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Snow; Cold
VOL. XLI-XO. 170.
"His Hand to the Plow-M
HlUU BlUi IkEi
Former Assistant Manager of the
Armour Packing Company Identi
fies Missive Keceived by Him.
Annual Meat Contract of Old Sol
diers' Home in Question. N
Witness Tells of Combine From
Nineteen-Three to Seven.
I'rntt,' .After Many Objections Iiy De
fense, Asserts that "Mitrln' Sig
nifies Avernfte Price to
He Charged.
CHICAGO, Jau. g. A letter showing
alleged collusion on tho part of Armour
& Co. In bidding for tho annual meat
contract of the olil soldiers' home ut
Tog us. Me., November 0, 1905, was Intro
duced In evidence today by tho govern
ment in -the trial of tho ten Chicago
packers, charged with criminal violation
of the Sherman law.
The letter was received by Jerome II.
Vratt, former assistant manager of Ar
mour & Co.'s dressed meat department,
and was signed with the initials F. A. F.,
which Tratt raid Indicated It was written
by Francis A. Fowler, one of the defend
ants In the. ease and head of the dressed
moat department of Swift and company.
The letter reads as follows:
"J. It. 1. Please bid over bee 7, mut
ton 8H. Togus home. You have had for
a year. F. A. F. 11S-C6."
Jerome H. Pratt was on tho Hand
throughout the day and his stovy for
the government will be continued to
morrow. The witness said that In the period be
tween li03 and 1907 each member of the
packers' combination knew the percentage
of shipments and profit margins of every
oilier member. Including Armour, Swift,
-Morris and the National Packing com
pany. :
Silos of Paper Destroyed.
Tho Information was sent out on slips
of paper each Week and the figures were
frequently discussed by the managers of
the dressed fceef departments of the dif
ferent companies.
"What became of these slips of paper
containing this Information?" '
"They wero always destroyed after we
were through with . them."
"Who told you to destroy the memo
randums?", "Tb.oe were the orders and I obeyed
them. 1 don't remember who first told
me alUt' it.'1- "
The witness was shown summaries of
shipments and margins sent him by Ar
thur Meeker In 19U8 and was asked to
explain the flfrires.
He seld. the figures were the shipments
and rharalns of Armour, Swift, Morris
and tho National Packing company.
"Old you make any use of the National
racking figures?"
"os, wc kept track of their shipments
to see that they did not exceed their
percentage to different points," replied
MFr. Pratt.
The witness said he often spoke to Mr.
Meeker about tho National Packing
company's overshiping info certain mar
kets. Mr. Piatt said the order in which the
margins were entered on the weekly re
ports was. Armour, first; National Pack
ing company, second; Morris, third, and
tiwlft. last.
. Ksplalna Terms.
livery question put by District Attor
ney Wllkerson to have the witness ex
plain the significance of the percentage
and margin figures alleged to have been
-written by J. Ogden Armour, Thomas J.
Connors and Arthur Meeker, was met
with a volley of objections from the de
fense, nearly all of which were sus
tained by the court.
District Attorney- Wllkerson persisted
and finally the witness was permitted to
explain the meaning of "plus," "nilnu,"
"tesf cost" and "average margin," and
other technical terms used by the packers
In the conduct of their business. lie .de
clared that the word "margin" as used
Minified the average price to be charged.
Judge Carpenter early today indicated
tliat he would rule out of the record the
testimony of Mr. Pratt Identifying the
handwriting of J. Ogden Armour and
tContlnued on Second Page.)
The Weather
For Nebraska Fair.
For Iowa- Generally, fair.
TcaapTat are at Omaha
1 esterda)-.
a. m
G a. m
7 a. in
ti a. m ,
9 a. in ,
10 a. in ,.,
11 a. m
12 m ,
1 p. in
2 p. m
. S p. m
4 p. ni
5 p. m
p. in
7 p. in
S p. in
. 10
: !
Comstirsthe I.oral Hecord.
1912. 1911. 11)10. 139.
Highest yesterday lti 31) ID IS
l.ovebt esteriiy 4 :7 it if
MtM.ii temperature 6 S3 H lx
Precipitation ' 03 .Ou .uu ,uu
Temperature anJ precipitation depar
tures from the normal:
Normal tenierature 21
Deficiency for the day. IS
F.xceas since March 1, l'Jll &i
Normal precipitation 02 inch
Kxcens for the day 01 Inch
lrclpltaUon since March 1 1 .VUG Inches
-flcinncy since March 1 13.4 Inches
Deficiency cor. period in 1910. . .14.70 Inches
Lxcesa cor. period In 1M e l Inches
llraorts froas atatlaua at T r. M.
station and State Ttmp. High- Haln
ut Weather. 7 p. ui. ti. - fall.
f'hcenne. clear 14 lii .04
Davenport, clear 0 X .
Jieiiver, char "Ju .13 .01
4 lea Moinaa, snowing.... S 10 .on
lender, clear 10 20 .0u
North Platte, clear...... I 14 .04
Omaha, clear a lu .go
pueblo, clear Is .tat
Aatt lithe Hty. eleusly.. U M .us
hirU Ire, clear U pi .im
Hheiideu. clear 4 14 .el
hmux City, claar 4 It 30
Valentine, clear 4 I .01
indicates sere.
L A. tXSIi. Loial Forecaster.
The National Capital
Monday, January , Inia.
The Senate.
Met nt 2 p.
Pension committee deferred considers
tlcn of fteneial bills pending pension
bureau estimates of cost.
The House.
Met at noon.
Speaker I'lurk presided, but still was
suffering with a severe cold.
New Mexico's new representatives were
sworn In.
Andrew Carnegie's appearance before
sleel trust committee Wednesday posi
tively announced by Chairman Stanley.
Kxtra committee stenographers struck
because of reduced pav.
Sugar trust Investigating committee
hearing postponed until toworrow.
Sherwood. Ohio, .it lucked Secretary
Fisher's estimate of $".uuu.nii0 rest of
Sherwood pension bill us JJoKio.OUO too
Tom Benton Not
to Manage the
Morehead Boom
Thomas If. iienton softly but earnestly
denies that ho has been enlisted as the
campaign manager for John II. More
head, who Is seeking the nomination for
governor on the democratic ticket. Mr.
Uetiton writes as follows:
"LINCOLN, Jan. 0. To the Editor of
Tho Hoc: In the Issue of the Omaha
Bee of Friday your Lincoln correspond
ent slated that 1 have been chosen to
manage the campaign of Don. John 11.
M3rehead, candidate for governor on the
democratic ticket. In answer to said ar
ticle I wish to state that:
"I am not the 'political manager' for
John It. Morehead, never have been and
never expect to he.
"I am a' republican and expect to do
all I can In support of lion. William It.
Taft for president, Chester II. Aldrlch
for governor and tho balance of the re
publican ticket.
"Political Jokes are all right when no
one Is Injured, by them, but glaring mis
statements industriously circulated to In
jure some one, should be refuted.
"Am trying to live a quiet life and
feel that 1 should not be dragged Into
the democratic political mire, to be used
as a scrubbing board on which to wash
thslr dirty linen.
"I know Mr. Moreheud and consider him.
an honorable, upright gentleman. And If
it should bo our misfortune to be gov
erned by a democrat I know of none In
that party more capable or better quail-
fled. Hut, ho Is a democrat and I am a
republican, which explains why I am
not his manager or supporter. Sincerely
Torpedo Destroyer
rieet. Loses iwo
Men; .boats Disabled
HAMILTON, Bermuda, Jan. S.-Besliles
the fiVe United States destroyers which
arrived here yesterday, two nior.e are
now entering the channel and one haa
gone ashore off St. George's. A tug
which went to Its assistance also has ben
driven ashore. Two men belonging to the
crews of the flotllU were washed over
board during the voyage. The destroyer
which went ashore at St. George's was
the Paulding. It has since been refloated
and will proceed to tho dock yard under
its own steam.
The names of the j destroyers which
have arrived here up to the present are
the Perkins, Walke, Ammen, Pterrett,
Freston, Trlppe and Paulding.
NORFOLK, Va., Jan. 8-The I'nlted
Stutes torpedo boat destroyer Terry,
which became disabled In a storm be
tween New York and Bermuda, Is safe.
A wireless dispatch received at the Nor
folk navy yard this afternoon said -the
Terry was proceeding under Its own stam
for the Virginia cupes and would arrive
In Hampton roads tonight. The scout
cruiser Salem, which also was buffeted
by tho heavy seas while searching for
the TeTry, will reach Hampton Roads to
night, too.
WASHINGTON, Jan. S.-Thiee vcsels
of the torpedo flotilla are still unac
counted for. They are tho Mayrant,
Drayton end McCaw. Admiral Winslow
reported to the Navy department by
w'.relesi from his flagship, the Louisiana,
late today that he was In touch with the
torpedo boat destroyer I5oe, one of the
flotilla to which the Terry was attached.
WASHINGTON, Jan. S. -Although the
national monetary commission report
went to congress today the bill which
would make It effective Is not quite com
plete. Tne' much talked of provision to pre
vent holding Lompanits from controlling
strings of banks and the reserve asso
ciation has been perfected. It provides
that If the i-ame pel sons, partnership or
corporation own nioie than 0 per cent
of the stock of more than one hank such
owners shall be entitled to vote only the
stock of one bank In the management of
the central organization regardless of
how many banks they may control.
TOPKKA, Kan., Jan. 8.-That the Kan
sas Natural Gas company has decided
not to try to rulse the price of Its com
modity In the thirty Kansas towns now
served by It. s announced today by
John Marshall, attorney fur the public
utilities commission, who Is here attend
ing a Conference on the subject partici
pated In by representatives of the state
sud the gas company. A reorganization ot
the company's affairs ut Kansas Is
statad to beufTder way to avoid charges
of violating the atitl-trut laws.
CHICAuV), Jan. s. More than 1,K)
women's tailors from all parts of the
I'nlted States gathered here today at the
first annual national style congress and
convention of the Chicago Women's
Tailors' association. The meeting will
last throughout the week. It is pUnnud
to hold a meeting lur every January in
the fulura.
National Democratic Committee
Turns Down Protest of Nebrasnan,
Thirty to Thirteen.
He Says He Will Appeal From Com
mittee to People.
Colonel Guffey Calls Congressman
Palmer, His Opponent, a Liar.
Senator Stone ut Missouri, l.lfelnna
Friend of Peerless Leader Makes
Speech lu Ilchalf ot Colonel
tint fey.
WASHINGTON. Jan. S.-Tho lie was
passed hi the democratic nattonal com
mittee today and William Jennings Hryan
made a threat to "appeal to the people"
If overridden by the committee In his
fight to unseat Colonel James M. Guffey.
the national committeeman from Penn
sylvania. This threSt. coming Immedi
ately after the Hryan-La Follette confer
ence of yesterday, renewed gossip as to
the possibility of a third party.
Colonel Ouffey hurled tho charge of
"liar" at Congressman A. Mitchell
Palmer, who Is contesting his seat. The
latter replied that he had spoken the
truth and thct only Guffey's age pre
vented him from making a personal mat
ter of the affair.
Mr. Palmer had freely churged In his
speech to tho committee that Coloftel
Guffey had affiliated with Senator Pen
rose, the republican, leader of Pennsyl
vania, and that he had been disloyal to
his party.
Ilryan Makes Threat.
Mr. Bryan took up the argument In Mr.
Palmer's behalf. He declared that he
had thrlee been the candidate of his party
lor the presidency and that many millions
of the people had expressed their confi
dence In Mm. If the national committee
declined to listen to I Im he would appeal
to the people, he said.
The private secretary to Senator Cum
mins, one of the republican insurgent
leaders, was nt the hotel where the com
mittee met and talked with several mem
bers. The bitter fight In tie Guffey case was
unexpectedly prolonged, delaying the se
lection of a convention city indefinitely.
Senator Stone of Missouri, a life long
friend of Mr. Hryan, spoke In behalf of
Guffey. Mr. Stone heid a proxy. Ills
opposition to Mr. Dryan was regarded as
Despite the protest of Mr. Bryan and
his . threat to appeal to the people, the
committee voted In favor, of. Guffey SO to
IS. '
K. E. L. Mountcastlo of Tennessee was
declared entitled to his seat with only
one dissenting vote. His place on the
committee had been contested by 'ohn. G.
Vertrees, who was . chief counsel for
fornier Secretary Palllnger In the Hul-llnser-Plnchot
When the democratic national commit
tee went Into session here this afternoon,
Wlllluin Jennings Jtryan at once became
a Ktorm center in on attempt to have
James M. Guffey of Pennsylvania thrown
off the committee.
The roll csil of the states had but
started when the trouble broke. James
A. Weatherly of Alabama was recently
selected by the Alabama state committee
to succeed John T. Tumllnson, deceased.
When his name was called today Mr.
Uryan asked if there was a protest. None
being received, the Nebrasaan moved that
the seiection be approver.
National Committeeman Krown of Ver
mont, declared that affirmative action by
the national committee was not neces
sary; that the matter lay entirely In the
hands of the state committee. Chairman
Mack sustained this point of order.
"I appeal from' the decision of the
chair," shouted Mr. Hryan.
lie declared that it was plain there
was a purpose to head off a protest
against Colonel Guffey and that the mat
ter ought to be thoroughly discussed. At
this interesting. Juncture the motion to
go Into executive session was carried and
the doo?s were closed. The Pennsylvania
fight was pluuged Into at once. Repre
sentative Mitchell Palmer, contesting
Guffey's place on the committee, was In
the room, holding the I'tah proxy.
Bryan Loses Appeal.
Mr. Ilryan's appeal Horn the ruling In
tho Alabama case was defeated by a
vote of 33 to 13. This indlei ted that the
committee was celarly against the No
braskan In his fight on Colonel Guffey
and that the latter would be retained on
the committee beyond all question.
Chairman Mack apparently had. the
tacking of oil the "old line" democrats
on the committee In making the ruling
from whlc'i Mr. Hi van appealed. Mark
and Mr. Hryan dined togcthev lan night,
but It was apparent that the men who
have directed the affairs of the commit
tee for many years had determined that
Colonel Guffey and Committeeman It. U.
L. Mountcastlc, whose place also was
contested, would remain on the nstlunal
Attempts were made last night to dis
suade Mr. Hryan from making war In
Hie committee and up to the time he
went to the meeting today his cours
was said to have been undetermined. The
fight was precipitated, however, with a
buddeiines that surprised every one.
Immediately after hit arrival today
Governor Wilson set about to prepare a
siatemcnt explaining the alleged letter
his wrote to A. II. Jollne several years
atfo, suggesting that some method should
be dcvli-ed of "getting r'.d of Bryan."
Ilaltliaore la l.rad.
The committee set 3 o'clock as the lime
for hearing the representatives of the va
rious tltl.s Lidding lor the convention.
As this time approached Baltimore's
chalices seemed Increasing. It was said
supporters of Governor v oodrow Wilson
were throwing their strength to Balti
more. Governor Wilson reached the city
When Mr. Hryan, holding the Nebraska
proxy, reached Ui twuuulttee rovui he
was greeted with applause. Kach time
he moved from one beat to another to
greet a friend the applause was renewed
tCoutuiued ou tiooiid Page.)
I "
. .'O' ' (I
From the MinneaiHilis Journal.
Preacher Who Murdered Girl WiU
Appear in Court Tomorrow.
Counsel for Prisoner Will Attempt
to Secure Coruuiutatloa lleqaose
of Savins; of Espense to
the state.
BOSTON, Jan. S.-As Rev. Clarence V.
T. Klchesor. was about to be taken from
Jail to the superior court today, to changv
his plea from not guilty to guilty of mur
dering his former sweetlvart, his Jailers
were notified that his counsel could not
be present and that the accused clergy
man need not appear until tomorrow.
While the court has no option but to
pass sentence of leath, counsel for
Itlcheson hope tin fact that the con
fession of guilt will save the county largo
sums, protect Innocent persons from em
barrassing experience on the witness
stand and suppress much testimony
prejudicial to public morals, will have
weight with the governor and executive
council when a petition for commutation
of the death penalty' comes before them.
The proceeding In court tomorniw will
be brief. The young clergyman's counsel
will give formal notice of the deslro of I
their client to change his plea of not
guilty. Tho Indictment will be rend and I
district attorney may then move for Im
mediate sentence or ask for a brief de
lay. . The court' alo may desire suffi
cient time to think the matter-over.
On the matter of commutation,
governor cannot act without the consent
of a majority of the executive council.
One member of that council, John (Julnn,
of Boston, has expressed hlmselr us op
posed to Inflicting the death penalty on
Itlcheson, but Hie ' other members have
refused to commit themselves.
Iai tieolara of Crime, iie.soii t confession, us made public
yesterday, was bare of details. It Is
understood, however, that he enlarged on
ll In conciulioii and possibly in writing
to his counsel and that the dlstrlrt at
torney Is now lu possession of most of
the Information which has onm to the
defense. Willie no person can be quoted
as responsible for it, the etulcment Is made
on high authority that Hlchesons ampli
fied confession to his counsel v. a.-; on the
following lines:
After purchasing a quantity of cynude
' Continued on .Second Page.)
Uee 2561 Inches Ixxal Jls
play. '
:;ti7 Inches gain over 1911.
Next paper 2153 Inches Local
.114 Inches loan from 1911.
Third paper 1487 Inches Lo
cal Display.
Last Week
jjoe S838 inches Local Dis
play. 8 8 5 Inches gain over last year
Next paiier SU23 inches Local
902 Iticheb loss from 1911.
Third paper C802 Inches Local
Last Month'
Ueo 24941
inches Local Dis-
Nt jyir s-07!
1 u c b e a
lx)cal Display,
About 1500 Inches "indecent
medical" advertising refused
by The Hee wore ruu by the
' Next paper,"
Woman Shot Through
Window of Her Home
and Badly Wounded
i .
MITCHKLU f. U., Jsn. s.-(Sperlal.)-Offlcers
of I.ynmn county are searching
for a mysterious party who attempted to
Commit "murder- by the killing of a woman
In a lonely cabin south f Kenneboti, ,on
tile Hloux reservation. Mrs. Tlltori
lmteher was sitting In the house, a little
(liHlsiice f-oni the window and beside her
was a lighted lamp. Mr. Puteher was
working at the barn and heard Hie, shot
of a nun fired close to the hniiHcs to
which pliuo lie rsn and found his wife
lying across the bed. The gunshot took
effect in tint woman's leg and from the
knee to the ankle more than fifty shot
were Imbedded In tho flesh. The oldest
child wts standing Just out of range
of t lie gun and received one of the shot
In the ear. Tho person who fired the shot j
was standing at close range, for a good
portion of tho powder from the explosion
of the gnu entered the room. Sitting by
the light of the lamp, Mrs. lmteher
made a sure target for the murderer,
hut It Is believed his aim was made less
true by looking through two windows,
the st'irm window and the one Inside the
house. Tho Dutehers are at a loss to
know what has prompted the shooting,
for they have resided In that vicinity
but n year and have no enemies. Mrs.
Iutcher was taken to a hospital ami
ll will be some time liefore she can bo
House Committee
Stenographers Quit
Because Pay is Out
WASHINGTON, Jan. 1. For the first
time In the history of the government a
labor fctiikc held up the machinery of coa
nsslonal legislation today. The hunt
j committee stenographers refused lo work
I because the accounts committee reduced
their compensation from 25 lo U cents a
l folio. The sugar trust Investigatli g com
mittee had to adjourn until tomorrow.
French Republicans
Gain Eight Seats!
PAUIS, Jan. X. The complete returns
of the elections of ) senators which
were In Id ) rstcii'av, vheu a third of the
total number of senators had to present
themselves for re-election show a net
gain of eight seats for the republicans
and two for the republk an socialists,
while the reactionaries lost two seats, the
proyi'easivss lour und tlij Koelallst rad
icals four.
BICOVVNSVII.LK. Tex.. Jan. K. -Thirteen
of the men charged Willi violation of
tin; I'nlted Ktutes in utrullty laws lu help
ing the abortive It-yi s Mexic an revolu
tion plcadi-d guilty today. The cases
UKtilnst nine othirs were dismlssnl. Only
one caoj now remains, that against F. A.
Chapu of Sun Antonio, one of General
Bernardo l(ees' iiiot-1 Intimate friends.
MACON, lia , Jan. k.riult was filed
here today In the fedeial court for the
eastern division of the southern district
of Georgia to llssoue the American
Naval Ktorca company and subsidiary
corporations, which has its principal of
fices In fvavuimah. The officers of this
concern already haie been lu dieted.
Thermometer Records Decided Rise
in Temperature.
Itatlroade Arc Uettlnc Thai Tralas
Throafth 1 Better Snap Than
for Some Days rest Oae
Ilealo In Mlate.
1 Hellef from the extreme cold which held
Omaha In Its grasp for more than a week
came Sunday and at 3 o'clock yesterday
afternoon the I'nlted States weather bu
reau thermometer on the federal building
recorded the highest temperature It has
reached In U n duys-17 degrees above
sero. After that hour the mercury fell
steadily and by 8 o'clock It had reached
X degrees above sero. Forecaster L. A.
Welsh says he thinks the backbone of
the evere "snap" has been broken and
he does not expect any more such severe
and continued cold Weather.
Korly In tho evening' reports of a bll
sard were heard from Hlotix City and
Norfelk. In which places It was stated
that one of tho worst windstorms In sev
ers! years ass moving east at the rate of
fifty miles an hour. In the afternoon a
strong wind prevailed In Omaha, but by
evening It had abated and the tempera
ture was apparently holding Us own with
Mr. Welsh's prediction. The weather
bureau office had no Information regard
ing tho bllszurd.
At 7 o'clock y. sl Mdny morning the
Omaha brunch of the I'nlted States
weather bureau reported a temperature ot
S degrees below rero, a rise of thirteen
degrees from Hundsy morning, when the .
mercury stood st 16 below. The minimum
temperature during the night was 4 be
low. Th-i lonst iilchl temperature so
far this winter was 16 below. The mod
eration began Kunday afternoon and a
few suowflakes fell. During the evening
the weather continued to moderate. At
midnight a general snowfall began In
Omaha and continued for1 some time.
Yesterday morning a blanket of snow
covered the former snows.
Warmer In the West,
Aloiu' the railroad Urns leading to the
wst und northwest, there is a break Jn
the frigid spell, and while It was still
cold, leports lndlcaie.i much warmer
weather than Haturdiy or Hunday.
The Northwestern reported from icero to
7 below through the Black Hills, and a
light snow falling. West of Long line
the temperaturu was around sero, while
down on the Albion branch It ranged
from zero to 10 degrees above. All along
this line there was a snowfall Hunday
til Klit. ranging from Vac. to four inches.
The Burlington weather reports show
three Inches of new snow all through the !
country around Alllunce and four Inches j
in the Black Hills dirtrict. The coldest
at Alliance during the last twenty-four i
hours was 8 degrees below iti i o. It n
10 degrees below at eVutt's Bluff and from
3 above to 4 below all over the McCook
division. tm the hltrllng division, In
cluding western Nebraska and eastern
Colorado and Wyoming, temperatures
ranged from rero lu 10 degrees above at
Crawford, Neli.
Hau I'rusrn lu Ileal la Holt t uiuilf
NOKFOLK, Neb., Jan. . (tipei-lal Tele- j
grain.) ltepurts fiom the Itosebud region
of (South Dakota at noon were that a ter
rific billiard was raging there. The wind
switched to the northwest here.
This was the fifteenth consecutive day,
save one, that the tem)erature was aero
or lower in Norfolk. Today It was 14 be
low st 1 o'clock. Yesterday was the cold
est day In fourteeu years. The temera
ture got down to $ below sero, the record
since February, l-W. Four Inches more
of snow fell last night.
John 1 'her son. a ptoaeer la Holt county,
was found Irosen to death !n his csbln,
where he lived alone. i
ties mains in Norfolk have been affects.
iCoiitlisued on ftcond Page.)
State Railway Commission Agrees to
.Division of State by Bell and In
dependent Companies.
North Piatt to Bell, South Platte to
th Independents.
Order Grants J-ermission for the
Necessary notation.
Formal Ordrr Slaned hy State OffU
cere Seta Forth In Detail Provla.
Inna A a reed t'pon b- the,
Two Organisations.
tFrom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan.' S.-(Hpectal Telegram.)
--Contrary lo exiioetations, the railway
commission passed flnnlly this afternoon
on the proposed telephone merger, put
ting the seal of official approval on the
plan by which the Lincoln Telephone and
Telegraph company, generally known as;
the Independent Telephone company, "HI
Increase Its capital stock and take over
the property of the Hell companies In the
South Platte country.
The 'Nebraska Hell Telephone company
and the Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph
company signed contracts today by
which the former sells the latter all 'of
Its property In the south Platte country
n far west as the west line of Webster
and Adams county, while tho Lincoln
nompaiiy transfers to Its rival all of the
property ll owns norlu of the river.
The' price paid by the Uncoln company
to the' Hell Is t2,,7W. payable In 6 per
cent cumulative nonvoting preferred
stock of the Lincoln concern. In addi
tion the Hell agrees to purchase addi
tional slock of the same character up to
fMXi.ooO and to underwrite all bond issues
that may hereafter be necessary.
The present rapl'ai stork of the Lin
coln Telephone and Telegraph company
will be greatly Increased. Application was
made this afternoon to the (Mate Hallway
commission for authority to Increase the
common Issue stock IJTAOX) and to Issuu
13.000.WiO S per- cent preferred stook. A
part of this amount will be Issued to
complete the, purchas of the Bell, while
tho onmnion slock will be used , to buy
such Independent plants in the territory
named as are not now a part ot the Lin
coln Telephone ar.d Telegraph company,
but which may desire to Join a corpora
tion that now dominates the telephone
business In this field.
liitislon of Territory.
The territory from wblch the Hell with
draws enversilwenty-two counties In tht
etate Hteharjson, Nemaha. Casi, Otoe,
launders, Pawnee, JuhnaJn, Lancaster,
tinge, Jefferson, Thayer, Nuuicolls, Clay,
Hamilton, Turk, 1 oik, Hutlcr, rieward,
Hallne, l'iilmore, Webster and Adams. In
addition to tho loll lines and exchanges of
Its own that ll has been operating In this
section, Hie Hell slso hands over to the
Lincoln company Its majority stock In
terest In the Platlnmouth Telephone com
pany, the Nebraska City Telephone com
pany, the Ooldonrod Telephone company
and the Hutler County Telephone com
pany. The two first named are Indepen
dent companies which the Hell has pur
chased within the last fourteen months,
but which a supreme court Injunction, se
cured by the attorney general at the In
stance of the Independent Interests, hss
prcvontod being msde a distinctive part
of its system. The three plants conveyed
by the Lincoln company, through the
transfer of a major stock Interest, are
those located at Fremont and Grand Is
land, and the several exchanges Included
In the Howard County Independent com.
The prices paid by both companies rep
resent the physical valuation of the prop
erties, Inventories of which have been
completed, a task that delayed, the con
clusion of the negotiations begun months)
latereliaaae of Hasloeas.
While the effect of this transfer will
be to give the independents complete con
trol of the Houth Platte and make the
Hell the dominant factor In the Nortli
Platte, an agreement for an interchange
of loll business and the physical connec
tion of the two systems at all necessary
points, . gives U the state a unified sys
tem, where before it was a divided serv
ice. All connection contracts of the Hell
with farm inutuals and Independents not
a rt of the Lincoln system, wherever
these exist, are protected. The independ
ent users In the Boulh Platte will have
full optKirtunity to use the universal
service offered by th Bell, while all
Hell patrons in other sections of . the
stato will be able to reach all Independent
subscribers. The withdrawal ot the Lin
coln company from north of the'rlvei'
does not change the present status of this
Independent companies in the section.
The Lincoln company, while the largest
Independent cororatloii III the Soutli
Platte, owns- only four exchanges out
right and largo slock Interests In a dozen
others. There are several large Inde
pendents which are not a part of It, as
well a a large number .of small com
I aules that serve rural communities. In
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