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    Looking Backward
Tnis Day in Omaha
Thirty Twenty Tea Tun Age
fee Sattorlal rag et mob inn
The Omaha Daily Bee
Two letters Introduced in Packers'
Case in Connection with His
Testimony Stricken Oat.
Evidence Begarding Pencil Harks
on Them is Exclnded.
Memorandums Said to Have Been by
Keeker and Connor.
.11 r. Pratt Sara Mrat la Aalmnl
Coating Slur Dallara ua Ike
Hoot Sells for Fifty
CHICAGO. Jan. 1.-Unlted States Dis
trict Judge Carpenter today struck from
the record In the trial of the ten Chi
cago packers, charged with criminal vio
lation of the Sherman law, if ruin papers
and letters bearing notations purporting
to be In the handwriting of J. Ogden
The ruling was on the motion of the
defense, who contended, that that portion
.f the evidence to tho Jury without
ilefinite connecting links would be pre
judicial to the defendants.
Others papers bearing similar notations
purporting to be In the handwriting of
other defendants were permitted by the
court to remain In the record, but tha
court ruled out Jerome II.. lTatt's teetl
nionx Identifying the handwriting.
The ruling In detail orders stricken
from the records exhibit M. which letter,
dated October is, ISM, from J. II. Pratt,
then, manager of the dressed beef de
partment of Armour Co., delivered to
J. Ogden Armour, and returned to I'ratt
the next day with figure of margins
and shipment percentages, alleged to be
In the handwriting of J. Ogden Armour.
The court also ruled out exhibit M. a
Megrim dated October is. 1904. aent by
I'ratt to the office of Armour & Co., giv
ing working and closed margins for that
date, and returned to Pratt with the
letter of October 18, 14, Willi figures
alleged to be In the handwriting of J.
ogtf-n Armour, covering margins for
otlier concerns.
Two DMsawstl Admitted.
Judge Carpenter allowed two of the
documents to go Into the record, but
ruled out testimony Identifying the hand
writing on tha letters. They were:
Exhibit (memorandum dated April
SI. MM, addressed to Arthur Meeker
from J. H. Pratt and returned the next
day to Pratt with pencil figures showing
working and closed margins for other
concern and figures Indicating agreed
percentage of total hlpped for the pt
week and the amount to be shipped the
current week, alleged to be In the hand
wrftln of Thoma I. Connors.
Exhibit K, memorandum dated July IT,
HM, "signed by' T. O. tee of Armour
Co., retained to J. H. Pratt with pencil
notations giving agreed percentages and
margin for the current week, alleged to
be In tn handwriting of Thomas J. Con
nor. Exhibit 5 and 57 were read to the
Profit All la Br-Predecte.
On crnes-examlnatlon Mr. Pratt de
scribed the details of marketing fresh
meat through the branch houses.
"What Is the difference between the
price of a steer on the hoof and the
value of the dressed beef?" asked At
tcniey Barton Payne.
Well, a steer that costs W will bring
about S"4 In dressed beef." was Pratt's
"Is It true that because of the revenue
received from the by products the pack
ers are enabled to sell fresh beef at
less than the actual cost?"
After Armour. Pwlft and Morris bad
branch houses at Willies ba ire. Pa., the
National Packing company established
a branch house there?"
The National Packing company was an
active competitor at that point with
Armour. Swift and Morris?"
"Yes. I suppose It was. although all I
know about it was by letters and written
reports. I never visited that city."
Tells of Omaha Company.
Pratt aald the weekly statements giv
ing the shipments and margins of the
National Packing company were given
The National Capital' PASICS DUE TO
Wednesday. Jssaary 10, 1I2.
The Senate.
Not In session. Meets at i p. m. to
morrow. Foreign relations committee referred the
Cummins general arbitration bill to a,ittee fr consideration.
Senator Uorliner resumed his defense
before the tnveMisating committee and.
dealt at length witli Illinois politics.
Foreign relations committee considered : HE
arbitration amendment to maintain sen
ate control of Jusilciahle .lucmion?.
What Happened at Your House?
Andrew Carnegie Makei Above
Statement in Testimony Before
House Committee.
The House.
Asserts Freedom of Trade from;
i Mononolv Will Come.
Mit at .ioon. : 1
Routine li;isU(iu!i considered. Andrew .
Carnegie din usst-d his iei tartar before ATX INTERESTS ABE IDENTICAL'
steel invcstlijatiHS Mniuittfc ami den I I
nouneed prt-smt hanking onditions aa a '
disgrace to civilisation. Hearing before predicts SoUarC Deal for Consumer
may and means committee on dangers. .
of manufaclur of white pliophorus gnd ftOQUCer.
Beet sugar farmers testified before the
sugar Investigating tmnrittee contradict
ing stories of tutrdyhiiKt In the beet fields,
laong debate ove minor bridge bills.
ItVneral Wood uhn,:r,ed protest ugainst
Hay army reorganization bill.
Adjourned at .:li p. in., until uoon
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The Weather
Kor Nebraska Continued cold.
For Iowa Continued cold.
Tesaperalare at Oavaka YMtrr-laj.
Bryan Has Not
Yet Decided on
His Candidate
PHILADELPHIA. Jan. l.-A riilla
delphia evening m-wsimper quotes Mr.
Rryan aa follows on the democratic pres.
ldentlal proposition:
"I have not yet U-i'liled on my candi
date. 1 waut a strong, active progressive.
Of the candidates at present In the field
Governor Wilson of New Jersey seems
the most progressive. I am not In favor
of any third arty movement."
Bryan, who came here last night
to deliver addresses before religious
bodies, left for Sew York at 10 a. m.
today. Before leaving the hotel where
he spent the night he was asked to sign
his name In the private autograph reg
ister. .Seeing In It the name of Prince
Tsal Suun, uncle of the emperor of China,
who was In the city In September. WW,
Mr. Bryan wrote under It:
Waiting to repolce over the establish
ment of the republic "'China Yours
mily, W. J. BRYAN.
NrYw YORK. Jan. Jo.-Willlani J.
Bryan arrived b.e:-e today vA went to his
hotel, declining to nlscuss politic or any
thing else. He aa asked particularly
for some statement on the Woodrow Wil
son letter and for an opinion of Colonel
Roosevelt's attitude. On the Wilson Inci
dent he would say nothing. As to Col
onel Roosevelt he said he preferred to
leave that to the newspapers.
Mr. Mo an comes here to attend a meet
ing of the Winona assembly, an organi
sation of Presbyterian schools.
Woman is Charged
With Killing Girl
to Get Insurance
LANuAettR, O.. Jan. tt.-SIr. Nancy
Iran, aged yer. mother of B-year-ola
Ruth Hall, who died December 11 after
eating pancake, wag arrested today and
charged with having put potoon In the
cake. Her husband and two other daugh
ter had been made seriously HI- The
Hall home had been heavily mortgaged,
each member of the family carried life
MOBILE. Ala.. Jan. W.-Mrs. ilary T.
Oodau. her daughter. Mrs. Thressa Was
serlaben, and Thomas Williams, a negro,
were held without ball today on the
charge of murdering Kred Wasserlaben.
Mrs. Wasserlaben' husband. Desire for
Insurance money I given as a possible
reason for the murder.
British Coal Miners
Will Vote on Strike
LONDON, Jan. 10. Nine hundred thou
sand coal miners are now voting whether
or not there shall be a national stoppage
of the coal mines In the I nlted King
dom. The ballot will occupy three days,
and the result probably will be announced
on January is.
Early reports forecast an overwneiming
majority In favor of a fight.
The ballot Is to decide wnetner notice
.tlagante Sketrhee Growth of 1
ila.trr In tailed States-
Saya Charlie Schwab Is
(real tsealne.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 10-Andrew Car
negie was an Involuntary witness today
before the house committee probing the
affairs of the I'nited Statea Steel cor
poration. Mr. Carnegie, who was first
requested to appear aud on declining that
invitation was peremptorily summoned
to Washington, was wanted to elucidate
many of the details of the organisation
and operation of the "steel trust" and
Its domination of an Industry In which
he was for so many year a predominant
Mr. Carnegie reached the hearing room
ahead of time. He talked commonplaces
with Chairman Stanley and other mem
bers of the committee. Mr. Carnegie had
once expressed a willingness to appear,
but recently declined to testify on tha
ground that he waa named aa a defendant
In the government suit (gainst the steel
When Mr. Carnegie took the witness
stand ho furnished the rommlttee with a
statement regarding steel Industry condi
tions and told of bis career In the busi
ness from the outset.
Mr. Carnegie waa accompanied, by J. .
Reed of Pittsburgh, hia courts. The
committee room wag crowded with spec
tutors, Including many women. He was
sworn by Chairman Stanley.
Karl History of fltrel Trade.
Mr. Carnegie said be began his steel
career In November, left, with the firm of
)o;oiOTAy. ' I J yif
I Sine ioxe MIT V fifki ' VOt A""a:e
d?9 3H;.iJ
etJraaoas. f asC ff
f VNHAT inoafairN. Tl
Confessed Dynamiter and Father on
Stand All Day Before Federal -Grand
Testimony. Shows that Numerous
Other Persons Were Involved.
ome Explosions Occurred When
McNamara Were Far Away.
0 HIM. ,N jgi
From the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
M. Delcasse Succeeds M. Deselvei as
Head of Foreign Affairs.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Kefnaea
to Confirm tntesnt at Pre
mier Made to geaate
Jan. U'.-The rabinat ba re-
PARIS. Feb. l.-Theophll lielcasse,
until now minister of marine In the
French cabinet, haa been offered and has
accepted the portfolio of minister tor for-
et.n Sff.r. In ii.-miiUh t .fti.tln ll..
Miller fmall and that In W he bor-l.,,. who ytsrosy a
rowed SI.Wu from the National bank of
Pittsburgh to engage In a partnership In
the Keystone Bridge company at Pltte
burgh. "Five or six of us," he said, "sere en
gaged In this, in we built another
mill in Pittsburgh and In IBS I waa one
of the organisers of the Superior ore mill
and furnace. In 16S we built the loco
motive work In Pittsburgh and In 1K7
we united two other mills In Pittsburgh
That was the beginning o( tli Cgrnegle
Steel company, limited."
"In Interesting other me with you tn
those early days." Chairman Stanley
aakelTr"dld row do by selling stock
In Wall street or other tichanges, or did
you get men of rtperiencs In the Iron
"Oh, no. I did Dot look for men who
had no experience In the Iron business,
I was one of the youngest of these men
and we had very little capital. At dif
ferent tlmea we would put In $50,000 or
tw.oo each."
"What was the capital of your prop
erties In the sixties?"
"My dear sir. I hare no more Idea than
you have."
"I have an Idea," replied Stanley.'
"Was It as much a IWO.000?"
yes. the Superior will alone was I ,trirs. has had probably
worth that, but I do not want to guess.
i live me time and I will give you ill the
Banking Bialrm (aasea Panlea.
Mr. Carnegie denounced the banking
system of the United States as a "dis
grace to civilization."
"When panics come In this country,"
he said, "they are due to the fact that
we have the worst banking system In the
world. Panics siiread ruin and If the bill
now before congress la pa "fed you will
have something to prevent such panics."
Mr. Carnegie In the written atatement
filed with the committee pointed out that
the steel committee's task had arisen
dramatic scene during the meeting of the
committee of senate on foreign atfalrs.
It I rumored today that other changes
may occur la the ministry and speculation
I life a lo who will jo.n the cabinet
It waa the "cabinet breaker," Oeurgea
Clemenceau, who brought about the min
isterial crisis, aa he haa dune on many
previous occasion. He hes been a thorn
In the side of Premier Calllaaa for some
time and waa aware that tnar was some
dissension between the iorelga imnlsisr
and the premier. When during the meet,
lug of the tenet committee. M. Cklux
denied tha( there had .been atevret nego
tiation "between Fraooe and tier many a
tlx (abject of Morocco, M. Clemenceau
prang to hi feet and hurled the ueiun
to M. Deaeivls, "rtill you confirm tn
premier's statement?"
After tome hesitation the foreign min
ister replied that he could not answer
the question because he was between a
double duty the telling of the truth and
Ibe Interest of hi wintry. Later on M.
Deeelvea Informed the premier tnat he
could not remain In the cabinet, and
handed In hi resignation.
Kaiser ulsiiitea lie lea see:
Theophlle Delcasse, who once more has
taken charge of the French ministry ot
Lorimer Tells About
Row Between Deneen
and Hopkins Men
WASHINGTON. Jan. l.-Srnator Lor
imer of Illinois continued his testimony
today before the senate committee which
1 investigating charges of hflbery In con
nection with his election. When yeeter
day'a hearing took a recess Senator Ixir
imer a as beginning to tell of political
conditions In Illinois In 1 and 1M. Kvl.
dsntly the drift or his testimony was
calculated to indlcatr that there was a
movement of a faction of the republican
to prevent the re-election of former Sen
ator Hopkins and thai Uovernor Deneen
waa favorable to It.
Senator Lorimer took up his testimony
at that point today and under uuestlon
luat by his counsel. Blbrblge llanecy, con.
tlnued a recital of the evenla which led
up to his election by the Illinois legisla
ture In May. IK).
Senator Lorimer testified regarding
Uovernor Deneen friendly relatione with
the Chicago neweiprr publishers. Deneen
had finally dicllned to become a candidate
for senator, because of their opposition,
he said and refused to support Speaker
Shurtleff tor the same reason. Lorimer
said that when Ieneen nam waa pre
sented to the legislature on March 24 he
had advised hi friend to auiiport him.
it. Pstrlk i ' day, Uinmer
said, Deeneea m fearful that an effort
might be mad u elect Hopkins, becaiie
a treat many Irish members ot the legls
laiure who were opposed to Hopkins
would be absent celebrating.
Later, h ssld, representative of the
Chicago Trlfeun advanced Ihe candidacy
ot William J. Calhoun, now t'nlttd States
minister to Chin.
"1 was asked to support Calhoun and
would not."
President Sun Will Personally Lead
Attacking Force.
Troops Already Mobilised at an
klsg Will Be Part of the (
edition to Take the
( nines Capital.
Veterans Poisoned
By Eating Hash for
Dinner m Big Home
experience In that department man any
other statesman In France. He held the i i.KAVKN WORTH. Kan., Jan. More
portfolio of foreign aitairs from 1W until tnan 150 rcteruna of the National Soldiers'
Wi. during which periud lire dltlerent , home near this city, are seriously III of
ptomaine Kisoniu resumna nom
si, all be given of a national strike to be- j (rom tne f,rt ,,, th law o( con,,,,,,
gin on warcn 1. 1 n i-ue,
era' federation are against the movement.
The demand of the men Is for a fixed
minimum wage.
Bonanza Mining
Pioneer is Dead
Hour. Keg.
i a. m 4
f a. m 4
7 a. m
S a. m -1
a. m -i
1 a. m 2
11 a. m -
1: m -1
1 p. m 1
J P. m I
3 p. m 1
4 p. m j
5 p. m s
6 p. m t
1 p. m 6
In business has seemed recently to be Im
paired In certain fields, notably those of
natural oil, steel and tobacco. Kven
now a gigantic railway system, embrac
ing nearly one-half of the world's rail
way mileage, has been affected, and sev
eral companies have been tried and con
victed unier the Sherman law."
"We are In a transition stage." ssld
j Mr. Carnegie, "and naturally suggestions
SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. W.-Thomas II.; r numerous for effective compliance
Roonev one of the mo picturesque,""" ,he -herman act Interpreted by
(lres'otTh. old Bonanza day. and unc.e '" ai . tl.tactor.,
of M Wl. K. V.nderbllt snd Mrs. ! measure will finally be evolred Is certain
01 sim. ,one which does not go further than
Herman Oclrichs. died her. today f '..o.n,. ece.,ry to prevent restraint of
henrt disease. , ,rade an(, monopoly.
Rooney was one of the few s i. vivors of 1
the romantic Comstock mining days. He Hetolntlon Xol Necessary,
was born In New York in ikK He came ! " There 's no cause at present for
to the Pacific coast with his parents either alarm or haste on the part of the
when a child. - j courts, consre-s or producer or con-
A widow, three sons and three daugh- i sumers. whose interests will become mu-
lers survive him. ,u' 01 o 'nm
cabinets came and went.
M. Delcasse would In all probability
have continued In office even longer but
for the fact that his policy, especially In
regard to Morocco, was vlewtd with such
disfavor by the German emiierur that the
two countries almost came to biows. The
German emperor atter d)ls visit to Mo
rocco on March 31, eald In a speecn
that French domination In that country
would not be tolerated.
On his return to Uennany the emperor.
It is said, demanded Delcasse retirement
from the French cabinet. His resignation
followed shortly afterward and the rela
tions of the two countries Improved, an
agreement being finally rearned during
the Algeclraa conference in 1!.
While he held office as forclan minister
M. Heliasfe was successful in forming
friendly relations between France an!
several European countries. Including
Russia, Great Britain and Spain.
M. Delcasse is tt) years old and started
his carer as a newspaper writer. He w I
elected to the Chamber of lputles I: !
ItiSS and soon became a junior memtier of I
the ministry as under tecretary of state ' ST. Ia'CIS. Jan. 10. An order to
for the colonies. He has always displayed j school prlndpals lo shut otf all drinking
a remarkable aptitude for administration, j fountains at the cliy schools, except for
t emergency use. was issued today by
POSSE SEVERAL HOURS lmi"lo"r M,n8 thn ot th-
, i watfr, vvntcn jm unm iur u
tiafth nerved to (hern at a rrRular nwal
today. A number of th men are daiiKT
outi.y HI and are In the horpHal,
Nearly 1.5"0 men were being nerved In
the dining room and before the meal wae
over Beveral of them fell from their
rhlra to the flo-M. Other be ran 'o
tthow "inns of I ll nee and the phyrirtanit
ami nurfleg were ally railed. '
An rapidly a poenlbly the sufferlnc
veterans were given empties and In tills
way' many were revived. noon aa
the cause of the lllnra waa discovered
the haih wan thrown out.
Moot of the tn-n In the home are more
than ari old. The totnl nerved to
them la auppoaed to bo rigidly Inspected,
particular attention being given to the
wat to m that It is freh
Water Supply of
St. Louis Still Short
Yat Ren, president of the new Chinese
republic, personally will lead an army of
1K,'1 men against the Manchua In
Piking. This announcement was con
tained In a cable message received today
by the Chinese Free Ptess. The troops
already mobilised at Nanking will be a
part of the attacking army.
Hauls llenlra Meaaolla Steer.
XT. IT TKUSIll ltll. Jan. 10. -An official
denial is alien today by the Foreign
office of the reports that the Husslan
government had addressed demand to
the Chinese government In regard to
Mongolia or waa planning the occupation
of Mongolia.
Indian Treopa gent to ('anion.
HONGKONG, Jan. 10, -A further de
tachment of Indian tmopa wllh field and
machine guna mat dispatched today front
here to Cnton to feHiforc the contingent
of British, troop alreed- ststi,.c there,
ftoilelsnal WonTeransont f emstev
NANKING. Jan. H. -Th foreign poe!a
were today officially nollfleit by Forslgrt
Minister Wang Chung Wei that th or.
ganlaatlon of th provisional government
la now completed. Dr. Wu Ting-fang, re
publican minister of Justice, ha left her
for Hlianghal.
t sited talee Troops Itrady.
MANII. Jan. IO-lrl.r. for the first
battalion of the Fifteenth Infantry real
ment tn leave for China reached her
yesterday and the eipedltlon was pre
pared Immediately. Major James M.
Arrasmllh will he In command of the
'M enlisted men and fifteen officer with
whom will he sent a detachment of the
hospital corps and a machine gun platoon
besides the field servlie wagon train.
Other troops are being held In readiness
here. Hrlgadler General Frederick Kun
ston. commander of the department of
I. unm, took charge of the arrangementa
for the expedition.
Many Men Injured
in Eiots in Paris
o.l sl.orever fr,,l,.m ..i. . KOCH r.HTrJK. l wan. lu.-narri
monopoly Is established. Nothing revo- ended In two-story nouse at ncotts-
im u..., - I i-lil tulv miles south, and armed sllh &
Mr CsriM Sle said thai ilurlnr th. -i. n a revolver and Identy of cartridges, Wll-
ROE IS RcPOnTtU SArEir suffered a runnruke and aas.llam Twlman, a negro. Is holding off a
ordered lo spend his summers In a cool ' liosse of deputy sheriffs from Rochester.
NEW VOHK. Jan. HX-Wlrelefs dis- i climate. It Is said Twlman had gone Inrane n.l
nalches re-elved here ludav tell of the 1 ""' " name Scotland and killed hla father, wnose noay is supposeii
I'AHIg, Jan. 10.-A scrlra of violent
riots occurred in the vicinity of the pal
ace of Justice this afternoon and re
sulted In a large number of rioter and
several policemen being Injured The
demonstration was brought about by the
trial of several trade unionists In the
correctional court of the lelne on a
charge of distributing circulars of revo
lutionary character to soldiers serving
with their regiment.
When It was announced that the trade
unionists were to be brought before the
court today the General Federation of
Labor called a twenty-four-hour strike
in symiathy with the accused. Thou
sands of laborers, unemployed owing to
the bad weather, massed In the streets
surrounding the courts of Justice.
The authorities ordered out a large
body of police, who endeavored to keep
the demonstrators on the move. On the
place du Chatelet. at the northern end
of the Notre Dame bridge, a mob at
tacked the police with sticks and nine
without I policemen were Injured.
' The mounted municipal guards were or-
Klder MrManlanl Assists rrssecn.
lion In iiapoolnsi Men from
Cleveland nnd Toledo Who
Went to Tiffin.
moat Important evidence yet obtained In
the government' Investigation of tho
dynamite ronaplracy la believed to have
been presented to the federal grand Jury
today. The point In which the Urn of
Inquiry waa directed were aald to pertain
to the complicity of men other than those
already convicted or Indicted and to have
raised questions as to:
Who handed Ortl G. McManlgal all en
velope containing tl In Chicago a few
day atter he had blown up part of a
railroad bridge at Clinton, la.. February
it. ISO.
Who met In Boston and showed him
where to put the dynamite which partly
destroyed a new opera house there on
March 27. 19. and who sutsequently
went with him from Ilostnn to Mprlng
fleld, Mass., where . McManlgal blew up
part of the municipal buildings.
" Who met him In New York City In
September. 1ft, and escorted him tn
Hoboken, N. J., where he attempted, but
failed, to blow up a viaduct.
Who met him In Jersey City, X. J .
July , 1HI0, and pointed out a viaduct
which was to be blown up.
Who met McManlgal la Peoria, m.. and
took klm about town to show him some
Iron In a freight yard which later Mc
Manlgal Mew up.
McManlgal and hla father. Jemos V.
MiMsnlaal. of Tiffin, O.. In whose ahed
stores of explosives were kept In read
iness lo be carried wherever a job was
to be done, were before the grand Jury
almost ail day.
tllber Porsons Involved.
Th person who met him t various
places, aceordlng to McManlgal. war
others than the McNamara brothers.;
Much of hi testimony haa been corrobo
rated by witnesses who were called ti
testify aa to having seen him at th
time and place h mentioned.. James
Mctianlgal la aald to have confirmed
his son's story about visiting Tiffin to
get fresh upallr of aplostvea.
Th government detective, who r
assisting l!nltkd Hlalea Alloc nay Cbaries
W. Miller, are declared lo have followed,
(hi line et Inquiry:
That some of th 100 or more explosion
directed against "open shop" employers In
the last fir years, occurred In cities
at time when both James- B. and Johu
McNamara Were far dlutant.
That, therefore. If McManlgal had as
sist ance in these Instance If came front
other than the McNamara,
That, without asking tor Information
locally McManlgal could hardly In a
slngl day. visit a city unfamiliar to
him. pick out a "Job," blow It up and
McManlgal, In hi 'confession, said h
did receive assistance and he did meet
various men, but the government now
Is seeking corroborative evidence. It It
exists, along this line. Th tracing of '
men from Cleveland and Toledo who
visited Tiffin la also believed to hava
been taken up by the grand Jury througli
the examination of McManlgal' father.
In an abandoned woodshed near hi
father's home McManlgal kept at tlmeej
more titan 1,030 pound of explosives and
aay he sometime was visited at Tiff lis
by men who accompanied bim front
various cities 1 Ohio.
CKNTERVIU-E, 8. D.. Jan. W.-Th
theory that lievid Fuhlberg, the Clay
county farmer, who myserloualy disap
peared a week ago was murdered, gain
ground each day.
Deareh for the body of the missing ma a
continued today. Fa hi berg s brother)
have offered a reward of ItOD lor tha
recovery of the body making the total
reward VJ0. The sheriff of Clay county,
is reported to be on the trail of th par
ties who are suspected of killing Fahl
berg. and Important arrest may be
made at any time.
Hecause of the danger, not yet past, of dered to charge, which tuey did repeat-
Comparntlte I .seal Record.
111 191 L 1910. 1S0O.
Highest vesterdav 1 SIS S ;
lowest yesterday -4 a is j K,e fansage across the sulf rtrcam of'"1" 1 wnicneo me oesemer process or to be In tne iiease.
PreDttluonr,,Ur' 1 3 S) T the United States t.,n-cCo boat destroyer j making steeL There, too. 1 met a Mr. ! The negro opened fire on the poe.
mnTraTur." an V'meclpltahon 'del-: Roe enrout. with other navy craft to Lod.".. who had Invented a patent f..r k,ln( ,,,, Sheriff Blmon Bermlng-
:uTS from the normJl: but now apparently heading hardening the face of steel. I pureha-ed , ):am. . wounding Deputies Herbert M.
. . . ' ft,., n-l-rl atul hrnn.lit Ur 1 triaa f A ! ... . . ... , .
Aormai lemiKraiure. "for Norfolk. No word has beer,
Vm"5 ' of torpedo it v.tror m precipitation f. inch
!Call. the only one of the torpedo flct
Iw-flrlenry ror tne day 03 Inch n reported since the vessels were scat- I
Total rainfall since March 1..15.9S Inches I . . -h,,. u ,t, i
lwHOncy since March I lis: inches U""1 b '" ,hcr off ,h At-
Deficiency for cor period. 1910, M.7S Im hes , lanlic coast.
i:cess for cor. perlud. llso... a.Ulnches i
Reports from Ststtsos st 7 I'. M.
! Ftttsburgh. nhere we built a furnace and
made the first nsrd surface rails in this
i p. m.
. c
. 4
. 44
wtatiA:. awA rt Trmn I1lwh Usl. . I II h. i i " w " wws.w.
of V eat her.
i iieyeniV' clear ..
I avtnpori. loudy
l.!:rer, cle.
ilolne", cloudy
iKidtfe CHv. pari cloudy .
Lanier, fiear
or.h Flat w. clotKir....
ai.a. cloudy
Fiiwu, "lai
Rapid Oty. Hear
jEait I.a ;e C'-r. Pi rry
fanta Fe, ew.
."-'bfridan, part etoudy..-
Sioux iity. rlwiay. . -4
Valentine, cioudv S .1
"T" Indi'nt' trt-e r.f precii-ita'Jo.i.
Vrb-ib la
i!r. ("arneaie rfeirei to "that great
mechanical genius, f'harlle Schwab," aa
i)ie '"itTeatet man I ever knew In that
water famine, the water department
ha ceased filter. rig the water. ,An Ice
gorge below the city raisM Ihe Mlenls
sfpfH river to a level where five pumps
could work at the watr works. This
will enable the city to accumulate a Urn
Ited surptun.
APHIsETO.N. Wis., Jan. K.-The
(sower plaint uf the ViC(msiii Light.
Heat and Power company aud about
thirty factories and the imWKpaper plants
hut down today on accou: of the lack
of powtr ocrsslonetl by th freezing up
of a dam In the Fox rivu .e;e.
' line."
C0MM SS ON ORGAN ZED r. .-amegle aid he auggeated to
, 8chwab that he teet a process for making
,m WASHIX'ITON. Jan. I. -Tha i:.trna- j 're in oi-n hearth funure and thn
-;tional joi'it cnimion, creatcl hy traty 1
'!l ten the i'nited 8tat and (.rat l'.rlt-1
Std'ain with juriwlktMin to onld-r ami dt- J
termin ail n;U-ins f (iiff'-renc Ik-
'iw.twaM the lHm:ni'r,
? j United States. ft rr.aUy an organised
.hrre totiay. Jamts A. Tawmy uf ihe
Arnriv-an section ni-ri. im ad'ir' . Th
.if, mrr.Krs thu caH-l iu fre-.-lnt Taft.
!!r:tih Amlaai.t! Lryce sni tfecs--
Jpnktne. all of Itochester.
Tn -latlonal guardsmen left here at Z
teiocU. Th men are armed with rtflos. I
u.. .
hli head and surrendered to the oese. j
lie was takeo to Rochester. t
CHEYENNE. Wyo.. Jan. K. Railroad
h'Tild an open hearth
"CharMe." acceding to Mr. Carnegie.
"-aid he would tn', and It was not more i traffic In Wyoming Is Improving today.
th in a vek later that he canie to mv ! . ner tiain of the Colorado
anada and Ihe ' m''' Xew York wl,h f"15 ,or 'i,ht i Southern railway, which became enow
nsenlficrnt olen hearth furnace.. We ,.h veslerdav. waa dug out todav. II
reTumed to Cheyenne, a distance of
seventy miles. A pa'senger train on the ! probsbly Wednesday or Thursday of next
n i:ie open
u.e greatest garstoga. but the passengers and crew
cape with a life sei.t'-n,"
soid open hearth steel for ft a too more '
than other steel. '
Mr. Carnegie sai1 that
hearth mills at Homestead.
STKRIJXO. III.. 10-Harry Elgin
Webster, at Oregon, II)., refuned today to
dlu'us the announceineiit that he would
plad guilty Friday 10 th charge of
murdering fletwle Kent Webster. He t
not t'rejatiiiT ft detailed confession.
Some evidence Mil he J-ubmttte-I to
Judge Karrand Friday after Webster
change bin a to guilty, but It it be
lieved sentence will be postponed until
lutm lin: U s.Hwd In twelve miles north! week.
u'dahMier set 11.8 iiurim tnat ne win es-
outh:ti(d on g?cjnd 4'ag.)
'hao takco to garatnga.
edly. eventually clearing the streeta.
A number of the rioters were Injured
and numerous arrests were msde.
ST. Irirt. Jan. lO.-The will of Sam
uel 'upp:e, multl'inllllonalre philanthro
pist, maa filed for probate today. It
contained no direct bequeM to any educa
tional or charitable object. I Miring his
lifetime Cupplet had given away a total
e.timatM at t. 000,000.
The bulk of the estate fa left in lrut
for his adopted da tight ex -and her daugh
ters. If they should die during tha trust
term It la provided that the estate shall
be divided among the Vaoderbtlt univer
sity. Central college and Washington university.
AI.LEXT11WX, Pa . Jan. lu.-Juatlce A.'
I). Kachllne of Kgypt, near here, decided
today that Mrs. John Kulp, tha sir
months' bride, must answer In court her
liusbsnd' charge that ajte tried to kill
him by putting poison and ground glas
.n pies.
CKSTKRVILLK. S. D.. Jan. .-,
Richard Olsen Richards at a public meet- i
Ing held here today announced himself
a progres':ve candidate for United Htateai
senator hi the republican primary to be'
held next June, '
Boxes of
O'Brien'i Candy
Dalzell's Ice
Cream Bricks
Given away each day u
th want ada to tho findJoj
ibeir names.
Read tha want id each
47. " ya don't get a prtzo
you will probably find coma
thing advert Ued that apnnalg
lo you.
Each day these prizes ar
ottered, no puulea to olv aa
subscriptions to get no thiol
but finding your name. It wm
appear aoma time.