Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 02, 1912, Page 9, Image 9

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    Till: HEE: OMAHA. Tl IKK DAY. JANTAKY 2. hH2.
lloasa and (oltnjH,
flTT IOVGLA"--: rooms modern e-soept
lieat. .x per month. el Doualns &..
I-HOOM houxe, modera except lies:. Ill
N. 2tth St.. 130.
T-rooin hou. modern except beau 31)
Charles St.,
rooms, 2d Door. 110 N. th 6L, mod
ern except heat, $14.
J-room cottage, modern itnpt licit, 134
N. Zl& St.. UO.
ii-ronm l.cuse. modem except heat, 1611
Co-by St., IIP.
6- room. 1st floor. 1X1 N. ISth ft.. Partly
rnodern, lis.
-ruom. 2d (loot. 1981 N. Kto et. toilet
7- roora he use, modern except tt, CX9
Iinrd St.. VO.
CHRIS BOVF.n. Td m1 earning Sti
s-ROOi'i modern house, a N. Beth St,
Choice . location. Heinny lis.
$19 V.lose In. all modern 8-room brick
flat. Ttfj N. 2nh ft.
43S Paxtnn Block. Done;. 2411.
For Rfcnt
Brick House
Four bedroom!!, bUli and toilet 6n sec
oiid floor; large lamily room, dining
room, buttery, kitchen, refrigerator rooiii,
hall and vestibule on firi door; full
oement basement, with toilot; furnace
eat; everything first class and strictly
rmndein. lacated at 1611 Georgia Ave. See
the owner at lfi9 Georgia Ate,, or phone
Harney l.W.
FOR Rk..Vi New 10-room modern
bnck nouse, 2632 Harnuy; ready Jan. 1.
Hot water beat.
Inquire T. J. O'Brien. IUushaw hotel.
Phones. D. 121t, H-1004.
OMAHA Van and Burtta Co. pack,
moves, stores household giwm. Fireproof
'Storage. Ml 8. lmh. Blanch SO b. Liu.
'icl. Dougias 4161. A-KUi
WESi of high school, a-room modem
house and barn, reduced to $27.
Six-room cottage and barn, 117.50.
Telephone Doug. 1M4.
an urown iuh
VOR REN X t our-ioom cottaga on Xkth
Ave., between Dodge and Douglas sirse'.a.
free better L. Thomas. 412 Bee Bldg.
kJ UtleW Lit ClE.
7 rooms, 4213 N. 14th St., $17.f0.
7 rooms, 130 B. Mth Pt., $?5.
7 rooms, 1107 Paclfle St., $2l.M.
7 rooms, 2766 Davenport St., 125.
8 rooms, 39 N. tn SC., hot water heat,
8 rooms, 1737 Park Ave., $25.
W. R. MKIKLE, 5 Ramge Bids.
HOUSE 8 rooms, modern, 1MU Cass St.,
very desirable within five minutes'
walk of postornoe.
ft-ROOM flat, second floor. MS North
?4th street. . s.
8-room house nt KT-Q North 17th street.
1517 Farnam street.
9-KOOM, strictly modern. 4225 Farnam,
130. J. I. Kemp, 2512 Leavenworth.
FIRST-CLASS 6-room cottage, clean,
cozy, mon. exvept ngni r.
rvr -7 rrtnrtrn lott H Xfith Hi.
near Farnam,' fine condition, $35; one
7-room, modern, 2705 Howard St.. close
' K.tmrvM modern cottaae. ox. heat. 2302
wirt, weosier
I'hn UhAV ir mAltA Ah&h. beautiful
new seven-room house and barn. All mod
ern; nice location. Telephone Douglas 98,
or Florence 192.
FOR RENT The Thallan. 6M S. 25th
Ave., 6-room suite; first floor; hot water
heat; best Janitor service; new and up-to-date;
$37.M. . ,
MOD. 6-rooni ottage; fine rep'r. H. 3H44.
81X-ROOMKU house, hot watsr heat,
gas, electric lltrht And shades. 2702 Bristol,
i.-rooni modern except heat, 3602 Wirt.
Fhone W. 4:W.
Houses. Ins. Rlnirwalt. tjrandeta Th. Bids..
FOR 11E1ST-T6 nice colored tenant,
9 room, tnodern except eat. 1518 Ohio.
Stores am Offices.
WISH to sublet suite cf five rooms ta
City National lnk IlidK. Call D 41 IS.
15 l-ame store ' room 23rxHOi'' good for
merchant tailor, shoe shop, etc. tu76 Cum
ing t.
. 4:tS Pax to n Hluck. Doug. 2418.
BTOKE at 230S Cuming street.
Htore at 21ue Cuming street.
Store at a Nonh 1 wenty-fonrth.
New store at 1504 Harney street.
Office or salesroom at loth and Harney
Office at . 1517 Tarnani street, second
.floor. ...
(Store at S38 North2th, South Omaha.
1SU Farnam Street.
1K12 Harney fit., 82xli feet.'
2124 Karnam St., 17x6 leeU
S. B. CURTIS, 1W Harney St.
Knraltmrr. .
2t22 liavenport. No. 7 cook stove; good
condition, $4.
HOL.L.TOF desk and maple balcony for
Interior of store, tOxS teet, reasonable.
Friedman, 301 M. 13th, Omaha.
FURNITURE tor 4-room house, Includ
ing cooking utensils, cheap:, good as new,
4018 N. 2lto St. Webster 21123.
Ulcal lnstrameata.
PIANO, slightly uxed, at a dargaln.
Sersiiotn fmua Mis. Co.. llKo and
Farnam rita.
KLECTK1C piano and rounto box re
1 .irii. icius atauttina Co.. xut Lsv w in.
for lent. THt MONARCH 'itl--
, niit-.u CO.. il a itn. rnona U eua
RaUsT an Oliver iynic4' uum tu
Outti -typerttr Co. tuiiias TOls.
'i l-V tvlllillo, ALL . MAvti--or
sa.a ur rtnt. urget siuuh, ImmI i.iitsn
it. F. hwaiiBon -o.. Uli lainsia m,
6M1T11 iJUt.AllLiii. uious Mo, or
io. 4, in sxcciituk k-vudittuo, ibiu1 turt
l nun ma lui vu
fcMHl i ilu..lER TYrT WRITER CO
UlU and iJoiutias.
,Mit-f llnneous,
Peanut, gum, match aim poat card
machinea. Aviuiv alclaiis Co., 4L'
1 avsnwurth.
tJAt io ubiibiocacu wuti iiecuiiU-hanti
sates, ail aizs and inukes, baiKaios.
American Fu.fiy Co., 11 Jo Kaina.n tit.
FOR BALL iw tuu sscuiid-uanu
carom ana iuu.ui bliliid tables and
iiowlwtf .u aid nuisokoi.vii, bar fix
tures uf all kiiius, i any iaiusui in
Bi'Uuawick-tlu!u-Cu!.aiidt.'i' t'u, .'-tt'j u
3 'th St.
FOR bAl.k iw.i suiioiart.nps iu IDs
Omaha Commercial t'oncnij aim cne lit
lloylea tolitt;. ijt.uct ui.'uc, ooiabi
REMOVAL mlv of diamonds, jewelry,
lothing. mm i mid ladies' (ur overcoat,
raps and gloves, now on sale at Fried
man a Ixutn llaiik. lMili and LKiuglas, will
move to l.'il Louglaa Ju:i. li, Uli. Auc
tion sale 6: SO p. in.
IU, Lit. ilium, 1m t-arti.iui .
K 1-N U).l. i.. 4 h. iJroi.a VV. ii.j.
Coat toe u: or furnace. iry IL
liainionj VVeiii. Webster Ms.
ELECTRIC piorio and muslo roll re
pairing. Acme Machine Co., 3121 Leaven
PURE WHITE, diamond Vt K
worth $300, now. lit Diamond Biud.
1 K., worth $3J6, now $i-&. Diamond
Stud, m K., worth $275. now :ml.
Closing out at Auction every evening at
C J0 p. in. Friedman s Loan Ran. Utn
and louglaa.
BACRir'lc'ai. Kimball organ; nearly
ntiiA.i oany Duggy,.good a new.
Inquire 112$ So. Jth tt. phone H.
Will sell rsk roll top desk, 4 ft. t In. One
oak flat top desk, rug, chairs and other
furniture. These goods have been used
and ran he purchased, at a bargain.
Cara l e pub. Co., Omaha.
A New Truss
Does not spread the rupture open In
ternally as convex pads do. Write for
"ss Broadway. New York City.
Olac'lsh Thermae. ?tl. r1 vt
Mi-ni(f, iiiiii.iIi'.um, M tiul Itosian i..d
YOUNti worn. ewttintf lo tlmthit a
strant'er ate Inviteil to v I 1 1 the Yount
Women's ChrlKlsn sswlntlon bmldmj
at Seventeenth ad kt. Mary's Ave.
where they will be dlrerte.1 to sultsblt
boardlnv placea or otherwise assisieo
Look for our travelers' aid at tlis Iiim
I. tent wtni al kiiids ia
machines. In1. A-iM Ixinuls iwl
15th end l-mrney sts.
MINIX'O 'l.Vbl.KIM ttlir binl.l. bracu
s'reiiKthen. 0c. HKI.L DUl'tl IX).
f SSA(i)'" Treatment. Mrs. SI
JUltJOilUJj yM ltaaKr Ground f
MAnAliM-swilti movement; nothing
letter for rheumatism; laflle. 1; Rftit e
tnn, II SO. AM. 1. 1 Farnsm. D. !.
remedy for Itching, bleeding or protrud
ing piles: 50e postpaid; sample free. Sher
man ft WcConnell Drug Co.. Omaha.
L1EBFN, mask suits to hire, laU Haw'tl
THE SALVA'liON ARMY solicits vest
off clothing; in fact, anything do no
b4. We collect, repair anc sell, at lit
N. IMh St., for cost of collection, to the
worthy poor. Call 'phone Douglas
and wagons will rail.
Mrs. Snyder, mast-axe, electrical treat
ment. 1 Dunsaiiy, 10th & Pierce. D. 4SM.
Dr. Hurke. Women d.tra-M. i Uug. Kit
ANYONE knowing the whereahouta of
Davl 1 Ooets notify Edward
Oiieti, Rensrelaer lnd. Mother Is dead.
When last heard from wus employed In
brick yard nnar Omaha.
1 1 1 V Rath, tait g.ow aromatic
JLIOOAUL treatment. Mme. Allen,
Chicago. KM S. 17th St.. 1st floor. D. 7bt.
f A 1 V IVTU 1 treatment. K. Droit, il
.UiHITi 1 lVv H inth 2d floor. I). n'2h!
Screenings. 8l.a6 per )0. VV aitner. K.d N. li
SHE naturally Is looKlns; lor a dessert
that needs but little prepnration. Tell
her of Dalfteli's Ice erosm. If Mrs. H. C.
Ysrwood, 3u:B Meredith Ave., will come
to The Hee office within three days we
will give her an order for a quart brick
of this tine Ice cream.
Electrlo gas fixtures. Omaha Silver Co.
Ideal Cement Stone Co.. liUi and Cuming.
Fucha, Hon & Blind, painting, decorating
ROOFING PAINT, building paper, plas
ter board. Amer. Sup. Co., lis Nicholas
Masonry con.. Jobber. Healy. Web. 1241.
for some one that would buy my house
at 808 South 35th Ave., 2Si stories, with
full basement and. vegetable cellar; hoi
water heat; finished In birch; large sleep
lng porch with sash for winter and
screens for summer; combination tlxtures
and finished attic: paved street; all spe
cial taxes paid. Might take In a vacant
lot. Phone H. 3824. for particulars.
6-ROOM bungalow, 24x40. full basement,
modern. 331 S. Le roy, Benson. Small
payment down, balance same as rent.
Phone Benson 293.
Farnam ' St. bullulng. 8 story brick
offices and store. Forced sale to pay
creditor, at much less than value. We
can arrange loan for part of purchase
Corner opposite Manscom park, south
and east front, S-room modern house,
offer us half what It cost.
Brick business and flat properties be
longing to nonresident owners. $8,000 to
$JS,H0. Get our list.
Thomas Brennan
Financial correspondent for National
and Penn. Mutual Insurance companies.
City and farm loans.
K. W. Gannett. Mgr. real estate dept.
Doug. 12&1. SO6-810 City Nat. Bk. UUlg.
Geo. P. Bemis and C. G. Carl
berg wishes you all a Happy
and Prosperous New Year.
Bemis-Carlberg Co.
310-312 Brandeis Theater Bldg.
Seven-room modern house at 2808
Webster St., having parlor, living room,
dining room, Bleeping room and kitchen
on first floor; all except kitchen have
quarter-sawed oak floors; two sleeping
rouins upstairs; cement porch. On same
lot facing esst Is four-room cottage,
modern except furnace; corner lot lOOx
75 faet, nicely terraced. Room on cor
ner for another house; permanent
walks, paved street.
AV1U sacrifice for quick sale at $6. 600.
1614 City National Bank Bldg.
Telephone Douglas 786.
A Special Bargain
A new home of 7 rooms, modern; hard
wood finish; owner has moved to Denver
and will sell cheap; houre No. 2447 Plnk
ney St.; small amount cash; balanoe
monthly, make an offer. Key first door
north of residence.,
Toland & Wiley
448 Hee Rldg.
$100 CASH
as first payment will buy a nearly netv
6-room modern except heat cottage lo-
tflicu at 1 1 .xi imu ni. iiuuvc nas lino
lighting fixtures, best of plumbing, lull
uV-ft. east front lot, near car and school.
Oo out and look at It. then submit your
C-! Brandeis Rldg. Doug. 1053. A-265.T
The Right Place fur Your Factory.
t noioe irackage Liots
Very Cheap
Located along Missouri Pacific right-of-way,
between Leavenworth and Cen
ter Sis. See uie at once.
1514 City National Hank Rldg.
Telephone liouglas 76.
FOR SALE Established real estate. In
surance and rental business. Am going
Into other business, good reason for sell
ing, tiext 10 days, answer lu-R. care Bee,
South Omaha. Neb
WHAT are holidays without a nice box
of the famous canuy made bv D. J
O'Brien? If Mrs. Paul McKee, 3311 Irl
more Ave., will euniu to The Ret- office
within three days we will give her an
older lor a 6cent box of O'Urlen s
l-inti i t c it i. fort g a t. r
1H0 seres of Improved Colorado land
good soli, for $0. small frame housed
40 acres In cultivation, every acre rail be
cultivated. Tenty-flve miles east of
Colorado Springs. Eleven miles from
pelon on the Rock Island. A great bar
1511 City National Bank Rldg.
Tel, Douglas Ttti,
Look over all vour oods nnrl rhnttk
By O -
decide on what you can do
advertise them for sale in The Bee. Re
sults assured
FARM .e Htf ll I.AM FOH I.K
We are urieriug 10, 2v and 4u-acrs tracts
and upwards located in Columb.a county
near Lake City. Fivrida. 50 milue west nf
Jacksonville and only SO miles from St.
Augustine. This property Is Intersected
by three railroads of national reputation,
which furnish the best of services at
isasonable rates to all markets uf the
United States.
The climate 1s ideal. Fins farms are
new being worked in our tract with
exceptionally good results. Own one of
our farms. Investigate our otter. ttmaK
isnli paments ami easy terms.
Low rates dally. Tickets good until
June 1.
(Sales Agents)
COO Omaha Nat.onal Hank Bldg .
Omaha. Neb
.Traversed by t tie
Lands adaptable to the widest range of
rrops. All the money crops of the south
plentifully produced. For literature treat
ing with tills coming cot.ntry, Its soil,
climate, church and school advantages,
(Jeners'i Passenger Agint.
THE easiest way la find a buyer for
lour farm Is to Insert a small want ad
in the Dos Moine Capital. Largest cir
culation In tha state of Iowa, 43,Ou0 daily.
The Capital is read by and believed In by
the standpatters oi lowu, who simply it
fuss to permit any other paper in. their
homes. Ha lev 1 vent a word a da; $1.'J
per Una per month; count fix ordinary
words to lh line. Address Des Monies
Capital, Dea Mamas, la.
100 ACRES well unproved farm, five
miles from Council Rluffa at a sacrifice.
M. Bouriclous At Co., Real Estate and
lxians, over 330 I'roadwsy.
FOR SALE Chicken ranch, 8Vi acres;
plenty of fruit and peaches; good build
ings; location tfeiitral Illinois; for par
ticulars writs Laurens. Iowa, Routs 1,
box 11.
Timber and grazing lundx, $5 to
General farms. $10 to $40,
Fruit lands, $25 to $.V).
Map and llteraturo free.
Box 42!, Omaha.
ftrv Mexioo.
crops ard profits sure. Fruit and alfalfa.
Government Irrigation. Considering cost
snd profits, we offer the best on the mar
ket. Come or write. Hartshorn & Co.,
i-silsbuu. New Mexico.
North Dakota.
on crop payment plan; no money down.
Write for particulars. NORTHERN
Metropolitan Life Bldg., Minneapolis,
WANTED City loans and wairania. W.
Farnam Smith & Co.. 1320 Farnam St.
OMAHA Property and Nebraska Lands.
101 New Omaha Nat'l bank Building.
FARM LOANS near Omaha; no commis
sion; options i payments; cheap money.
Orln 8. Merrill, lu.1 City Nat I bank uidg.
MONEY to loans on business ur resi
dence properties, tl.Ouo to lauu.uuo. W. ii.
THOMAS. ta First Natl Rank Bldg.
v$100 to $10,000 made piomptly. F..
vVead. Wed Rldg.. lkth and Farnam.
WANTED City loans. Peters trust Co.
LOW RAlKS. 14h.Mla-iAKLi.ii.KU CO-210-112
B.andels Theater i-ldg.
(JAUVTN HRf)S koans, touu and up.
ilia Nafl Bank
LARGS LOANS, municipal bonds, mort
gages bought and sold. Xl)LL LHOS.
, BLACKSMITH shop and residence
property for sale or trade. S. Arnold,
Johnson. Neb,
WE offer $4,000, ti,U"0. $10,000. $15,000,
$20,000 dry goods, notions, groceries and
crockery, In exchange for land. Fremont
S. Gibson, Charles City. Iowa.
FIRST-CLASS suburban picture show.
Address. G 102. Hee.
WILL TRADE lot at 85th and Fort
Omaha Ave. for horse, wagon and har
ness. 'Phone Harney 8703.
WILL exchange tor stock of goods.
$4.50ii equity In a H-niom modern house in
LeMars, la. 11. E. Freeman, Clear Lake,
la. .
td-haml goods. Kleser ItTiJ Center. D. 6M1
WANTED To buy first clsss boarding
house In Omaha. H lain, cure Ree.
GOOD sewing machine. Singer preferred,
Webster 14i) or Douglas Wf
ANY connoisseur of confectionery will
readily tell you Hint there are no candles
which csn outshine O' Hrken's In purity
or daintiness. If Mrs. George Rahn, xi
N. iwh St.. South Onuiha, will come to
The Hee office within three days we will
Klve her an order lor a 09-cent box of
O'Hrlen s candy.
AN 1 tu-i okiliou So liouseKeeper tif
respectable middle-aged lady. Prefer
titiine with children. Also experienced as
nurse. Address Mrs. Maile Turner, ktn
,:kl delivery Coutirll HHiffs. la.
SITUATION wanted by two experienced
girls as cook or "second girl. Answer
P. O. Hox&-5;
bllCAljU.s Wanted-- manager uf
general btoie, country to -in; experienced.
) i)'.. Hae.
WASHING and curtains done. T. It. 5420
Rt-Hjiv tvi---i uiiU clerical wora
svenuia1 anu n.tin.uuMi o lewriur
Artdrcs I, i43, Hep.
itini-t. yuuna muir., piano p.aer and
singer iiun. i'i- -t.oii iri pn'tore shoa. sx-r-la
. -.,1 rVnirla U-Vi K 778. Has.
POSli'lUN Viaillw- ij . AU
fctenonyai'i'er; lelereii-e aa .0 uUtt.l
H all ey M4.
Young man neids work for buara and
room. I'boDS Douglas 42k4.
lOtiNu ui-o. ...... ,u,4 as oar
tnot . .noil. 8 rii. Bee.
W ill i E lady desires steady piac-ks of
day worn, neat, conscientious; dues nut
d.sappoinimtnt -iit,akeiiiciit. l-tiuin ti.
U AN'l ED Puailkun by au expert pvt.
niun; bookkeeping experience, sibo mi-rit-nce
as policy engrosser witli insurance
company; best if references; age, ii,
n i ' . i . one Dousias 3u22.
ilU gus want pus. Hon, either us cook
or geneial housework. P. O. Box U!j,
OmMia. Neb.
YOUNG man wants place to woi k for
board while attending school. lioyles
culltgn. Dnugls l.4 or lnd. A -MM
LADY, ticul and apjbie, wishes light
housework or care of a child. Audreys A
W2h rare Ree.
WANTE1 A position as matchman or
secret servicing, good references. G 102i,
VI Hi i i .
SPd e ear.
. u.-t. wa
ll. t;o.
m, seat
YOUNG MAN want position working
evening: good mechanic. J 1024, Ree.
F. 1 ' El tT K N C K 1 Ta u niTreTs" w ("1111 eV pnal -tion
or 4 days a week in private family;
would do house work also. 4213 S. loth
W A NTKl a housekecer.
('nil or address lMi N. Kith St. Mrs. F.
VOMAN with child would Hkposliloiit
as housekeeper In small family. 'Phono
Douglas 034U.
TELE I' HON K opeiator wouldllke pl
tlon In or out of city. Call Doug. ct4n.
WANTEIJ I'osilloii a lady sTeno
grapher; with months experience; good
reference; will start with $. O 1022. Hee.
VV AN IEI 1'oelllon as slealadv with
months' experience; will start with $s.
O 1022. Ree.
AN exporlenced middle aged Inilv wishes
position ienoral housework In small fam
ily or elderly couple. Address, N 1021, Hee.
YUl'NG lady typnet wishes position
with reliable house where thero Is chance
for advancement; will start on small
salary; best of references. 'I'huue
Web. MS. .
OUNG LADY stenographer wishes a
position In office; beet of referen-es.
Willing to start at small SHlary. Tel.
Webster 7H.
HAVE you decided what to get your
lady friend for the holidays T There Is
nothing that would please her better than
a dalntv box of O'Hrlfn'e candy. If
Minnie Rirnnrds, 4'121 Grsnd Ave., will
come to The Hee office within throe dnys
wo will give her an order for a GO-cent
box of t) Hrlen s tandy.
Chip your stock to ituuth Omaha; savs
mllesga and shrinkage, your consign
inents receive prompt aid careful atten
Rvers Rros. Co. Stronst and responslbl
WOOD h ijlS.. j.A- .xc.iaii,f Hulg.
Great West. Com. Co.. iimalia a Denver.
W. R. SMITH i SON just handie sheep.
W. F. DENNV at CO.. 2j ExcIi. bldg.
TAGG KUO lianole eati.e, nogs, sheap.
'clay Kolilnsoii u Co., wu Exch. Rldg.
Intersiaie Co. Better -esuitM. Whip to US.
CLIFTON Com. Co. -22 Exchange Bidg.
KI'RKK-Kli 'KLf CO.." 201 ExoeT U I d g.
L. E. ROHIvRTH at CtA. - Eson. id.
Cox Jones Com. Co., buncn of husHers.
Farmers L t. Com. Co.. iSxcna.iws.
Deposit proceeds of shipments In Stock
Yards Nat l oank. Only bank at yards
Martin Bros. t Co.. 2U--4 Exch. Bldg.
Nebraska-lowa Grain Co.. 7M Brandeis.
WEEKS GRAIN CO., gi atn merchants,
consigiinients solicl'ei.. W3 flrandels.
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Bee Building company will be held
nt the office of said nompany,- Omaha,
Nebraska, at 4 o'clock p. m. Tuesday,
January 16, 1912, for the election of the
board of directors for tha ensuing year,
and for the transaction of such other
business as may properly com before
the meeting.
By order of the president
N. I'. FL1L, Secretary.
D17 oJ 1 j
braska. December . lull. Notice la hereby
given to the stockholders ot Lee-Glees-Andreesen
Hardware company that ths
annual meeting of the stockholders ot tns
company will be held at the offlcwa of
said company, corner ot Ninth and Har
ney streets. In the city nf Omaha, In th
state ot Nebraska, on Tuesday, January
t, A. D., 1912 . at J o'clock p. m for ths
purpose of electing a board nf directors
tor ths company to serve during ths ensu
ing year, and to transact such other
business as may be presented at sucb
meeting. Attest: W. M. Glass. Socia
ls ry; 11. J. Le. President.
Stockholders Meeting uf The Union
Land Company.
Notice I hereby given that the annuul
maetlng of the stoCKholdeta cf The Union
Land Company for tha election of live
directors and the transaction of such
oilier business as may legally como be
fore the meeting, will be held at tha
office of the General Solicitor, Union
Paclflo Headquurtete Building, lStti and
Dodge sireets, Omaha, Nebraska, on
Monday, the nth uay of January, 191J,
at 10 o'clock A. M.
The stock transfer books will be closed
10 days previous to the Hireling
Alex. Miller,
New York Clly. N. T., Dec. U. mil.
Olid 20 1
t.NtUA iiaiiuA iia ami Mason
Unloa Paelflc
Depart Arrive.
San Fran. Overl'd L. .a.4um a.4Qpm
China 4k Japan F. M..a 4 06 pm a(:45pin
Atlantic Expiesa a 46 am
Oiegon Express all 8.1pm a b:U pin
Los Angsias Limited. . all:4i pm af:4upm
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Bloux City Pass b 25 pra
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Emerson Local b pm b a. 10 am
lb) dally except Sunday, tcj uilday
only. ia dal.y.
Asnsr leant "The Oirl aad hs Jadgo."
Boydt "Aa Toa I. Ik a It" (mattaos)
and "Othsllo" (alght).
Braadslst "lohool Dart."
Qayetyi Barlasqao.
Krogt Barleaqao.
Orphsam VandeTllU.
Matlneo at all these sosaoa today.
Mr. Maatrll a the lloyd.
Mr. Mantell and company In "Richard
HI," a drama by William Shakespeare
tCnlly Clhher version I. 111 six Hi'tr and
eleven scenes. The cast :
Duke of Gloster Mr. Mantell
An ofrlcer Mr. Frederick Diiytoil
Sir William Catesby
Mr. L'Estrange Mrtlnmn
Sir Richard Ratcllffe
Mr. Casson Ferguson
"Sir" James TyrreL..Mr. Esrl Yeoditker
Karl of Oxford Mr. Et?'li Foo
Sir Jumps HI. unit Mr. K Oiirvts
A cnptaln of the guards. .. Mr. Cyril Tla pa
Eurl nf Richmond, afterward King
Henry VII Mr. Frltx Lelber
Duke of Norfolk Mr. Charles Keeno
Iudy Anne, widow of Edward of
Wales Miss Keith Wakrtnan
Sir Robert Hrackenbury, lieutenant
at the Tower.... Mr. Casaon Ferguson
Lord Stanley, carl of Dertav
Mr. Alfred HaslliiRs
King Henry VI Mr. John Crawley
Tressel Mr. John Hurke
Duke of Riicklnghsm...Mr. Ouy Llndsley
Princn f Wales. .Miss Genevieve Hamper
Lord mayor ot lnulon
Mr. W. II. Nlemeycr
Duchess of York, mother of Edward
IV and Gloster
Miss Genevieve Reynolds
Elizabeth, widow of Edwnrd IV
Miss Agnes Elliott Scott
Mr. Robert Bruce Mantell has come to
Omaha again, this time to execute a self
imposed task which even his mighty
namesake might have looked upon with
trembling and misgivings. For Mr. Man
tell proposes to enact six different ploys
within the epaee of four days, having two
afternoon performances; five of these
plays are Hhakesperean, the Sixth the
near-classic "Richelieu." In the course
of his undertaking Mr. Mantell will range
In assumption of character from the ro
bust, athletic youngster, Orlando, to tha
senile and doddering Iar; from the un
scrupulously bold and cruel warrior-king,
Richard IH, to the philosophical student,
Hamlet; and trim the honest and Im
petuous martinet, Othello, td tho irafty
statesman, Richelieu. If swrlnua tlientrl
ral endeavor anywhere presents a wider
range than thiH. It does not at this mo
ment occur to mind. Mr. Mantell Is at
least Immune from the sccttsatlon that
the la a dress parade actor.
Mr. Mantell began his work Inst night
at the Hoyd theater by presenting "Rich
ard HI" In Impressive fashion. H! uses
tha Colly c'tbber version, long ago made
ss familiar to patrons of the theater as
.Shakespeare's version' Is to the student.
It Is much more useful to Mr. Mantell
thin somo of the other roles he under
take, as It offers hlin scope for tho
qualities of acting with which he is most
blessed. He keeps rloso to the conven
tional notion of Richard, but does It so
wel that It seems like a creation. If
anything, he emphasises tho cruelly of
the character at tho expense nf Its sub
tlety; for It musl be recalled that Rich
ard was really tho ytatpsman and poli
tician as well as the warrior of 4he York
ist branch of the house of Plantagenet,
and his craft was equal to his couruKO
or his cruelty, Hut Mantell seems to
revel In the sardonic humor of the role
and throws It Into high relief at all times.
Ills scene with King Henry, hl wooing
of Anne, his rosenlng of his mother and
slHter-ln-law, and his hypocrisy with the
lord mayor and rltlxeni are well done,
and In his dream llm night before Hos
worth lis Is very effective. In a word,
Mantell la good, but not great, as Rich
ard III.
Mr. Crawley Is really Impressive as
Henry VI and Mr. Llndxlry makes Rock
ingham much what It ought to be; Mr.
Lleher gives a popular notion of young
Richmond, and Miss Wakeman, M'S Hey.
nolds and Miss Scott are well cuhi for
tie roles Ihey rarry. In general. Mr.
Mantell has excellent support and his
stags direction Is ice lent. )n niig'it
wish, however, that Richard's army
looked lefs like FalMaff .1, and to add the
l.opc that tome day a hunuer will urho
allwSra lit A
WASIIINGTiiN. .Inn. 1. - The condition
of ItrpreiM'ntatlve I tidrtHooil of Alnbaina,
who yrstvrilay tkn III Willi Indi
cation of npprniltrltl, tva much Ini
provrd t.wlny and he announced that he
expected lo be able to retime hi duties
n chairman of the house committee on
ways, snd means at the beginning of busi
ness Tuesday. It Is said now that his In
disposition was duo to n severe cold.
It? the tsost palatial
rralilDg iMmr ifl.xt
(16.500 Tonal
Bslllng fmm New York
1". rtm ...
IMHtTl rt !,, ! l N, tlis
Ht lll lKIII. CMCtX simI
ike trtlK.r. 0t 92.1
Sid lilissrn. 'Pie "VlCl.iltl
LI ISM'' la rnnl'it fllk erirj
luinlers feainrs. sniTlilitui errj
Itikurv anil ceDifort on hxit
ilea fYwtsas fs TTf lnttrj. AW Xmerlrs,
areas l K01IJ. Hals sss nrr', sir
Send for Illustrates Booklet.
IjU W. Randolph St., Chicago, or local agt.
T The
West Indies
The American Kiricri
The Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.
Especially attractive tour ot
For Particulars Write to
Hunlrnon A Hon, ()n. Agents,
1 No. Iji Halle Nt., C Mltsiro,
.Or Any 8toamshlp Agency.
with tho courage to lop off the Bosworlh
Field episode. Richard could well be dis
posed of anil Richmond's triumph as
sured without tho expedient of a "00m
bat" that la so patently no combat at all.
Or. aa an alternative, let ua return to tbe
robustious days of Forrest or JTom Keeno,
whose Richmond had to fight or b
driven Inglorlously from tho scene.
Thla afternoon "Aa Yon Like It." with
MUa Wakeman In tho role of Rosalind,
Mr. Mantell as Orlando and Mr. IJchor
Q Jacques, is to bo tha bill, and It ought
to 'be a real delight. Mien Wakeman
should make a charming Rosalind. To
night "Othello" will he presented, with
Mr. Mantell as tha Moor. Mr. Lleher aa
lago and Miss Wakeman a Desdemona.
"School Dnys" at the llrandels.
"School Dnys," a mimical play In three
arts by tins Edwards; under direction
of Htulr At Havlln. The prlnctpuls:
Riff Dugan, from the East Side
Hobble Wagner
Carl Dashund, brought up tinder the
burrau Joseph Marks
Metier Pear, very sweet. .Lllllnn Luvone
I ma 1'inon, she stutters Edna Evans
Vera Nutty, very nutty Elmyra Evans
Llsxin Brown, she lisp Viola Evans
Johnny Huston Beana Party, literary
diet William Newklrk
Jimmy ltarrv IJvlngston
Tlmmy ja,k Fcrlman
(The Hold Up Twins.)
Irfitta Gold, very rich Utura 1-alrd
Tommy Tatlres, tattern and torn
Hilly H. Newton
Tony the flower vender Milton Felber
I ma Hong Marlon Iaivone
Ura HKK Addle Gllant
Sassy Utile, very sassy... .Grace Chllders
Nonnle, anonymous Maud Campbell
Ixay Ievy, greenhorn Just over
Herman Tlinberg
Captain Btnghum, one of the finest....
William Llewellyn
Miss Take, our beautiful teacher
Alma Hill
There la some Ineffable charm abuut the
scenes depicted In "School Days," which
opened yesterday for a week's run at the
Hrandels, that makes It mellow Into a
belter and better show as It romea bai k
season after season. Young, likeable
Herman Tunherg Is still with "School
Days," and still retains his violin, from
which Im draws soma ot the sweetest
tones thiit one could wish to hear. Mr.
Tlmberg Is surrounded with a pfHtty,
shapely and youthful bunch uf girls, who
dance agilely and pleasingly. Mr. Tim
ber)? himself Is mom certain in his Im
personation of tint young Russian Jew,
who has Just lunded In this country.
Two large audiences were present far
tha opening performance yrsterduy.
Though Hie matinee crowd was forced to
awnlt the arrlvul ot a delayed train
beurlug the troup and wait two hours
It was patient and seemed to enjoy the
show mure bourne of this long wait. .
Present at the afternoon performance
were many children, and Ihey were en
IhiiHlastlo for everything that the school
characters on the stage did. Indeed,
"School Days" Is a show primarily for
youngsters, and If there are any Omaba
lioys and girls whose parents desire lo
brlbo them Into being good for a while,
hero Is a suggestion: Let them see Her
man Timber- atnl hlH workers. There
are full two nnd a half hours of refined
enjoyment for youngsters and Just the
samo amount for grownups.
Several new songs have been added to
the musical numbers of the play. Among
these Is "That Ra-Hoon Baby lance," a
late musical effort that Is all the rage
In the American Music Hall in Chicago
Just now. As rendered by Miss Alma
Hill this number I one ot the best raggy.
dancing sungs that has been hcurd In
Omaha this season.
Miss Laura Liilrd, who played tho part
of Lotta Gold, t 11 n Omaha girl. She Is
pretty and was very successful In her
acting of the rich young girl.
'I lie t.lrl and the Judge" at tho
A merlcan.
Hoyd Nolan, new leading man for Miss
Eva Lung, star of the Woodward Slock
company at the American theater, mads
his Omaha dehut yesterday afternoon, the
play, Clyde Fitch's "Tho Girl and the
Judge." To eay thut Mr. Nolan was
favorably received yesterday afternoon
nnd evening would lie putting it mildly.
Tho receptions upon his first sppearanrcs
wi-ra properly cordial, but not sufficiently
pin v J J
pra S.. " rr
l If
so In make their sincerity quest lonahlc.
As th.. pisv progressed and Mr Nolan
proved h; worthiness of the place given
him the so. Hence clearly showed their
approval and their endorsement ot Man
ager Woodw-iird selection. Mr. Nolan
Is a young man. but from his manner on
I ho sfagn one may feel snfe In ssylng he
Is a :nsn of long nnd large experience.
While Amerlcnn theater patron who re
gretted Austin Webb's leaving the Omaha
Woodward romimny must continue to regret-Mr.
Webb having won a permanent
place In their appreciation they also
must he gratified that his place Is taken
by an actor of real merit.
"The Girl nnd the Judgis" I. tho story
of a Judge of the probate court In a
western clly, whi falls In love with a
git I who Its a drnnknrd for n father and
a kleptomaniac for a mother. Mrs. Stan
ton steals u valuable piece of Jewelry
from 1hn Judge' mother and pawn It.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Stnntnn. who have sorn
ratcd, realise that a scandal would niln
tho life of their daughter and they nobly
eliminate themselves. The Judge and hi
mother are big enough to understand and
sympathise with Mr. and Mrs. Stanton,
nnd the Judge ninrrle tho girl after ho
Im. raved her parents from tho thrcnt
ened disgrace.
The pluy Is one whose supporting roles
demand good acting and tho membera
of the company are equal to tho demands.
Mis Virginia Terry, ns tho Judge's
mother, makes up well and acts well.
She makes a thoroughly rlinrmliig, bright
old lady. Miss HrcniU Fowler as Mrs.
Stanton vividly portrays the struggle of
a woman who stiffer from uncontrollable,
evil Impulse and loses. Her sceno where
she grows wild with fear of tho police I
rlrhly done. Hnrry Kenneth get many
Inughs with his Mr. Ikensleln. tlio pawn
broker, and Miss Hlanrhe Moulton is a
scream as Mrs. Brown, the boarding
house landlady who has seen belter days. . .
Walton Pyre as Brow n, the Judge's see-
retary. should be commended for making .
the most of a part that affords but one ,
opportunity for good acting.
Miss Lang acts the purt or the girt with
the sweetness and charm for which she ,
la so beloved In Omaha.
Yniirfevltl,- at this Orpkrsm.
Nat Wilts, "The Happy Tramp." Is the
chief offering at the Orpheum thl week.,,
Wills appears on ths alace In hobo cos- -lump,
and la chork full and running over . ',
w-lth humorous songs. Joke and funny ac- ,r
lions. II kept the audience yesterday In
continuous lnunhter.
A unique exhibition of axnianship i
given by Harry Jackson nnd Peter Mc.'"
Lnrrn, the Australian woodclioppers. The '
stage settings are an exact reproduction
of the Australian forests and make the
erect ators feel as though they are aetu- '
ally In tar Australia watching tha chop-
per hewing down the gigantic trees. "
Their ax throwing contest was one of tho
exciting ftatures of the act. The log
chopping contest wss won by Jackson,
who succeeded In cutting a log sixty (
Inches In circumference In two In two j
minutes and forty seconds. McLaren came
In a close second, chopping through tha
log In two minutes and forty-five sec
onds. 1-a Tllcomb, the "Ringer on Horseback."
was one of tho striking noveltiea of tha
bill. Her act. consisted of five parts, In
troducing song, serpentina dances and
high school riding. Ileltuj a beautiful
woman and handsomely attired, she
makes a very fascinating picture as aha
sits on the back of her milk whlto horan.
"Applet Blossoms," a little play given
by W. R, Puttou and company. Is very
good, being full of humoroua and sym
pathetic situations. McDevltt. Kelly and
Lucey In the "Piano Movers," was well
received. Tho act was a complicated mas"
of comical situations. An act consisting
of songs, dances and comedy Is given by . '
John W. World and Mlndel Kengston.
An excellent exhibition of slack wire
work, a good sharo of which Is dono
on a bicycle, Is given by the Colo de
Loose Irlo.
Ilnrtesqoe at tho tiayety.
Ben Welch and Lew verily sent every
one of a crowded audience at the Oayety
last night forth on an advertising mission
each to proclaim that A Hot Town"
and "A Night In Chinatown" ara two of
the best burks.pie offetinga of tha soas 111.
And Ben Welch Is ono good comedian.
On the stage he's a natural fun producer,
a high class comedian and a dramatlu ,
actor, with au eve always on the llttla
ridiculous, mirth provoking turn. In ths;-'0'
way of "characters" In llaacall hut"'
produced a new one In Prof. Fnll-of-llops -1-
Lew Kelly carries It through without llm'7;
slightest suggestion ot a grin, ulthougii
half his lines wero drowned In the laugh' ' '
ter of his audience. , .
Hack nf Ben Welch In Ills specialties"",-'
and Lew Kelly Is a chorus of capablo"'
girls, who receive not nearly so tnucli
credit because Welch and Kelly win such ""
favor from the start that each appear
ance of either of them Is hailed Willi .
huge delight.
This offering Is a good one, clean, high -!
eluss and worthy an aUillcnco every per-""
forntaiwe aa largo as saw the opcrliu. r
It Is cleverly conceived and even more
cleverly produced. Tho fact that tho 't
audience was unanimous In Insisting that1"
the troupe enter'uln tho old year on IU "
exit and the new year's entrance was.'.'',
sufficient proof of the approval of the---'
Rarlesqae nt the Krust.
It is not the duty of uny ono to like -
any show, but two large auoUwacit were
highly pleased with the New Year offer-,""
lng at tho Knig yesterday. "The DucU- "
lings'' Is one of the highest cluss prodttc- ""
tlons of the Empire elrcult. It has pretty
glrfs, clean lines and many songs, which '
are well rendered In every Inatance. It "
Is a duneing show, wiih a largo number 1?
of special musical numbers In which tl:'--chorus
ia called upon 10 kick nnd praties -
aa bii'Uiua audiences like to have -
choristers kick and prance.
Char!o;i H. Boyle Is leading fiinuial;i-r
with "The Ducklings." As a tramp Im- 1J
pcrsonator ho lias few equals In burlesque '
and those who have witnessed the triim; -Impersonations
by Nat Wills will bj
ftreutly reminded of this actor by Mr.
Boyle, who has achieved the place where
he is neither vulgar nor course In makin f
bis tramp character funny. Few who
attended the porformances y-sterday
failed to appreciate the ability displayed
by the Krug actor.
Two long acts form the main part uf
the show, one being "Two Janitors," a
roarlngly funny affair, In which two',
Janitors get Into some strange, situationc,
and "Tho High Life Girls at Bculali
flench," a seaside novelty with pretty '
bathing girls und Borne beautiful sea- -shore
Margie Bennett and lu-r six I.'aitle
Hocks, six pretty girls, made way with a
strong hand in a dancing and singing act
of the oliu. Beatrice Marlowe, with her";
"Have a Kmlle" sketch, was a pleasing "
feature. Young brothers, who are gru-"
tesque acrobats, performed ssveral new""'
stunts, which were good for much up-"
"College Rag and Foot Hall Gams'' a ,'
a song that proved sjinethlnj new In the '
line ot rags. It gavu the chorus a chanca
to daucv fciaoifully unj delight toe aid4-
lice, . ,