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Hia Bee Bring to Your Home a
College or University Course.
ftrfcolarafclpe In Rmliirii AdmliU.
(ratio ml l.a Salle I iilvf nltf
Give) rnif llmrctirf 1 1. 1 ra
ited amber of Rredrn.
Th committee of the New Tear finds
mors prosperous young business men In
the country than any previous twelve
month has witnessed at Its beginning.
Ambition la the kevnole of many a suc
cessful man' rise. The fellow-.the youth
or the man of bualneaa who has Jo it
turned thirty cannot expect to rise to the
pinnacle of success unless he I spurred
on by ambition. America In full of exam
ples of men who have climbed up the
ladder of success because they were not
satisfied with their position. They would
not Hand till, and they moved on and on
until they recently reached a place from
which they could look down upon the real
of thel rfellowa and declare that those
men were nut ambitious, or If ambitious
did not go the tight way to success.
'Many an arrbttloiia man of the busl
nera world falla to achieve success be
rauae he doe not go about the attain
ment of the end In that manner which
lenda toward the top. The ambttlou man
of a few year ago did not have the
guide and pott of warning that the
young of 1" presented with.
Tfc Bee Iatereated,
The Bee Is In iha young men
of the weat. It alwayt had lent a kindly
policy toward the development of all
that la moat clean and beat In the man
of thla aectlon; It haa tried to direct It
power to the promotion of a better gener
ation for the future. Its aupport of the
at ate untveralty and other high school
of learning, 'ita aid In aupport of the
grade and public schools, have made It
the leading educational exponent' of Ne
braska. And now It again cornea to the
aid of those ambltloua people of the Hate
have been denied the advantage of
a college courae or who have not taken
.he right work in college for a bualneaa
jareer. It has aeoursd from the famous
I Balls Extension unlveralty a limited
number of scholarships, whloh tl will
aTlv complimentary to the flrat of Ita
readera who apply for them. These
prliolarshlpa are for two yeare' courae
in the correspondence course of business
administration in the La Kalle university.
They are valued very highly and the
price placed on , them by tae ka flail
Kxtetislon unlverrlty is considered very
reasonable. The Bee. however, having
the Interests of the young people of the
atat at heart, ha aecured a number of
these scholarships atiit will give them to
It readers. Then ecliolarshlpa were
selected enly after a thorough !nveltga
tlon on the part of this paper. The Bee
rtld not alinply take the word of the men
Sn charge of the unlveralty course. It
sanught the advice of educators of the
west and of men who had taken a per
sona! Intereot In the work of the La Halle
unlveralty. Now It haa come to the con
clusions that it haa directed it wisdom
In the right tours and that the I .a Rails
ICxtenslon university scholarship ar the
UHt that could be aecured anywhere.
Secretary. laeVaa ea It.
1'or instance the word of urh men
a Franklin MacVeagh, secretary of
the ITnlted Bute treasury, was ac
cepted a counting for much In decid
ing tho policy, of The Bee. Mr. Mac
Veagh spoka through Has V. Pliotte aa
. "Some ttma ag(j, through the Influ
ence of Mr. MacVeagh, ten employe
of thbj firm aecured the course of
training In business admlnislra Ion of
the La Kail 1'Zxtenalon university.
"These teu then count thamaelv
very fortunate becauae w find thlt
course give a bualnesa training no
man can afford to mlse. The text mat
ter ia flrat-claes; the lecture are In
atructlve and interesting. We are proud
of our connection with thla university."
Th offer of The Be for free achol
arahlpa I mad to young men who are
thoroughly In earnest and who will
rtiaks the beat of their opportunity. It
U a chance fur the man of ability to
use tht ability to beat advantages. No
Mian can progres unlesa he keep mov
ing. Th man who la aa II fled with
hi condition la th man who a tend a
till. He let th world mov on, and
tn other young, men who accept the
opportunities go ahead, but he aland
tifl. The Bee wanu. ta aid th young
men who wish to aee a Way a get
al.ead. The csurae In bualnesa admin
ltratlon will aaajst railway tnen, bank
ashler and employe, clerks, bualneaa
liouae employee, lawyere, doctor, and
ail men of the bulness world. It 1 net
only a course for the man of 21 year:
it ta a cour. for the man of to or 15
or forty. Borne of the men who have
gained the greatest good from the La
fcelle work are men abov th age of 40.
Mailable Dletrtbatloa.
iThe Be desire to make aa equitable
a distribution of these scholarship a
poeslbl. and give additional detail of
It plan u a full jnag -ad- which ap
pear in another part of thla Issue, Thia
advertisement containa a coupon which
ay be tilled out and mailed to the
educational department of this paper for
full mformaflon. No expense is entailed
through the mailing of thl coupon. It
lll bring all details of th plan. The
scholarship, it must be understood, go
freo to the first reader who apply.
-Bine thl paper wishes to have an
auultable distribution made. It i anxloua
hat men of all branches of bualneaa
ao.Hy for the scholarship, so that the
greatest good may be distributed into
the widest f.eld. The Bee will gladly
g(ve assistance to any young man who
Wlhe advice a ato whether he ahouM
take up thl wutk. Jf ha will writ to
th educational department explaining the
coadltioti of hi work and wishing" to
Vflow whether thla courae. win bo o.
benefit to blin. The Bee will thoroughly
Investigate bla case, and give hint all
the advice that U avceauary. Th Bee Is
analou to give the scholarship to
who will get th greatest good fromthem,
ajid It wishee that all the ambitious
yvxicig rata of Unialia and th rat of th
flat mpiy for the scholarship at cno.
i (From a btafr Correspondent )
LINCOLN, Doe. 0.-Soctal.Farmr
la the vicinity of the city on West .
street have been troubled by thieves wh
ta! chicken aad hog and ta- addjtlo
t takli.g the fowls and pork Insist
Mi doing the slaughtering ea th
lndec, leaving th refuse to be ca.e
for by the owner. A. M. Trimble, iir.
1 .Hereon and J. TV. Ntlsoa were a
victim of llta maurauder in one n's'.;
(Jeveral of their neighbor have also bee
v j.ict but up to the present thete 1 n
tw tbe Wvmity of th robber.
J I ;
. . .:.:.:. ., v:s; W,:
II If A .. I ; I .- i (
Ml 1 i W
, . .,t. n , I. , J . I ,t,,n,, J . . ,. . " f
i tihi"Jpk 2 m ft ' i". ''irH iu ,v;?,',il," - If!"- 1"-M. Edward. XV. W. SwlRh.r. II. Tl. ITarvey. C. N.-Bushnell. T II. MacDanlels (Secretary-Treasurer). V. W. Burnett. Center Row. Left
irtttVrtfn ruJll?, i vv: i i i M,eC,!l"n 'V'T'l' J! u,- K''"hn"' A' Hprungcr. Hal.hnklr. J. i(. Wilson, 11 V. Hass. It. U Curtis, 3 J Oray. Front How, Left to Klght-J. H. Hall (PJanlet), E. U. Beach
(titudent Manager;, J. Weld, J, L. Coi.rud, J. K. Winkler Maiiaerl, ti. A. Andrus (rrfisldent) L. A. Cook.
Rebr&ska Bailway Commisjion Get
Telegram from St. Paul.
Wrltee Letter ta Prealdeat Protest
n Against Kaaalagr Federal
JTadge to laired states
opresno Beach.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Leo. 30. (Special.)
From a telegram received this morning
by M. J, Wlnnett, meuiber of the fitate
Railway oommlkalon, th commissions In
other state ar taking a hand In the ap
pointment of a suocersor to the late Jus
tice Harlan of th United Btatea supreme
court. Following la the telegram:
t BT. PAUL. Dec.- .-H. i. Wlnnatt.
Chairman Nebraska Hallway Commis
sion: Kind below codv of telearam sent
by Minnesota commission to President
lart, with copy of same to each of our
senatora. You ar urged to see that moat
effective protest is registered without as
sy, as nomination is likely to D sent in
next Wednesday.
"Counsel in Minnesota rate case advise
u that Judge Hook in Oklahoma rate
care, Missouri, Kansas e Texas Hallway
company against Love (177. federal. 4M).
decided some of the most Important ques
tions in the Minnesota rate case adverse
to the contentions of the state, and hla
vlewa as expressed In that case are fatal
to the atRte s caae. There are eiajht state
that have casea before the United Hates
supreme court involving Itheae questions.
We believe that the state la entitled to tne
nootntment of a ludae who haa not al
ready expressed an opinion on these im
portant questions, and therefore protest
asalnst the auuolnlment of Judge Hook.
Vide 1 not in th Interest of any candi
date. C. V. HTAPLKH.
President National Asaoclatlon of Hallway
Commissioners, :
Later tn the day the commission com
piled with th request of the president
of th national association and wired a
protest ',".
Governor Aldrtch Indicated he would
end a telegram to President TaU pro
testing against th Hook appointment,
but would not glv out copy of th tele
gram. In connection with thla matter it 1 re
called th Nebraaka commission protected
ag-sinst th appointment of Judge Vande
varter to the supreme bench.' The possi
bility that Minnesota has a candidate for
the place In th person . of Frank B.
Kallogg, th "trust buster.!', might have
ometblng to do with th proUftt eman
ating from fit. Paul.
Lyra, Lot-Lett aad Mlaa Flore aee
Wagner Are Married,
CIIARON, Neb., Dec, 50. (Spei'.al.)-
The first wedding where both pert It
were bom and bred In Da we county oc
curred her last evening when Lyra
Lockett. son of Thomas Lockett, was
married to Mlsa Florence Weaver, daugh
ter of William Weaver, The parent of
both cam her at th orgartlaatlon of
Dawe county, settling on the Bordeaux.
After a winter spent In travel and visit
ing, th young' count will remove- to
Wyoming to realde on a ranch.
Paul King, a prominent merchant of
Rushvllle waa married to Mearl .Porter
of thl olty by Judge I), li. Jenoka.
Attorney IX )f. 'JehcVa will retire front
the bench after finishing th term of
former County Judge Dana flayer, who
died last July. Attorney Jenoka could IU
affurd the time from hi legal practice, but
e accepted the position from the comml-
jloners, because of hi frtendaMp for
Vdg Eayera, aud that t waa thoroughly
vsnveraajit with tho business, having, a
matter of fact, really acted a suh
adga daring the long: sickness of Jude
jeyers. Attorney Jenck's' refused to bo a
candidate for th crric for to ensuing
Th Younff Men' Christian association
haa distributed their eight prlaea for gym-
ue!um wort. Tre prixr are donated
annually by th business men of Cliad-
. on and were eagerly St rived for by the
largi claiies. Taos receiving them were
Intermediate boys, first. Clyde Pace: aee:
wild, Frank Flanders; third, I'atrlcA row--rs;
fourth. Frack'.ln Pitman. Junior
Ooys, first,' Cyril Wyi second. Frederick
Malki; third. Neal Danley; fourth. Ad
.io: ilcKeo. Howard Mot and Mark
.it-;r w.e civen the mamberstilp
riao4 for tlvc beet worU.
BOOsICN COW. Neb.. Dec. 9.-(?pe-ebsLV-Jtew
Tear day wCl observed
aero j th men keepioi; open luiuae and
a vudoii J.iinc tie celiac, already,
ne Btau contingent la sactllnf I tut If
tto icJLvUi grout and. at meat of
leading homes, elaborate preparation
. bclns trade. It the waatlvcr perism,
ie roms will mako the round In au
mobllea If thtr I snow, old th
ned sleighing parties wl.l predomlaate.
.1 ti place will hay torn d etinful.h
H ana Unlqu fatur la th way of
lUrialoment and th society 'ment Is
toiling forward to a dar of solid en
Sweet Singing Ohio College Boys
Vl' V''iy'j:',
Ohio 9leblae Company Sara City of
tV'ymore for Price of Patau
I In Bnslne.'
BEATRICE, Neb.. Dec. 30. (Special. )
The' Wymore city urriclala who ar de
fendant In a suit brought by th St.
Mary Machine company of fit, Mary's,
O., to recover about 14.000 on an engine
Installed in the new waterworka at that
place, have announced . that they will
not pay the claim for the reason . that
th engine did not prove satisfactory.
Th company was notified and sent an
expert to Wymore to overhaul the en
gine, but It stUI failed to do what-the
company claimed for It. and the council
refueed to accept It. .The manufacturing
company asks ludgment In the federal
court for th above amount against the
city of Wymore.
William I'. Fisher, for thirty year a
resident of Beatrice, died suddenly yes
terday aftwrnoon of -apoplexy, aged
T4. yeare, 'He "is survived by a widow
and three children.' He was engaged in
the contracting and building business In
thl city for many years.
Announcement was received here yes
terday of the merrtagn. of Mlsa Lulu
Trud of this city and A. B. Arnold of
Stockton, 111., which ooeurred at Galena,
III., Thursday. They, will make their
home at Stockton, where the groom I
engaged - in bualneaa.
Farmer In Gnge county have lost much
of their toek th last few month from
th corn ttalk disease, Henry Brandt,
a farmer living southwest of Beatrice,
Most five calve the other day from the
Lester B. Kurt of Bheiidnn, Wyo., for-
merly of Courtland, thl county, and Mist
Georgia i Robertson of Madlsonvllle,
, I Villi ; Vi $i :i
;. u
Ky., wero married at Lincoln yesterday.
They have arrived at Cortland to epend
their honeymoon with the groom' par
ents, Mr. arid Mr. George Kurtx. They
will be at home to their friends at Bherl
dan after January 13.
GOTHENBURG, Neb., Dec. 30. (Spe-clal.V-Harry
Shelley and Mlsa Ethel
Leech were united in marriage at th
Methodist Episcopal parsonage In Mag
well by Rev.' Mr,' Horan. Mlsa Leech 1
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. M.
Leech, who moved to the P. V. ranch
near Maxwell thl fall, having resided
her several years. Mr. Shelley 1 th son
of Mrs. Sarah Bhelley, living wast of
town, and Is very well and favorably
B. E. Hlmltraud and Miss Stella Me
Laughlln were marrlod ' Chrlatmaa day
at the brlde'a home northeast of town, by
Rec. C. C. Wilson of Gothenburg.
William . Geirdea and Mlsa Lona Osten
dorf were married at the court house by
Judee Noulds.
Miss Eellna. Richardson waa united in
murrlaffe to J. V. Owens at her home
thin city, Rev. Mr. Wilson officiating.
They will reside on Wiggins' ranch wher
the groom ha been employed.
Charles Balllnger and Mlsa Sophia
Ocrde i were married ChJlstmaa day In
Denver. , . .. ,
Lawrence Adney and wlfo entertained
thirty-four of their relative at Chrlat
rras dinner aa Is their custom- " ' ' '
John McNeal, another cturdy pioneer,
wa laid to rest Tuesday. Mr. McNeal
waa S8 year old and la survived by
a widow and four children. .
The lc harvest will begin neat Tuoeday
. '. " ' "ew 'N.
:'. "vi , - 1 . 1 ,. a,,, y ,
. U V , l . - i' IT - "e1"-,- I :T J f I
I "! 4. I :.,......:. . r " : t:'1'- l- '"1- - - 1 -f" ' "
: V 4t ! v e'.. ' -!; -. 1 ' t . ex.. ,i ,.4 t I' r T.A
I . ' i a - t. ' . " " ' i : as . ? ax 'ntA
LjKin.ii :
J. I. . i .' i
r -1 -! f r '
:T d . K;
ffojuJ(L. (L. Aj)L$J4 MMb
Coming to Omaha
at the lake and about ICO men will be
required. Ice 1 now eleven Inches thick
and of very good quality.
Traction Company
Files .Its Answer
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Deo. 30. (Special.)-
The Lincoln Traction company. In answer1
to an Injunction proceeding brought by
H. Herpolshelmer and othera, announces
that It hsa not now or never had any In
tention of taking up any of it trackage
or curtailing any of It service without
the approval of the public.
Th suit had Its origin In the report
that the company was to ask th State
Railway commission to take up certain
line and mov them to other street and
also to iake up two lmo and consolidate
them In on double track Una to operate
on another treet midway between the
two. The company 1n It anwer doe not
say that auch action la not In contem
plation, but Insist publio approval will
be obtained before iny action Is taken, If
at all.
Waif I rant at Cordova.
CORDOVA. Neb., Dec. 30. (Special.)
The wolf hunt Friday resulted In tho
capture of two wolves. Thl hunt wa to
take In four sections, but through a mis
understanding In the time to start the
east line was not formed, and a number
got away. At least eight wolves were
seen. About 100 men was In line, but
the cold and dlsagreeble morning kept a
number away. Colonel E. H. Weaver
was captain on the west, Prof. E. C. Kuss
on the south, Ed Oard on the east and
Adorn Cchneller for th north. There will
be another round up a week from next
Friday. v ; '
; . . . t t. L' ii:
T- T
;u r-i rt
t- . s rT -V
rl Fj
V,vs yj; m ,Q
- i
- ' :
I I VAr-- .-ill
if :V-Wi
L -
- lL i
Glee Club Members -Lead
in Activities
. .
The Obenln College Glee club will give
a concert Thursday evening tt 6 o'clock
at the First Congregational church. Nine
teenth and Davenport streets. The of
ficers of the club are leading men In
other of the college activities.
President O. A. Andrus haa been on the
Glee club during hi entire four year of
Manager J. E. Wlrkler I an Oberlln
graduate and a professor In the college.
Secretary-Treasurer L. H. MacDaniels
Is one of the stars of the college. He was
captain of th Oberlln foot ball team,
which for the third year In succession
carried off tlte state championship. He
was all-state center for three years.
Student Manager E. D. Beach I the
backbone of the baritone section. He
made a berth for himself with the club
In his freshman year.
Director P. P. MacColIln Is one of th
club' oldest men. HI ability to sing and
manage a club has given him this honor
Pianist J. 11. Hall Is a Junior. He had
keen compettlon for his position, but his
contact with western life won out for
him. He has roomed for three year with
an Omaha boy, Lloyd Mattson, ' who Is
more than making a record for Omaha
a assistant manager of tho basket bal,
team, assistant manager of the college
year book, treasurer of . hi literary so
clety and membor of the Young Men's
Christian association cabinet
Persistent Advertising is the Road to
BUT Returns.
Key to the Situation Bee Advertising.
. i r
1 'i I i
xa' . ;'- . i
v. v4 I -:, l.
:;vf i r
I)MHnrar In I'lvc Minutes After
Taking a StunrO Py-nop- .
sits Tablet.
A Trial ?nckitar Seat Tree on Keanest.
All th unplearp.nt sensations attend
ant upon too heartily are In
rtantly relieved by a Stuart' Dyspepsia
Tablet. Like Mlcklnr a pin into a rub
ber balloon. The reason 1 simple and
tay to understand.
sw j in is.
Znflat'on of th Stomaeli from Undi
gested rood Quickly Relieved by
a Stuart' Zysppla Tablet.
When you take food Into a tomaclt
that is tired and over-taxed th gastric
Juices do not form fast enough to dtgeat
it properly. So the food becomes sour
and at onco begins to throw off gasses.
Tour stomach becomes Inflated Just as
surely as If you attached a toy balloon
to a gas Jot. Then the gases and foul
odors Issue forth and pollute your breath
making you an object of nausea to your
friends. Your tongue quickly becomes
coated and you can taste the Youlness
that Is within you.
Now all tnls condition is changed al
most Instantly by a Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablet. This little digester get busy at
once supplies all the digestive Juices
that are lacking digests the food In a
Jiffy and opens up tho clogged stomach,
and bowels. It also sweetens and re
freshes the mucous lining of the stom
ach and bowels and, restores peace and
If you will give Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets a chance they will not only
sweeten your stomach, but also your
disposition and you will never have an
other stomach ill.
One grain of a single Ingredient In
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will digest
3,000 grains of food. This saves your
stomach and gives it tbe rest it needs.
ii .. -..I. - n . .i , i e
they are ever over-taxed. The ston.ucb
is no exception to this rule.
Try a box of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tab
got along without them. They ar$ sold
at 60 cants by all druggists everywhere.
A trial package will be sent free on re
quest to F. A. Stuart Co., 150 Stuart
Bldg. Marshall, Mich. .....
Relieve a Cold in 24 Hours or.
Money Refunded.
1 . ,'
"Beck's Best Cold Tablets" ar Juat V
what thedr name Indicates. They con- .
tain Ingredients which are known to
be the Best for colds and cough's. Thar
contain no mineral, poisons or Injurious
.Whether you have a cold or la grippe,
sick headache bilious attack, or Indiges
tion you need a Laxative and a Tonic,
both of which affect are produced bv the
use of Beck' Lajtatlv Cold Tablets.
These tablets contain fever reducing in
gredients, pain relieving ingredients, '
sweat producinir Ingredients, stimulants,
tonics ajid laxatives. The tendency of
the feter reducer i to overcome the
waste product which cold or la grippe
lodge tn the system. The pain relieving9
ingTeaients to alleviate the oaJn from ir
ritated mueoirs surfaces of which cold
in-neeo is typical.
The sweat producing Ingredients dts- -lodge
the waste products in the system. -
mruwini i nam cii lurnurn Tne SKin, in
teatlnea and kidney. Th vegetable lax-
atlves produce an intestinal motion sim
ilar to th natural action of the healthy
bowel, carry the cold end la grippe pois--ons
from system nd oneatlnsr a a liver
stimulant produce that freo flow of btle
which prevent a constipated condition
after taking the remedy for th relierf oC
a cold. They ar chocolate coated, pleas-.
ant to take and tinlike most cold labletsf
contain no calomel to upset the system.
A bevd cold of todav may be pneumonia,
tomorrow, or a tiokimg cough m.y de
velop Into bronchitis. Statistics prov thati
"only a cold" has proven more destret-
rve to Tumen nre tnan any otner ail
ment. Tttore Is no diseajie r fneauent.
ly neglected; It I a prevailing' Idea that)
a cold will run It length and cure itself:! '
perhejpa It will and you mav net be o-n-j
sclous of any bad effects from the ootd.i
nevertheless a, cold always debllltateeii
the system and this pares the way forf
tonsumptlon. I
For sale and guaranteed by all drug
gists, IPo a bo or mailed on receipt of
firlce. Beck Chemical Co., Dea Moines,
A valuable aid to Beck's Cold Tablets
tn the treatment of colds an- coughs rs .
B. B. Mentholated cough drops, which '
may be obtained et any store for So a
box or mailed tor 6a in stamp.
Interest allowed in
sayings department at
3 per annum . . .
The United States
National Dank of
Omaha fllvc3 prompt
and courteous service,
oflorJa absolute secur
ity and h.3.3 a most con
venient location.
tnd Firatm
ensee rS
sietr fi' na as ssn mt
If ar. I'fcr mir
f -.J reliBkla a.
ilaviry k . Lara tta
Merit ! Cer a-att .
Josephine Le Fovto Company
rbUadelphia, ra.
Bold by j-i -g 1.0 , toe Sell Irug
Co., and tho tcnucli Cooj;iny, Omaha.