Report.
l'nild Stales Attorney Howell and Col
lector of Internal Revenue Rose Ham
mond have begun a campaign agklnst the
corporations m the Omaha dlstrtot of Ne
braska who have not made their 1510 re
port upon the amount of buslnes trans
acted by them, as required by the recent
act of congress, which provides for a cor
poration tax law. There ara fifty-eight
of these and suits to recover the IW.tKW
penalty provided for In each case will be
started aa soon ss tbe attorney and his
assistant can draw them up, unless the
cases sre settled before they get Into
All corporations .-honing a profit of
over .'," per annum are taxable, and
(he corporations, large and small, have
from January I to March 1 In which to
file a report. Up to the first of the year
there wera nearly l.SM who had not made
returns for lttv, but by threatening
to sue for the" maximum penalty Ihla
number has dwindled to . fifty-eight.
These have absolutely Ignored the govern
ment officials 'demands for the 'report
and sdlt will be commenced at once.
"if we wished to. wa could have filed
the suits Immediately after March 1
1MI." said Attorney Howell, "but we hare
allowed them several months mors time
In which to do something . which should
neve been done a year ago. A number
have compromised and It is pot to late
yet for these fifty-eight, but when once
suit Is started the full penalty of $19,
will be asked for In each case.
'These reports must be filed, and al
though' It Is- too late to' escape punish
ment for delinquency, the government
will give the opportunity to compromise
before the case- Is taken to court."
Some of the corporatiorsr against which
suits will be started have become bank
rupt or disorganised, and still others are
concerns which have not made the SMOQ
profit.' These, however, will hare to stand
for punishment, for tbe law says that the
report muat be tiled whether a profit Is
made or not, or whether the concern
breaks up or dissolves.
Dcllaaaeat List.
North Platte Oss and Electric company.
North Platte.
Paxton KJsle Telephone Co., Paxton
Lincoln Implement and Transfer com
pany, Lincoln.
The Audit company. Omaha.
The Automatic Switch company,- Lin
coln. Benson Ice end Csal company. Benson.
;. H. . s. Pole and Neckyoka Manu
facturing company. Brady. . -
Cuehman Power Spray company. Lin
coln. Franklin Creamery company. Franklin.
Jones Merry Mixer and Novelty, com
pany. South Omaha. -
ljajcoln fteam Parte company. Uncoln.
Luenben Baler company, Beatrice.
Martin A Mantn. prlnterst Omaha.
Nebraska Brick and Tile company, Te
kamah. Neb.
NbraskaMflk Pasteuriser company.
. Omaha Plating company. Omaha. '
Plata Gravel company, Omaha.
Steinauer Milling company, Melnaaer.
Wageworker Pubitaning company, Lin
coln. I). U Williams Saddlery company. Ord,
Anderson Land, Lumber Consuruorioa
and Material company. Gothenburg.
RloomfleJd Drug company. Bkwmfleld.
Bridgeport Lumber company, Bridge
port. Oarke Land and Loan company. Omaha.
'Farmers' Mercantile . company. . Klk
. Farmers Graia and tin Stack asso
ctsaon. Belgrade.
Herkos Brokerage eeswpaay, Omaha.
Jamuem Townstte enmpany. Jamison.
Lohnscaa Land and Fiber company.
Oraaos- "
IJrvoln coranuiaeon company. Lutroin.
ICarmjrnan on Sowed Pa-
Folk and Clark Will
Abide by Vote of.
. State Convention
fT, ixn.'ll, Jen. It -Missouri .demo-
in. .lha .agreement of tbe two men sals
Isst hlght to abide by the Joplltt eonvetv
Uou. Kara has agreed to quit the raos
for the presidential nomination of the
Missouri democrats Indorse his opponent.
' The agreement was In the form of let
ters to a local newspaper In response to
un editorial printed Thursday .raomlng in
which the state convention was declared
to be useless anless line opposing candi
dates agreed to abide by the decision of
ths drlegstes. Kach expressed pleasure
at the action of the other In promising
not to bolt the convention.
A new angle to the Clark-Kolk contest
for the endorsement of Missouri demo
crats developed today by the adoption of
a resolution by the democrats of the
Twenty-eighth ward to divide their dele-
gallon equally between the rival candi
dates. WASHINGTON, Jan. 19. - Speaker
Champ Clark today confirmed reports
thst he and former Uovernor James W.
JTolk had agreed to stake their reapeetlve j
candidacies for the democratic presi
dential nomination on the outcome of the
approaehlng convention of Mlspourt dem
ocrats at Joplln. If thl convention
should endorse Governor Folk, Mr. Clark
said he would forbid further use. of-his
name.' The Clark-Fulk agreement excited
the- greatest political Interest here today..
Forty-Three Omaha Men Sign Paper
Fifed at Linooln.
Ai gOUtpsOH AG ACT If) , XTjjf
aasjarTwai eaBga law s1IHga8k"tfTfTsy
Wklea tw Ran fea Xeatlaatloa
far SeaatorDehiaaea'a Aet
' ' 'faases Little garpriae. '
' iFrum ' Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. W.-tBpeclsi.r-A peti
tion conlallling the names of fertr-three
Omaha men was filed thla morning with
th secretary of aisle asking that the
name of William Howard Taft be placer)
on the primary ballot aa a preferemlsl
candidate for prealdent. F. R. Phot well
of omaba Is said to have beesj the moving
spirit In preparing the pstillon. - The
signers ara as follows! . .
Injunction Suit V
' Against Butter and ,
Egg Board in Court
CHICAUO, Jan. .-The present 'high
price of butler lent additional interest
to the proceedings sgalnst the Chicago
butter and egg board which were sched
uled to be resumed today before Master
in Chancery Morrison.
U D. Judson, former secretary of the
FJgln Butter hoard, and hie successor.
Colrln W. Brown, were subpoenaed yes
terday to appear today. The purpose of
their testimony. It was said. Is to try to
show that the Elgin and Chicago boards
unite to fix prices of butter. -
The action la a civil proceeding to en
join committee of the board tram fixing
the price of butter and enrs at their
regular sessions, a custom held to be In
defiance of the Sherman anti-trust law,
James II. Wllkerson. United Statea dis
trict attorney, said last night that the
resumption of the hearing at thla time
has no besting on the present high price
of butter and that for the present so
criminal prosecution Is contemplated.
Taft Starts for New
Haven and New York
WASHINGTON. Jan. U.-Presldent
Taft left-Washington this morning at 7 IS
for New Haven, where be will attend a
dinner given by the Chamber of Com
merce and a meeting of the Tale corpor
ation. Starting back after the Yale oor
poretko sieetlng tomorrow, tbe president
will stop In New ' York from J p. ra.
until midnight, during which time ba ts
scheduled to attend banqueta given by
the New York Bar aasosaUioa, the so
ciety af the Tennessee sad the Twenty
tour Carat crab.
ST. JOSEPH. Xa. Jan. Wkea Cera
Qarrelt. M years aid, aad Chester Car
penter. eX applied far a Bceasw as marry
here today they were n fused aad the
Ctrl waa committed to the Detention
horse by Judge Ryan af the criminal
orart. Her parents bad gtrea ex a est '
Howard Kennedy. C. R. Illsi k.
A. O. Troup, B. F.' Hlark.
W. W. Klsbaush, J. N. White.
A. W. Jefteris. Harry F. Meyers.
F. IS) Weed. iteorge F. Porter.
J. A. Kaley. Fred W. Kkoiwell.
C. B-lden. W. F. Swanbaok.
A. C. Panooaat. 11. U loniln.
t'harlea lel!e. Kobert Wllaon. '
le U, KuteJIr. George U. I'rlnx.
i:. F. Ilrellev. Kelso A. Morgan.
Hryre Crawford. .lohn J. Rvder. -
f. K. Maloney. m. A. Cunningham.
Th.imaa Mwobe. n. J.,Greevey.
P. A. Beaton. J. M. Anderson.
F. H. King. J. II. Weather.
Albert Kdliolm. A. K. Walkup.
J. HeFnrest IllchaidW. H. Swift.
C. K. Foster. . v F. Chamberlain.
T. W. Baxter.
Iloscoe T. Khotwel!.
A. 1. Xlnkes.
C. K. Williamson.
C. Kundel.
Tbe men prominent In' the Taft organi
sation who are in Linooln said they knew
iiotiiiug of the filing fur her than so tar
as known hero the signers were all sup
porters of tbe president and 'the petition
bad every Indication -of being In good
faith, and It that was the case there
could be no objection to the s.-llou.
,A. D. Spencer of (lege county . hss
asked for blanks on which to make hit
entry In the race for senator from Ouge
county. He is a repuMlean. ' ,
John 8peedle, demo-at qf Benson,
Douglaa county, has filed as a demo
cratic candidate for state suierintendent.
smiHi ta File. '
' Al. Sorenson, "Which will he senator."
hss formally made his entry Into the
contest by asking for blsnks on which
to make his filing. Al's ambition is of
several year's growth and certainly no
oas can across the Omaha men of tak
ing snap Judgment on the filed by Risk
ing an eleventh hour entry, for In sea
sons and out he haa reiterated Ills de
termination to be United Slates senator
front Nebraska.
The announcement from' Omaha, that
Mayor Dahlmaa Is to call a conference
of Nebraska demorrata to discuss the
presidential situation caused no surprise
here, as such a mora on the part of
asms of someOmaha man had been an
ticipated. While the announcement of
the mayor was that the mass convention
Court Fails to Produce Gold and
Soldiers Are Not Inclined to
Fiffht for Glory.
mrntTAL fbtsces vacillate
Conference Adjourns Without Act
ing on Abdication Proposition.
Sepnblie of China Asks Official See
ognition as Nation.
Premier- Is "Informed that lie Will
Not Allowed tw Bar Aay -Part
la the Proelsiaaat
Cremate. t. y
PEKING, Jan,.ia-The princes of the
Imperial clan, a number of leading Man.
chu offlciala and several members of the
government had a protracted conference
today with the empress dowaxor at the
palace but again separated without ar
riving at a decision on the question of ab
dication. The lending princes favored
an unconditional abdication of the throne.
Three of the young princes, together
with Tteh Liang, the former Tartar gen
eral at Nanking, would not, however,
agree to the courts retirement to Jehok
although they did not suggest an alterna
tive. -.'. '..,.'.
There has been eonrlderable effervee
censs In Peking throughout the riav
among both foreign residents and Ch'.
nes. There were many rumors of the
probability of a Manchu outbreak, which,
however, appears unlikely at present.
The ex-regent. Frlnoa Chun, and the
former premier. Prince t hing, rlsited
Premier Yuan Shi Kal this afternoon
and had a long conference with him. It
appears that the court hss not produced
the gold It promised to provide and the
Imperial soldiers do not shoe any anx
iety to fight for glory.
It la reported In Chinese circles that tht
x-regent. Prince Chun, suggested the ab
dication of the throne, the court to re
msln In Peking aad Yuan Shi Kal to
establish a provisional northern govern
ment at Tien Tsln pending the decision
of the national convention aa to ths
future form of government
'. Nek lea Preparing' ta Flee.
LONDON'. Jan. W.-ln an Imperial edict
Issued todsy the authorities of the Peking
railroad ara ordered to send all available
rolling stock to Peking. An exodus of
nobles Is expected shortly.' according tc
a news agency dispatch from Tien Tain.
Three trains are now waiting In tht vicin
ity of Pakinc - '
Pwveasa Asked law ReeaajatllM,
KA.VKWO. Jan. - tr.-Tlie , repobllcas
ovpiiunant , today sent an appeal ts the
powers for rseogtiltlon. ' This took the
farm. Of k circular which waa sent to)
rVashlruftnn, Toklo. London, Paris, Berlin
tnd St. Petersburg and was signed by
Vang Chung Wei, the foreign minister of
ths republican cabinet.
i The terms of the circular are as tot-
The Manchu government having en
tered Into negotiations with the republle
of China for the purpose of abdicating
Its sntlre sovereign rights, power and
privileges, ws fsrvjntly pray for recog
nition In order - to avoid a disastrous
interregnum. WANo CHUNO WEI,
"Foreign Minister."
I Seat Vsaa.
. It appears now to be certain that fight
ing between the revolutionists and (he Im
per la lifts will be rosumed on the morning
of January SI unlers Premier Yun Shi
Kal concedes ths demands of the repub
lican government. .......
These demands, which were telegraphed
today to Premier Yuan Shl Kal at Peking,
are very drastic snd snbetantislly . as
follows: '
I. The abdication of Hie throne sad the
surrender of. tbe sovereign, powers are
r No Manchu may participate In the
provisional government of Chine.
S. The capital of the provisional gov
ernmelit cannot be established at Peking.
. Premier Yuan Shl Kal cannot par
ticipate In the provisional government of
China until the republic has been recog
nised by the foreign powers and the coun
try has been restored to peace and har
mony. Today's decided action by the republican
government Is due to Premier Yuan Shl
Kal'a demand that Dr. Sun Yat Sen re
sign the presidency, permitting Yuan Shl
Kal to exercise sovereign powers until
the national convention, which la to ba
called to 'decide on the form of govern
ment of China, snail have reached a con
clusion. In tho meantime Premier Yun
Shl Kal dcslrea the court to retire, tem
porarily transferring Its powers to him.
The court, however, objected to leaving
Peking until the national convention bad
reached a decision.
President as Ex anal as.
The ultimatum, according to the repub
lican leaders. Is the last word of ths re
publicans. President Sun Yat Sen said
today to the Associated freest
"I have taken an oath to oust the Msn
eha rulers and restore peace to the coun
try before resigning. I have take aa
oath to establiah a republic la China,
and If t consented to the propositions mid
down by Yuan Sid Kal I ahould ba fore
sworn. ..;.'.
"I sm convinced that a republic ts pot
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MADISON. Wis., Jan. 1S.-A lose of
about S25,ne fares the retailers af berry
crates In Wisconsin if the "short meas
ure" berry box law passed by the last
leal sUture ba strictly enforced. If this
be done their crates and boxes boturht
before the law waa passed will have to
be thrown away or wa ba confiscated
by the state.
LOS ANGELES. Jan. H-Tpe ttird In
temarinnai aviauesi ail U be bei ia
Los Angeles win open at DomiBguea art
atioo Held tomorrow with mare than
forty entrant the greatest number at
aver gathered at a
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