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    Till: HUE j OMAHA. MONDAY. DKCKMliKU 11. 1911.
I federal grsrvl j
J There lonlgUt.
nade known to
father, rollce
Jlarapolln. Of-
or the Uepartmem oi a,iiute nert
refined to discuss the girl or M.o facl
jthat they had been seeking her tof-several
months, but It was learned she had1
bee a located here sevcre.1 days aso and
that aha would remain here until a day
or ao befora she waa required to appear
before the federal inquisitors.
I Information from Indianapolis today
waa to the effect that all farmer office
employes of the International Association
of Bridge and Structural Iron Workers
would be subpoenaed, but Miss Haley's
testimony Is regarded, Jt Is said, aa the
.most Important because of her close and
Intimate knowledge of all that transpired
In the secretary's office.
Her Information, Jt la understood here,
'will be of even more Importance than that
of Ortte McManlgal.
bare "o Information
The story of the failure of detective
who were Investigating- the Los Angeles
explosion to obtain from Miss Haley In
formation about her work was given out
In Indianapolis today by her father and
the federal .Authorities, It was reported
' It related to visits by the sleuths to the
Haley home and their efforta to have the
stenographer attend theater parties and
tell of her work at the office. They were
cut abort, the policeman said, when her
mother denied the visitors entrance to the
JIaley home.
Since - Miss Haley left Indianapolis a
search has continued for her. When the
secret service men went to Mr.-Haley
and told him what they sought her for
iie gave them her address In Chicago.
The subpoena directing Mies Haley to
appear before the federal grand Jury at
Indianapolis was served on her at a, hotel
on the south side Thursday of thla week.
Bhe aid not express surprise when found,
saying she hud heard from her father
and that he had told her to come back
home when the officials called for her.
The subpoenas were drawn at tho di
rection of United Elates District Attor
ney Charles W. Miller of Indianapolis and
were sent here by mall for service. They
were made returnable December 14.
lcp.rt,ncnt ofCT;Vtm frrpil PAH tAUTI liru
a next ULiUVnU lUllhl 1 VII IV II A 1 llill
Action of Congressmen in Regard to
Federal Job Causes Surprise.
Agreement t Make V Heeoninien
datlons Is TaVra as Indication
I'rrsent Inenmhenle Will
He Reappointed.
With Will Plead
Guilty to Forgery
PIOl'X FA U.K. P. D.. Dec. 10.-(8po.
clal.) Deputy Sheriff WangHhena has ar
rived here ' wfth Ilelger With, alias
Homer Anderson, who was brought here
from Kaiixail to answer to the charge of
vi g)itfl . iiiiiiiifi v a. viirv.nn n uiv II sii
cashed ami' 'converted the money to his
own usn. The 'offense was committed In
September while.' the young .man, whose
true name. Is With, was employed by a
construction company which Is erecting
a new county Jail building; In this city.
Boon after forging and passing the checks
he disappeared. He waa located In Ken
Baa a,, few days ago and his arrest fol
lowed. He states that "Monday forenoon he
will go. before, Judge Jones of the state
circuit' court and .enter a plea of guilty.
He. Is subject to. a' term of five years
in me oioux rajie penitentiary.
'' -" 'HUP1111 m 1 hp hp"" 'pp
injure-!? vUiW
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popular bottled
beer In all
localities where
It 13 cc!.
Ask for bottl gavi
get U reason.
Order t cam for the hone.'
IHatx Company
a as -ate S).ui.
Mil Siiiiiti.. n.k.
1 ILII . 1W tWwtett
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CI NT ; I . ! CENT
EACH 5 Vri.V !: BACH
I From a Staff Correspondent.)
DF..-4 MOIXKK, la., Deo. lO.MPpeci!.)-
Mucli surprise was expressed here over
the fact that the Iowa delegation In con
gress, the Inst week agreed not to make
any recommendations to the president for
appointment of federal offices In Iowa.
It had been generally . assumed that be
cause of the fact that all the commis
sions expire soon some action would' be
taken now. Whether or notthe president
will take this action to -mean -that , be
should reappoint the present officials' or
others who might be privately recom
mended to him is not known. All the
friends of the present incumbents rejoice
uroatly over the action taken and regard
It ns certain to mean that they will re
tain office for four years more. Spe
cially In the southern district the matter
Is a surprise, for It was understood that
M. I j. Temple, Vnlted States attorney,
and Frank Clark, United States marshal,
were preparing to relinquish their offices
at the expiration of their commissions.
The explanation given in that members
of congress did not deslro to cause any
troublo in Iowa prior to the presidential
election. All of the representative and
Htnator Kenyon will be candidates for
The two senators will return to the
state soon and spend some time during
the holidays with their constituents. If
there la to be any campaign In Iowa nest
year it will be decided at that time.
Good Manilas; In Iowa.
Hunters who have gone out from Pes
Moines Into the nearby fields report that
hunting Is better this year than usual
and that a larger number of prairie
chickens and pheasants Is to be found
than for many years. Ilabhlts are plenti
ful. The fart thai Inst season wan very
dry Is. given, an the reason that the wild
fowl had 'a good season of nesting.
Cooperatives A re Alarmed.
The representatives of farmers' co
operative societies In Iowa are preparing
to carry at once to the supremo court
n appeal from Judge Hobson In a Win
neshiek county esse In which he held
that a farmers" co-operative company
cannot enforce a special requirement
from members, but must do business in
tho open and treat all customers alike.
Ie hold that the contracts which are
made are In restraint of trad and con
trary to the state law. The company
required that members selling live stock
to any one other than tho company
Itself should pay into the treasury of the
concern a certain per cent of the pro
ceeds. It the decision holds it will nearly
end the existence of many of the cooperatives.
Ylneanr Is Trial.
In the federal court at Dubuque Judge
Iteed has under consideration an action
by, the government against seventy-five
arrele of vinegar. The suit was started
on information furnished by special in
vestigators of the chemistry bureau of
the Department of Agriculture. The goods
were shipped to the John T. Hanoock
company of Dubuque as "Faultless pure
cider vinegar." The sample is said to
have indicated the goods were branded
falsely, in that It waa not cider vinegar,
but a distilled vinegar or diluted solution
of acetle acid and a material high in
the reduction of sugars and foreign
mineral matter which had been mixed
and prepared in Imitation of cider vine
gar. ,
Kxpects Try Marks.
A(Torney General.. Cosson Is prepared
to go to Council Bluffs on Monday and
get ready for the trial or Pen Marks, or
to assist the county attorney In the
handling of the caae. The attorney general
has been busy all fall with litigation at-
feotlng railroad matters and express
rates and is not In robust health, but
he expects to give the Marka caae hla
personal attention. Several witnesses will
go from here to testify in the case.
Oa Trial for Horse Meallaar.
Horse stealing has become so rare In
Iowa that a trial In court for stealing
a horse creates comment. The lest week
two men, Homer 8. Doomle and Henry
Moore have been In court at Columbus
Junction.' Ixulsa county,' accused of
steullng a "livery team' and planning to
take It to Kansas City to sell. Both were
placed undrr bonds to appear in court.
.'Will Have Wossen's Hasnltal.
pes Moines newest hospital Is one of
women, for women, and by women. The
staff of physicians will be women, only
women and children will1 be treated and
women's money largely will go tooths
support of the Institution.
Articles Incorporating the .Women's
and Children's hospital were filed Sat
The purposes of the. hospital as stated
in the articles are to maintain a hospital
for women and children, to assist women
phystrlsns in "preparation ifor their1 work
and to train - nurses.'' 1
pes Moines rlub women are back of the
movement and names of more than 1W of
them appear In the articles of Incorpora
New Plattsmouth
Postoffice Ready
rLATTSMOUTH. Neb.. Dec. ft) -(Apodal.)
The new government poatofflre
building was thrown open to the public
last evening snd Postmaster H. A.
Bchnelder expects to be Installed by Mon
day. Tlie public will get their mall from
the new building not later than Monday
afternoon. The building waa begun In
October of 1!10 and was turned over to
the government by tho contrsctor a few
days agr.' The furniture and boxes ar
rived Saturday and were Installed at
once. The building Is modern and
equipped with the latest devices for
handling the mull conveniently and
High School Leaders
Confer at York
YOrtK, Neb., Dec. 10.-(Fpeclal Tele
Tsm.) The two days' session of the
high school leaders' conference closed
at the opera house this evening. There
were 309 delegates present, representing
almost every high school In the state.
This afternoon Htute Students' Secretary
K. 8. Turner delivered an address on
"Winners." Plate (Superintendent J. K.
Dalxell delivered an address, "The Uoy
rroblem." Btato Secretary Bailey and
other prominent Toung Men's Christian
association workers were present.
WEST POINT. Neb., Dec. 10 .(Special.)
The fifth annual exhibition of the Cum
ing County Poultry and I'ct Stock asso
ciation waa held during the week at the
city hall In West Point. I (1. Harris of
Mnroln officiated as Judge and scored the
fowls with great care. The prlxo winners
In the. different classes ars aa follow!
Buff Plymouth Hocks, H. J. rischer;
Burred Bocks, Ceorsn Bawtelle; White
Car Polish, Mrs. K. rlonncnHclirtn: Black
Orpingtons, Kred Koch; White Orping
tons, the Central Yards, llooer, Neb.;
Silver Iace Wysndottes, Alfred AmWT
son: Columbian Wyandottes, Fred Kasp;
Mottled Atu'onax, A. t?. Duvls; Bed
Combed Bhortn Island Beds, C. U. Ander
son: Ithodn Island Beds, II. K. Duther;
Buff OrpinKton. Adele Koch; Buff
Cochins, Joseph Oentrtip; White Rocks,
Henry Uentrup; l.lRht Brahma. Burtolph
Breeds; LeKhorna, James Molxard; White
I,egliorns, Henry Bollii; Butt leghorns,
Mrs. '. A. Huko; Prkln ducks, Joseph
ntrup: Toulouse geese, tlenry Urauuke;
Bluck Tall Jepunrsn Ifuntams, A. V.
Hugo; MltiorcftH. Kred Koch.
The exhibition was the most successful
of the five shows of the association.
Knneral af Knock Wetsel Held Sat
rday Afternoon Reenter Has
w Light riant.
WEST POINT, Neb.. Dec. 10.-(Spe-clal.)
The funeral of Enoch Wetsel, one
of the oldest settlors and best known
cltliens of West Point, occurred Saturday
afternoon under the auspices of the
ITvangellcal Association church. Mr.
Wetzel waa in his eighty-first year and
was a native of Pennsylvania. He had
resided In West Point and. vicinity for
nearly forty years and died universally
respected. He leaves two sons and a
large family of daughter to mourn his
loss. , .
The neighboring town of Beemer has
installed an up-to-date electric light
plant. It consists of a fifty-horse power
oil engine and dynamo, capable of light
ing the town with 110-volt lights. Twelve
street lights have been erected, the ma
jority, of the business houses have been
Ired and a great many residences.
The sale of thoroughbred pigs of Her
man Tootle In this city Saturday averaged
$? per each small pig.
Red Cross seals have been placed on
sale in all the banks and stores In town
nd are i.ifeting with gratifying success.
The tuberculosis movement in Cuming
county Is under the direction of Dean
Rueslng, who has taken an active per
sonal Interest In the matter.'
The West Point Farmers' Institute will
b held on January 81 and February L .
liver Weddlna.
WEST POINT, Neb.. Dec. l0.-(8peclal.)
Mr. and Mrs. James Molgard of Sher
man township celebrated their sliver
wedding anniversary Friday when a
number of prominent relatives and friends
gathered at their home and tendered them
with valuable gifts of silver. This couple
have been resident of Sherman township
for the last thirty years, and Mr.'Moi-
gard 1 known a one of the most
progressive farmers in this section of the
state, ' having obtained prises for many
years. for the best corn. He is a sclen
tlflo corn grower.
Red Cross Seals Provide
These Things
PsbUc Educitlot
Hospital and Sanatoria
Dispensaries and VUiting Nurte
These Prevent Tuberculosis
and Protect Your Home
Last Tear f 360,000 Worth Wert Soli
Tfcla Year Million Is Needed from
(s . Kcd Cross Seal
Red Crow Seals Caet only One '
Ceut eath, mi should be ied
i the tuck o all CUriMuas Md
IOWA CITY. la, Dec. lO.-Dr. Charles
Ham, arrested two weeks ago a a bus
pec t and afterwards released on bonds in
connection with the blackhand mystery
against John L. Adams of Solon, la., waa
ro-arreted by government authorities to
day. Jerry Wortner, a horsetrader, living
two miles east of Solon, was also arrested
at the same time. The re-arrest of Dr
Ham and Wortner came as the result
of new evidence in the blackhand mystery
which, the detectives say. is conclusive,
The case I that wherein John L Adams,
a prominent farmer of Solon, Just north
east of here,, was continuously threatened
for six months, being warned against his
life on nonpayment of money. Once he
was shot at from ambush and another
time, hi barn waa burned.
U res tuMl ar as Craw low Is rent rklskr.
V uu ta
State A real
S3 City VsUoaal aaa BuUaiaf. Omaha,
Sorority liens Hnbswd.
IOWA CITY. la.. Dec. 10. Burglars en
tered the Delta Delta Delta Sorority house
at It Kaat Davenport street her last
night and cured ever worth of
Jewelry. Many of the sorority girls were
awsy from the house at the time and
those remaining heard no sound of the
robber. No clue was left. -.
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lurks In a common cold thso In any other
of the minor ailments T The safe way
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thoroughly reliable preparation snd rid
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ble. This remedy fur rale by all drug
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Larceny Case Settled;
TABUS ROCK. Neb., Dec. la t8peclal.)
The case of the state against Frank
Bascom, which was set for hearing be
fore M. II. Marble, Justice of the peace
at this place, yesterday has been settled
aifd the case dismissed from the ducket.
A warrant was sworn out for the arrest
of the defendant here on Tuesday night
tor the theft of J18.W. taken from the
pocket of D. T. HUllard at a livery stable
In. Pawnee City. The case was settled
by the return of the money, and payment
of costs, amounting to IJ4.15.
Fire baa Barn Barn.
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb., Dec 10.-(Spe
olal.) Fred Patterson, county surveyor of
Cass couuty lost his barn Friday morning
by nre, Mr. rattereon wae away from
home and when the family awaked in
the morning the barn was about all con
sumed. There waa f0 bushels of corn
a family carriage, a gasoline engine and
yiuer vbiubuib prvuei iy uurneo. A re-
Ward of luu ha been offered by the aur
veyor for the arrest and conviction of tb
person who set the barn on fire.
extrusion of the postal service snd higher
compensation for Its employes hsve gone
hand In hsnd with a vanishing. l-flrlt.
Postal Pavings System.
An Important event of the yesr was
the successful organization of the postal
savings system. On January 3, 1911, de
positories wre opened experimentally at
a single postoffice In each one of the
forty-eight states and territories. After
a careful test for four months at these
offices the system was rapidly extended
and now comprises practically all of the
7.5O0 presidential postofflces. Prepara
tions are being made to establish the
system also In about 40,000 fourth-class
offices that do a money order business.
Postal savings deposits have kept pace
with the extension of the system.
Amounting st the end of the first month
to only p,Z2 In the forty-eight experi
mental offices, they Increased In a half
year to $679,310, and now, after eleven
months rf operation, have reached a total
of 11,OO,O(0. This sum has been dis
tributed among 2,710 national and state
banks, where it Is protected by bonds
deposited with the treasurer of the
United Slates.
Parrel Post.
Now that the successful operation of
tho postal savings system Is assured, It
Is hoped that congress will promptly
authorize tho establishment of a parcel
post. The benefits of this service are
widely enjoyed by the people of foreign
countries and should be provided In tho
United Hates. The department not only
renews Its recommendation of last year
for legislative authority to start a par
cel post on rural routes, but sks s
similar authorisation for the introduction
of such a service in cities and towns hav
ing delivery by carrier. After the or
ganisation of a parcel poet on rural
routes and In the city delivery service
is completed, its extension to Include rail
way and other transportation lines can
be more rapidly accomplished without
Impeding the handling of the ordinary
If congress will grant without delay
the desired authority and provide the
necessary appropriations it is believed
that before t'-.s end of another year a
sntlsfactory parcel post can' be organ
ized on rural router and in cities with
a carrier service, thus paving the way for
the final step in the organization of a
general parcel post.
The Pranking; Privilege.
In the last annual report It was recom
mended that the franking privllffee be
discontinued and that legislative author
ity be granted for the use ot special en
velopes and stamps in the free transmis
sion of official mall, such envelopes and
stamps to be furnished on requisition
through the agency ot the Postoffice de
partment. It Is to be hoped that favor
able action on this recommendation will
be taken at the coming session. The Im
portance of such a reform is apparent
when it is understood that the annual
cost ot carrying franked mall reaches
into the millions. v
Reorganisation of Railway Service.
Following the Inquiry into the coet of
transporting mall on the railroads the
department started a thorough investi
gation ot the railway mall service. In
certain branches of that service most
unsatisfactory condition were disclosed
as the of Inefficient management
It ' was found that In soma divisions ' the
chief clerks had nor inspected their lines
for several years. Employes en certain
lines were compelled to work exceptlon-
Uy long hours, while In other parts ot
the service a sufficient period of train
duty was not required. '
This reorganisation, although not com
pleted, has gone far enough to bring
about a decided Improvement over the
unsatisfactory conditions reported. Un
questionably, the final result will mean a
tremendous caving to the government ac
companied by Important benefits to the
employe of the service.
In place ot the present method of
compensating railway mall clerks, which
Is far from satisfactory, the department
will recommend to congress a new system
of salaries that will insure regular pro
motions and a higher maximum com
pensation for those who render efficient
The plan of assigning to the railway
mall car new appointee without pre
vious experience In the postal service
I to be abandoned, and hereafter the
additional clerks required on the car
will be recruited from the trained em
ploye of the postofflces.
Almost without exception, foreign na
tion provide for the pensioning ot civil
service employes when they become
superannuated. Lrga corporation in
this country are rapidly adopting the
same principle In the retirement of their
aged employes. On business grounds. If
for no other reason, the government
should do likewise.
While the compensation of postal em
ployes has been considerably increased
during the last few yeara It is hardly
more than sufficient to meet necessary
llvJng expenses and consequently does
not permit the putting aside of any con
siderable savings against old age. It la be.
Ileved that a civil pension based on length
ot employment should be granted by the
government. Benefits to the service far
outweighing the expense of such pension
would undoubtedly result.
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Winston-Salem, N. C
The Christmas shopping rush will soon
be on and then travel on the street cars
will be attended with more or less crowd
ing and discomfort, in spite of all the
provisions we can make. We therefore
earnestly urge the public to Shop Early.
Stocks of merchandise in the stores are
now at their best and sales-people can
wait.on you more satisfactorily now than
they can later.
Omaha&Gouncil BluffsStreet RailwayGo.
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(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOlNKfl, la., Dec 10. (Special
Telegram.) Attorney Genera) Canon left
tlita evening for Council Bluffs, accom
panied by J. C. Mabray and other, wit
neaaee -who will be used In the trial of
Ben Marks In the state court this week,
air.' Coason announced that he bad ue
ceeded in locating one of the moat Im
portant wltnesnee in the caae, A. P. Fair,
formerly manager for the Nebraska Tele
phone company, who by reason of hla po
slUon ha4 knowledge of some things go
ing oa connecting tne defendant with the
Ma bray case.
The testimony of Fair will probably be
most Important. He waa traced to Texas
and then to Lincoln and has finally been
The attorney general will personally
have charge of the case.
Apollinaris YVattr haa ben a wared the
Oraud frlx at the Dresden Uihlbltluo.
was oil June 1. Deputy Inspector Klch
ardx, who has the east Tennessee mines
under his personal supervision, was ap
pointed July It
. Two Killed In Kansas.
PITTSBURG. Kan., Dec. 10. Andrew
Richards and Napoleon Lettace. miners,
were' killed by an explosion caused by a
"windy shot" in a mine at Hadley near
here eterday. Richards1 son was in
jured In a similar accident last week.
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and quality of food furnished; tlje size
and equipment ot hospital spaces and that
a dootor la on board; that reasonable pri
vacy and the separation of the sexes both
from each other, and also from the of
ficers and crew, haa been secured, and
that the officers have maintained disci
pline and cleanliness of the vessel thorugh
out the voyage. These examinations have
brought about great Improvements In
steerage conditions, and on transatlantic
liners violations are rare, '
guard on steerage ships the comfort and
health, both moral and physical, of fu
ture American citlsens and to prevent
their being landed In a weakened and
perhapa disease-Infected conditions be
cause of Improper ventilation or sanita
tion on the voyage, When a vessel
nters a port of the United States
with steerage passenger It la boarded
by custom officers, under the direction
of the bureau of navigation. Department
of Commerce and Labor. Before Ihe pas
sengers are landed every portion ot the
steerage ia examined; the apace allotted
each person Is noted; the number and sise
of the berths; the manner and extent
of ventilation, lighting and, the amount
Hera is a toothsome
dessert that can be
prepared very easily t
be Ihi SpakSss Gdutea
V i watt
H cmp euf
I c ptiiiweh ass nwtiwiiM
raid nm
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rnoae Boar. g31:
III III : . fauMU ftutV SOT.
fca mil
full. t I
rAUTtOW W mrm . mm JTm
Winaw stam vnU mm gr ttt tmm
9hv 4miy rarrfia Ae-raja Bmh
Mtar fm'S . fmi
CWI.bnCa.aslM.A.! . I w K. T.
In any amount on improved (or to improve) Omaha
and South Omaha real estate Residence or business.
Money On Hand No commissions to pay Interest
rates reasonable Repayments of $100 or more on prin
cipal received any day without notice. Prompt action
1614 Harney St., Omaha, Neb.
Geo. F. Gilmore, Prest. Paul W. KuEhV, Secy.